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Jeva Custody Case 1996 Feb 12 16 1996

August 7, 2017

I started going through and breaking Bandstand Mike’s episodes into dates. This run started on December 20, 1995. Our last post in the series ended February 9 1996.

Rick confesses to Annie he still loves her and wants her back. Alan tells Reva to give up the custody fight or he’s leaving her. Reva picks her kids. With Alan out of the picture Buzz attempts to move in and ignores Hawk’s admonition that Reva and Josh will always find their way back to each other. The Jeva custody trial moves forward. LAM are back together and sorry to have missed their original wedding date and are in a hurry to arrange another. However, they aren’t as in as much of a hurry as Susan and Nick McHenry who will marry and move to Europe within the next week with little or no warning. Amanda is found locked in the construction shed and is dangerously ill. She’s rushed to the hospital meaning Alan has two children in the hospital right now. Dinah solidifies her friendship with Dinah – which is good they both could use a friend. Hart is still determined to leave town and heads for the bus station.

Monday, February 12, 1996

I think Amanda is right about Ross being furious and on her side if he would find her or find out about it, but why would he think to look for her? He thinks she left his office to go home. Rick confesses to Annie he doesn’t think she and Josh will make it and that he still loves her. Alan tells Reva give up the custody fight, make a deal, or he’s out of their relationship.

Reva tells Alan that she needs him in her life. Amanda makes a foolish decision and doesn’t ask the guard for help. That’s kind of awesome that Amanda figured how to get out.

Ross: “I waited a lifetime to find you.”

Blake: “And when you did you couldn’t get enough.”

Dinah and Amanda find each other at a bar and commiserate. Hart heads to the bus station.


Reva tells Alan she’s choosing her kids, she isn’t pursuing the kids just to keep a link with Josh. He still doesn’t believe her. He gives Reva the house. She says she won’t stay there, but she and Josh later live there. Ross discovers Blake left her birth control in the bathroom despite Ross specifically asking her to use it to take the stress off.

Ross is concerned about Blake. Dinah and Amanda are quickly becoming drinking buddies. Dinah: “If you can unseat the henna head more power to you!” (Henna is used for various things including red hair dye.) Ross believes Josh is devoted to Annie. He’s normally not this stupid.

Nice for Reva to have reached out to Dylan even if it’s off camera. Hawk really looked cold in that coat. Great acting job. Hawk tells Reva that he was staying with a friend and got kicked out when he burned down the coach. Hawk also confesses he blew through all of Miss Sarah’s money on gambling. Josh is supporting Miss Sarah now. Look at Reva and that handkerchief. She genuinely cared for Alan. It makes no sense considering how she treats him later. Good for Amanda not letting Dinah drive drunk.

“All the damage fear has done.” That’s a perfect song for Bloss right now. The quilt on their bed is Flying Geese pattern.

Tuesday, February 13, 1996

It’s a new day in Springfield. Buzz shows up to visit Reva and is ecstatic Reva and Alan have broken up.

Annie and Josh are concerned about the hearing today. That’s too bad that Dinah responded with snark. I think Blake is trying to be nice for once. Matt finally gets to work and finds a truly unconscious Amanda.

Marah is upset that Reva is doing something that has upset Annie and Josh. Hawk (about Jeva not reconciling immediately): “That doesn’t mean it’s open season for every Tom, Dick, or burger flipper.” Buzz and Hawk clash over Reva. Good for Reva to stand up as an independent woman.
Reva: “I’m not a little girl anymore and I’m not Snow White waiting for some prince to come save me.” Buzz is indulging in some wishful thinking here.

Hawk turns up to see Marah. He brings her a Barbie like doll with a cowgirl outfit. I agree with Hawk someone should explain things to Marah even if it really isn’t his place. Amanda is rushed to Cedars. It’s a rough day for Alan with two children in the hospital. I’d say 3 months is a couple of months. That was pretty picky. Rick is called to the witness stand. Althea brings up Annie’s alcoholism.

Ross cross examines Rick. Ed is called to the stand. He claims privileged information and refuses to answer even when threatened with a contempt of court charge. I think the counseling stuff should be covered, but having to physically take a bottle out of her hands is direct experience and I do think he should be required to tell about that. Hawk explains Reva’s side to Marah. I’m kind of sorry Dinah outed Amanda. Blake kind of deserves it. Dinah’s right it’s a bit harsh to defend Blake to Amanda when Amanda was in the hospital.

Matt warns Blake and is shocked to hear Amanda was at least telling part of the truth. Ross walks by and over hears.

Wednesday, February 14, 1996

Alex finally shows up at Cedars to see A-M to find Nick and Susan already there this morning. I know it’s not nice what they are saying about Blake who I like, but I’m enjoying Dinah and Amanda as friends. They both need some female and friendly support.

About Blake Dinah: “She’s toast.”

Amanda: “Burnt toast.”

Dinah: “Soon to be turned into crumbs.”

Amanda: “And swept away. Bye-bye Blake.”

Alan shows up very concerned about Amanda. Why do you think Amanda could easily get out, Blake? I mean she Macguyvered her way out, but it wasn’t obvious.

Reva genuinely doesn’t know what Annie is talking about. I don’t blame Ross for being appalled. That is some mustache on the cop. Roger is still playing the distressed husband role. Luckily Dinah isn’t having it.

Nick and Susan are trying to keep prying eyes away from Lucy and Alan-Michael making out. We get a reference to Valentine’s Day. They were originally supposed to get married on that day. Which considering that was VERY close to A-M and Harley’s anniversary, it’s a little tasteless. Great job building up tension about the witness.

I don’t know why Reva objected to her lawyer. I think this is perfectly fair testimony especially because she had done absolutely nothing to help this woman even since marrying big money. Alex informs Nick and Susan who were talking about an impromptu wedding that she plans Alex: “the wedding of MY dreams.” Alan comes in informing the family that he has moved back into the mansion and that Amanda is down in Emergency. Roger continues to try and save his relationship with Dinah. It was Roger’s place originally, I don’t know why Dinah thinks he should leave.

Blake is put in the cell next to Brent Lawrence who is still insisting he’s Marian Crane. Roger is still focusing on how he NEEDS Dinah in his life. Sadly it’s because he’s embezzling her money and doesn’t want it to come out. Roger has a rare gift he can make you like him and hate him within the space of a handful of episodes and then do it all over again. Amanda to Matt about how she couldn’t break out of the construction shack: “Forgive me for never having watched This Old Shack.” That’s a reference to a popular PBS home remodel show This Old House. Annie testifies about her alcoholism and does a great job. (Honestly the only time I ever liked Annie on the show was when she was fighting with Ghost Reva otherwise it always seemed like even when she was happy there was a level of frenzied crazy eye right below the surface, but she did NOT deserve the campaign against her by Jeva which has already began even though Josh doesn’t realize it yet.)

Matt gets Amanda to drop the charges against Blake and is still on her case. Alexandra overhears his threat, but doesn’t know what Matt has on Amanda. Frank is frustrated about getting through to Brent and calls A-M. Dinah tells Roger that she isn’t having any that setting up Marcus and constantly seeing the look of pity in Holly’s eyes is too much she isn’t going back. Again it was Roger’s place Dinah moved in why should he leave?

Hart shows up on Dinah’s door. Blake is released and A-M shows up at the jail to talk to Brent. The judge rules that the kids stay with Josh, but Annie has to move out. I’m pretty positive, but not 100% that this is the tag for Wednesday, but the way it’s put together both the clips and the structure this could possibly be the before the credits of the next day.


Thursday, February 15, 1996

Dinah makes a crack about Hart not being the Prize Patrol – she is referencing American Publishing House which sent out a prize patrol with balloons and a giant fake check announcing you won so many million dollars in their drawing which you entered by buying magazine subscriptions. Frank Cooper decides he might be able to crack Brent by bringing in Alan-Michael and Lucy. Amanda is still sick (coughing) when no one is around, but not too bad. Blake shows up at her room to tear into Amanda. I think that Blake is wrong. Sure Amanda could have gotten out, but she easily might not have been able to. It was pretty clever of Amanda to come up with taking the door off the hinges and while she did hide from the guard, a cold night, a slack guard, and he might not have checked. It was a dangerous stunt if she didn’t follow up. Everyone is upset when Annie is ordered out of the house, but I kind of love this judge and I think he’s right.

Judge: “It seems to me that Mr. Lewis has been moving JUST A BIT quickly, starting with his petition to this court two years early to have Reva Shayne Lewis declared legally dead….your client brought a new woman into the lives of his children. He encouraged them to call her Mommy. It would almost seem to this court that he wants Reva Shayne Lewis to stay dead to his children.”

I think this judge is amazingly right on. Why didn’t Manny get HIM in divorce court so he could tell them to sit down and take a breath when they were rushing to get divorced? Buzz moves in to comfort and make a move on Reva. If the construction shack was so weak what was the point of it existing? It was supposed to be protecting those tools and it’s a semi-permanent set, it wasn’t exactly made of paper. Josh: “This shouldn’t be happening. It’s not fair. We both know who’s responsible.” Actually you’re exactly right, Josh. This shouldn’t be happening and YOU and Reva are responsible. Stand up and let Annie go now cleanly and she might still have a chance. What a great Ross and Ed best friend scene near the end. I just love it when they play that.

UPDATED January 9 2018: I realized I didn’t have a summary block so I added one and moved some of the quotes down a line.

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Memorial Service for Bert Bauer

August 29, 2016

This episode originally appeared March 7, 1986.

The main story is the Memorial Service for Bert Bauer. This earlier tribute I think was from the time Charita Bauer who portrayed her died about a year earlier than her death on screen.

The main storyline in this episode is Bert’s funeral, but this is a full episode so other things are going on in this same episode.

Some watchers might be wondering , who are Jessie Matthews and Simon Hall? They disappeared so completely after they left the show without few connections and no later mentions but this is who they are:

The short version of what you see today is that Simon and India had previously been involved they came to town with a plan to con Alex into thinking he was her half-brother and get him into the Spaulding name and inheritance. Actually he was the son of her ex-husband, Lujack’s father. However, either fortunately or unfortunately for Simon, it turns out with Alex and Jessie around he’s not quite the criminal shark he thought he was.

We open with Maeve and Kyle who have made the best of their for the sake of the child marriage and seem happy. Maeve has been ordered to bed rest because of her pregnancy with the future Ben Reade. India von Halkein is good friends with Maeve and shows up to visit. I absolutely adore Maeve and Kyle’s bedroom furniture set. I would totally buy one of those. India is divorcing Phillip which is a real shame since she is the only other woman besides Beth that I believe he could have really been happy with. India has been involved with Simon and thought he would marry her. Basically though Simon viewed her as more of a partner in crime with benefits and is far more interested in a familial relationship with Alexandra Spaulding and a romantic relationship with Jessie Matthews. This leaves India out in the cold.

Kurt Corday who is running Company has left an untrained Jessie Matthews in charge of Company all on her own when a bus shows up. (This happens in real life too, buses without warning are a real pain.)

Before Bert’s funeral, check out that of Papa Bauer’s Michelle’s great-grandfather’s from about 10 years before.

Bert and Rick

Bert and Rick

Bert’s Memorial Service is held in the Bauer House living room and seems to involve all the major people in town, appropriately dressed in mourning. On the show Bert was kept alive for a little while after Charita Bauer (her actress) died. She was out of town and lived long enough for Ed to bring her namesake Berta Michelle Bauer and for her to hold her. She passed on off screen shortly thereafter. It’s a fairly informal gathering after the actual formal service which was held off screen. They are sitting around eating and drinking with people feeling they are helping.

Attendees include: Henry Chamberlain, H.B. Lewis, Claire Ramsey, Ross Marler, Vanessa Chamberlain, Maureen Reardon Bauer, Roxie Shayne, Reva Shayne, Fletcher Reade, Lillian Raine, hospital guy I can’t remember his name, Warren Andrews, Ed Bauer, Rick Bauer, Billy Lewis, Phillip Spaulding, Kurt Corday, and a friend of Rick’s Amber.

This restored clip from CBS features the taking hands and then the montage with different music. It doesn’t seem to have gotten as much restoration as some of their other clips and isn’t as clear. Sadly it doesn’t include the news story close up or we might have been able to read it.

Rick always had a very special relationship with Bert. His desire to create a similar relationship with a child of his own will be the driving force of the character for the next two decades. He was devastated by Bert’s death.

I think the laughter of the others is realistic though. You remember both the good and the bad at a funeral. Actually Ed’s story about the breakfast he and Mike made is exactly how I like my French Toast. Everyone shares memories of Bert. My favorite is Vanessa saying how Bert was the first woman she’d met who could make the Lewis men cower. (Part 1)

We go back to Company where Jessie is overwhelmed. Simon helps by doing some magic tricks to keep the crowd from being restless while they waited for Jessie to get their orders. Two unrelated people show up and rob the cash register.

India complains about all of the time Simon is spending with Alex instead of her. Hawk arrives and as much as he wants he can’t dismiss him because of Hawk’s knowledge of his dealings and his being true love Reva’s father.

They did their frequent trick of announcing Mike had to leave after church service to explain why they didn’t pay to have him come back.

Ed: “You know a child has to have security, a feeling of security. It has to have absolute love if it’s going to have confidence in itself when it grows up and I want to give Michelle that kind of childhood. I want her to be part of a strong loving family and I don’t know for the life of me how she’ll get that with Claire.”

Ross is apparently back to dating Calla Matthews, Jessie’s mother. I’m sorry about that. I never really liked them together.

Reva had discovered a strange man in the woods. He’s suffering from a fever, but she’s been taking care of him on her own and hasn’t told anyone.

Fletcher had already dumped Claire which explains their snarky exchange.

Rick talks about his relationship with Bert and how special it was. Then he talks about his frustration with this drug addiction. (Part 2)

Hawk reminds Kyle of what he knows (that Kyle still loves Reva and secretly bought her Reva Bend – neither Reva nor Maeve know) and threatens to tell if Kyle doesn’t pay more blackmail. Kyle calls his bluff, but India hears his threat that eventually both Reva and Maeve will learn about what he’s done and how he feels. India overhears.

The Reardons excuse for not coming is that Bea had to stay out east because Annabelle and Tony are about to have a baby. Sorry they didn’t pay for them to come back, but So glad about the baby news. I love Tony and Annabelle and the news they are having a baby almost makes up for Tony, Annabelle, and Bea not being at the funeral as they should be. I’m so sorry you can’t read the article about Bert. I really can’t believe they didn’t read it out loud. What was the point of just showing a copy not clear and not big enough to read it on screen?

At this time Roxie was dating Rick, but it was a friend he confided in about his drug abuse not Roxie. So she’s feeling cut out and not understanding why. Unfortunately she has an inferiority complex so anything like this sets her off to acting out. The contest Roxie is talking about is the Sampson Girl contest Mindy Lewis won instead.

Rick finds inspiration in wanting Bert to be proud of him to go cold turkey on his pill addiction. Roxie doesn’t know either about the addiction or his decision to go off the drugs.

Fed up with Claire and her treatment of Michelle, Ed and Maureen announce that they are going for full custody and Fletcher tells Claire she should let them have it. (Part 3)

The final part is a montage of short scene clips and screen captures through the years. (Part 4)

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New Year’s Eve 1986/1987

December 31, 2015

The IN place to be celebrating this New Years Eve is the Blue Orchid, managed by former hospital executive and general cad Warren Andrews. Watching this in retrospect, 90s clothes had WAY too much bright color blocking. While pretty much everybody is at the Blue Orchid the young generation is away for a ski weekend at a large rented cabin. For a good summary of where we are in the story check out my post about the week before Christmas 1986.

Josh and Reva are newly reunited and Reva is barely pregnant with Marah. Dinah is newly discovered. This is still the first Dinah – really there wasn’t a lot of difference in the first two pale shadows of the Dinah we knew later and it’s pretty clear that neither would have survived life with the carnies. Except for a reasonable resentment towards Vanessa, Dinah is still a sweet girl. She’s living with her newly discovered father Ross Marler, but he’s not really ready to face a daughter he never knew is all grown up – hence the dress. Dinah instead wants to wear the dress from Reva’s wedding. That would be the second broken up Reva-Kyle wedding. Dorrie, Dinah’s once lost foster sister and the unlikely savior of India at the camp where India was sent on community service for her last crime. Reva is working as photographer, has switched from having working for the newspaper and instead is opening a studio. Dinah is being Reva’s photographic protege and working with her boyfriend Cameron on the school paper. This has got quite a bit of Simon and Jessie who dropped so thoroughly off the Springfield radar that many people don’t remember them. Check this out if you don’t.

It’s New Year’s Eve and Rick, Simon and some of the gang have gone on a ski trip. Simon and Jessie broke up a couple months ago, but she has shown up at the cabin where they are staying, to tell Simon she is leaving to go to college at Duke University, and to say goodbye.

Rick playing doctor diagnosis Mindy with a bad sprain from trying too difficult a ski run. Christine – apparently part of Alan’s latest scheme involving art and having an eye on Johnny – is the blonde. A dark hair pageboy haircut girl shows up seeking shelter from the storm. Her name is Bambie and she catches Rick’s eye right away. (Part 2)

Mindy and Rusty are sharing a bedroom since everyone has to double up since they are stranded by a storm. Jessie’s car is buried in the snow. Dinah calls Lillian over for reinforcement when Ross gives her too young a dress. Vanessa is worried about Dinah and establishing a relationship with her. Dorrie is excited and wants to dance with the grown-ups. (Part 3)

The young part of Springfield is away at a Ski Cabin (not the Bauer) cabin. Rusty and Mindy are fighting fate which currently has them sharing a bedroom. Rusty sees someone right outside bedroom window and takes off. Simon – who is currently on the outs with Jessie – comes to check on her when she tried to drive away from the cabin in bad weather.  Despite India’s recent redemption, courtesy of Dorrie her adopted daughter (the girl dancing at the Blue Orchid), she attempts to blackmail Alan with a recording of him discussing illegal business deals. (Part 4)

Kyle and Maeve are there and dancing having left baby Ben with a baby sitter. Billy has gone to Venezuela to straighten out troubles there. The man outside the cabin was a hunter, but we’re focusing on the fact Rusty has a handgun. Simon and Jessie are snuggling in the stuck car. Ross: “I hear myself saying things I promised myself I’d never say if I had a child.” Ross and Lillian have a really nice conversation. Alan tells India that the people they are dealing with are WAY more serious than he is and they better cut out this blackmail nonsense before THEY hear about it. (Part 5)

Simon and Jessie leave the car and break into a nearby cabin where no one was home. Simon: “Remind me to leave some money and a note.” – Cause you’re SO busy right now. Back at the ski cabin Johnny is talking to a blonde I don’t know and Chelsea overhears her saying bad things about her late fiancee Jean Claude who was a major jerk. Johnny finally tells Chelsea about what he knew about Jean Claude being involved with smuggling. Dinah doesn’t like Vanessa because she’s the one who gave her away without even telling Ross she existed. (Part 6)

HB excuses himself from business when Alexandra returns to the table not to bore the “little lady.” Alex tells him what she thinks of that. Hawk is working up courage to ask Lillian to marry him, but her independence talk puts him off. Dinah and Reva have a talk. Dinah manages to put her foot in her mouth over Reva’s recent romantic adventures, but is insistent that Jeva should be married before the baby is born to give her a family. (And good for Dinah — they really don’t do so well in that department.) (Part 7)

Reva ignores Dinah’s very good advice. While Dinah rejected Vanessa for a long time, she immediately bonded with her grandfather, Henry. Henry gives good advice except he totally gives Vanessa a pass on this…and everything else. He urges Dinah if she can’t really feel respect toward her mother she should ACT like she does. Dinah thinks to herself that she’s doing good not punching Vanessa out and decides it’s better to take off. Alan and Alexander have a nice conversation and Alex says she thinks she’ll find a mysterious new man in the new year. (Part 8)

Simon and Jessie make love for the first time. Cam and Dinah kiss at midnight. At the cabin they kiss around the group with Mindy/Rusty, Phillip/Chelsea, Roxie/Johnny, and a dark-haired pageboy haircut girl that I don’t recognize and Rick getting the long Midnight kisses. Who you kiss at Midnight on New Years is supposed to be the person you’ll spend the next year with. At the cabin Chelsea starts to sing Auld Lang Syne and it spreads throughout the room and to the Blue Orchid. (Part 9)

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Final Brent Lawrence Terror Part 1

October 30, 2015

This didn’t happen on Halloween, but it really should have. The Brent Lawrence/Marian Crane storyline is one of the spookiest that Guiding Light ever did and is well remembered and often mentioned even today. So I’m taking it upon myself to share some of this spooky tale in honor of Halloween.

Although these chunks of episodes aren’t dated beyond the month and year in their descriptions, I’ve added dates. Sadly I don’t have day to day descriptions, but there was a very distinct episode that aired at Christmas last year. Starting forward from that known date and carefully comparing the calendar and known dark days, I’m 98% confident in the dates I’m assigning. See the last batch of this run here:

I’m starting the part numbers over again for this post.

Justin Deas explains why they switched Brents about halfway through this clip:

This post covers the episodes from January 9-19, 1996. The main story is the Brent Lawrence/Marian Cramer meltdown. Brent, who had some reason to complain because Lucy was really dating him while she was still hung up on Alan-Michael, took things way too far. Brent raped Lucy and was furious when Lucy told and he was fired. He attacked them and was believed killed on the docks. Instead Brent’s sister Cassie had helped him to escape. He returned to town and Spaulding Enterprises as Marian Crane. Crane befriended Lucy pretending to be a fellow rape victim and cause many problems over the months, but always leading up to his kidnapping Lucy which happened right before we pick up.

The other big story right now is that Josh found out Reva was alive by finding her in Alan Spaulding’s jet drinking champagne and planning on leaving town and never coming back (she had decided it would be better for Marah & Shayne not to disrupt their family with Josh/Annie). Josh was furious and now Jeva are in full dirty fight mode over the custody/visitation of their kids. The fight gets more vicious throughout these episodes.

This is in the middle of depressing failure of the Quola return. In these episodes we get even further assassination of Quint’s character (now he’s tossing his kids away without so much as a glance back) and Nola is depressed. Said tossed away child, Anthony James Chamberlain shows up and almost immediately starts a romance with his adopted cousin Michelle Bauer.

Connected with the Brent Lawrence story, is the Marcus Williams story because he was under arrest for having killed Detective Cutter, a crime really committed by Brent Lawrence. That also ties in with the Roger Thorpe story. He’s currently married to Dinah Marler to get her trustfund and Dinah refuses to believe the warnings she’s been given and still defends Roger. Hart has come back to town and revenge on Roger for causing his grandfather’s death (which I think Roger was totally guilty of) and part of his plan is to get close with Dinah to break up Dinah and Roger. Meanwhile Bridget hopes Hart is back for her and Peter. — He isn’t.

Abby is living at the Bauers, but is still in her Goshen clothes. Michelle encourages her to dress up to attract a man and it sort of works as she and Rick have a pretend date.

Tuesday, January 9, 1996

Lucy Held Captive by Brent/Marian

Lucy Held Captive by Brent/Marian

I’m so used to seeing Frank as a detective in a suit, it’s still kind of a shock to see Frank wearing a uniform and working with a partner. Reva with a sudden artistic talent draws an exact duplicate of Brent Lawrence. Alan-Michael realizes this means Brent is alive. Lovely fantasy dance sequence set at the ball. I wish it had been shot a little clearer, but still very lovely. Sadly it turns nightmare at the end. (Part 1)

Dinah tells Hart more about being raised in a circus. Dinah tells him that she had a dog named Beauregard and a chimp named Capone. Also, she tells him she rode animals in the parade especially a favorite lion named Majesty and was the target in a knife throwing act. Griffin tells Gilly about how Vivian was when he knew her as an activist. Lucy wakes up from her nightmare and finds Brent back in full Marian guise near her bed. (Part 2)

Josh is on the front porch of the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams when Marah comes out having been woken up by a bad dream at sunrise.  Alan rushed to get dressed to go and help Alan-Michael despite the fact he’s angry at him. It really is a shame that after all this work in the setup they had to switch Brents. Credits at the end of this part. (Part 3)

Reva tries to talk sense to Alan about Alan-Michael. It’s definitely the next morning. Reva explains that she understands because Alan is also dealing with his children and having to deal with being cut off from them when he’d never hurt his children on purpose. Alan-Michael brings the drawing of Brent to the police to convince them that it’s him. Lucy tries to figure out what’s going on with Marian. Marian has Lucy in the Springfield lighthouse. Lucy discovers that she can get out to fog shroud parapet, but not out of it. (Part 4)

Annie comes out and is pretty nice about Reva hurting them. Marah resolves to try to like asparagus and to be nice to Shayne. Annie has the stupid idea that Josh being aggressive sexually after seeing Reva meant he was over Reva. Hawk is in the hospital and is malingering. Alex is trying to get him up. Alan-Michael keeps pressing and finally causes them to consider it. We review Brent’s/Marian’s crimes. (Part 5)

Marian admits to his crimes. Buzz turns on Alan and then remembers Brent and Lucy being held for trespassing into the Country Club pool. They weren’t arrested, but Brent had his fingerprints taken. Alex tells Hawk all about what Reva did at the ball. Hawk assures Reva that Josh never stopped loving her. (Part 6)

Hawk tells Reva about Josh after her “death.” Even though it’s the day after New Year’s Eve aka New Year’s Day, Springfield is back in business with Josh and Annie going to work and Marah going to school. (Part 7)

Marian tells Lucy that she killed Nadine. They found the fingerprints that Cutter took and prove that Marian is Brent. Marian reveals herself to be Brent to Lucy. (Part 8)

Josh refutes Hawk’s claim that Josh still loves Reva. Hawk: “This whole thing with Annie Mutton…” Reva runs into Annie literally in the hospital corridor. Marian rips off her face to reveal Brent. Alan-Michael realizes Brent’s sister had to have been in on the deception. (Part 9)

Wednesday, January 10, 1996

Josh has Ross working on straightening out his martial mess. Reva shows her claws to Annie at the hospital. Alan-Michael stops by Susan’s hotel room to catch her and Nick up. (Part 10)

Brent toys with Lucy. Nice effect with the lighthouse calendar in the squad room. Annie and Reva fight in the corridor. (Part 11)

Reva and Annie escalate and Rick intervenes. Annie’s blow to Reva, hit Rick too. Rick to Annie: “All you managed to do was make her angry and with Reva that ALWAYS means trouble.” Nick actually acts like a cousin to A-M for once. Nick agrees to help dig up information and suggests contacting a specialist in criminal behavior. Lucy contemplates jumping off the catwalk rather than let Brent touch her. (Part 12)

Lucy and Brent struggle on the parapet. Buzz apologizes to Cleary and asks to help with the investigation. Reva and Josh meet in the hallway and argue. Josh reminded Reva of their history. Josh: “I want the pain to stop…….I care Reva, I care a lot more than you know.” (Part 13)

Rick talks to Annie about her conflict with Reva. Annie is in total denial. Hawk calls Rick over and talks to him about Josh, Reva, and Annie. Brent: “You don’t get to decide when you die. I DO!” Lucy tries to reach Marian in Brent, but fails. He tells her that he set her up because she lied and told people he raped her. (Part 14)

Only after A-M suggests it does the search extend to Marian’s work computer. Hawk: “Help you see the writing on the wall.” Rick: “I’ve never been that into graffiti.” Mr. O’Rourke is an assistant DA. He agrees to have (Part 15)

O’Rourke announces he’s arrest Reva instead. Lucy leans on Alan-Michael’s love from afar. Marian’s computer gives a frightening message from Brent. (Part 16)

Thursday, January 11, 1996

Nola and Bridget are in the Reardon Boarding House kitchen. Bridget is on edge hoping Hart will stop by. Hart is stopping by Roger’s to work on Dinah instead. Marah is home from school for a teacher’s conference and is moping around. (Part 17)

Reva reacts badly to being arrested. She is charged with being an accessory to bigamy before the fact. Honestly I don’t know how they managed to turn this around. I’m kind of with Alan on this. I hate how Reva and Josh blindly slash out at each other. Nola pushes Bridget to pursue Hart. Vanessa and Matt stop by to take Peter for an outing, but Bridget won’t let him go since Hart is supposed to stop by. Hart and Dinah commiserate about being ignored by their parents. (Part 18)

Vanessa, not really having much of a legal leg to stand on, is always very nervous and defensive about other people being involved in Peter’s life. Hart being back means Vanessa is worried that Hart will try to cut her out of Peter’s life. Whenever Nola isn’t happy in her own life she gets very prickily to Vanessa.  Oh come on, Vanessa, get over yourself. Hart should have the right to see Peter if he wants. Even if Bridget wants Hart (duh! she has for years) still not any of Vanessa’s business unless she knows something horrible about Hart we don’t know. Matt and Vanessa reminensce about how Matt looked up to his fun Aunt Nola. That’s ironic Matt, Nola grew up wanting to live ANYWHERE else. Nola brings up her pain over Quint. (Which still he never EVER would have done.) I really like the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams set. This friends scene between Annie and Blake makes you really sad thinking about what happens later. One of the things Jeva like to ignore later is how Annie was always a strong support for other women in the community. Alan arrives in time to ride to the rescue. (Part 19)

Josh and Reva call each other’s bluffs. Josh asks Reva what she said to Annie. Reva tells him how Annie spelled out how they had sex. Nola talks to Matt about how she loved Quint and how much it hurt when he dumped her and how it changed her. Then Matt told her to back off on Bridget, she was a grown up. Bridget holds up against Vanessa not wanting Hart around Peter. Hart talks Dinah into going out to Jessup Farm with him. (Part 20)

Blake and Annie have a friendly chat about how much Josh loves Annie. Marah overhears and is upset when she realizes what annulled means. Josh and Reva talk about where they are now. Alan rubs it into Josh that he and Reva are sleeping together. Hart tells Dinah all about the Jessup Farm and then fell through the ice. (Part 21)

Dinah gets Hart out of the pond. Vanessa and Bridget fight over Hart. Nola talks about her fantasies and her continued pain over Quint. Josh says he doesn’t care. However, Josh reacts coldly to Reva. (Part 22)

Ross needs to leave. Josh and Reva are still fighting. Marah takes Annie’s four leaf clover pin. Hart finally arrives. Bridget fantasies about Hart. After he collapses, Dinah drags Hart into the farmhouse. (Part 23)

Dinah pulls the wet clothes off of Hart. (Part 24)

Friday, January 12, 1996

Marcus is still under arrest for Cutter’s murder. His father Griffith (who was apparently so upset about his son that he attended the country club ball) drags Ross there to get Marcus sprung. Alan-Michael and Frank continue to fail at locating Brent. Lucy considers her options to escape, but Brent returns wielding a knife. (Part 25)

Dinah covers Hart with lots of layers and then climbs into bed with him to share body heat. Alan-Michael is standing there with his coffee spilled on the floor. Brent tortures Lucy bringing her lunch. Griffin drags in the press. Griffin throws a fit. Frank finds Brent’s sister, Cassie Lawrence. (Part 26)

Ross clarifies what’s going on with Levy. Marcus agrees to keep things quiet to help Lucy. Levy agrees to talk to the judge to get Marcus bail without leaking what’s going on. Marcus apologizes, but I don’t think he means it. Levy says he has three children. Cassie resists questioning. Cassie sees the video and finds out Brent is Marian who Cassie thought was his roommate. Buzz fitzes with the toaster to keep his mind off Lucy. The hooker returns to the diner and talks with Buzz. The hooker knew Nadine and reminiscences about her. Frank drags Cassie down and shows her the body from the lake. Lucy remembers Nadine giving her a locket that belonged to Buzz’s mother. (Part 27)

Lucy lashes out at Brent after he details killing Nadine. Brent flashes back on his mother degrading him. Frank ironically commiserates with the family of the killed woman (not knowing it’s Nadine). Sounds like Nadine was a better mother to this hooker girl than to her own kids. Hart declares he’s come around and now appreciates Dinah. (Part 28)

Hart starts making a move on Dinah. Dinah starts a fire. I love Dinah’s outfit. Lucy yells at Brent while he hears his mother and Cassie admits their mother abused Brent. (Part 29)

Alan-Michael rejects Cassie’s attempts to excuse Brent through the abuse he suffers. Marcus has a new bail hearing. Having gotten a fire going and implying to Hart that she wasn’t interested in him, Dinah leaves. (Part 30)

Levy follows up with the judge as he said. The judge sets a high bail. Dinah shows up in time to hear about her good friend Marcus’s release on bail. Lucy thinks she’s reached Brent, but Brent announces he’s going after Alan-Michael. Seeing the body’s personal effects Frank recognizes them as Nadine’s. (Part 31)

Nola drags a chair in off the street with David’s help. Frank explains how he knows the stuff is his mom’s. (Part 32)

Monday, January 15, 1996

Frank reacts badly and remembers Nadine’s dentist so they can check dental records. Fletcher reassures Holly and then Ben shows up and busts Holly and Fletcher’s chops over kissing in public. Quint calls Nola, but they have a bad connection. Quint is calling to warn Nola that he can’t find J. (Part 33)

Marcus and Dinah are talking and making peace as good friends. Hart comes in and he and Dinah spar. J comes in and hits on Dinah. Frank shows up crying. At first Buzz is relieved when Frank says it isn’t Lucy, but he’s devastated to realize it’s Nadine instead. (Part 34)

Michelle and Bill are also there at Company and Michelle takes an immediate interest in her adopted cousin J. Dinah calls him on the carpet correcting his Egyptology. Bridget confronts Hart that he had promised to take Peter sledding and didn’t show. Buzz breaks down thinking about Nadine. Frank reveals to Buzz that Brent murdered Nadine before they thought she left town. (Part 35)

J comes after Dinah again. J asks Dinah if she’s seen places around the world and she says she has. Frank tells Buzz how they identified the body. Buzz explodes after realizing Nadine foresaw her own death. (Part 36)

Dinah and Bridget spar over Hart. Ben, Michelle, and Little Billy are hanging out together at Company. Michelle reveals she’s learning sign language to help Abby. Then Abby shows up. Marcus, Griffin, Gilly, Fletcher, Ross, and Holly talk about who might have set up Marcus. They suggest Roger might have been behind the framing. Nola calls J on the carpet. J announces he stupidly is calling himself J not even J. or Jay. Frank breaks down again to Buzz. (Part 37)

The group decides that Roger is probably behind this. Dinah stands up for Roger and storms off when nobody listens. Nola and J continue to talk about why J has just shown up. J says he hit on Quint’s girlfriend. Buzz gives Frank a coffee. Cleary does a Hail Mary over Nadine’s body. Buzz swears they won’t rest until they bring Brent to justice and then bring Lucy home. (Part 38)

Tuesday, January 16, 1996

Nola doesn’t buy J’s story and gets out of him that he was expelled from school. Eleni shows up and Frank tells her about Lucy and Nadine. Buzz adds that Marian Crane is really Brent Lawrence. Brent is typing up a message to try to lure Alan-Michael to him. (Part 39)

Brent taunts Alan-Michael over the computer. Brent confesses to Nadine’s murder. Eleni reacts to the news about Nadine. (Part 40)

Quint’s character takes another whack when Nola calls and off screen he announces he doesn’t want his son to move back to him. Eleni continues reacting. Cassie (Brent’s sister) is shocked to hear the recording where Brent admits to killing three people and having Lucy. She messages him on this feed with Alan-Michael and tries to talk him in, but he’s enraged by this betrayal. (Part 41)

Cassie gets upset that Brent may come over her and she runs off. Lucy reaches out to Nadine’s spirit for her to reach out and help both her and Alan-Michael. Down at the docks Eleni screams out her pain to God. (Part 42)

We see a darling Marina before she moved to California and she turned into a spoiled brat. She’s much more mature here than she will be later.  Eleni thinks she has an answer. ( A bit showing a staircase upstairs behind the bar at Meals and Wheel Dinner.) (Part 43)

Nola and J set ground rules for him living with her. Nola decrees that he hast to attend Springfield High. Michelle comes back into an immediate chemistry test with J. It totally fails in my opinion. Look at this typical R.B.’s Michelle reaction. She comes across as an idiot. Oh, hear that plot point drop when they try to convince people adoption’s don’t count and first cousins sleeping together isn’t icky. They will be unsuccessful this time, but later Jammy proves unstoppable. Eleni retells seeing Nadine. After Lucy yells for help, Brent shows up and drags her back to the bed. (Part 44)

From above we look down while Buzz reaches out to Nadine. Brent gives A-M instructions to come and turn himself over to keep Lucy safe. (Part 45)

Wednesday, January 17, 1996

It’s a new day in Springfield. Alan and Reva are talking while they wait for the lawyer he hired for her. Meanwhile Josh and Annie prepare to fight Reva. Brent has lured A-M to an abandoned ranger station. Althea Templeton is the lawyer Alan hired to represent Reva in the desert. Annie very motherly discusses with Josh whether it was a good idea to let Marah stay home from school? (Part 46)

Ross comes over and Annie and Josh prepare to leave for the courthouse. They are leaving Marah with an unseen “Mary” not sure if housekeeper or babysitter. Josh talks about how they lived in Italy and how great Marah’s Italian was. Brent shows Lucy that a timer is set for a bomb where A-M is. (Part 47)

A-M doesn’t beat the clock, but it only shoots snakes not explosives. In a temper tantrum A-M destroys the room and uncover’s Brent’s surveillance camera. They are burying Nadine (with full Eastern Orthodox honors – this is back when the people in town remembered they were different religions), but apparently are doing it so quickly no one could come to the funeral. They are doing some nice, positive Nadine being happy flashbacks. (Part 48)

Josh does a great example of step 4. The hearing proceeds for Josh and Reva’s divorce. Marah takes her Annie doll and runs away while no one is watching. Brent brags to Lucy his plan is fool proof. Nadine’s funeral ends with Frank laying a single pink rose on the coffin for Harley. Lucy offers herself to Brent to keep A-M safe. (Part 49)

A-M came back and told Frank about what happened in the cabin. Frank heard the recorded card play Lucy’s cry for help. Reva’s lawyer starts wiping the floor with Ross. The judge rules in Reva’s favor with the stipulation that she can’t upset her children. (Part 50)

Reva is excited at the prospect of seeing her kids, but Alan is more concerned with making sure Ms. Templeton knows which side her bread is buttered on. Buzz has a conversation with Nadine at her grave. Brent and Lucy try to play each other. (Part 51)

Frank and Alan-Michael argue about the best way to save Lucy. Alan tells Reva’s lawyer that since he’s paying the bills she’ll do what he wants, not what Reva wants. Meanwhile Josh and Annie can’t find Marah. Marah comes into the door and sees Reva, but after a brief confrontation Marah runs. (Part 52)

Thurs., January 18, 1996

Michelle is dressing for a date with J and generally acting pathetic. This is something Alan does. He manipulates court proceedings. Marah runs away from Reva and asks Josh to make Reva go away. (Part 53)

Josh has a good father talk with Marah. So Annie is handing out antibiotics without a prescription? Reva asks Annie to let it just be her and Josh with Marah and Josh backs her. Alan is right about that. This Jeva fight is more about them than the kids. J tries to touch Bridget for his insurance payment. She smells the snowjob, but makes him a loan anyway. Nola walks in and finds them. (Part 54)

Rick walks in on Michelle trying on clothes for a date. Abby got the idea that Michelle could help her dress up to get Rick’s attention. Bridget backs up J. Reva tells Marah about being a healing woman in Goshen. Reva offers a holistic solution for Marah’s earache and gives Josh instructions for a poultice. Annie stomps down to the carousel. She sees a box of champagne left over from the marriage and is tempted to break her sobriety. Alan overheard and offers his support. (Part 55)

Alan and Annie discuss their relative positions. Alan to Annie about Jeva: “Watching them fight is like watching them make love.” Reva’s plan worked and Marah feels better. Shayne comes running in. Josh talks to Shayne who somehow miraculously has kept an unframed photo pristine in his pocket. Reva says her favorite place as a young girl was the walkway in front of the nature center which had embedded stars. Nola claims she wants to save J from turning out as entitled as Quint. (Again, honestly it doesn’t sound like Quint at all.) Bridget: “You haven’t made any mistakes, J is a great kid.” Nola: “Yes, but I want him to be a great man and there are no shortcuts to that.” Michelle and Abby are still trying on clothes in the Bauer kitchen and Michelle has left a mes. With all the false omniscience of a teenager Michelle tells Abby she needs to dress differently to catch a man’s attention. (Part 56)

Nola says she’ll pay for the insurance, but that J needs to earn the money. Michelle shows up. Alan continues to try to make a deal with Annie. Reva decides not to push for once in her life and leaves after a decent amount of time. Reva thanks Josh for helping her with the kids and for being a good father. (Part 57)

Josh tells Reva that it didn’t go as well as she thought. Reva won’t listen, even though Josh is exactly right. Marah has a nightmare that Reva forced Josh and Annie to leave and took Marah herself. (Part 58)

Michelle tries to get J’s attention. It’s kind of embarrassing especially how he only gets interested once he finds out she has a driveable car. Meanwhile Abby had been trying on one of Michelle’s outfits when Rick walks in. Reva finds Alan and tells him how well it went. (Part 59)

Friday, Jan. 19, 1996

Rick is clueless that Abby is trying to impress HIM by dressing up. Dinah is on the case to clear Marcus and to find out if Roger stole the money and framed Marcus. Brent reaches out to A-M via computer and Frank discovers him. Lucy is listening to a tape recorder. (Part 60)

Brent talks to Lucy, referring to Marian as a separate person. Brent drags Lucy in to show her what’s happening on the monitor. Brent: “You could have had a real man instead you got a wimp in wingtips.” Frank begs A-M to let him help. Hart tries to convince Dinah that Roger set up Marcus (which he did). Roger comes back and finds them together. (Part 61)

Rick talks to Abby. Does she have a boy she’s dressing up for? Abby counters what happens on a date? Michelle apologizes for being a bad tour guide when J seems bored. She brings him a beach in winter. J hands Michelle a line about his mother doesn’t understand him. Amanda comes in and wants business. She announces that she’s holding a press conference to announce Marian was embezzling. (Part 62)

Amanda announces Marian Crane was embezzling. Amanda explains how she knows. A-M brings her up to date and begs her to cancel the press conference. Rick walks Abby through a date. Roger again asks Hart to forgive him and then wants to celebrate his business success with Dinah. Roger: “What am I being blamed for now, winter?” (Part 63)

Dinah tells Roger that she just found out he was behind the register right before the money was stolen. Roger says to convince Dinah he is innocent he’ll help get Marcus off. J and Michelle talk about dating. Jay wants to go on to the lighthouse. We don’t see much of the beach and it must not be our normal one because facing the beach the lighthouse is to the left. Normally it’s to the right and the docks are to the left. Lucy is listening to Brent’s recording talking about his plan. Brent caught Lucy listening to the tape. Lucy talks her way out of it and reaches out concerned because he was abused. Brent has brought a dress for Lucy to put on. (Part 64)

Rick and Abby continue walking through the date. “Don’t be sad the movie is over. They’ll make a sequel.” Amanda cancelled the press conference. This scene is more like the real Amanda, nice and competent, not a jerk. We didn’t get many of those with Amanda #2. A-M asks Amanda to look after the country. Lucy tries to reach out to Brent with compassion, but it doesn’t work. Brent says he was punished because he was a man. J and Michelle end up at the lighthouse. He wants to explore. (Part 65)

Rick and Abby’s pretend date continues. Roger left and Hart takes another run at Dinah. Dinah throws her drink on him. Roger tries to get information out of Cleary. It works she spills everything. Roger: “A dead man returns as a cross-dressing killer. Talk about ratings!” J and Michelle talk about whether they should explore the lighthouse further or not. (Part 66)

Watch for the next part soon.

Jeva Wedding Number 1 Cross Creek

July 21, 2014

Jeva WeddingI have to say to begin with I’m not a Jeva fan, but even so, I still consider Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne marrying for the first time at Cross Creek (aka Jeva Wedding Number 1) as the greatest soap wedding ever. It had everything a soap wedding should: ties to the community, beautiful location shots, beautiful clothes (that dress, that hat, Josh’s white suit), lots of family members, family traditions (which were carried on at future Lewis family weddings, not made up for this one and then forgotten), drama simmering beneath the scenes (will Rusty be able to get Will Jefferies, will Mindy and Rusty FINALLY get together, will Jeva find the perfect place for their wedding, will Reva make it to the wedding even after she was left behind, what is Reva’s big secret she hasn’t told Josh yet and what does that have to do with yon handsome stranger Dylan). In addition it just has normal wedding stuff all too often missing from soap weddings, Billy getting people to tape a videotape a wedding message to Josh and Reva, odd people dancing together, Marah running around giggling and dancing. It’s just the perfect soap wedding and makes you feel wonderful. (Except what is the deal with that strange looking guy being the minister?) I’m sure you’ll enjoy this, so welcome to Cross Creek and the biggest blowout it’s ever seen, the Jeva wedding, July 14-18, 1989. See summaries of other storylines below the clip links.

You may want to watch Bauer BBQ 1989 to help catch you up on the various supporting storylines.

P.S. If you want to know, weddings 2 and 3 on my all time best wedding list are Quola, also on Guiding Light, and Niktor number 1 on The Young and the Restless.

In addition to the footage of the wedding itself I’ve included links to some other materials (promo, restored clips, etc.) and linked to all the footage on the clip channel I got this from so it actually starts a few days before the wedding with prep. The entire first lead up to the wedding episode is available as part of the Bauer BBQ 1989 which was right before the wedding.


Restored Digital Clip:

Part 1 (Lots of cute Marah)

Part 2 (Billy takes Reva dancing)

Part 3 (Josh comes back and finds Reva asleep in bed with Billy, Lewis family argue over whether to have a big wedding at Cross Creek or not)

Part 4 (Reva finds a horse and races, they find H.B.)

Part 5 (Jeva plan a nap, Reva is excited about being back, she’s been away a long time, their nap is interrupted by visitors)

Full Episode with Original Commercials – July 11, 1989 (Highlight Clips Version continues below)

Part 6 (Reva wakes up early to go fishing, discovers Billy and Dylan sleeping in trunk, and takes Billy fishing)

Part 7 (Recreated Billy and Reva flashback to summer they conceived Dylan – don’t know yet)

Part 8 (Billy and Reva have an honest talk, Josh comes and finds them)

Full Episode with Original Commercials – July 12, 1989 (Highlight Clips Version continues below)

Part 9 (Josh and Reva go back to high school – This part is really, REALLY great)

Part 10 (Jeva look for a spot to get married)

Full Episode with Original Commercials – July 13, 1989 (Highlight Clips Version continues below) – 37 minutes in are the terrific Mindy and Rusty at the high school scenes that were cut out of the highlight clips, 55 minutes in is a dedication to Christopher Bernau (Alan Spaulding #1) on the occasion of his death.

Part 11 (Jeva spring their wedding plans on Hawk and Sarah)

Full Episode with Original Commercials – July 14, 1989 (Highlight Clips Version continues below) NOTE: One song muted because blocked otherwise according to channel owner.

Part 12 (Real cute Marah takes a bath, Lewis family fishing on wedding day morning)

Part 13 (Hawk and Sarah get ready for the wedding with some help from Marah)

Part 14 (More fishing, HB reminisces about Miss Martha, they compare Marah and Miss Martha’s photos, Reva talks about her psychological issues growing up as daughter of the help)

Part 15 (Billy and Josh talk about silver cufflinks H.B. gave them, then talk Billy’s football career)

Jeva and Wedding Cake

Jeva and Wedding Cake


Boat Across Lake

Shorter CBS Restored Version

Full Episode with Original Commercials – July 17, 1989 (Highlight Clips Version continues below) NOTE: One song muted because blocked otherwise according to channel owner.

Part 16 (Montage, Marriage Ceremony with Vows)

Part 17 (Rest of Ceremony and Wedding Dance)

Part 18 (Nice Rusty-Mindy scene ruined by his obsession with stupid Rose, Then lots of Billy’s recording of stories)

Part 19 (These family and friend stories ring so true and really help make the wedding)

Full Episode with Original Commercials – July 18, 1989 (Highlight Clips Version continues below) Honeymoon, Part muted around 30 minutes to avoid being blocked.

Here’s the bit with the sound:

Part 20 (Wedding Night)

Other storylines in the full episodes:

Roger revealed himself at Blake and Phillip’s wedding, saving Blake’s life. Since he was alive, he had to face all the legal charges that he was facing when he fell off the clip. Ross had been Roger’s lawyer when he first came to town and is defending him alive now. Roger was working as a CIA operative during the years everyone thought he was dead and that gets him off now. Since some of those charges involved kidnapping Holly she isn’t pleased to see him go free. Holly is wrong about Roger not trying right here though, he honestly is trying to make up for past wrongs. However, she’s right to some extent that Roger hasn’t changed. Roger spent his life being torn between wanting Spaulding Enterprises, money and power or Holly and relationship happiness. He really could never have both or decide which he wanted which led his actions to veer greatly between them and created lots of chaos in his wake. Phillip is very supportive of Roger right now because Roger saved Blake’s life and Phillip loves Blake. Alan is actually telling the truth (he’d faked proof of Beth’s death to help Phillip move on believing Beth was really dead), but he’s only telling it now as a last ditch effort to keep Phillip and Blake apart. Beth will soon be back, but only after they swap out Blakes.

In a storyline no one I’ve found liked, Rusty inexplicably dumped Mindy who was his soulmate for a mealy mouth, annoying, ex-prostitute named Rose. Rusty married Rose and she was recently murdered. Rusty suspects it was done by Will Jefferies who was then married to Mindy and he was right.

I don’t know who this Dana is and the couple who apparently want her to lose the child. Rick is especially vulnerable and protective of pregnant women right now because he’s just suffered through his first miscarriage with Meredith.

Johnny Bauer and Chelsea Reardon are currently a couple and working together on their new talk show One on One at WSPR. The people they are talking about using is the poor family they found in the 4th of July episode linked to above. Chelsea has an issue with Holly both professionally and because Holly is having an affair with Ed while Ed is married to Chelsea’s sister Maureen.

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Bauer BBQ 1989

July 1, 2014
Ed Michelle Rick Maureen Fletcher 1989

Ed Michelle Rick Maureen Fletcher 1989

The BlueRose channel recordings are full episodes, but they do have commercials. They are from the original 1980s airings. Also, look for great really little girl Michelle bits in the July 4th and 5th episodes with close ups and an actual lines, etc. I’m including the episodes from July 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The channel continues with the episodes and you find them there.

Among the biggest stories are Dylan returning to town causing problems for a otherwise happily married Alan-Michael Spaulding and Harley Cooper, Maureen and Ed Bauer being separated with part of the problem being caused by Holly on his side and Fletcher on hers, Alan is about to go prison for accidentally shooting Phillip at his wedding, etc. bringing to an end the first awful Alan recast, Roger has been revealed and he has gotten a literal get out of free card courtesy of the CIA, “Sonni” has been partially exposed and Josh is divorcing her having already reconciled with Reva, Rusty is still obsessed with getting Will who is currently married to Mindy although they are divorcing, Billy and Vanessa are estranged, Johnny and Chelsea are about to start his TV show, Frank is looking out for Sam as a favor to Ross, and Rick and Meredith have just separated.

July 3, 1989

Sam Marler is working at the Wheels and Meals Diner where she talks to Frank who claims her as kin because they are brother and sister in law once removed because her biological brother Phillip’s adopted brother Alan-Michael was currently married to Frank’s sister Harley. Sam is still being a romantic. Frank hasn’t yet fallen in love.  This episode is a great episode showing the original Wheels and Meals Diner set. Sam is the child that Justin and Jackie Marler had when they reunited for the last time. Jackie died in a plane crash when Sam was still a baby. Justin took her out of the country to be raised.

Ed claims that the Bauer BBQ has been going on every July 4th since he was a little kid and questions having it this year, but comes around. Ed and Maureen were separated at the time and Ed had moved Holly into the house. I really liked Holly’s hair in this. Ed hadn’t yet had an affair with Lillian so she really isn’t a hot button at this point. Rick announces Meredith Reade (Rick’s wife) has left him. Meredith found out that she wasn’t able to have kids and already having felt self-conscious about the fact she was older than Rick, she left feeling that she’d only trap him by staying. Rick didn’t want her to go, but even in her sacrifice Meredith showed how selfish she always was. When Meredith and Rick thought they’d broke up forever, Meredith had a one night stand with Phillip and she got pregnant. Rick didn’t find out until after Rick was given the choice to save either save Meredith’s life or her baby’s. Phillip still advised Rick to save Meredith. Nice shout out that Rick used to be called Freddie and a nice speech by Rick with both his trademark humor and an insightful analysis of his own character.

At this point Alan-Michael and Harley are happily married, but Dylan is intent on wining back his old flame and she cooperates enough that she pushes Alan-Michael into a panic that ultimately causes them to divorce. Dylan has brought something by to give to Harley and A-M doesn’t give him a very warm welcome. Actually A-M and Harley originally moved back to 5th Street because A-M didn’t get his trustfund, but they slowly came to love each other and buckled down and made things work and eventually A-M got his money back. Dylan hadn’t written because he was illiterate.

Meanwhile Sonni and Josh are getting a divorce. He’d married Sonni when he went down to Venezuela and thought she died there. She returned from the dead just about the time he and Reva were getting back together in Springfield and although Josh messed with Sonni by trying to save their marriage, ultimately Jeva reunited and Sonni was left even more of a mental wreck than before. Sonni runs into Roger Thorpe and they have a great conversation. (8:39 is a commercial on The Young and the Restless showing the guy who DID rape Cricket, Michael only intended too)

July 4, 1989

We find the last touches being put out for the Bauer BBQ. A shout out to one of Bert’s recipe. Michelle comes in with Maureen and Fletcher. Maureen was pretty classy in introducing Michelle to Holly. Roger had gotten a pardon for all charges pending when he “died” in return for acting as an agent for the CIA. Meredith is Flether’s sister. Alan-Michael’s mother Hope was Rick’s first cousin. Frank still believes Nadine’s cover story that Buzz was dead. Johnny Bauer is descended from Papa Bauer’s brother Otto and his wife Myra Bauer and apparently they live in Brice Lake, Wisconsin. Johnny is Ed’s third cousin. I don’t really remember his parents whose names are Jack and Lanie Bauer. Johnny, having recovered from the “terminal” cancer that he faith healed himself from and that robbed Roxie of her sanity without a glance backward, Johnny has moved on to Chelsea and they will both star on his new television show, “One on One” at WSPR-TV . That’s a pretty horrible fight in Ed’s flashback. Maureen’s friendship with Roger really was an important drama point in the series. Hating Roger did rule Ed’s life for awhile. Maureen is right, Ed looks much better when he’s happy.

Will Jefferies came in as Josh’s good friend, but he eventually recovered his memory and his evilness came out especially wanting to get Josh. It was his fault that Reva and Josh broke up because he faked Marah’s paternity test to make it seem like she was Kyle Sampson’s child, which really wasn’t true. By the time Will married Mindy his evilness was out to himself, but he was still doing his best to hide it and truly thought he could be saved through Mindy’s love. It didn’t work out. Rusty resigned over this Will Jefferies mess. Honestly I don’t know why Rusty is so upset, even though Will did kill his wife Rose aka Rosie, I don’t think it was any loss and Rusty belonged with Mindy. I just don’t understand the fuss over Rose, she was SO annoying. Fletcher had married Maeve Stoddard a year ago at the Bauer BBQ and she died in an helicopter crash soon after.

I’m glad Wanda, the Lewis secretary was there, I love her, I don’t know why she’s with someone other than her husband Lowell. Wanda brought Three Bean Salad made with 5 beans, Green, Wax, Pinto, Kidney, and Lima, she also used Tabasco sauce and hot peppers.

A flashback from the day before at the end of an episode? (Just after 23:00 is a commercial for Paradise aka Guns of Paradise which was a terrific western that sadly didn’t do very well in the ratings, check it out if you ever get a chance, my favorite toast comes from it.)

July 5, 1989

We start watching the fireworks at the Bauer BBQ and Michelle not liking Ed ignoring Maureen for Holly. The sparkler going out does sound like omen. More flashbacks from the last couple of days. Holly decides to move out and tells Ed.

Sonni and Roger are on a date. Nothing good can come of this, although I love her outfit. I also really love the decor here, I wonder if it’s the Springfield Inn? (I found another clip from later that month, it is definitely the Springfield Inn) Sonni gives a summary of her current backstory around the 30 minute mark. Roger really either needs a tie or to unbutton his top button. He’s looking too Adrian Monk like here.

Frank Cooper continues to look out for Sam Marler at Uncle Ross’ request.

The Spaulding Mansion is next door, so it makes sense if Dylan was mowing there, he’d hear the BBQ. Henry visits Phillip and talks about how Alan has confessed to everything and is prepared to take his punishment. Blake is gone because they are switching Blakes. It had still been the first blonde “Blake” up to this point, but it will be Sherry Stringfield when she returns.

Nice Billip tribute from Lillian and Phillip (13:00)

Johnny and Chelsea stumble on the homeless family that Frank fed for free earlier.  They are living in a tarp down by the river. They for seem reason just answer all of Johnny and Chelsea’s rude questions. Johnny intends to put them on his new show, while there are several people Johnny knows who could offer the guy a job or a place to stay he decides to just put him on his new TV show.

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Thanksgiving 1986

December 4, 2013
Thanksgiving Dinner 1986

Thanksgiving Dinner 1986 at the Bauer House

It’s Thanksgiving 1986 in Springfield and it’s mostly about the Lewis-Shayne clan. There was a big action/adventure story about the corruption going on in Venezuela, this story would continue unfold for decades playing into Bill Lewis’s issues when he returned for the second time in the person of Dan Cosgrove, kicking off the Bizzie romance. At this point there is active sabotage going on. Recently Mindy’s fairytale marriage to Kurt ended, when angered over their different attitudes towards money, he took a job in Venezuela to help pay back some of the money Mindy had borrowed from her family. While there he was killed mistakenly during a failed attempt to kill Josh. Although I never was a big believer in Kyle and Reva or that Reva would ever pick any other man over Josh longterm, but I did like Kyle and especially his evolving relationship with Billy and his determination to do the right thing by Ben. As you can see in these scenes they’ve totally thrown all of that away in order to excuse Maeve’s inexcusable behavior towards Kyle, explain Ben’s continued presence on screen when Kyle left town, and to facilitate a Jeva reunion, just in time for one of Josh’s previous wives to come back from the dead at an inconvenient time (actually Reva could have bonded with both Annie Dutton and Cleva over that one, but she doesn’t).

The other big story in town was the show’s first real attempt to duplicate the success of the Four Musketeers (they would try this several times over the years with the most successful being this attempt with Alan-Michael, Harley, Dinah, and Cameron filling the four slots).  Towards that end, the girl with the mysterious past has shown up in town and will soon be revealed that she, Dinah, is in fact Ross and Vanessa’s daughter via a long ago relationship. Dinah would be played by two very similar actresses in this first run on the show when her main attributes were being nice and sweet. A trip to Europe would bring out more of the hard struggle side of Dinah and she comes back to town a few years later as a vixen following closely in her mother’s mis-steps. Vanessa had given Baby Dinah up for adoption without ever telling Ross until recently basically because she felt a baby would tie her down and I think to punish Ross (pre-the revelation Billy would bring about in Vanessa, she wasn’t always a very nice person). Dinah is shown slowly fitting in at school working with Cameron. Following Four Musketeer tradition they formed couples and then swapped partners.

Lillian is currently dating Reva’s father Hawk. They dated for a long time and I actually think Lillian was most happy in this relationship with Hawk and they balanced each other well. I was sorry to see it end, though if Hawk was ready to show some good behavior, goodness knows Miss Sarah deserved to benefit from it since she put up with so much of the other kind from him. Ross is currently dating Calla who is Lillian Raines’s sister and Jessie’s (of Jessie and Simon fame) mother. Calla was a lot like a version 1.0 of Nadine. Besides both ladies dating Ross, they also were both manipulative schemers with big dreams (Calla had much better hair and was smarter, Nadine had more personality). A group of three cons have stumbled on to the fact that there is a secret involving Dinah and Vanessa. They haven’t figured out what it is, but thing they can make a buck out of it whenever they do. Hence they are duping the woman that Vanessa stayed with during the obviously showing months of her pregnancy to try to get information from her. The lead con is a busy character actor named William Hickey who did lots of roles on soaps as well as primetime. However, he’s best known as Uncle Lewis in the classic holiday movie, National Lampon’s Christmas Vacation.

Elsewhere on canvas there is trouble at the Bauers because Chelsea’s sudden fiance Jon Claude has dropped dead under Rick’s care and for some unfathomable reason Chelsea just assumes there is malpractice and is bringing charges against Rick, which is forcing Maureen as Cedars Administrator to take action against her own step-son and causing a lot of tension between Chelsea and her three main romantic partners on screen, Phillip, Rick, and Johnny. Chelsea is Maureen’s little sister and Bea is their mother and hence while Maureen would expect them both at a family get together she arranged – despite anything else going on. This episode features John Bolger in the role of Phillip and while most people much preferred Grant Aleksander, Bolger did a very serviceable, if understated interpretation of the role. This is a pretty good typical example of how he played Phillip.

Also there at Thanksgiving are Claire and Baby Michelle.


These scenes are from two episodes. The day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving itself. It seems like we might be missing a scene or two, but I’m not sure if we are are not. I think these two episodes together do a pretty good set up of what’s going on, but if you want to watch more the same channel has a few days worth of previous episodes. If you want to see Maeve stop the Reva-Kyle wedding the previous year which Maeve references doing and regretting, find the post here:

November 25, 1986

Part 1

Jessie wants to visit her dad. Calla is upset about both that and Ross and Vanessa working together to find Dinah who they haven’t met yet. Dinah and Carmen are working together on school paper. Lewis Oil trouble in Venezuela. (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

November 26, 1986 

(Part 1)  (Part 2) (Part 3)

UPDATED Nov 13 2016: I added the two photos and made some brief alterations to the text.

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Reva Jumps Off Bridge, Kyle and Maeve Wed, Billy Learns Miss Sally is his mother

January 23, 2013

During the push to find and watch Christmas episodes of Guiding Light I was delighted to find four whole episodes in a row from Christmastime 1985. I duly watched them all and discovered that except for a few decorations that were left around nothing remotely Christmasy happened after the first one, so I cut the next three and moved them to their own post because while they weren’t Christmas they do have several landmark events for the show and I wanted to include them.

Find the full previous episode for Christmas 1985 episode here:

These three episodes have a lot going on for the Lewis/Shayne family and will have repercussions for a long time. Reva Shayne had fallen in love with Kyle Sampson and had divorced H. B. in order to be with him. Part of the mess this caused was the mystery about his parents who had given him up as a child. Kyle thought he’d identified H.B. as his father and came to town to destroy him for revenge of being abandoned. To  cover up what H.B. saw as a worse secret he lied and said Kyle was his son when confronted. This caused a lot of angst and anger especially with Billy, but Billy-H.B.-Kyle had made peace and started to act like a family when it came out that while Miss Sally was Kyle’s mother like she said, his father was actually a Catholic Cardinal who couldn’t claim him without resigning from the church. H.B.’s worse secret was that Billy wasn’t Miss Martha (H.B.’s deceased wife)’s biological son afterall although he’d been raised as such. Instead he had been the product of a brief wartime affair between Miss Sally and H.B. so Billy and Kyle really were half-brothers after all. During the back and forth over all this Kyle had slept with the girl who had always idolized him now current Springfield Journal owner Maeve Stoddard who had pulled out all the stops in her efforts to win Kyle. Now she was pregnant with his child and once Kyle found that out, Reva, to whom he was practically at the altar to marry, knew they couldn’t marry because Kyle would never let his child feel rejected like he had felt growing up. Unfortunately Maeve-Kyle’s marriage proved the old saying about the road paved with good intentions and Maeve ultimately would fake a miscarriage to get Kyle out of her life and their son’s. While Kyle eventually found out the truth, uncharacteristically he gave up the child to Maeve raise alone anyway and Kyle left town. Reva has just learned that her own father Hawk Shayne had come to town, not to make up for abandoning them for years at a time while growing up, but because he was hired to bust up Reva and Kyle. Feeling utterly betrayed and with nothing left to live for, Reva takes drastic action that cold December night and she jumps off  a bridge (presumably crossing the Springfield River) in an attempted suicide, but thinks better of it before it was too late.

Meanwhile it had come out that Alex had married into a title to deliberately take the family’s prestige and money and her betrayal had lead to the Baron’s death. His daughter India showed up in town out for revenge and Alex seemed to hate her too, I guess for pointing out how awful what Alex did was when she didn’t want to admit it. Practically India’s first move in town was to put the moves on Phillip and frankly India was the only woman other than Beth that I could have seen Phillip with long term. They had fun together and called each other on their crap which they both needed. Unfortunately India valued revenge over their relationship and actually blackmailed Phillip into marrying her long before he was ready to and that has left a lot of secrets and doubts in their marriage and sadly she is still quite willing to carrying on with Simon (why I’ll never know, I’d take Phillip over Simon in a heartbeat). Simon is smug because while he is working with India he has a secret or rather two of his own. First, is that he’s about to claim he is Brandon Spaulding’s long lost son. Second, is that he is really the son of Alex’s ex-husband and half-brother to Nick McHenry and Lujack. Alex soon grows very fond of Simon and forgives him his deceit while never forgiving India’s.

Don’t remember Simon? Learn more here:

December 26, 1985

Kyle Sampson was just my type (dark haired and handsome) and I never cared for Josh, but I still never believed that Reva would pick Kyle over Josh. It just wasn’t something she’d do. I did really like it once Billy and Kyle made peace, really I liked Kyle’s relationship with Billy more than Kyle’s relationship with anyone else in town of either sex. Isn’t Little Billy darling walking holding his Daddy’s hands? (Part 1)

I really hate how they cut Kyle out of Ben’s life when we wanted to be his father so much and Ben needed one so badly. (Part 2)

That was an interesting take on how only a male can give someone else the family name and that is a big power. Maeve was clearly protecting Kyle which she didn’t do very often so it was good to see. Fletcher was continuing with his jerkhood. I never understood why Reva kept forgiving Hawk as he did one stupid awful thing after another. (Part 3)

The scene with Billy and Kyle is great. Maeve comforts Miss Sally. Has Alex forgotten all about Alan-Michael’s existence? India and Phillip were really great together. Alex and India were bitter rivals over the fact that Alex married India’s mother and took most of the family money and title. 1:45 More of Phillip’s writing. (Part 4)

Reva was really the only one who ever could control Hawk and keep him from doing something stupid, but only if she was there in person. (Part 5)

Reva leads up to jumping off the bridge. (Part 6)

Reva continues to downward spiral and Alex works to get rid of India. (Part 7)

Closing Credits (Part 8)

December 27, 1985 episode

Kyle Sampson Marries Maeve Stoddard Reva Jumps off bridge

Nice Stella Dallas moment with Reva looking in the window at the wedding party. (Part 1)

Miss Sally and Kyle make peace about the past. Maeve arrives for the wedding. Alex spins a web for India. (Part 2)

Maeve and H.B. have a heart to heart, so do Kyle and H.B. Simon who will go on to be part of Simon and Jesse and is currently after Alex’s money arrives. (Part 3)

Kyle and H.B. discuss Reva. Maeve and Vanessa have a heart to heart talk. Beth and Phillip talk about their Lujack biography/tribute project. Maeve tries to call off the wedding.  Actual Kyle Sampson – Maeve Stoddard wedding ceremony (Part 4)

Phillip and India were great together and frankly she was the only woman other than Beth that I ever really saw a potential for a long term relationship with Phillip, but sadly they weren’t ever a love match. There was a lot of potential there, but they never followed through on it. India had blackmailed Phillip into marrying her. She was in league with Simon against Alex I’m sorry to say. Not that Alex didn’t deserve it, but I wish India was trying harder to make her marriage a success instead of looking for revenge which would have been best gained by a long and happy marriage to Phillip anyway. (Part 5)

Phillip and Beth are snowed in at the Spaulding Retreat (which just mysteriously appeared). After reception of Maeve-Kyle. Alex and India are at war. Reva decides to jump off the bridge. (Part 6)

India and Simon flirt and then get caught by Alex. Kyle and Maeve leave for their honeymoon. Great Vanilly exchange and kiss. H.B. threatens to tell Billy the truth about his mother. (Part 7)

Closing Credits (Part 8)

December 30, 1985

Reva prepares to jump off a bridge into the icy water. 2:11 Look how urban the landscape is behind Reva. Which bridge is this? A previous storyline was about preventing Alan developing a pristine natural area also by a bridge. I like how the snow got knocked off the rail when Reva went over. (Part 1)

Nack commercial from The Young and the Restless (with Terry Lester). It’s a nice underwater flashback effect. Simon really never made much of an impression on me, but if he helps India against Alex he has my vote. There are many people Alex could go up against and I’d be on her side. India isn’t one of them. (Part 2)

Even though Vanessa was totally wrong in this case, she is smart. That was a clever and perfectly reasonable turn of events. I like that Reva was willing to live for Marah, unfortunately it was typical that she had forgotten all about her before that. (Part 3)

Maeve and Kyle start their honeymoon. Love that, it’s a “22 room villa on an island I own.” Love it when rich people are played as rich. Poor Billy that really was a hard thing for him to swallow to not be Miss Martha’s. (Part 4)

Billy reacts to H.B.’s revealing the secret. Which is thank goodness the last part of this complicated, convoluted plot.  Simon is cocky because he’s about to spring his trap for Alex, he will eventually warm to her and become quite close. Wouldn’t have climbing up on shore been a a lot easier than climbing a freezing cold METAL ladder with wet hands? Shouldn’t have Reva frozen to the ladder like if you stick your tongue on a frozen pipe? (Part 5)

All this talk about Ben’s future is making me so sad. I thought H.B. was a better man than this. This story of him and Miss Sally is more like the jerk Josh and Billy described before he came on camera. Miss Martha must have really been a saint, but I guess it does sort of sound like Claire-Maureen-Michelle.  I like Miss Sally saying Miss Martha was his one true mother. It’s true Miss Martha raised Billy, that’s what makes a mother.  Frankly I think Alex is full of it. Neither the Spaulding or company means much of respect. (Part 6)

Alex is right it is a plot, but it’s deeper than she knows and Simon while not who he’s claiming now, actually was a shirt tail relation. He is later revealed to be Lujack’s half-brother via his father. As many affairs as Brandon had, Simon’s story does make sense and I must say he does resemble Alex’s coloring.  It really was a shame Billy and Vanessa were just so happy right before that. It’s really kind of great that Reva saved herself. (Part 7)

Closing Credits (Part 8)

See the next time Maeve stops Kyle and Reva getting married:

Thanksgiving 1985

November 21, 2012

Soap Opera 451 shared this set of links to Thanksgiving in Springfield in 1985. Note there are a few sound issues with this one.

In 1985 the oil tanker has just blown up and an injured Lujack is in Cedars being treated by Doctor Louie with his family surrounding them. Lillian’s sister Calla and her daughter Jessie are also on hand. Meanwhile Reva, Roxie and Hawk are down in Rio where Reva is trying to divorce H.B. so she can marry Kyle before he finds out that Mauve is pregnant with is baby (the future Ben Reade). Mindy’s then husband Kurt and Billy are being held in jail so the rest of the Lewis clan brings Thanksgiving to them including some nice connection stuff with Vanessa-Billy and Little Billy.

Manny fans will especially want to pay attention to the fact that this is during the time Claire has custody of Michelle and does a terrible job as her mother. The rest of the Reardon/ Bauer clan and assorted friends are having Thanksgiving at the Bauer House. Michelle is darling as a real baby (not so nice as the obvious stiff as a board doll with a crier off screen). Descriptions and comments appear above the link for that session below.

The two REAL FULL Shayne sisters are together! Roxie isn’t crazy yet and is dating Rick (not a good pairing). Lujack is injured. Love some of the old 1980s hospital staff, especially Louie. This is the end point of Lujack and Beth (didn’t care for them either). Lujack was injured in a tanker explosion. Although Cedars will do their best, he will die of his injuries.

(Part 1)

The Reardon household is the happy spot around town. Maureen Reardon Bauer, Ed Bauer, Henry Chamberlain, Bea Reardon, Rick Bauer, and Fletcher Reade are all together celebrating.  Reva is in Rio, divorcing H.B. for Kyle. Actually despite everything H.B.-Reva was her most healthy marriage. I actually loved Reva-Kyle, but figured she’d be going back to Josh eventually. Despite the fact that Kurt and Billy are still being held, the rest of the Lewis family descended in mass to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. Kurt-Mindy were a nice couple (but had a better wedding – which was breath takingly wonderful – than they did a marriage). Some nice Billy-Vanessa stuff here and isn’t Little Billy darling? Although there was some confusion it turned out that Kyle Sampson shared a mother with Billy Lewis whose mother wasn’t Miss Martha afterall, but that red-haired woman, Miss Sally. Kyle had a different father, but as Billy’s half-brother I think he still counts as part of the Lewis family. (Part 2)

That is the H.B. I know and love. The blonde prep talking Alex is Calla who is Lillian’s daughter. Calla’s daughter Jesse who shows up here is part of the famous Simon and Jesse (see my FAQ post). Manny fans will REALLY want to pay attention here. The baby in the garage apartment is our own Michelle and that’s Claire coming apart at the scenes over taking care of her (and Fletcher’s desertion). Love Claire’s idea of cooking is a TV dinner. Maureen and Ed are broken up at the moment, but will reconcile before divorcing. (Part 3)

Kurt will be killed in an explosion on an oil rig in Argentina when he was mistaken for Josh. Yep, spilling in front of a cop was exactly the kind of thing that Kurt would do. Hawk always did do a nice comic relief. That’s a great Thanksgiving meal. (Part 4)

Kyle and Reva were great. However, Mauve who is pregnant with Kyle’s baby will be an issue. That child will be Ben Reade. (Part 5)

Kyle is being a jerk leaving. Oh, Little Billy is just so cute.  Claire takes to pampering well. I love Michelle as much as Maureen does. (Part 6)

Suzette is wrapping up a drawn out plot that included the tanker explosion. (Part 7)

Closing credits loved it when the scenes continued under the credits. (Part 8)

Amish Reva in Goshen

September 12, 2011

After Ghost Reva, the next storyline was Amish Reva. Reva wakes up as an amnesiac named Rebecca in the Amish community of Goshen, Indiana. I didn’t realize until recently that it IS a real town. It isn’t as heavily Amish as some other towns in the area, but they do live in there. For some reason this story above all of Reva’s improbable stories is probably the most made fun of, except perhaps the clone story. It even made it into a spoof almost 10 years later. Check out the Amish mob episode of Misguiding Light from 2002.

The clips below come from Sara31TX on YouTube. They are highlights and things I’d consider important scenes are missing, but a good chunk of the story and the most important points are included. I’ll continue to look for other stuff to add. There are a few brief Abby glimpses, but sadly not many.

Below you’ll see a brief description of what’s in the clip, my comments in italics, and then the link.

Reva wakes up in Goshen after her experience being a ghost. Josh and Annie drew closer while Marah was still in the hospital.
Another unusual exterior shot of Cedars. I absolutely love Annie’s hair like this. The picnic is funny considering how Annie later uses picnics several times to woo Alan. Josh if I had a nickel for every time you thought Jeva was over, I wouldn’t have to work. (Part 1)

Josh asks Annie to marry him via a Scrabble board.
That Scrabble stuff is pretty dang cute. Again if Josh had just admitted this was real even if he chose Reva over her I don’t think Annie would have gone so incredibly crazy. (Part 2)

Josh gives Annie a ring at a picnic.
Again Annie uses the same stuff Josh did for her and she did for Josh when she wanted to romance Alan. I hadn’t remembered that and it lays a whole new meaning on those Alan-Annie scenes. I like that Annie is being strong, but she should tell the truth. Annie though you should watch it that’s vintage Josh even over little things he just keeps pushing to get his way. I don’t know who started that ring in champagne business, but it’s stupid. That’s a lot of space when2 ppl kissing – body language? Glad that Annie went to a meeting. Glad Ed is there. I love it when they actually intertwine people as a community. Rick was furious when he left town Ed that’s why he didn’t turn to you. Annie, alcoholism is about only thing Ed won’t blame anyone else for. You don’t have to worry about that. Ed considering how you cut your children out of your life later, you don’t have a leg to stand on here. Josh it comes from the fact that you NEVER get over Reva. (Part 3)

Josh has to declare Reva dead before he can marry Annie.
I just love Marah and Josh. Rick really should have told the truth, I don’t know why he went along with this whole pretend never married lie. Especially since as he says here he grew up with an alcoholic and he knows what a problem lies can be. At least Annie didn’t sleep with Phillip, Rick. Beautiful suit on Blake. Josh is going to marry Annie, but hasn’t told Annie about how Reva died? So Josh never put through Reva’s will either? What a legal nightmare! Actually Josh the bridge wasn’t unfinished it was deliberately cut to create a passage way for boats, the rest of the road is closed. Also see this same bridge supposedly be blown up and driven off of in True Lies. (Part 4)

Ross says Josh needs to have Reva declared dead. He relives the day she was lost to Annie.
Glad they showed the rescue. If I’d written it we wouldn’t have seen Reva again so soon. So right now at this moment Richard is going insane trying to find his wife Catherine and their son Jonathan in distant San Cristobel. Annie: “Just try to get rid of me Josh Lewis!” I guess she really meant that. LOL Reva wrote BUD in the last pad even though you can’t really see it. (Part 5)

At this point, for some inexplicable many Springfield residences suddenly find themselves in Goshen, even though once Reva leaves no one ever goes back again.

Buzz and Frank end up in Goshen. Frank drove a classic car at the time. It was great. If you ever get a chance to see the Eleni-Frank “parking” scene do.
“Have Alan in jail until 2010.” – Harsh Frank but that’s funny about American roads. Buzz after everything you did, I think that’s a bit much. Buzz came to town after Reva left. Now BUZZ never seeing a photo of Reva I’d buy. That makes a lot more sense than Annie never having seen a photo of her. Buzz you better roll your tongue back up into your mouth. So Reva lost her memory and gained an accent? Buzz and Reva made wonderful friends but were never meant to be more. (Part 6)

Buzz returns to Goshen.
OK Reva there isn’t a reason to talk to Buzz, but there is also no reason not to. (Part 7)

Buzz leaves Goshen with a flea in his ear, while Josh and Annie play pretend to get married for Marah’s sake.
Smart storyline move tying Buzz in with the Lewis family. I wonder if Catherine had this speech pattern? If that hospital scene is supposed to be daylight, a lamp wouldn’t be burning and if it was night, one lamp wouldn’t make it that bright. I think Reva used a southern accent again on Bud. That’s a nice Annie-Josh family scene. (Part 8)

We see Reva as Amish. Marah doesn’t want Annie to marry Josh if it means he must declare Reva dead.
So is Shayne supposed to be a jerk or was the little actor just tired and cranky that day I wonder? I like Reva’s hair in a braid. I don’t think she ever wore it that way.  Actually I think Kim’s voice is better suited to that hymn than the torch songs she usually favors. 5:50 1st Abigail Blume Bauer mention Do we find out how Reva has an Amish house all to herself? (Part 9)

Hawk Shayne shows up to meet the Mutton woman and declares he believes Reva is alive.
A visit from Hawk could be good or bad. I think this time is good. Josh you didn’t even talk to Hawk and Sarah before you started proceedings to have Reva declared dead? That was kind of disrespectful.  “You know what a slowpoke sister could be, she never was on time a day in your life.” Springfield believed in fueling male nurse fantasies before they decided to go realistic with scrubs. Josh you should have listened to Hawk. I admit it’s hard to figure out when he’s making sense & when he’s being a boob. The Cross Creek wedding would be my 1st choice on what to remember too. I love a Western cut suit jacket like Hawk’s. It’s a good look. 8:20 flashback of Annie & Rick’s marriage in Chicago. I wonder if this is how Annie got the idea to fake a staircase fall with Reva.
(Part 10)

Thought about it some more and according to the later history re-write, right now Prince Richard is wildly trying to find his wife Catherine and their son Jonathan (although the fact that a baby showed up with a family he knew that shouldn’t have one never even got him to go have a look so it couldn’t have been that thorough of a search) as I mentioned before. It also occurred to me that right now is about the time Carmen Santos must have bought their house in San Cristobel. Danny said they’d been coming there for years, but he didn’t know Richard very well because he had become a bit of a recluse when his wife left him. However, Edmund and Danny it seems had hung out together to some extent. In the very early years Danny was there with Teresa, but later on according to Edmund he broke hearts left and right in San Cristobel, so as we see these clips Danny could very well be in San Cristobel partying with Teresa. Just an interesting aside.

Josh and Annie find The Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams while Hawk pumps Marah about Annie.
Did Marah call Hawk Paw-Paw or Papa? I didn’t know that was his nickname.  I think Hawk did call Marah Sunshine. He called Reva Sister for some reason I didn’t understand. Josh and Annie find the land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams, too bad Josh betrayed them all. No wonder Annie went nuts. If someone is 2nd best you should admit it all along and not string them along like this. There it is Marah had appendicitis. This Marah isn’t like Reva at all, although the SORAS-ed version is. That’s an interesting brass ring dispenser. I’ve never seen one quite like that. It’s kind of ironic in a way because their rings turned out to be brass, not gold after all. (Part 11)

Alan finds his way to Goshen. Alan discovered Reva and was in a car accident. Josh bought Annie the farm.
I think Alan did really love Reva (although not the same way he loved Hope), but Reva I think was mostly fond of Alan and was spitting nails when she found out Alan had married her while she was in the coma. Reva: “God did not say you could lie a little bit.” Alan: “Your God does not sound like much fun.” I liked Reva and Alan better as buddies than as enemies. Amish Alan! (Part 12)

Reva questions Alan about her past while Josh surprises Annie with future plans.
So did Josh have Reva declared dead already? I guess it’s clear there was never a physic Annie storyline. No one would keep them apart…right. Alan, this is just mean, tell her about Josh. Josh, even from what you just said, you’d have to go get the legal paperwork, you couldn’t go right to the courthouse. Actually Buzz and Reva also make great buddies. I’d say you’re exaggerating a bit Alan. Like I said you were good buddies with some good sex mixed in. It’s funny Alan thinks Buzz showing up in Goshen too, was too much of a coincidence. Somewhat against his will and not knowing quite how evil he was Alan had helped Brent Lawrence. This was probably the low point in the Alan-Buzz relationship, which as I said before I think is one of most interesting on show. In some ways they despise each other and in others they respect and like each other. You never know what’s going to come out on top whenever they interact the friendship or utter contempt. (Part 13)

Annie asks Rick to borrow his copy of their divorce papers. Reva gets more information from Alan and has a memory flash of Josh.
Foreshadowing of PHYSIC REVA! Alan: “I don’t run.” – someone has convenient amnesia, and for once it’s not Reva. Rick is being awfully nice to Annie at first. Simple favor Annie? I don’t think so. This was one of the good David Grants, sorry we didn’t have more of that. Josh is being kind of annoying insisting that they have to file today at first it was kind of cute and romantic, now it’s kind of controlling. Josh, now when someone at your insistence is making a special effort to get file, you’ll drop it? I’d be really ticked if I was the clerk and I dropped everything to make a special trip down to find the file and then called back to find them gone. Hawk: “Me Work?!” What’s that The Loves of Doby Gillis? I really love it when Hawk calls Annie “That Mutton Woman.” 14:26 Rick-Annie flashback (Part 14)

Reva draws Josh. Hawk and Josh fight. Annie discovers she and Rick are still married.
That’s really a pretty terrific photo of Annie and Rick. I’ve been in an Amish household before and while they do differ from community to community, I never heard anything of them being against plaster. Marah has to get Shayne together. She had to be his replacement mother. This was like Rick’s 3rd divorce. He should know what steps there are. WAIT! So was this the 2nd time Reva got fished out of the water? Rick that’s because you’re being a liar and idiot. (Part 15)

Lewis family dedicates Cross Creek Park in Reva’s name. Reva starts to tell of how she got to Goshen.
0:20 Cross Creek Park ? We see that park later it’s right near where Dr. Michael Burke raises the clone. They never show that plaque. Reva: “Somehow every time we talk you always bring the subject back to yourself.” Yep, that’s Alan all right. Reva starts to explain how she got back to Goshen. Reva: “This swingset is as old as Alexandra Spaulding.” Actually Rick I wouldn’t put Annie on trauma team, she doesn’t do well under pressure. Annie really doesn’t get Rick at all. I kind of love detective Hawk, he’s a hoot. Young Shayne is very good and I think I’ve made it plain how much I love this Marah. Alan doesn’t see a Bible as anything other than a hiding place. I believe it. (Part 16)

Annie almost throws away her sobriety. Alan gives Reva advice, some good, some bad.
Alan is actually giving Reva good advice here. Actually I believe the line should be “you called him Bud”, I don’t think anybody else did. Reva if you could get Bud out of your mind your life would have been much different. Annie’s apartment is 4G. Good for you Annie to call Ed!  Jeva’s house is set up for beautiful inside versus outside shots. (Part 17)

Alan discovers Reva swimming and jumps in.
I like this version of Reva, she seems stronger and more settled, as if she had a stable childhood and young adulthood. I like Reva’s hair like this. Josh once said Reva had an affinity for water. I think that’s true. I don’t like Alan finding her like this though, it seems like a poor man’s version of when he saw Hope on the island & that he doesn’t remember that now is insulting to everyone. I liked Reva-Alan played more love-hate than the bitter enemies they often were post-Annie. Boy, their underwear dried fast. (Part 18)

Alan tells Reva about her sensual past and she almost drowns (again).
The wet tank top on Alan – not a good look for him. That is kind of an awful story Alan tells. I hope it isn’t true. I don’t remember it when they were really together. 2:55 “I am not a slut!” I don’t mean this critically, but what IS it with Reva and water. How many times does she almost drown? (Part 19)

Reva remembers who she was.
Personally, I kind of liked Rebecca. I think she was a stronger woman, I see why Reva altered into her.  That’s a pretty good, if not overly linear review of Reva’s life. I really loved when Hawk was Alexandra’s chauffeur. They were some of the best bickerers on the show. This is the vulnerable Reva that never forgot she was the maid’s daughter. A button that Josh unfortunately was all too good at pressing. (Part 20)

Reva leaves Goshen. Alexandra and Hawk have to spend night in disabled limo. Alan stops her from running.
Reva, it might have worked in another town, but if people knew you of course you couldn’t pretend to people who knew you. This is a nice, supportive speech from Alan. See how great Alexandra & Hawk are? “The idea of us he-ing and she-ing is enough to make me give Henry Chamberlain a second look.” 6:10 Alan stops her. Alan probably really is trying to help Reva. He genuinely cared for her, although I think he talks himself into it being them in love every so often when it’s no such thing. Maybe Reva is trying for Princess again? 😉 (Part 21)

Alex and Hawk arrive in Goshen. Alan talks to Reva about running away with him, once he realizes she doesn’t remember she has children with Josh.
Boy, that’s NOT a good description of Annie. “You don’t just wonder about anything.” That’s a great description of Alan. Not telling Reva about her kids was kind of low Alan. 3:00 Abby sighting! I wish we’d seen more of Abby in these. I was hoping for Abby, Rick & the helicopter. Matt was one of Josh’s best friends, always. “Hawk Shayne, are you going to make me hurt you?” Alan’s plan stinks. (Part 22)

Alex finds Alan, but he tries to keep her from seeing Reva. Hawk almost sees Reva, but doesn’t. HB arrives and gives Josh what for.
Alan doesn’t want to let anyone else talk to Reva. Considering Alex’s face changed over the years, that line was pretty funny “I can’t remember her face.” Alex: “What are you wearing?” Alan: “They’re called clothes.” Alex: “Why do I never have a camera when I need one?” Alan did have an accident and it could have killed him. I like Reva just remembering the bad parts. HB! I love HB! Go HB you are 100% right about Josh’s destructive patterns. (Part 23)

Abby is sick. HB calls out Josh on his mistakes. Rick and Annie make up and move on.
I love this Marah and who couldn’t doesn’t love HB. HB is soooo right on track. “Joshua, nobody’s perfect, not even you.” Yep, HB has Josh’s number all right. HB used to be like Josh. Glad to see Abby again, wish there was a little bit more. Billy never did back away from his heart. Knowing what Annie has in her future, this is just depressing. Rick really is a great guy. Nice HB tribute from Josh. “Wherever I am in this world or the next, you’ll be in my heart.” Larry Gates doesn’t look healthy. (Part 24)

Abby wants to go see Rick for treatment. Reva agrees to take her to Springfield. Josh goes to Mexico to apologize to Annie.
Love the Carousel playing the theme. Nice Annie-Josh-kids fantasy. I wonder if they added the disco ball because opening credits used to use one. Abby saw Rick when he came out w/ a trauma team on a helicopter to help a farmer trapped under a tractor. Abby fell in love at once. Good for Annie not falling back into old habits. Poor Rick, once again he lost the girl. (Part 25)

Hawk tells Marah the story of her name. Reva struggles to remember her children.
I knew Lizzie had an Annie doll. I didn’t know Marah did. Love Hawk telling the story of Marah’s name. Some lovely Josh-Reva-Marah scenes. Great montage. Actually that is a kind of strange thing for Alan to do. I know he wanted to keep Reva away from Josh, but normally Alan is extremely possessive about children even remotely connected to him. (Part 26)

Reva lashes out at Alan for not telling her about her children. Josh and Annie make love.
“Don’t give up before the miracle happens.” Alan is being a jerk. He is right about trust and children and it did permanently mark Shayne and Marah. OK, besides being a jerk, he is also making “a little” sense – barely. Nice he acknowledges the role he played leading to his estrangement from his children, sadly I doubt he means it, he doesn’t admit it often. (Part 27)

Reva, Alan, and Abby determine to return to Springfield.
“I’ve lost so much time together with my children, I can’t lose another day.” Abby! Max will later regret this decision, Abby won’t. Nice to have one more exterior shot before they leave. Say a good goodbye to Goshen Reva, you will never be back. (Part 28)

And that’s where I’m going to leave this for now. I am going to follow with a post about Reva’s return, and I’m going to look for one more particular bit in these Jeva clips and then I”m going to explore some of other friends from Springfield

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