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Danny Is Cleared Aug 20 2001

December 16, 2016

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Mon., Aug. 20, 2001 – While we were with Danny, Michelle, and Carmen on the docks, with no witnesses to testify (and honestly Ross is much better at tap dancing than this) the Judge called for closing arguments and sent the jury to deliberate. The jury foreman is ready to read the verdict. Michelle, Danny, and Frank Cooper comes bursting into the courtroom to interrupt proceedings. Danny tells the Judge that Carmen is alive and they can prove it. Doris is angry and tells the Judge that they should go ahead with the verdict. Frank slips into the benches the back of the room by Rick, but he didn’t actually see Carmen so can’t testify. Rick – who instantly believes Michelle and Danny doesn’t that make your heart feel good – wants to know how WE are going to prove it. Michelle talks to Ross and he asks the Judge to recall Michelle to the stand. Doris tells them that the verdict is in the foreman’s hand. The foreman looks down to the paper that has a Guilty verdict on it. The Judge rules that he will hear the evidence. Ross calls Michelle to the stand and Michelle tells her story of Carmen kidnapping her. Michelle tells the court that Carmen’s camera is at the bottom of the lake where Danny threw it to save Michelle’s life. Doris and Gus are laughing at the testimony and telling the Judge Michelle is making this up. Michelle pulls another camera from her purse and tells the court that when she learned where Carmen was she decided to go there prepared. She had a tape going so she can prove that Carmen is alive. Doris objects and the Judge calls the attorneys into chambers. Michelle hugs Danny and hopes the camera has more than just feet on it since it was hidden in her purse. The Judge comes back and tells everyone that they will see the tape with the jury present. The Jury comes back in and they start the video. You can see a pair of stilettos on the screen and nothing else and Doris demands the tape be stopped, saying it doesn’t prove anything. The Judge agrees but Ross asks him to bear with them and let the tape play to the end. The bailiff adds it’s a short tape so there should only be a few minutes left. The Judge decides to let it continue and the bailiff hits play again. Carmen comes on the screen and Doris objects saying it could be from an old home movie. Then the tape has Carmen holding the newspaper about Danny being arrested. It was today’s issue of the Springfield Journal. Ross tells the judge that proves Carmen is alive on this very day and he wants the case against his client dropped. Doris is ticked but the Judge dismisses the case. Judge: “In all my years as a judge I’ve never ever seen anything quite like this. Mr. Santos please rise. Daniel Santos the charges against you are dismissed. You are free to go!” Danny hugs Michelle tight and doesn’t let go.

My comments: Huzzah Rick is finally there at the trial. For someone who couldn’t get the jury deliberation delayed Ross has found his feet again. He does more amazing lawyering here. Isn’t that great how Rick is so totally on board with Manny and especially feels that he and Danny are on the same team. How are WE going to prove it Rick says and he believed them without a thought. I just love Rick so much when he’s like this. Ross too he’s so great in this. Honestly though it wouldn’t dissolve the camera to throw it in the lake. It wouldn’t have been good for it, but I think they could have thrown enough money in it to drag and find the camera? I think the camera would be toast, but the tape might be partially salvageable and they don’t need much. I just love, love, love how Manny touch each other instinctively reach out to each other and hold on in trouble or happiness. This disruption of legal procedure is odd, but the part I can’t believe is that they’d start the tape and not watch it all through, maybe not in front of the jury, but the Judge. Isn’t Michelle crawling over the railing to get to Danny top of the line amazing?

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Danny Confronts Carmen To Save Michelle Aug 17 2001

December 6, 2016

Check out our latest episode guide. This is one of the great Manny scenes so I’m going to include the links from both highlight channels. They are the same.

Fri., Aug. 17, 2001 – At the Docks: Danny tells Carmen they have come full circle. Carmen asks if he is going to shoot her again. Danny to Carmen: “You gave me no choice.” Danny demands she leave Michelle alone but Carmen isn’t listening to him.

She asks if he and Pilar mourned her. Danny: “What is it exactly you want to know, were you mourned? The mother that we used to know was mourned not this sick, vengeful woman…”

She tells Danny she knows his shooting her wasn’t his fault it was all Michelle’s. Danny tells Carmen to let Michelle go.


Carmen: “Why WHY must you always be so UNREASONABLE?! This is the girl who murdered your brother Mick!”

Danny: “In self defense! He was trying to rape her!”

Carmen: “She RUINED your life, Danny! We were happy before she came along. If you had JUST killed her. If you had taken her down to the docks like I ordered you to…..”

Danny: “What the HELL is your problem?! Don’t you get it? This is the woman I love. This is the mother of my child. Why can’t you just leave us alone? Disappear. Let us live our lives.”


Carmen: “Then we can start over.”

Danny: “What? Start over? Start over? You think you can kill my wife and we can have any kind of life together?  I will hate you. I will hunt you down. I will become your worst enemy.”

Carmen: “She poisoned you.”

Danny: “She poisoned me? You’re the one standing here holding a video camera planning on killing my wife. If that’s not poison I don’t know what is.”

Danny tells Carmen the police are on their way but Carmen doesn’t believe him. She says Danny was always a loner and she can’t believe he’s working with anyone else. She thinks Danny must be working alone. Pedro starts squeezing Michelle by the neck. Michelle kicks and elbows Pedro and breaks away. Danny knocks Pedro down as he starts to go over and tells Michelle to run. Michelle runs after Carmen instead of to freedom. Michelle is determined to get that videotape proof that Danny was innocent. Michelle and Carmen struggle, but Carmen gets away. Michelle runs after Carmen, trips and Carmen is able to subdue her. Danny picks up the video camera and raises it as a weapon intending to hit Pedro’s head. Carmen tells him he holds the key to his freedom, the tape can prove she is alive and all he has to do to gain his freedom is to walk off the docks alone.

Carmen: “I made that video for my own amusement, but it can be even more valuable to you, Danny, in court. It’s yours. It’s yours. Hmmm. Think about it. If you walk off this dock alone, it’s yours. Your freedom or your wife? Hmmm?”

Danny tells Carmen the killing has to stop. He didn’t want to kill her, he begged her to hold on while he got help but she didn’t. He tells her the memory of shooting her has haunted him ever since. Carmen is in tears and asks Danny if he missed her. He tells her that he hated that he hurt her, she is his family even now, but so is Michelle and now they have the opportunity to fix things. This is the miracle he’s been praying for all year that he’d get another chance to save his mother. He begs her to take the chance. He tells her to let Michelle go and they will figure out where to go from there. Danny: “Mama, you gotta love me enough to let Michelle live. Please Mama, please remember the little boy that you held in your arms, the little boy that you taught how to ride a bike, do it for him, us. Let Michelle go.” Carmen is crying but refuses to let Michelle go. Carmen: “No, not Michelle, it can never be Michelle.” Danny tells Carmen the three of them will figure out where to go from there, everything can be different. Danny: “Mama, you’ve never ever given her chance.” Carmen says Michelle hates her and things can never be right with her in the picture. She tells Danny he has to choose between Michelle or his freedom.

Carmen: “It will be different because she’ll be gone. It can never be the way it was, Danny. Don’t you see? She hates me, she hates me. She hates me, she hates everything our family represents. Choose.”

Danny: “You can’t ask me to do that again.”

Carmen: “Choose.”

Danny: “Mama”

Carmen: “Choose, damn it or…I’ll do it for you.”

Danny: “Fine….Now let her go.”

Danny tells her there is no choice to make and tosses the camera into the lake without a single hesitation. Carmen with disbelief: “You’d go to jail for this…Santos killer? No I can’t let you make that mistake again.” Danny tells her it is over now as they hear sirens approaching. Carmen runs telling Pedro to kill Michelle. Danny goes to Michelle and covers her protectively with his own body.

My Comments:

This is one of the great Manny scenes. Because of that I added links for both of the highlight channels videos even though they are identical. I’m glad that Danny has truly made peace with what he did. He doesn’t even take a beat to be glad he didn’t kill his mother. He says the truth “You didn’t give me any choice!” I’m glad he’s finally there. He’s been feeling guilty so long about it. Carmen does have a point asking about “her baby” though. Where is Pilar? How much does she know about this? Is she still getting psych treatment?

The part where Carmen says Danny was a loner is one of my favorite parts of an amazing scene. Carmen is right. The Danny we first knew, up until Robbie was born, was a loner who wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to back him up, but now he sees himself as part of a team with Michelle, Robbie, Rick and even Frank. Danny did hit Frank to give him a cover, but he told Frank where he was going and why first, so he does trust that Frank will eventually bring backup. Danny does trust people now and it’s because of Michelle and that he is now part of the community.

When Michelle chases after Carmen she trips and falls onto the dock. When she does her shirt tail flips up and you can see a rose tattoo on the very lowest part of her back that Nancy St. Alban has that Michelle doesn’t.

Isn’t that amazing when Danny tried to talk Carmen down, but when it came down to the point Danny doesn’t pause to think at all, of course he would give up his life for Michelle’s in a heartbeat.

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Carmen Hold Michelle Hostage Aug 16 2001

October 28, 2016

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Thurs., Aug. 16, 2001 – At Millennium: Ross comes in and asks Rick where Danny is. He tells Rick that both Danny and Frank are missing; they never made it to court. Rick tells Ross the “Carmen is alive” theory and tells him that Danny and Frank went looking for Michelle. Ross wants to know everything Rick knows. Gus comes over and hears the conversation. Gus hands Rick, Ross and Blake one of his new business cards, he is now a private investigator in Springfield. He tells them he is going to focus on missing persons since that is his specialty. Gus goes over to the bar while Rick goes on to tell the rest of the theory. Ross is worried, he thinks if Danny doesn’t show up for court it will take the jury less than ten minutes to convict him. Ross tells Rick that the jury has a verdict. He and Rick are both worried as they leave for the courthouse. Gus follows them. At Laurel Falls: In the shack, Danny is looking around for clues while Frank tells Danny they wasted their time and they have to leave. Frank tells him he will get some cops on the place to look it over. Danny tells him that they can’t help since they don’t know Carmen like he does. He knows Carmen and Michelle were there. Danny looks down and sees where Michelle wrote “Robbie” in the sand. He points it out to Frank. Frank sees it but still says he needs to get Danny back to jail. Danny works it through and decides that Carmen took Michelle to the docks. Frank tells him that he will get some cops to look into it and Danny finally seems to give in. Frank turns and Danny knocks him out telling him he has to do it his way. At the Docks: Carmen is emotional about her memories of when she was shot there.  Michelle asks Carmen how she faked her death and then lived all that time. Carmen tells her that she will tell her only because it will give her something to think about as she is dying. The fact that Carmen was able to survive and she will not. Carmen: “I was in Danny’s arms, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying….that’s when Danny dumped me into the water. The water snapped me awake. The chains dragged me down to the bottom. My lungs were about to burst…but I was alive….Danny was distracted. He was grieving and he didn’t tie the chains as tightly as he thought.” Basically Michelle has Carmen monologuing. She gives the TPTB cover story on how it is possible she is still alive. Short version Danny was too upset to figure out Carmen was still alive the cold water slapped her awake and she got out of the chains. Then one of her goons, Pedro, fished her out of the water and got a medical intern Jennifer Tarver to come take care of her with the promise of big bucks.  They told her she would be very well compensated and Tarver was more then willing to help. Michelle asks where the intern is now. Carmen told her they needed a body to put in the water. Michelle tells Carmen she is sick and she hopes her torturous death on video is enough to satisfy Carmen because Danny will never come back to her. Carmen is sure it will take time but she will have her son back. Carmen tells Michelle that at least she will have the good memories of her death on video and Carmen thinks she can get Danny back too after Michelle is gone. Pedro wants to hurry but Carmen assures him that the only person that could save Michelle is Danny and he is in jail. Carmen gets the camera and is taping as Pedro wraps Michelle in chains. Michelle is screaming for him to stop as Danny shows up and greets his mother. Carmen looks surprised.

My Comments: Carmen’s description of what happened is very moving and almost sells this paper thin story. Danny sat on the dock for a long time. Way longer than she should have been able to live or that Pedro would willing to wait. It’s nice that they added they knew Tarvers already on questionable dealings rather than that they just lucked out finding her that night. It truly is a well written scene because Michelle is clearly getting the villian, Carmen, monologuing both to get the confession on tape and to stall. She trusts somehow Danny….or maybe Frank in a pinch will come. She set herself up as bait risking her own life to save Danny and she’s praying that it works.


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Danny Desperately Searches for Michelle Aug 13 15 2001

October 25, 2016

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Mon., Aug. 13, 2001 – At the Airport: David arrests Danny and accuses him of trying to skip town. Danny, unable to get on the plane, desperately screams out to stop Michelle from going into danger. Frank comes in and tells Danny that he isn’t going anywhere. Frank tells David to let Danny go. Frank says Danny and Michelle want to believe Carmen is alive, but he is a cop and can’t let Danny get on the plane. Frantic, Danny accuses Frank of picking his job over Michelle’s life. At Laurel Falls: In the shack, Michelle confronts Carmen and tells her that she isn’t stupid and she figured out Carmen planned to have her killed in Canada far away from any help. Michelle tells Carmen that the endless misery Carmen put Michelle and Danny through is finally over and Carmen will rot in jail. Carmen laughs and tells Michelle that will be over Michelle’s dead body. Carmen says she won’t be turned over to the authorities after all she has been through. Someone up there gave her another chance. Michelle tells her that Danny hates her. Carmen says she will prove to Danny how Michelle has poisoned him against her and things will be fine again. She goes towards Michelle, but Michelle pulls a gun on her and threatens to shoot Carmen. Carmen doesn’t believe her and then looks at the gun and tells Michelle the gun is a fake, she can tell by the trigger guard. Carmen and her henchman ties Michelle to a chair and she orders the guy to dispose of Michelle’s car. The man leaves and Carmen tells Michelle she has big plans for her, but wants her to spend this night in fear. She leaves and locks Michelle in the shed.

Wed., Aug. 15, 2001 – With great glee, Carmen sets up a video camera and boasts that she’s going to tape her final hours on earth so that she can watch the tape every November 4th in honor of Mick’s death and November 14th, in honor of Danny trying to kill his own mother. She then decides to move Michelle from the cabin to the docks, unaware that Michelle has secretly scribbled Robbie’s name in hopes that Danny will spot it. Claire runs to Rick to seek his help in trying to find Michelle. Ross confronts Danny in jail and complains that his attempt to leave town has put his court case in jeopardy. Danny warns him and Frank that he feels Michelle is in danger. Frank advises him that he checked after all and that Michelle was not on the flight to Canada. Rick arrives in time to hear Danny tell Frank that he now thinks Michelle is at the shack at Laurel Falls. Danny to Frank: “Frank, I understand you’ve pushed the envelope for me and Michelle a thousand times, but it’s NEVER been so important.”  Frank insists that Danny needs to go to court and that the police will check the area. Danny: “If Michelle is dead, I don’t give a damn whether I’m convicted or not.” Rick convinces Frank to escort Danny to the shack before his trial continues. When they arrive, the shack is empty.

Catch the opening tag at the end of this one:

It looks like there is a break in clips in both of my normal highlight feeds. This is the point where they pick up the tag from above, Michelle pulls the fake gun, etc.

My Comments: I HATE how they have David flip back and forth, here he’s gone back to being anti-Manny. David can be such a great character and they really messed him up. How could even a prejudiced cop think this looks like Danny leaving town? IF he was running out, Danny is too smart to do this which he showed when he ran with Michelle when she was under arrest for murder. After Danny started shreiking does that really look like someone trying to get away for their own benefit? I’m SO glad that Frank did check on the plane even though I still can’t believe he had doubts. I wish Danny would have called Frank on the way. 

I LOVE so much that when Michelle wakes up with a start she ALWAYS says Danny. Love Carmen’s outfit in this too. And then Rick steps up and supports Danny. This is the way I LOVE Danny-Rick’s relationship. I wish they’d left it this way. 

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Michelle and Danny Search For Carmen Aug 9 10 2001

September 2, 2016

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Charter Fragment

Thurs., Aug. 9, 2001 – At Company: Frank and Buzz are talking when Michelle comes in. She asks to speak to Frank. She tells Frank that she found out some more on her theory of Carmen. She tells him about the intern, Jennifer Tarver, that disappeared from the ER the night Carmen died and she never came back. Frank still doubts the theory. Michelle asks him to follow up on the intern. Michelle is sure about this. Frank tells her that he has a bad feeling about this. She begs him to help her prove it. Michelle tells Frank to think of Robbie and help them. He finally agrees to help. He is going to try to find the intern. Michelle asks him not to say anything to Danny and Frank agrees. He leaves and Michelle looks at the paper she found in the interns belongings and leaves. Danny and Tony meet outside. Tony tells Danny he has been looking into things and he has Romeo on Lucas. Danny tells him that they have to hurry for Michelle’s sake. Romeo comes in with Lucas Carmichael, a former flunky of Carmen’s who was paid to purger himself testifying against Danny, with a serious gambling problem. Romeo leaves and Danny asks Lucas who paid him off. Lucas tries to leave and Tony reminds him of the $80,000 he owes Infierno. Lucas tells him he has money coming. They offer to pick up his marker at the club if he answers some questions. The guy tells them that he got a message shortly after Carmen’s death that told him to go to a shack in Laurel Falls. He tells them he got there and someone put a blindfold on him. They took him inside and told him to go down to the docks and throw something in the water. It was a canvas bag that was heavy that had metal clanging inside. He dumped the bag and stripped the car. He also remembers he smelled roses at the shack. Lucas leaves and Danny tells Tony that Carmen always wore “Royal Rose” perfume. He knows Carmen is alive but for now they should keep it to themselves. Danny comes inside Company and tells Frank he needs his help. At Laurel Falls: Michelle comes upon the shack while thinking back to the night Carmen died. She goes into the shack and looks around. She doesn’t find anything and starts to leave when a bat flies through and scares her. She runs outside and thinks she didn’t find anything. She remembers the woodstove inside and goes back to search it. Michelle finds a piece of paper that says Springfield Airport. It’s part of a logo from an invoice or a piece of letterhead and it says “and Sons Air Charter” at the Springfield Airport.

Fri., Aug. 10, 2001 – At Company: Danny asks for Frank’s help. David sticks his nose in the conversation and tells Danny that if it is official he can talk to him as well. Danny tells them that he thinks Michelle may be in trouble, he believes Carmen is still alive. Claire calls Michelle on the phone: “Ever get a feeling that you can’t shake, like someone you love is about to jump off a high rise?”  David accuses Danny of trying to play them to save his own hide. Frank tells Danny that Michelle is thinking the same thing and investigating herself. Danny is getting upset and tells Frank that if Carmen is alive, Michelle is in danger and he needs his help. Frank doesn’t really believe the theory of Carmen being alive, but knows that if she were Danny would be right to worry about Michelle’s safety. Frank tells Danny about the intern Michelle wants him to find. David thinks the whole thing is bunk and thinks Frank is crazy to listen to it. Danny tells Frank that all this time they haven’t had a trace of Carmen and now all of the sudden there are clues popping up all over about her being alive. He knows his mother and tells Frank that she covers her tracks unless she wants to be found. He thinks she is setting Michelle up. Frank tells him he will look into the intern thing but that is all he can do. He leaves and David goes to make some calls while watching Danny. Danny tries over and over to get Michelle on her cell but there is no answer. Claire comes over and tells Danny that she has talked to Michelle and she thinks she is after Carmen. She also tells him that while she was on the phone she heard an announcement for a plane to Montreal. Danny leaves. At the Airport: Michelle tries to get an airport employee to tell her about a chartered airline. She showed them the paper she located at Laurel Falls with the letterhead of the airline and asks to speak to the man in charge. While she is waiting, Claire calls and begs her to let her help. Michelle tells her she will talk to her later and ends the call. Shortly after, the head of the airline comes over and she asks him if he can tell her who chartered their plane on a certain date last year. He tells her he can’t help her with his private clients. Michelle pretends to start crying and then spins a story about looking for her birth mother because she is dying and needs a transplant. The man tells her he will check his records for her. He brings out the record book and verifies that an injured woman traveled on the dates she was talking about from Springfield to Bear Lake, Canada. Michelle asks him how fast he can get her there. He goes to check and brings back a ticket on a commercial airline that will take Michelle to Montreal and from there his man will meet with her and take her on to Bear Lake. Michelle thinks it’s a little odd he’s suddenly so helpful, but thanks him and goes to board the plane. She passes one of Carmen’s thugs and seems to recognize him. She goes on to the plane. The thug calls someone and tells him or her that Michelle is on her way. Danny arrives at the airport and begs them to get his wife off the plane. They tell him he can’t go on the plane without a ticket and he throws a credit card at the stewardess telling her to sell him one. David has followed him and goes over and arrests Danny. Danny yells out for Michelle to get off the plane. Meanwhile, at the shed in Laurel Falls, Carmen is happy that Michelle is on her way to Canada. Just then Michelle burst in the shack and tells Carmen she didn’t take the bait.

My Comments: I tell you whenever Danny and Michelle hide things from each other bad stuff happens, even when it’s to protect each other. This is a great example of that. I love Michelle working Frank – upset he didn’t think of it first (Frank never solves anything), that Robbie would be growing up without a father like Frank did. I love it when they key into history in conversations between characters who’ve known each other a long time. I’m sorry Frank didn’t tell Danny right away though. He knows the trouble these two can get into when they aren’t together. Claire is acting like she might have if she and Fletcher had stayed together and raised Michelle. I’m so sorry this is it. I’m a little surprised Claire doesn’t follow Michelle’s train of thought faster though. Claire can be a good detective in her own right. I’m glad they brought up Lucas Carmichael again. It’s nice to use a loose end. I truly hate that they dump all this bad stuff on Laurel Falls. Laurel Falls deserves better than this. I’m sorry that David picked this moment to swing back obsessed with getting the Santos family. He could at least have checked the plane. This cliffhanger is really great because this is the first time that viewers find out for sure that it IS Carmen and she’s alive.

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Danny and Michelle Are At Cross Purposes Aug 7 8 2001

August 16, 2016

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Tues., Aug. 7, 2001 – After Michelle tells Frank her theory, Danny and Rick come out of Company. Danny tells Michelle Ross wants him to take a plea. They both agree they want to keep fighting, but awkwardly don’t tell each other their plans. Danny tells Tony he needs his help. He thinks Carmen might be alive. If she is Danny, Robbie, and especially Michelle are in terrible danger. Danny wants Tony to use his connections to see what he can learn. Danny tells Tony that he knows he is back in the business and he hopes it works for him but he wishes he wouldn’t go that way. Tony is hostile and tells Danny he can no longer boss him around. Danny tells him he understands how he feels but if Carmen is alive someone will end up dead soon and it could be Tony. At the very least she will turn him into her personal gopher. If Carmen is alive, she had to have help and that help is either Maria, Carlos, or Bernardo, Tony’s new friends. If that happened they weren’t up front with Tony, which puts him on Carmen’s list too, just like him and Michelle. He warns Tony that Carmen plays for keeps. Again, Danny asks for Tony’s help. Tony tells him he will help him. Danny goes on to tell Tony that Carmen’s henchman Lucas Carmichael knows something and he may be able to get him to talk. Tony says Lucas has a gambling problem and owes a lot to Infierno; he may be able to use that. Danny asks Tony not to tell Michelle anything and he says he won’t. At the hospital: Michelle comes in and asks Claire what she remembers about the night Carmen was killed on the docks. Claire tells her there wasn’t much going on that night. Michelle asks if anything or anyone acted strangely that night. Claire remembers an intern named Jennifer Tarver leaving after a phone call during the middle of the shift. She thought it was weird because the girl reeked of ambition, just like she had at that age. The funny thing was she left and then never came back. Claire tells Michelle that about a week later they received a fax that said she had moved to Europe following a boyfriend but Claire didn’t think it rang true. She left all her things and they still have them storage at the hospital. At Michelle’s request Claire goes and gets the box of things the Intern had left and Michelle goes through it. Claire keeps asking Michelle what she is looking for and Michelle tells her she isn’t sure. Michelle finds a piece of paper and sticks it in her pocket. Claire takes the box back and Michelle looks at the paper. It says, “Laurel Falls”, on it. Michelle isn’t surprised Carmen used their shack there the last time she played dead and no one had been on their land since construction on the house stopped. Claire comes back and Michelle tells her that she has to go but asks her not to mention any of this to Danny. Claire promises.


Wed., Aug. 8, 2001 – At Millennium: Danny comes in asking for Tony. He isn’t there so he goes to a table to call him. Claire comes in and tells Danny that she is worried about Michelle who is going around asking tons of questions trying to get him out of trouble. She is on the trail of Carmen. Claire gets a call and leaves after telling Danny not to let Michelle do his dirty work. Danny calls Tony again and leaves another message. While he is out of the room, Michelle comes in to meet Rick.

My Comments: The idea that Carmen survived this was only possible because they wanted the character back. It makes no sense. I really like Danny’s opening to Tony of how Michelle and he love Tony and hope he can get out when he wants. It’s just got such a married couple feel and I think is a great base touch. This is one of the last times that Claire and Michelle really connect. This is kind of the relationship they might have had if Fletcher Reade and Claire had married and co-raised Michelle with Maureen and Ed. I’m sorry it’s the last real piece of that we see of the Claire that once was. There was little enough of it during this Claire return.

So do you think the rough background comment just meant intern Jennifer Traver was desperate for money and power or that she would have had previous connections with the Santos Family? Wouldn’t the fact that the henchman suddenly came into a lot of money after he testifies been interesting to someone Tony? Maybe you could have spoken up earlier.

I truly hate how they kept dumping bad stuff on the Laurel Falls house site. I REALLY wanted Manny to get that house.

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Did Carmen Cheat Death Again Aug 3 6 2001

July 26, 2016

Fri., August 3, 2001 – At Company: Rick, Michelle and Danny are about to go in when Danny tells them that he has lost his appetite. They are all upset about the judge not declaring a mistrial but Rick thinks it may be best; the jury has to have serious doubts with all the tainted evidence in the case. Danny reminds Rick that he did admit to killing his mother on the stand. Michelle tells Danny that she has been thinking about it and the more she thinks the more she comes to the same conclusion. Michelle thinks they need one more break like realizing the body was a fake. A bell goes off in Michelle’s head as she thinks about faking the body. She points out the body that was pulled out of the water was weighted down with chains, just like his mother’s body. Only someone who was there that night would know that detail. How could Gus have found out? Danny thinks someone saw them. Michelle thinks there might be more to it. The only reason she can think of for someone to go to all the trouble of creating that fake body is if the real body wasn’t there. The only person with any reason to set this up is Carmen herself. Maybe Carmen is behind all of this? Danny says Carmen is dead. Her body was cold when he put it into the water. He tells her that they are both just stressed but his mother cannot hurt them anymore. Danny tells Michelle that he has to swing by the courthouse for some papers and asks if she wants to go along. She tells her that she needs to get back to relieve Meta from babysitting. Danny leaves and Michele calls and asks Meta if she can sit with Robbie a bit longer. Rick is sitting at a table still in thought when Danny comes in. He asks if Rick has seen Michelle. She had told him that she was going home to relieve Meta of babysitting but when he called Meta told him that Michelle called to extend her time. Now, Michelle isn’t answering her cell phone. At the Docks: Michelle gets to the docks and looks around. She sits down rethinking through the night and looking for clues. She wonders if Carmen is in the lake somewhere or not. She thinks she may be overreacting and gets up to leave. When she turns, she runs into someone who had been watching her.

Mon., Aug. 6, 2001 – At the Docks: The man that came upon Michelle tells her that he is a fisherman named Pete and he is there everyday and every night. She asks him about the day last year and he tells her he remembers it because something strange happened that night. He tells her he heard a shot and when he finally made his way over in his row boat he saw something floating over to the shore and then two men dressed in black drug it out of the lake and placed it in the back of their car, then they left like nothing ever happened. Michelle believes the men pulled Carmen out of the lake. Ross tells Danny that he could very well be sent to prison and he thinks he should at least entertain the thought of a plea bargain, ten to twelve for manslaughter. Danny can’t think of that without talking it over with Michelle. He cannot imagine losing that much time with his son. Ross tells him that if he doesn’t take the deal, he may never get to see Robbie again. Ross reminds him that he has two things going against him. He killed his mother and he is a Santos. Juries are strange and those two things may be all they need. Danny tells him he will discuss it with his wife. Ross asks if he has heard from Gus and Danny tells him he hasn’t. Ross says he may come by to get even, he showed up at Ross’ house that morning trying to cause trouble. He still isn’t quite sure why Gus hasn’t admitted to faking the body and dental records when he has admitted to everything else. Danny thinks about what Michelle told him about Carmen possibly being behind everything. Ross leaves and Danny can’t believe she may be right. He goes to Rick and tells him he has to talk to him. He tells him about Michelle’s theory and why he thinks it is possible but he doesn’t want to encourage or scare Michelle just yet. Meanwhile, outside Company, Michelle tells Frank her thoughts and why she doesn’t want to tell Danny just yet. They both are thinking the same thing and both not telling each other because they want to protect the other. Meanwhile, Frank and Rick both think it is impossible. Michelle leaves to go see Claire and Danny calls Tony and asks him for his help. (Part 1) (Part 2 below)

My Comments: I love this look on Danny when he’s standing outside Company. The sunglasses are amazing. Michelle’s outfit is truly cute too. And here we are a sticky point when Michelle brings up Carmen. This is all too sensitive a subject for Danny. Of course he doesn’t want to have killed his mother. He doesn’t want to think about what happened, but the LAST time Michelle said Carmen was behind something she was AND the time before that AND the time before that AND the time before that. You’d think Danny would have learned to say OK, it’s probably Carmen let’s see. This is one of the problems that Manny have to work through this keeping things from each other even to protect each other it never goes well. Whenever they don’t tell each other everything, even something that they think is protecting the other, bad things happen. I had recently given the writers a round of applause for the excellent red herring work on Gus Aitoro’s real identity. This is another excellent series of red herrings. It’s great writing.

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Will There Be a Mistrial August 2 2001

July 22, 2016

Thurs., Aug. 2, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Danny and Michelle are still celebrating. We start with a just terriffic walk through of the Bauer kitchen. You want to see the Bauer kitchen in the early 2000s this is probably your best bet. Danny is singing he’s so happy as they work together to make breakfast. They discuss the case and that it’s likely Aitoro will be fired.

Danny: “…I feel like I can breathe again. Like I don’t have a million fingers pointing at me. Like I can make love to my wife.[breaks off kissing her]…I even slept last night.”

Michelle: Laughs “No you didn’t.” Kisses and laughter continue.

Danny: “I LOVE this counter.”

Michelle is pleased Danny is in a happy and optimistic mood. They read the newspaper together and the headlines say that the feds are embarrassed by tainted evidence in the Santos case. The article goes on to say that the feds will not retry the case if it there is a mistrial. It also states that they will not pursue any charges against Michelle. Danny is happy that Michelle is cleared at least. Michelle thinks after it is all over they should take Robbie on his first vacation to celebrate. Danny thinks Robbie wouldn’t remember the vacation, so they should take the vacation themselves, alone. Danny: “We can rent a boat and sail the Caribbean. We could go to Hawaii. You always wanted to go to Hawaii.” Michelle wonders who would tend to Robbie. Danny thinks Meta would do it. Just then Meta and Claire come in and Claire tells them that she would love to watch Robbie. Michelle tells Claire to go home. Claire understands that Michelle is still angry but she insists the only reason she talked to the feds was because she wanted to protect Michelle. She congratulate them exposing Gus. Claire says if the judge rules it a mistrial Danny will be free too. Michelle didn’t believe her sincerity but Claire insists she wants Danny to be free. She tells Michelle that Gus was on a mission and no one could stand in his way. Meta isn’t impressed. Claire asks Michelle for a chance to make things right. She wants to babysit for Robbie. Michelle isn’t ready for that and Danny tells her they are trying to start over. Claire thinks that Danny might want to try a new career and offers to set up a meeting with him and Alan. Meta tells Claire that Danny doesn’t need her or Alan and Danny says he doesn’t want to talk to Alan. Michelle says they will pass on the offer. Claire says the truth is she wants to be part of Michelle’s life. She has made horrible mistakes and seems to keep making them. Nothing has been right since she gave her up as a baby but that shouldn’t stop Danny from at least talk to Alan. Claire thinks Danny could start a new life for his wife and son. She wonders if someone else made the offer would they not consider it? She offers again to set up a meeting with Danny and Alan and Danny finally agrees to meet with him. Michelle is humming their theme song when Danny comes back down. Danny kisses her and tells her he is glad she’s happy. He tells Michelle that he told Claire he would meet with Alan to get rid of her but he thinks he will really meet with him and see what he says. Ross arrives and Michelle asks him if he saw the newspaper. Ross says the judge ruled against a mistrial and now the jury has to decide if what Danny did was justifiable. Michelle and Danny are disappointed.

My Comments: I truly enjoy this episode the morning after the counter encounter is almost as good as it is. Danny is just SO dang happy it makes you smile. The fact that he’s actually singing. Michelle is humming with happiness. I think that this is how their everyday life would be. There’s a Springfield Journal. I’m still on a quest to get one of those. This one would be perfect if only it had a photo of them. It would still be close to perfect. In Claire’s defense, while I think Michelle is right I think Claire actually BELIEVES she did it for Michelle. This is a beginning of a turning point both for Claire and the Manny storyline.

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Counter Encounter Aug 1 2001

July 19, 2016

Wed., Aug. 1, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Danny, Michelle, Rick, Robbie and  Ross, Blake, Holly, Frank, Harley, Buzz are celebrating Ross outing Guss’ true identity in court. Ross gives Blake credit for the discovery and they shout out back to the PI agency that Frank, Blake, and David Grant used to run. They have to explain it to Catalina. (This was after Frank ran a garage and before he became a cop.) While it’s a good development, Ross reminds them that just because they showed Aitoro’s true colors doesn’t mean they are out of the woods. Harley is sitting by herself in a much more pensive mood. Danny goes to Harley to thank her and tells her that he realizes that it had to be tough to turn on her boss like that. Harley just feels bad she hadn’t fact checked. Michelle agrees and hopes Harley won’t get into trouble for it. Harley tells them that she is going on maternity leave in a few days anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Rick: “Danny the fact that your dad killed his father did NOT give him the right to falsify evidence against you.” Buzz: “He’s a persistent little sucker isn’t he?” Rick: “Persistent little blood sucker.” Tony starts mouthing off about the system, but Ray interrupts him to make a toast to Danny and Michelle. Ray: I propose a toast to Danny and Michelle. May you finally live happily ever after. Danny: “Let’s hope so, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed…” Ray doesn’t understand how Danny could still be convicted since the body was a fake. Ross tells them that even though there is no body he could still be convicted of murder. Ross says that even if they get a mistrial, they could bring charges again later. They could also just throw out the body testimony and send it to the jury with instructions to only use the rest of the evidence. Danny could also be acquitted. Tony thinks all cops are crooked but everyone reminds him that if it weren’t for a cop, Harley, they wouldn’t have the evidence they do now. Rick toasts to Harley. Tony asks Danny if he will return to work at Infierno after he is acquitted. Danny tells him that he isn’t sure; the hours aren’t the best for his family. Ray reminds Tony that it is still Danny’s club. Danny asks if Tony is keeping his nose clean. Tony gets angry and spits back at Danny that he needs to let him run the club on his own terms. He leaves. Catalina asks if Tony is okay. Michelle tells her that says Tony just misinterpreted something Danny said but Michelle can’t believe Tony would get back into the business again. Michelle asks Danny if he wants to go out and make a wish on a star. Danny doesn’t want to tempt fate but Michelle thinks they will be okay and she wants to fill every moment with joy, referring back to their most recent wedding vows. They kiss enthusiastically. Danny cleans up from the party. Michelle went upstairs and comes down in a robe. [This is either the same robe or supposed to be the same one that Joy’s Michelle wore.]

Danny: “Hey, what’s going on?”

Michelle: “I thought you might come with me.”

Danny: “This is uh, (Danny looks her up and down and likes what he sees) is this about that joy thing?”

Michelle: “Ya, it’s about that joy thing.

She kisses him and he lays her back on the countertop. (Counter Encounter)

My Comments: I really got sick of the Coopers completely taking over the Bauer house, but I’ve got to admit Buzz is pretty fun here. They do a nice job walking Ross through the possibilities. Tony can be kind of rude, even this wonderful version. I applaud the nice shout-outs today. The first one is historic call back to the Frank-Blake-David detective agency for which I will excuse Catalina being there so they have someone to explain it to. Also, they do such a nice job of tying this into wedding number four, about finding joy.  I’m also glad they’re also allowing a little contact between Holly and Michelle since they were so close between when Maureen died and Holly flipped out over Fletcher stealing Meg, but they don’t really address this until Ed comes back. How can you not love the Counter Encounter and before they start kissing notice Michelle’s robe which is a very close replica to the one she war during the angry pool swim. 

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Michelle Decides to Go Undercover July 20 2011

March 18, 2016

NOTE: Sadly something else the highlight clips don’t show well at all is the active trickster role Blake played as part of this storyline. Gus showed Blake attention almost since he blew into town. Partially I think he might really have liked her, I mean Blake is kind of awesome, but mostly because he didn’t like Ross because he was defending Danny and Tony and he wanted to mess with him. Blake played along with it to get information (I think she was playing along sooner than the audience was aware). Most recently she’d searched Gus’s room and came up with the photo showing a young Gus (wearing a Cubs hat) that she has paired with other evidence to prove he’s really Miguel Santos, Jr. which is also the theory Manny will shortly come up with. Blake is trying to fill Ross in for the next few episode guide posts.

Danny Testimony Continues

Fri., July 20, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Ross is preparing Danny for his cross exam by Doris. Gus tells Doris to rip Danny to shreds. Court reconvenes and Danny retakes the stand. Doris reminds Danny of his admissions, that he shot his mother and that Carmen hated his wife. Why didn’t Danny admit it from the start that he is a ruthless amoral person who shot his mother in cold blood? Ross objects. He says Doris shouldn’t be giving her biased conclusions. Doris asks Danny why he didn’t go to the police right away. Danny says he didn’t think the police would believe him because he is a Santos. She asks if he called an ambulance. Danny says Carmen was already dead. Doris asks if he had medical training. Danny says there was no heartbeat. Doris thinks Danny was happy that she was dead. She says he wrapped his mother and tied her body with chains, then dumped her. Doris thanks Ross for providing her with an admission of guilt. Tony starts shouting in the courtroom that they are setting Danny up. Tony is so abusive to the judge in his outburst that he is given choice to leave before the bailiffs escort him out. Ross starts his redirect on Danny. He asks if Danny went to the docks to kill his mother. Danny says he didn’t even know Carmen was alive. Why did Danny draw his gun? He drew it because Carmen had a gun on his wife. He only shot her to protect Michelle and the unborn baby. Testimony over and court is recessed. Ross tells Michelle she is next. Michelle tells Danny he was wonderful on the stand. Ross says he is telling a love story and if the jury buys it, he’s a genius, if they don’t, they are in trouble. In the lobby, Gus is lighting up and Michelle takes his cigarette, telling him there is no smoking in here. She tells him Danny is innocent and she is about to prove it. She tells Gus that she is on to him. She knows he planted the bullet but he took the bullet from the wrong gun. It all started with the body that he probably faked too. Gus says they used the dental records for ID and she shouldn’t take it out on him. Blake comes in and says this is Gus’s unlucky day. She is on her way in to see Ross when Gus stops her and asks what she has there. Blake tells Gus she has some research for her next book. Gus wonders why she is so cool to him. He tells her she missed Danny’s testimony. She goes in to see Ross. Ross says he has to prep Michelle for testimony but Danny says he can’t find Michelle. At the Dentist Office: Michelle arrives dressed in disguise and starts flirting with the dentist.

My Comments: Honestly, much like the question about why Michelle didn’t try to help Mick (which only has a behind the scenes answer) why Michelle couldn’t tell Carmen was alive is the weak part of this story. Michelle had more than enough training to do better than that and not only does she not realize Carmen is still alive, she stops Danny when his first instinct is to get help until his cover up training kicks in. In fact, I think they would most likely have been better off long term if Danny had called 911 in a bunch of ways. But they figured behind the scenes they might want Carmen back and if you want Carmen back you have to swallow all this to give her a good shot at coming back. I think Ross is genius to base Danny’s defense on people falling in love with the Manny story, who doesn’t fall in love with the Manny story? Ugh! Catalina is there with Tony so all that mess is going on in other footage. I’m not sure what Michelle was doing with her hand while talking to Gus it almost looked like she was trying to keep pressure on it or something. I love a good feisty Michelle scene and she does a great one facing Gus. Plus, I truly love her Wanda costume and how she plays the dentist. Although they, foolishly in my opinion, never play the Gus is really Miguel Jr. plot this Blake going off to investigate herself it’s really great. It plays on history both in the fact Blake really used to be a PI (in business with Frank Cooper and David Grant) and the fact that Michelle is kind of, sorta of her once a future step-sister a note that I think they should have played a lot stronger and a lot more often. Besides Blake is always fun when she’s playing trickster as she does in this whole storyline with Gus.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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