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Jeva Custody Case 1996 Feb 12 16 1996

August 7, 2017

I started going through and breaking Bandstand Mike’s episodes into dates. This run started on December 20, 1995. Our last post in the series ended February 9 1996.

Rick confesses to Annie he still loves her and wants her back. Alan tells Reva to give up the custody fight or he’s leaving her. Reva picks her kids. With Alan out of the picture Buzz attempts to move in and ignores Hawk’s admonition that Reva and Josh will always find their way back to each other. The Jeva custody trial moves forward. LAM are back together and sorry to have missed their original wedding date and are in a hurry to arrange another. However, they aren’t as in as much of a hurry as Susan and Nick McHenry who will marry and move to Europe within the next week with little or no warning. Amanda is found locked in the construction shed and is dangerously ill. She’s rushed to the hospital meaning Alan has two children in the hospital right now. Dinah solidifies her friendship with Dinah – which is good they both could use a friend. Hart is still determined to leave town and heads for the bus station.

Monday, February 12, 1996

I think Amanda is right about Ross being furious and on her side if he would find her or find out about it, but why would he think to look for her? He thinks she left his office to go home. Rick confesses to Annie he doesn’t think she and Josh will make it and that he still loves her. Alan tells Reva give up the custody fight, make a deal, or he’s out of their relationship.

Reva tells Alan that she needs him in her life. Amanda makes a foolish decision and doesn’t ask the guard for help. That’s kind of awesome that Amanda figured how to get out.

Ross: “I waited a lifetime to find you.”

Blake: “And when you did you couldn’t get enough.”

Dinah and Amanda find each other at a bar and commiserate. Hart heads to the bus station.


Reva tells Alan she’s choosing her kids, she isn’t pursuing the kids just to keep a link with Josh. He still doesn’t believe her. He gives Reva the house. She says she won’t stay there, but she and Josh later live there. Ross discovers Blake left her birth control in the bathroom despite Ross specifically asking her to use it to take the stress off.

Ross is concerned about Blake. Dinah and Amanda are quickly becoming drinking buddies. Dinah: “If you can unseat the henna head more power to you!” (Henna is used for various things including red hair dye.) Ross believes Josh is devoted to Annie. He’s normally not this stupid.

Nice for Reva to have reached out to Dylan even if it’s off camera. Hawk really looked cold in that coat. Great acting job. Hawk tells Reva that he was staying with a friend and got kicked out when he burned down the coach. Hawk also confesses he blew through all of Miss Sarah’s money on gambling. Josh is supporting Miss Sarah now. Look at Reva and that handkerchief. She genuinely cared for Alan. It makes no sense considering how she treats him later. Good for Amanda not letting Dinah drive drunk.

“All the damage fear has done.” That’s a perfect song for Bloss right now. The quilt on their bed is Flying Geese pattern.

Tuesday, February 13, 1996

It’s a new day in Springfield. Buzz shows up to visit Reva and is ecstatic Reva and Alan have broken up.

Annie and Josh are concerned about the hearing today. That’s too bad that Dinah responded with snark. I think Blake is trying to be nice for once. Matt finally gets to work and finds a truly unconscious Amanda.

Marah is upset that Reva is doing something that has upset Annie and Josh. Hawk (about Jeva not reconciling immediately): “That doesn’t mean it’s open season for every Tom, Dick, or burger flipper.” Buzz and Hawk clash over Reva. Good for Reva to stand up as an independent woman.
Reva: “I’m not a little girl anymore and I’m not Snow White waiting for some prince to come save me.” Buzz is indulging in some wishful thinking here.

Hawk turns up to see Marah. He brings her a Barbie like doll with a cowgirl outfit. I agree with Hawk someone should explain things to Marah even if it really isn’t his place. Amanda is rushed to Cedars. It’s a rough day for Alan with two children in the hospital. I’d say 3 months is a couple of months. That was pretty picky. Rick is called to the witness stand. Althea brings up Annie’s alcoholism.

Ross cross examines Rick. Ed is called to the stand. He claims privileged information and refuses to answer even when threatened with a contempt of court charge. I think the counseling stuff should be covered, but having to physically take a bottle out of her hands is direct experience and I do think he should be required to tell about that. Hawk explains Reva’s side to Marah. I’m kind of sorry Dinah outed Amanda. Blake kind of deserves it. Dinah’s right it’s a bit harsh to defend Blake to Amanda when Amanda was in the hospital.

Matt warns Blake and is shocked to hear Amanda was at least telling part of the truth. Ross walks by and over hears.

Wednesday, February 14, 1996

Alex finally shows up at Cedars to see A-M to find Nick and Susan already there this morning. I know it’s not nice what they are saying about Blake who I like, but I’m enjoying Dinah and Amanda as friends. They both need some female and friendly support.

About Blake Dinah: “She’s toast.”

Amanda: “Burnt toast.”

Dinah: “Soon to be turned into crumbs.”

Amanda: “And swept away. Bye-bye Blake.”

Alan shows up very concerned about Amanda. Why do you think Amanda could easily get out, Blake? I mean she Macguyvered her way out, but it wasn’t obvious.

Reva genuinely doesn’t know what Annie is talking about. I don’t blame Ross for being appalled. That is some mustache on the cop. Roger is still playing the distressed husband role. Luckily Dinah isn’t having it.

Nick and Susan are trying to keep prying eyes away from Lucy and Alan-Michael making out. We get a reference to Valentine’s Day. They were originally supposed to get married on that day. Which considering that was VERY close to A-M and Harley’s anniversary, it’s a little tasteless. Great job building up tension about the witness.

I don’t know why Reva objected to her lawyer. I think this is perfectly fair testimony especially because she had done absolutely nothing to help this woman even since marrying big money. Alex informs Nick and Susan who were talking about an impromptu wedding that she plans Alex: “the wedding of MY dreams.” Alan comes in informing the family that he has moved back into the mansion and that Amanda is down in Emergency. Roger continues to try and save his relationship with Dinah. It was Roger’s place originally, I don’t know why Dinah thinks he should leave.

Blake is put in the cell next to Brent Lawrence who is still insisting he’s Marian Crane. Roger is still focusing on how he NEEDS Dinah in his life. Sadly it’s because he’s embezzling her money and doesn’t want it to come out. Roger has a rare gift he can make you like him and hate him within the space of a handful of episodes and then do it all over again. Amanda to Matt about how she couldn’t break out of the construction shack: “Forgive me for never having watched This Old Shack.” That’s a reference to a popular PBS home remodel show This Old House. Annie testifies about her alcoholism and does a great job. (Honestly the only time I ever liked Annie on the show was when she was fighting with Ghost Reva otherwise it always seemed like even when she was happy there was a level of frenzied crazy eye right below the surface, but she did NOT deserve the campaign against her by Jeva which has already began even though Josh doesn’t realize it yet.)

Matt gets Amanda to drop the charges against Blake and is still on her case. Alexandra overhears his threat, but doesn’t know what Matt has on Amanda. Frank is frustrated about getting through to Brent and calls A-M. Dinah tells Roger that she isn’t having any that setting up Marcus and constantly seeing the look of pity in Holly’s eyes is too much she isn’t going back. Again it was Roger’s place Dinah moved in why should he leave?

Hart shows up on Dinah’s door. Blake is released and A-M shows up at the jail to talk to Brent. The judge rules that the kids stay with Josh, but Annie has to move out. I’m pretty positive, but not 100% that this is the tag for Wednesday, but the way it’s put together both the clips and the structure this could possibly be the before the credits of the next day.


Thursday, February 15, 1996

Dinah makes a crack about Hart not being the Prize Patrol – she is referencing American Publishing House which sent out a prize patrol with balloons and a giant fake check announcing you won so many million dollars in their drawing which you entered by buying magazine subscriptions. Frank Cooper decides he might be able to crack Brent by bringing in Alan-Michael and Lucy. Amanda is still sick (coughing) when no one is around, but not too bad. Blake shows up at her room to tear into Amanda. I think that Blake is wrong. Sure Amanda could have gotten out, but she easily might not have been able to. It was pretty clever of Amanda to come up with taking the door off the hinges and while she did hide from the guard, a cold night, a slack guard, and he might not have checked. It was a dangerous stunt if she didn’t follow up. Everyone is upset when Annie is ordered out of the house, but I kind of love this judge and I think he’s right.

Judge: “It seems to me that Mr. Lewis has been moving JUST A BIT quickly, starting with his petition to this court two years early to have Reva Shayne Lewis declared legally dead….your client brought a new woman into the lives of his children. He encouraged them to call her Mommy. It would almost seem to this court that he wants Reva Shayne Lewis to stay dead to his children.”

I think this judge is amazingly right on. Why didn’t Manny get HIM in divorce court so he could tell them to sit down and take a breath when they were rushing to get divorced? Buzz moves in to comfort and make a move on Reva. If the construction shack was so weak what was the point of it existing? It was supposed to be protecting those tools and it’s a semi-permanent set, it wasn’t exactly made of paper. Josh: “This shouldn’t be happening. It’s not fair. We both know who’s responsible.” Actually you’re exactly right, Josh. This shouldn’t be happening and YOU and Reva are responsible. Stand up and let Annie go now cleanly and she might still have a chance. What a great Ross and Ed best friend scene near the end. I just love it when they play that.

UPDATED January 9 2018: I realized I didn’t have a summary block so I added one and moved some of the quotes down a line.

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Jeva Wedding Number 1 Cross Creek

July 21, 2014

Jeva WeddingI have to say to begin with I’m not a Jeva fan, but even so, I still consider Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne marrying for the first time at Cross Creek (aka Jeva Wedding Number 1) as the greatest soap wedding ever. It had everything a soap wedding should: ties to the community, beautiful location shots, beautiful clothes (that dress, that hat, Josh’s white suit), lots of family members, family traditions (which were carried on at future Lewis family weddings, not made up for this one and then forgotten), drama simmering beneath the scenes (will Rusty be able to get Will Jefferies, will Mindy and Rusty FINALLY get together, will Jeva find the perfect place for their wedding, will Reva make it to the wedding even after she was left behind, what is Reva’s big secret she hasn’t told Josh yet and what does that have to do with yon handsome stranger Dylan). In addition it just has normal wedding stuff all too often missing from soap weddings, Billy getting people to tape a videotape a wedding message to Josh and Reva, odd people dancing together, Marah running around giggling and dancing. It’s just the perfect soap wedding and makes you feel wonderful. (Except what is the deal with that strange looking guy being the minister?) I’m sure you’ll enjoy this, so welcome to Cross Creek and the biggest blowout it’s ever seen, the Jeva wedding, July 14-18, 1989. See summaries of other storylines below the clip links.

You may want to watch Bauer BBQ 1989 to help catch you up on the various supporting storylines.

P.S. If you want to know, weddings 2 and 3 on my all time best wedding list are Quola, also on Guiding Light, and Niktor number 1 on The Young and the Restless.

In addition to the footage of the wedding itself I’ve included links to some other materials (promo, restored clips, etc.) and linked to all the footage on the clip channel I got this from so it actually starts a few days before the wedding with prep. The entire first lead up to the wedding episode is available as part of the Bauer BBQ 1989 which was right before the wedding.


Restored Digital Clip:

Part 1 (Lots of cute Marah)

Part 2 (Billy takes Reva dancing)

Part 3 (Josh comes back and finds Reva asleep in bed with Billy, Lewis family argue over whether to have a big wedding at Cross Creek or not)

Part 4 (Reva finds a horse and races, they find H.B.)

Part 5 (Jeva plan a nap, Reva is excited about being back, she’s been away a long time, their nap is interrupted by visitors)

Full Episode with Original Commercials – July 11, 1989 (Highlight Clips Version continues below)

Part 6 (Reva wakes up early to go fishing, discovers Billy and Dylan sleeping in trunk, and takes Billy fishing)

Part 7 (Recreated Billy and Reva flashback to summer they conceived Dylan – don’t know yet)

Part 8 (Billy and Reva have an honest talk, Josh comes and finds them)

Full Episode with Original Commercials – July 12, 1989 (Highlight Clips Version continues below)

Part 9 (Josh and Reva go back to high school – This part is really, REALLY great)

Part 10 (Jeva look for a spot to get married)

Full Episode with Original Commercials – July 13, 1989 (Highlight Clips Version continues below) – 37 minutes in are the terrific Mindy and Rusty at the high school scenes that were cut out of the highlight clips, 55 minutes in is a dedication to Christopher Bernau (Alan Spaulding #1) on the occasion of his death.

Part 11 (Jeva spring their wedding plans on Hawk and Sarah)

Full Episode with Original Commercials – July 14, 1989 (Highlight Clips Version continues below) NOTE: One song muted because blocked otherwise according to channel owner.

Part 12 (Real cute Marah takes a bath, Lewis family fishing on wedding day morning)

Part 13 (Hawk and Sarah get ready for the wedding with some help from Marah)

Part 14 (More fishing, HB reminisces about Miss Martha, they compare Marah and Miss Martha’s photos, Reva talks about her psychological issues growing up as daughter of the help)

Part 15 (Billy and Josh talk about silver cufflinks H.B. gave them, then talk Billy’s football career)

Jeva and Wedding Cake

Jeva and Wedding Cake


Boat Across Lake

Shorter CBS Restored Version

Full Episode with Original Commercials – July 17, 1989 (Highlight Clips Version continues below) NOTE: One song muted because blocked otherwise according to channel owner.

Part 16 (Montage, Marriage Ceremony with Vows)

Part 17 (Rest of Ceremony and Wedding Dance)

Part 18 (Nice Rusty-Mindy scene ruined by his obsession with stupid Rose, Then lots of Billy’s recording of stories)

Part 19 (These family and friend stories ring so true and really help make the wedding)

Full Episode with Original Commercials – July 18, 1989 (Highlight Clips Version continues below) Honeymoon, Part muted around 30 minutes to avoid being blocked.

Here’s the bit with the sound:

Part 20 (Wedding Night)

Other storylines in the full episodes:

Roger revealed himself at Blake and Phillip’s wedding, saving Blake’s life. Since he was alive, he had to face all the legal charges that he was facing when he fell off the clip. Ross had been Roger’s lawyer when he first came to town and is defending him alive now. Roger was working as a CIA operative during the years everyone thought he was dead and that gets him off now. Since some of those charges involved kidnapping Holly she isn’t pleased to see him go free. Holly is wrong about Roger not trying right here though, he honestly is trying to make up for past wrongs. However, she’s right to some extent that Roger hasn’t changed. Roger spent his life being torn between wanting Spaulding Enterprises, money and power or Holly and relationship happiness. He really could never have both or decide which he wanted which led his actions to veer greatly between them and created lots of chaos in his wake. Phillip is very supportive of Roger right now because Roger saved Blake’s life and Phillip loves Blake. Alan is actually telling the truth (he’d faked proof of Beth’s death to help Phillip move on believing Beth was really dead), but he’s only telling it now as a last ditch effort to keep Phillip and Blake apart. Beth will soon be back, but only after they swap out Blakes.

In a storyline no one I’ve found liked, Rusty inexplicably dumped Mindy who was his soulmate for a mealy mouth, annoying, ex-prostitute named Rose. Rusty married Rose and she was recently murdered. Rusty suspects it was done by Will Jefferies who was then married to Mindy and he was right.

I don’t know who this Dana is and the couple who apparently want her to lose the child. Rick is especially vulnerable and protective of pregnant women right now because he’s just suffered through his first miscarriage with Meredith.

Johnny Bauer and Chelsea Reardon are currently a couple and working together on their new talk show One on One at WSPR. The people they are talking about using is the poor family they found in the 4th of July episode linked to above. Chelsea has an issue with Holly both professionally and because Holly is having an affair with Ed while Ed is married to Chelsea’s sister Maureen.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Christmas 1989

December 19, 2012

1989 was another very busy Christmas season in Springfield. I have four entire episodes, although two of them were shortening by a CBS News Special Report (which is edited out except the final announcement).

Jeva is together and Reva is pretty darn pregnant with Shayne, but as usual she’s keeping secrets. This time it’s about Dylan. They’ve already weathered the Dylan existed and she gave him up for adoption secret and the Reva saying she kept it secret because she was raped (complete with Billy and Josh going down to Tulsa to try and find out who did it), but now the fact that she wasn’t really raped after all and that Billy was the father is coming out. (Really Reva, you didn’t tell Billy even when you were married to him?) This truly is Josh’s shining moment because while he starts by stalking out as usual, even being too upset to say anything to Marah when he walks past her, thanks to Nick getting H.B. to the right place at the right time (the bridge) Josh acts the most grown up that I ever remember seeing him and truly gets some understanding of Reva, Billy, and himself. And speaking of Marah, this is basically a star turn for her. She’s as darling as anything and gets a star’s share of the limelight (while Michelle is stuck with no lines holding a baby doll playing Mary). I think Michelle is recast to catch up with Little Billy too. (Loved this Little Billy he looked so scarily like he could have been Billy and Vanessa’s son, especially Billy’s.)

We’re just at the end of the whole Dylan-Harley-Alan-Michael/Daisy/Susan debacle which ended with Harley and Alan-Michael split up and the LeMays heading out of town to keep their adopted daughter away from the craziness. While Dylan and Harley weren’t a great match, they did have some chemistry which they lied to Alan-Michael about and they’d actually slept together ending her marriage to Alan-Michael. However, once they were free to date, Dylan has taken up with Phillip’s biological full sister, Samantha Marler instead.

When Beth disappeared (as Tina Sloan likes to point out leaving one red shoe behind) she was presumed dead on the strength of evidence fabricated by Alan. (This was actually not a cruel move on his part, he truly believed Beth had to be dead – which was the  considered opinion of the rescue authorities – and Alan knew Phillip wouldn’t move on with his life until he had definite proof Beth was dead, so when he couldn’t find any Alan constructed it.) Turns out she had been attacked and it flashed her back to Bradley attacking her which triggered a psychotic episode rendering Beth amnesiac and mute.  She was found by architect Neil Everest (who was pretty round the bend himself) and instead of reporting that he found her to any authority nursed her back to health, keeping her completely dependent on him. Neil had been hired to build Blakewood Towers (which Roger named after Blake, but the Blakewood was dropped almost immediately after completion for complicated reasons I won’t go into here, but you know it as Towers restaurant and hotel which was there until the final episodes of the series). Neil brought along his mute girlfriend. Blake spotted her and found out who she was almost as soon as she returned to town and totally freaked knowing that while Phillip loved Blake it didn’t hold a candle to how he felt about Beth and even though Phillip saw her, Blake convinced him he was hallucinating and threw him into a mental hospital for the first time. Where this picks up both Rick and Phillip now know they’ve found the real Beth alive, but once Neil feels her slipping out of his control he will do anything and I do mean ANYTHING to stop that from happening. That’s what the wedding is about. Blake is just starting a connection with her next obsession, I mean romance, Alan-Michael which in many ways is as twisted as Roger and Holly’s.

Johnny was faith healed of his cancer, but at the cost of Roxie’s sanity and apparently the faith healing didn’t work for that. Johnny then repaid all the time Roxie spent tending to his every need, but letting her be locked up in a mental hospital, never going to see her, and getting into romance/singing duo with Chelsea Reardon who, wisely it turned out, didn’t believe Phillip’s profession that he loved her more than Beth’s memory. They are now both working at WSPR.

Gilly and Hamp are still early on in their story although they’ve made it to the hot kisses stage. I always liked them. I especially always liked Hamp. I still miss him and his sax.

Neil has apparently moved into Reva Bend. Reva Bend, a play on River Bend, is a pretty house that Reva originally moved into. She’s living in a bigger house with Josh now. Later Holly will move into Reva Bend. I always had a special feeling for it, partially because it was always such a pretty space, and partially because it’s name is a pun and I’m a sucker for a pun.

Mindy and Rusty were one of my all time favorite couples, but sadly they never really got a chance at a real full blown romance. When they should have moved forward with it, Rusty got caught up in that whole Rose-drug mess, and who would rather see that than the sparks that fly when a Lewis and a Shayne really get together? Now the actor is leaving the show, so Rusty is moving down to Tulsa. Mindy doesn’t ever follow him there, although I think she should have. On the plus side probably more than any other character who “left town” Rusty comes back on a regular basis and is mentioned even more than that really creating the feeling that he really did just move out of town, not fall of f the face of the earth like so many others did.

Alex had grown close to both Fletcher and “Adam” after she plane crashed on his island. Turns out he always wore a mask so no one would realize he was actually Roger Thorpe. Alex was torn between her loyalties and attractions to both men, but this includes a serious play by Roger to become the only man in her life. I really liked this fairly adult triangle because I bought Alex’s interactions with both men, although I could have told her from the get go that both of them would end up breaking her heart and of course they do.

Harley voices her concerns which is reference in the full episode, the footage in the highlight after that is included in the full episodes.

December 19,1989

Josh tells Reva about Harley’s suspicions. Reva is pregnant with Shayne.

Beth is back from the dead, but Neil Everest has her.

Blake is with Alan-Michael.

Johnny and Chelsea.

Gilly and Hamp

My Comments:

I like Reva’s pregnancy clothes. That’s a really great example of presents all wrapped soap opera style. Lillian is very happy that Beth has come back from the dead. Neil is awful. He cared more about his happiness than Beth’s. I liked Beth Chamberlain’s hair better this length. I wonder if she watched Judi Evans tapes. She does move her head like she did. Maybe if Neil got a haircut he wouldn’t have to trap a bride. Blake had discovered Beth was a live and even had Phillip committed to keep him from finding Beth. A-M and Blake had a relationship that was part emotion and part manipulation. Blake’s robe is pretty. Really considering Blake had Phillip committed, maybe Phillip deserved a break about Ross. I hated that Johnny moved on after Roxie gave her life for him. Oh, we must have been Hoss. I didn’t like Ross & Nadine. They didn’t last long. I think Dinah is a freaky stalker, but I don’t quite remember. Kids plural? I only remember Kat. I wouldn’t want to meet Gilly’s folks either Hamp, especially her mother. This must have been hard as an actress who hasn’t lost her speech, not to break out and say something. Sadly Neil doesn’t mean that “I just want you to be happy. Maybe when you were married to Billy Reva you should have told him this. Frank always had rotten luck in women other than Eleni. Ed should at least want to hear Blake’s side, he helped raise her. Marah is SO cute.Where’s Michelle?

December 20, 1989

Blake arrives at Neil-Beth wedding

Reva Bend

Santa Nick gets H.B. to Josh on the bridge


Sam and Dylan

Vanessa walks in with Little Billy and overhears Billy-Reva and misunderstands

Dylan runs his presents past Sam.

Phillip throws Beth over his shoulder and runs off again, like he did at the start of Four Musketeers Christmas in New York.

My Comments:

Reva honey I think you did a lot worse to Billy & Dylan than Josh. Love H.B.’s hat. Nope Josh I was in Reva’s head when she jumped, but she didn’t think of Dylan once. Neil did have good taste in dresses, Beth’s is very pretty. Santa Nick again. So glad to see him. I love Alex’s outfit. I knew H.B. meant Billy, but Josh is right H.B. is right up there. (No H.B.but Josh did worse to Morgan, that’s where his bad karma comes from.) Vanilly belong together. The ad for Paradise was an attempt at Westerns when there wasn’t one. I really liked it and I still use Ethan’s toast “Confusion to our enemies.” Billy makes a cute older cousin to Marah, they should have played that up more. Billy: “I did leave on account of Reva, but I came back on account of you.”  Nice edit job showing 4 Musketeers in NYC without ever showing Beth didn’t look the same. Josh: “Why do they all treat me like they are so fragile? I’m not the one who jumps off bridges.” Dylan should have known not to tell Sam that. That really was great and a great reference back to the Four Musketeers in NYC Christmas. Phillip: “Here we go again.” Great Josh accepting Reva for who she is speech. Wish he was like that the other 99% of the time.

December 21, 1989

Episode picks up after first half was cut off by a special news report.

Marah and Little Billy are missing and everyone looks for them. Dylan finds them.

Rusty decides that he needs to move to Tulsa, Mindy decides they aren’t ready to marry, but they don’t break up.

Neil and Phillip fight on the bridge, which eventually drags a mute Beth to scream.

My Comments:

That was a nice Dylan big brother moment to Marah. Was Vanessa protecting Reva because of the pregnancy? Otherwise Vanessa would have been furious if Reva pulled that with her. Oh, if only Rusty-Mindy had meant that. 😦 Mindy: “Russell Shayne, your taste is all in your mouth.”

December 22, 1989

Episode cut 10 minutes by a news report, starts afterward.

Everyone finds out Little Billy and Marah are safe. This is great Marah stuff.

Phillip confronts Blake.

Miss Sarah-Reva scene

Santa Nick goes on TV

Rusty got to read Night Before Christmas

Vanessa-Reva confrontation

My Comments:

I liked the Fletcher-Alex-Roger triangle. They were both reasonable character base relationships, but I didn’t think Alex belonged in either one. That really is a great Josh speech. Josh: “Good or bad that’s your family in there and they are waiting for you if you want them.” Nice Miss Sarah-Reva scene too. Blake it’s Phillip’s family company what did you think? So Nick worked magic for Gilly and Hamp. They deserved it. Don’t waste your wished on Fletcher Maureen, he doesn’t deserve it. Great Vanessa-Reva confrontation. 31:30 Ed reads the Christmas Story I think that’s Michelle as Mary.

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