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Guiding Light Cast Round Up 77

January 6, 2017

This is the seventy-seventh in an irregular feature where we will report updates on what cast members of Guiding Light are doing now. I’m playing catch up on some soap magazine news. So as a reminder you can buy back issues:

Alin loma  @ALiNyOmmY



recently passed on some screen captures of Bethany Joy Lenz (Michelle Bauer Santos #4, the beginning of Manny).

Claire Labine, former Guiding Light head writer, passed away in early November 2016.

Anthony Addabbo (Jim LeMay – Daisy’s adoptive dad, Beth’s husband who died in a house fire caused by a Christmas tree, James Spaulding was named for) has passed away. His other big daytime role was as the scary guy Tony “Rush” Carrera on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Ellen Dolan (Maureen Reardon Bauer #1, Michelle’s adopted mom) is featured in an interview in the November 28, 2016 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. She’s been doing some independent films including some filmed in her home state of Iowa. The latest is His Neighbor Phil. Dolan is better known for her longer run as Margo Hughes on As the World Turns. She has recently returned to New York and she hopes to appear in more mainstream productions too.

Susan Pratt (Claire Ramsey, Michelle’s biological mom) is a featured interview in the October 10, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest. Pratt was a soap jumper and covers a lot of ground, but offers this answer to how she got on Guiding Light “[EP] John Whitesell hired me. I went straight to a screen test because they knew I had that body of work with General Hospital. Working with Jay Hammer [Fletcher Reade] was awesome. We had such chemistry. I recently came across a picture with Jay where he’s hugging me and I had the most genuine smile. I was just so happy. I wish they had developed our storyline further, but there was a change in producers and writers, and Claire gave birth to Michelle and gave the baby to Ed and Maureen, and the next thing I knew I was off the show. A few months later I showed up in Pine Valley.” She’s right they had killer chemistry.

Jordi Vilasuso (Tony Santos #1)  and Roger Howarth (Jory Andros, Eleni’s brother in 1992) have a great photos as part of the question roundup in the September 12, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest. The same issue also has Vilasuso answering questions about him in high school as part of a roundup.

In the September 26, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest, they recap what was going on in the soap world in 1987. Here is the Guiding Light summary. “The Cooper family hit Springfield in the form of Harley and Frank. Sarah Shayne was introduced. Joe Willmore was the show’s new EP, replacing Gail Kobe, Pamela K. Long returned as head writer… Guiding Light celebrated its 50th anniversary. Reva gave birth to Marah her daughter with Josh, but believed the baby was sired by Kyle – and Alan kept the truth underwraps. Josh was floored by the arrival of his presumed-dead wife, troubled Sonni. Harley gave up newborn daughter Daisy for adoption. Billy and Vanessa split. Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne Lewis) won her second Daytime Emmy as Lead Actress.”

In the October 27, 2014 issue of Soap Opera Digest they recap the soap world in 2003. Here is the Guiding Light summary. “Guiding Light rehired Bradley Cole, this time as Jeffery a Richard look-alike; Stephen Martines (as Coltin Scott renamed himself) replaced Jordi Vilasuso as Tony: Jean Carol (Nadine Cooper) and Signy Coleman (Annie Dutton); Maureen Garrett (Holly Lindsey Reade), Elizabeth Keifer (Blake Marler), and Beth Chamberlain (Beth Raines Spaulding) were dropped to recurring….Ross and Blake remarried on GL, as did Danny and Michelle….GL serial killer Ben Reade committed suicide…GL’s Gus learned that he is Alan’s son; Olivia secretly gave birth to Phillip’s daughter, Emma; Marah’s crush, Sandy, turned out to be Jonathan (her half brother)….Reva became telepathic on FL; Beth paired up with Jeffery…Jordi Vilasuso won the Younger Actor Daytime Emmy…. John Conboy took over as GL’s EP; when Millee Taggart quit as head writer, she was succeeded by Ellen Weston who was soon joined by Donna Swajeski…”

Kassie DePaiva (Chelsea Reardon, Maureen and Nola’s little sister) reports she’s been battling Myeloid Leukemia. DePaiva was the focus of the Take 5 in the October 27, 2014 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis #4, part of the wonderful Bizzie pairing) has returned to Days of Our Lives in his role as Aiden – turns out the one who tried to kill Hope was an evil twin courtesy of surgery. He talks dressing rooms in the May 23,2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest. Cosgrove is once again leaving Days and has a new project Project Dad, A Chicken Soup for the Soul Original with Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus Aitoro) as an executive producer.

Emme Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding Lewis #6, part of the wonderful Bizzie pairing) broke her nose will playing with her sons. Read more in the September 12, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest. She told her sons she’s expecting on Instagram.

Cynthia Watros (Annie Dutton #1) was interviewed about Guiding Light and the new Breathing Under Dirt production which also features Michael O’Leary (Rick Bauer #5), Grant Aleksander (Phillip Spaulding #2), Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines), and Beth Chamberlain (Beth Raines Spaulding #2 – played Watros’s role in the original prize winning one-act play production).


John Wesley Shipp (Kelly Nelson, part of my beloved Kelly and Morgan) starred as the Flash in the 1990s version of the TV show. He plays the Flash’s father in the current TV show. The CW which airs the show is currently offering the Shipp’s version pilot for free streaming.

Judi Evans (Beth Raines Spaulding #1) was featured in the “Take Five” giving an update of what’s she currently up to in the August 26, 2013 issue of Soap Opera Digest. Evans was interviewed for her 30th Anniversary of being on Days of Our Lives.

Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler #4) appeared in a best of red carpet looks through the years feature in the March 28, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Karla Mosley (Christina Boudreau, part of the great Christina and Remy pairing) is friends with Claire Egan (Chelsea Newman on The Young and the Restless). They attended middle school and high school together according to the April 4, 2016 issue of CBS Soaps in DepthMosley gets a resume run down in the Ask Us section of the September 12, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy Bourdreau) is featured in some fan photos in the All-Star Scrapbook for the April 4, 2016 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. He gives fitness advice in the October 10, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Mackenzie Mauzy (Lizzie Spaulding #3, the one after she had cancer) has a feature interview as part of a round up in the March 28, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest. Mauzy also played Phoebe Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Emme Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding Lewis #6, part of the wonderful Bizzie pairing) and Laura Wright (Cassie Layne Winslow) are featured in a “Ask Us” question in the March 28, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest. The reader wants to know if they were on Guiding Light at the same time and if their characters are related.
“The actresses did not overlap on GL, where Wright played Cassie from 1997-2005 and Rylan portrayed Lizzie from 2006-2009. Their characters were not related by blood, but Lizzie did have a child, Sarah, with Cassie’s nephew, Jonathan.”

Darnell Williams(Griggs, who shot Dinah and help Harley and Cyrus captive in St. Michael’s church tower) was featured in an ask us in the July 25, 1995 issue of Soap Opera Weekly. Previously Williams had created the iconic soap role of Jesse Hubbard on All My Children…a role he would eventually return to in the waning days of the soap. However, this is a catch-up of his roles since leaving AMC up to 1995. Williams had a short run on As the World Turns as Jack Devere, and now plays Jacob Johnson on Loving. After leaving AMC in 1988, the actor appeared in the TV-movie Stompin’ at the Savoy, and was a standby in the Broadway production of Angels in America.

From the Ask Us section of the October 27, 2014 issue of Soap Opera Digest. “Q: My sister and I were reminiscing about Guiding Light (we do that a lot!) and can’t remember all of the women who Josh Lewis was married to other than Reva. I would love a list. Thanks! Carolyn D. Buffalo, NY. — A: Josh’s first marriage, in 1987, was to the psychologically troubled Sonni Carrera. They split and he wed Reva in 1989. After her presumed death in 1990, Josh got engaged to Harley, but they never made it down the aisle. He tied the knot with nurse Annie Dutton in 1995, but the union was invalidated when Reva returned from the dead. Josh and Annie made it legal in 1996, but divorced in 1997 to a combination of her trickery and his ongoing love for Reva. When his 1999 marriage to Reva failed, Josh fell for Olivia; they wed in 2001, only to divorce that same year. After another stab at matrimony with Reva (2002-2007). Josh slipped a ring on her sister Cassie’s finger in 2007, but they called it quits the following year.”

Dreama Walker (Janie Walker, she appeared in 2 episodes that IMDB puts in 2007) will be on a mid-season CBS replacement On Doubt. Read more in the September 26, 2016 episode of Soap Opera Digest.

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Christmas 2001 A Christmas Tale

December 21, 2016

Springfield sometimes turned the Christmas episode into a special focused episode that didn’t exactly disrupt the normal storylines, but were sort of a moment out of time just at that moment in time. Such was the case during Christmas 2001.

This Christmas episode reflects back on the best Christmas episodes of the past. The main character is Kris Kringle who seems to be a modern day version of Santa Nick who has dropped in to spread magic around Springfield. There is even a connection to the Mike Bauer singing at the end of this one. It’s well worth watching.


Michelle and Robbie Santos, Harley Cooper and Jude Bauer, Blake, Jason, and Kevin Marler, Holly and Meg Reade

A Christmas Tale

Ross gathers everyone up at the Bauer cabin with Aunt Meta and the Bloss children – Jason, Kevin, and Clarissa who was born one year also at the Bauer cabin. He brings them to the fireplace and starts to tell a Christmas story or rather a Christmas Eve story that takes place right there in Springfield.

Michelle, Blake, Harley, and Holly carry in a real Christmas tree  – in their dress coats. They work on setting up and decorating the tree. Meanwhile, at the Lewis House, Shayne is resisting staying in his elf costume that he has on to match Josh as Santa. When Billy shows up, Shayne passes on the elf hat to Billy although he won’t fit the rest of the costume and they are off to Towers to fill in as Santa. As we look around town we find irritation everywhere as we have the warmest Christmas on record at 65 degrees F outside.

More than one person called out the calvary and Phillip and Beth show up as Santa and Mrs. Claus. (That’s a TERRIBLE Mrs. Claus outfit, but couldn’t Billy at least taken off his tie and suit coat to look more elf like?) Meanwhile Reva realizes bulldozing into the elevator stuck her with Olivia and Edmund.

“Santa is short a reindeer, Frosty must confront the sun…..and now power lines are about to fall.”

A blackout hits all over Springfield. After a confrontation over who was going to play Santa, Phillip agreed to let Josh have the job although it seemed like Beth (still influenced by Loreli) is ready to rumble, However they realize that there is now 2 feet of snow on the ground and no one is going anywhere soon. Olivia, Edmund, and Reva are pretty darn hilarious. They ought to have been forced together more often.

December 24, 201 (Part One)

Even story tellers get a commercial break. Ross: “You know there are four generations gathered here in the Bauer Cabin…” Everyone else: “Story! Story! Story!” Santa Josh was overwhelmed so Phillip and Beth opened a second station on Santa’s knee and worked together. Reva told the story of the Christmas truce during World War I. Reva’s story inspires Reva, Edmund, and Olivia to call a truce of their own and share Reva’s catering and Olivia’s champagne in their own Christmas Eve dinner. Gus finally shows the Christmas spirit and gives up the offer of a ride in the 4-wheel drive truck to the guys going up to the Bauer cabin to reach their families. Not knowing Gus did that, Rick asks if Gus could come along too but the “security guard” says there’s no room.

December 24, 2001 (Part Two)

The guys show up at Bauer Cabin reporting that on their way the roads were terrible and then they rounded a corner and everything cleared. Danny meets Michelle with a kiss and a ‘Hi, Tiger” for Robbie. Sigh! Meta pulls Ross aside and says she knows it’s not the end of the story and she wants to know what happens next. With the roads now clear will the Christmas spirit spread over the outcasts too? Edmund, Olivia, and Gus are all miserable at Towers each eating alone with two poor Towers employees stuck working. Edmund remembers Reva’s story and moves to the piano and starts to sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” The others join in and everyone from the Bauer Cabin, the Lewis house, and the Spaulding Mansion come in.

December 24, 2001 (Part Three)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 2008 UPDATE 2016

July 6, 2016
Rick and Jude Bauer, 2008

Rick and Jude Bauer, 2008

Previously I was able to post both the whole episode in one piece and in sections. However, both links have gone dead, a hazard of the grey market, so I am reposting it. I think this is missing a little bit, but it’s most of the episode. I’ll keep a look out.

If it wasn’t the intention of TPTB to zero out the central Bauer family, they did a pretty dang smash up job of doing exactly that anyway. This was the second year in a row where the Bauer BBQ wasn’t even held at the Bauer House. Maybe that’s why Rick seems so out of it in his planning in 2009? Maybe he was out of practice?

Anyway during the Bauer BBQ in 2007, Beth (who thought she was pregnant with Rick’s child via their pretty hot affair while he was married to Mel – wish they hadn’t rushed through so much of it in one “Inside the Light” episode) impulsively married Rick. Their marriage fell apart over two big problems. 1. Rick had found out that Beth’s daughter, Peyton Spaulding, wasn’t his (Cassie changed the paternity results to keep the child away from Alan, partly from revenge for Tammy and partly because she believed Alan was a danger to the child) and didn’t tell Beth. 2. Beth really never got over Phillip. Rick was never enough. Beth wanted Phillip & the closest she could get was adding Rick & Alan (which when you think about it would be pretty darn close to Phillip) so she waffles back and forth trying to have both for quite awhile. Her next attempt at romance would be with a young writer who made her feel secure, Coop Cooper (anybody else still sensing the not really over Phillip yet pattern in that?).

Lizzie’s comment to Alan about Gus is because while Gus is dead Alan thinks he’s been getting messages from him. He uses his “powers” for good and to raise capital. However, it is later revealed that it was really a medical issue that almost killed him. Alan falling down the basement steps is a further symptom of this illness.

Crash (Cassie and Josh) are tiptoeing around each other as they try to get over serious arguments about life decisions Cassie has been making. However, what she really needs is serious counseling over Tammy’s death and what she allowed to happen to Will and how her decisions impacted her sister. Lacking that their marriage never stood a chance. Ironically the true love of Cassie’s life, Richard, denied this very help to his brother Edmund which is why Edmund spent the last 10 years tormenting Springfield.

They threw us a Bauer bone though. I appreciate the call at the beginning from Ed and Rick sending his love to Danny, Michelle, and the kids. They really did do a good job implying Rick spent a lot of his time off camera in California spoiling Robbie and Hope rotten, teaching Robbie magic tricks, and using Hope as an excuse to still do childish things.

Dinah had arranged to take over Spaulding Enterprises and the Spaulding Mansion as part of an elaborate plan to get revenge on Alan and to prove that she wasn’t somebody to be pitied after she recovered from the brain damage she received taking a bullet to save Mallet’s life. She turned it all over to Bill who kicked the Spauldings out even though he was strongly drawn to Lizzie. He was ambitiously trying to run for Governor with his “perfect” family. The day before was Bava’s wedding. Lizzie told him right before the ceremony that the child Ava was carrying wasn’t his. Ava slept with Bill, Remy one time, and visited a fertility clinic. Bill chose to marry Ava anyway who he saw as the ideal partner for being a power couple and because he didn’t want to give up the child whether he was the biological father or not. Once the baby is born it is clearly Remy’s.

I don’t remember why the Spauldings are living in Harley’s house, except they were kicked out of the Spaulding Mansion by Dinah Marler and TPTB didn’t want to have to build another set. I don’t remember what the official excuse was. Harley was on the run with Rafe (Gus’s long lost son) after Rafe, in what can only be described as a fit, shot Jeffery O’Neill for blackening his father’s name (which he wasn’t doing). They are currently hiding in Greece.

Watch for a few scenes of Rick actually parenting Jude. Blink and you might miss them. After the years we spent watching Rick yearn for a child to carry on his special relationship with Bert. Did these writers ever, you know, ever actually watch the show? (Shakes head.)

Why would Gus want the Spauldings at the BAUER BBQ? Gus’s relationship with the Bauers was love-hate at best. Danny he eventually settled down to a prickly friendly-ish relationship, but Michelle didn’t like him, Rick hated him, and Meta isn’t there. Phillip would have wanted his family at the BBQ, but I think Gus would have been happier to have them at a Cubs game.

Also, listen to Mallet’s speech which is a good one although I don’t know why he’s the one who’s making it. They really thought Mallet was the person to make that annual speech. Mallet? Really? Even Josh made more sense and Rick was freaking standing RIGHT THERE!

I didn’t catch that the first time. Cassie and Marina both made cherry pies (nobody made Bert’s apple pie this year?) and Mallet totally dissed Marina saying how great Cassie’s was. That was worth watching right there! I truly despise her. I got so sick of them trying to push Mallet and his GODDAUGHTER/WIFE Marina down our throats. Next comes Bizzie-Bava tension, Rick and Beth starting to make up, and some pretty darn explicit Lillibuzz.

Previously I had both a multi-part version and a full episode to link to, but they have both been taken down. I don’t think this is quite the whole episode, but the way they were editing episodes at this point. It’s kind of hard to tell.

Part 1 – People prep for BBQ, Spauldings decide to have their own, A mixed up Bill reaches out to both Ava and Lizzie, Rick shows up to everyone’s delight

Alan falls down the stairs and decides that they should all go to the BBQ anyway because Gus would want them to. Remy realizes that Ava wanted the governors mansion much more than she wanted him and is understandably upset because they have been a slow burn romance the last year or so at least. Alan references Alan-Michael parachuting in, but misidentifies it as having happened at the Bauer house (the BBQ was held at Johnny Bauer’s hanger at the Springfield Airport that year). Alan wasn’t there though, so I guess he can be excused. This is the part where we finally get a couple of scenes of Rick actually being a parent. That’s the best part of this. Then we end with a speech and a montage of everyone playing in bouncey houses that apparently they got because the show house doesn’t have a pool.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Christmas Miracles by Heidi Part 2

December 25, 2015

Republisher’s Note: This is a short and sweet fanfic we end it tonight. Michelle and Danny met 20 years ago in a line waiting for Santa and again just now with a youngster each (not theirs) in tow. Now Lizzie Spaulding and Davy Santos have disappeared. Word of explanation, for a short wonderful time in the 1990s almost every major mall (including the one in my town) had a Disney store. It was filled with music and video screens playing the movies and stuff from all sorts of Disney projects. It was like a gift shop from Disney World had been transported to your town. Unfortunately they charged the same prices as at a Disney resort and discovered people wouldn’t pay the same prices at the corner store as on a once in a lifetime dream trip and most of the smaller stores closed although they still exist in larger cities.

Christmas Miracles by Heidi – Part 2

“Where could they have gone?” Michelle whispered fearfully.

“They were right here just a damn minute ago!” Danny sputtered.

“Watch your language!” Michelle scolded as several kids had started giggling at Danny’s use of a bad word.

Bonded by the fear of losing a child, Danny and Michelle headed down the crowded Mall corridor looking at every child they saw. They checked out the toy store that was just down from the Santa line only to find stressed parents fighting over toys with crying children by their sides. No Lizzie or Davy in any corner of the store. The Disney Store was their next stop. Filled with brightly colored clothes, toys, and Disney songs blaring they thought this just might be the place two 7 seven-year-olds would have ventured into. Still nothing.

“I don’t understand, Danny. Where would they go if not the toy store? You don’t think someone took them do you?” Michelle asked. When he didn’t answer immediately she looked up into his eyes. What she saw there chilled her to the bone. Danny was clearly terrified.

“No…. I…it’s not possible. There’s no damn way I’d miss someone taking Davy! I wouldn’t, Michelle! Goddammit! I wouldn’t!” Danny yelled and threw a fist blindly at the wall.

“Ow! Damn! Damn! Damn!” Danny bellowed in pain.

“Relax, okay? You aren’t helping anything. Maybe we should go to Mall Security or the police?” Michelle said while rubbing Danny’s back to calm him.

“I guess,” Danny answered as he glanced once more around him. His gaze landed on McDonalds and two little heads. One blond and curly. The other dark and curly.

“Those two little monsters,” he said with a grin.

“What?” Michelle asked at the turn in Danny expression.

“They’re right over there. Eating Happy Meals.”

Turning around so she too could see Lizzie and Davy enjoying their meal she said,”I’m going to kill them for this!” And then stomped into the restaurant to confront them.

As she approached the two kids looked up from their chicken McNuggets.

“’Chelle!” Lizzie happily called.

“Uncle Danny!” Davy called happily until he saw the angry expression on Danny’s face. “I didn’t do anything, Uncle Danny. It was Lizzie’s idea. We were hungry and you were whispering and not listening to us. So…”

“So you took off without telling me! I should spank your butt for this, buddy!” Danny snarled.

“It was my idea, Mr. Danny,” Lizzie interrupted. “See Grandpa Alan gave me ten dollars. So I thought I could take Davy and me to McDonalds. We told you. Didn’t you hear us?”

“No, Lizzie, we didn’t hear you. And have I ever let you go off at the Mall by yourself? Have I?” Michelle quizzed.

“Well, no. But I am 7 now.”

“So am I”! Davy chimed in.

“What’s done is done, but Lizzie and Davy I want you to promise Danny and I that you will never, ever go off without an adult again.”

“Promise!” Lizzie answered.

“Do I have to?” Davy whined.

“Yes, you have to or I’m telling your mother and Grandma Carmen,” Danny threatened.

“Promise!” the boy quickly yells.

“Now finish your food kids. Danny, what would you like?” Michelle asks gesturing at the menu.

“You’re buying me lunch?” Danny asked surprised.

“Yes! Have a problem with that?” Michelle grinned.

“Ah, no. As long as you let me take you to The Towers for dinner tonight,” Danny answers using his most seductive voice.

“You two like each other! You probably going to kiss and get married!” Lizzie loudly chimes in bringing a rosy blush to Michelle’s face.

“Lizzie, Hush!” Michelle reprimands the little girl.

“You like each other! You like each other!” Davy chimes in until a look from Danny quiets him.

“Sure. Dinner would be nice, Danny. Now what can I get you?”

“Big Mac and Coke will do,” he answers.

Soon the four are enjoying a happy lunch. After lunch the little group has some fun shopping and teasing each other.

“Lizzie really has to get home. So I’ll see you later,” Michelle says to Danny. “Here’s my address,” she says handing him a card which he immediately sticks in the left hand pocket of his leather jacket. “7 o’clock, okay?”

“Sure,” he answers and then pulls her into a sizzling kiss. When he thrusts his tongue between her waiting lips, her knees go limp and she drops the shopping bags she had been holding. Stunned by the intensity of his kiss, she pulls back a bit only to knock backwards into a wall. Danny pins her body tightly against his as he deepens the kiss. The small moan she hears from the back of his throat mixed with kids giggling brings her out of the fog of arousal.

“Da…Da…Danny!” she gasps. “The children are watching, you know.”

“It’s not like they haven’t seen their mommies and daddies kiss, Michelle,” Danny grins.

“Not like that, and we aren’t married,” she challenges.

“We will be. I know you were meant for me, Michelle. I felt it as soon as I saw you.”

“I…we just met. I like you….but…” she stutters.

“I could tell,” he drawls and tries to pull her back into his arms.

“It doesn’t mean I’m just going to marry you, Danny!”

——————2 months later on Valetines Day——————————————————–

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. What God…”

“And Santa Claus!” Danny inserted with a knowing grin at his new wife.

“….has brought together let no man put asunder!” the priest intoned.

“Daniel, you may now kiss your bride!”

As Michelle was pulled into the first kiss with her new husband she could hear two little monsters giggling behind her.

“Told you that you would be kissing and getting married!” Lizzie and Davy taunted.

The priest, Danny’s cousin Ray, quieted them and then announced, “I would like to introduce for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Santos! Long may you live in love and harmony!”

As Danny and Michelle rode to their reception Michelle pulled back from a kiss to exclaim, “I can’t believe I married you. I only met you two months ago.”

“Not just two months ago,” Danny answered. “We met as kids too. I liked you even then, you know.”

“You didn’t act like it.”

“Well, you were a pushy pain in the ass, but awfully cute!” Danny whispers and then nibbles on her neck.

“You were a jerk, but kinda cute,” Michelle says.

“We were always meant for each other. God or fate or destiny brought us back together in the same spot we first met. I love you, Mrs. Santos. For forever.”

“And I love you, Mr. Santos. Till the end of time.”

“So what do you say we skip the reception and go right to the honeymoon?” Danny whispers in her ear as his left hand makes it way up under her wedding gown.

Christmas Miracles by Heidi Part 1

December 24, 2015

I haven’t gotten much new material on the site lately so I decided to bring back a few Christmas fanfic favorites. This is a retcon on the Manny story where Danny and Michelle had met once before…one Christmas. Plus Pilar is happily married, apparently not to Bill, with a real cute kid.

Danny and Michelle on Santa's Knee

On Santa’s knee

Republisher’s Note:  This is one of my favorite Christmas fanfic and also one of my favorite AU fanfics. This one is short, but extremely cute. I especially enjoy the Carmen-Maureen interaction and the Lizzie subplot. Plus it shows Manny doesn’t need the mob to be interesting. The image above is as close as I could come to the Santa photo in the story and I colored it myself.

Author’s Note: Merry Christmas to All! – Heidi

Christmas Miracles by Heidi – Chapter 1

“Michelle! Will you please be still? Mommy has a terrible headache!” Maureen pleaded as she looked at the last child still ahead of them in the Santa Claus line at the Springfield Mall.

“But, Mommy! It’s almost my turn. That boy better go fast or I’ll…”

“You’ll do what? You’re just a girl!” The boy with the dark curly hair in front of her taunted.

“Daniel! Be nice or you will not get to see Santa!” his mother demanded.

“She started it!”

“Did not! You jerk!” Michelle yelled in his face.

His face reddened a bit. “Yes, you did. Liar, liar pants on fire!”


“Yes, Mama,” he sheepishly answers.

“Say you’re sorry.”

With his head down he mumbles, “Sorry.”

“Michelle?” Maureen prods.


It was then that Danny saw it was his turn to sit on Santa’s lap, and give him his list.

“My turn!” he happily yelled.

Santa’s tired little elf sat him on Santa’s lap and then picked up the golden, curly haired girl and sat her on Santa’s other knee.

“You can’t go when I go!” Danny immediately protested.

The little elf then looked at the mothers standing together. “Aren’t these two little ones together?”

Maureen and Carmen both dissolved into laughter. “They can go together,” they both sputtered through their giggles.

“They deserve it!” Carmen said, and then the two ladies started giggling anew.

———-20 years later————–

“You’re almost up, Lizzie!” Michelle affectionately said to the little girl.

“Oh, goody!” she giggled.

“What are you going to ask Santa for?”

“Grandpa Alan said to ask for high return Mutual something, but I really want an EasyBake Oven. Do you think I can ask for both?”

Giggling Michelle answered, “I don’t see why not, but let me get my camera out. I have to get a picture of Santa’s face when he hears this.”

Bending down to look through her bag for the camera she accidentally bumps into the person behind her.

“I’m so sorry,” she says turning around to see if the person was okay. She finds herself face to face with a tall, dark-haired man holding the hand of a little boy who looks much like him. He has a dark, penetrating gaze fixed on her.

“It’s okay,” he finally says.” The Santa line has always given me trouble. I’m Danny, and this is…”

“Davy!” a little voice interrupts.

“Davy, what did I just tell you about interrupting me?”

“Sorry, Uncle Danny. Didn’t mean nothing!”

“It never does,” Danny sighs and then turns his gaze back to Michelle.

“I’m Michelle and this is Lizzie.”

“Hi!” Lizzie chimes in.

“Is she your daughter?” Danny asks.

“Why would you think that?” Michelle asks puzzled.

“You have the same gorgeous, golden curls. How am I supposed to know? Maybe you got started early or something.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” she angrily replies.

“Exactly what it sounds like, Sweetheart. You’re a very sexy girl,” he drawls looking her up and down to illustrate his point.

“And you’re a jerk!”

“Then why are you so turned on by me?” he challenges.

“I’m not. I’m so not turned on by you!” she whispered in his ear so the youngsters couldn’t hear her.

He whispered back, “Then why is it that I can feel your hard nipples against my chest?”

She steps back and quickly wraps her arms around herself.

“I’m cold. Yes. Cold.”

“Michelle? You just told me it was hot in here,” Lizzie interrupted.

“Lizzie!” she says red-faced.


“Oh nothing, honey. Look your turn is next.”

“Can I go now too, Uncle Danny?” Davy pleaded.

“Sure,” he answered and lifted Davy up on Santa’s lap.

“Why did you do that”? Michelle demanded.

“It just seemed right somehow. When I was a little kid I had that happen to me.”

“You did?” she answers shocked. “Here?”

“Yeah. I even have the picture with me. Davy and I took it out of my album this morning. Want to see it?”

“Yes, please,” she answers with voice shaking.

It seemed to take forever for him to take it out of his wallet.

“I’ll tell you the story behind….” Danny starts to say and then stops as he looks at the picture a second and then a third time.

“My God!” he finally exclaims. “It was you!”

Grabbing for the picture, looking at it a second, she answers,”Yes, it was me. I should have recognized your arrogant personality even after all these years.”

“I was not arrogant. You were a bully as I remember.”

“Our moms sure got laugh out of us though,” Michelle said remembering Maureen’s face glowing with tears she was laughing so hard.

“Yeah, they did. How’s your mom, Michelle?”

“She’s gone. She died a few years ago,” Michelle said as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Danny gathered her into his arms. Rocked her gently and stroked her hair until she stopped sobbing.

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.”

“You couldn’t have known, Danny. And I usually am not this bad. It’s just that I was thinking about how happy and alive she was the day you and I met. I still miss her so much.”

“How is your mom? I remember her beautiful, black hair.”

“She’s not the mom she was then. Her life changed a lot. My dad died and she had to do everything. Run SanCorp and raise us kids. Somehow she lost herself, and never really was the same again.”

“I’m sorry about your dad.”

“Thanks. I miss him, too.”

“Danny? Where are Lizzie and Davy?” Michelle asks alarmed.

“They were right there. I don’t understand. Oh God! We’ve got to find them!”

Guiding Light Cast Round Up 74

November 23, 2015

This is the seventy-fourth in an irregular feature where we will report updates on what cast members of Guiding Light are doing now. I’m playing catch up on some soap magazine news. So as a reminder you can buy back issues:

In the Halloween spirit check out costumes featured on Guiding Light and other soaps through the yearsthrough the years in the February 3, 2014 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

The 10 years ago flashback of the April 6, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth focused on Sandy Foster being revealed not to be Jonathan Randall after all. 😦

The 10 years ago flashback of the September 21, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth focused on Beth Raines’s efforts to save Lizzie Spaulding from making a mistake by marrying Henry “Coop” Cooper. Read more in the issue.

Richard and Edmund Winslow is featured as a series of feuding siblings feature in the September 7, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

The All-Star Scrapbook for the September 21, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth features photos from the final official Guiding Light fan luncheon and a banner brought by one fan getting signed.

A feature article suggests 3 soap operas that should come back. Guiding Light makes the feature including 3 Bauer-centric photos including one of my all time favorite Manny photos. See them in the April 6, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Scribbles is a book by former All My Children Head Writer Wisner Washam. He wrote for a variety of soap operas. Winning a writing Emmy for Guiding Light in 1993. Washam’s book is somewhat autobiographical. Find it here:
Read more about it in the October 11, 2015 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Jordi Vilasuso (Tony Santos #1) is joining the cast of Days of Our Lives.

Chelsea Reardon, Maureen and Nola’s little sister was the feature of a character history in the Ask Us section of August 31, 2015 issue of Soap Opera Digest. Chelsea was played by Kassie DePaiva. De Paiva was featured in an article about her Days of Our Lives character’s affair with her rival’s son. Read about it in the March 9, 2015 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Rick Hearst (Alan-Michael Spaulding #3) took part in a dual interview with Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers #1 on The Young and the Restless) where he talks about their long term friendship and their new pairing on General Hospital. Read more in the July 27, 2015 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Vincent Irizarry (Lujack/Nick McHenry) and Jordi  Vilasuso (Tony Santos #1)  are both coming to Days of Our Lives in new roles. Read more in the October 5, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Laura Wright (Cassie Layne Winslow) will be one of the soap stars appearing at Soap Star Weekend on Nov. 28-29, 2015. Read more details in the September 14, 2015 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Rebecca Budig (Michelle Bauer #3, part of the Messe pairing) was featured in the Red Carpet Rewind (hairstyles through the years) in the March 9, 2015 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis #4, part of the wonderful Bizzie pairing) is most likely heading towards the end of his character, check out an interview about his pairing with Hope on Days of Our Lives about their Haiden pairing in the October 13, 2014 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Karla Mosley (Christina Boudreau, part of the great Christina and Remy pairing) received a gold star in the September 7, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. It was focused on her work as Maya Avant Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful as she was reduced to tears on the morning of her wedding to Rick Forrester. Mosley was also featured in the “Take Five” in the September 14, 2015 issue of Soap Opera Digest. Mosley talks about getting to pitch hit as a substitute Barker’s Beauty on The Price is Right in the April 6, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Mosley describes her first love scene with Lawrence Saint-Victor on Guiding Light as her most memorable love scene. Read about it in the May 25, 2015 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy Boudreau, one of the last great couples on the show with Christina) was interviewed as part of a round up of set secrets for his role on The Bold and the Beautiful. Find it in the August 30, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Saint-Victor talks about his family connections in the October 5, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Saint-Victor talks about his becoming a script writer for The Bold and the Beautiful in the April 6, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Scott Bailey (Sandy Foster, who started with the Mole puppet & then was falsely revealed to be Jonathan Randall) will be making an appearance with his wife Adrienne Frantz (Amber Moore Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful) after their sad news about a miscarriage news in the last post. They announced that they are once again expecting and the baby is due December 1st. Read more in the July 27, 2015 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne Lewis) recently played Rose in Pittsburgh CLO Theatre’s production of Gypsy. See a photo in the September 21, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Terrell Tilford (David Grant #3, brother to Gilly, son of hospital administrator Charles, friend to Bridget, coupled with Vicky Spaulding his real life wife Victoria Platt) is now Dr. Barton Shelby on The Young and the Restless. He gave a feature article about his Y&R role plus appearances in Switched at Birth and Castle. Find it in the Nov. 2, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Brian Gaskill (Dylan Lewis #2 – the sad recast) was in a car crash. Read more about it in the Nov. 2, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Guiding Light Cast Round Up 71

March 4, 2015

This is the seventy-first in an irregular feature where we will report updates on what cast members of Guiding Light are doing now. I’m playing catch up on some soap magazine news. So as a reminder you can buy back issues:

Cassie Layne was hiding the fact she thought she had accidentally slept with her nephew Jonathan Randall from new husband Edmund is the featured 10 years ago flashback in the January 26, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny Santos) recently reported online that his Broadway show Beautiful won a Grammy for their cast recording, which features the original cast before Stewart joined.
If you are in the Orlando, Florida area attend his one man show Nice ‘n Easy on March 16, 2015. ” Paul Anthony Stewart brings his show Nice ‘n Easy to the stage on March 16 at 8 p.m. Direct from NYC where he is currently appearing in BEAUTIFUL, Paul explores all things “nice” and “easy” that will include songs from stage and screen, as well as some anecdotes about everything from his time on “Guiding Light” to his time on the Great White Way. Tickets to Paul Anthony Stewart’s Nice ‘n Easy are $40 for general admission and $60 for VIP, which includes reserved table seating and a meet and greet with Paul after the show.”

Bethany Joy Lenz (Michelle Bauer Santos #3) screen capture from One Tree Hill, I’m choosing to believe it’s Michelle acting out her fantasy from the Thousand Gun Speech.

And if this Michelle had Robbie.
Lenz and Brittany Snow (Daisy Susan LeMay Cooper #2 – during Susan’s first return) are pictured at the Golden Globe Awards in the February 23, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Rebecca Budig (Michelle Bauer #3, part of the Messe pairing) gets new role on General Hospital.

The February 17, 2014 issue of Soap Opera Digest looks back at 1994. Here are the Guiding Light highlights. Ron Raines debuted as Alan Spaulding #3, Cynthia Watros debuted as Annie Dutton, and Kurt McKinney came on as Matt Reardon. Morgan Englund (Dylan Lewis) and Fiona Hutchison (Jenna Bradshaw Cooper) left the show. Jenna gave birth to her and Buzz’s son Rocky before she left. Blake Thorpe and Ross Marler, Nick McHenry Spaulding and Mindy Lewis, Frank Cooper and Eleni Spaulding, and Buzz and Nadine Cooper all married. Vanessa Chamberlain Lewis and Matt Reardon began an affair. Roger Thorpe and Holly Norris Bauer Thorpe Lindsey reconciled. After unsuccessful recast Billy Lewis went to jail for shooting Roger. Dylan Lewis was blinded in an accident before heading off to a school for the blind. Ed Bauer got engaged to Eve but lost his sobriety. Michael Zaslow won a Daytime Emmy for Lead Actor, Justin Deas won for supporting actor and Melissa Hayden won for Oustanding Younger Actress. The Soap Opera Digest gave the Editors’ Award to casting director Betty Rae. Stephen Demorest, Patrick Mulcahey, Nancy Williams Watt, Millee Taggart took over headwriting duties after Nancy Curlee gave them up. The other big news is that Nathan Fillon joined One Life to Live as Joey and he would never forget his soap roots, continuing to support soap operas.

Sonia Satra (Lucy Cooper Spaulding, part of terrific LAM pairing, victim of Marian Crane) was interviewed by Michael Fairman.

Sharon Leal (Dahlia Creed, Michelle’s friend the singer who fell for Marcus Williams) was featured in an interview in the February 23, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Leal is featured in the fact based movie White Water set in segregated 1960s.

Performers at the 2014 Jane Elissa Extravaganza, raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphonoma Society, included Sean McDermott (Hart Jessup #3 who came back to find Roger married to Dinah) and David Andrew Macdonald (Prince Edmund Winslow).

Karla Mosley (Christina Boudreau) was featured in an interview in the January 26, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth about her character on The Bold and the Beautiful, Maya Avant.

Frank Dicopoulos (Frank Cooper) and Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy Boudreau, one of the last great couples on the show with Christina) are hosting a bridal fair in Pittsburgh, PA March 22, 2015.
Saint-Victor also was featured in the January 26, 2015 issue in the CBS Soaps in Depth talking about the music video he produced.

Saint-Victor (Remy Boudreau, one of the last great couples on the show with Christina) also has been cast in the new movie Pass the Light.
Read more about it in the February 23, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. And check out the movie website:

Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis #4, part of the wonderful Bizzie pairing) talks about his current soap role on Days of Our Lives with a great photo in the February 23, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Rebecca Staab (Jessie Matthews) was pictured in the Daytime Emmys Gift Room with partner William deVry (Julian Jerome on General Hospital). See the photo in the Aug. 11, 2014 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Zach Conroy (James Spaulding #2, part of the lovely Jaisy pairing) was interviewed about his latest pairing on The Bold and the Beautiful in a feature interview in the Aug. 11, 2014 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Hayden Panettiere (Lizzie Spaulding #2, the little girl who survived cancer and killed Beth’s abusive boyfriend) recently had a daughter with fiance Wladimire Klitschko. Their daughter arrived on December 9, 2014 and is named Kaya Evdokia. See more in the January 12, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler #4) was declared the Jan. 12, 2015 issue of Soap Opera Digest‘s Performer of the United States for her new Young and the Restless role of Phyllis Summers. See Soap Opera Digest for more.

Jordi  Vilasuso (Tony Santos #1) recently tweeted a photo of himself.

Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines) shared this photo of her granddaughter.

Ritchie Coster (Nate Hoffer / Alfred Randall, Jonathan Randall’s abusive dad and his pseudonym) is in the movie Blackhat. Read more in the January 26, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Buzzworthy Radio shared this recording of him being used in “Inside the Light”.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Christmas 2008

December 25, 2014

This year’s Christmas clips are from December 24, 2008. Depressingly this is the last Springfield we will ever see for ourselves in Springfield. This episode gives a good example of how Guiding Light worked in 2008. The pacing is incredibly fast, both with how fast plot points sprint by and within individual scenes.

Reva Shayne Lewis and Jeffery O’Neill who are currently living in Cross Creek’s cabin which has been relocated to Springfield. They are hosting the Lewis family Christmas. This is during Reva’s miracle cancer, postmenopausal pregnancy. The result will be Colin, her miracle baby.  Jeffery gets out a stocking that he has glittered penned “Miracle” on for the baby. The tradition of reading “A” Christmas story, not “the” Christmas story, which one changed every year, actually comes from the Chamberlains. There are some references to H.B. reading the Christmas story from the Bible, but that wasn’t every year. In fact, a version of the A Child’s Christmas in Wales that Natalia gives Emma was even used at least one year. H.B. Lewis and Henry Chamberlain shared the duty until after Henry Chamberlain died. Vanessa even picked it up for awhile after H.B. didn’t return to Springfield for Christmas anymore, but the reading was a Christmas tradition so I’m glad they did it this year.

Billy Lewis is also worried about Bill and Lizzie, who he has grown very close to after he hired her at Lewis. He asks his friend Buzz (who has been friends with since Billy got out of jail for shooting Roger) and who is going around dressed as Santa today for some reason, to give Bill a pep talk and it works.

The last time Dinah Marler returned to town she had a plan to prove she was not less because of her brain injury. Dinah still is having trouble and hence her trouble doing the greeting.  Her plan was to take over Spaulding Enterprises for her half-brother Bill who she felt was the only family member who hadn’t abandoned her (or died). The plan worked (it’s why Bill and Billy are living in the Spaulding Mansion), but once given the reins Bill didn’t see the need to continue to listen to Dinah’s plans anymore and she felt jealous as much of Bill’s focus turned to true love Lizzie. Frustrated Dinah unfortunately had hired Daisy’s thug boyfriend Grady to do simple tasks and he decides to kidnap Lizzie. Dinah isn’t too happy about this, but doesn’t end it at once after she finds out. Once Grady realizes he’s going to take the fall for this, he frames Bill instead. Dinah was upset, but couldn’t do anything about it without outing herself. Having made friends with a returning and equally troubled Shayne, together they decide to burn the shed (?) that houses police evidence without checking to see if anybody is inside. This destroys the evidence Grady planted and if I’m following the throw away line right, injured Ashlee’s mom Doris.

At this time Dinah is back to running WSPR, but most of the station seems to have disappeared. We get a handful of studio shots like this one and one near the end where Vanessa is in an editing booth, but most of the work of WSPR is now being done by Dinah’s assistant Ashlee Wolfe including writing and editing which apparently she does on her laptop no matter where she happens to be.

Harley and Gus’s house is finally finished, but Gus is dead and, after her actress left the show to go to AMC (where anyone who is mad she left Guiding Light should know the score was evened), Harley took off to hide and protect Rafe in what apparently is now a non-extradition country, Greece. Rafe came back and Harley didn’t. It doesn’t make much sense (and honestly why didn’t they bring Haley Barr Sparks – who provided Harley pregnancy coverage twice before – to finish the storyline up in some better, sensible way I’ll never know), but that’s what they’re stuck with. You also get the feeling that they seem a little bit resentful about her leaving. I’m surprised she even got that short of a phone call in. What you mostly get is Frank calling her “My sister” and Buzz calling her “my daughter” and only on rare occasions where plot kind of forces them too. Also, they cut her off, off screen as well as on so now Daisy, the kid Harley did all this stuff to keep in her life, wants to be in it and Harley totally blows her off and won’t let Rick see his kid either. Mallet and Marina are married now and when Harley decided to sell her house, they decided to buy it, but apparently she really gouged them because two full time professionals who would otherwise be paying rent, can’t seem to scrape up the money to make the payments (hence the budget over Christmas presents talk).

Lillian and Buzz are dating and because of Lillian wanting Beth there, Alan and Peyton (recently revealed to be Alan’s bio daughter after all – when everyone thought for a long time she was Rick’s) are there too. I’m not entirely sure what Beth was doing, maybe slipping out to see Coop? That was an awfully long bathroom break, although it’s true when you’re just holding a kid, how could you get a chance to excuse yourself?

The best bits of the episode are the nice moment of friendship between Billy and Buzz and the cute Bizzie videochat, but most of all Dinah’s Christmas speech which does turn out to be good, especially on top of Buzz’s lovely Christmas toast. Also, look at the end of part 3 where they do the 2008 production model version of the classic holiday endshot.

This first bit is a highlights reel. Below that are two parts that add up to about 20 minutes of the the 37 minute episode, some of the missing part is in this highlight reel, with some stuff repeated. The third part is from a Marina and Mallet channel (who knew?) and also should be from this episode or the one right before or after.

Reva and Jeffery are getting ready to host the Lewis family for Christmas. Most of what’s added scenes have to do with Shayne bringing Dinah to the Lewis family Christmas. After everyone arrives, Billy declares it’s time to pick up H.B.’s tradition to read the Christmas story. (Note: This situation is true to life. It sometimes happens to even large families there may be a series of years where you don’t have any young kids between generations.) Billy picks up a picture book of the Christmas story to read it. During the story is a montage of everyone around Springfield that year, including Buzz in a Santa suit. (Note: That in previous years the Lewis family would have several large trees that swept the ceiling. Apparently now they are down to one sad little box whose contents they have memorized – they can tell what ornaments aren’t on the tree.)

We come across Dinah still struggling with her post shooting trauma struggling to come up with a Christmas greeting. Olivia had wanted a designer Christmas, but Natalia set up an old fashioned Christmas at the farm. It’s the Christmas Emma has always wanted, but Otalia are still are struggling with unwanted feelings. Shayne shows up and supports Dinah, but she doesn’t want to go to the Lewis Christmas with him because Jeffery will be there and she and Jeffery share a complex past. Buzz shows up to play Santa to Bill when they run into each other at the P&G convenience store after Billy asked him. (Remember Billy and Buzz are friends since when Billy got out of prison for shooting Roger.) Natalia brought a Christmas tree to the jail where Rafe is being held for shooting Jeffery because he blamed him for Gus’s death (which was kind of stupid, Jeffery did a lot of awful stuff, but not that).  Emma goes missing sparking a confrontation between Otalia. Just then Frank calls. Emma had ended up at the police station. (Part 1)

At the Lewis Christmas, Billy decides it’s time to pick up H.B.’s tradition of reading the Christmas story. There are no little ones list year, but he thinks they should still read it anyway. (Part 2)

Mallet and Marina are celebrating Christmas in their house. They each get each other the same universal TV remote. They had to Company and discover Beth, Alan, and Peyton are there at Lillian’s request. Buzz gives the Christmas toast. (Out of order with the top two, but should be in same episode or one on either side of this.) (Part 3)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

A Season of New Beginnings: A Continuation by Robansuefarm Chapter 5

December 25, 2014

AUTHOR AND REPUBLISHER NOTE: We wind up a final chapter in our Christmas fanfic.

A Season of New Beginnings: A Continuation by Robansuefarm Chapter 5

Michelle peeked out into the main ballroom of the country club. The decorations were really beautiful. Strings of white Christmas lights, Christmas trees with gold decorations, and Christmas wreaths filled every corner and cranny of the room. The turnout was great, the room was completely filled. She looked out and right away her eye was drawn to the man she loved more than life itself. Danny was standing on the steps leading up to the stair landing across the room. He looked incredible in his tux with his hair slicked back. Michelle couldn’t help it, she licked her lips and wished away all the people she’d been so pleased to see just a moment before, jealous of having to share him with the crowd and wanting to show him just how much she appreciated him. Reluctantly she drew her eyes away from him before she gave in to the impulse to run over to him and drag him out of the room to first available room with a locking door.

Michelle’s eye next fell on the men standing on the steps beside him, his cousins Ray and Tony. Beyond Tony was her best friend Bill Lewis, but her eye kept being drawn back to Danny. To avoid the temptation, after all it couldn’t possibly be that much longer that she would have to wait now, she drew the crack in between the curtains closed, covering the opening between the small side room and the main ballroom. Michelle turned her back on the curtains. She crossed over the other side of the small room looking closely at all her family and friends gathered there. Everyone looked so elegant, dressed for the Special Occasion. Abby was there at her side. Her cousin Bridget Reardon Lewis had come from Michigan in honor of such a big night. Bridget’s son little Peter was so cute dressed in his tiny tux. Lizzie Spaulding was wearing a little fluffy dress that made her look like a little princess. A dark haired beauty, Danny’s sister Pilar was there, too. Michelle giggled. She never thought she could feel so happy, so it didn’t take much to make the laughter spring to her lips. This time she had thought that for once it was everyone else’s turn to wear pink as it was the color of every dress in the small sideroom, besides her own.

Michelle had been right, it hadn’t been long to wait at all. The orchestra was starting to play an instrumental version of “When You Say Nothing at All” the song that had awaken Michelle on the fateful day that she met Danny.  Michelle thought the words along to the music, : “It’s amazing how you can speak right to my heart, without saying a word you can light up the dark”. It truly did amaze her that she could count the number of days ago that the love described in the song was an impossible dream, but now it was her reality. Lizzie, experienced at this, grabbed Peter’s hand and propelled him along through the now opened curtains. Next Bridget followed along watching Peter proudly as she walked behind him, just as her husband Dylan was doing from his chair in the ballroom.

Pilar crossed to Michelle as Bridget left and took both her hands in hers. “Buena Suerte, mi hermana. But I’m sure you won’t need it.” Pilar picked up the flowers off the nearby table and followed Bridget out into the main ballroom. Michelle watched her walk straight across the room towards the staircase and thought she was smiling just a little too intently at Bill Lewis. Michelle would have to pump her friend for information on this the next time she saw him. She suspected Bill was holding out on her. Abby gave her hug and quick kiss being very careful not to smudge her makeup. “I love you, sweetie. I’m so glad everything is working out for you. You had us worried for awhile you know.”

Michelle simply beamed at her sister-in-law, the whole funk over Jesse seemed so long ago. She’d wasted all that time, but it had led her to standing here today so she couldn’t really regret it. What, she wondered, would have happened if they hadn’t been assigned to do the decorations together? Just the thought of it sent a shiver down her spine. It really did seem almost as if someone had planned that it turned out that way. Abby was gone now having followed Pilar out from behind the curtains.

Rick, who had entered the room a little while before, crossed to her and took her arm. “Hey, little sister, if you’re having second thoughts, I happen to know several back ways out of this place. Just say the word.”

Michelle lightly punched her joking brother on the arm. “I’m more certain about this than anything else in my whole life, Rick,” she said seriously, meaning every word.

“OK, then, we might as well go.” Rick gave an exaggerated sigh. “Your Sir Galahad is waiting.” Michelle thought it was a darn good thing for Rick that she was feeling so full of love and joy today or she might have had to plan some retaliation for her “humorous” big brother.

Michelle’s thoughts were interrupted by the music changing. Everyone in the ballroom stood up and turned to face the curtained archway. Michelle and Rick both stepped out together with their right foot (Step, together, step, together). Michelle once again mentally added the words to the music, “Here comes the bride.”

Michelle looked around the room. Her eyes played over the right side of the church which was full of mostly dark haired strangers. Most of Danny’s family she knew was in the wedding party, but she was sure she’d be meeting the others soon. Down in the front row sat Abuela Maria. She sat on the aisle end of the row and looked like the cat who swallowed the canary. An identical look was on Aunt Meta’s face as she sat across the aisle from her on the bride’s side.

Looking to her left Michelle saw the rows filled with family and friends. All the people who had supported who growing up were there. There were Phillip and Beth Spaulding with James. There was Holly and Fletcher Reade. There was Vanessa and Billy Lewis beside Mindy and Rusty Shayne. Her Aunt Hillary sat in the front row. Dozens of family and friends filled every chair. Still Michelle’s heart wrenched that neither Maureen nor Ed were there. Then she found Danny’s eyes and nothing else mattered. She had him. He was missing his father just as much she was she knew, but all she saw in his eyes was understanding, joy, and love. She shone it all back to him.

Michelle’s thoughts played back over the last year. It had been a long time since Michelle didn’t have anything better to do than to count days, but last night, for old times sake, she had done the math. Today was day 562 since Jesse Blue had dumped her for Drew Jacobs. A day she now blessed. If Jesse hadn’t left her, she might never have found Danny, a thought not to be borne. Today, day 372 since she met Danny, was the happiest day she ever had and she was sure day 1860, day 5580, day 18,250 would be even happier. It had been quite a year. After that night locked in the lighthouse together, they had barely been able to stand being apart. There had been challenges, Rick hadn’t been too thrilled that Michelle was serious about anybody let alone someone connected with a mob family. But Michelle stood firm that she would be with Danny and much to Michelle’s surprise she had Aunt Meta’s whole hearted support. Danny proved over the course of the year that he wasn’t going anywhere and he would take care of Michelle, so finally Rick came around. He still wasn’t happy about the match, but he was willing to take part in the wedding which was more than could be said about Carmen.

Carmen had looked at Danny marrying his old girlfriend Teresa as her last chance to gain more influence in the business again. Teresa idolized Carmen and was very open to any of her suggestions. Carmen took the loss of this influence badly, especially when Michelle stood firm with her and supported Danny in whatever he wanted to do. She blamed Michelle for her loss of influence and the animosity she held towards towards “that Bauer girl” was almost palpable. Danny had finally had to move out of Casa Santos and into the Bauer family lighthouse while he waited for the house he was building for himself and Michelle at Laurel Falls to be finished. Even though Michelle and Danny had both sought Carmen out in person and asked her to come to the wedding, she had refused to come and Abuela Maria stood in place of Danny’s parents.

There had been highlights as well. They had held a bonfire and burned her Jesse mementos including that fuzzy blue robe. She had rolled up and stuck in the back of the closet the drawings Jesse had done of her, even though Danny said that Jesse hadn’t done her justice, she thought they  might want the drawings someday. He had burned some things that connected with his family’s mob past. They had both felt so much freer and lighter when it was done. Danny had come with Michelle to the Bauer BBQ and Michelle had started to go to Mass with Danny, at least on the major feast days. It made her feel another connection with Maureen who had also been Catholic. Michelle felt that Maureen would approve of this match.

They had “christened” places all over town, but hadn’t been together for a week to make the wedding night very special. Michelle had been on birth control, but she and Danny had discussed it and decided they wanted a family soon and she had gone off the pills after the last time she was with Danny. Her smile grew even wider that the next time they were together they could be creating their new son or daughter.

Danny watched Michelle walk down the aisle towards him on Rick’s arm. He was amazed that every time he saw her she was more beautiful and she was more than that. She was smart. She was kind. She was feisty. He’d never known that he could feel so close to anyone. It was like he had lived most of his life missing part of himself and now he’d found it, found her. And even more remarkable to him, she felt the same way about him.

Danny had been suspicious. It was awfully convenient how they’d gotten locked together in the basement of the lighthouse behind a door that Michelle never remembered sticking before and even more convenient that it was Dietz who discovered them the next morning. It was still more convenient how quickly his Abuela and Michelle’s Aunt Meta had become some great friends, like they had known each other for a long time before he and Michelle met. Also, he really hadn’t bought his Abuela’s explanation that she’d had one of the maids take down all the family photos in her room to dust them between when he left and Michelle’s arrival, but had them all back in place by the next day. “It was the most efficient way to do it!” she’d declared, as Danny cocked an eyebrow at her. But in the end he’d decided to let it go. He’d found Michelle and exactly how didn’t really matter.

Michelle arrived at the steps and she took the last few steps alone to stand by Danny. Danny whispered, “Hola! Mi esposa bonita.” Michelle who had learned a lot more Spanish over the past year, whispered back, “Hola! Mi esposo perfecto.” Together they turned together to face Father Tomas, to find their new beginning. After all, it was the season for them.

Father Tomas began, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join together in holy matrimony Daniel Santos and Berta Michelle Bauer….”


Translation Note:

*Special Occasion – An evil Bill, Manny round robin fanfic with several scenes where Manny makes love, reconnecting after being friends in college and now wanting to be much, much more.

*Buena Suerte, mi hermana. – Good luck, my sister.

*Sir Galahad – what Rick calls Danny in my favorite scene in the Manny fanfic Dark Knight where Danny saves Michelle from both Ben Warren and a drug addiction.

*Step, Together – the way you are supposed to walk down the aisle in a wedding even though most people seem to have forgotten it (Sorry Pet Peeve)

* Hola! Mi esposa bonita.  – Hello, my beautiful wife.

*Hola! Mi esposo perfecto.  – Hello, my perfect husband.  Dialogue from lighthouse scene before Michelle is kidnapped.

AUTHOR’S END NOTE: Well, did I catch anybody? I was trying to make you think it was the charity for the Pediatrics wing and I hoped that it was really a Manny wedding would be a fun surprise. Besides what’s a better Christmas present for a Mannyac than that? I hope you enjoyed my continuation and I hope everyone thinks it measured up the stem I started with. I hope you enjoyed the dropping in of Spanish and of name dropping of other Manny fanfics.  I hope that brought back good memories to people who have read them and that those who haven’t please check out my story index and read them. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a terrific holiday season.  Oh, in case you couldn’t tell I was having Abby be Michelle’s matron of honor and Ray was Danny’s best man. Lizzie was a flower girl and Peter was a ring bearer. Pilar and Bridget were bridemaids. Tony and Bill were groomsmen. And of course, Michelle’s wedding color was pink.

Thanksgiving 2006

November 25, 2014

It’s Thanksgiving 2006 and things aren’t too great in Springfield. Josh and Cassie are together. Reva almost died of cancer the week before. Marah is back for her last appearance, but all she does is complain about Crash, but then so did most of us. Phillip is “dead.” Alan-Michael isn’t doing the greatest either, he was deSORASed and lost most of his personality in the process. He instead got involved in a strange Spaulding take over plot that didn’t make a lot of sense and started dating his almost daughter, Marina, which was awful. Beth and Alan are married and so are Rick and Mel, but we just discovered (sadly crammed into another Inside the Light episode) that in the wake of Phillip’s “death” they were drawn back together and had an affair. Alan also has dealt with “Phillip’s” death and the miscarriage of Beth and Alan’s baby. Alan has gone a little nuts and is obsessed with gaining control of Lizzie’s baby (the future Sarah Randall) to make up for the loss of Beth’s. He resorted to kidnapping Lizzie and she quite rightly is seeking distance from Alan to protect her baby. This is the entire episode, but there were other prep and day episodes where we see what’s going on at Cassie and Josh’s etc. This Alan centric episode was that week’s Inside the Light episode and originally aired November 22, 2006. Read more about it in a blog post from the time:

Beautiful views of preparing for Thanksgiving at the Spaulding Mansion, including the gorgeous dining room. Really I think this is one of the best features of this set ever. Alan moves around photos and talks to them. Alan hopes to repair his relationship with Lizzie. (Part 1)

Beth had miscarried Alan’s baby and they remain in a twisted relationship. Alan has a Nola worthy fantasy about his whole family gathered around including Beth’s miscarried baby, born a boy. Alexandra has a confrontation with Alan. (Alex’s outfit is just perfect today, she looks perfect for Thanksgiving.) Alan’s driver, Jeremy, finds Lizzie living with Jonathan and Reva at the Cross Creek Cabin which has been moved to Springfield. Alan had sent a present with him which contains Lizzie’s own baby blanket that Alan had sent her, even though he was in jail when she was a baby. Lizzie had thought it was lost and is thrilled to have it back.  Alan is still wandering around missing Lizzie. (Part 2)

Rick and Beth are having problems with their marriages because of their affair. Beth called Rick and he said he’ll spend most of the day working at the hospital and the clinic. Beth has donated a lot of money to the clinic and given a chance Beth sneaks out to spend some time with Rick. Lizzie, Jonathan, and Reva are going over to Cassie and Josh’s house for Thanksgiving, not the Spaulding Mansion as Alan had hoped. Everyone leaves and Alan eats with his “friends” – Spaulding, servants Hilda and Jeremy. (Part 3)

Alan tells a bear joke. Alan had promised to let them go to their own families after dinner. They take a chance to run. Jeremy’s wife’s name is Stephen. Hilda is going to her parents because she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Left on his own, Alan goes to see them at Cross Creek. He finds Reva shoveling out front and has a conversation with her. They reference recent events. Alan had kidnapped Lizzie to keep control of her. Reva almost died from her bought with cancer. This is a great conversation between Reva and Alan they had such a complicated relationship that they played well all the way through the show until the final wedding scenes near the end. (Part 4)

Jonathan, Lizzie, and Reva and showed up at the Spaulding Mansion, after Reva understood how much Alan needed to see them. Having pizza for Thanksgiving? Who are they the Quartermaines? Alan wants to name Lizzie’s baby, Tatonya. (Part 5)

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