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Help Me Find Hank the Barfly

June 24, 2012

I was just e-mailed a question and since I didn’t have a good answer I’ll be spreading it around. I hope one of you can help. The daughter of an actor who was a recurring extra on Guiding Light wants some help getting his information fixed on IMDB. Below is the information I have please comment or e-mail me if you have any suggestions.

My father, W.M. Supernaw, known as Bill by family & friends, was on GL in the 1980s I believe. He played a barfly. I recently found his CV & it lists his character as Hank.

My dad passed away on June 17, 2012 & I’m trying to update his IMDb profile. I need the episode numbers, or at least the year range, that he appeared on GL. I think it was while I was in high school, in 84-87, but may have been earlier, since I also thought it conflicted with Luke & Laura’s wedding on GH. Any idea when Hank the Barfly was on GL in the 1980s?

In a follow up e-mail she added:
I actually got in touch with Raul A. Reyes, a frequent GL extra. He spoke to a few buddies & let me know that my dad was probably on from 1984-1986.

However, IMDb won’t allow me to put a span of years down. I can now only register my dad for the exact episodes he was in! There’s no way I can watch 2 years of GL to figure that out.

Let’s try to help out this member of the GL family in her hour of need. Please pass this along widely and check any sources you might have. I think if we could at least find one definitive episode with the date or number it would help correct the record.

This is a link to his obituary with a current photo:

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