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Danny Is Cleared Aug 20 2001

December 16, 2016

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Mon., Aug. 20, 2001 – While we were with Danny, Michelle, and Carmen on the docks, with no witnesses to testify (and honestly Ross is much better at tap dancing than this) the Judge called for closing arguments and sent the jury to deliberate. The jury foreman is ready to read the verdict. Michelle, Danny, and Frank Cooper comes bursting into the courtroom to interrupt proceedings. Danny tells the Judge that Carmen is alive and they can prove it. Doris is angry and tells the Judge that they should go ahead with the verdict. Frank slips into the benches the back of the room by Rick, but he didn’t actually see Carmen so can’t testify. Rick – who instantly believes Michelle and Danny doesn’t that make your heart feel good – wants to know how WE are going to prove it. Michelle talks to Ross and he asks the Judge to recall Michelle to the stand. Doris tells them that the verdict is in the foreman’s hand. The foreman looks down to the paper that has a Guilty verdict on it. The Judge rules that he will hear the evidence. Ross calls Michelle to the stand and Michelle tells her story of Carmen kidnapping her. Michelle tells the court that Carmen’s camera is at the bottom of the lake where Danny threw it to save Michelle’s life. Doris and Gus are laughing at the testimony and telling the Judge Michelle is making this up. Michelle pulls another camera from her purse and tells the court that when she learned where Carmen was she decided to go there prepared. She had a tape going so she can prove that Carmen is alive. Doris objects and the Judge calls the attorneys into chambers. Michelle hugs Danny and hopes the camera has more than just feet on it since it was hidden in her purse. The Judge comes back and tells everyone that they will see the tape with the jury present. The Jury comes back in and they start the video. You can see a pair of stilettos on the screen and nothing else and Doris demands the tape be stopped, saying it doesn’t prove anything. The Judge agrees but Ross asks him to bear with them and let the tape play to the end. The bailiff adds it’s a short tape so there should only be a few minutes left. The Judge decides to let it continue and the bailiff hits play again. Carmen comes on the screen and Doris objects saying it could be from an old home movie. Then the tape has Carmen holding the newspaper about Danny being arrested. It was today’s issue of the Springfield Journal. Ross tells the judge that proves Carmen is alive on this very day and he wants the case against his client dropped. Doris is ticked but the Judge dismisses the case. Judge: “In all my years as a judge I’ve never ever seen anything quite like this. Mr. Santos please rise. Daniel Santos the charges against you are dismissed. You are free to go!” Danny hugs Michelle tight and doesn’t let go.

My comments: Huzzah Rick is finally there at the trial. For someone who couldn’t get the jury deliberation delayed Ross has found his feet again. He does more amazing lawyering here. Isn’t that great how Rick is so totally on board with Manny and especially feels that he and Danny are on the same team. How are WE going to prove it Rick says and he believed them without a thought. I just love Rick so much when he’s like this. Ross too he’s so great in this. Honestly though it wouldn’t dissolve the camera to throw it in the lake. It wouldn’t have been good for it, but I think they could have thrown enough money in it to drag and find the camera? I think the camera would be toast, but the tape might be partially salvageable and they don’t need much. I just love, love, love how Manny touch each other instinctively reach out to each other and hold on in trouble or happiness. This disruption of legal procedure is odd, but the part I can’t believe is that they’d start the tape and not watch it all through, maybe not in front of the jury, but the Judge. Isn’t Michelle crawling over the railing to get to Danny top of the line amazing?

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Ross Unmasks Gus July 31 2001

July 15, 2016

Tues., July 31, 2001 – In the Courtroom, the break from yesterday was covered by Blake coming in and asking what did she miss. A self-satisfied smile crosses her lips as she realizes Ross’ secret weapon is the information she brought for him. They also show the bailiff bringing Gus a glass of water of the stand and then it’s time to kick the trial back into action. Ross continues to hammer away at Gus accusing him of making up the identity of “Gus Aitoro.” Gus denies it. Doris objects but Ross presses further. He tells Gus that they know who he really is and why he has a vendetta against Danny Santos. Ross pulls a photo of a man and boy out of his folder and shows it to Gus and asks if it jogs his memory. Gus looks at the photo and then at Blake, realizing she took it from his room. Ross asks Gus who the boy is and Gus reluctantly admits that it is a photo of him and Joe Augustino, a highly directed cop in Chicago that worked on the organized crime team, putting away mobsters on a regular basis. Ross asks how Gus knows Joe August aka Joesph Augustino and Gus tells him it has nothing to do with this case. Ross against asks about the relationship between Gus and Joe August. Gus still won’t explain. Ross produces a copy of a birth certificate for Gus off his desk. Ross produces the birth certificate that says he was born only seven years ago. In reality it was a name change to Gus Aitoro from Nick August aka Nicholas Augustino and Joe Augustino was his father. Gus admits it. Ross asks why he changed his name and baits him about maybe he was ashamed of his dad. Gus is getting angry telling Ross that his dad was a good man and a terrific cop. He keeps on and asks if that was the case maybe Gus wanted to conceal his identity. Gus tells Ross that he is a FBI agent and he knows Danny Santos and knows that he is a murderer and that is all that matters. Ross points out that Gus has been pursing Danny Santos hard for the past four years. Ross tells Gus that he wants Danny to pay for all that he has done. Gus agrees and tells him that Danny murdered his mother, Carmen Santos. Gus: “We at the FBI have a file on this thick, five inches thick and you don’t get that for being a Good Samaritan.” Ross asks if his interests are purely professional. Ross pushes Gus to once again say that he has been going after Danny just like he would any case, that he hasn’t faked any evidence, and had no personal grudge against Danny. Ross shows Gus his evidence and tells him that if he knows anything more he better tell know. Doris: “Your honor, Mr. Marler is waving papers around this courtroom like they were confetti. If he has something he wants to put on the record as an exhibit he should enter it correctly and I want to see them.”  Both the Judge and Doris look at the evidence and then at Gus. Doris walks back to her seat and Ross asks about the document. A police report from 1980, concerning the murder of Joe Augustino allegedly by Miguel Santos. Ross asks if that is why Gus hates Danny Santos and he will break any rules to put him behind bars. He tells the jury that it doesn’t get any more personal that one boy’s father killing another boy’s father. Gus tells Ross that Miguel was never convicted, charged or tried for his dad’s murder but it has nothing to do with Danny’s case. Ross paints a vivid image of Gus’s revenge. He tells Gus that he can imagine him as a small child at his father’s gravesite and promising that the Santos family will pay for killing his dad. He changed his name so that no one would question his motives. Gus blows up.

Ross: “When you grew up you started to make good on that promise. You graduated near the top of your class, you joined the FBI, you rose through the ranks and then one day you got yourself appointed to the Santos case and that’s when you decided to change your name in hopes that no one would ever face you as I’m doing now to question your motives because ultimately the truth doesn’t mean one bit the only thing that matters to you is getting even for your dad….(Gus interrupts).”  

Gus: “You want to know what the truth is? I’ll tell you want the truth is. They is they shot him down in cold blood. He was one of the best men that ever lived. Do I want them to pay? Ya Damn straight I want them to pay.  I want him to pay, I want every single one of them to rot in Hell for the rest of their pathetic life.  How’s that for the truth?”

In light of the new evidence Ross moves for a mistrial. The judge asks for the Doris and Ross to meet in his chambers. Everyone leaves except Gus who stays in the witness stand, stunned.

During Gus’s attempt to deflect Ross’ questions he says he is a registered driver in the state of Illinois and a graduate of Georgetown Law. He says his buddies used to call him Kojack, but it’s unclear that this is a joke (Kojack was a very famous TV police detective in the 1970s) or if his friends really called him that. I could see it either way. Gus has been directly pursuing Danny for four years (back in 1998) and his name change was seven years ago (back in 1995). (Part 1) (Part 2)

My Comments: This was a truly masterful piece of misdirection. They had been laying bricks for months that Gus might be Miguel Santos, Jr., but this completely alternative option wasn’t even considered even though it makes just as much sense. The main problem with this story is that it no longer makes sense after further retcon revelations. In this case that’s that Gus’s sister Eden had already killed Tony and Ray’s father who was supposedly the actual trigger man. I mean even if you go for an eye for an eye the score is even up so what’s his problem? Again, Gus is terrible, but in another red herring move Gus is actually telling the truth when he says he didn’t fake some of the evidence. However, if he didn’t fake it, it makes less sense, not more, that he did fake what he did. Even when we’re actually seeing the photo of Gus and his dad Joe, they are still selling it as Miguel Jr. for the first couple of beats until after the commercial break. The photo was taken at a Cubs game. This is such an excellent game of red herring. After a masterful testimony Danny takes a back seat to Ross during this phase of the trial, but they often flash to him for a tense reaction shot. Right after the Joe August bit Danny’s picked up a pen. I wonder if it was Paul or the director who decided on that just to break the routine of those shots up a little.

Truly the Ross arguing Danny’s side of the defense are truly some of Ross’ best lawyering ever. Love how Ross then goes to calling him Nicholas after the reveal both to get Gus into that mindset and to remind jury he lied. 


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Agent Peterson Cracks July 27 30 2001

June 17, 2016

Fri., July 27, 2001 – In the Courtroom: Harley and Ross are talking about the divers finding Danny’s gun in the lake. She is sure that proves Gus had something to do with a set up and Agent Peterson may be the key to bringing him down. However, Gus had Peterson suddenly reassigned and he’s on his way to the airport as they speak. Ross tells her to go try to get him to come in and testify because they don’t have time to get a warrant. Harley rushes to the airport. Ross tells Danny that they don’t have any other stalling tactics left so he will have to put Danny on the stand and start firing the big guns at Gus until Harley gets back. When the judge reconvenes court Ross calls Danny to the stand and asks him about the exact positions of he, Michelle and Carmen on the docks. He handed Danny the gun in evidence and asked him to show the jury how he held the gun that night. Danny tells him that he cannot since that wasn’t the gun he had. His gun was tossed into the lake after the shooting. Doris tries to argue but the judge overrules her objection. The judge reminds Ross that he is throwing some heavy accusations towards the prosecution and he had better be able to back them up. Ross assures him that he will be able to. Meanwhile, at the airport, Harley tells Peterson they know Danny was set up. They found the gun and she found the splice in the tape that he doctored to hide where Gus had fired off the weapon himself. Peterson tells her that he isn’t going to testify, he is on his way to NY and unless she has a subpoena she should leave him alone. She tries to reason with him but he isn’t interested. Harley leaves, empty handed. Back in court, Ross talks to Danny about the imminent danger to Michelle and his unborn child and asked if that is when he fired the gun. He also wanted to know why Danny threw the gun in the lake. Danny tells him that he thought he would be brought up on Murder One (murder in the first degree) charges if the cops got hold of it. Ross shows Danny the registrations for two different guns. Danny says he shot his mother with his office gun; the other one was his gun for home. Ross addresses the jury and tells them that there are two different theories in the case, a tale of cold-blooded murder and one of self-defense. If they believe the latter they will have to rule Danny Santos not guilty and this verdict they will derive from the integrity of the evidence. Doris objects again and the Judge states again that Ross will have to prove the evidence has been tampered with. Otherwise he will dismiss the jury and he will rule on his own. He asks Ross if he has a corroborating witness. Ross tells him he has and calls Harley to the stand. Harley isn’t there yet and the judge has had it. He tells Ross to put another witness on the stand, rest his case or he will rule himself. Ross tries to buy for time but as the Judge is ready to end his case, Harley walks in and Gus looks nervous. Ross swears Harley in and asks her about where she was the night before. She tells him that she and a dive team were at the lake. They dived for the alleged gun and found it. They matched the serial numbers and the gun does belong to Danny Santos. Doris objects again. Just then Agent Peterson walks in and Harley tells Ross. Gus looks back at him and is very concerned. Ross tells the judge and jury that he has another witness that will present evidence that the FBI framed Danny Santos.  (Part 1) (Part 2)

Version with Harley’s testimony:

Mon., July 30, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Ross questions Harley who tells about finding the gun and believing that Danny was being set up. She tells the jury that she looked into the surveillance tapes of the day Gus made her summons the entire Bauer clan down to the station. She found that Gus was at the Bauer house alone that day and the tape had a splice at precisely the same time. Ross calls Agent Peterson who tells the jury that Gus told him to take the tape and edit out a sound that he thought was a gunshot. Ross calls Gus. Gus holds that everything is valid.

Ross: ” I know that FBI is having a bad year, but it is monumentally incompetent to end up with the wrong body.”


Ross: “Do you know where it [the bullet] came from?

Gus: “Sure. It came from the gun of your client.”

Ross: “Now how could that possibly be if the body you have is not Carmen. How could a bullet from Danny’s other gun, the gun that wasn’t even at the scene, how could that body end up in a Jane Doe?”

Gus: “I don’t know. Ask your client.”

Ross: “You should pay attention, we did. It’s still a mystery.”

Ross lays out order of events how they have the wrong body, the wrong dental records, and a bullet from the wrong gun. Gus claims the mistakes are all down to the Springfield police forensic unit. Ross presses further that there was a gun shot from inside the house during a time Gus had ordered Harley to haul the entire Bauer family down to the police station for a fairly flimsy reason and Gus himself was unaccounted for. Agent Peterson testified he heard what sounded like a gun shot during that time and had spliced out the sound at Gus’s request.

Gus tells him he was only trying to protect a rookie agent from looking like an idiot and possibly losing his job. Gus blames the noise on an ambient noise, a car or truck backfiring that he can tell from his experience.

Ross: “Wouldn’t experience also tell you the difference between an internal sound and an external sound or are you testifying that a backfiring truck was in the living room of the Bauer house or are you saying, did Agent Peterson lie under oath.”

Gus: “No, I’m not saying that. Agent Peterson THOUGHT it was a gun shot. Agent Peterson was wrong and as his supervisor I instructed him to edit that tape, edit the sound out, so that there would be no misconception.”

Ross: “If it was a [background] sound why bother, why erase it?”

Gus: “He was talking about going to Washington and frankly I was concerned for a new agent who might be censured, might even be fired for an overzealous, all be it understandable, pursuit of justice.”

Ross: “So you’re saying nobody at the FBI, even your supervisor, knows the difference between a gun and a truck.”

Gus: “Counselor, I’m with the FBI and I know the difference.”

Ross tells Gus that he has an agenda against Danny and wants him to fess up. Gus denies it.

Ross: “Agent Aitoro, you have lied about your whereabouts, you’ve lied about evidence, you’ve lied about being in charge of the investigation have you told the truth about anything, Agent Aitoro?”

Judge: “Enough, Mr. Marler. Enough.”

Ross: “Yes, your honor. You’ve heard enough, I’ve heard enough, they’ve heard enough and you are not protecting Agent Peterson, you are protecting yourself because you are so determined to put Danny in jail that you not only bent the law, you broke the law.”

Judge: “Find a question or sit down.”

Ross: “Yes, your honor, I have found a question. The question is why. What is driving you to put Danny Santos in jail no matter the cost? What is worth that much to you?”

Gus: “You’re SO melodramatic Counselor. There is no big mission going on here. There’s…It’s just a matter of bringing a murderer to justice and that is it.”

Ross: “In the timeline of things you didn’t know that. Until Danny Santos testified all you had was a body that turned out to NOT be Carmen Santos and a bullet that you were going to plant on that body. You had nothing to justify pursuing this case.”

Doris: “Is there a question anywhere in sight?”

Ross: “Yes, I have a question. Can you explain your motives?”

Gus: “I put killers in jail. Beyond that my mood, my feelings, my motives are irrelevant.”

Ross: “Irrelevant? I disagree.”

Gus: “Well then Counselor we agree to disagree then. How’s that?”

Ross: “No, we can’t allow you do that because who you are is the core of this case. Who are you, sir? And I ask that question because in fact there is no such person as Gus Aitoro, is there?”

Ross pulls out a file and tells Gus that he knows that the key to the case lies with who he really is. He tells Gus and the jury that Gus Aitoro doesn’t really exist.

My Comments: I’m truly sorry this wasn’t the path they took instead of a red herring. Danny’s right it makes a lot more sense. Plus it would give a bond as well as an antipathy between Danny and Gus and would have given Gus an even better reason to go after Carmen once she came back, especially when he realizes she basically manipulated him. However, you have to give them credit. It was a GREAT red herring. Unlike the last time Carmen “died” there wasn’t a hint that she wasn’t dead. No ghostlighting no almost found, nothing. There was something up with Gus Aitoro sure, but we all read the hints the way Danny did that Gus was the second Miguel Jr. who all we really knew about his life now was that Selena still had his phone number and that he was a lawyer. Gus is a lawyer out to get the Santos family. It all fit like a glove. The idea that Gus was someone else AND that there was a second bad guy was way out of left field. Gus being Miguel was such a bright shiny sparkling thing that none of us noticed the other hand.

Ross’ reveal about the gun was both theatrical and great. It was a total blindside and much more effective than saying this is not the gun. I don’t think the audience even realized that was where the lead up was going. Then he follows up with stuff that isn’t as great a show, but it’s just lovely lawyering setting it up as choosing between two versions, especially because story means so much to soap people. Frankly this is the case where Ross could be Perry Mason’s twin. If anyone is ever looking at the epitome of Ross as a lawyer this is it.

I’m not quite sure why they are so upset about people not being there to testify. Once you call a witness if they aren’t there, the court will go get them. You don’t get to ignore the court. I’m sorry they cut Harley’s testimony so much in the highlight clips.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

The Other Miguel Santos Jr July 25 26 2001

June 3, 2016

Wed., July 25, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Danny is holding Michelle and says that he was impressed with her. Danny: “You, I want a sidebar with you Mrs. Santos…that was quite an amazing stunt you pulled earlier.” Dr. Fisher the dentist apparently testified off camera. He confirmed Michelle’s story about the switched records and was convinced not to press charges against Michelle. Ross tells Michelle that he didn’t approve of the way the evidence was found but glad it came out. Ross: “I do not in anyway condone the liberation of those x-rays, but someone else might say well done.” Harley arrives and tells Michelle she wishes she had come to her first. Michelle says she tried more than once, but Harley wouldn’t listen. Michelle says Gus faked the evidence. Gus arrives and says his ears are burning. Ross says Gus had said he was responsible for all the evidence. If he didn’t switch the dental records, who did? Gus says it could have been anyone but the bullet is still from Danny’s gun. He killed someone. Gus takes out a Cubs hat and puts it on. He tells them all while watching Danny that he is going to the Cubs game, box seat third base line. Gus says that unlike some people, he earned his tickets. Outside the courtroom, Harley confronts Gus about the dental evidence. Gus says they have a confession from Danny so they are still sitting pretty. Harley says he didn’t kill his mother in cold blood and they don’t have her body. Harley leaves, telling Gus to enjoy the game. Gus calls Peterson and tells him he got his transfer to the NY office. Peterson knows why Gus is calling him; he wants Peterson to keep his mouth shut about editing out the surveillance tape of his setting Danny up. Gus asks Peterson if he wants the transfer or not and Peterson says yes. Back inside, Michelle, Danny and Ross are talking about the gun evidence. Ross says if they found Danny’s gun it would help. Michelle says she thinks the gun isn’t the only secret the lake has to offer. Meanwhile, at the lake someone is walking in wader boots holding a lantern and looking into the water off the docks. Ross asks Harley what it would take to get the PD to investigate the evidence. Harley says this is the FBI’s case. She still worries about the evidence and thinks it is time to put up or shut up. She calls the chief and he comes over to the courthouse. He meets her outside and she tells him about the evidence and that she wants to check the lake for Danny’s other gun. The chief tells her it is the fed’s case. She wants the PD to reopen their case so if Danny did do it they can put him away or exonerate him if he was only protecting his wife. He tells her that he will call Gus if she wants him to but she stops him. She explains that someone is faking evidence and he finally tells her that he will get their divers out there. Later at the lake, Frank and David are watching the divers. Gus arrives and yells at them to get off his territory. Frank tells him that they police department has taken over. Gus is angry and tells them that he is calling their chief. Harley comes over and tells him that the chief ordered them there. Gus leaves and Harley tells everyone to get busy, there is work to be done. Michelle and Danny come in to the Bauer kitchen  and start making out. Michelle: “I’m so hungry!” Danny: “Hungry hungry or HUNGRY HUNGRY.” Michelle says food hungry and since there isn’t anything much in the fridge they decide to run over to Company to grab a late dinner before returning home and “dessert.” Michelle and Danny come into Company and Danny tells Michelle how proud he is of her. He is worried about her being harassed by Gus and she has to promise to be careful. Michelle: “I’m good at the love and honor stuff, it’s the obey I have trouble with.” – Danny: “No kidding.” He appreciates everything she has done but she can’t do anything else dangerous on her own. Danny gets Michelle to promise to not do anything dangerous and Danny pulls up her hands and tells her to uncross her fingers. Michelle says she just can’t wait around while Gus is trying to frame him and wonders why Gus is doing this. Danny says the question is who was Gus before he was a fed? Michelle asks Danny if he knew Gus from Chicago, maybe even as a child. Danny says no, but then a mental bell rings and he tells her that when Gus was talking about the baseball game tonight, he thought he might. He tells her that his father took him to a lot of Cubs games as a kid and they always sat on the 3rd base line. One time when he was 9 his father brought another kid with them to a Cubs game. His father was nice to the kid and even gave the kid a foul ball that he had caught but the kid threw it back onto the field, not wanting it. His father told the boy “That’s the last time I give you anything, Junior.” Buzz overhears and says that makes sense. Danny asks Buzz what he is talking about. Buzz says when Danny mentioned Junior, he flashed on Aitoro questioning him about Blake’s book. It seemed like he already knew Selena personally. It makes sense; it clicks. Gus is Miguel Santos, Jr. Selena’s son and Danny’s half-brother. (Part 1) (Part 2)

Most of this clip is the same as above, but the last two minutes are Ross reading the letter Blake left him cluing him in on what she’s found out about Gus although we don’t get to find out what that is right away. Sadly all the highlight clips I found also cut out Blake’s detective work which was awesomely cool.

Thurs., July 26, 2001 – Blake goes into the courtroom and asks Ross if he read her little surprise. He thinks she is remarkable and he is grateful to her for what she found. He tells her that the file she found is probably what is going to get Danny acquitted. He hugs her just as Michelle and Danny come in and tell Ross that they believe Gus is really Miguel Santos Jr. Danny says Gus is the right age and he has a vendetta out for Danny. He probably has been looking for revenge his whole life. Michelle wants to nail Aitoro but Danny tells her they need proof. He tells Ross that he made a leap to this assumption because of a comment Gus made about a Cub’s game that sparked a childhood memory. Ross tells them to slow down and he will take care of Gus. Just then Gus walks in and is standing in the doorway.

My Comments: Danny shows good appreciation for Michelle’s help even though it scares him.

Manny finally get the start of a love scene, but Michelle is starving and since they don’t have food in the house, they head to Company for a burger and compare notes with Buzz. They are super cute both with the off screen Meta-Robbie cuteness and their “hungry, hungry” bit. However, that’s a retcon of Michelle talking about Meta being around when she was little. Meta left town in the late 1970s and didn’t return until 1996. When she returned about her first scene was with Michelle and they made it plain they’d never met in person, so she never saw Meta when she was a baby.  It’s really such a shame that Gus ****Spoiler alert*** isn’t actual Miguel Jr. It would have made SO much more sense and would have spared us Eden. However, they do use it here as a truly excellent and elegant red herring.

Gus really was out to get Danny. Gus really did frame the evidence and planted the bullet, but Gus is telling the truth he didn’t change the dental records, he really believed that was Carmen. We haven’t seen it in the highlight clips, but is Harley up to speed on that Danny did shoot Carmen, but not with the gun Gas says matched? I don’t remember. And still WHERE IS RICK?

Michelle Goes Undercover and Michelle’s Testimony in Danny’s Trial July 23 24 2001

April 8, 2016

Mon., July 23, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Blake tries to talk to Ross but he is busy looking for Michelle. Ray comes in and Danny asks him if he has seen Michelle. Ray tells him he passed her going the other way on Fifth Street. Gus is watching as they frantically look for Michelle, who is to be called as their next witness. Blake looks over the files she had found while in Chicago and at the photo of young Gus. She tries again to talk to Ross but he is adamant that he is too busy to hear anything right then. Gus tells Doris that he has an idea and pulls her out into the hall. Danny is upset that Michelle is not there. Ross tells him that they need Michelle there to testify now. An aide comes in and tells Ross court is about to resume but Ross tells her they still have 20 minutes, the aide tells Ross that the DA sent the judge a note telling him to cut the recess short. Blake tells Ross that she has news about Gus. He tells her they will talk later. The Judge calls court into session. Ross tells the Judge that the shortened recess is causing him schedule issues. The Judge tells Ross that he should call his next witness. Gus seemed pleased at Ross’ nervousness. Ross tries to stall but the Judge wants him to get on with calling his witness. Ross tells the judge that his witness isn’t there yet but should be there soon. The judge tells him to call another witness now. At the Dentist Office: A very flirtatious, disguised Michelle is bantering flirting with Carmen’s dentist. She talks about Danny’s trial and how she wishes she had the inside scoop. The dentist tells her that Carmen was his patient. Michelle keeps talking about Carmen and the dentist tells her that his records are what the police used to identify the body. The dentist tells Michelle that Carmen had implants and one had punctured her sinuses. She asks to see the x-ray and the doctor goes to get it. He shows her and then notices that the x-rays were not those of Carmen’s, not even close to her mouth. Michelle knew it. The dentist tells her that this isn’t Carmen’s file although it has her name on it. Michelle tells him that he has proof that the body was not Carmen’s. He tells her that he has duplicate files in a warehouse downtown. He writes a note giving his assistant access to obtain the duplicate files on Carmen. Michelle sends the doctor out of the room for something and she grabs the note and runs out. Michelle finally comes back in with the file of Carmen’s records. Ross calls her to the stand and has her sworn in. (alternate slightly shorter link, I think the sound might be less well synced)
(Michelle’s Testimony in Danny’s Case)

Tues., July 24, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Michelle wants to talk to Ross, but the judge tells them that there will be no more delays. Ross says that the Bauers are a highly respected family, much different from the name Santos. Michelle tells him that the stigma of the Santos name follows them wherever they go. Michelle says it is her son’s heritage and the name has no negative connotations for her. She tells the DA that not everyone with that name is bad. Ray is a priest; Danny is a good husband and father. Michelle says Danny is better than the people Doris has on her side that framed Danny for this crime with phony evidence. Doris objects. The judge tells the jury to disregard the last statement. Harley asks Gus why Michelle is glaring at him. Ross asks Michelle about her meeting with Carmen that night. Michelle says she was drugged and woke up on the docks. Lucas Carmichael was the name of the thug who drugged and kidnapped Michelle, but she didn’t know his name until he testified. Carmen was cruel and heartless and had hated her from when she first met her. Michelle saw Carmen with a gun and pleaded with Carmen to let her and her baby live. Carmen said Michelle’s child was poisoned with the Bauer blood and deserved to die. She raised her gun at Michelle just as Danny appeared and made a split second decision. She tells the jury that she and Robbie are alive because of Danny’s decision. Referring back to Michelle’s comments about Carmen, Doris asks Michelle if Danny is cruel and heartless and capable of murder and she tells Doris that he is not, it wasn’t like that. Doris asks if Michelle capable of murder and she admits that she is. (See my comments) Doris goes on to tell how Michelle killed Mick, Carmen’s first-born son and Ross objects. Doris asks Michelle what she used to kill Mick. Michelle says a rock in self-defense and again Ross objects. Doris: “Mrs. Santos, you must be one special lady. There’s a lot of people being killed to keep you safe.” First Mick and then Carmen and asks how many Santos members she and her husband have killed and tells her that at this rate only Michelle, Danny and the baby will be left. Danny jumps up and tells Doris to come after him instead of his wife. Gus tells Frank and Harley that Danny is making this too easy. Harley thinks Michelle knows something. Michelle mentions the body not being Carmen’s and Doris asks Michelle if she is an expert witness to prove the body isn’t Carmen’s. Doris says all they have is her devotion to her husband and tells her to show her something else. Michelle holds up the dental file and says she does have proof and begs her to ask about these files. Doris tells the Judge that she isn’t going to hear from Michelle that way. Ross asks to approach the judge. Michelle has evidence and Doris objects. The judge asks to see the file. Gus wonders what they are doing. The judge calls a brief recess to examine the evidence. Doris asks Gus if there is something she should know. Danny wonders what is going on and Ross says Michelle earned a big Mother’s Day present next year. Court reconvenes and Michelle shows Doris a copy of Carmen’s dental records, which could be verified by Dr. Fisher and how they are totally different from the ones the police used to identify Carmen’s body. She tells the jury that there has been a switch and Doris will have to ask their investigators how that happened. Ross asks Michelle what it means if the dental records don’t match. She says the body isn’t Carmen’s. There is a lot of talking in the courtroom and the judge adjourns for the day. Harley asks Gus what he did and he tells her that he is sure the body is Carmen’s. (Part 1) (Part 2) shorter version)

My Comments:

This short recess thing seems strange to me. I could see if she was late for the regular time of recess, but if someone thought they had a certain amount of time to be gone and they didn’t tell everyone not to leave I don’t see how it could not be OK to be a little late. 

I wonder if Michelle took the name Wanda from the Lewis family secretary. She should know Wanda. Michelle made a mistake getting the file herself. It was coming anyway and it broke the chain of evidence for her to get the X-Rays and they would have been thrown out, although the dentist still could testify. Wanda is a fun sidebar though. Still I’d think Ross would have another witness. Rick maybe or Ray?

Blake’s stuff is important, but not as important as she thinks. Sadly they never do make Gus Aitoro really Miguel Santos, Jr. 😦 

I like Michelle’s speech although I wish she’d thrown in more specifics in her anti-bigotry pitch. The one name she does drop is Jose Marti and how Danny and her read his poetry. A line that would have a lot more power if they’d actually SHOWN them doing that at some point. Also it would have been nice to have them show Michelle have some kind of attempt to celebrate Hispanic culture. Of course they don’t exactly pull out the Wagner operas either (the Bauers are German, Michelle is 3rd generation born in this country).

I don’t think it’s right they call what Michelle did to Mick was murder, it was declared self-defense. “He was coming on to you” that is a terrible thing to equate with rape.

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Danny Trial Part 2 July 12-13 2001

January 5, 2016

Thurs., July 12, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Doris tells the Judge that she has a surprise witness. She calls Maria Santos (Danny’s Abuela) to the stand. Everyone is shocked and Ross finally objects to something. The judge allows the witness because no one knew Maria would be available and Doris goes in to her questioning. Maria seems to be supporting the state’s case. Doris asks Maria if she talked to Danny the night Carmen died. She tells her that he was angry with Carmen for getting in between him and his wife and when he asked her where Carmen was she told him she was at the docks. Doris is pleased. Danny tells Ross that Maria is lying. Ross asks for a short break before he questions Maria. Ross comes in and asks Maria if she knows what this book is about and holds up a copy of Blake’s novel, Hearts Alone. She acts dumb and he tells her that it is a story of a mob wife having her husband killed because he refused to tell her the name of his mistress. He goes on to tell her that most people believe it is the story of Carmen Santos and how she had Maria’s son Miguel Santos killed. Doris objects saying that a work of fiction can’t be evidence, but Ross counters it isn’t the book itself, but Maria’s reaction to it that’s important and the judge allows it. Ross asks Maria if she read the book and realized that Carmen was responsible for her son’s death. He pressures her and he finally admits that she did and she hated Carmen. She tells Ross that she wanted Carmen dead and she sent Danny to the docks because he was furious and she wanted him to take his mother out. She admits that she never told Danny that his mother was still alive, only that he could find his wife down by the docks and he must get there immediately if he wants to spare her life. She goes on to say that Carmen was not fit to live; she was a cancer on her family. She had to be thrown away with the garbage. Maria tells the jury that she couldn’t be the one to pull the trigger. That is a job for underlings although she would have loved to done it. Everyone is shocked at Maria’s testimony and Doris and Gus look very upset. Ross reminds Maria that she only mentioned Michelle being at the docks, not Carmen and that is who Danny rushed off to find. He finishes with her and the judge calls a recess. Ross tells Danny and Michelle that he wanted Maria to look like the one pulling the strings so they would be more empathetic to Danny. Maria comes over and tells them that Ross is right and he made her job a lot easier. Danny is upset and calls her crazy. He asks if she planned this whole scene from the beginning and asks her why. She tells him she came back to deliberately help him by taking some of the blame herself. She did it to help him. (Overlaps a little with yesterday)

Fri., July 13, 2001 – At the Bauers: Michelle is talking to Danny about his grandmother’s testimony. (This is one of the most awkward recaps I’ve ever seen, but in the writing not the performance.) Danny tells her that Maria will never change. Even if she really did do this to help him he was sure there was something else in it for her. Michelle tells him that at least the jury can see that someone other then Danny had a motive to kill Carmen. Danny tells her that it doesn’t matter since he knows he is guilty. Michelle goes upstairs and brings Robbie down. Danny is depressed, but when he sees his son he perks up to talk happily to the baby. Michelle tells him Robbie is why he can never give up. Danny: “I don’t need to see Robbie to be reminded how much I love him or you.” Danny tells Michelle that he thinks of him every moment of the day, he knows what is at stake. She tells him he can’t give up hope just because of one crooked cop. Danny tells her that he felt this way before Gus came into the picture. What he did was a sin. His mother gave him life and he took hers away. He knows he did what he had to do to save his wife and child, but no one should kill their mother without consequences. He tells her that if the jury finds him guilty, it may be what he deserves. Michelle tells Danny that it was justifiable homicide and she will help him live with it, but first they have to fight to win at the trial. They have to be vigilant and maybe all the evidence is suspect. Danny asks her sarcastically if she is saying the body may not even be Carmen’s. Michelle tells him that is possible since Gus has already dummied up evidence. Danny tells her that Gus doesn’t need to frame him, but Michelle is off and running with the idea. She says she should have thought of this before. If they can prove the body isn’t Carmen’s, Danny could go free. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

My Comments: Actually surprise witnesses are extremely bad form. The thing to do would have been at least talk to the judge in chambers before she brought her in. Normal rules of court would be that Ross would have until the next day to question Maria and come up with a cross. I REALLY wish they had made Maria #2 a great aunt or something. I miss Danny’s sweet Abuela, but this Maria is very consistent. She’s very loving and protective of her family….as long as they don’t get in the way of what she wants or if it’s her or them.

Except for the stupid and unnecessary bit about how what Maria was like something in a movie Michelle had once seen, this is really a nice and important discussion. First off, it’s a great a subtle use of their love theme in the background. Then calling Robbie, Tiger. ♥ Manny are discussing their different viewpoints on the problem. Michelle thinks the entire problem is Gus, but Danny thinks part of it is what he did. While he knows he made the right choice, what he did was a sin and he needs to account for it. Danny really is a religious person. It’s an important part of Danny’s make up and part of what makes Manny work so well is that she respects that. But until now Michelle hadn’t really seen Danny’s actions in terms of a religious choice. I hope Danny was also talking to Father Tomas about this. I think it would have helped. Also, it is a nice example of what a good father Danny is and how as bad as he felt at that moment he happy talked Robbie to make sure he was happy. As Danny would later say, Robbie (and later Hope) with Michelle are the center of Danny’s world.

I’d really listen to Michelle, Danny. Remember Michelle’s instinct was that Carmen had framed her for Ben Warren’s murder too and you didn’t believe that either until it was almost too late.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Danny Trial Part 1 July 10 – 11 2001

November 13, 2015

Tues., July 10, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Gus arrives at the courthouse and sees Danny and Michelle sitting on a bench outside. He calls them Bonnie and Clyde. Danny tells Gus he has faith in the system if not some of the people in it, so he is looking forward to the trial. Gus turns to Ray and tells him he better pray for his cousin. Ray, Danny and Michelle go inside. DA Doris Wolfe makes her opening statement and tells the jurors that she plans to show that Danny killed his mother when she refused to let him take the family business into another direction. She goes on to tell them that Danny has a violent history and would take his mother out just like any other person. She says that the defense will try to paint Danny as a family man but his mother’s body was recovered with a bullet that perfectly matched the gun Danny kept in his bedside table. She passes to Ross who tells the Judge that he will wait until later to do his opening statements. Both the judge and Doris think this is strange. The judge reminds Ross that this is a capitol case, but Ross holds firm. Doris thinks Ross knows his client is guilty. Michelle and Ray are startled as well. After the judge calls a recess, Ross: “Do you trust me?” Danny: “Yea, I do.” Ross tells Michelle and Ray to trust him, Danny tells them that he already does. When court reconvenes, Gus is called as the first witness. Danny Trial

Wed., July 11, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Doris questions Gus and he tells her that he had been investigating the Santos family for over 4 years and through bugs placed at the home of Danny Santos he learned about the inconsistencies of his mother’s death. After an anonymous tip he went to the docks and recovered the body of Carmen Santos along with a bullet that was embedded in the remains. The bullet that was recovered from the body was fired from Danny’s gun. Gus continues making prejudicial remarks  and the Judge is surprised Ross didn’t object. Ross tells him that Gus’s prejudicial remarks can be seen by him and the jury so there is no need to object. DA Wolfe insists that Gus is in no way biased in this case. During cross-examination, Ross asks Gus if he is in charge of all aspects of the Santos case. Gus tells him that he is. Ross asks if certain details aren’t usually left to the local cops. Gus says usually but in this case, he handled all the evidence and double-checked it himself. Ross wants Gus subject to recall and then dismisses him. Gus: “How does it feel to defend a lost cause?” Michelle hears the crack and Ray has to restrain her. (Gus doesn’t realize it, but he’s made a BAD mistake.) He goes to sit directly behind Blake and whispers to him that he is having a great day so far. Doris calls the medical examiner and asks about the body. He tells her that it was mostly skeletal remains but with the jewelry and dental records she was positively identified as Carmen Santos. Ross tells them he has no questions.
Doris has a forensic expert on the stand talking about the ballistic report on the bullet retrieved. He tells her that it was a perfect match to Danny’s gun. Again Ross has no questions and everyone in the gallery is surprised. Michelle questions Ross and Ross asks Danny to take a look at the jury and tell him his impressions. Danny said they look like they want to throw him in jail. Ross asks if they look curious and Danny tells him they do. Ross tells him that is what they want. Geraldo (name from summary, I don’t know his name) is a Santos flunky with a big mouth who has copped a plea. Doris questions Geraldo about Maria telling Danny where Michelle was at the dock and he had better get to her if he wants to save her. Doris: “Did you or did you not overhear Maria Santos telling Danny Santos that he would find his wife, Michelle, down at docks. In fact that Michelle was there praying he’d get there in time.” Again, Ross has no questions. Doris tells the judge that she has ran out of witnesses and will have to ask for an adjournment until the morning. The judge grants it. Gus tells Doris that Ross realizes he has a lost cause. Doris tells him that Ross doesn’t play that way and he had better be sure that they have the right man on trial. Blake tells Ross that whatever he has on his mind is making everyone keep guessing. He tells her that is what he wants. Blake wonders why Gus has such a vendetta against Danny. Ross tells Blake to stay away from Gus, but Blake has her own plan to investigate and help Danny.

Michelle returns home to find that Phillip has let himself in waiting for Rick. Phillip is reading Danny’s pregnancy and infants books he was looking at before the trial. I think the Phillip-Danny relationship is more fully developed, but occasional nice little scenes like this underline the fact that Phillip sees Michelle as his little sister too. (Part 1) (Part 2)

My Comments: I still can’t get over Gus waltzing into the Bauer-Santos house during the Bauer BBQ. I’m still livid about it. I know he’s chasing Harley, but honestly there SHOULD be limits. I wish we’d gotten a shot of what Gus saw coming off the elevator before they moved. I bet Michelle and Danny were great on that bench. Gus really is an idiot. Danny is trying to to exert his full power and let the system work, but he’s ticked off Michelle. Did you see that look she shot him? Michelle is done being afraid. She furious now and he’d better watch out.

Doris is right about weighting down the body, but Danny had his reasons. Someone killing to take over an organization and then totally walking away though that’s a hard case to prove. Plus it’s always dangerous to say something is a perfect match because the smallest imperfection then is room for doubt.

Ross reserving his opening statement forever is a classic Perry Mason move and not something strange, but you would have thought he’d have discussed it with Michelle first. Ross really has got the jury wondering and he’s definitely giving Gus enough rope to hang himself and get Danny off. I really love how Ross is always making notes on his legal pads like he really needs to remember what the witnesses said and doesn’t have it all spelled out in a script. I’m really glad that Blake is involved in exposing Gus because Michelle and her are step-sisters and I like it when they play that connection even if they never talk about it.

Is it just me or would Doris’s question to Geraldo about Danny going to rescue his wife support what she assumes the defense’s case would argue and counter her argument that Danny killed Carmen out of cold-blooded ambition? Doris is finally showing her well-known brains by questioning whether Danny is guilty after all because Ross has something.

As a last thing I want to point out Michelle is wearing one of my all time favorite Michelle outfits. Look at it, it’s gorgeous.

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Danny’s Grand Jury June 25-26 2001

September 8, 2015

NOTE: More of these problem dates and little footage and some mixing together of clips. Still I want to break this out. Some snatches of this might be in highlight clips already linked to.

Mon., June 25, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Michelle and Meta are working in the kitchen and chatting about how Claire is testifying today. Meta thinks they may get lucky and Claire will actually tell the truth as it is and not the truth as she sees it. Danny comes down and Meta excuses herself. They talk about Claire and her testifying and Danny tells Michelle that he is only worried about her and Robbie being okay. The phone rings and it is Maria. Michelle gives it to Danny and he is understandably hostile. That is understandably to everyone but Maria, who seems to think that since her attempt to kill Danny failed that he should consider it no harm, no foul and move on. She is asking about the grand jury and how the cops learned of Carmen’s death. Danny tells her that he thinks she must either have told them herself or she told Carlos and he anonymously tipped off the cops. Maria tells him to leave Springfield. She tells him to take his wife and son and come to Cuba, ASAP. Danny tells her that if he had a choice of being near her or taking on the feds and prison, he will take the feds. He tells her not to call there again and he hangs up. Michelle tells Danny that Maria cannot hurt them anymore. Danny tells Michelle he knows that, he just doesn’t understand why he feels like another part of him is dying in having to face her betraying him again. Claire is called in to testify. The DA asks her a few questions and Claire tries to evade them but DA Doris Wolfe has everything she needs to prove Claire’s involvement in the fake death of Carmen Santos. In the end Claire not only admits her part but also tells the jury that Danny is a rotten mobster dealing in all kinds of illegal stuff. She does however say that whatever Danny did she is certain he did it because he loves Michelle and wanted to protect her.

Tues., June 26, 2001 – At the Courthouse: DA Doris Wolfe is questioning Harley on how she became liaison to the FBI for the Santos case. Harley tells her that she was the only detective available and because of her relationship with the Bauers she tried to get reassigned but was denied each time. The DA asks if Harley remembers when Danny helped to break Michelle out of jail to flee the country with her in order to avoid her prosecution for Ben Warren’s murder. Harley tells her that she remembers. Doris asks how she could stand up in court a few weeks ago then and tell the judge that Danny Santos is not a flight risk. Harley tells her that Danny wants to stand trial to clear his name. He has a family now and she believes he does not intend on running. Doris tries to make Harley look biased in favor of Danny and Michelle. She tells Harley that if she tried so hard to get taken off the case, why did you refuses to leave it when Gus wanted her gone. Harley tells her that at that time she decided it would be best in order to give Danny a fair shake. Doris asks her if she is sure she doesn’t want to give him a free ride. She asks Harley to step down and Harley mutters to herself that Gus did this to her. As soon as she got to the foyer, she lit in to Gus for setting her up. She tells him that DA Wolfe practically accused her of impropriety on the record. Harley tells Gus that the irony is he is the one that is personally invested in the case, not her. The bailiff comes out and calls Gus in. Gus testifies that he has been working on the Santos case for over 4 years. He tells the jury about the evidence, surveillance and finally how they found the body of Carmen Santos and matched the bullet ballistically to Danny’s gun. He goes back out to the foyer and tells Harley that Danny has had it. Harley tells him that he is way too smug for this to just be his job. She tells him he has a personal vendetta against Danny and she is determined to find out what it is. She tells Gus not to underestimate her; she is more of a pit bull than he ever thought of being.

My Comments: No luck on finding this so far despite the fact that it must be a big moment for GusH fans. I’ll keep looking. It really is hard on Danny to keep having to face his family’s betrayal. There is such pain there. 😦 We really didn’t know Doris yet, although she later becomes a full fledged member of the community. Gus did set up Harley to get grilled here which is too bad because in spite of himself he’s already having feelings for her. I think Harley is right. She’s certainly not prejudiced in Danny and Michelle’s favor in spite of a lot of reason why she should be and Gus is the one who is letting his emotions effect the trial.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Guiding Light Cast Round Up 57

March 21, 2013

This is the fifty-seventh in an irregular feature where we will report updates on what cast members of Guiding Light are doing now. I’m playing catch up on some soap magazine news. So as a reminder you can buy back issues:

Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny Santos) was in reading last month and I missed mentioning it.

Bethany Joy Lenz (Michelle Bauer Santos #4 – the first Manny Michelle) is in this recently tweeted link:

paula garces  (Pilar Santos) just tweeted a photo and that she just finished episode 109 as Flora in Devious Maids.

Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines) shared photos from shooting Venice. It included Judi Evans (Beth Raines Spaulding #1) and Jessica Leccia (Natalia Aitoro).
Also one with Robert Newman (Josh Lewis) and Crystal Chappell (Olivia Spencer).

Agnes Nixon (head writer) was photographed with Sean Ringgold.

Robin Mattson (Hope Bauer Spaulding #5) was featured as the Take 5 of the week in the February 25, 2013 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Emme Rylan (previously credited as Marcy Rylan) (Lizzie Spaulding Lewis #6, part of the wonderful Bizzie pairing) was interviewed in the March 11, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Besides talking about her return to The Young and the Restless, she also answers a question about whether she’d be interested in doing Guiding Light if it got picked up like All My Children and One Life to Live. She answered YES! and she thinks it should happen. But she’s already leaving again, this time to a contract role as Lulu (Luke and Laura Spencer’s daughter) on General Hospital.

Karla Mosley (Christina Boudreau, with Remy, one of the last really good new couples in the final years of Guiding Light) talks about how she got the part of Maya on The Bold and the Beautiful in the March 11, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler #4, the final Dinah) is a featured interview in the March 11, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. She’s done a variety of things since leaving One Life to Live including appearing in the independent film In the Family and launching a shoe business called Sole9. Read more in CBS Soaps in Depth.

The Buzzcast@BuzzWorthyRadio tweeted “Wendy Moniz (Dinah Marler #3, part of the popular Dart pairing) booked the ABC pilot, “Betrayal.”
Crystal Chappell (Olivia Spencer) was featured in a spotlight piece in the Feb. 25, 2013 issue of Soap Opera Digest. It focuses on her new series The Inn, but also talks about her other projects. It also has a photo of Chappell in what is quite possibly the strangest outfits I’ve ever seen.

Robert Bogue (A.C. Mallet #2) is playing a CIA agent in The Americans on FX. The episode called “Trust Me” originally aired, Wednesday, March 6, 2013.

See photos of Orlagh Cassidy (Doris Wolfe, DA/Mayor) and Liz Keifer (Blake Thorpe Marler #5) are featured with photos in the wrap style feature of the March 11, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.
Cassidy is also working a movie called Valley Inn that they are seeking to raise the fund for through Kickstarter.

Crystal Hunt (Lizzie Spaulding Lewis #5 brought in Roxie the dog and romanced Coop) recently tweeted a photo of her dog.

Robert Newman (Josh Lewis) tweeted some photos of him on the set of Venice.

As part of an article talking about whether Mark Pinter (Mark Evans who was torn between Amanda Wexler Spaulding and her biological mother Jennifer Richards) will be getting a wife for his new The Young and the Restless character Congressman Marcus Wheeler, the March 11, 2013 issue of  CBS Soaps in Depth included a recent photo of Mary Kay Adams (India von Halkhein) as among possibilities.

Frank Grillo (Hart Jessup #5) attended the Santa Barbara premiere of his latest movie Disconnect. See a photo in the March 11, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus Aitoro) was interviewed about his new show Spontaneous Construction on a New York station.
He appeared on the March 12, 2013 episode of The Rachel Ray Show.

A fan shared a screen shot of Paul Wesley (Max Nickerson #2, Drew Jacob’s foster brother) from his current show The Vampire Diaries.

Kassie DePaiva (Chelsea Reardon, Nola and Maureen’s little sister) was in a photo from a One Life to Live press event with soap journalist Michael Fairman.
Also, an online article from ABC Soaps in Depth talking about her new play 110 in the Shade.

Rebecca Budig (Michelle Bauer #3) who won the single season of the horribly ill-conceived Skating with the Stars (that did at least give soap stars a decent proportion of the slots) recently tweeted a photo saying she’s back on the ice.

@SoapOpera451 pointed out during a Twitter conversation that while I frequently mention Rebecca Hollen (Trish Lewis) unfairly disappeared completely from Springfield, Hollen actually did return for the blue dress Jeva wedding in 2002 that was featured on Wedding Story. Unfortunately it looks like that and one-episode of Law and Order sums up her post soap career.
Watch it for yourself here:

Lauren C. Mayhew (Marah Lewis #4 – in her most memorable storyline was as the one who got away to spread the word of Holly as Nursery Rhyme Stalker) shared a photo from her vacation.

Soap opera reporter Michael Fairman shared this photo of himself with Laura Wright (Cassie Layne Winslow).

Jessica Leccia (Natalia Aitoro) appeared in the episode of The Carrie Diaries that originally aired Jan. 28, 2013 as the woman Carrie’s dad, Tom was chatting with in the singles bar. It’s called “Penny for Your Thoughts.”

Check for other round ups and keep up with the Springfielders.

Christmas 2007

December 28, 2012

I don’t have a full episode for 2007, but Christmas celebrations and preparations went on for a lot of the month and I have a good representation of what was going on around Springfield.

That being said, as a word of warning, 2008 was probably the worst year of Guiding Light. While there were always bright spots and couples and the cast was still stellar so many stupid decisions and lost opportunities, pacing problems and budget cuts that always seemed to show on screen producing a product that was so bad that I actually started watching less and if you haven’t figured out by now I was pretty big fan. And most of those problems were already present by December 2007. Watch anyway it makes the comeback the show made in 2009 all the more impressive.

Dinah Marler and A.C. Mallet are a definite bright spot until they are broken up in favor of Marina-Mallet (come on did anybody like them, anybody? – one of the lost opportunities I mentioned). Two broken who souls who were better together, smart, sexy and playful, there is a nice example of them in this. After Dinah was shot saving Mallet’s life, she tried to push him away not wanting to be a burden financially or emotionally. However, now she’s better. Speaking of which Marina Cooper is currently dating charming crook Cyrus Foley who was just starting a campaign that would ultimately have him vying for Reva’s Slut of Springfield title.

While GusH wasn’t one of my favorite couples (I never completely got over him trying to destroy Danny or the way they decided my beloved Phillip had turned devil incarnate when he was only mentally ill), but they definitely had chemistry and a great give and take and a solid relationship. So fans were shocked how what was probably the most solid nuclear family on screen at the time (Gus was an incredible father to Zach and Jude) disintegrated over basically some old remembered feelings and a mistake. Harley basically handed Gus over to Natalia on a silver platter and they are having their first Christmas together and Harley, Zach and Jude are soldiering on alone. However, if that wasn’t enough on Gus’ plate, Olivia has decided she is falling in love with Gus and in sympathy for Olivia’s failing heart condition and with some genuine attraction they also seem to be heading toward couplehood. Meanwhile Gus and Natalia’s son Rafe is involved with one of the very few de-SORASed characters in soap history Daisy-Susan LeMay Cooper. This was the year Daisy got pregnant and had an abortion before telling him which had thrown a major wrench in their relationship. Lizzie had lost Jonathan who first returned to Tammy, and then she believes both Jonathan and their daughter Sarah were killed in a car crash. Although the audience knows they are fine, Lizzie still thinks her daughter is dead.

Remember the Christmas where they were trying to get Johnny Bauer to be the new Guiding Light? An even worst effort at similar end was when Josh suddenly decided 1. He wanted to be married to his wife’s sister. 2. He wanted to be a minister. The resulting Crash likewise surprised and horrified many fans. Will was the son that Cassie and Richard adopted after she miscarried their child. While Edmund was trying to win Cassie he back he stirred up trouble over the custody, expecting that he could swoop in and fix it playing the hero instead Richard’s half-brother Alonzo quite rightfully wanted his son and sole heir back to learn his princely duties. Unfortunately Will cracked and he’d actually killed his father when he wouldn’t let him return to Cassie even if no one knows that yet. Cassie was racked with guilt which Will ruthlessly exploited to get to do whatever he wanted. Sadly Will is dangerous, in fact murderous as Springfield will soon discover (although he does contribute to the break up of Josh and Cassie so he’s got that going for him). (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, the child actor who also appeared in a contemporary production of The Omen, was incredibly creepy and really is one of those bright points I mentioned, Will was a star turn.)

Cassie in a sort of fit decided to punish Alan for his role in Tammy’s death, by switching the  paternity test on Beth’s unborn baby (which is soon due). Beth had made the final decision to leave Alan behind and divorce him and marry Rick Bauer with whom she’d be having a hot affair (months squashed into a single “Inside the Light” episode) based on the results of the test. However, Alan hasn’t given up on having back Beth and the baby whether he’s the biological father or not. In fact, it looked for awhile that she might flip again and go back to him, but Doris Wolfe intervened and blackmailed Alan into marrying her instead. (Beth Chamberlain offered the best explanation I’ve heard of Beth Raines Spaulding’s behavior during this time, she said basically to Beth if you took Alan and added Rick, you’d basically get Phillip and that’s what all her crazy waffling is about – Phillip was believed dead and really hiding out of the country developing the infection that would ultimately almost kill him in 2009 at this time). Cassie argued repeatedly as she slowly told more people that Alan didn’t deserve another child and as he basically ignored her and she was almost never shown on screen after he got joint custody, point Cassie on that one. Most people don’t know about this secret yet and although it is an unfortunately common occurrence in Springfield, as in any soap town, Cassie actually fears she will be sent to jail because of it.

Note: The Will clips have an extraordinarily loud sound track. You may need to adjust it down.

December 4, 2007

Will’s Christmas Pageant

Cassie is fussing with Will’s costume while he is prepping for the lead in the play.

Hands opening.

Cassie discovers from Beth that James had to drop out of the lead role because he fell of the stage.

Reva confronts Edmund who admits they both know Cassie’s secret.

Reva, Edmund, Cassie, and Josh discuss what’s going to happen to Edmund.

My Comments: I somehow totally missed that the kid Will pushed was James. They kept referring to him pushing a kid, I don’t think they mention it’s James very much.

(Part 1)

Reva was watching over Edmund waiting for transfer of him back to San Cristobel.

Edmund figures out that Will pushed James off the stage to get what he wants, the starring role. Edmund demonstrates why he needs psychiatric help.

My Comments: Josh: “Are you coming?” Reva: “Who me? I never miss church.” Uncontrollable laughter. The sad part is like Richard, I think Edmund does have a lot of good in him. He’s just really, really messed up and needs help. Edmund was right. He was a better husband for Cassie than Josh was. Jeffery lied – what a shock! It’s Jeffery that was evil. (Part 2)

December 5, 2007

Josh and Will prep for the Christmas pageant

Jeffery is potting to murder Edmund for a crime he knows he didn’t commit and Edmund is still the bad guy.

Hands Opening

Everyone comes to the church.  (5:00 Josh’s church)

Pageant starts.

My Comments: I really like Reva’s dress there. So Josh does all this fussing with his robes and then takes them off? RJ so knows that something is wrong with Will. I do appreciate them bringing back A Rev. Ruthledge although they could have done more and not wasted time on this Josh is trying to be a minister stuff. Boy that director sure tried to upstage the kids on stage. Squat woman! (Part 3)

Pageant ends with Will Winslow getting a star curtain.

Edmund, Josh, and Cassie find out that Edmund is going to be tried for Alonzo’s death in a rigged trial.

Josh hesitates, but decides he can be OK with basically agreeing to hush up Edmund’s murder.

Edmund escapes from Jeffery and returns to the church.

Will finds Edmund, but when Edmund sounds like he might go after Cassie, Will takes steps to protect her.

Will pushes Edmund from the balcony.

My Comments: No, Josh, Jeffery NEVER knows what’s he’s doing. I want my federal tax dollars back that were used to train him. Yes, Josh, you never should have involved Jeffery. I think Cassie truly did have a bond with Edmund she didn’t know about this until it was too late. (Part 4)

December 19, 2007

Dinah and Mallet attempt a Christmas reconciliation at the police station.

Dinah comes down to the police station to try to make up with Mallet.

Natalia and Gus Aitoro, Rafe Aitoro and Susan Daisy LeMay Cooper, Cyrus and Marina Cooper, Harley Jude and Zach, all decorate their own Christmas trees in the way they are grouped. (Part 1)

Dinah and Mallet make love and then decide they have to end their marriage. (Part 2 )

December 20, 2007

Will ran away when Josh had him painting chairs at the church. Josh talks to Cassie about it. (Part 1)

Buzz and Doris scenes around his mayor win at Company.

My Comments: I really liked it when Doris and Buzz were friends. Sorry that dissolved when the truth about the election came out. Superintendent Chalmers? In Springfield? Is that a Simpsons reference? (Part 2)

December 21, 2007

Cyrus Foley comes to Doris Wolfe for help clearing Marina’s name over corruption charges she faced over his activities.

Doris and Buzz discuss the election and his administration. (Part 1)

December 24, 2007

Daisy, Lizzie, and Ashlee hang out and catch up while trapped in the mall. Josh reads the Christmas story (not entirely sure if this is pre or post lock in, my guess is post because traditionally this is near the end of the episode, but not sure.) (Part 1)

As part of his campaign to get Cassie to himself and break up Josh and Cassie, Will got Josh, Cassie, RJ, and Beth and Alan, Gus and Olivia locked in the mall.

My Comments: Springfield Mall must have the absolutely worst security measures ever. Nice shot of Olivia and Gus by the champagne bottle. Nice shout out that Gus had delivered Jude. He should also be trained in emergency response like that as a cop. Ava and Emma were a great nontraditional sister set. (Part 2 )

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