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Henry Chamberlain’s Funeral February March 6 1996

May 31, 2018

I started going through and breaking Bandstand Mike‚Äôs episodes into dates. This run started on December 20, 1995. Our last post in the series ended sometime in late February with Nick McHenry and Susan Bates’s wedding.

Today we say goodbye to one of the best characters Springfield ever produced, Henry Chamberlain. He was Vanessa’s father, Bill’s grandfather, and H.B. Lewis’s best friend. God bless Henry and his actor William Roerick.

Henry’s death was precipitated by Roerick’s death in real life which happened in a car crash a couple of month’s before his on screen death.

Henry, Little Bill, and Vanessa 1992

Sadly the initial scenes of people finding out about Henry’s death were during the missing episodes on this YouTube channel. If I find them elsewhere, I’ll come back and link them in.

Probably Thursday, February 28, 1996

Henry is being buried from Woodhill Funeral Home.

Dinah finds Roger in their apartment. Dinah is furious because Roger had her credit card canceled and the clerk cut it up in front of everyone. Roger tells her (not too gently I think) that her grandfather Henry has died (I think it’s to remind people because they’ve been focusing on other stories, but now it’s time for the funeral.)

Matt to Vanessa (showing once again JUST how little he understands her): “It’s OK to cry.”

Vanessa (with determination): “I DON’T WANT TO CRY. I want to celebrate my father’s life.”

(You know who wouldn’t have tried to get Vanessa to cry at the beginning of a hard day in public, yep, Billy.) Quinton comes in mistress in tow. He acts normal, but Vanessa tears into him for degrading both their father’s memory and their family by dragging his mistress along.

Distractingly we also have the Marah took Annie’s things revelation going on in a B story. ūüė¶

Reva finally gets around to letting other people know Marah is found.

Quint tells Vanessa that he doesn’t see how Jessica is all that different from Matt (which is kind of point Quint), but Vanessa points out that she was divorced before she started with Matt (which is point Vanessa). Matt steps in between and tells Quint to back off in defense of both Vanessa and his aunt Nola. This is sad because once upon a time it would have been Quint being that gallant, but Quint is right about Matt having a chip on his shoulder.

Nola asks where Dinah is and Vanessa says she doesn’t know where she is she hasn’t been able to tell her. Which I call foul. These are rich people with business interests all over. You can’t find someone with news like this you hire someone to hunt them down. Dinah could have easily missed the funeral.

Rick continues to talk Abby down with no luck. Josh, Annie, and Reva separately try to deal with the Marah issue.

Roger tries to comfort Dinah as she is upset about Henry (I think this is bull, but I’m not sure 100% is because Roger really does feel a lot of pain at losing people). Hart shows up at Henry’s funeral and talks to Vanessa. Hart offers to go find Dinah to tell her, but Vanessa tells him no. Hart offers instead to put in writing that he won’t try to change Peter’s custody arrangement other than getting to know the boy because it seems like it is what’s best for Peter. Vanessa is floored. We get a nice off camera Ross-Ed best friend bit.

Ed: “When Rick was a teenager he [Henry] helped Rick get his Eagle Scout rank.” Which is pretty cool and something I didn’t know about Rick.

J follows Jessica (Quint’s mistress) outside.

Rick is still trying to talk to Abby who gets so mad and hurt at what he says she yells “NO! NO, I don’t love you!”

Rick is blown away that Abby spoke. Abby must have been teased about her voice because she didn’t want anyone to hear it.¬† Annie and Josh talk a little about Cross Creek. He tells Annie the part that she wants to hear, but can’t bring himself to tell her the rest of it about how he’ll always love and want Reva. We get a flashback of the important part of Cross Creek which we missed during the clip gap where we lost the days.

Quint takes a quiet moment at Henry’s coffin reflecting on their relationship. Quint describes Springfield then as small, but full of hope. (Quint crosses himself so he must be still practicing Catholicism.) We then flashback to Quint and Nola’s wedding reception, mainly taking off in a hot air balloon at the end.

Coming fresh off that memory Quint says he wants to apologize to Nola, but Nola’s not having any of it she’s ready for a divorce.

[And right here they had a chance for some Emmy winning stuff a good man who got messed up with all the midlife crisis fears that led him to do some terribly hurtful things. Brought up short by his father’s death he…. but instead they went with Nola becoming obsessed by Buzz…. yes, that’s what I said Nola becoming obsessed by BUZZ. I know none of us could believe it then either.]

Dinah arrives at the church and is devastated.¬† Hart and Roger follows her in. Meanwhile, back in the Bauer kitchen, Abby and Rick come to a sort of truce. Annie and Josh rush into Reva’s where Annie wakes a happy Marah and Jeva share a charged moment.

Friday, March 1, 1996

We get pretty much complete redo-s of the last section of yesterday’s episode slightly expanded. Nola is telling Quint off and that she wants a divorce, Dinah faints after approaching the coffin and when Hart goes to help her, Roger goes for Hart. Annie and Josh are ecstatic to find Marah safe. Marah doesn’t realize how worried everyone was, but refuses to go home because she came here to make a deal with Reva.

Reva asks for another minute alone and tells Marah that she should go on home and the adults will figure it out. Quint asks Nola to wait until later. He claims Jessica understands him in a way Nola doesn’t anymore. Nola says she can’t deal with this anymore and walks off leaving a shaken Quint behind as Jay tells him to be happy he’s gotten what he wants. Meanwhile Roger, Hart, and Matt tussle over Dinah who asks for both Roger and Hart to be kept away because she can’t deal with either of them now. Vanessa and Dinah mourn. Vanessa confirms Henry died in his sleep. Little Billy joins in telling Roger, Hart, and Ross to back off. Now isn’t the time. Alan and Amanda arrive (which despite Blake’s snipping is fitting, Henry helped build Spaulding).

Vanessa is worrying about Henry’s bowties (he always wore one). She can’t throw them out and she doesn’t know who to give them to. Dinah realizes just how hard this is hitting her mother. Matt wants Amanda to leave, but again this is nothing to do with him. Amanda wants to pay her respects to Henry and Vanessa. It was Matt that did something Vanessa was mad about. Amanda didn’t even tell Vanessa, she just threatened to so Matt did. Alan wants to know what Amanda is in trouble for. J lays into Quint. Josh and Reva are upset because they want to be together, but Reva thinks Marah needs Annie right now.

Josh is pushing Reva to tell Annie the truth about him. Buzz shows up and Reva uses him as an excuse. Buzz figures out Josh and Reva have reconnected, but Reva says from her prospective if she takes back Josh she loses Marah. Hart and Roger have another fight.

Hart and Roger continue to fight. Ross and Amanda have a grown-ups conversation. Quint’s chippy wants to leave because she is bored. Quint tells her he has to stay. Vanessa realizes that Dinah doesn’t know Quint and introduces them. Quint charms Dinah saying how much Henry had told him about her. Quint also reveals he had a letter each for Vanessa and Dinah that Henry had written the day before he died. Dinah reads Henry’s letter which tells her to use her funds with noblis oblige. Dinah looks up and tells Roger she’s going to get her money back and do something good with it if it’s the last thing she ever does. Marah tells Annie and Josh that she wants them to stay together. Reva shares her worries with Buzz.

Reva tells Buzz that she can have him if she wants him. Annie is sure of her and Josh’s relationship, but Josh holds back.
Alan: “Ross is a good enough lawyer, but what is WRONG with all you women.”
Alan and Amanda have a conversation and then Matt and Blake do.
Dinah to Roger about his attempt to use Jenna to snatch Spaulding: “Bleed him dry, Daddy. I want you desperate and penniless, broke and alone. I want to ruin your life the way you almost ruined my grandfather’s. It’s the least I can do.”

Ross reminds Roger he needs to be in court to account for Dinah’s funds tomorrow. Hart was still outside and Alan tells him he found something to come by the house after the funeral. Reva asks Buzz to leave so she can think.

Monday, March 4, 1996

Matt ineffectually reaches out to Vanessa again. Dinah is ready to put the screws to Roger whose cooked books aren’t ready yet. Josh shows up to say a word to Henry, but is wayleighed by an angry Alan.

Reva finds the Springfield Journal on her doorstep with an article about Marah and a flower blooming on her rock wall. She’s determined to spare Marah. We get a different flashback to Cross Creek. This bit is where Reva thinks she’s helping Annie to help Marah by pretending Josh still wants Annie makes it worse. Leo shows up and tells Roger he needs to buy him a couple of days to cook the books.

Reva comes up with a desperate plan to keep Marah’s love. Buzz objects at first, but goes along. There are a few more upsets and short conversations including Ed and Rick (about him having slept with Blake) and Bill and Michelle about how Vanessa and Bill are handling grief. Bill is annoyed when Michelle ends their conversation by focusing on Jay. They begin the funeral proper with Ross starting the eulogies.

Ross’ Eulogy

Ross talks about going to Henry saying he wanted his teenage daughter (Vanessa). That was the relationship that produced Dinah. “I learned more from the man than I could ever imagine. First and foremost I learned how special a daughter is to a father.”

Quint’s Eulogy

“I didn’t know my dad growing up, but later when I did get to know him I often rejected the advice he gave me and always at my own peril. Yes, I’ve made mistakes and I’ve paid for them dearly. My father said something that I will always remember. Whenever you don’t know what to do next, always do the next right thing. Henry always knew what the next right thing was. It was his rarest of gifts. I will miss Henry, my father, and all of us who are left behind by his passing will be diminished.” – Honestly I love and respect Henry more than I can say, but he made enough bad mistakes that I can’t say he always knew the next right thing.

Dinah’s Eulogy

Dinah tells of how he was always right and she hated it. She breaks down. “I hated everything he ever said to me because he was always right. He always knew me. He understood.”

Nola’s Eulogy

“You should have seen the color of red that Henry turned when he found out that I was marrying into the family fortune. Then at some point he realized that wasn’t what I really wanted what I wanted was… So we became friends and he became like a father to me. At some point we realized that we shared something in common and that was that family was first no matter what and the rest would take care of itself. Oh, Henry you will live in my heart forever. God bless you.”

Bill’s Eulogy

Henry found me on the porch with a girl. “Young lady, when I was your age,¬† girls had chaperones so that character had a chance to develop before nature could extinguish all hope.”

Josh’s Eulogy in honor of H.B. who was still alive (but unable to come)

“I asked him though what he would miss the most about Henry and he said long summer nights sitting on the porch in a couple of rocking chair side by side ruminating about good liquor, a good hand of cards, and good and not so good women. My daddy, H.B. Lewis, tossing back a bourbon and branch and Henry Chamberlain sipping cognac. Telling lies to each other a 7 year old wouldn’t believe. He also said the only good thing about Henry passing on was that when it was his time to go Henry will be there waiting for him sitting on a porch, a couple of rocking chairs side by side. And he truly believes that because he said if Henry Chamberlain don’t get into heaven, ain’t nobody getting in to heaven because Henry Chamberlain is the finest man I ever wanted to punch in the nose.”

Roger goes to speak, but Vanessa stops him.

Vanessa relents and lets Roger speak.

Roger’s Eulogy

“Henry was the most worthy adversary I ever faced. He was a giant among men.” – I think Roger sincerely means that. “I never told him this, but all my life I looked up to him. I wanted to be like him. I know there are many of you in this room who would say that if that was my goal I failed miserably.” – I think that was all for Dinah. “I did learn the most valuable lesson in my life from him. I learned what really matters and it sure isn’t power or money, it’s family and friendship. At the close of the day that’s all that counts.” – I think Roger half means this. He never could make up his mind which was more important power and money or happiness and Holly. He flip flopped his whole life and I could sincerely see him taking Henry as a model for that he just doesn’t mean it in Dinah’s case.

Matt’s Eulogy

Quint’s mistress does try to say something nice to Nola who rightly cuts her down with a stare. Jessica complains about it to Quint who finally has had enough at least for now and tells her to give it a rest.

Meanwhile Reva is still trying to convince Buzz of her plan. Buzz is right it’s a terrible plan. It ends up hurting a lot of people unnecessarily and doesn’t truly help Marah like she thinks it will. However, Buzz, who after Jenna is a true romantic is confident that if she begins this plan and he agrees he’ll get her to fall in love him. Fat chance. I mean personally I like Buzz a lot more than Josh who I have strong reason to dislike and fully understand the hurt Josh has made Reva feel over the years and I STILL would say fat chance even if I didn’t know what happens.

I’m sorry storyline and her absence from the canvas meant that Jenna couldn’t be there. She and Henry really were like daughter and father. Reva continues to push Buzz to go along with her plan. Bill tells Vanessa that he’d talked to Billy (who is in jail) and Vanessa is so happy to hear news of him and even his distant support. Meanwhile Matt, ever the junior partner in their relationship, is shut down in his attempts. Nola needs help with her coat. Quint steps up and is still blown away by Nola’s announcement she will divorce him, but Nola is still determined. Back at the wake at Matt and Vanessa’s house (later Josh and Reva’s house after theirs burns down). Ed tells a story of Henry chastising a surgeon. Roger fakes an attack in front of Dinah. Annie notices that Josh is growing distant. He says he’s fine, but they should leave. The rest of the people take this as a cue. Ross leaves earlier than he would like to keep his and Dinah’s court date to demand Roger return her funds. Left alone Vanessa starts to open her letter from Henry. (Just as a side note the best letter left behind for a love one EVER was the one JR left SueEllen on the Dallas reboot. Search for it. If you knew the classic show, I defy you not to cry buckets over it. )

Reva finally convinces Buzz to go with her plan. That was a nice addition the heaven sent message to Nadine. Josh tries to call Reva, but she doesn’t answer. Vanessa reads Henry’s last letter. I love real family photos on set walls. That’s a great one with Bill and Henry. Henry tells Vanessa how much he loves her, how important she is to him, how much he wants her to make him some tapioca pudding.

“You were such a tiny one the terrible day when your mother died. I remember wondering how in the world I was going to do right by you. Somehow through God’s grace we’ve done right by each other.”

He also says that he’s glad she’s found happiness, but even though he uses Matt’s name the man he describes sounds more like Billy.

“Darling one, you know this, but I must say it again. I treasure your life. In the darkest times it has strengthened me. It has made me incalculably rich. You are my pride and my joy….” Vanessa breaks down totally.

Tuesday, March 5, 1996

In a scene I’m sure Mattessa fans will enjoy, Matt pledges eternal love. Annie is very excited to be home to the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams. Josh isn’t excited by the idea to get home. Alan frantically tries to reach Reva and Hart arrives at a terrible time. However, Alan calms down enough to tell him about Roger. Meanwhile Roger arrives at Cedars and Lillian and Ed spring into action.

This segment starts with a commercial themed to match their current cross soap ad campaign which featured a 1940s detective looking man giving you all the scoop telling us that this Thursday and Friday the soaps will be off for the national basketball tournament. I never enjoyed those days taken by the tourmant, but now they soaps are cancelled I look at them as more episodes stolen from us and hate them. ūüė¶

Alan has a source that got him Roger’s financial records which show that he started making transfers from Dinah’s account to a numbered Caymen account within 10 days of getting the power of attorney. Ed is concerned with Roger’s condition and seems to think that he might need heart surgery. Dinah is upset and when Marcus asks why she says she’d just as soon not bury anyone else today. Neither Annie nor the kids understand why Josh seems upset about Annie saying she was moving home to the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams.

Quint returns to the Reardon Boarding House. He says when he was coming in he heard a noise and really expected to see Bea at the table (which would be a good trick as the set had changed). Nola says she does too sometimes and Quint continues to talk about their wedding. Quint asks about Bea today and Nola says she calls her every Sunday. (Which is good to have news of Bea, even if it is vague apparently she’s still alive and presumably still living with Tony and Annabelle.) They continue talking about their life together. Quint apologizes for hurting her. Vanessa says she isn’t giving up on her relationship with Matt. Vanessa says she didn’t listen and just climbed back up on that pedestal.
Matt: “That’s where I wanted to keep you. Right there where you belong. You’re my Contessa.”
Again another scene I think Mattessa fans will enjoy, but I think shows exactly how wrong for each other they are. Annie asks Josh about what the status is with Reva and tells him she would be lost without him. Once again Marcus and Ross think Roger is up to something, but this time Dinah believes Roger.

Marcus and Ross bond over wanting Dinah to be OK and suspicion over Roger. Leo Flynn shows up and Ross seems to think he’s in on it too. Roger is begging Dinah to stay with him. Alan tells Hart that it’s clear Roger stole, but he has no evidence that would bust Roger’s cover story. Then he says while he is on their side he isn’t going to directly help. Quint tells Nola she can always count on him if she’s in trouble, but Nola isn’t biting. Quint tries to make some small amends, including a check which Nola rejects.

Alan shows up at Reva’s house and finds Reva gone and Josh already inside. Alan takes a couple of jabs ending with suggesting he left Annie behind to babysit while he came to Reva. No, even Josh wouldn’t do that he says, but he did. Annie and Marah and Shayne make a baking soda volcano. Josh and Alan spar about their mutual manipulation of women and who is the better man.¬† Alan thinks Reva will eventually pick him over Josh. Josh is equally confident he has Reva back. Dinah goes to find Ed and Leo steps into Roger’s room.

Roger: “What I won’t do for the love of a good woman.”

Leo: “Don’t you mean for the love of a good woman’s money?”

Roger: “Yea, sometimes I get those confused.”

Roger confirms he isn’t sick. Leo says he’s glad it isn’t like the car crash which he used to connect with Holly last year, but Roger laughs.

Roger: “Dinah is definitely NOT worth dying for.” Roger laughs again.

Hart shows up at the hospital and Dinah blames him for Roger’s attack. Hart tries to tell Ross about what he found out through Alan, but Dinah won’t let him talk. Ross urges Dinah to maintain her anger at Roger. Matt and Vanessa talk about her grief. Vanessa recaps Henry’s great goodbye letter. Quint and Nola talk some more. Quint wants Nola to say she isn’t angry with him anymore. Josh and Alan continue to lock horns.

Annie, Marah, and Shayne work on the rather lame baking soda volcano. Hold the phone! All the way through his growing up years Shayne was a star Lacrosse player with 0 words about baseball so it’s a shock when he suddenly wants to play professionally and he gets scouted, but right after the volcano goes off and Annie asks if he thinks he’d be a good scientist he says “I want to be a baseball player.” So I guess he had at least thought of it once. Josh finally gets tired of waiting for Reva at her house and leaves. Quint takes leave of Nola. Quint went in to kiss Nola goodbye, but she pulls away. Leo confirms that Roger is OK. Dinah goes outside to smoke and then Hart grabs her.

Wednesday, March 6, 1996

We pick up the tags from the last episode. Matt and Vanessa are hugging and declaring their eternal love. Amanda stops by Vanessa and Matt’s house. She wants something to keep her quiet. Alex is glad Hawk calls from his investigation of Amanda in California. She wants a progress report, but Hawk is living high on the hog. Hart tells Dinah that Roger has been robing her blind and he has proof.

Marcus shows up and is furious that Dinah is leaving with Hart. It would have been better for her to ask Marcus along. Ed is demanding answers as to why Roger’s heart attack appears to be drug induced. Griffin shows up and offers to help Marcus. Marcus is resistant, but finally gives Griffin a chance. Hawk continues with his LA get away while covering to Alex. Amanda wants to buy Matt and Vanessa’s silence.

Amanda lets Matt and Vanessa know if they keep quiet so will she. If not she’ll show people her ledger with proof of what Matt did. That is just cruel though Vanessa. Amanda wishes them a nice life. Vanessa: “I don’t think anybody is EVER going to love YOU.” Which knowing Amanda’s background, how he adoptive mother tortured her, that’s just cruel. Fletcher and Holly are preparing for Lamaze class. A yuppie couple comes up to Holly and tells her if she doesn’t get the baby enrolled in preschool now she’ll never make it to an Ivy League school. Roger sneaks another pill to keep his heart unsteady. He gets the pill bottle put away, but drops a pill on the floor. Griffin goes into Roger’s room. Griffin futzes around the room and then tells Roger to get back at him for setting up Griffin’s son Marcus he was going to organize the union people at WSPR and shut it down. He then turns off Roger’s heart rate monitor. A bunch of hospital staff rush in and take Roger to another room. Marcus is delighted at the chance to search Roger’s room. Hart brought Dinah to the Jessup Farm. He gets out the information packet that Alan gave him from a drawer.

Marcus finds Roger’s pill stash. Griffin recognizes the pills from his Vietnam protester days. They gave you heart fluctuations that would get you rated 4F (unfit for service). Hart shows Dinah the withdrawls from her account and deposits in his Cayman Island account. Alan had let Amanda reset the combination for the safe. Alex struggled to get inside. Amanda catches her at it.

After catching Alex trying to get into the safe, Amanda decides to go ahead and burn her ledger for her escort business in California. Fletcher tracks down Holly who is upset because the future of their Down Syndrome baby is unknown. Dinah finally realizes that Hart is right and Roger stole her money.

Fletcher suggests that they call the baby Maggie after Holly’s middle name. He thinks it reflects what a strong and resilient girl she will be. Matt is still upset by Amanda’s visit, but Vanessa turns his mind to other things and he carries her upstairs to her and Billy’s bedroom. That is a pretty cool way to get into the wall safe. It isn’t just the painting that swings out, it’s the whole panel the painting hangs on! Meanwhile Amanda makes the classic Bond villain mistake of not sticking around to make sure the job is finished and assumes the engine of destruction will complete its work. Alex sneaks out of a secret passage.?! Let’s use that some more please! And manages to save something out of the flames. She quickly calls Hawk with the alias Mandy Harper. Having heard the background to Hawk’s end of the call Alex decides to fly west herself to oversee his efforts.

After the Lamaze class Fletcher and Holly seem much happier. Vivian (Griffin calls her by her self-anointed African name she used in the movement) comes in to the class and has a supportive conversation with Folly. Then Griffin walks in and finds her alone in the room. Hart continues to feel guilt over using Dinah and is drawn to her. Roger makes up a cover story to search for his missing pill bottle – he doesn’t find it. Meanwhile across town a sunglasses wearing Dinah is looking to buy a gun.

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Nick McHenry and Susan Marry We Learn Henry Is Dead Feb 19 1996 and Some Undated Days

January 25, 2018

I had a long gap I had to figure out, but picking up the continued story with episodes broken into dates here we are again. I started going through and breaking Bandstand Mike’s episodes into dates. This run started on December 20, 1995. Our last post in the series ended February 16, 1996.

This is a wonderful week with some pretty terrific stuff every day. Annie is forced by the custody battle to move back to her old apartment. Some of her friends show up to throw her a “Reva will get hers” party. Rick tells Josh some hard truths about Annie including that Rick wants her back. Alex is gleeful at the news Alan and Reva broke up. Buzz is trying to cheer Reva up and Josh has an evil plan to handle Reva, but will it backfire? Between the stock he gave Amanda and the $10 million ransom that was lost Alan doesn’t have a lot left. A-M invites him back to Spaulding, but Alan is afraid that he wouldn’t be happy at Spaulding at less than the presidency and the temptation to take it back might be too much. Reva disrupts the Spaulding dinner in an effort to try and get Alan back, but no dice. We get a romantic and pretty hot LAM sequence. Nick McHenry and Susan Bates marry at the Spaulding Mansion. Everyone receives word that Henry Chamberlain has died. Michelle had a fight with J and now wants to leave town rather than see him again. David and Bridget argue over her being hung up on Hart and he confesses he loves her. Hart has decided to stay in town and expose Roger’s misdeeds towards Dinah, asking for help from Alan and Gilly. Meanwhile Roger desperately struggles to cover his embezzlement. Quint comes back to town bimbo in tow. Marah reacts badly to the custody fight and runs away. The entire 5th Street neighborhood comes together in an effort to find her. Griffin helps out and Gilly begins to think maybe she was wrong about him. (Nope. She was right on the money after her mother talked to her.) Marah shows up at Reva’s house and intends to stay there. She has brought along stuff she stole to remind her of Annie.

Monday, February 19, 1996

Ed takes Annie back to face her apartment and leaving the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams. The Spauldings are gathering and Alex is gleeful that Alan says he’s done with Reva. Buzz is trying to get Reva out of her funk. Josh has some evil plan to handle Reva.

Reva asks Buzz for a job which considering her previous jobs doesn’t make a lot of sense, but OK. ¬†Buzz agrees despite the fact that Elanie grabs him and drags him away saying they don’t have enough work for it — despite the fact they are normally short handed. Josh asks Rick to check in on Annie and Rick explodes that he can’t do that. But that just goes to show how thoughtless Josh is.

The party is a great idea. I get why Lillian would be there, but why Vanessa? Sure she’d like to complain about Reva and for some reason despite her troubles with Billy Vanessa stayed close to Josh, but Annie? During the girl talk Lillian sort of admits to having a thing for Ed and when Annie suggests wrapping herself in plastic and making a move on Josh. Vanessa says tinfoil is better because it tears easier. I kind of love that. Rick tells Josh some hard truths. Vanessa says her cook made the dinner so they must have one and Annie and Josh have Mary as a nanny. The Spauldings are enjoying a great dinner.

Alan is called from the dinner table and says he lost all $10 million dollars and with the gift he made to Amanda of Spaulding stock he doesn’t have much left. Alan says he regrets neither the gift of stock, nor using the money in an attempt to get Alan-Michael and Lucy back. Alex is shocked. Alan-Michael invites Alan back into the company. Alan refuses saying he learned he wouldn’t be happy in a supporting role and he doesn’t intend to take the presidency back, but he knows the temptation would be too much at Spaulding. Everyone is surprised. Reva bursts in.

The Spaulding family run out leaving Alan and Reva alone. Reva tells Alan the custody battle news and asks Alan to come back. Alan says no, he thinks she’s still hung up on Josh. Reva gets mad he won’t come and takes off. Rick and Josh face off over their treatment of Annie. Rick is living in the Bauer garage apartment. Abby walks in on the conflict.

Rick confesses he still has feelings for Annie to Abby. Considering the future, watching Rick explain divorce to Abby is heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking.

Apparently A-M and Lucy have adopted a dog named Faith that they hid under the table at the Spaulding dinner. A-M and Lucy talk about their wedding. Lucy wants a big wedding, but A-M says it doesn’t matter because he sees them as already married from their lighthouse ceremony. It’s just lovely. Elanie tries to talk sense to Buzz about Reva which doesn’t stick. Then we have a lovely Alan and Alexandra sibling talk. “To moving forward for all of us.”

We have a pretty romantic and hot LAM love scene. Rick continues to squirm under Abby’s questions about Annie and Hawk shows up encouraging Rick to make a play for Annie tonight. Meanwhile the girls night is breaking up with Lillian leaving Vanessa to do the dishes. Annie is convinced Josh is somewhere with Reva — which against all odds he actually is.


Tues., February 20, 1996

We’re getting ready for Nick and Susan’s wedding in the Spaulding Mansion. The guys are picking out a playlist and even Alan gets roped into the set up. Susan and Lucy have a you’re like a sister talk.

Amanda is expanded to the like a sister group and helps Susan get ready. Nick gives Alex a thank you with a subtext that I’m leaving soon, but she doesn’t get it. Susan’s AIDS support group shows up.

Nick McHenry and Susan Bates get married in the Spaulding living room. It’s a simple service and the guests stand as the bride and groom meet before the fireplace. Only a handful of people attend and they have only one attendant each, Alan-Michael Spaulding (the groom’s cousin) is the Best Man and Lucy Cooper is the Maid of Honor. The head of the AIDS group gives her away.

Nick and Susan announce they aren’t going to come back after the honeymoon, but intend to take a world tour exploring the world on an open ended trip. “For as long as we have.” Susan is diagnosed with AIDS, a step worse than her previous diagnosed HIV. The last time we heard from them on the show she was still alive.

Extra Day 1 РFebruary 1996???

We seem to have skipped at least one episode somewhere. It seems like maybe more than one. That means I can’t establish the dates for the next few episodes and we missed some kind of important scenes. Part of why I was going through these particular clips was because with a solid starting date (the very special Christmas episode) I could give an exact date for the episodes. This stops that, but I should be able to pick it up again on March 1st.

Matt has told Vanessa how he’d be tied up with an escort service Amanda Spaulding ran out in California. ¬†We must have already heard that Henry Chamberlain (Vanessa and Quint’s father, Nola’s father-in-law to whom she was quite close, Dinah, Little Billy, Anastasia and J. [Anthony James]’s grandfather, also an “adoptive” father to Jenna Bradshaw) has passed on or the audience wouldn’t already have understood he was dead when Nola starts talking to J about him in the past tense. Henry was a great guy. I’m sorry he’s gone. While I was working on my WSPR news stories, which I hope to be able to do more of sometime, I did a post that tied into the end of the series, the building of Henry Chamberlain Elementary. ¬†In the actual series they only say they are building a new elementary school, but since they didn’t name it, I did.

We’re at WSPR with Roger and Gilly (who is a reporter/producer there) and Ross arrives to gloat that Roger needs to hand over Dinah’s money (which Roger actually has embezzled). Over at the Bauer House Ed seems in a very good place, but sadly as always with this version of Michelle she is being dopey. She’s following her normal storyline procedure I describe in the linked post above – this time with her adoptive cousin Jay. I know – ICK! right? The fans at the time thought so too and the pairing was dropped.

Roger tries to divert Ross from the divorce by painting Hart as a worse threat to Dinah which Hart overhears. Michelle continues to say she wants to leave town and is teenage hysterical.

J regrets taking Henry for granted the last time he saw him which was very natural. They discuss Quint coming back. David and Bridget come in and are sorry, but in what world were they anything to do with Henry? Matt fills Vanessa in on Henry’s death.

Matt expects Vanessa to put aside the fall out from his revelation until dealing with Henry’s death is over. Vanessa needs time to process and is having none of it. Good for her especially when Matt tries to lay a guilt card on her – “I need you too. I loved him too.” I mean self-centered much? Roger uses Henry’s death as a lever to get rid of Ross and delay handing over the accounts. He still hopes he can delay long enough to win Dinah back and keep control. Bridget and David talk about fixing up the boarding house and her obsession with Hart.

Hart and Roger fight. I think Roger is right about one thing. I think he does love Hart he was just already in a bad spot with him (having unintentionally caused his grandfather who had raised him’s death) and his attempts to fix it just made things worse. Gilly and Hart have a talk about Roger. Ed told Michelle to get a ride to school with Gale’s mother. I don’t remember Gale at all and we probably won’t see her today – we don’t. They are going to meet outside. Vanessa went over to tell Nola, but Nola had already heard somehow through Michelle. Vanessa and Nola had been rivals for attention when Nola and Quint had lived in Springfield, but they both loved Henry very much.

Nola: “[Vanessa] Are you OK?”

Vanessa: “Yes, yes, yes, yes.”

Nola: “I’m not….I’m glad you came by.”

Vanessa: “I know how much you loved my father…”

Nola: “I keep thinking about the craziest things. This one night we had an all night poker game. He accused me of bluffing and he never folded his hand.”

Vanessa with a smile: “That’s because he wanted you to win.”

Nola: “Yea, he did want me to win. Not too many people I¬†can say that about. You were real lucky to have him.”

Vanessa wants to talk funeral arrangements. Nola breaks down she’s not ready yet.

Nola: “You can cry in front of me. We can cry together.”

David and Bridget argue over Hart and Bridget’s reactions to him. Roger breaks back into the suite and takes the real books and information about how he drained Dinah’s accounts. He asks Leo Flynn to make a set of dummy books and when Roger offers him his yearly salary for the two weeks work he accepts. Meanwhile Hart is getting information from Gilly that Roger cooked the books.

More icky cousin on cousin action. J tells Michelle some garbage and she eats it up with a spoon. Michelle to J: “See that’s what I mean about me not doing or saying the right thing. I mean in the first place I’m NOT that young. I went to SCHOOL IN EUROPE. I’m not a stupid little kid.” Now she’s in good with J again, Michelle is all over leaving. Ross and Matt talk about Vanessa. Matt proving once again he’s a junior partner in their relationship and that doesn’t know Vanessa as well as Ross does. Ross: “Vanessa didn’t always have the qualities you admire. It takes time and it’ll take time for you.” aka you’re immature. Ross thinks that Matt helped Vanessa get through her anger at Billy and Bridget and Dylan that was taking over her life. Nola keeps at Vanessa trying to get her to face her emotions. Vanessa has a list of pall bearers – the list of names doesn’t include Matt.

Roger reassures Leo they will be safe. Hart shows up to ask Alan for his help to nail Roger. Nola keeps urging Vanessa to let go, but Vanessa is maintaining her stiff upper lip. David tells Bridget he’s in love with her. Quint shows up at the Reardon Boarding House door.

Extra Day 2 РFebruary 1996???

Marah has run away. People are gathering with Josh and Annie at the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams, and volunteers stop by the 5th Street Diner where Reva is keeping everybody full up with coffee. Quinton and Vanessa cling to their mutual loss.

Annie is sort of right and sort of wrong about Marah running away being Reva’s fault. Josh is frustrated and says he can’t just wait there he is going to do some random looking himself. Quint and Nola make nice and find forgiveness in their grief. Quint admits Nola was even closer to his father than he was. They talk about Henry’s reaction to their breakup since Henry has been “visiting” Quint between when the actor died and when the character died on screen.
Quint: “He said to me, I was always afraid you would be dissatisfied with a perfect marriage.”

Hart goes to Alan for help taking out Roger.
Amanda: “Father, don’t murder Hart unless you want to be involved in another costly legal battle.”

Alan about Hart: “You are a determined little flea, aren’t you.”
David tells Bridget he’s in love with her. Bridget and David continue to discuss his declaration. Gilly goes on air with an appeal to help find Marah. Reva won’t go on afraid it might make Marah run. Griffin shows up and Gilly thinks he’s just showing off, but when he goes looking himself Gilly thinks maybe she was wrong. Tina, the prostitute from New Years, shows up and offers her help too.¬†Gilly wants to put Reva on camera to aid in search for Marah Lewis (who is 8). Reva thinks it would cause more problems. Tina was the prostitute who came in on New Year’s Eve and Eleni chased her out.

Holly and Fletcher are with Annie at the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams supporting Annie while Marah was gone. Annie unknowingly predicts the future that she and Josh will be together forever just like Holly and Fletcher (SPOILER: both couples will soon be toast). Josh finds Reva at the dinner (clearly something really important happened in between since we last saw them). Henry Chamberlain has died (more important stuff went down with the Reardons and Chamberlains that we didn’t see) and J walks in with Vanessa finding Quint and Nola embarrassing situation (SPOILER: do NOT get your hopes up Quola fans if they had to do this stupid affair stuff they could have gotten some decent interaction out of it. Nope not happening. Still resentful.). The grad student Quint was sleeping with shows up, everyone freaks and Quint can’t understand why.

They freak out.

J : “You almost had me going there professor for a second I was almost buying into you being¬†my dad again. I even thought you looked good standing there hugging Mom. You know what I was saying to myself, maybe this guy has finally turned back into an adult, but you know what, NO you have to bring your Barbie doll girlfriend along¬†from grad school.”

Quint: “I do NOT like the way you’re speaking to Jessica Do NOT use that tone of voice with your father.”

J : “Maybe if you acted like my dad, I could treat you like one all right.”

Vanessa is likewise appalled and freezing girlfriend Barbie out.

Amanda offers comfort to Alan because he’s upset about his relationship with Reva. Amanda give him advice: “If you really love someone, what good is pride anyway?”

Josh leaves and Reva feels faint from not eating.

Griffin talks Reva into eating to keep strong.¬† Gilly is thinking Griffin is putting on a show (which I think he totally is), but the search for Marah continues. The Journal is putting out a special edition. Josh makes it home to the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams. Word came a little girl matching Marah’s description was hit by a car.

Hart finds Bridget and says he wants Peter to be part of his life and he’d taken her words to heart. David freaks. Bridget shuts him down. J tries to comfort Nola about Quint. Vanessa tears into Quint over his bringing his mistress for the funeral. Reva returns to her house and discovers Marah is there waiting for her.

Extra Day 3 February 1996

Alan pushes into Company and we’ve already lost all the goodwill from working together to save LAM. Instead Buzz and Alan snarl at each other over Reva — who really be better off if she’d tell both of them to take a long walk off a short pier. Josh and Annie arrive at Cedars rushing into the emergency room where they find it was another little girl who was hurt (no name girl isn’t badly hurt so don’t worry about her). Marah tells Reva that she’s there to move in with Reva, but only if she’ll leave Josh and Annie alone.

Actually they are both right Buzz and Alan are making fools of themselves, fighting over which man wiill second and which third in Reva’s life.¬† Marah tells Reva that she did her chores. On a school morning she is responsible for making her bed and getting her own breakfast. Sounds like either Josh and Annie or the nanny aren’t doing their duty, she has to feed herself? Reva tries to figure out what’s going on. Marah takes this as an indication that Reva doesn’t want her living there and asked then why did Reva say she’d never stop fighting Josh. Rick and Lillian support Annie and Josh is angry Rick is taking an interest. Since Reva is back on Josh’s radar, if Josh wasn’t a jerk he’d step back, but he’s ready to set a course to crash Annie on the rocks instead.


And we get to see the Bauer House today. Yay! Michelle attempts to spread both poor body image AND poor nutritional advice to Abby. Can’t it be November 1998 in a hurry? Hold on Michelle you’re going to act stupid the next couple of years, but Danny is coming as a reward at the end. Abby has a romantic fantasy about Rick and a red dress. The wind machine in the Bauer kitchen is a nice touch. ūüôā Buzz is running off at the mouth. He has no idea what makes Alan tick. I’m not exactly who he thinks he’s describing here, but it’s not Alan. Reva tries to explain to Marah that she doesn’t understand. Marah’s misdirection tactic includes explaining that her nanny is named Mary and is from Dublin, Ireland.

Abby tells Michelle that she feels her Goshen clothes make people either laugh at her or ignore her. Rick and Michelle have an unproductive talk about dating. He tells her to let J alone (not by name) and she tells him Abby has a thing for him which Rick doesn’t believe. I think Reva should have called Josh, sent Marah upstairs for something if she doesn’t want to do it in front of her. Shayne comes down and has a nice conversation with Annie. Shayne sells Marah out telling Annie that Marah took the musicbox. Reva as always hears what she wants to when Marah talks to her.

Frank asks Buzz if he loves Reva. Frank says he knew Buzz and Nadine had something magic, but weren’t right together long term. What now? Alan showed up at Reva’s door before she could call Josh. Alan tells her he’s sorry, but already in Josh light again Reva is not interested and tells Alan to hit the road. Meanwhile Marah makes a sad little shrine to her former life. Shayne continues to spill his guts listing off what Marah took even though it was mostly “stupid girl stuff.”

Michelle tells Rick Abby has a crush on him. Rick says “Ya, right” and then Abby comes in dressed in modern clothes. Rick wants to talk Abby down. Little girl Marina is cute and fun. It’s really a shame Eleni took her to California and ruined her. I don’t know why they never gave Frank another committed relationship after this, he does them so well. Annie and Josh figure out that Marah had been collecting things to remember Annie by.

Rick tries to talk Abby down. Alan is remembering hard truths from Reva and Buzz. Reva discovers Marah has taken Annie’s things to remember her.

Robansuefarm¬†is the handle of one of Manny and¬†Guiding Light‚Äės biggest fans following in her family‚Äôs footsteps of¬†Guiding Light¬†fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find¬†Guiding Light¬†and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her¬†YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on¬†Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on¬†Twitter¬†and¬†Facebook.


New Year’s Eve 1986/1987

December 31, 2015

The IN place to be celebrating this New Years Eve is the Blue Orchid, managed by former hospital executive and general cad Warren Andrews. Watching this in retrospect, 90s clothes had WAY too much bright color blocking. While pretty much everybody is at the Blue Orchid the young generation is away for a ski weekend at a large rented cabin. For a good summary of where we are in the story check out my post about the week before Christmas 1986.

Josh and Reva are newly reunited and Reva is barely pregnant with Marah. Dinah is newly discovered. This is still the first Dinah – really there wasn’t a lot of difference in the first two pale shadows of the Dinah we knew later and it’s pretty clear that neither¬†would have survived life with the carnies. Except for a reasonable resentment towards Vanessa, Dinah is¬†still a sweet girl. She’s living with her newly discovered father Ross Marler, but he’s not really ready to face a daughter he never knew is all grown up – hence the dress. Dinah instead wants to wear the dress from Reva’s wedding. That would be the second broken up Reva-Kyle wedding. Dorrie, Dinah’s once lost foster sister and the unlikely savior of India at the camp where India was sent on community service for her last crime. Reva is working as photographer, has switched from having working for the newspaper and instead is opening a studio. Dinah is being Reva’s photographic protege and working with her boyfriend Cameron on the school paper. This has got quite a bit of Simon and Jessie who dropped so thoroughly off the Springfield radar that many people don’t remember them. Check this out if you don’t.

It’s New Year’s Eve and Rick, Simon and some of the gang have gone on a ski trip. Simon and Jessie broke up a couple months ago, but she has shown up at the cabin where they are staying, to tell Simon she is leaving to go to college at Duke University, and to say goodbye.

Rick playing doctor diagnosis Mindy with a bad sprain from trying too difficult a ski run. Christine – apparently part of Alan’s latest scheme involving art and having an eye on Johnny – is the blonde. A dark hair pageboy haircut girl shows up seeking shelter from the storm. Her name is Bambie and she catches Rick’s eye right away. (Part 2)

Mindy and Rusty are sharing a bedroom since everyone has to double up since they are stranded by a storm. Jessie’s car is buried in the snow. Dinah calls Lillian over for reinforcement when Ross gives her too young a dress. Vanessa is worried about Dinah and establishing a relationship with her. Dorrie is excited and wants to dance with the grown-ups. (Part 3)

The young part of Springfield is away at a Ski Cabin (not the Bauer) cabin. Rusty and Mindy are fighting fate which currently has them sharing a bedroom. Rusty sees someone right outside bedroom window and takes off. Simon – who is currently on the outs with Jessie – comes to check on her when she tried to drive away from the cabin in bad weather. ¬†Despite India’s recent redemption, courtesy of Dorrie her adopted daughter (the girl dancing at the Blue Orchid), she attempts to blackmail Alan with a recording of him discussing illegal business deals. (Part 4)

Kyle and Maeve are there and dancing having left baby Ben with a baby sitter. Billy has gone to Venezuela to straighten out troubles there. The man outside the cabin was a hunter, but we’re focusing on the fact Rusty has a handgun. Simon and Jessie are snuggling in the stuck car. Ross: “I hear myself saying things I promised myself I’d never say if I had a child.” Ross and Lillian have a really nice conversation. Alan tells India that the people they are dealing with are WAY more serious than he is and they better cut out this blackmail nonsense before THEY hear about it. (Part 5)

Simon and Jessie leave the car and break into a nearby cabin where no one was home. Simon: “Remind me to leave some money and a note.” – Cause you’re SO busy right now. Back at the ski cabin Johnny is talking to a blonde I don’t know and Chelsea overhears her saying bad things about her late fiancee Jean Claude who was a major jerk. Johnny finally tells Chelsea about what he knew about Jean Claude being involved with smuggling. Dinah doesn’t like Vanessa because she’s the one who gave her away without even telling Ross she existed. (Part 6)

HB excuses himself from business when Alexandra returns to the table not to bore the “little lady.” Alex tells him what she thinks of that. Hawk is working up courage to ask Lillian to marry him, but her independence talk puts him off. Dinah and Reva have a talk. Dinah manages to put her foot in her mouth over Reva’s recent romantic adventures, but is insistent¬†that Jeva should be married before the baby is born to give her a family. (And good for Dinah — they really don’t do so well in that department.) (Part 7)

Reva ignores Dinah’s very good advice. While Dinah rejected Vanessa for a long time, she immediately bonded with her grandfather, Henry. Henry gives good advice except he totally gives Vanessa a pass on this…and everything else. He urges Dinah if she can’t really feel respect toward her mother she should ACT like she does. Dinah thinks to herself that she’s doing good not punching Vanessa out and decides it’s better to take off. Alan and Alexander have a nice conversation and Alex says she thinks she’ll find a mysterious new man in the new year. (Part 8)

Simon and Jessie make love for the first time. Cam and Dinah kiss at midnight. At the cabin they kiss around the group with Mindy/Rusty, Phillip/Chelsea, Roxie/Johnny, and a dark-haired pageboy haircut girl that I don’t recognize and Rick getting the long Midnight kisses. Who you kiss at Midnight on New Years is supposed to be the person you’ll spend the next year with. At the cabin Chelsea starts to sing Auld Lang Syne and it spreads throughout the room and to the Blue Orchid. (Part 9)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and¬†Guiding Light‚Äės biggest fans following in her family‚Äôs footsteps of¬†Guiding Light¬†fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find¬†Guiding Light¬†and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her¬†YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on¬†Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on¬†Twitter¬†and¬†Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 1987 Update 2015

July 2, 2015

This is the Bauer BBQ in 1987. It’s a very special year because this was the 50th Anniversary of Guiding Light being on the air. They took a week centered around the Bauer BBQ to celebrate. It was also the 50th anniversary of the “Springfield Journal.” They used the 50th anniversary issue as a touchstone to mention many major stories of the past from the background of Warren Andrews to the fact Jim Reardon is living in Colorado to remembering the Quola wedding. They also asked for viewers to vote for what past scenes they wanted re-aired and took 5 minutes or so at the end of each episode to do things like pay tribute to Bert Bauer and to replay part of the Four Musketeer prom. If you have the Soap Classics DVDs, this week (specifically July 2-3, 1987) are among the handful of back to back episodes included in the set, although they are in two different DVD sets.

Michelle and Rick Bauer BBQ 1987

Michelle and Rick Bauer BBQ 1987

This is one of the more famous Bauer BBQs because Alan-Michael Spaulding parachute jumps in. In fact, Alan, although he wasn’t there, specifically mentions this being a memorable event at Bauer BBQs to Natalia at the one in 2008. This was A-M’s reintroduction after the being SORAS-ed and away from town for many years living with his mother, Hope Bauer Spaulding in New York and other major Eastern cities.

See for a refresher on Hope and Alan and their relationship with Manny.

This makes A-M Ed’s great-nephew, Alan’s son, Phillip’s adoptive half-brother,  and Michelle’s second cousin (he’s older than her, but a generation younger).

Jeva are actually together and happy in 1987. This must be one of those times they won the 3-Legged Race they mention in 2009. Rusty Shayne, Reva‚Äôs brother, the one Jeva‚Äôs kids are always packed off to when they are inconvenient, is back. He lives on a ranch ‚Äúnear Tulsa‚ÄĚ as they always add. I always liked him with Mindy, but they sadly they never got a real shot. SIGH! Never will now. Anyway Rusty quite frequently came back for the BBQ so keep an eye out for him the rest of the week. That‚Äôs more than can be said for sister Roxie who disappears into a mental institution and is never heard from again.

The group A-M is talking to on the right includes Dinah Marler and Cameron (who’s last name I never bother to remember). They formed a triangle that became a square when a joke A-M played turned serious when they discovered Harley Davidson was the name of more than a motorcycle after all and Harley Davidson Cooper jumps onto our screens for the first time as part of this quad.

Ed and Maureen are in full BBQ mode, especially love Maureen‚Äôs then state of the art video camera which paired with Mindy’s Polaroid makes it very much of its time. They actually had much better sound and picture quality than many we have today. The structure made them more stable and less likely to have that handheld shake. NOTE that Ed is wearing the HAT.¬† Phillip runs the grill, too.

Phillip is currently dating the youngest Reardon sister, Chelsea. Her older sisters include Maureen Bauer and Nola Chamberlain. Chelsea is a professional singer (and in real life the actress still does concert dates with a divas of daytime group). Chelsea and Phillip were quite serious for awhile (no couple code I’ve found yet though). In fact, one Christmas Eve, following up on a conversation with Santa Nick, Phillip decides that life is for the living and thinking Beth is dead at this point, decides to let her go. Forget that huge trunk of stuff Pheth finds in the Spaulding attic in 1997, all that stuff was at Phillip’s house when it burned and all he had left was a little piece of lace and ribbon. He leaves it on Beth’s headstone, but Chelsea has already given him up as a lost cause and moves out of town to follow her singing career and on to a pivotal role on another soap.

Love Henry‚Äôs boater. Isn‚Äôt that great! And H.B. in a cowboy hat. H.B. & Henry were great friends. I love it when they are together. They are in-laws thru Vanessa & Billy. ‚ÄúHis 2 grandfathers are fighting over him.‚ÄĚ

In part 2, Maureen carries Michelle across the screen & then Vanessa carries Bill over to Ross & Henry. I loved Roxie Shayne, wish she hadn’t disappeared.  Will really isn’t Josh’s friend and will cause a lot of trouble. Josh was still fighting with H.B. over independence issues.

Alan was still Chris! Alan already had major heart issues in 1987. It’s amazing he lived as long as he did. Sorry I don’t remember what’s behind the cable guy’s beef with Alan or how Alan gets out of it. If anyone else does, chime in.

Mindy should know A-M, he’s her ex-brother-in-law. At least Mindy should know it before Reva. Mindy has a Polaroid. Remember those? Actually we still have one.

Ross and Vanessa are back together after she split from Billy. One of the few times when they played that they had ever had a more than a friendship.

I want a copy of the 50th anniversary issue of the Springfield Journal and one of those Springfield Journal T-shirts. I’m not sure who the pre-teen is who is in training for the Olympics. Anybody else remember?

Once again Rick shows that he knows Phillip better than anybody else and can read him through his good front. Love Mindy’s dress and Dinah’s outfit. HATE Phillip’s hat.  OK I know there are other people wearing the hats there, but he wears his the longest.

One of the things that I think they did a great job cutting back and forth between the studio and true exterior shots. I especially find the two cuts of the balloon release are especially well done.

June 30 and July 1 are prep days. The actual BBQ is July 2-4, 1987.

June 30, 1987

We open on some of the great Mindy-Rusty stuff. They were keeping Marah a few more days after they released Reva after she gave birth. Ed and Maureen are just back from Chicago where they went to watch Johnny’s little sister Lacey perform her gymnastic routine. Vanessa is in full mogul mode and looking great doing it. Alan shows back up at the office. After Vanessa leaves, Alan has a cardiac episode. Lacey shows up at Company on her own. She asks if Roxie is a waitress even though she’s not doing anything or wearing anything even in the slightest way related to waitressing. Lacey seems to be quickly developing a crush on Cameron Stewart. 17:03 “Q” John de Lancie is in Safeguard commercial. Lancie took off rather than face Johnny.” Alan ignores Ed’s medical advice for being admitted and given further tests, but does agree to go to clinic that specializes in rest. Alan always did favor Phillip above Alan-Michael and his other children. By the way, Alan continues to have heart issues and it ultimately is what kills him. 35:00 Maureen brings little Michelle in. AWWWW! Rick and Maureen think maybe someone has been in the Bauer house. Alan calls Alex to let her know that he won’t be able to make the trip to Europe to return the stolen art. Alex is truly upset by Alan’s attack, but when he insists the only help he needs is for her to return the art she agrees to do that. Alan’s clinic is in Oregon. H.B. shares with Rusty an experience of a Texas Ranger friend. I just love how H.B. always calls Mindy “Mindy Darlin’.” Billy calls her Melinda Sue.

July 1, 1987

Everyone is practically running into each other at the Springfield Journal newsroom as the hurry to get out the special 50th Anniversary edition full of stories of Springfield’s past (and tell me again WHY they didn’t offer that for sale? Even as a insert in a soap magazine or something?) 1:50 in note the gorgeous wall of family photos behind Reva. Lacie Bauer, Johnny’s little sister and an aspiring Olympic gymnast, arrives for a visit by breaking into the house. The Folgers commercial around 5:30 features the former Annabelle Simms Reardon. Lacie is close enough that Ed and Maureen went to St. Louis to see her perform, but not so close that Rick has any name recognition or to recognize her. Ed moves the Bauer BBQ-er to the flight school and takes 100 pounds of charcoal. Chelsea gets an offer to go work for rival paper the Springfield Mirror. Reva asks Roxie to be Marah’s godmother. Phillip is also working at the Journal as a writer. 36:00 Josh brings in the Lewis family christening gown for Marah and Miss Martha’s wedding gown for Reva because “she loved you like a daughter” which would be more sweet than nauseating¬†if only Reva hadn’t married Miss Martha’s husband. Balloon releases used to be huge. They were used for celebrations and to find penpals by people who would release them with a note attached. Public opinion turned against them because they felt they were endangering wildlife.

Maeve’s Speech: “I would like to dedicate this special edition of the Journal to 50 years of life in our wonderful city and to our founding editor Irna Phillips and may her vision of Springfield be a Guiding Light to us all.” About 41:00

At 48:00 Montage of the articles that appeared in that 50th anniversary issue of Springfield Journal which makes me want to read it more than ever. At 50:00 Josh and Reva anniversary tribute, first fountain scene.

July 2, 1987 – BBQ Proper Begins

Isn’t Little Billy darling? Normally a Bauer BBQ is 100% chance of great weather. ¬†Of course after a pretty big pop up storm it clears off completely by the time the BBQ hits full steam. This is the only year I can think of where it actually rained on the day of. Mindy is being a little overprotective and Rusty and H.B. have some nice what it means to be a man conversation. I think the best thing Dinah could do to make sure Vanessa and Ross don’t keep dumping her is to have other plans. That means that the Chamberlain House is 6 miles away from the Bauer House and the Spaulding Mansion next door. Jackson was a music producer who mostly caused trouble. (The most interesting thing about him is that the actor who played him was Elizabeth Taylor’s stepson in real life.) I don’t remember who Jackson is calling in London. Anyone? Add a comment. Aww. Henry and Little Billy are swinging by to pick up H.B. on the way to the BBQ. Johnny shows Roxie called his plane “New Beginnings” and proposed. Roxie brought Rusty a care package from the Bauer BBQ including a Bauer Burger. Michael O’Leary came back especially for the 50th Anniversary week. His character was currently living in Chicago. Great advice Rick “what matters is what YOU think about it, not Phillip.” Ed: “There’s not a tent to be had in all of Springfield.” Ed was also shocked about the cost of tents so they probably haven’t thought about renting one before. Nice Bert-Rick moment at 39:00. How did they miss the obvious Blue Skies mention by making it Clear Skies instead? Cropduster plane buzzed before jump 47:00 Parachute Jump at 50:00 It’s funny how many times in the next couple of episodes they repeat things like Alan-Michael is Alan’s son, Phillip’s brother, Ed’s nephew, “he’s half Bauer” etc. The Four Musketeers clip is Michael O’Leary and Grant Aleksander talking. There was a lot of irritation at the time because what was actually voted for was The Four Musketeer Prom. I doubt very many people had this fight scene in mind rather than say Phillip and Beth getting crowned. I’m sad to say both Rick and Phillip are half right. Phillip really is in love with her, but Rick is right Phillip will hurt her again and again.

July 3, 1987  Day After the Jump

The first link below is the full episode the second set patch the episode together from clips from a couple of channels. Things have perked up at the Bauer BBQ and things are definitely taking off. 11:30 more darling little Michelle. More Springfield Journal. 12:00 Darling Little Billy – who has been in invisible mud. This first episode sets up Alan-Michael’s life long quest to gain his father’s approval. Actually Josh is being a jerk. Who wouldn’t respect their own opinion over almost anyone else’s, particularly someone who is a young buck that tends to make rash decisions? That was a nice character moment of Dinah being interested in news. She’s never the photographer Reva is (who is a professional for awhile), but Dinah does later become a television producer so she does have a visual eye and an eye for the important. Miss Sarah should have recognized both Miss Martha’s wedding dress and the Lewis christening gown. 30:00 The Eli Simms Annabelle flashback 5 fishermen storyline mentions the police never discovered who the killer was, the audience did it was Eli Simms. Will Jeffries was truly insane, so why he seems to be Josh’s friend now he actually just doctored Marah’s records to make sure it looked like someone else was Marah’s father to hurt Josh. At 50:00 they do a tribute to Bert and much of it is replayed over the years when they talked about Bert. At 53:00 approximately is the scene where Bert first finds out Bill is alive. That’s an amazing scene and one that isn’t repeated very much. Jump) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)  (Part 4)

July 3rd was a Friday that year, just like it is in 2015 ūüôā , so the story with the hotair balloon, Alan being shot and left for dead, etc. should pick up again on Monday, July 6, 1987, but I have not yet found the episode.

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Christmas 2008

December 25, 2014

This year’s Christmas clips are from December 24, 2008. Depressingly this is the last Springfield we will ever see for ourselves in Springfield. This episode gives a good example of how Guiding Light worked in 2008. The pacing is incredibly fast, both with how fast plot points sprint by and within individual scenes.

Reva Shayne Lewis and Jeffery O’Neill who are currently living in Cross Creek’s cabin which has been relocated to Springfield. They are hosting the Lewis family Christmas. This is during Reva’s miracle cancer, postmenopausal pregnancy. The result will be Colin, her miracle baby.¬† Jeffery gets out a stocking that he has glittered penned “Miracle” on for the baby. The tradition of reading “A” Christmas story, not “the” Christmas story, which one changed every year, actually comes from the Chamberlains. There are some references to H.B. reading the Christmas story from the Bible, but that wasn’t every year. In fact, a version of the A Child’s Christmas in Wales that Natalia gives Emma was even used at least one year. H.B. Lewis and Henry Chamberlain shared the duty until after Henry Chamberlain died. Vanessa even picked it up for awhile after H.B. didn’t return to Springfield for Christmas anymore, but the reading was a Christmas tradition so I’m glad they did it this year.

Billy Lewis is also worried about Bill and Lizzie, who he has grown very close to after he hired her at Lewis. He asks his friend Buzz (who has been friends with since Billy got out of jail for shooting Roger) and who is going around dressed as Santa today for some reason, to give Bill a pep talk and it works.

The last time Dinah Marler returned to town she had a plan to prove she was not less because of her brain injury. Dinah still is having trouble and hence her trouble doing the greeting.¬† Her plan was to take over Spaulding Enterprises for her half-brother Bill who she felt was the only family member who hadn’t abandoned her (or died). The plan worked (it’s why Bill and Billy are living in the Spaulding Mansion), but once given the reins Bill didn’t see the need to continue to listen to Dinah’s plans anymore and she felt jealous as much of Bill’s focus turned to true love Lizzie. Frustrated Dinah unfortunately had hired Daisy’s thug boyfriend Grady to do simple tasks and he decides to kidnap Lizzie. Dinah isn’t too happy about this, but doesn’t end it at once after she finds out. Once Grady realizes he’s going to take the fall for this, he frames Bill instead. Dinah was upset, but couldn’t do anything about it without outing herself. Having made friends with a returning and equally troubled Shayne, together they decide to burn the shed (?) that houses police evidence without checking to see if anybody is inside. This destroys the evidence Grady planted and if I’m following the throw away line right, injured Ashlee’s mom Doris.

At this time Dinah is back to running WSPR, but most of the station seems to have disappeared. We get a handful of studio shots like this one and one near the end where Vanessa is in an editing booth, but most of the work of WSPR is now being done by Dinah’s assistant Ashlee Wolfe including writing and editing which apparently she does on her laptop no matter where she happens to be.

Harley and Gus’s house is finally finished, but Gus is dead and, after her actress left the show to go to AMC (where anyone who is mad she left Guiding Light should know the score was evened), Harley took off to hide and protect Rafe in what apparently is now a non-extradition country, Greece. Rafe came back and Harley didn’t. It doesn’t make much sense (and honestly why didn’t they bring Haley Barr Sparks – who provided Harley pregnancy coverage twice before – to finish the storyline up in some better, sensible way I’ll never know), but that’s what they’re stuck with. You also get the feeling that they seem a little bit resentful about her leaving. I’m surprised she even got that short of a phone call in. What you mostly get is Frank calling her “My sister” and Buzz calling her “my daughter” and only on rare occasions where plot kind of forces them too. Also, they cut her off, off screen as well as on so now Daisy, the kid Harley did all this stuff to keep in her life, wants to be in it and Harley totally blows her off and won’t let Rick see his kid either. Mallet and Marina are married now and when Harley decided to sell her house, they decided to buy it, but apparently she really gouged them because two full time professionals who would otherwise be paying rent, can’t seem to scrape up the money to make the payments (hence the budget over Christmas presents talk).

Lillian and Buzz are dating and because of Lillian wanting Beth there, Alan and Peyton (recently revealed to be Alan’s bio daughter after all – when everyone thought for a long time she was Rick’s) are there too. I’m not entirely sure what Beth was doing, maybe slipping out to see Coop? That was an awfully long bathroom break, although it’s true when you’re just holding a kid, how could you get a chance to excuse yourself?

The best bits of the episode are the nice moment of friendship between Billy and Buzz and the cute Bizzie videochat, but most of all Dinah’s Christmas speech which does turn out to be good, especially on top of Buzz’s lovely Christmas toast. Also, look at the end of part 3 where they do the 2008 production model version of the classic holiday endshot.

This first bit is a highlights reel. Below that are two parts that add up to about 20 minutes of the the 37 minute episode, some of the missing part is in this highlight reel, with some stuff repeated. The third part is from a Marina and Mallet channel (who knew?) and also should be from this episode or the one right before or after.

Reva and Jeffery are getting ready to host the Lewis family for Christmas. Most of what’s added scenes have to do with Shayne bringing Dinah to the Lewis family Christmas. After everyone arrives, Billy declares it’s time to pick up H.B.’s tradition to read the Christmas story. (Note: This situation is true to life. It sometimes happens to even large families there may be a series of years where you don’t have any young kids between generations.) Billy picks up a picture book of the Christmas story to read it. During the story is a montage of everyone around Springfield that year, including Buzz in a Santa suit. (Note: That in previous years the Lewis family would have several large trees that swept the ceiling. Apparently now they are down to one sad little box whose contents they have memorized – they can tell what ornaments aren’t on the tree.)

We come across Dinah still struggling with her post shooting trauma struggling to come up with a Christmas greeting. Olivia had wanted a designer Christmas, but Natalia set up an old fashioned Christmas at the farm. It’s the Christmas Emma has always wanted, but Otalia are still are struggling with unwanted feelings. Shayne shows up and supports Dinah, but she doesn’t want to go to the Lewis Christmas with him because Jeffery will be there and she and Jeffery share a complex past. Buzz shows up to play Santa to Bill when they run into each other at the P&G convenience store after Billy asked him. (Remember Billy and Buzz are friends since when Billy got out of prison for shooting Roger.) Natalia brought a Christmas tree to the jail where Rafe is being held for shooting Jeffery because he blamed him for Gus’s death (which was kind of stupid, Jeffery did a lot of awful stuff, but not that).¬† Emma goes missing sparking a confrontation between Otalia. Just then Frank calls. Emma had ended up at the police station. (Part 1)

At the Lewis Christmas, Billy decides it’s time to pick up H.B.’s tradition of reading the Christmas story. There are no little ones list year, but he thinks they should still read it anyway. (Part 2)

Mallet and Marina are celebrating Christmas in their house. They each get each other the same universal TV remote. They had to Company and discover Beth, Alan, and Peyton are there at Lillian’s request. Buzz gives the Christmas toast. (Out of order with the top two, but should be in same episode or one on either side of this.) (Part 3)

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Christmas 1984

December 20, 2014
Bauer Living Room Xmas 1984

Bauer Living Room Xmas 1984

This is quite simply one of the happiest, nicest Christmases in Springfield I’ve covered that has clear clips. My only real critique (except for a couple of clunker on going stories) is that Mike Bauer isn’t there to sing, oh well, you can’t have everything. I hope you enjoy it too. Before we hop on board the train (literally) take a look at what I’d previously found from this year, from mid-December.

Check out this earlier episode from the holiday season that year:

Nola and Quint are now happily married. They are raising Nola’s daughter with Floyd, Stacy and their own son Anthony James. Also with them is a young computer genius that had earlier invited himself to stay with them. His name is Jonathan Brooks and they’ve been taking care of him since he showed up on their doorstep. Now they’ve learned that the parents whose deaths left him an orphan, were adopted parents and they are seeking for his biological family.

The Bauers are having a great holiday party. So many people we care about are there, Ed/Maureen, Tony/Annabelle, Bea Reardon, Floyd is singing, even Dr. Jim seems bearable for once and Claire Ramsey and Fletcher Reade are together and showing why I liked them so much.

There is a way looking at Guiding Light history that shows Mindy and Rick as a destined, but star crossed couple with unfortunate things keeping them apart. The current unfortunate thing is Roxie Shayne which is too bad because while Roxie could be fun, she was a terrible match for Rick. Kyle Sampson has just come to town and starts a lot of trouble, including putting the moves on Roxie during a business dinner which is why Rick road to the rescue and they ended up in his car during a snowstorm.

The other story going on I dislike is that Reva is pregnant with H.B.’s baby. That they’d marry platonic as a mutual care pact I can buy, that they’d have sex is just all kinds of wrong and a baby from it is worse. The other baby in the story though, Little Billy, is not only darling, he’s one of my favorites and we get to see a highpoint of the first Vanilly marriage with their son’s first Christmas.

The final story is of special interest to Manny fans. Personally I never cared for Beth and Lujack together and really didn’t care for the Lujack “disguised” as Lenny while Beth was in blind school story. It is however, almost beat for beat (except for the piano playing) the story they later do for Michelle and Jesse as part of their effort to turn Michelle-Drew-Jesse-Bill into a new version of the Four Musketeers. By the way, Phillip had been angry at Lujack and so hired someone to blow up Lujack’s club. Unfortunately like Alan, Phillip had a habit of hiring incompetent hooligans and the guy set off the explosion while Beth was inside blinding her. (Don’t worry she didn’t get a Christmas miracle restoring her site, but she’s get one soon.)

Setting it all off perfectly is a visit from Santa Nick. I rushed home from school every December to see if Nick had arrived yet. I didn’t give up hope for years after they stopped having him show. This is a great example of what a Santa Nick episode is like.

There still are special train cars, by the way, like the one Quola rides in during this episode. I don’t know of any privately owned, but Union Pacific keeps some that they set up for special occasions, including creating a “hotel” on tracks for U.S Olympics, etc.

Quola and family (their ward Jonathan, Stacy and A.J.) take a train for Christmas. They are riding in Henry’s private rail car and looking for Jonathan’s parents. Nola has the idea of having them dress up to make it a Charles Dickens-esque Christmas complete with some lovely costumes. The Bauers have really decked out the halls and are having a party for Christmas. Ed and Maureen are blissfully happy and Bert is living with them, but remains upstairs (unseen). Rick and Roxie though have just had an unpleasant run in with Kyle Sampson. Beth is spending this Christmas at the blind school when she surprises “Lenny.” (Part1)

Lujack throws a temper tantrum because Beth’s latest treatment didn’t work and she’s still blind. This causes Beth to have a meltdown herself. The Chamberlains and the Lewises are celebrating their joint family Christmas. Little Billy is just a couple of months old and VERY cute. Henry points out this is his second grandson born this year, with Quola’s son AJ being the first. Trish is there and has been helping out with both the business and the baby. H.B. and Reva arrive. Mindy is waiting for Rick who is late because he rescued an ungrateful Roxie who distracts Rick and they end up going off the road in the storm. (Part 2)

Begins with an example of bra commercials back when they were regulated to show some class. ūüôā Check out the Scarecrow and Mrs. King promo. Roxie and Rick are continuing to argue about the state of their relationship. Tony and Annabelle are at the Bauers ‚ô• and so is Dr. Jim and their mother Bea. Claire thanks Maureen for inviting her and they make peace while they speculate about Claire’s relationship with Fletcher. Stacy worries that Santa won’t be able to find them, but Jonathan tells her his super computer Charlie has connected with Santa’s computer so he can find them. Jonathan and Quint chuckle until they realize that neither one of them sent that message. I love the Christmas Carol, but I hate the idea it can be read in a night. It’s more like it can be read in a month. (Part 3)

Rick and Roxie got closer. The Reardons are singing Christmas carols. There’s no Mike Bauer, but it’s nice to hear Floyd. Most of the hospital family is there too. Fletcher and Claire grow closer and you see a bright future promised in their little corner of the room, a bright future whose destruction permanently broke Claire. When I think of Michelle’s mother this is who I think of, not the broken, self-absorbed, manipulative shell she became later. It’s a great moment though. Lujack/Lenny continues to lash out over how Beth’s problem is affecting him. (Part 4)

Santa Nick has a talk with Lujack. Great snowflake analogy. I mean really great. I might use that sometime. Rick doesn’t carry a blanket in his car (which everyone should – go check your trunk now – I’ll wait…..) Rick did bring back his gym bag which Roxie is being WAY too fastidious about if she was truly cold. Rick: “There’s no such word in the Bauer vocabulary.” Roxie: “Maybe it’s time that you added it.” Roxie finds Rick’s letter sweater. He lettered in Swimming and Debate. See there’s no way anyone truly cold (as you would be in all that snow) would send someone WITHOUT a coat to cut down a tree for decoration. I’m beginning to think the story of Roxie’s mental instability started WAY earlier than I thought too. Check out those DARLING Little Billy presents a rocking horse and a teeny tiny pair of cowboy boots, awwww! Grown up Bill needs cowboy boots – get on it fanfic people. All the grown men want to play with the trains they got “for” Little Billy. Vanessa tells Reva how much she likes being a mother and warns a pregnant with H.B.’s baby Reva to be carefully (irony building). Henry’s private railcar gets another shoutout. After reading the last paragraph of A Christmas Carol, Quint pretends he’s read the whole thing. Jonathan wishes Quint had been his real father and Quint remembers finding Henry and what it meant to him. I do think soaps don’t treat adoption fairly though. An adopted father can love a child every bit as much as a real one and sometimes a lot more. That’s a bad theme on soaps and I wish they’d grow out of it. (Part 5)

The Lewis family discusses Reva’s pregnancy some more. H.B. reads the Christmas Story from the Bible. Rick returns with a tree and decorates it with stuff from his tackle box which was also in the trunk. Maureen reminds everyone that each year they make a wish on the angel at the top of the tree. They make a wish and Ed and Maureen start their quest for parenthood with a Christmas wish. Claire and Fletcher show how great they were together. The Christmas pageant starts over at the blind school due to Beth’s determination and “Lenny” returns to play for it. (Part 6) (Part 7)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and¬†Guiding Light‚Äės biggest fans following in her family‚Äôs footsteps of¬†Guiding Light¬†fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find¬†Guiding Light¬†and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her¬†YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on¬†Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on¬†Twitter¬†and¬†Facebook.

Masquerade Ball

October 30, 2014

Dancers¬†This is actually from February 1984, but it’s about wearing costumes and I didn’t find much Halloween this year so I’m counting it in. Note this is from two different channels. One is much higher quality than the other, but I’m including both to have the whole story.

They say: “This episode is the Valentine Masquerade Ball in February 1984. It is Beverly McKinsey first appearance as Alexandra Spaulding. Vanessa is engaged to Alan. Tony is hiding his illness from Annabelle. Jim hasn’t revealed his true identity yet. Nola is pregnant with A.J. It features the classic scene of Reva and Vanessa locking up Billy’s date in the bathroom. Also includes Hillary, Henry, H.B., Mindy, Rick, Beth, Philip, Bradley, Quint and Alan.”¬†Phillip and Beth

This is actually a nice umbrella story. Vanessa organized this masquerade ball. It’s primary purpose is to introduce the new character of Alexandra Spaulding who hides from her brother Alan until the critical moment, but talks to about everyone else. Several stories come to a turning point. Hillary is fed up having to hide with her boyfriend Dr. John Stephens and at him having to talk to everyone else just in time for him to be outed as Dr. Jim Reardon, making Ed look ridiculous for thinking he was having an affair with sister Maureen. Nola is about to have Anthony James any minute, but is dealing with the fact that her daughter Anastasia has a severe hearing loss which she finally accepts tonight. Tony Reardon has a terminal if not operated on condition and the several friends who know about it are all outed when after trying to convince Annabelle he’s an alcoholic, finally Tony is confronted by Annabelle and he confesses his illness. Alan who has been trying to manipulate Vanessa into marrying him for business reasons, gets her firm refusal when after spending all night trying to make each other jealous, she marries Billy instead right on the spot. Mindy and Rick realize they love each other and Phillip and Beth announce their engagement. Top it off for a really fun scene where Vanessa and Reva team up to stick Billy’s date in a closet. I could go on, but in other words, a good time was¬†had by all.

Rick and MindyVanessa finishes preparations for the Masquerade Ball. Alan bucks up Vanessa. The ominous figure outside the door is Bradley Raines. They just make brilliant use of the side door on the set and how they have it set up to shoot between the dance floor and out the door and vice versa. Just wonderful long shots. I really preferred Leslie Ann with Floyd Parker, but honestly I think Warren Andrews¬† did truly love her despite being ultimately responsible for her death. Jim aka John Stephens is coming in the back because he doesn’t want his family or friends to recognize him and he’ll spend the evening dodging them. Alan says Beth is wearing Phillip’s adoptive mother, Elizabeth’s wedding dress. It is lovely. (Part 1)

Beth and Phillip have a lovely dance. Beth had been raped by her step-father Bradley Raines. It’s great that she went to talk to a counselor. Hillary discovers she won’t actually get much time with her date tonight. Mindy and Rick look lovely dancing together. As many times as Ed’s cheated he’s certainly acting affronted when Maureen isn’t even guilty of anything. Tony thinks he’s dying and Ed knows about it. (Part 2)

That was really clever of Bradley to use Alexandra’s unexpected delay to his advantage. It’s good that Bradley gives his name. He’s been off canvas for awhile. Bradley blackmails Alan. How many times was poor Alan blackmailed. Stacy has a hearing problem. Nola is in denial. That was totally unfair of Nola, Quint did treat Stacy as his. (Part 3) Tony and Annabelle

Annabelle tries to get the truth out of Tony. Tony stubbornly keeps hiding it and claims he’s an alcoholic. Ed and Tony are brother-in-laws, but they were never particularly close. Tony is closer to his other brother-in-law Quint. Ed hasn’t been operating lately because of an injury. (Part 4)

Tony’s ailment is making him faint. Rick and Mindy declare their love for each other. It’s odd Alan wasn’t sure it was Alexandra. Also odd that they have three “no, it couldn’t be” stories going at once. Billy arrives with a hot pink harlot. (Part 5)

Vanessa is wearing a little peculiar dress because it will be her¬†bridal gown and that is a very 1980s bridal gown form. Vanessa and Billy are in the middle of a lover’s feud. Alan had decided he wanted to marry Vanessa, basically for business reasons and is trying to sweep in and carry her off. This is a highpoint for both Rick-Mindy and Mindy-Phillip. It’s this time period that would totally made me happy with the Rick-Mindy endgame if there hadn’t been an Abby or a Rusty. Nola is wearing a terrible dress because she’s almost ready to drop her and Quint’s baby the future Anthony James Chamberlain. Tony is trying to push Annabelle away at this point and the mystery man she’s talking to is Tony’s brother Jim, but for stupid controverted reasons he’s hiding from his family. He’s also researching a cure for the Dreaming Death disease. I don’t think this is how Leslie’s answer was written. “You look, Hi Phillip.”

 (Part 6)

Stacy is short for Anastasia who is Nola and Floyd’s young daughter. Tony is dealing with a health issue. Bea Reardon is Tony, James, Nola, and Maureen’s mother. She was a long term love interest for Henry Chamberlain. Henry and H.B. are very defensive about their mutual children. Jeva are together at this party and having fun. Hillary was Jim’s best romance and the only storyline that I liked Jim in. Phillip announces that he and Beth plan on being married March 16th which is also Beth’s birthday. Sadly this wedding won’t happen. Nice shot looking from Alan-Phillip through the door to Bradley Raines. (Part 7)

Henry gives Alan good sense. Alan never listens to good sense. Nola, no fool, recognizes her brother without telling the audience who he is. Lujack is working parking in the country club lot. Ross is definitely drunk. They have a lot of masked extras here. (Part 8)

The Country Club Ladies Room always means great scenes. It’s amazing how Vanessa and Reva started out as rivals and enemies and ended up as great friends. This is an early example of their relationship¬†along the lines of “We might do a little bit of fighting amongst ourselves, but these outside people best leave us alone.” I hate this lady calling Billy, William. Reva to Vanessa: “Go after HER!” Ladies Room Fight, love Reva grabbing feathers off her dress. This is an important beat of the Lujack-Beth story. Phillip hated Lujack, but I’m not exactly sure why. I don’t think it was classist like Lujack’s hate for him.¬† Vanessa and Reva were really great together here. Also a great Tony-Annabelle beat where they try to protect each other. (Part 9)

Vanessa and Reva¬†Annabelle reacts to the news Tony is dying. Annabelle is reacting to Tony’s news he hit his head at Lake Elizabeth because he was saving her and it was her father’s fault. Reva was more comfortable with high jinks¬†than Vanessa. Reva is bound and determined to get Billy and Vanessa together. Ed was already insisting Maureen do what he wants right now, when giving her some time might put it right. That attitude will ultimately cost Maureen her life. Apparently Lakeland Country Club isn’t walking distance from the Bauer House or Spaulding Mansion. I love how even the help have to wear masks and the guy announcing guests. They establish that Alan’s kids call her Aunt Alex right away. I love that. Like a real hospital Cedars is always adding new wings. (Part 10)

Tony tells Annabelle he’s only going to live a few more weeks. I love how Annabelle can read Tony. Tony: “I only trust Ed.” (Part 11)

Love the ceilings on these sets. It’s too bad Alan and Alex wasted 20 years when they are really so close. Alan: “Alexandra, the one thing you’ll never be is ordinary.” Wait, Alex hasn’t seen Alan in 20 years. If that’s true, how does Phillip remember Alex? Alex builds on the retcon that both the Spauldings and the Chamberlains have always lived in Springfield. Reva sure is fun tonight and she isn’t even wearing red. (Part 12)

I can’t get over how much I love the bar at the Country Club or how ugly Nola’s dress is. By this point Vanessa has gotten used to having a half-brother and they have developed a relationship. Vanessa confronts Billy over his game playing. Quint should have corrected Nola. Nice good night Gracie joke. In 1984 Princess Di rumors are that she’s having twins, not about all the affairs. In an otherwise brilliantly shot episode Tony’s eyes and the POV of Annabelle don’t line up. (Part 13)

Even when they are mad at each other, Ed always turns to Maureen when he needs someone he can depend on. Vanessa agrees to give Billy a second chance on her terms. They had been engaged and Vanessa broke it off. And Jim Reardon completely blows his secret identity to help Tony. “Gently with the head” maybe you should wait for an ambulance and back board Ed. I can see trying to keep people calm before they remove Tony, but they are really continuing afterwards???? I wonder if some of these extras are professional dancers they are THAT good. (Part 14)

Floyd is mad at Lujack because he hit Tony that is one of two possible causes for the hematoma. Nice tie in of plot, the blocked car got Lujack in to dance with Beth earlier. Alan proposes to Vanessa. Henry dances and talks with Alex. (Part 15)

Billy gets jealous watching Alan dance with Vanessa. They bring Tony into the Emergency Room. (Part 16)

Jim rushes to assist Tony. Floyd and Tony are close friends. Billy throws Vanessa over his shoulder. Bea really has been through the ringer tonight between Tony and Jim and Nola and Maureen. Bea turns to her Catholic faith. (Part 17)

I feel better Claire is on the case. She isn’t always the nicest person, but she was always a crackerjack doctor. Warren had a good side, but he could also be a jerk. Billy insists Vanessa will marry him. Ross and Billy and Trish are currently partners in LTA (Los Tres Amigos). (Part 18)

Jim Reardon was pretending to be John Stephens because there really was a John Stephens, but he died. Jim was his assistant. Warren knew, but lied about it to keep grant for hospital. Alan is disgusted by Vanessa and Billy’s marriage. I’m kind of Team Floyd here. (Part 19)

Hillary and Annabelle talk about the problems of being involved with a Reardon. Mindy is wedding planning. Hillary confronts Jim about his actions. Jim did give up his research for his family. I think he did make his choice. (Part 20)

Billy and Vanessa Wedding¬†Billy and Josh discuss the loves of their lives. Vanessa calls Trish her best friend and talks about locking Billy’s date in the closet (she’s still in there). I think H.B.’s reaction is because Henry. “Vanessa ain’t no cow pony, Billy. She’s a high stepping filly who’ll trample you under foot if you ever let go of those reins.” (Part 21)

Mindy gives Phillip what for for him struggling with Rick.¬† Alan to Reva: “I paid you good money to break up [that] wedding and you failed.” Reva: “No, I broke it up once, it’s just that there’s no guarantee on the job.” That’s a “My Fair Lady” medley playing in the ballroom during this sequence. (Part 22)

Alan goes after Henry to try to stop Vanilly wedding. Actual ceremony. (Part 23)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and¬†Guiding Light‚Äės biggest fans following in her family‚Äôs footsteps of¬†Guiding Light¬†fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find¬†Guiding Light¬†and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her¬†YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on¬†Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on¬†Twitter¬†and¬†Facebook.

Halloween 1992

October 28, 2014
Henry as Ghost

Henry as Ghost

I’ll be honest, the sound is terrible on this one. I think they pointed a camera at the TV without turning up the sound or else the original VHS recording was bad. I also think person was either typing or eating while recorded and almost sneezes or coughs more than once. I hope someone else loads this because he has great stuff in it.

Vanessa as Morticia

Vanessa as Morticia

This is in fact by favorite Halloween ever in Springfield. Everyone wears incredible costumes. The haunted house has the best decorations and it’s a really nice example of the Little Billy-Ben-Michelle friendship. I’ve long looked for this episode where Michelle dressed up as Wednesday Addams and Vanessa did Morticia and this is it. They’re wonderful costumes and I just love watching Michelle so happy. I like to think Michelle thought of this when she first called Carmen Morticia. It originally aired November 2, 1992.

Ross is running for senator. We’re still doing the Eleni-Alan-Michael-Frank triangle (which you can recognize by Eleni’s near constant shawl wearing which was her signature at the time. Sadly Billy-Vanessa are apart and I think this is when they did that terrible Fletcher-Vanessa bit that really hurt both characters. I guess maybe they’re tying that up. That’s fine with me.

They say: “Halloween time at the Chamberlain home as Henry, Vanessa and Bill prepare with Billy there. Vanessa tells Billy that he can stay. Then Fletcher and Ben arrive. Frank gives Eleni the news of Alan-Michael returning home. Ross gives his speech at the Country Club and him and Jim Haggerty talks about Ross’s election. Roger and Blake arrives making things weird for Ross.”

(Part 1)

Frank and Eleni talk about Alan-Michael coming back to town. Fletcher clears the air with Vanessa about continuing Ben-Little Billy’s friendship now they are no longer an item. (Part 2)

Vanessa does Morticia Adams. It suits her. Ben is somebody in a leather coat. Michelle is the cutest little Wednesday Adams ever. I guess Little Billy is a cowboy. Michelle and Jenna were friends. That’s a nice beat to play. Frank offers Eleni a ring he couldn’t possibly afford. Roger, Holly, and Blake have a meal. That’s always interesting. (Part 3)

Michelle as Wednesday with Jenna

Michelle as Wednesday with Jenna

Little Billy locks Vanessa and Billy together in a closet while everyone is playing hide and seek. Blake talks with Frank on the phone about her plan to break in somewhere to make up to Ross what their affair being exposed cost him. (Part 4)

Roger and Holly talk with understanding about the past and how much Blake means to both of them as Blake breaks into Leo Flynn’s senatorial campaign office to help Ross. (Part 5)

Bill and Vanessa are freed from the locked closet (too soon IMNHO) and discover a room full of people waiting including a TV camera there to get B roll of Ross and the kids for his senatorial campaign. Henry is a ghost and looking for Jenna. Fletcher and Billy have words over their interest in Vanessa. Eleni moves out of the Spaulding Mansion and in with Frank, taking nothing, but what she brought with her. (Part 6)

Henry confronts Jenna over finding her going through his office. Henry: “If you’re counting on there’s not fool like an old fool, you’ll be sorely disappointed.” Henry is still working on putting together who Jenna is and exactly what went on. With her hand literally on the doorknob to walk away Eleni learns she is pregnant. She thinks it’s Alan-Michael’s baby because she thinks that was when she was most likely to get pregnant. Really A-M had replaced her birth control pills with candy and the future baby is Marina who is Frank’s daughter. (Part 7)

Closing Credits (Part 8)

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Bauer BBQ 1989

July 1, 2014
Ed Michelle Rick Maureen Fletcher 1989

Ed Michelle Rick Maureen Fletcher 1989

The BlueRose channel recordings are full episodes, but they do have commercials. They are from the original 1980s airings. Also, look for great really little girl Michelle bits in the July 4th and 5th episodes with close ups and an actual lines, etc. I’m including the episodes from July 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The channel continues with the episodes and you find them there.

Among the biggest stories are Dylan returning to town causing problems for a otherwise happily married Alan-Michael Spaulding and Harley Cooper, Maureen and Ed Bauer being separated with part of the problem being caused by Holly on his side and Fletcher on hers, Alan is about to go prison for accidentally shooting Phillip at his wedding, etc. bringing to an end the first awful Alan recast, Roger has been revealed and he has gotten a literal get out of free card courtesy of the CIA, “Sonni” has been partially exposed and Josh is divorcing her having already reconciled with Reva, Rusty is still obsessed with getting Will who is currently married to Mindy although they are divorcing, Billy and Vanessa are estranged, Johnny and Chelsea are about to start his TV show, Frank is looking out for Sam as a favor to Ross, and Rick and Meredith have just separated.

July 3, 1989

Sam Marler is working at the Wheels and Meals Diner where she talks to Frank who claims her as kin because they are brother and sister in law once removed because her biological brother Phillip’s adopted brother Alan-Michael was currently married to Frank’s sister Harley. Sam is still being a romantic. Frank hasn’t yet fallen in love. ¬†This episode is a great episode showing the original Wheels and Meals Diner set. Sam is the child that Justin and Jackie Marler had when they reunited for the last time. Jackie died in a plane crash when Sam was still a baby. Justin took her out of the country to be raised.

Ed claims that the Bauer BBQ has been going on every July 4th since he was a little kid and questions having it this year, but comes around. Ed and Maureen were separated at the time and Ed had moved Holly into the house. I really liked Holly’s hair in this. Ed hadn’t yet had an affair with Lillian so she really isn’t a hot button at this point. Rick announces Meredith Reade (Rick’s wife) has left him. Meredith found out that she wasn’t able to have kids and already having felt self-conscious about the fact she was older than Rick, she left feeling that she’d only trap him by staying. Rick didn’t want her to go, but even in her sacrifice Meredith showed how selfish she always was. When Meredith and Rick thought they’d broke up forever, Meredith had a one night stand with Phillip and she got pregnant. Rick¬†didn’t find out until after Rick was given the choice to save either save Meredith’s life or her baby’s. Phillip still advised Rick to save Meredith. Nice shout out that Rick used to be called Freddie and a nice speech by Rick with both his trademark humor and an insightful analysis of his own character.

At this point Alan-Michael and Harley are happily married, but Dylan is intent on wining back his old flame and she cooperates enough that she pushes Alan-Michael into a panic that ultimately causes them to divorce. Dylan has brought something by to give to Harley and A-M doesn’t give him a very warm welcome. Actually A-M and Harley originally moved back to 5th Street because A-M didn’t get his trustfund, but they slowly came to love each other and buckled down and made things work and eventually A-M got his money back. Dylan hadn’t written because he was illiterate.

Meanwhile Sonni and Josh are getting a divorce. He’d married Sonni when he went down to Venezuela and thought she died there. She returned from the dead just about the time he and Reva were getting back together in Springfield and although Josh messed with Sonni by trying to save their marriage, ultimately Jeva reunited and Sonni was left even more of a mental wreck than before. Sonni runs into Roger Thorpe and they have a great conversation. (8:39 is a commercial on The Young and the Restless showing the guy who DID rape Cricket, Michael only intended too)

July 4, 1989

We find the last touches being put out for the Bauer BBQ. A shout out to one of Bert’s recipe. Michelle comes in with Maureen and Fletcher. Maureen was pretty classy in introducing Michelle to Holly. Roger had gotten a pardon for all charges pending when he “died” in return for acting as an agent for the CIA. Meredith is Flether’s sister. Alan-Michael’s mother Hope was Rick’s first cousin. Frank still believes Nadine’s cover story that Buzz was dead. Johnny Bauer is descended from Papa Bauer’s brother Otto and his wife Myra Bauer and apparently they live in Brice Lake, Wisconsin. Johnny is Ed’s third cousin. I don’t really remember his parents whose names are Jack and Lanie Bauer. Johnny, having recovered from the “terminal” cancer that he faith healed himself from and that robbed Roxie of her sanity without a glance backward, Johnny has moved on to Chelsea and they will both star on his new television show, “One on One” at WSPR-TV¬†. That’s a pretty horrible fight in Ed’s flashback. Maureen’s friendship with Roger really was an important drama point in the series. Hating Roger did rule Ed’s life for awhile. Maureen is right, Ed looks much better when he’s happy.

Will Jefferies came in as Josh’s good friend, but he eventually recovered his memory and his evilness came out especially wanting to get Josh. It was his fault that Reva and Josh broke up because he faked Marah’s paternity test to make it seem like she was Kyle Sampson’s child, which really wasn’t true. By the time Will married Mindy his evilness was out to himself, but he was still doing his best to hide it and truly thought he could be saved through Mindy’s love. It didn’t work out. Rusty resigned over this Will Jefferies mess. Honestly I don’t know why Rusty is so upset, even though Will did kill his wife Rose aka Rosie, I don’t think it was any loss and Rusty belonged with Mindy. I just don’t understand the fuss over Rose, she was SO annoying. Fletcher had married Maeve Stoddard a year ago at the Bauer BBQ and she died in an helicopter crash soon after.

I’m glad Wanda, the Lewis secretary was there, I love her, I don’t know why she’s with someone other than her husband Lowell. Wanda brought Three Bean Salad made with 5 beans, Green, Wax, Pinto, Kidney, and Lima, she also used Tabasco sauce and hot peppers.

A flashback from the day before at the end of an episode?¬†(Just after 23:00 is a commercial for Paradise aka Guns of Paradise which was a terrific western that sadly didn’t do very well in the ratings, check it out if you ever get a chance, my favorite toast comes from it.)

July 5, 1989

We start watching the fireworks at the Bauer BBQ and Michelle not liking Ed ignoring Maureen for Holly. The sparkler going out does sound like omen. More flashbacks from the last couple of days. Holly decides to move out and tells Ed.

Sonni and Roger are on a date. Nothing good can come of this, although I love her outfit. I also really love the decor here, I wonder if it’s the Springfield Inn? (I found another clip from later that month, it is definitely the Springfield Inn) Sonni gives a summary of her current backstory around the 30 minute mark. Roger really either needs a tie or to unbutton his top button. He’s looking too Adrian Monk like here.

Frank Cooper continues to look out for Sam Marler at Uncle Ross’ request.

The Spaulding Mansion is next door, so it makes sense if Dylan was mowing there, he’d hear the BBQ. Henry visits Phillip and talks about how Alan has confessed to everything and is prepared to take his punishment. Blake is gone because they are switching Blakes. It had still been the first blonde “Blake” up to this point, but it will be Sherry Stringfield when she returns.

Nice Billip tribute from Lillian and Phillip (13:00)

Johnny and Chelsea stumble on the homeless family that Frank fed for free earlier. ¬†They are living in a tarp down by the river. They for seem reason just answer all of Johnny and Chelsea’s rude questions. Johnny intends to put them on his new show, while there are several people Johnny knows who could offer the guy a job or a place to stay he decides to just put him on his new TV¬†show.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and¬†Guiding Light‚Äės biggest fans following in her family‚Äôs footsteps of¬†Guiding Light¬†fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find¬†Guiding Light¬†and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her¬†YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on¬†Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on¬†Twitter¬†and¬†Facebook.

Favorite Individual Episodes 4

January 9, 2014

These days most people are watching Guiding Light via clips instead of individual episodes. Learn more about clips here:

In some ways this is unfortunate because they were written, timed and paced with the idea that you would watch the whole episode. By only watching clips of a single story line you lose the interconnection of stories, the cuts between them, and the pacing. Some wonderful people load entire episodes on YouTube. I want to point out and link to a few of those that are just exceptionally well done episodes in and of themselves that taken as whole even out of context with surrounding episodes they are just a perfect mix and a true jewel to behold.

I’ll be posting these, not in any particular order but as I come across episodes that I think deserved to be singled out that I find online.

Fun Fact revealed: Ross was captain of his squash team in high school. They won the national championship his junior year. In football Nick McHenry was a wide receiver (presumably in high school, but they don’t say). A.C. was a defensive back. Frank Cooper was a linebacker. Fletch played “some.”

This is a great episode for showing friendships and character. A commenter identifies it as Thursday, April 16, 1992 which makes sense storyline and age of the kids wise so if that’s not it, it has to be close. This is roughly 10 minutes short of the whole episode.

I wrote about this episode here:

This is really a great episode. H.B. Lewis and Henry Chamberlain are over at their children’s house and Ben and Little Billy are running around and being boys. In the meantime Billy Lewis, Ed Bauer, Ross Marler, Fletcher Reade, Frank Cooper, Nick McHenry and A.C. Mallet kidnap Hampton Speakes to take him to a boys out bachelor party. Billy had Frank track down Hamp’s old high school car and a mechanic got it running and they were taking it to play football in a Big 12 conference stadium that Hamp had supposed to be going to play in before he blew out his shoulder before the game started. Unfortunately, Alan-Michael Spaulding on a mission of his own paid said mechanic to make sure the van broke down and left them in the middle of nowhere as a “gag.”

Although everyone offers opinions about the van, Frank, the former mechanic, tries to fix it while the rest of the group play football. Nice call out to history because A.C. and Mindy had dated before she got involved with Nick to whom she was currently engaged. At 8:45 of part 2 Ed catches a football and scores. I’m pretty sure Fletcher and Billy are fighting over Vanessa at this point, but I could be wrong out of context. Nick reacted to backfire with a post traumatic stress incident. Fletcher recalls being left for dead in Beirut. ¬†He doesn’t mention Ed was there too. At 4:50 of part 3 Little Billy worries about what he’s going to be and H.B. gives some great advice. And it ends with a great example of scenes continue underneath the credits.

There isn’t a lot of plot in this episode and while I honestly have a clear recollection of this episode what I remember so clearly are the scenes of Ben-Little Billy-H.B.-Henry just interacting with each other. I remember that moment when Henry asks what language the boys are speaking and H.B. answers Boy as clear as day. See 1:40 into clip 1. It made me feel great and like for one moment anyway everything was right in Springfield forever. I don’t need explosions or villains or plots. I don’t need action or shots or quick cuts or (even though the music is well used in this episode) musical montages. I just need more golden moments like this one. I think there must be others like me. Soap writers take note. I spent a lot of time looking for this episode (a search made harder by the fact I didn’t remember it was also Hamp’s bachelor party) and I’m very grateful that @Lutzie25 of the Marony page found it and passed it on.

Boys Night Out:  (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Frank never finished 11th grade in public school he earned his diploma in reform school. Nick was suffering from flashback to gunfire.

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