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Gus Fakes Evidence Whenever We Are Apart We Lose June 6 2001

March 17, 2015

Wed., June 6, 2001 – Later the same day, Ross comes over in answer to Danny’s call. Michelle, Danny and Ross are sitting at the kitchen table discussing their trip to the police station. Michelle and Danny bring Ross up to speed and  Michelle says that Harley thinks that an autopsy will prove that the body is Carmen. Ross feels it’s strange that Gus called the entire family to come to the police station to tell them, especially when Gus hadn’t even showed up to give them the news in person. Ross: “There’s something more important to Gus Aitoro than putting the screws to the Santos family? I find that hard to believe.”  Ross wants to know if there is anything else that happened. Danny tells him that Harley advised him to implicate himself so that the Feds would go easier on everyone. Ross says no way. The way they are going to handle the Feds is to trust no one and to say nothing, especially to Gus because he’s dangerous. Ross: “I have seen rogue cops before but I have never seen anything like this rogue federal agent.”  Danny says that he is a loose cannon. There’s a knock at the door. Michelle goes to the door to find Gus. He wants to know what’s going on with all the blinds closed. Michelle tells him to go away and is joined by Danny telling him that he has 5 seconds to get off the property. Ross appears behind them and asks Gus if he has a warrant. Gus says no but he has a court order. Ross takes it from him and tells Danny that they want his gun and to go and get it. As Danny leaves Gus makes his way into the kitchen. Gus tells Michelle that she can turn down the music because he can hear what they were saying. Gus: “Poor Michelle, poor, poor, Michelle…. First you tried to derail the case against your husband and now you have a case against yourself. Nothing is working for you. You must feel very stupid…..She has been a very, VERY bad girl.” Ross asks what he’s talking about. Gus explains that he still has proof that Michelle has destroyed FBI evidence. Michelle asks if he’s going to pressure her into turning against Danny like he pressured Claire into wearing a wire. She explains to Ross how Claire tried to trick Danny into confessing on tape. Gus says that it’s never a dull moment and that he bets that Blake could turn this all into a best seller. Ross tells him no way and that unless he has another court order to leave Blake alone. Ross also says that he never approved of Blake writing the book. Danny returns with the gun. Gus takes the gun and says that after a lunch he is looking forward to, he will take it right to ballistics (this is a dig because although Ross doesn’t know it Blake has set up a lunch with Gus as part of her snooping). He hopes that the tests on the gun give him a reason to return. He leaves and Ross closes the door behind him. He then turns to Danny and Michelle and tells them that now the questions become tougher. He explains that they are running a ballistics test on the gun, and that Gus tried to get him by using Claire and that he is going to indict him for the murder of his mother. Ross: “He tried to record you using Claire as a mic stand.” Danny and Ross agree that Gus will most likely move to indict Danny for Carmen’s murder. Michelle is angry because it’s all unfair. Ross asks if she means the way that Gus is handling the case or that Danny is accused of murder. Michelle says both. She feels that Gus is dangerous and that he has it in his head that Danny is a cold-blooded killer. She believes that the whole thing is a game to him. Ross agrees with everything but says that Gus did not invent all of the unanswered questions about Carmen. Michelle explains that Danny was just protecting her and their unborn child and that he is not a murderer. Ross repeats it and says that he noticed that she did not say that Danny did not shoot Carmen. Danny wants to know if Ross realizes just how much Carmen wanted to get rid of Michelle. Danny explains that Carmen did try to get rid of Michelle so he did pretty much what Ross was thinking that he did because he had to stop his mother. Ross stares at Danny. Danny wants to know since everything is out in the open now how they are going to keep Gus from proving it. Ross comments that he can’t prepare a defense until he knows what charges will be filed. He wants to know if Claire could have gotten anything on tape. Danny says no and explains that when Claire came into his office to clear things up, he knew that she was up to something. Michelle says that Claire has a pretty good idea about everything. Ross tells them that have to be on guard for hard evidence. Danny says that evidence is nothing if he doesn’t go to trial. Ross wants to know what he’s thinking. Danny has a plan to leave town, to run. Ross tells him that he’s not going anywhere. Michelle decides that the plan might work if she and the baby leave with Danny. It almost worked last time but Carmen kidnapped Michelle. Ross tells Danny if they leave it will only make matter worse. They will get caught and there will be even more charges. Danny becomes angry. Danny: “What do you want me to do, Ross? Pull out my blue suit and learn how to smile at the jury?” Ross: “Yes, pull out the blue suit, brush up on your manners. You have GOT to fight this. It’s the only way I firmly believe it…I’ll find a way [to clear Danny].” Michelle wants a guarantee that Ross can get Danny off. Michelle tells Danny that truth is on their side. Danny promises Ross to stay. Ross assures him that they can win if they fight. Michelle gives it 100% backing and Ross leaves. As Michelle closes the door, she tells Danny he better not even think of leaving. Danny tells her that it’s so ironic that he protected himself by pulling the wire off Claire and at the same time blows her chance at immunity. She tells him Gus is much more interested in pinning a murder rap on him. She wants to know if Danny is now thinking of going to Gus to cop a deal. Danny says that he knows that Gus is out to get him and that he doubts that Ross can stop him. He says that everything is his fault and that the least he can do is protect her from what he has done. Michelle asks him to promise her that he will not turn himself in to protect her. He responded by asking her if she wants him to wait around for a guilty verdict. She says that she will tell him exactly what she wants.

Michelle: “Aitoro is not going to take this away from us Danny, so don’t you help him. If you go away we lose, whenever we’re apart we lose. Weren’t you the most miserable guy in Springfield when I was living in New York? So you’ve got to stay with Robbie and me – no matter what.” (Part 1) (Part 2)

My Comments: I know Danny wasn’t all that keen at telling Ross about what happened with Carmen even now, but I think he needs details. Details like Manny were totally innocent of the original faking of death and the “fatal” shooting really being months later on the docks and that the gun took isn’t the one Danny used. I really love that Ross is so on board with this. This is my second favorite Ross period ever. The other one was when he married Carrie. Ross is being clever and take charge and smart. I love his whole attitude in this. This Ross-Danny friendship was one of my favorites on the show and I’m still hurt beyond belief that they will later destroy it for a stupid fixed election storyline. I’m really glad Michelle knows how Danny’s mind works so well. This is very Danny to take all the guilt on himself and seek punishment to protect Michelle. He still protects the family, but now his family is one who protects him back. This “Whenever we’re apart we lose” would be right up there with the top Manny speeches if it was a little longer. Could Danny, Robbie, and Michelle be anymore sweet?

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Skeleton From the Lake June 4-5 2001

March 6, 2015

Mon., June 4, 2001Claire to Danny: “Do you have this place swept for bugs?”Danny: “Yay, every day.” (as if she asked if he emptied the wastepaper baskets.) A skeleton is brought from the bottom of the lake. Harley is skeptical that it is Carmen, but Gus is convinced. A few minutes later after talking to the coroner, Gus calls Claire and tells her it’s time to get Danny to confess what happened that night at the docks. Claire seems worried and tells Gus, Danny is not going to buy her going to talk to him two times in the same day. Gus says to tell Danny that she got a tip from her lawyer Vince Russo. She reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile Danny and Michelle discuss Claire and if she would betray Michelle and work with the Feds. Michelle wants to ask Claire what she is up to, but Danny says not to, he doesn’t want to tip his hand. Danny: “I’m sorry, honey, you ought to be able to trust your mother.” Michelle is getting ready to leave and says she’s going home and getting in the tub. Danny says with that as incentive he’ll get home as quickly as possible. The topic of Rick also comes up and Danny mentions that Rick, Harley, and Phillip were having dinner together and it seemed rather intense. Michelle assumes they must have told Phillip about the baby and says she must go talk to Rick. On her way out she runs into Frank and she tells him what may have happened, he says he will support Harley in any way. Michelle heads home and finds Rick, who explains that Phillip set up the meeting to find out what was the matter with Rick. Meanwhile, Claire rushes over to see Danny, who is not at all pleased to see her. She says she got a tip from her lawyer that there was activity at the lake and that that can only mean one thing. Danny acts like he has no idea what she is talking about. She says it’s time to fess up about what happened that night at the docks, that he has put Michelle and her in enough trouble; It all has to end. Danny seems confused by her behavior and tells her to back off. Claire: “You can’t just dismiss me like some busboy!” Danny: “Want to bet!” She says fine and goes to leave and he says wait and tears open her jacket. He finds the wire and tears it off. Danny: “How do you know?” Claire: “I know because he told me.” Danny: “And you believed him?” she tells him that she was ratting him out to save Michelle. He says if that were true, why didn’t she tell Michelle and hands her the phone to call and tell her. Danny, understanding how the system works: “You got Aitoro nothing, so you are expendable to him.” Claire won’t take the phone and he says you will probably lose your job and maybe end up with jail time, but most of all she has lost her daughter forever. (Part 1) (Part 2)

Tues., June 5, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Danny is watching Michelle sleep and still looks preoccupied. Michelle wakes up and kisses her hubby asking him why he got in so late. He tells her that Claire came back and he has some bad news to tell her. Michelle tells him just to spit it out. He goes over what Claire did and that he ripped her jacket off and found the wire she was wearing. Danny: “[Claire] She was acting weirder than normal. Very jumpy. When I made a move toward her she tried to run out of my office.” Michelle is angry with Claire and when Danny tells her they will just have to watch what they talk about around her Michelle tells him she has no intentions of ever talking to her again. Michelle: “No, I had a mom. Claire gave birth to me. She walked away from me when I was a baby probably the biggest blessing she could have gave me.” Danny holds Michelle as the full situation hits her. Michelle brings Robbie down to the kitchen while she cleans up a bit. Claire walks in and tells Michelle they have to talk. Michelle tells her she has nothing to ever say to her again. Claire tells her that she has to listen to her side of the story. Michelle accuses her of rolling over on her husband to save her own medical license. Claire tells her that isn’t why she did it. She tells her about Gus and the evidence he has against Michelle and says she was only trying to keep her daughter out of prison. Michelle tells her that she is not her mother and she should get out. Claire reluctantly leaves. Moments later, Harley comes in and tells Michelle that they need her, Danny, Rick and Meta down at the police station at 10AM. There have been some discoveries that they need to know about. Michelle is upset about the whole situation. Harley apologizes and tells Michelle she would love to get off this case but hasn’t had any luck. Michelle says at first she was angry but now she is counting on Harley to keep Gus honest. She reminds Harley that she is practically family and glances at Harley’s tummy. Harley is meeting with Rick, Meta, Michelle, Danny and Robbie. Harley says she is trying to keep them up to date on the investigation. Danny wonders where Gus is and Meta wonders why they had to come down to the PD. Harley says she wants to give them a heads up. She tells them that a body was found at the ferry dock and Gus thinks it is Carmen’s. She tells them if they know anything they should come clean to their attorneys ASAP. Meta is upset that Harley drug them down there for that. Harley is upset that everyone is against her again. Everyone leaves her upset. After the Bauers have left and are at the police station, Gus picks the lock on the kitchen door and goes on in. He rummages through everything until he finds Danny’s gun. He checks the serial number and pulls out a firing casing and test fires the weapon. He pulls the slug out and put it in a baggie marked, “evidence.” Gus leaves, happy. After the Bauer-Santos family get home they take precautions for listening device, Danny, Michelle, Meta, and Rick discuss what this latest police revelation means. Danny tells them best bet is to ride it out and that if worse comes to worse he will protect them by making a deal by pleading guilty himself. He grabs the phone and calls Ross.

Danny: “Look, you all are my family, every one of you. You know you stood by me when…when I really didn’t deserve it.”

Meta: “Yes, you DID deserve it. If you hadn’t made that terrible, terrible choice we wouldn’t have Michelle or Robbie.”


Danny: “I want you to stay out of it.”

Meta: “Then you don’t know me very well.”

When Gus comes back in, Harley tells him she hates him. She tells him that the meeting didn’t go well with the Bauers and she wonders if his trip to the ME was any better. He is happy. He tells her they got everything they needed. The dental records matched and there was a bullet stuck in the bone as well. To top it all off he even got a warrant for Danny Santos’ firearms. He will deliver the warrant himself. He tells Harley to call the jail and book a cell for Danny. He leaves. Harley: “Sorry, Danny.” (Part 1) to this link when Gus breaks into the Bauer House) (Part 2) (Part 3)

My Comments: A very important part of this Claire-Danny exchange is that Danny doesn’t try to control Michelle. I really love it when Danny starts to get wound up and he pauses, stands up very straight, takes a big VERY audible breath, and then stops. It’s such a great move and he does it a lot. Love Danny figuring out Claire was wearing a wire, but Claire is not this stupid. I think that Claire killing Carmen would have made more sense that her helping Carmen. That was a great “why can’t you shut up” look that Danny gave Tony.

I wish someone had heard Danny tell Claire he knew nothing about faking Carmen’s death that it was all Claire and believed it. Maybe Harley. Actually Claire put this all in motion, much more than Danny did.

I love Michelle’s red top. Harley is really being very unfair to Rick “good old reliable Rick was there.” This Harley propping by Meta is getting annoying. I don’t think Gus is being really smart getting on Claire’s bad side though. It may not seem like it right now, but Claire is NOT a good enemy to make. Setting up a man with faked evidence is bad enough, stealing his brownie while you do it, is just cruel. What I think is what Michelle and/or Rick should have said was “Oh no, Harley that must have brought up so many bad feelings about your mom, how are you holding up?” Harley’s mother Nadine was killer by Brent Lawrence and dropped into the lake by the docks and when they pulled her up her body was unrecognizable.

This Manny waking up together is really one of my favorite Manny scenes of this era. Not only do they take a lot of trouble with this scene (remember sets have no ceilings to accommodate the lights so they have to suspend that ceiling fan somehow to give the illusion that there is a ceiling there), it also gives us both a great look at Manny’s current room (I’ve got to go back and compare it to before) but also shows the relationship. Danny is letting Michelle sleep and watching over her. He genuinely hates having to tell her what her mother did, but has finally learned that he has to be honest with her (sadly things happen and he will have to learn this lesson over again but this is a nice reflection of when he did get it the first time around). I also want to track that bed. When Manny first married Michelle had a twin bed in there. By the time they moved in it had magically stretched to a double with the same headboard. This is not the first time we’ve seen their room since they moved back in this time, but it’s the first time the bed (a gold metal one) really caught my eye. I need to go back to the shooting stuff and see what headboard they had then. Note the baby monitor is right on Michelle’s bedside table.

Harley really is using Rick. It’s too bad, but it’s strange that Michelle is pushing the married friends angle considering her ongoing feelings about a romantic relationship with Bill.

I don’t like Danny having that gun like that loose in a drawer. Not only is there a baby in the house, there is also a good chance that it could get jammed or something just tossed in a junk drawer like that. I truly love Michelle’s outfit in this. It’s gorgeous and she looks great in it. Luckily this soap day isn’t ending so we’ll get to see it some more. Meta takes a break from Harley propping to tell her to BACK OFF! Go Meta!

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Claire Under Pressure May 21-24 2001

January 16, 2015

Mon., May 21, 2001 – Ray and Tony are talking in the office at Infeirno. Tony is complaining about the birthday party Sam arranged for Marah. Ray: “You mean a masseur.” Tony: “What does a priest know about stuff like that?” Ray: “I wasn’t always a priest.”  He brought her back to Infeirno and she got caught, although she really wasn’t doing anything wrong she got arrested. Tony about Gus: “This guy has it in for anyone with the name of Santos.” Ray: “Isn’t that harassment?” Danny: “Not if we keep giving him just cause.”  Tony admits that some men he knows work for Johnny Merchardo (another mob family in the territory) and Tony is worried about it. Danny is talking to Ray about Gus getting close to the truth about Carmen. Ray says only three people were there and one is dead. Danny is worried about Claire talking. Danny tells Ray that Meta and Rick only have hearsay but Claire knows things and can tell Gus things. Ray says Claire hasn’t said anything so far. Danny: “Claire is trouble waiting to happen.” At the police station: Gus is showing Harley the evidence they have on Michelle, including identified fingerprints from the evidence Michelle stole and burned. They can prove Michelle tampered with evidence in a federal case and Gus will use this to crack Danny like a walnut. Gus: “Maybe she will be the one to crack.” Harley: “No, Michelle will never give up Danny.” He thinks he will try to crack Claire first because he sees her as the weakest link. Gus says Claire knows what happened with Carmen and she has the mother factor going on. Harley doesn’t understand. Gus tells her you can usually count on a mother to protect her child. Harley asks if he will use the potential charges against Michelle to pressure Claire. He thinks it is the best way. Harley tells Gus he can do it alone because she quits. She starts throwing her things in a box. Gus asks what she is doing. Harley tells Gus she is serious and maybe her replacement will appreciate him more. Gus says she needs his permission to be reassigned and he won’t give it. He tells her that she is a good cop despite her emotional fits. Harley sits the box down. Gus says she is sensitive to the mother/child issue because of her condition. He is not without feelings and won’t make her watch him pressure Claire. He leaves. Meta comes in looking for Gus. She asks Harley where he is and why he is doing this to Danny. Meta: “Why? Why is he doing this? Aren’t there enough real criminals? Why is he focusing all his time and attention on Danny who has turned out to be a model citizen?” Harley tells her Gus will be back soon. Meta notices Harley’s tummy and asks her when she is due. Harley is taken aback. Meta apologizes and Harley tells her that she didn’t realize it was that obvious. Meta tells her that it is a little noticeable but what tipped her off was how beautiful she looks. Harley says Meta should have been a mother. Meta says it is nice being a great aunt and there are times when someone may need a mother. Harley looks sad and tells Meta she has to finish her paperwork. Harley tells Meta she hasn’t made the pregnancy public. Meta has to go and will leave a message for Gus that she is not happy. At the Spaulding Mansion: Gus is walking around the room when Claire comes in. Claire asks him what he is doing there and he tells her he is there to make a deal. Gus asks her to tell him what really happened to Carmen and he will keep Michelle out of a federal penitentiary. Claire tells Gus to get out. Gus says he has evidence on Michelle that will put her away for 30 years. Claire calls him a pig and he starts to leave. She finally gives in and asks what he wants. Gus tells Claire she has to testify about Carmen but Claire says no deal. He tells her he will arrest Michelle. Claire wants to know what he is asking. Gus wants her to wear a wire when around Danny. Gus: “I know that you’re smart and you’re tenacious, devious and got the morals of a guppie… we’ll keep Michelle out of prison and put Danny away for life. I’m sure he’s a mother’s worst nightmare.” Claire doesn’t think Michelle will forgive her for this. Gus says there are tradeoffs. He gives her time to think about it and leaves. Claire is crying when Alan enters. Alan: ” Entertaining the FBI?” He tells her she should not have talked to Gus without her attorney. Claire says she is in a mess and nothing can help. Alan: “Well, there’s nothing that gets my juices going more than an impossible cause and Claire with a little money, power and brains, anything is possible.” (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Tues., May 22, 2001 – At the Spaulding Mansion: Claire is worrying about Gus when Alan comes in. He tells her that her only mistake was not confiding in him. He thinks they should share everything. He would like to help her. She tells him that she would like to but she feels like she is trapped. Alan thinks she needs to speak to a lawyer if she wants to confide in someone else that may be able to help. She calls Ross and tells him about Gus and his visit. She tells him that Gus wants her to cut a deal in order to help Michelle and she doesn’t know what to do. Ross tells her that if what she has to do impacts another one of his clients, he will no longer be able to represent her. He tells her that it would be a conflict of interest and he advises her to find a criminal attorney quickly. He will give her references to a good lawyer if she wants and wishes her luck. Claire tells Alan that Ross dumped her but Alan thinks that is a good thing. He says Ross is competent but is overly principled and soft. She is in a dicey legal situation and in need of a shark. Alan: “You don’t need a small time lawyer. You know a lawyer and believe me I know from sharks……I will get her a lawyer who feeds on federal agents.” Claire thanks him and says she has to get to the hospital. Alan says he has never seen her this troubled. She tells him that he may just have given her a way out.

Thurs., May 24, 2001 – At Cedars: Rick pushes Claire to make sure keeping Michelle safe is her priority. Rick: “It’s not about you, Claire. The idea here is to protect my sister.” Rick meets up with Dr. Sedwick. (I keep watch on this. I want to find her first and last appearance.) Margaret gives Rick Harley’s sonogram and from the due date Rick realizes there is a good chance he is the father not, Phillip. Gus catches up with Claire and asks her if she is going to help them. She tells him to stop hounding her. He says she has access to Danny and they want her cooperation, else she and her daughter will be in jail. He tells her if she wears the wire, only Danny will do the time and she and Michelle will go free. Claire tells him she needs more time. He tells her she has until the end of the day. He leaves, telling her that if he gains the information he is looking to her for from another resource the deal is off. Claire is shaken and calls Russo. She tells him she needs him to buy her some more time. Michelle comes in to see Claire. Claire is happy and shocked to see her. Michelle asks her if she has talked to Gus again. Claire tells her she hasn’t heard from him. Michelle is surprised that he wouldn’t be bothering her. She tells Claire that everything will be fine as long as they all stick together and not say anything. Claire says she understands and then makes an excuse to leave. Michelle looks worried.

My Comments:

Meta looks just lovely today. However, I otherwise kind of hate this scene from top to bottom. I don’t know WHY Meta would say she sees Harley as a daughter when clearly Michelle is much more of a daughter. This is just Cooper propping and trying to make Harley more sympathetic during a period where she is everything but. Also, there is no WAY Meta would be so blase about motherhood. She had a son, Chuckie, who after a long and complicated custody fight, was killed in an accident. It was really his father’s fault for pushing him to do something he wasn’t comfortable doing and in a red haze Meta killed him. Definitely a charged subject that at least should have been referenced by a “I was a mother once, for all too brief a time.” It’s too bad if it wasn’t for that background, it’s a lovely conversation. What a second I didn’t really catch that before! “Raise 2 kids alone” Phillip wants to be very hands on and there would be plenty of help.

I’m so sorry they didn’t continue with Claire and Alan. I think they made a strong couple with similar outlooks and problems and could really have taken on Springfield. Instead Alan drops Claire for some stupid reason in favor of Olivia who is nothing but trouble to him.

A Season of New Beginnings: A Continuation by Robansuefarm Chapter 5

December 25, 2014

AUTHOR AND REPUBLISHER NOTE: We wind up a final chapter in our Christmas fanfic.

A Season of New Beginnings: A Continuation by Robansuefarm Chapter 5

Michelle peeked out into the main ballroom of the country club. The decorations were really beautiful. Strings of white Christmas lights, Christmas trees with gold decorations, and Christmas wreaths filled every corner and cranny of the room. The turnout was great, the room was completely filled. She looked out and right away her eye was drawn to the man she loved more than life itself. Danny was standing on the steps leading up to the stair landing across the room. He looked incredible in his tux with his hair slicked back. Michelle couldn’t help it, she licked her lips and wished away all the people she’d been so pleased to see just a moment before, jealous of having to share him with the crowd and wanting to show him just how much she appreciated him. Reluctantly she drew her eyes away from him before she gave in to the impulse to run over to him and drag him out of the room to first available room with a locking door.

Michelle’s eye next fell on the men standing on the steps beside him, his cousins Ray and Tony. Beyond Tony was her best friend Bill Lewis, but her eye kept being drawn back to Danny. To avoid the temptation, after all it couldn’t possibly be that much longer that she would have to wait now, she drew the crack in between the curtains closed, covering the opening between the small side room and the main ballroom. Michelle turned her back on the curtains. She crossed over the other side of the small room looking closely at all her family and friends gathered there. Everyone looked so elegant, dressed for the Special Occasion. Abby was there at her side. Her cousin Bridget Reardon Lewis had come from Michigan in honor of such a big night. Bridget’s son little Peter was so cute dressed in his tiny tux. Lizzie Spaulding was wearing a little fluffy dress that made her look like a little princess. A dark haired beauty, Danny’s sister Pilar was there, too. Michelle giggled. She never thought she could feel so happy, so it didn’t take much to make the laughter spring to her lips. This time she had thought that for once it was everyone else’s turn to wear pink as it was the color of every dress in the small sideroom, besides her own.

Michelle had been right, it hadn’t been long to wait at all. The orchestra was starting to play an instrumental version of “When You Say Nothing at All” the song that had awaken Michelle on the fateful day that she met Danny.  Michelle thought the words along to the music, : “It’s amazing how you can speak right to my heart, without saying a word you can light up the dark”. It truly did amaze her that she could count the number of days ago that the love described in the song was an impossible dream, but now it was her reality. Lizzie, experienced at this, grabbed Peter’s hand and propelled him along through the now opened curtains. Next Bridget followed along watching Peter proudly as she walked behind him, just as her husband Dylan was doing from his chair in the ballroom.

Pilar crossed to Michelle as Bridget left and took both her hands in hers. “Buena Suerte, mi hermana. But I’m sure you won’t need it.” Pilar picked up the flowers off the nearby table and followed Bridget out into the main ballroom. Michelle watched her walk straight across the room towards the staircase and thought she was smiling just a little too intently at Bill Lewis. Michelle would have to pump her friend for information on this the next time she saw him. She suspected Bill was holding out on her. Abby gave her hug and quick kiss being very careful not to smudge her makeup. “I love you, sweetie. I’m so glad everything is working out for you. You had us worried for awhile you know.”

Michelle simply beamed at her sister-in-law, the whole funk over Jesse seemed so long ago. She’d wasted all that time, but it had led her to standing here today so she couldn’t really regret it. What, she wondered, would have happened if they hadn’t been assigned to do the decorations together? Just the thought of it sent a shiver down her spine. It really did seem almost as if someone had planned that it turned out that way. Abby was gone now having followed Pilar out from behind the curtains.

Rick, who had entered the room a little while before, crossed to her and took her arm. “Hey, little sister, if you’re having second thoughts, I happen to know several back ways out of this place. Just say the word.”

Michelle lightly punched her joking brother on the arm. “I’m more certain about this than anything else in my whole life, Rick,” she said seriously, meaning every word.

“OK, then, we might as well go.” Rick gave an exaggerated sigh. “Your Sir Galahad is waiting.” Michelle thought it was a darn good thing for Rick that she was feeling so full of love and joy today or she might have had to plan some retaliation for her “humorous” big brother.

Michelle’s thoughts were interrupted by the music changing. Everyone in the ballroom stood up and turned to face the curtained archway. Michelle and Rick both stepped out together with their right foot (Step, together, step, together). Michelle once again mentally added the words to the music, “Here comes the bride.”

Michelle looked around the room. Her eyes played over the right side of the church which was full of mostly dark haired strangers. Most of Danny’s family she knew was in the wedding party, but she was sure she’d be meeting the others soon. Down in the front row sat Abuela Maria. She sat on the aisle end of the row and looked like the cat who swallowed the canary. An identical look was on Aunt Meta’s face as she sat across the aisle from her on the bride’s side.

Looking to her left Michelle saw the rows filled with family and friends. All the people who had supported who growing up were there. There were Phillip and Beth Spaulding with James. There was Holly and Fletcher Reade. There was Vanessa and Billy Lewis beside Mindy and Rusty Shayne. Her Aunt Hillary sat in the front row. Dozens of family and friends filled every chair. Still Michelle’s heart wrenched that neither Maureen nor Ed were there. Then she found Danny’s eyes and nothing else mattered. She had him. He was missing his father just as much she was she knew, but all she saw in his eyes was understanding, joy, and love. She shone it all back to him.

Michelle’s thoughts played back over the last year. It had been a long time since Michelle didn’t have anything better to do than to count days, but last night, for old times sake, she had done the math. Today was day 562 since Jesse Blue had dumped her for Drew Jacobs. A day she now blessed. If Jesse hadn’t left her, she might never have found Danny, a thought not to be borne. Today, day 372 since she met Danny, was the happiest day she ever had and she was sure day 1860, day 5580, day 18,250 would be even happier. It had been quite a year. After that night locked in the lighthouse together, they had barely been able to stand being apart. There had been challenges, Rick hadn’t been too thrilled that Michelle was serious about anybody let alone someone connected with a mob family. But Michelle stood firm that she would be with Danny and much to Michelle’s surprise she had Aunt Meta’s whole hearted support. Danny proved over the course of the year that he wasn’t going anywhere and he would take care of Michelle, so finally Rick came around. He still wasn’t happy about the match, but he was willing to take part in the wedding which was more than could be said about Carmen.

Carmen had looked at Danny marrying his old girlfriend Teresa as her last chance to gain more influence in the business again. Teresa idolized Carmen and was very open to any of her suggestions. Carmen took the loss of this influence badly, especially when Michelle stood firm with her and supported Danny in whatever he wanted to do. She blamed Michelle for her loss of influence and the animosity she held towards towards “that Bauer girl” was almost palpable. Danny had finally had to move out of Casa Santos and into the Bauer family lighthouse while he waited for the house he was building for himself and Michelle at Laurel Falls to be finished. Even though Michelle and Danny had both sought Carmen out in person and asked her to come to the wedding, she had refused to come and Abuela Maria stood in place of Danny’s parents.

There had been highlights as well. They had held a bonfire and burned her Jesse mementos including that fuzzy blue robe. She had rolled up and stuck in the back of the closet the drawings Jesse had done of her, even though Danny said that Jesse hadn’t done her justice, she thought they  might want the drawings someday. He had burned some things that connected with his family’s mob past. They had both felt so much freer and lighter when it was done. Danny had come with Michelle to the Bauer BBQ and Michelle had started to go to Mass with Danny, at least on the major feast days. It made her feel another connection with Maureen who had also been Catholic. Michelle felt that Maureen would approve of this match.

They had “christened” places all over town, but hadn’t been together for a week to make the wedding night very special. Michelle had been on birth control, but she and Danny had discussed it and decided they wanted a family soon and she had gone off the pills after the last time she was with Danny. Her smile grew even wider that the next time they were together they could be creating their new son or daughter.

Danny watched Michelle walk down the aisle towards him on Rick’s arm. He was amazed that every time he saw her she was more beautiful and she was more than that. She was smart. She was kind. She was feisty. He’d never known that he could feel so close to anyone. It was like he had lived most of his life missing part of himself and now he’d found it, found her. And even more remarkable to him, she felt the same way about him.

Danny had been suspicious. It was awfully convenient how they’d gotten locked together in the basement of the lighthouse behind a door that Michelle never remembered sticking before and even more convenient that it was Dietz who discovered them the next morning. It was still more convenient how quickly his Abuela and Michelle’s Aunt Meta had become some great friends, like they had known each other for a long time before he and Michelle met. Also, he really hadn’t bought his Abuela’s explanation that she’d had one of the maids take down all the family photos in her room to dust them between when he left and Michelle’s arrival, but had them all back in place by the next day. “It was the most efficient way to do it!” she’d declared, as Danny cocked an eyebrow at her. But in the end he’d decided to let it go. He’d found Michelle and exactly how didn’t really matter.

Michelle arrived at the steps and she took the last few steps alone to stand by Danny. Danny whispered, “Hola! Mi esposa bonita.” Michelle who had learned a lot more Spanish over the past year, whispered back, “Hola! Mi esposo perfecto.” Together they turned together to face Father Tomas, to find their new beginning. After all, it was the season for them.

Father Tomas began, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join together in holy matrimony Daniel Santos and Berta Michelle Bauer….”


Translation Note:

*Special Occasion – An evil Bill, Manny round robin fanfic with several scenes where Manny makes love, reconnecting after being friends in college and now wanting to be much, much more.

*Buena Suerte, mi hermana. – Good luck, my sister.

*Sir Galahad – what Rick calls Danny in my favorite scene in the Manny fanfic Dark Knight where Danny saves Michelle from both Ben Warren and a drug addiction.

*Step, Together – the way you are supposed to walk down the aisle in a wedding even though most people seem to have forgotten it (Sorry Pet Peeve)

* Hola! Mi esposa bonita.  – Hello, my beautiful wife.

*Hola! Mi esposo perfecto.  – Hello, my perfect husband.  Dialogue from lighthouse scene before Michelle is kidnapped.

AUTHOR’S END NOTE: Well, did I catch anybody? I was trying to make you think it was the charity for the Pediatrics wing and I hoped that it was really a Manny wedding would be a fun surprise. Besides what’s a better Christmas present for a Mannyac than that? I hope you enjoyed my continuation and I hope everyone thinks it measured up the stem I started with. I hope you enjoyed the dropping in of Spanish and of name dropping of other Manny fanfics.  I hope that brought back good memories to people who have read them and that those who haven’t please check out my story index and read them. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a terrific holiday season.  Oh, in case you couldn’t tell I was having Abby be Michelle’s matron of honor and Ray was Danny’s best man. Lizzie was a flower girl and Peter was a ring bearer. Pilar and Bridget were bridemaids. Tony and Bill were groomsmen. And of course, Michelle’s wedding color was pink.

A Season of New Beginnings: A Continuation by Robansuefarm Chapter 4

December 24, 2014

AUTHOR AND REPUBLISHER NOTE: This isn’t my favorite chapter of the story, but it’s kind of hamstrung. I had quite a few plot points and quite a bit of exposition that had to come out in order to get everyone where they need to be at the start of Chapter 5: The conclusion, which is great, so a lot has to happen in a short amount of time. I also needed a payoff for the master plan and they’d already kissed, so….  But I didn’t want to be too explicit in a Christmas story. In short, hang on through this chapter, find out exactly what’s really going on and get ready to go out with a bang. I haven’t finished the last chapter yet, but it’s my favorite so far.

A Season of New Beginnings: A Continuation by Robansuefarm  – Chapter 4

It had been a wonderful night Danny thought as he slowly woke up with a smile on his lips. He let his eyes remain closed as he remembered touching every inch of Michelle’s beautiful body with his fingers, his lips, his… He was eager to repeat the experience and he opened his eyes and reached for her. Instead of golden curls on the pillow next to his, he saw only an untouched pillow and felt only cold sheets. A dream, how could something so wonderful have been just a dream? He fell back flat onto the bed and let his eyes fall shut again as he balled his hand into a fist and struck the bed in frustration.  Still, he told himself, he’d see her today and if not last night, maybe she’d be there beside him soon.

Michelle also had woken up with a smile on her face. She’d switched her clock radio alarm to an all Christmas station and it was “Haul out the holly”  that woke her up. She intended to do just that with Danny today she giggled. She ran her finger over her lips remembering yesterday’s kiss. She was halfway through washing her hair before she remembered it was day 191 since Jesse left.  Today felt so different from yesterday though. Yesterday had started out feeling like day 190, but today she realized didn’t feel like 191 without Jesse, it felt like day 2 of knowing Danny. She giggled again and happily started getting dressed for the day.  She thought they might be pulling out dusty boxes and that today would be a good day to wear jeans and sweatshirt and leave her hair in a ponytail. But that’s not what she felt like doing. She reached into the back of her closet and pulled out a plastic garment bag. She had bought the fitted red dress before she and Jesse broke up and never gotten a chance to wear it. “You’ve been hanging there too long,” she told the dress.

Michelle skipped down the back stairs and arrived grinning in kitchen. “Good morning Aunt Meta,” she said as she grabbed a bowl, spoon, cereal, and milk, before sliding into one of the chairs around the kitchen table.

Aunt Meta took one look at her and let out a whistle. “Hubba hubba somebody is dressed to the nines today. What’s the occasion?”

“Oh, no occasion. I just felt like dressing up a little bit.”

“I see… What’s his name?”

“Aunt Meta, there doesn’t have to be man involved for a girl to feel good about herself.”

“That’s very true, but I know that look… What’s his name?”

“Well, I am having lunch today with my partner from the decorating committee.”

“Um hum, and he just happens to be a man?”

“Yes, he does.”

“To repeat myself….”

“His name is Danny Santos. Now, don’t start with me Aunt Meta. He is in THAT Santos family, but he’s not like that.”

“Michelle, after watching mope around after Jesse Blue all this time, if he can put a smile like that on your face, I wouldn’t care if his name was Al Capone. After all, I’m hardly the one to cast the first stone when it comes to men you get involved with. I trust you honey and you should trust your instincts, too. ” Meta crossed the room and gave Michelle a hug.

Michelle opened her eyes after the hug to check the clock. 11 am couldn’t get here fast enough as far as she was concerned.

Aunt Meta had told Michelle to be a few minutes late, so she could make an impressive entrance. However, Michelle was practically vibrating with excitement and the grandfather clock in the entrance lobby of the country club was just starting to strike 11 when she passed it.  She crossed quickly to the country club bar room. Her eyes darted around the collection of tables, her eyes clicked into sharp focus as her eyes found Danny. He’d been even more impatient than she had been and had arrived early.

For the last 20 minutes Danny had been trying not to watch the door too obviously, but he’d totally failed. Instead he saw Michelle the second she reached the doorway and got quickly to his feet. Michelle loosened her grip on the white winter shawl that she had covering her shoulders letting it fall down her arms revealing her bare shoulders. Danny felt his breath exhale sharply at the sight. Michelle felt like she was practically floating over to him. When she reached the table, with an effort he shook himself lose from her spell. He walked around the table and pulled out her chair. As she seated herself, Danny bent and pushed her chair, pausing to whisper in her ear, “I wouldn’t have believed it possible, but you look even more beautiful today than when you were yelling at me yesterday.” Michelle’s eyes involuntarily closed as she first felt his husky breath against her neck. Danny returned to his chair and Danny and Michelle smiled across each other. This would be a very enjoyable lunch indeed.

Before they realized it, a couple of hours had passed. Neither Danny nor Michelle could remember when they’d enjoyed a meal more, but neither could remember exactly what it was they ate. Then they’d walked hand and hand into the main ballroom. They talked about what they could do with trees and white lights and other decorations. Suddenly their reverie was interrupted by Michelle’s cell phone ringing. Michelle dug her cell phone out of her purse.

“Hello” (Pause) “Oh, Hi Aunt Meta” (Pause) “Yes, I’m still with Danny.” (Pause) “Why does it have to be right now?” (Pause) “Yes, but I’m not exactly dressed for….” (Pause – Sigh) “OK, Aunt Meta. See you at home.”

Michelle turned to Danny who was waiting expectantly. “That was my Great Aunt Meta. She wants us to stop and pick up the decorations they used last year. She let the Pediatric group store the decorations in the basement of the lighthouse, my family owns it. I’m not exactly dressed for carrying boxes, would you mind?”

Danny, who would have willingly cleaned a bathroom floor with a toothbrush if it meant getting to spend more time with Michelle, readily agreed. Luckily Michelle and Rick hadn’t switched back cars yet and Danny and Michelle headed over to the lighthouse in the UAV.

“This is a great place!” Danny said with enthusiasm as Michelle showed him around the lighthouse. She’d saved the basement for last.

“The boxes should be down here,” Michelle said, turning on the light and then leading the way down the wooden staircase into the gloomy basement. They quickly located the boxes of decorations. Michelle had gone ahead carrying a light box with one arm while she went ahead of Danny and tried to open the door. It wouldn’t open. “Hey, it won’t open,” she said, trying it again.

“Let me try.” Danny balanced his box on a step and tried the door. It was locked up tighter than a drum. “Does the door stick sometimes?” He looked his question at Michelle.

Michelle shook her head. She had played in and around the lighthouse her whole life and the door had never stuck before that she could remember. “I never remember it sticking.”

“Well, it’s not moving. The hinges are on the outside and I can’t exactly get a run up on this curving staircase. I guess we’re here for awhile. Your Aunt Meta knows we were coming here and eventually she’ll come looking. Might as well get comfortable while we wait.”

They walked back down the steps and sat side by side on the bottom step. Michelle shivered. She wasn’t exactly dressed for being in an only marginally heated place. Danny took off his leather jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. They talked back and forth about things of great import and small consequence. Michelle told Danny everything she’d told Maria the day before and then some. Danny told her about his own childhood and the new life for his family he was trying so hard to build. Neither had ever felt so close to another person before.

A couple of hours later Michelle shivered again. “I feel cold.”

“Ok, let’s see what we can do.” Danny dug around and finally found a couple of old quilts. He used them to make a kind of palette on the floor in the main room beyond the metal grate that divided the room into two.

“Milady” Danny said reaching out a hand and helping Michelle to lay down between the covers. “We’d better stick together to save body heat.” He lay down beside her. They lay facing each other.

Danny said, “I have a confession, Michelle…. I knew that sprinkler head wasn’t mistletoe.”

Michelle giggled. “I have a confession, too….. I wasn’t all that cold.” Michelle bit her bottom lip and that’s all the invitation that Danny he needed. He pulled her to him, kissed her and rolled her under him.

A few minutes later across town static hissed from a radio receiver to the bug Dietz had planted in the lighthouse basement earlier that day. “Oh, Danny, yes, yes, yes!” The two old ladies smiled as Maria reached over and switched off the transmitter. Dietz was recording it downstairs just in case the two of them managed to mess it up, but it didn’t sound like that would be a problem.  Maria smiled across at her friend. She and Meta Bauer had found themselves in many of the same women’s clubs around Springfield. They both lived rather knockabout lives and had instantly felt a kinship with each other. Eventually their talks had gotten around to the young people in their lives and their worries about them. It had been Meta that first suggested that maybe Danny and Michelle would be the answer for each other’s problems. They had carefully planned the setup, Danny had been through too many of Maria’s plans for anything obvious.

Meta had gone to see Lillian and had a little “talk” with her. The upshot of which was that Meta had gotten her full cooperation without Meta having to switch into an even uglier gear. Lillian put Maria on Michelle’s donation list in order for her and Maria to have a talk. Maria had cleared out any doubts Michelle might have had about getting involved with the Santos family and let her know enough about Danny’s life to “prime the pump” as Meta put it. Then Lillian put them together on the decoration committee. Meta had gotten them together at the lighthouse and Maria had Dietz lock them in the basement.

“Be sure to tell Dietz to go into the first floor first so they hear him coming and get a chance to get dressed before he gets there. It will make him looking for them seem more realistic, too.” Meta told her friend.

Maria smiled at her. “At this rate we will soon be related. We’re already a great team. We should celebrate our success with coming up with a new project. Hmmm. Now Daniel is nearly settled, I think it is time to turn my attention to my granddaughter Pilar. She will be coming back from school for the holidays next week.”

Meta grinned. “Did I ever tell you about Michelle’s best friend growing up? He was almost like a brother really. His name is Bill Lewis. He’s a fine young man, but he’s been spending way too much of his time studying.”

“Pilar Lewis. It has possibilities. Hmmmm,” Maria replied.

Both women took a drink of their “fortified” tea.

Sleeping Beauty, Manny Style by Samj Chapter 5

December 10, 2014

Republisher’s Note: We continue the fairytale.

Sleeping Beauty, Manny Style by Samj Chapter 5

Meta, Rick, and Abby quietly led Michelle into the palace and showed her to her room. Michelle couldn’t stop crying about the stranger she had met in the woods, so the three fairies gave her a moment alone to pull herself together. As soon as Michelle was alone, she became hypnotized by an unearthly green glow in the fireplace. She was powerless to resist the glow as it led her down the long corridors of the palace to a picturesque window seat where a strange man sat. Quietly the man approached her and said, “Your highness, please accept this humble gift from your most loyal servant, Mick.”

Michelle reached out mechanically and took the sharp rock in her hand. She was too far under the spell to realize that it was too was glowing green.Meanwhile, the fairies had caught sight of the green glow, and were racing to try to protect their ward. “Stop! Michelle, stop, please!” they shouted in unison as they flew up the winding staircase. Their cries, however, fell on deaf ears.Michelle was completely mesmerized by the rock, so much so that she didn’t even notice when Mick reached out and grabbed her. Holding her close to his body he whispered menacingly in her ear, “I can show you a real good time.”Michelle flinched, and without thought brought the sharp rock in her hand down on Mick’s temple, freeing herself from his slimy grasp.

When the fairies finally reached the window seat, Carmaria was laughing triumphantly. “Were you looking for the young lady?” she mocked. “Well, here she is!” she announced, sweeping back her cape to show Michelle asleep on the cold stone floor. 

The fairies laid her gently in her bed, then agreed amongst themselves to make everyone else in the palace sleep until they could awaken Michelle.
As the sun began to set, everyone in the kingdom gathered to celebrate the return of their princess and her engagement to Prince Daniel. Their cheering, however, turned into gentle snoring as the fairies cast a spell upon them that made them all slumber. 

King Miguel, while drifting off to sleep, tried to tell King Edward that his son was in love with a peasant girl he met in the forest. Although King Edward was already asleep, Miguel’s words did not fall on deaf ears Aunt Meta heard him and, putting two and two together, realized that Prince Daniel was the man Michelle met that morning. Signaling to Rick and Abby, the three of them raced back to the cottage to get the prince so that he could kiss Michelle and break the spell.
Chevy Lumina was tired and out of breath by the time Danny finally allowed him to stop outside the little cottage on the edge of Laurel Falls. Danny couldn’t contain his smile as he approached the front door, nervously brushing the arms of his jacket until they shone. 

Once inside, however, Danny was knocked unconscious by one of Carmaria’s goons. 

“What a shame, Carmaria,” sighed coldly, looking at the gash on the prince’s forehead, “that’s bound to leave a mark. Now be careful with him,” she instructed the thugs, “I have plans for him.”

Rick, Abby, and Meta arrived at the cottage too late to help the prince. Seeing the evidence of the struggle, they realized that Carmaria must have taken him, so they set out for the dreaded Casa on a rescue mission.


Sleeping Beauty, Manny Style by Samj Chapter 4

December 9, 2014

Republisher’s Note: We enjoy more fairytale fun.

Sleeping Beauty, Manny Style by Samj Chapter 4

Meanwhile, in that very same cottage, Meta had made an absolute disaster of the decorations, and Rick had made even more of a disaster of the cake. The two were squabbling over what to do, when Abby decided that they should use their magic to fix the problems and give Michelle a proper party. Unfortunately, the squabbling continued as well, and Deitz noticed the sparks of magic dust rising through the chimney. He left the cottage and flew back to Carmaria to tell her of his discovery.
Just then, Michelle came rushing into the cottage yelling, “Rick, Abby, Aunt Meta! I met him, I met him, and he’s even more wonderful than I thought!”
“Met who?” Aunt Meta asked in confusion.
“Him, the man from my dreams,” she babbled in reply, “we met once upon a dream, and then we met near the Falls and he’s coming, here, tonight, and….”
“Oh dear,” Abby sighed, and Rick moved to give Michelle a big bear hug as he broke the news. “Michelle, sis, you can’t see this man again; you, you’re already betrothed.””What?” Michelle exclaimed, her eyes wide with shock. “What do you mean I’m betrothed?””To Prince Daniel,” Abby supplied, sitting down on Michelle’s other side and offering a comforting hug of her own. “You see your father, King Edward, and Prince Daniel’s father, King Miguel, agreed that when you turned 21 you would marry.

“King Edward?” Michelle parroted without understanding. “Father? Marry? What are you talking about? I don’t understand!”

Meta, Rick, and Abby slowly explained to Michelle that she was the Princess Berta, and that on that very night they would return her to the palace to be reunited with her parents. With heavy hearts the four of them left the tiny cottage they had called home for so long, Michelle weeping at the thought that she would never see the stranger from the woods again. 
Danny galloped back to King Edward’s palace as quickly as Chevy Lumina would take him. Spotting his father, he shouted from a distance, “Papa, Papa! I’ve met her, I’ve met the girl I’m going to marry!”

“She’s back already?” Miguel asked in surprise as Danny finally stopped in front of him. 

“Back? Huh? What are you…” Danny trailed off in confusion. “No, I met her, the girl of my dreams. I love her, Papa, and I’m going to marry her. “Without waiting for a response, Danny galloped back into the woods toward the Falls.

Miguel stared after his son and shook his head. “Ed isn’t going to like this.”


Sleeping Beauty, Manny Style by Samj Chapter 2

December 7, 2014

Republisher’s Note: A continuation of the Manny fairytale fanfic based on Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty, Manny Style by Samj Chapter 2

The years passed, and Carmarias thugs and goons relentlessly searched for the young princess, but with no success. Frustrated and angry, Carmaria called them into her overly ornate office and demanded, “Have you searched the entire forest? The caves? The villages?”

Her henchmen cowered in fear, babbling incoherently. Finally, one was brave enough to speak. “Yes boss,” Ben stuttered, “we’ve searched the forest…and the caves…and the villages….”

“Uh-huh, Jimmy and Alden” agreed in unison, “and all the cradles.”

“The cradles?” Carmaria repeated incredulously. “The cradles?” She cackled wickedly, and the brainless henchmen laughed with her until she cut them off with a curt, “Silence!”

“Did you hear that, Deitz?” she asked her loyal raven gently. “All of this time, they’ve been searching for a baby.” Deitz just rolled his eyes, whether at the stupidity of the henchmen or of his boss vendetta was anyone’s guess. 

“Listen carefully, Deitz,” Carmaria instructed. “I need you to go out and find me a girl of twenty-one years, with hair of blond curls and clothes of pink Prada. Do not fail me Deitz.”

The loyal Deitz left immediately to find the now-grown-up Princess Berta.
Meanwhile, in a small cottage in the woods on the edge of Laurel Falls, Rick, Abby, and Meta had been happily (albeit without the use of their magic) raising the Princess, whom they called Michelle to protect her identity. Rick had been in charge of caring for the tiny infant, and although only a few days of changing diapers and 3 AM feedings had brought a harsh reality to his fantasies of having children, he loved the young girl as though she were his own sister and carried out his duties with care and devotion. As Michelle grew older Rick’s duties changed, of course, but they never became less challenging. 

Abby had been in charge of the house, and she also conducted Michelle’s education through the equivalent of high school. Since then, Michelle had been training with Rick to be a doctor. She had an amazing hunger for knowledge, and a natural ability for academic work, both of which thrilled all of her guardians. 

Meta had been in charge of the kitchen, creating marvelous breakfasts, dinners, and desserts. More importantly, she shared her wisdom and experience with the younger members of her family, and supervised everything they did.

On the morning of Michelle’s twenty-first birthday, Rick, Meta, and Abby cleverly got Michelle out of the house by asking her to pick a basketful of daisies, her favorite wildflower. With the cottage all to themselves, the three were busily planning a grand celebration.

Rick decided that, since it was his last day as Michelle’s guardian, he wanted to bake her birthday cake, even though he’d never cooked before. Caught up in the excitement, Meta decided she wanted to decorate the house with streamers and banners, even though shed never done much artistic work before. Abby, of course, simply tried to maintain a level head.

Sleeping Beauty, Manny Style by Samj Chapter 1

December 5, 2014

Republisher’s Note: When I set about organizing the Manny fanfics that I could find and rescue into categories the one that surprised me most was fairytale. But fairytales there were. In fact, I’ve already contributed my fairy tale to my one in each category challenge.

The Lighthouse Princess – A fairytale based on the marvelous story The Light Princess by George MacDonald.

So check out another fairytale and remember dreams can come true.

Author’s Note: A long time ago, in a kingdom far, far away…some clever Manny fic authors “adapted” fairy tales to our beloved couple, with (intentionally) hilarious results. In response to a challenge, I’ve written the following “adaptation” of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (which I understand is only loosely based on the Brothers Grimm version). It’s just supposed to be funny and light and “fluffy” if you will. I borrowed very heavily from the plot, and the music, and even the dialogue in one or two places (the poem for Abby’s gift, e.g., is from the movie). I’m hoping this constitutes fair use, although I can’t imagine Disney suing someone who owes tens of thousands of dollars to the federal government in student loans. :P

Finally, thanks to Carrie, Mere, and Katie for reading and reassuring.

Sleeping Beauty, Manny Style by Samj Chapter 1

In a far away land, long ago, lived King Edward Bauer and his fair Queen, Maureen Reardon Bauer. Many years had they longed for a child, and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Berta, after her much-respected grandmother before her.

The king proclaimed a great holiday, so that everyone in the entire kingdom could come and pay homage to the infant princess. During the festivities King Edward of Springfield and King Miguel of the House of Santos agreed to unite their kingdoms by betrothing Princess Berta to the young Prince Daniel.

Six-year-old Danny, who understood none of this, simply pointed two fingers at the tiny baby in a sort of salute and wondered where her parents came up with a name like Berta.

Before the young prince could ask his question out loud, however, (and greatly embarrass his poor Papa, who could barely keep up with the child as it was) the court herald announced the arrival of the three good fairies: Meta, Rick, and Abby. You see, in this very progressive kingdom both women and men could train to be fairies, and when Rick fell in love with Abby he decided to take up her line of work. They were very happy together, and Rick provided Meta with much comic relief. King Edward and Queen Maureen greeted the fairies warmly, honored by their presence at Berta’s party. 

Meta, as the leader of the group, spoke first. “Your highnesses, each of us may grant this beautiful child one gift,” she explained respectfully. “I grant her the gift of an endless wardrobe of beautiful pink Prada outfits. May she wear them in comfort and good health.”

Meta waved her magic wand, and the Princess white lace gown became an even lovelier pink one. 

Rick, meanwhile, was completely enthralled by the tiny infant. He was so busy creating bubbles and tiny flowers with his wand that he missed Meta’s signal that he should give the next gift.

“Ahem,” Meta interrupted pointedly.

“Right, right, sorry,” Rick mumbled sheepishly to Meta. “Your highnesses,” he said more firmly, turning to the King and Queen, “I grant her the gift of unlimited chocolate ripple fudge ice cream. May she always eat it with joy and contentment.” 

While the King and Queen tried to figure out what to make of these gifts, Abby rolled her eyes at her husband’s choice. She supposed she should just be happy he hadn’t given the Princess a lifetime subscription to Sports Illustrated. They still weren’t really welcome in the Kingdom of Lewis since that little debacle at Prince William the III’s christening, with Rick babbling on about the glory of baseball for almost twenty minutes before Abby had to turn him into a tree to shut him up. 

Abby bowed to the King and Queen and began, “I grant her – ”

Suddenly a harsh wind swept through the castle, and standing in their midst was….

“Carmaria!” Meta gasped in horror as all three fairies moved to shield the baby from her frightening presence.

Carmaria was dressed in a tailored, purple power suit; her skin was tinged a sickly shade of green. On her shoulder sat her most trusted confidant, Deitzie, a completely ruthless raven.

Carmaria merely scoffed at the fairies feeble attempts, then turned her attention to the King and Queen. “I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation,” she informed them with cold politeness. 

“You weren’t wanted here!” Rick shot back in anger before the others could stop him.

“Oh my,” Carmaria responded calmly, “I had hoped it was merely due to some oversight. And yet, I still have a gift to bestow on the young Princess.” She hardly glanced at the baby before proclaiming with a cackle, “In addition to the gifts that the fairies have bestowed on the Princess, she shall have this: Before the sun sets on her 21st birthday, she shall bludgeon a young man with a sharp rock, and DIE!” 

The entire assembly gasped at the hideous curse, but before the King’s guards could seize Carmaria, she disappeared as a blast of green energy. 

In the silence that followed, all eyes fell on Abby, who stared sadly at little Berta. “I wish that I could undo this awful gift, but Carmaria’s powers are too strong,” she apologized. Brightening just a little, she added softly, “But I can help. I grant her this:

Not in death
But just in sleep,
The fateful prophesy you’ll keep.
And from this slumber you shall wake,
When true love’s kiss the spell shall break.”

The King and Queen thanked Abby for her gift, but felt they had to take further action to protect their daughter. Jesse Blue, the king’s slightly idiotic court jester, kept insisting that every rock in the kingdom be burned. Queen Maureen just shook her head in silent pity, then explained to Jesse – quietly, and using small words – that burning the rocks wouldn’t destroy them. Instead King Edward organized his entire army to gather every rock in the kingdom; once they were collected, he had them ground into the finest dust. 

Meta, Rick, and Abby, however, knew that it would take more than a rock shortage to stop the evil Carmaria. Finally, after hours of searching for an answer, Meta had a solution the three of them would take Princess Berta deep into the royal forest, all the way to Laurel Falls, and raise her as a foundling. Rick was absolutely thrilled with the suggestion, because he had always longed to be a father, but Fairy Union Local 508 didn’t allow it. Abby at first objected to the idea of living as a mortal for 21 years, but she relented because she knew that Carmaria would not be able to harm the princess if she could not find her. 

And so, King Edward and Queen Maureen wept silently as they watched the three temporary mortals secretly take their most precious possession from the castle.

The Bauers Find Out About Harley’s Betrayal May 7-8 2001

November 14, 2014

Mon., May 7, 2001 – In the Surveillance Van: Harley and Gus are in the van but no one is talking inside the Bauer house. Harley gets off the phone and tells him that they got the court order to examine Carmen’s ashes. Gus tells another cop to go to the mortuary and get the ashes then call Danny and tells him that they got the ashes with a court order to be examined. Harley tells Gus he is working all the angles. He tells her that he wants to catch Danny’s reaction when they tell him they have the ashes. Harley tells him that is entrapment but Gus tells her he will do what he has to do to put the bad guys in jail. Gus tells her that he is sure a crime has been committed and he is just waiting to know what it was. He is going to wait and let Danny lead him to the answer. Harley doesn’t like it. Gus wonders what is wrong with Harley and asks about her hormones. Harley doesn’t like all the sneaky parts of his job. Gus hears Michelle and tells Harley to be quiet. They listen as Danny and Michelle rehash the argument they had the day before. Danny asks Michelle what will happen when everything she told Rick and Meta gets out. Michelle says she can trust her family and nothing will come out. Danny says she made them accessories after the fact. That is why he grew up with a code of silence. Gus is going out of his mind wanting to know what Rick and Meta are accessories to. Danny tells Michelle that he thought he heard the baby and she sees the baby monitor isn’t on. She goes over the table and turns it on and Gus and Harley get loud screeching feedback in their headphones. While they are trying to fix it so they can hear, but they can’t while Danny and Michelle continue their conversation. Danny tells Michelle that he killed his mother and no one can find out that she didn’t really die nine months ago. Michelle goes to get the phone and can’t hear on it. Danny says that Meta is in with the baby and he turns off the monitor. Now Gus and Harley can hear again. Danny answers the phone and learns the feds have Carmen’s ashes. Danny tells Michelle they are in serious trouble. Danny wonders why the feds wanted them if they didn’t know something. He tells her they were only talking about this last night and he had swept the house so there shouldn’t be any bugs. Michelle tells Danny not to worry. Danny says if the feds test the ashes they will be in trouble. She calls Ross and tells Danny they have to go over there. Gus and Harley say if they are leaving, so will they. Gus and Harley leave the van. (I think slightly better quality and additional scenes) (a few longer scene clips)

Tues., May 8, 2001 – At the Police Department: Ross strides in with Michelle and Danny waving his court order. Ross tells Gus that his court order is to stop them from examining Carmen’s ashes. Gus tells him that he is too late. The test has been run (boy, that was a rush) of the ashes and they aren’t those of Carmen Santos, but that of a large dog named “Wolf with an e” because he found a dog collar and tag in the ashes. Gus tells Danny that he should be happy this means his mom could be alive but he wonders if Danny already knew that. Gus tells Ross that they also had a court order and that is how they took possession of the ashes. He goes on to tell Ross, Danny and Michelle that he believes Carmen faked her own death, with the help from Danny and Michelle, to avoid federal prosecution. Michelle tells him that if Carmen is still alive why isn’t Gus out looking for her some place else? Gus tells her that he realizes it would take the heat off her and her husband if he would up and leave town to look for Carmen but it isn’t happening. Harley asks them if they want to say anything but Ross steps in and says he will talk to his clients before they say anything to the police. Everyone leaves them to talk. Ross: “A dog?” Danny: “I didn’t know it was a dog. And we didn’t know they weren’t Carmen’s at first.” They definitely weren’t in on Carmen faking her death. Ross tells them that they could possibly be accessories to a crime after the fact and he needs to know everything. Danny wants to talk things over with Michelle first. Ross tells them to do that but when they call him, they need to be ready to tell him the entire truth. He walks out. Michelle starts asking Danny how the feds found out, but he thinks they need to wait and talk at home. At the Bauer House: Gus and Harley make it back in the van and Gus goes over his notes, telling Harley that they know Claire knows something and they will talk to her first. Michelle and Danny get home and Gus and Harley start listening again. Michelle asks why Gus thought to have Carmen’s ashes tested. Danny questions who the feds could even question that knew anything. She tells him that the only one with any real knowledge is Claire and she is in San Cristobel for Edmund’s coronation. Danny thinks they should tell her to stay out of the country for as long as she can. Meta comes in the room and tells them about her day with the baby and goes on to tell them that she is fixing duck in the microwave for dinner. She goes into the kitchen and turns on the microwave, which gives Gus and Harley another shrill feedback so they are unable to hear the conversation. Harley (explaining the feedback): “I think that sounds like a microwave. You know that Meta she swore she’d never used that thing and now she uses it for everything. She put a duck in there…it’s actually a pretty good recipe she puts it in for 10 minutes…” Gus grumpily interrupts. Michelle calls Claire and tells her the situation. She tells Claire to stay out of the country until she calls her back. Claire tells her she will be in touch. Danny asks Michelle who else would know what is going on. Michelle says Rick and Meta only know what she told them, which is all hearsay. Gus and Harley get the signal back and listen as Michelle and Danny talk. Michelle is wondering why Gus is investigating the ashes all of a sudden. They were just talking about Carmen after they hadn’t mentioned her in months. Danny gets an understanding look on his face and starts moving around and looking in flowers and under the coffee table. Michelle asks him what he is doing and he holds his finger in front of his mouth to quiet her and tells her that he is just walking around because his back is hurting. He opens the door and tells her that he needs some fresh air. Michelle follows him. In the van, Harley and Gus are discusses Claire and what she may know. Harley tells Gus that she hasn’t heard Michelle and Danny talk in a while; they must have left the house. Gus is arguing with Harley about what they are doing. Harley: “I take exception to harassing senior citizens, especially when that senior citizen is a pillar of the community.” Danny: “Surprise!” Danny opens the van door and jerks Gus out, throwing him up against the side of the van. He curses Gus for bugging their home. Danny: “Can you hear me now?…Can you hear me now, Gus?.. They’ve been bugging us.” Michelle: “Is Frank involved in this too?” Danny: “Or is there only one traitor in the family these days?…Where’s the bug? Is it in the living room? I’ll tear the whole house apart. I’ll find it.” Gus tells him he will put two in for every one Danny finds. He tells Danny and Michelle that he has the law on his side, they can ask Harley. Harley tells them it was all legal. Michelle asks Harley if Frank betrayed them as well. Gus tells Danny they know his mother didn’t die when everyone thought she did and he will find out what really happened. Michelle and Danny leaves. Harley feels terrible, she tells Gus not to ever question her commitment to her job.

Elsewhere in Springfield….or out of it: Edmund and Beth prepare for his coronation ceremony. Many Springfielders are on hand, to support, or to try and stop it. Cassie and Richard are ready to run out of San Cristobel to live to fight another day. Cassie’s foot is hurt. Reva (in a gorgeous outfit) is blind, but managing to get around better. Susan gives Edmund a coronation present of a dragon necklace because he slays dragons. Edmund’s full name is used as part of the ceremony – Edmund Sebastian Winslow.  Edmund is presented with a large display Bible, chalice, a sword, and a cape. The palace is under heavy guard during the ceremony (including some location shots from somewhere). Edmund grabbed the crown and crowned himself. (That is a very big deal and is a rejection that no one in either the church or the government has a right to crown him, he crowned himself. It’s not something done lightly and was most famously done by Napoleon and you know how that turned out.) Edmund’s first act is to propose to Beth. It’s a nice moment.

The episode ends with an Edmund focused “Guiding Light is everything” commercial focused on this storyline. The end logo of the famous CBS eye has been modified to make the outer ring gold and the inner circle a diamond to make it look like an engagement ring. During its original promotion one couple on each CBS soap was supposed to be engaged during the advertising campaign. Everyone hoped it would be their favorite unmarried couple.

Manny highlights:

Full episode (much clearer recording):

My Comments:
So where has the urn with Carmen’s ashes been all this time? From a later quote he left them at the mortuary. So were they just hanging out in the sample room all this time? I love the baby monitor interference. I can’t believe Claire would be stupid enough to leave the collar in the urn. Claire was many things, but never sloppy. Again, they should have brought up past story. It was really strange that Carmen was cremated in the first place (it had been banned to Catholics until just before she died) and Danny had strongly gone after her killer. Harley and Frank should both be able to testify to that. Boy, Gus totally thinks “Wolf with an e” is hysterical. Danny truly wasn’t involved with Carmen’s ashes substitute and far from helping her escape, he was the main witness against her. Has anybody read the case file, or remembered the previous year? Was the police station the best place to have this conversation? I really love that Danny sweeps for bugs regularly and this search for a bug scene reminds me of a similar great one on Hogan’s Heroes. It also gives us some interesting unusual angles on the living room set. It’s reasonable that Danny’s  back would hurt, it wasn’t that long ago that Claire had to stitch him up.

Again, when Danny pulled Gus out of the van, it’s another missed opportunity for Danny to ask Harley something like, “Harley, you remember how I begged you people to find who killed my mother. I begged you to follow every angle. I was relentless. You REALLY think I’d have done that if I was guilty? Michelle miscarried over the stress from thinking it would drag me back into the business which it ultimately did, would I have let that happen if I KNEW my mother wasn’t dead?” All of which Harley could verify from her own knowledge.

Reva is wearing a simply gorgeous outfit and once again Reva is selling the situation with her eyes. Susan/Daisy and Edmund did have a great relationship. I’m sorry they didn’t maintain that, even if he went all evil on everyone else. I think Edmund truly cared for Susan. It looks like a necklace, but of a white horse? A dragon? A loving cup? Ahhhh. There it is. It’s a dragon. Beth is totally fooling herself if she thinks Phillip is resigned. Phillip doesn’t do resigned.

I totally missed them rolling the urn out on the cart before, that’s hilarious. Harley, while you’re betraying your friends lying to them, might NOT be the best time to hate on Claire. As I mentioned in Attack on the Bauer House, I really liked Claire and Alan as a couple, much more than him and Olivia. I’m sorry they broke them up. You heard the microwave timer go off when it was done. They did a nice job tying the two stories today together through Claire.

I’m not really sure what religion this coronation ceremony is based on. I don’t know the ceremonies well enough to say, but this is either Catholic or Anglican (aka Church of England). The incense, the kneeler, the hat all could be used for either. I enjoyed Phillip’s suppressed laugh over Holly’s remark. Edmund does look great in his prince clothes. Boy, Beth looks smug and those altar boys look bored to death. It sounds like ceremony over a radio, it’s a nice touch. I think many Americans still had a vague memory of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, either from the time or old clips. I think this is reflecting this. Are those people outside the gates or in jail. They don’t look happy, but it was there stupid insistence on not wanting a democracy that brought this about.

I’m sure they didn’t mean this, but the crown is clearly too big for Edmund and rides too low on his head. It gives the impression of Prince John in the Disney cartoon Robin Hood. I’m glad Harley addressed why Gus didn’t arrest Danny for assaulting an officer.


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