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Christmas 2001 A Christmas Tale

December 21, 2016

Springfield sometimes turned the Christmas episode into a special focused episode that didn’t exactly disrupt the normal storylines, but were sort of a moment out of time just at that moment in time. Such was the case during Christmas 2001.

This Christmas episode reflects back on the best Christmas episodes of the past. The main character is Kris Kringle who seems to be a modern day version of Santa Nick who has dropped in to spread magic around Springfield. There is even a connection to the Mike Bauer singing at the end of this one. It’s well worth watching.


Michelle and Robbie Santos, Harley Cooper and Jude Bauer, Blake, Jason, and Kevin Marler, Holly and Meg Reade

A Christmas Tale

Ross gathers everyone up at the Bauer cabin with Aunt Meta and the Bloss children – Jason, Kevin, and Clarissa who was born one year also at the Bauer cabin. He brings them to the fireplace and starts to tell a Christmas story or rather a Christmas Eve story that takes place right there in Springfield.

Michelle, Blake, Harley, and Holly carry in a real Christmas tree  – in their dress coats. They work on setting up and decorating the tree. Meanwhile, at the Lewis House, Shayne is resisting staying in his elf costume that he has on to match Josh as Santa. When Billy shows up, Shayne passes on the elf hat to Billy although he won’t fit the rest of the costume and they are off to Towers to fill in as Santa. As we look around town we find irritation everywhere as we have the warmest Christmas on record at 65 degrees F outside.

More than one person called out the calvary and Phillip and Beth show up as Santa and Mrs. Claus. (That’s a TERRIBLE Mrs. Claus outfit, but couldn’t Billy at least taken off his tie and suit coat to look more elf like?) Meanwhile Reva realizes bulldozing into the elevator stuck her with Olivia and Edmund.

“Santa is short a reindeer, Frosty must confront the sun…..and now power lines are about to fall.”

A blackout hits all over Springfield. After a confrontation over who was going to play Santa, Phillip agreed to let Josh have the job although it seemed like Beth (still influenced by Loreli) is ready to rumble, However they realize that there is now 2 feet of snow on the ground and no one is going anywhere soon. Olivia, Edmund, and Reva are pretty darn hilarious. They ought to have been forced together more often.

December 24, 201 (Part One)

Even story tellers get a commercial break. Ross: “You know there are four generations gathered here in the Bauer Cabin…” Everyone else: “Story! Story! Story!” Santa Josh was overwhelmed so Phillip and Beth opened a second station on Santa’s knee and worked together. Reva told the story of the Christmas truce during World War I. Reva’s story inspires Reva, Edmund, and Olivia to call a truce of their own and share Reva’s catering and Olivia’s champagne in their own Christmas Eve dinner. Gus finally shows the Christmas spirit and gives up the offer of a ride in the 4-wheel drive truck to the guys going up to the Bauer cabin to reach their families. Not knowing Gus did that, Rick asks if Gus could come along too but the “security guard” says there’s no room.

December 24, 2001 (Part Two)

The guys show up at Bauer Cabin reporting that on their way the roads were terrible and then they rounded a corner and everything cleared. Danny meets Michelle with a kiss and a ‘Hi, Tiger” for Robbie. Sigh! Meta pulls Ross aside and says she knows it’s not the end of the story and she wants to know what happens next. With the roads now clear will the Christmas spirit spread over the outcasts too? Edmund, Olivia, and Gus are all miserable at Towers each eating alone with two poor Towers employees stuck working. Edmund remembers Reva’s story and moves to the piano and starts to sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” The others join in and everyone from the Bauer Cabin, the Lewis house, and the Spaulding Mansion come in.

December 24, 2001 (Part Three)

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Agent Peterson Cracks July 27 30 2001

June 17, 2016

Fri., July 27, 2001 – In the Courtroom: Harley and Ross are talking about the divers finding Danny’s gun in the lake. She is sure that proves Gus had something to do with a set up and Agent Peterson may be the key to bringing him down. However, Gus had Peterson suddenly reassigned and he’s on his way to the airport as they speak. Ross tells her to go try to get him to come in and testify because they don’t have time to get a warrant. Harley rushes to the airport. Ross tells Danny that they don’t have any other stalling tactics left so he will have to put Danny on the stand and start firing the big guns at Gus until Harley gets back. When the judge reconvenes court Ross calls Danny to the stand and asks him about the exact positions of he, Michelle and Carmen on the docks. He handed Danny the gun in evidence and asked him to show the jury how he held the gun that night. Danny tells him that he cannot since that wasn’t the gun he had. His gun was tossed into the lake after the shooting. Doris tries to argue but the judge overrules her objection. The judge reminds Ross that he is throwing some heavy accusations towards the prosecution and he had better be able to back them up. Ross assures him that he will be able to. Meanwhile, at the airport, Harley tells Peterson they know Danny was set up. They found the gun and she found the splice in the tape that he doctored to hide where Gus had fired off the weapon himself. Peterson tells her that he isn’t going to testify, he is on his way to NY and unless she has a subpoena she should leave him alone. She tries to reason with him but he isn’t interested. Harley leaves, empty handed. Back in court, Ross talks to Danny about the imminent danger to Michelle and his unborn child and asked if that is when he fired the gun. He also wanted to know why Danny threw the gun in the lake. Danny tells him that he thought he would be brought up on Murder One (murder in the first degree) charges if the cops got hold of it. Ross shows Danny the registrations for two different guns. Danny says he shot his mother with his office gun; the other one was his gun for home. Ross addresses the jury and tells them that there are two different theories in the case, a tale of cold-blooded murder and one of self-defense. If they believe the latter they will have to rule Danny Santos not guilty and this verdict they will derive from the integrity of the evidence. Doris objects again and the Judge states again that Ross will have to prove the evidence has been tampered with. Otherwise he will dismiss the jury and he will rule on his own. He asks Ross if he has a corroborating witness. Ross tells him he has and calls Harley to the stand. Harley isn’t there yet and the judge has had it. He tells Ross to put another witness on the stand, rest his case or he will rule himself. Ross tries to buy for time but as the Judge is ready to end his case, Harley walks in and Gus looks nervous. Ross swears Harley in and asks her about where she was the night before. She tells him that she and a dive team were at the lake. They dived for the alleged gun and found it. They matched the serial numbers and the gun does belong to Danny Santos. Doris objects again. Just then Agent Peterson walks in and Harley tells Ross. Gus looks back at him and is very concerned. Ross tells the judge and jury that he has another witness that will present evidence that the FBI framed Danny Santos.  (Part 1) (Part 2)

Version with Harley’s testimony:

Mon., July 30, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Ross questions Harley who tells about finding the gun and believing that Danny was being set up. She tells the jury that she looked into the surveillance tapes of the day Gus made her summons the entire Bauer clan down to the station. She found that Gus was at the Bauer house alone that day and the tape had a splice at precisely the same time. Ross calls Agent Peterson who tells the jury that Gus told him to take the tape and edit out a sound that he thought was a gunshot. Ross calls Gus. Gus holds that everything is valid.

Ross: ” I know that FBI is having a bad year, but it is monumentally incompetent to end up with the wrong body.”


Ross: “Do you know where it [the bullet] came from?

Gus: “Sure. It came from the gun of your client.”

Ross: “Now how could that possibly be if the body you have is not Carmen. How could a bullet from Danny’s other gun, the gun that wasn’t even at the scene, how could that body end up in a Jane Doe?”

Gus: “I don’t know. Ask your client.”

Ross: “You should pay attention, we did. It’s still a mystery.”

Ross lays out order of events how they have the wrong body, the wrong dental records, and a bullet from the wrong gun. Gus claims the mistakes are all down to the Springfield police forensic unit. Ross presses further that there was a gun shot from inside the house during a time Gus had ordered Harley to haul the entire Bauer family down to the police station for a fairly flimsy reason and Gus himself was unaccounted for. Agent Peterson testified he heard what sounded like a gun shot during that time and had spliced out the sound at Gus’s request.

Gus tells him he was only trying to protect a rookie agent from looking like an idiot and possibly losing his job. Gus blames the noise on an ambient noise, a car or truck backfiring that he can tell from his experience.

Ross: “Wouldn’t experience also tell you the difference between an internal sound and an external sound or are you testifying that a backfiring truck was in the living room of the Bauer house or are you saying, did Agent Peterson lie under oath.”

Gus: “No, I’m not saying that. Agent Peterson THOUGHT it was a gun shot. Agent Peterson was wrong and as his supervisor I instructed him to edit that tape, edit the sound out, so that there would be no misconception.”

Ross: “If it was a [background] sound why bother, why erase it?”

Gus: “He was talking about going to Washington and frankly I was concerned for a new agent who might be censured, might even be fired for an overzealous, all be it understandable, pursuit of justice.”

Ross: “So you’re saying nobody at the FBI, even your supervisor, knows the difference between a gun and a truck.”

Gus: “Counselor, I’m with the FBI and I know the difference.”

Ross tells Gus that he has an agenda against Danny and wants him to fess up. Gus denies it.

Ross: “Agent Aitoro, you have lied about your whereabouts, you’ve lied about evidence, you’ve lied about being in charge of the investigation have you told the truth about anything, Agent Aitoro?”

Judge: “Enough, Mr. Marler. Enough.”

Ross: “Yes, your honor. You’ve heard enough, I’ve heard enough, they’ve heard enough and you are not protecting Agent Peterson, you are protecting yourself because you are so determined to put Danny in jail that you not only bent the law, you broke the law.”

Judge: “Find a question or sit down.”

Ross: “Yes, your honor, I have found a question. The question is why. What is driving you to put Danny Santos in jail no matter the cost? What is worth that much to you?”

Gus: “You’re SO melodramatic Counselor. There is no big mission going on here. There’s…It’s just a matter of bringing a murderer to justice and that is it.”

Ross: “In the timeline of things you didn’t know that. Until Danny Santos testified all you had was a body that turned out to NOT be Carmen Santos and a bullet that you were going to plant on that body. You had nothing to justify pursuing this case.”

Doris: “Is there a question anywhere in sight?”

Ross: “Yes, I have a question. Can you explain your motives?”

Gus: “I put killers in jail. Beyond that my mood, my feelings, my motives are irrelevant.”

Ross: “Irrelevant? I disagree.”

Gus: “Well then Counselor we agree to disagree then. How’s that?”

Ross: “No, we can’t allow you do that because who you are is the core of this case. Who are you, sir? And I ask that question because in fact there is no such person as Gus Aitoro, is there?”

Ross pulls out a file and tells Gus that he knows that the key to the case lies with who he really is. He tells Gus and the jury that Gus Aitoro doesn’t really exist.

My Comments: I’m truly sorry this wasn’t the path they took instead of a red herring. Danny’s right it makes a lot more sense. Plus it would give a bond as well as an antipathy between Danny and Gus and would have given Gus an even better reason to go after Carmen once she came back, especially when he realizes she basically manipulated him. However, you have to give them credit. It was a GREAT red herring. Unlike the last time Carmen “died” there wasn’t a hint that she wasn’t dead. No ghostlighting no almost found, nothing. There was something up with Gus Aitoro sure, but we all read the hints the way Danny did that Gus was the second Miguel Jr. who all we really knew about his life now was that Selena still had his phone number and that he was a lawyer. Gus is a lawyer out to get the Santos family. It all fit like a glove. The idea that Gus was someone else AND that there was a second bad guy was way out of left field. Gus being Miguel was such a bright shiny sparkling thing that none of us noticed the other hand.

Ross’ reveal about the gun was both theatrical and great. It was a total blindside and much more effective than saying this is not the gun. I don’t think the audience even realized that was where the lead up was going. Then he follows up with stuff that isn’t as great a show, but it’s just lovely lawyering setting it up as choosing between two versions, especially because story means so much to soap people. Frankly this is the case where Ross could be Perry Mason’s twin. If anyone is ever looking at the epitome of Ross as a lawyer this is it.

I’m not quite sure why they are so upset about people not being there to testify. Once you call a witness if they aren’t there, the court will go get them. You don’t get to ignore the court. I’m sorry they cut Harley’s testimony so much in the highlight clips.

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What’s Going on With Harley

June 13, 2016

Harley Cooper

Harley Davidson Cooper Spaulding Mallet Spaulding came to town as one of the more successful of the show’s attempts to replicate the wildly successful Four Musketeer storyline. Her name was part of a joke in a cute meet. Her name is Harley Davidson Cooper after the motorcycle because her father’s loved the motorcycle brand. She’s played by fan favorite Beth Ehlers.

This attempt at a Four Musketeer Redux didn’t maintain its group, but did introduce a great and important group of characters including a grown-up Alan-Michael Spaulding, Dinah Marler (in a pale version), Harley Cooper, and the very forgettable Cameron. Introduced right after she gave up her baby for adoption, Harley was part of several front burner couples over the years with Alan-Michael, his brother Phillip, and A.C. Mallet. She was also very active in all the mystery storylines going back and forth as a cop, a PI, and briefly an insurance investigator.

Harley and Manny

Hayley Barr as Harley

Hayley Barr as Harley

Michelle knew Harley most of her life and got kind of close to her while she was married to Michelle’s cousin (Alan-Michael). Harley really became entwined in the Manny story when it was Harley’s snooping lead to Claire returning to town. Harley got closer to Rick after their mutual break-ups and after Harley realized she was pregnant with Rick’s baby. She was strong armed into helping with the investigation against Danny and planted the bug in the Bauer house.

Harley Isn’t Herself

During Danny’s trial we see a stranger in Harley’s hairdo and pregnancy bump. That’s Hayley Barr Sparks.

Both of Ehler’s real life pregnancies were written into the soap. Henry was born in 1999 (written in as Zach – via Phillip) and Will was born in 2001 (written in as Jude – via Rick). During both of her maternity leaves Ehlers was temporarily replaced by Haley Barr Sparks.

Who’s Hayley?

Hayley had previously played Courtney Baxter Dixon a young romantic heroine on Guiding Light‘s sister soap, As the World Turns. Courtney was romantically paired with legacy character Andy Dixon. Courtney loved romance novels and had a wonderful romantic, young love story with Andy. This clip from their lovely wedding gives a small idea of just what a fun, great, solid couple they were, look for more.


Hayley dyed her hair to play Harley. She only did a couple of acting jobs after this. Then she did an internship with Annie Leibovitz and has been a professional photographer ever since. Frankly I think they should have brought her in briefly sometime during 2009 and finished off the Harley storyline instead of leaving it hanging like they did.

Here’s an interview with Sparks and her photographer website. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia. She’s a native of Australia.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Guiding Light Cast Round Up 72

June 17, 2015

Bethany Joy Lenz (Michelle Bauer Santos #3) was photographed at People‘s Ones To Watch Event. See the photo in the December 29, 2014. Check out this lovely smiling photo that was on Twitter.

Peter Simon (Ed Bauer #4 – Simon played Ed from the early 1980s through most of the rest of the run of the show) and  his wife Courtney Sherman (who met when they played Scott and Kathy on Search for Tomorrow) celebrated their 40th anniversary on June 15, 2015.

In the 10 year flashback of the December 29, 2014 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth is to Josh and Reva arguing over Jonathan Randall’s role in their lives.

Always great news when you get news from someone who you haven’t heard anything about for awhile. Ty Simpkins (Jude Bauer – Rick’s son with Harley part of the chain of children) is going to be in the Jurassic Park sequel Jurassic World. It opens on Fri., June 12, 2015. I hope we can get some photos to create some father son pictures. 🙂 Read more and see a photo in the June 1, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Jordan Clarke (Billy Lewis) is enjoying his post-acting life as a handyman. Also it briefly mentions Sonia Satra (Lucy Cooper Spaulding, part of terrific LAM pairing, victim of Marian Crane). Satra is now a fitness and health guru.

Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis #4, part of the wonderful Bizzie pairing) is the subject of a feature article focused on his current role as Aiden (Hope’s current Bo replacement beau) on Days of Our Lives. Read all about it in the June 1, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Rebecca Budig (Michelle Bauer #3, part of the Messe pairing) has left her brief General Hospital turn, but the door has been left for her to return with the secret that Jake is really Jason Morgan.

Lauren C. Mayhew (Marah Lewis #4 –  her recast scuttled the somewhat interesting crush on inappropriately aged Jesse Blue. Her most memorable storyline she partnered with Brittany Snow‘s Susan right before the Nursery Rhyme Stalker mass kidnapping) is in the webseries Escorts.
Mayhew released a single on iTunes called “What is Love.”

Lindsey Mckeon (Marah Lewis #6 – the Marah who did the most with Marony) did a two day spot on The Young and the Restless as a prostitute Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc – Kirk McColl on As the World Turns). Sporting a striking dark red hairdo, there is a photo and article in the May 18, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Soap Fantasy Reunion Weekend in late 2014 featured many Guiding Light stars including Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler #4), Vincent Irizarry (Lujack/Nick McHenry) and Darnell Williams(Griggs, who shot Dinah and help Harley and Cyrus captive in St. Michael’s church tower). See photos in the Dec. 29, 2014 of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Jordi  Vilasuso (Tony Santos #1) and his wife Kaitlin Riley were photographed at the Hallmark Channel’s Northpole screening. See the photo in the December 29, 2014 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. He shared a photo of him, his wife and daughter on Instagram.

Check out this great photo from Daytime Stars and Strikes, featuring @GuidingLight Elizabeth, Michael O’Leary (Rick Bauer #5), and Liz Keifer (Blake Thorpe Marler #5 – the main Bloss one).
Also check out Kim Zimmer at the event:
Finally Elizabeth in her auction win Zimmer’s Emmy dress:

Karla Mosley (Christina Boudreau) was interviewed about her groundbreaking storyline about her The Bold and the Beautiful‘s character reveal as being transgendered. Mosley was also the gold star performer fo the week. Check out both in the April 20, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Check out her feature in Hydrogen magazine.
Mosley also took part in the first ever CBS Soap Mayhem minibasketball tournament as the actors of The Young and the Restless competed against the actors of The Bold and the Beautiful. Sadly The Young and the Restless won. Check out the feature in the May 18, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

A short report about Maeve Kinkead (Vanessa Chamberlain Lewis) when she was on Another World in the May 1980 issue of Soap Opera Stars:
Maeve taught literature at Harvard University before deciding to pursue a career as an actress. Maeve makes her home in the artsy craftsy Soho district of Manhattan , where she loves to pop in on all the interesting shops and galleries in her free time. She says She’s looking forward to marrying and raising a family someday.

Brittany Snow (Daisy Susan LeMay Cooper #2 – during Susan’s first return) attended the Oscars with her boyfriend Tyler Hoechlin. Check out a photo in the April 20, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Snow is also appearing in Pitch Perfect 2.

Laura Bell Bundy (Marah Lewis #5) retweeted “ in Act I of the Lexington Theatre Company’s Concert with the Stars.”
Showboy BakeShop @showboybakeshopThe most unique cakes in show business!! Henderson, NV recently tweeted

Bundy will be appearing in Italy on June 27, 2015:

Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines) tweeted a photo of herself playing a round.

Rick Hearst (Alan-Michael Spaulding #3) and Laura Wright (Cassie Layne Winslow) are among the General Hospital stars who appeared April 11-12, 2015 in New York and New Jersey.
Wright is also going to be in Chicago and Cleveland in October 2015.

Judi Evans (Beth Raines #1) is the subject of a feature article in the May 18, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Ron Raines (Alan Spaulding #3)  is going to be appearing in Man of La Mancha in Pittsburgh Jun 23, 2015 – Jun 28, 2015.

Emme Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding Lewis #6, part of the wonderful Bizzie pairing) tweeted “Picked up Chipotle on my way home while wearing my set slippers…”

Roger Howarth (Jory Andros, Eleni’s brother in 1992)has a recurring role on the CW’s The Flash. His character is a reporter named Mason Bridge. Read more about it in the November 10, 2014 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler #4) has a feature interview about in her role as The Young and the Restless‘ Phyllis Summers in the June 23, 2014 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Kassie DePaiva (Chelsea Reardon, Maureen and Nola’s little sister) has a feature interview about her new role of Eve Donovan in Days of Our Lives in the June 23, 2014 issue of Soap Opera Digest. DePaiva was one of the soap team who took part working at The Los Angeles Mission Celebrates Easter and The Hope for a New Life event. See a photo in the May 18, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. In the same issue DePaiva is part of an in-depth feature on Mom’s focusing on her relationship with son JQ.

Murray Bartlett (Cyrus Foley) appeared in a NoH8 photo.

Terrell Tilford (David Grant #3, brother to Gilly, son of hospital administrator Charles, friend to Bridget, coupled with Vicky Spaulding his real life wife Victoria Platt) discuss his opinions on whether he wanted his baby to be a boy or a girl in the June 23, 2014 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

During Soap Fantasy Reunion Weekend 2014 included were Guiding Light favorites Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler #4), Vincent Irizarry (Lujack/Nick McHenry), and Darnell Williams (Griggs, who shot Dinah and help Harley and Cyrus captive in St. Michael’s church tower).

Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus Aitoro) and his girlfriend Gretta Monahan were photographed at the premiere of Horns. See a great photo in the December 29, 2014 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Goldin‘s brief role as Maya Avant’s ex-boyfriend on The Bold and the Beautiful was featured with photo in the InDepth Answers section of the April 20, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Frank Grillo (Hart Jessup) tweeted from location shooting for his latest movie. “Indonesian heat and humidity is like no other. I want my mommy.”
“Truly humbling. Ancient ruins outside Yogakarta.”
Photos of Grillo while filming as Crossbones.

Beth Ehlers (Harley Davidson Cooper) is featured in the All-Star Scrapbook of the April 20, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. It’s a flashback to her transformation into Ruth Karloff – an undercover personality she developed to get into Spaulding Enterprises to investigate Phillip. The scrapbook includes a series of photos and some quotes about the transformation process including a shout out to makeup artist Kelly Gleason.

There’s a photo of Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne Lewis), her husband AC Weary and her son Max Weary at the 23 Blast premiere in the December 29, 2014 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Zimmer also was part of a group of Wicked stars who took part in a Q&A at The Second City Hollywood Training Session. See a photo in the April 20, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Robert Bogue (A.C. Mallet #2) is staring in the new raining piranha commercial.

Matt Boomer (Ben Reade #3, who paired with Marina Cooper) pictured at Golden Globes. He won a Golden Globe for “The Normal Heart.” He also attended the Family Equity Council dinner with his husband Simon Hall. See a photo of both of them in the April 20, 2015 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Legal Maneuvering May 25-30 2001

January 30, 2015

Fri., May 25, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Michelle comes home and tells Danny that Claire seems nervous after talking to Gus. He hugs her and tells her that Claire really doesn’t know anything more than what she did but he is a little upset that she is talking to Gus at all. Michelle says Claire doesn’t like Gus any more than they do. Danny tells Michelle he doesn’t trust Claire but she can’t sell him out on this one. The phone rings and it is Abuela. Danny asks Abuela how is Fidel treating her. She asks Danny if the line is safe. She says they are puzzled and thought he would be indicted quickly but she heard the evidence was lost. She wonders if all the evidence has disappeared. Danny says the feds are still investigating Carmen’s death and she should stay away. They end their call and Maria turns to Carlos and tells him he can go home, even Danny doesn’t know what Carlos knows about Carmen’s death. She asks him about the thugs who kidnapped Michelle for Carmen. Carlos says one is dead and the other will keep silent for fear of becoming dead. Maria tells Carlos she doesn’t think Danny should be punished for killing his mother. Michelle is upset to hear from Maria but Danny kisses her to try to reassures her. He leaves to go to work. Rick comes in and Michelle offers to make him some dinner. She asks him to hold Robbie while she cooks but he tells her he can’t hold the baby right now. She asks if something happened at work. He says he had a busy day and is very tired. He needs some space. Michelle thinks he is acting weird and wants to know what is really wrong. Rick says he isn’t hungry and goes out to the yard. Michelle gets on the phone to Phillip. She says something is wrong with Rick and asks him to come over.

Not sure which day this is, but I think it’s Tues., May 29, 2001 – Alan and Claire are having a lovely lunch in the Spaulding Study, but Claire is distracted. Alan urges her to confide in him, but Claire doesn’t think she can without getting Alan in the difficult situation too. Alan has arranged for his lawyer Vince Russo to take on the case and he stops by. At the police station, Gus justifies his actions to Harley who admits she saw Claire the night before and she was jumpy. Russo urges Claire to tell him everything under attorney client privilege. Gus sees that Harley has a sonogram and wants to see it which Harley agrees to, before Rick (the father) has seen it. Rick keeps calling, but Harley is avoiding his calls. Alan comes in and talks with Claire. Claire: “Is there a limit to forgiveness?” Alan: “I certainly hope not.”…. Alan: “There is a reason they call it a Family Tree, you know. Millions of things happen to it, but it still stands. It still grows.” (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

Wed., May 30, 2001 – Harley comes back into the office and finds Aitoro at her desk. Gus argues that Danny and Michelle killed Carmen. At the Police Station: Claire comes in with Russo. She is against the deal but Russo is telling her to take it. They go into Gus’s office and Vince tells Gus his client will wear the wire but under certain conditions. He wants Claire to be granted transactional immunity but Gus is against it. Russo asks how many time she will have to wear the wire and Gus tells her that she will wear it as many times as it takes. Claire tells Gus and Russo to get on with it. Gus gets the wire and tells her how to put it on and that it is voice activated. The recorder will be taped to the small of her back and the microphone will be either in her jacket or in her cleavage. Claire puts the wire on and Gus tells her that it will be fine but she needs to get used to it for a day or so before she goes to talk to Danny. Claire tells him that she thought time was money and she is intent on going right away. She leaves. Danny is back in his office on the computer when Claire arrives. Danny asks what she is doing there and she tells him she doesn’t want anything to spoil her relationship with Michelle or Robbie so she has come to clear the air. (Only the very beginning is for this day)

My Comments:

I love Claire and Alan are talking together. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anyone eating in a small table there in Alan’s study before. Russo was a continuing character. He was played by Crystal Chappell’s real life husband. This scene is typical of Harley’s pregnancy. As far as she knows, she is showing Gus the sonogram before she shares it with Rick the baby’s father. They will continue this pattern even after the baby’s birth as Gus is presented as the true and right parent for Jude and Rick is depicted as an obstacle or an unnecessary appendage in his son’s life. This is terribly unfair because all his life Rick wanted a child to replicate the special relationship he had with his grandmother Bert. He had several painful near misses and when he finally has this child and later Leah he is pretty completely cut out of their lives. I really like that Claire does agonize over this deal. It shows that some of the Claire I used to love is still there. I would think Russo would want to talk to Gus personally before he comments on the deal. I think Harley has a photo of Susan/Daisy on her desk. Good for Harley for defending Danny and Michelle. It’s truly too bad because until Danny dumped that body in the lake they really weren’t involved in any of this. I think Claire should tell everything to Alan. Alan is being very supportive here and share the same outlook. So why did Alan who has none Michelle her whole life called her MICH-elle like Carmen used to.

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Claire Under Pressure May 21-24 2001

January 16, 2015

Mon., May 21, 2001 – Ray and Tony are talking in the office at Infeirno. Tony is complaining about the birthday party Sam arranged for Marah. Ray: “You mean a masseur.” Tony: “What does a priest know about stuff like that?” Ray: “I wasn’t always a priest.”  He brought her back to Infeirno and she got caught, although she really wasn’t doing anything wrong she got arrested. Tony about Gus: “This guy has it in for anyone with the name of Santos.” Ray: “Isn’t that harassment?” Danny: “Not if we keep giving him just cause.”  Tony admits that some men he knows work for Johnny Merchardo (another mob family in the territory) and Tony is worried about it. Danny is talking to Ray about Gus getting close to the truth about Carmen. Ray says only three people were there and one is dead. Danny is worried about Claire talking. Danny tells Ray that Meta and Rick only have hearsay but Claire knows things and can tell Gus things. Ray says Claire hasn’t said anything so far. Danny: “Claire is trouble waiting to happen.” At the police station: Gus is showing Harley the evidence they have on Michelle, including identified fingerprints from the evidence Michelle stole and burned. They can prove Michelle tampered with evidence in a federal case and Gus will use this to crack Danny like a walnut. Gus: “Maybe she will be the one to crack.” Harley: “No, Michelle will never give up Danny.” He thinks he will try to crack Claire first because he sees her as the weakest link. Gus says Claire knows what happened with Carmen and she has the mother factor going on. Harley doesn’t understand. Gus tells her you can usually count on a mother to protect her child. Harley asks if he will use the potential charges against Michelle to pressure Claire. He thinks it is the best way. Harley tells Gus he can do it alone because she quits. She starts throwing her things in a box. Gus asks what she is doing. Harley tells Gus she is serious and maybe her replacement will appreciate him more. Gus says she needs his permission to be reassigned and he won’t give it. He tells her that she is a good cop despite her emotional fits. Harley sits the box down. Gus says she is sensitive to the mother/child issue because of her condition. He is not without feelings and won’t make her watch him pressure Claire. He leaves. Meta comes in looking for Gus. She asks Harley where he is and why he is doing this to Danny. Meta: “Why? Why is he doing this? Aren’t there enough real criminals? Why is he focusing all his time and attention on Danny who has turned out to be a model citizen?” Harley tells her Gus will be back soon. Meta notices Harley’s tummy and asks her when she is due. Harley is taken aback. Meta apologizes and Harley tells her that she didn’t realize it was that obvious. Meta tells her that it is a little noticeable but what tipped her off was how beautiful she looks. Harley says Meta should have been a mother. Meta says it is nice being a great aunt and there are times when someone may need a mother. Harley looks sad and tells Meta she has to finish her paperwork. Harley tells Meta she hasn’t made the pregnancy public. Meta has to go and will leave a message for Gus that she is not happy. At the Spaulding Mansion: Gus is walking around the room when Claire comes in. Claire asks him what he is doing there and he tells her he is there to make a deal. Gus asks her to tell him what really happened to Carmen and he will keep Michelle out of a federal penitentiary. Claire tells Gus to get out. Gus says he has evidence on Michelle that will put her away for 30 years. Claire calls him a pig and he starts to leave. She finally gives in and asks what he wants. Gus tells Claire she has to testify about Carmen but Claire says no deal. He tells her he will arrest Michelle. Claire wants to know what he is asking. Gus wants her to wear a wire when around Danny. Gus: “I know that you’re smart and you’re tenacious, devious and got the morals of a guppie… we’ll keep Michelle out of prison and put Danny away for life. I’m sure he’s a mother’s worst nightmare.” Claire doesn’t think Michelle will forgive her for this. Gus says there are tradeoffs. He gives her time to think about it and leaves. Claire is crying when Alan enters. Alan: ” Entertaining the FBI?” He tells her she should not have talked to Gus without her attorney. Claire says she is in a mess and nothing can help. Alan: “Well, there’s nothing that gets my juices going more than an impossible cause and Claire with a little money, power and brains, anything is possible.” (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Tues., May 22, 2001 – At the Spaulding Mansion: Claire is worrying about Gus when Alan comes in. He tells her that her only mistake was not confiding in him. He thinks they should share everything. He would like to help her. She tells him that she would like to but she feels like she is trapped. Alan thinks she needs to speak to a lawyer if she wants to confide in someone else that may be able to help. She calls Ross and tells him about Gus and his visit. She tells him that Gus wants her to cut a deal in order to help Michelle and she doesn’t know what to do. Ross tells her that if what she has to do impacts another one of his clients, he will no longer be able to represent her. He tells her that it would be a conflict of interest and he advises her to find a criminal attorney quickly. He will give her references to a good lawyer if she wants and wishes her luck. Claire tells Alan that Ross dumped her but Alan thinks that is a good thing. He says Ross is competent but is overly principled and soft. She is in a dicey legal situation and in need of a shark. Alan: “You don’t need a small time lawyer. You know a lawyer and believe me I know from sharks……I will get her a lawyer who feeds on federal agents.” Claire thanks him and says she has to get to the hospital. Alan says he has never seen her this troubled. She tells him that he may just have given her a way out.

Thurs., May 24, 2001 – At Cedars: Rick pushes Claire to make sure keeping Michelle safe is her priority. Rick: “It’s not about you, Claire. The idea here is to protect my sister.” Rick meets up with Dr. Sedwick. (I keep watch on this. I want to find her first and last appearance.) Margaret gives Rick Harley’s sonogram and from the due date Rick realizes there is a good chance he is the father not, Phillip. Gus catches up with Claire and asks her if she is going to help them. She tells him to stop hounding her. He says she has access to Danny and they want her cooperation, else she and her daughter will be in jail. He tells her if she wears the wire, only Danny will do the time and she and Michelle will go free. Claire tells him she needs more time. He tells her she has until the end of the day. He leaves, telling her that if he gains the information he is looking to her for from another resource the deal is off. Claire is shaken and calls Russo. She tells him she needs him to buy her some more time. Michelle comes in to see Claire. Claire is happy and shocked to see her. Michelle asks her if she has talked to Gus again. Claire tells her she hasn’t heard from him. Michelle is surprised that he wouldn’t be bothering her. She tells Claire that everything will be fine as long as they all stick together and not say anything. Claire says she understands and then makes an excuse to leave. Michelle looks worried.

My Comments:

Meta looks just lovely today. However, I otherwise kind of hate this scene from top to bottom. I don’t know WHY Meta would say she sees Harley as a daughter when clearly Michelle is much more of a daughter. This is just Cooper propping and trying to make Harley more sympathetic during a period where she is everything but. Also, there is no WAY Meta would be so blase about motherhood. She had a son, Chuckie, who after a long and complicated custody fight, was killed in an accident. It was really his father’s fault for pushing him to do something he wasn’t comfortable doing and in a red haze Meta killed him. Definitely a charged subject that at least should have been referenced by a “I was a mother once, for all too brief a time.” It’s too bad if it wasn’t for that background, it’s a lovely conversation. What a second I didn’t really catch that before! “Raise 2 kids alone” Phillip wants to be very hands on and there would be plenty of help.

I’m so sorry they didn’t continue with Claire and Alan. I think they made a strong couple with similar outlooks and problems and could really have taken on Springfield. Instead Alan drops Claire for some stupid reason in favor of Olivia who is nothing but trouble to him.

Reconnecting by Leslie Chapter 1

January 5, 2015

Republisher’s Note: This story is taking place a couple of weeks after the Halloween where Teresa unknowingly overdosed Danny and he almost died.

Author’s Note: This story is NC-17.

Reconnecting by Leslie Chapter 1

“Sweetie? Sweetie, wake up. We’re almost there.” Danny said, nudging a sleeping Michelle and turning off the overhead map light.
“God Danny, I can’t believe I slept the entire trip. Why didn’t you wake me sooner?” Michelle asked between yawns while rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Turning his attention from the road briefly, he reached to smooth one of her wayward curls back into place. As he gently caressed her cheek, she turned her lips to his palm and laid a delicate kiss upon it. “I figured you needed to rest. Besides, I didn’t have any trouble finding it…Josh’s instructions were very thorough,” Danny said, now eying the winding driveway ahead.”I really wanted you to see our cabin. It’s always so beautiful there this time of the year. I knew that Rick had loaned the key to Phillip and Harley, but I figured that they’d be so busy with the construction of the new Spaulding plant in San Cristobel, that they wouldn’t be using the cabin anytime soon. But Harley practically had a hemorrhage when I asked her if we could use it for the weekend. Something fishy is going on.”

“Maybe she and Phillip are planning a romantic getaway like us after all,” Danny teased with a wink.

Snuggling close to Danny and wrapping his arm around her, Michelle promised, “Anyway, that doesn’t matter now. I know you’ll love Cross Creek. I used to come here with Bill and his grandpa H.B. when we were kids. We’d fish all day long and H.B. would tell us ghost stories by the fire at night.”

“That sounds wonderful, but we could be going to a shack for the weekend for all I care. I’m just looking forward to having you all to myself for a while.”

Stretching to sit upright, Michelle leaned over and feathered tiny kisses around his ear before whispering, “Mmm…that sounds like music to my ears after the past couple of weeks we’ve just had.”

Truth be told, Michelle wished that the weekend would never end. She wouldn’t mind one bit if time just stood still from here on out. She didn’t exactly relish the thought of having to return to Springfield and to their crazy life. Realistically she knew that running from your problems was not the way to solve them. It just felt so damn good to leave them behind for a while and pretend that the past couple of weeks didn’t exist.

Since Halloween night, she hadn’t slept very well. She had begun to have what she thought was a series of panic attacks. She had learned about the disorder in psychology class. Sometimes people who have been through a traumatic situation, suffered with panic attacks well after the threat was over. She felt anxious when Danny wasn’t with her and she was consumed with the horrible worry that she may lose him. How could she ever live without him? 

She had contemplated going to see Dr. Bradford to discuss her feelings, but had quickly decided against that plan when a little voice in her mind chastised her by saying, “You really ARE crazy if you seek treatment from the person who suggested you be locked up all those months ago.” 

Michelle chuckled softly at the thought and Danny looked down at her and kissed her forehead. “Penny for your thoughts?” he asked when she didn’t share the joke with him. 

“Never mind,” she said sitting upright and looking out at the babbling brook they were passing. “The cabin should be just around the next bend.” 

A small smile curved the corners of Danny’s mouth as he watched his wife fidget with anticipation like a kid on Christmas morning. 

The exterior lights had been left on for them courtesy of the caretaker, Otis. It looked exactly as Michelle had remembered from her childhood. God, life had been different then. She and Bill were as carefree as any two kids could be. Everyone assumed that the two of them would eventually become a couple. No one would have ever guessed that Danny Santos would come sweeping into her life like a tornado and turn everything upside down. Looking over at her husband, she knew that all of the heartache was worth it. 

Michelle bounded out of the car almost before it came to a stop, and Danny couldn’t suppress the laughter any longer. “Excited to be getting away from it all and roughing it with your husband, Mrs. Santos?” 

“I can’t wait!” Michelle squealed as Danny opened the trunk to remove their bags. “I’m so glad that Josh remembered he owed us for helping him out in San Cristobel,” she finished. 

“And a mighty fair trade too, don’t you think? We sneak him into a country from which he has been deported, help him plant explosives in a harbor then crash a royal party, and stand before a firing squad. And in return we get the use of his cabin for two days. Mighty fair,” Danny said sarcastically. 

Michelle tried desperately not to laugh, but it was hopeless. She burst into a fit of giggles as she made her way to the porch. Finally catching her breath, she reminded him, “Don’t forget though, Josh said that he would have Otis stock the refrigerator and pantry for us so we wouldn’t have to waste time shopping. I think we may just be even.” 

“Oh right, I forgot about food being part of the trade off. You’re right. Even Steven.” Danny replied, giving a mocking salute before fishing the key out of his pocket and opening the door. He turned around quickly, removing the bags from Michelle’s hands and setting them down on the porch steps. He scooped her up in his arms in one sweeping motion and carried her over the threshold and into the cabin that would be their little haven for the next couple of days.


Reacting to Harley’s Betrayal May 9-15 2001

December 12, 2014

Wed., May 9, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Michelle and Danny are tearing the living room apart looking for the bug. Rick comes in and asks them what is going on. They tell him that Harley bugged their house and has been sitting out in a surveillance van listening to all their private conversations trying to find something to put Michelle and Danny in jail. Rick asks what they know and Danny tells him that so far all they know is that Carmen didn’t die outside the Bauer home last year and that the ashes are really that of a dog. Rick wants to know if they know what Danny had to do to protect Michelle but Danny doesn’t think so and thinks they shouldn’t discuss it there. Danny finds the bug and destroys it. Rick tells Danny that Michelle only told them because she needed someone to confide in and had to get the stress off her and the baby at the time. Michelle brings him up to date on what’s been happening with Gus. Danny tells Rick that they will probably be on both Rick and Meta wanting information and Rick tells him that he can handle the feds. Danny tells him that anything Michelle told him will be hearsay but Gus will still try to pump him for information. Danny: “We all have to stay very alert so things don’t get worse than they already are.” Rick: “It couldn’t possibly get any worse.” The doorbell rings as if on cue. Michelle and Rick look around uncomfortably, but Danny tells Rick to answer the door. It’s Harley. Danny: “Why don’t you show her a nice secure place for her to leave her next bug.” Michelle thinks she’s there to explain herself and repair their friendship, but she says she’s just there to talk to Rick. Danny can’t stand to be in same room as Harley and says he’ll be upstairs with Robbie, but warns Rick to watch her. Rick tells her she has already done enough damage to his family. Harley: “Well, I don’t like it anymore than you guys do, but it’s the job…. What could I do?” Michelle: “You could have quit.” Rick: “You could have tipped us off.” Harley  is thinking about asking for a desk job. Michelle: “Let me ask you something. Did you use our friendship to worm your way in her to plant that bug?” Harley: “Yes.” Michelle: “If you had any idea of what Danny has gone through to make a life for us, you’d be ashamed of yourself. He’s worked so hard to get himself out of this jam and then you just turn him to the FBI?” Michelle is irate and tells Harley that they have nothing on her or her husband and all she got out of ruining their friendship was the ashes of a dog. Michelle walks away leaving Harley with Rick. Harley tells Rick that she is getting hit from both sides and she just hopes she can salvage one friend. Rick: “Harley you picked one hell of a way of showing friendship.” Harley tells Rick she wants him to be her friend and he tells her that he is her friend. Harley: “So you understand.” Rick: “No, I don’t understand.” She is glad he understands but he lets her know that he doesn’t understand at all and he doesn’t like what she did. Rick: “A part of me agrees with my sister…I have seen what Danny’s gone through and, frankly Harley, I have been through a hell of a lot too. Too find out that this man ONCE AGAIN is in trouble with the law is a very hard pill to swallow. You have NO IDEA what this man has GONE THROUGH to get away from his family…YOU USED ME!” Harley claims that she’s the one who is being treated unfairly because everyone is mad at her.

Elsewhere in Springfield….any beyond: Cassie and Richard are still trying to escape San Cristobel. Beth responds to Edmund’s proposal with a long speech while Phillip wills her to say no.  Finally she says “Yes!”. Susan congratulates them. Later Edmund and Beth discuss how happy they are. Lillian wants to talk to them. The man Edmund asked Lillian where is he hired to romance Lillian and keep her busy and away from Beth. Meanwhile at the Lewis House, Blake, Ross, and Reva are preparing for Marah’s 18th birthday party as blind Reva makes disastrous attempts to act like everything is normal.  Pre-insane Catalina shows up and brings some Hispanic food and a present. Sam sets up a New Age encounter for the party-goers. Tony and Sam spar over Marah. Tony thanks Josh for the job and that Billy has been telling him both about the job and the similarities between Josh and Tony, including lots of stories about Josh’s wild youth. (See even Billy sees the similarity.) Ross and Blake give Marah a beautiful, huge diamond necklace and Tony feels bad because where previously he had lots of money now he doesn’t have much and so his present of diamond earrings cost much less than Ross’.

Manny highlight clip:

Full episode: (at 9:40 watch for blatant product placement of Pringles potato chips)

Tues., May 15, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Rick is holding up a fishing lure thinking about his dad. Michelle asks if he is going fishing. Rick says that their dad used to be meticulous about tying flies for fishing and he would love to go with him again. Michelle thinks Rick is lonely. Rick says he is anticipating being lonely. Michelle asks if he has been drinking but he says no. He is just facing reality. Michelle offers Rick ice cream to drown his sorrows. They sit there eating and talking. Michelle asks Rick what he meant about drinking. He tells her that ouzo is dangerous. They talk about Gus and Rick tells Michelle he doesn’t like him. She tells him that Gus will do anything to get something on Danny but Danny hasn’t done anything so he can’t. She tells Rick they are so close to having a normal life. She is sure Gus won’t be able to find anything to use against Danny. Rick is a little down and Michelle asks Rick if he will be okay. He says he will be and she tells him she is going to bed. She asks if he is going fishing but he says he changed his mind. Rick says a change of plans is the story of his life. He says “Oh, Harley” and sighs.

My comments:
Enjoy more in depth shots of the living room, one of my favorite parts of this area of the storyline. I’m sorry that they broke up Susan’s relationships with Beth and Edmund that were strong at this time. I think maintaining that bond would have been useful for future storylines and it was a really nice beat.

Actually I like Rick and Meta being so supportive of Danny. It’s a great leap forward from where they were even a year before. Although they previously played it as if Harley didn’t have a choice, both Michelle and Rick make a reasonable suggestion as an alternative to her bugging them. Marony is really cute together, I wish they hadn’t thrown in outside spoilers they had enough internal problems and that was where the most interesting story was. Considering she’s blind right now, Reva’s hair has NEVER looked better. Kim Zimmer is doing a great job acting with her eyes again. As with the clone story she really looks different in her eyes. It’s her most impressive skill. Beth swallows when Phillip says he’s quitting on her. I don’t think she wanted that, no matter what she had going on with Edmund. I can’t argue with Phillip a pre-Arizona Beth wouldn’t have fallen for Edmund.

Oh my GOD! I can NOT believe Harley’s take on this is that SHE is being treated unfairly, that neither Bauer suggestion even occurred to her, that she doesn’t get that it’s WORSE for them knowing that it’s a friend out there. Harley never used to be this self-centered before her relationship with Phillip.

Manny Deal With Pain May 2 thru 4 2001

November 4, 2014

This argument is one of the truly important Manny discussions. They really face their problems and deal with the fall out in a way most soap couples never do.

May 2, 2001  – Harley is cleaning the living room in her and Phillip’s old house where she now lives alone with Zach. Harley bends over and her pants pop open. She comments on how she is not only divorced and stressed out but now she is getting fat as well. She goes over to get a safety pin to fix her pants when Gus knocks on the door. She opens the door and sees that Gus has broke off the doorknocker and as is his usual charming self, he barges in her home. Gus tells her that she is to plant the bug at the Bauers that morning. Harley tells him that she needs time; she can’t just go over there for no apparent reason and bug the house. She tells him that she does have a life and has a child to raise and she just can’t drop everything on his every whim. He tells her to place the bug in the back of the living room close to the kitchen so they can catch those conversations as well. Gus tells her they will have a a powerful directions mic pointed at Manny’s bedroom so they can catch what all goes on in there. Harley tells Gus she doesn’t think they will get much listening to Danny and Michelle’s pillow talk. Harley tells him that doing this is exploiting her friendship with the Bauers and she doesn’t like it one bit.

Harley goes over to the Bauer House and asks for Rick. Meta tells her he is at work but invites her for some tea and a chat since she’s the only one home and she’s babysitting Robbie. Harley agrees and looks around for a place to hide the bug. Meta goes to the kitchen to start the kettle while Harley goes over to the table and starts to put the bug into place under the dining room table (that they regularly forget is there). Meta comes back in, catching her bent over strangely, and asks her what she is doing. Harley acts like she was getting dizzy and just trying to regain her balance. Harley tells Meta how bad she has been feeling lately. Harley tells Meta that is why she is there to see Rick about it. Meta makes her promise to see Rick soon since he isn’t there right now.  Meta tells Harley what good friends she and Frank have been to the family. The kettle whistles and Meta leaves to turn it off. Harley pretends to stay behind to call the Harley secures the bug under the table. When Meta returns Harley tells her she has to get back to work. Meta makes her promise to get checked out as soon as she can concerning her dizzy spells.

Danny and Michelle get home and are talking about the baby. Meta tells them everything is fine and the baby is the sweetest baby she has ever seen. Michelle asks Danny how things are at the club. Danny is worried about paying the bills. Michelle tells him they will manage. Meta thought the club made a profit. He says that he used to subsidize the club from the casino but now that everything is on the up and up he can’t continue operating the casino since Gus is sniffing around. Danny asks Meta if the daughters of Springfield will have a bake sale for him. Michelle tells him she knows what they can do. She tells him that he should start really using the casino as a charity thing. He can book big charity functions for various organizations around town and that will bring people in to eat and drink. Danny questions if they could make money without the large slice of the take they always took in from the actual gambling. Michelle suggests charge a per head charge for such events. Danny says a cash bar will help and they could charge for meals and keep both. Meta tells them that she is organizing a charity function for the lighthouse but Claire wants to have it at the Country Club. Michelle tells her to forget that, they will have it at Infierno. They all agree that it is a good idea. Danny says he will want to work with Meta, not Claire. He hugs Meta for helping. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) – Some of this is repeated on other links, Some of the scenes are repeated, but the quality seems higher

May 3, 2001 – Rick is talking to Robbie in the Bauer living room. He tells him how his dad is a good man and loves him so much. Rick tells him that Danny protected Robbie and his mom and did something that he should have never had to do. Danny comes in and is happy to see Rick with Robbie. Danny says he and Rick don’t really know each other. Rick says he knows Danny loves Michelle and the baby and that is all he needs to know. Rick tells him he loves Robbie as well and he will babysit his nephew anytime. Danny says he is going to go help Michelle dig around in the garden.

Outside, Michelle is potting plants and Danny bring her out a Popsicle. Michelle loves how domestic their little family has gotten. Danny tells Michelle about seeing Rick with Robbie and how he seems to accept him. He tells her that Rick seems sure that he will protect her and the baby, a little too sure. He wonders if Rick knows how Danny protected her and the baby from Carmen. He overheard something and wonders how Rick would know. Michelle admits to telling Rick and Meta about Carmen. Danny is upset tells Michelle she wasn’t supposed to share that secret with anyone. Michelle says Danny was gone and the secret was tearing her up. She was pregnant, stressed, and she had to tell someone, so she told Rick and Meta. Danny says she betrayed him. They go into the house and into the living room. She tells him that her family isn’t like his and they care and love Danny like he was one of their own. Danny tells her he doesn’t even like that she knows what happened to his mother, but he definitely doesn’t want anyone else to know.

Harley comes out of the OB/GYN and says “not again”. She sits with her head in her hands when Blake comes through the lobby. Blake asks Harley what she is doing in the hospital. Harley makes up a story. Blake asks Harley to come to Company with her so Blake can try to make peace with Buzz (who is till mad about the role Blake had in outing Selena). Harley leaves with Blake. Blake tells Harley that her publicist wants her to go on a book tour and she doesn’t want to go. Ross is busy with work and Holly is traveling to San Cristobel . Harley tells her that she understands just when you think you have everything going well, something else happens. Blake asks Harley if she is okay. Blake says she is lucky to have Ross so that she can write but she realizes Harley doesn’t have anyone and asks her how she is doing after the divorce. Harley runs to the bathroom and Buzz comes over and offers Blake coffee. She orders tea for Harley. Buzz goes to get the drinks and Harley comes back to the table. Blake thinks Harley should go back to the doctor. Harley says she will be okay.

Blake gives her a copy of the new book and signs it. Harley shows it to Buzz and he tells her she worked hard on it and shouldn’t give it away. Buzz apologizes to Blake and tells her he learned so much about Selena and would like to help make the book a success so it reaches Selena. He offers to have a book signing party at Company and he will invite the press and wonders if Holly would come. Blake thinks this is a ploy to get Holly back (Holly is currently in a triangle with Buzz and Billy). Buzz says only partially. Blake thinks Buzz would be good for Holly. Harley tells them she would like to be Blake’s stepsister. Blake tells them she has to get home and she gathers the kids to leave, thanking Buzz again. She tells Buzz to take care of Harley. Buzz tells Harley he thought she would be happy when he made up with Blake. He wonders what is up with her. Harley wonders why people make the same mistakes over and over again. Buzz thinks she is talking about him but she says the mistake is all hers and it will just get bigger and bigger. Buzz tells Harley that whatever she did he has probably done it at least one. Harley is sure he hasn’t been in her shoes before. Buzz asks her if she wants to talk to Frank and tells her to forgive herself. He goes to call Frank for her. Rick comes in and sits with Harley. Rick asks Harley if she is okay. He tells her that she is one of his top 6 favorite people and would like to help her if she has a problem. They talk about baby Robbie and how Rick wishes he had a child. Frank comes in and asks Rick if he and Harley can have a minute. Rick moves to the bar and Frank tells Harley that Buzz called him. He asks if Harley if he has to beat up someone for her. She says just her. Frank wants her to tell him what is bothering her but she doesn’t want to say it. She tells him she has been working so hard and has ended up screwing things up and being that stupid 16-year-old kid all over again. Frank says she has grown up so beautifully and he is proud of her. Harley says she thought she made that mistake because she was young and careless. Her life was finally on track and the world starts spinning again. Frank thinks she is doing just fine. Harley says she ignored all the signs, she attributed the nausea, fatigue and weight gain to stress. She lied to herself with Susan but she can’t do it this time. Frank finally understanding and tells her not to tell him. Harley tells him that she is pregnant.

May 4, 2001 –Frank asks Harley what she is going to do about her pregnancy. She has no idea but begs him not to tell anyone. Frank tells her that she won’t be able to hide it much longer and asks her if he is to go around and tell people she is into smuggling bowling balls. Assuming Phillip is the father, Frank tells her that Phillip will get suspicious when she shows up in a few months with a baby.

In the Bauer living room, Danny and Michelle are getting out some of the pain they had held back as they give their differing takes on Michelle telling Rick and Meta about what happened to Carmen. Michelle: “No, I’m not going to let you shut me out, not this time!….My family is not like your family….You see this as some kind of betrayal because in your world silence is sacred, but in my world, people trust people they love, you walked away, you left me with a big, terrible secret….I didn’t know if you would ever be able to come back to me.” Danny: “I stayed away from you for your own good.” Michelle: “That was then, now we’ve started our own family, we have a child, we can work everything out together.” They never come out and say that what happened to Carmen but it is enough to perk the listening Gus up. Michelle: “You were off in your own little black hole of guilt and despair, I know you thought you were protecting me, but I felt just as guilty as you.” Danny: “You didn’t do anything wrong.” Michelle: “If I couldn’t share your pain, I could at least share my pain with them.” Gus goes through the files while he listens and reads about Carmen’s death (which officially happened months before Danny wrapped her up and dumped her in the lake). Inside, Danny tells Michelle he feels betrayed because she talked to others about it. Michelle tells him that she was suffering and had to talk to someone and Danny had cut himself off from her so all she had was her family. She tells him that her family is now his family and they can be trusted. Danny is still not convinced and worried about what will happen if any of it gets out. Michelle tells him that he is just going to have to deal with it because she can’t undo it and she doesn’t want to. Michelle: “I refuse to fight her [Carmen] for you all over again. Do you know, I went through this pregnancy, because of her, without you? I went to bed every night wondering if my baby would have a father. I showed up at Infeirno day after day, prepared to humiliate myself for a little attention. But finally we won, Robbie and I. Carmen lost. THANK GOD! And now you’re mad at me because I shared something with my family that I couldn’t share with you because you wouldn’t let me?” She tells him that if anything he owes her an apology. Danny sits back and tells her that he didn’t realize she was so affected by what happened to Carmen and Michelle tells him he couldn’t have known because he left her life and wouldn’t talk to her. She tells him that they finally won and have their family and she doesn’t want Carmen to come between them yet again. Danny sits with her and apologizes to her and holds her. He asks her who else knows what happened besides Rick and Meta. Michelle tells him that Claire probably figured it out by now since she was very aware of what happened when she Michelle was kidnapped from the hospital. Danny tells her that he remembers Claire telling her to go to Abuela to find out where Michelle had been taken. He wonders if they can trust Claire. Michelle tells him that Maureen always told her to give people trust and they will repay you by being trustworthy. Danny tells her he hopes she was right. Michelle thinks they should give Claire a chance. Danny: “OK, I will try, very hard [to trust], I’m going to do my best. It’s not going to be easy. You are going to have to be very patient with me.” Meanwhile, Harley shows up at the van and listens to the conversation as well. Gus asks her what she knows about Claire and her connection to Carmen. She tells Gus that Claire was there when Carmen died and she handled all the arrangements. Gus thinks that is odd. He continues to ask Harley questions but she is preoccupied and not listening to him. Gus gets her attention and tells her that they should pay a visit to Claire Ramsey and with the taped evidence they should be able to get a court order to test Carmen’s remains.

My Comments:
Although she wasn’t nearly as annoying as Marina when she did it, Harley also had that trait to make herself a big part of stories that weren’t really hers. In the case, besides her own story with Gus she’s got a major interest in both the Manny story and the Rick-Phillip story. This is probably one of the best attempts at restoring some balance. Loyalty the name Guiding Light Memory Project gave the Harley part of this storyline which is as powerful as each of the other two storylines. Each one of those three stool legs plays on that theme of loyalty and what does it mean to be a family. Is Danny now part of the Bauer family? Does Harley stay loyal to her job or her friends? How do Harley and Rick deal with the fact that their infidelity has created a child? Will Harley ultimately stay loyal to Rick or will she start a new life with Gus? Will Gus stay true to what he sees as his loyalty to his parents or let it go to start a new life with Harley? All these themes will be played out in the coming month among others, like where will Claire’s alliance fall?

The gambling part might be hard to understand today. It used to be that pretty much the only places within the country that gambling was legal were Atlantic City, New Jersey and Las Vegas, Nevada. The mob was heavily involved in both those places. Danny was originally hiding the gambling equipment because he didn’t want the cops to know because it was illegal. Charities had an easier time getting a gambling license and even in the much more lax gambling atmosphere of today, they still do need to get a license. That’s why having a casino was a big deal and why people would come to it, except for maybe some lottery tickets, some bingo, and on track betting that was it for legal gambling.

This is actually an important point in the Rick and Danny arc. Unfortunately the writers forget the previous progress they’ve made several times, but this is the first time Rick starts to view Danny as an actual member of the family instead of a stray that Michelle had brought home and let live there. It’s also a nice reminder of how badly Rick wanted to have a child of his own to replicate the close relationship with Bert. He’s faced nothing, but disappointment in that area, first Meredith’s unborn baby proved to be Phillip’s instead and then she miscarried, he thought he was the father of one of Blake’s twins but it turned out he wasn’t. Rick was a fantastic uncle, even keeping in close contact with Robbie and Hope while they were living off screen in California, but even though he eventually had two children, Jude and Leah, the writers never let him have that sort of relationship with his own children, or actually very much to do with them period.

Although this conversation digging out the emotional pain that they both have been suppressing while dealing with immediate crisis was very important, I hope Danny got to watch at least part of the ballgame (the Cubs of course) with Rick and Robbie or at least got to watch another one soon.

Michelle explains how bad she felt over what happened on the docks and what Danny did to protect her and how she needed her family. Danny needs to accept that. While he was dealing with his own pain, Michelle did have to learn to deal and she needed to talk. Gus sure doesn’t have much sympathy. He should hear that Danny has suffered enough, not be causing him more for something that his father did.

One of the things I love about Manny is how they really discuss their important issues, either on screen like this or imply it off screen. This argument is one of the truly important Manny discussions. They really face their problems and deal with the fall out in a way most couples never do.

Harley has hated Claire since she unintentionally brought Claire back to town and let her wreck havoc on Michelle and Rick. You have a right to be worried about Claire, Danny. Post-Fletcher Claire is only truly trustworthy in a medical situation or an emergency that is clear to her.

I think Michelle’s line is the first time they call Robert, Robbie on air.

Gus Pressures Harley to Betray Her Friends April 25-May 1 2001

October 21, 2014

Wed., April 25, 2001 – Michelle comes in and Gus tells her that they have found where she burned all the evidence and they think they have enough to prove that she did it. He tells her he would like to give her a deal but if she doesn’t start talking there will be no deal. He tells her if she doesn’t talk before the lab works comes back he will put her in federal prison and she will not see her baby until he is very old. Michelle tells him she is going to call her attorney and tells Gus he will rip him apart. He slams his fists onto his desk and starts yelling at her just as Ross comes in. Ross tells him that he has to stop badgering his client without thought to her constitutional rights. Ross tells the cops he wants to speak to Michelle and everyone else leaves. Ross sighs and tells Michelle he doesn’t want to know any details so Michelle should keep her mouth shut. Michelle tells him a little anyway and he tells her not to discuss it with anyone even Meta and Rick, for their own protection. Gus walks back in and Ross tells him that until he files charges against Michelle he will leave her alone and remember all of her rights. Ross tells Michelle they are leaving and they walk out. Frank asks Gus if he is going to give up now but Gus tells him a lawyer doesn’t get that angry unless he knows their client is guilty as sin so he is going full steam ahead. He is sure he will get them very soon.

Mon., April 30, 2001 – Philip tells Harley that he heard she was put on the Santos case. Harley hates it but Phillip tells her it will probably be better that Michelle and Danny have someone on their side instead of someone wanting to bury them. Harley tells him her new boss wants to bury them. Right on cue, Gus shows up and Phillip answers the door. Harley introduces the two and Phillip excuses himself after telling Gus to lighten up on Harley, she needs some rest. Phillip leaves. Gus tells Harley she may be tired because every time he comes over there is a different guy there. Harley is offended. She tells him that Phillip is her ex-husband and baby’s father. (Note: Flips over to next bit in list, so watch for the end)

Tues., May 1, 2001 – At Infierno: Michelle and Danny have the baby at the club. Ray and Catalina are playing with Robbie. Ray asks how things are on the fed front and Danny tells him Gus is still around but they are clean so they should be fine. Danny thinks Gus will give up and leave town eventually. Just then Gus walks in, (he has a ‘bug’ hidden in a book that he is planning on planting in the club.) Catalina seats Gus at a table and Danny comes over and tells him to get out. Gus tells Danny he was minding his own business and not bothering him and his family. Danny says he will press charges for harassment if he doesn’t back off. Gus gets up and says he will eat somewhere else. Gus leaves. Michelle tells Danny that Gus just wanted to get his goat. Danny says Gus won’t leave town until he gets something on him. Ray says there is nothing to get on him so they can relax. Harley tells Frank that Gus got a court order to bug the Bauer’s House and she has to plant it. Frank asks if she did it yet. She says she hasn’t had time. She asks his opinion on what he thinks will happen if Danny and Michelle find out. Frank tells him that she can’t tell them. Harley says she hates doing this especially now that Michelle and Danny are finally happy. Frank asks Harley if she wants Gus to think she doesn’t know how to draw the line between her job and friendship. Frank says if Danny is out of the business the bug will get him off the hook, otherwise he will get what he deserves. Harley tells Frank that if Michelle did burn the evidence the bug will incriminate her. Frank tells her Michelle would never do that and the bug will probably only pick up everyone talking baby talk to Robbie. Harley says she will do it but she feels like a traitor. Rick comes over and tells her she doesn’t look like a traitor. Harley feels busted but realizes soon thereafter that Rick didn’t overhear anything else. Rick tells her that Gus won’t find anything because there is nothing to find. Rick gets up for more coffee and Harley tells Frank that Gus won’t be satisfied even if Danny is a choirboy. Harley feels bad about having to plant a bug. Frank tries to reassure her and says they have both gotten attached to the Bauer’s house since they got divorced. Harley doesn’t want to get thrown off the barbecue guest list.

My Comments:
I know I’ve said this before, but honestly I can’t believe clippers left this stuff out. The whole Manny storyline right now is about them overcoming a series of obstacles one after another. First Danny’s guilt, then Michelle’s troubled birth, then dealing with Abuela, then the other mob families, and now the FBI. THIS is the Manny story and it’s a clever story, why don’t they include these great scenes. It’s also the beginning of the GusH which while I personally didn’t like as a couple, had a great initial build up. Both these couples were really tied up in this story and should definitely have been posted by somebody. Other than that we are mostly building. The next really important point comes after this which focuses on Harley and her split loyalties. Also I want to point out that Phillip was having a conversation with Harley about Danny and Michelle that he definitely sees himself as involved in Manny’s lives. That Danny-Phillip connection is one I’ll come back to you.

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