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Story of an Extra

May 9, 2011

Have you ever been looking for something you never thought you’d need again and stumbled over something totally different, but great? That’s how I found this article. I was looking for the official GL website that looked like a map (it was awful, but I was hoping it would have Cedars logo on it) and stumbled across this instead.

This is a great behind the scenes peek and if anybody actually recognizes Reyes in a YouTube clip let me know. I’d love to be able to link to a clip or two here.

Best part it gives you a list of regular extras to look for besides Raul the orderly, “There was Lynn, the waitress at Company restaurant; Alvin, the cop at the police station; and Darlene, the nurse and my fellow employee at Cedars Hospital. We’re just a few of the regular-but-not-always-recognizable denizens of the fictional town of Springfield.”

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