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Dr. Jim Frazier Was A Korean Vet

May 29, 2017

There is a lot of Guiding Light we don’t know. Much of the early years we’ve got broad strokes of story instead of details. However, despite knowing these stories the only veteran I remember is Buzz Cooper. I’ve long thought that was really odd. You couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a veteran on TV in the late 1940s through the 1960s. On shows like Perry Mason you’d have an episode where an old navy buddy shows up and they talk about old times in the service. You’d have shows like Run for Your Life where you discover the lead character can fly a plane because he flew in the service. Even comical Rob Petrie, Dick Van Dyke’s character on The Dick Van Dyke Show, had flashback episodes that showed him in uniform. So I’ve always been puzzled why there weren’t more veterans on Guiding Light, especially during those years.

Jim Frazier and Colleague

Jim Frazier at Cedars Hospital

Earlier this year I found an offhand mention that in the character descriptions for Dr. Jim Frazier and his wife Martha said that Jim was a veteran of the Korean War. In fact “Jim was a retired army veteran who served in the Korean War in the same unit as Dr. Paul Fletcher…” Jim was a doctor at Cedars. He rose quickly up through the hierachy at Cedars to become hospital administrator by 1966. Martha served as a nurse. He and Martha became couple friends with Bert and Bill Bauer and served as one of the mentors to their son, Dr. Ed Bauer.

Eventually Jim took a job as the head of the overall company that managed hospitals across the country including Cedars. His wife was periodically seen after he left the staff at Cedars, but she was last seen in 1967. Jim was replaced on staff by Dr. Stephen Jackson, Ed’s other mentor and Rick’s future grandfather.

The most striking part of the Jim and Martha was their actors. Over their short run on the show Jim was played by both Billy Dee Williams and James Earl Jones. Martha was played by both Cicely Tyson and Ruby Dee.

Since the one I found first was Jim, he got the bulk of this post, but Dr. Paul Fletcher and Ben Scott also served in the same unit. Dr. Paul Fletcher was then married to Robin Lang who was Kathy Roberts’s daughter. Kathy was Meta Bauer’s stepdaughter. Robin was also an ex-wife of Mike Bauer. Paul was the subject of Agnes Nixon’s novelization of Guiding Light. Ben Scott was the father who abandoned Peggy Scott who would be a nurse and major figure on the show for years, even marrying Roger Thorpe for a time.

The discovery of this triad makes a lot of sense as veterans and old army buddies were the mainsprings of stories at the time. It makes a lot more sense now I’ve found these three, but I’m guessing there are more unknown veterans. I’ll keep an eye out and if you discover one plese let me know.

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Putting on Latex Doctor Gloves on Film

October 26, 2016
Rick as Doctor

Rick as Doctor

Sometimes soap actors have trouble using the language and skills of the professions they play especially doctors and lawyers. Their job isn’t to actually be like real doctors, but to look like people’s ideas of what cool doctors are supposed to look like. For example, take a look at this public service announcement featuring a gathering of top former TV doctors across the decades.

Another TV doctor, in this case Rob Lowe shows the difference between how real doctors would put on latex gloves and how a TV doctor does it.

Watch for this TV doctor trick, the TV doctor poses above, and other doctor tricks from soap opera. Can you think of any others?

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Lighthouse Collection #31

April 28, 2014
Lighthouse Planter

Lighthouse Planter

It’s been awhile since I made a lighthouse post. For anyone who hasn’t seen them before, after Guiding Light ended I started collecting things with lighthouses on them because it gave me the feeling of having a little bit of the show with me. I have two more new additions for my collection tonight.

First up is a present from my cousin JewelSam for Christmas. She has gotten almost as many of my lighthouses as I have. This one is a little difficult to tell what it is from this photo. It looks like a cup and saucer with a lighthouse painted on it. Instead it’s almost a foot tall and it’s actually a planter. The cup and the saucer are permentantly attached and there are holes in the bottom for drainage. I haven’t gotten a plant in it yet, but I think I’ll have to. What kind of plant do you think is Springfield – y?

The second is one of the non-lighthouse pieces that have made it into my collection. I had previously gotten the teddy bear with a little “I was born at Cedars” t-shirt. And you can tell I really love it because I got Christmas ornament version of it too.  Now after looking at it with longing for awhile, I broke down and got myself a “I was born at Cedars” tote bag. It really makes me feel like I’m part of the Springfield Community I recommend you get one too.
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Born at Cedars Bag

Born at Cedars Bag

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Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Lighthouse Collection #21

December 25, 2012
Danny and Michelle Ornaments

Danny and Michelle Ornaments

In honor of Christmas I’m doing a special Christmas themed Lighthouse Collection post. After Guiding Light was cancelled my cousin Jewelsam started me collecting lighthouses. It does give me a bit of a warm feeling that I have a small piece of the show back when I get one. Every once in awhile I add something else to the lighthouse collection, like a Christmas ornament or my “What happens in the Bauer Cabin, Stays in the Bauer Cabin” plaque. That’s the case tonight. In fact tonight they are both Christmas tree ornaments.

The first I found on a trip to the florist in a local grocery store on the way to buy someone an arrangement for a present. There was an entire rack of small Christmas bulbs with names on them. Always being a sucker with something with my name on it, I went closer. I thought it was cute, but I could live without it. Then I saw it. One said Danny. I froze! Then I quickly spun the rack and yep, there was a Michelle. I took them off and help them together. Perfect! I tried to expand to Robbie and Hope, but they didn’t have a Hope, so I stuck with Danny and Michelle brought it home and hung them both on the same branch. Even more perfect. Together just like they belong.

The second ornament is one that was a bit of an afterthought. I actually wanted the bear that will be in the next post, but I decided I had to have the ornament too.

I was Born at Cedars Ornament

I was Born at Cedars Ornament

Cedars Hospital in Springfield is actually named after the Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA (which is a famous medical center, they were supposed to be connected to our Cedars in a loose fashion).  While Cedars means a hospital to me, apparently that isn’t true broadly because when I looked I couldn’t actually find another hospital named Cedars. Read more about it below:

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Cedars Teddy Bear

December 12, 2012

Born at Cedars

I have commented on several occasions that I don’t think the soaps ever have done enough real world merchandise production and that there is a lot of room there (see the stuff made for sci fi or sports fans). Frustrated with the lack some fans now create their own.  For example, I own a Bauer Power mug and a “I Left My Heart in Laurel Falls” shirt that I bought through Cafe Press. When I watched this clip:

(In the comments, I’ve added a direct link to 7:30 which is right when Matt is leaving Vanessa’s room to go buy the bear.) I was extremely taken with the idea that I just HAD to have a bear like the one Matt described buying for baby Maureen while Vanessa was in Cedars following their magical recovery. At my prodding,  Donna Pool has been working on recreating that bear. Here’s her first take on the design.

She graciously took my comments and I like her second try much better.

Now you can buy the Mattessa BEAR! In fact she made two versions of the “I was born at Cedars” Teddy Bear.

Find more stuff with that saying on her Cafe Press store:

Find CafePress sales through their MarketPlace page:

UPDATED January 9, 2016: I updated my signature block and found that one of the product links didn’t work anymore so I deleted it. Everytime I look at the stuff in the store I see more things I want that say “I was born in Cedars” Which one will I buy next? 🙂 How about you? I also added a version of the logo.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

60th Anniversary Celebration 1997

May 6, 2010

This is the 60th anniversary celebration from 1997. Springfield is throwing an elaborate ball in honor of the 60th anniversary of Cedars Hospital (really of the show). Almost everyone in town attends, but they have diverse reasons for going and different things they hope will happen there. (Jeffery Morgan and Jenna Bradshaw are looking for easy marks for jewel robbery – he’s forcing her, Reva is trying to get Josh’s attention although she previously promised to back off because Annie was supposedly pregnant with Josh’s baby, Billy Lewis, Matt Reardon, and Little Bill are focused on the dedication of the new wing of Cedars in a then thought dead Vanessa Chamberlain, etc.) The story gets more complicated when Michelle arrives and announces there are some people in trouble out on the lake and they need to get the lighthouse going again to save them.

60th Anniversary of Cedars Umbrella Story – Adjust the volume up for these, the sound is kind of muffled, most of these clips are 5 minutes or less. (Part 1) People arrive at ball. (Part 2) More people arrive. (Part 3) Amanda Spaulding & Roger Thorpe announce their engagement. (Part 4) Harley Cooper arrives. Annie Dutton is freaked out by Reva. Annie tears into Fran. Alexandra Spaulding tears into Amanda. (Part 5) Harley grows increasingly irked by Reva’s behavior as she sees its effect on her father Buzz  Cooper and her ex-fiancee Josh Lewis. Jeffery Morgan is jealous of Jenna’s relationship with Buzz. (Part 6) Mike Bauer arrives in honor of the party. They talk about Bauer history. Meanwhile, back at the lighthouse, Michelle throws herself at Angel Boy aka Zachary Smith. (Part 7) Bridget Reardon and Nola and Quint Chamberlain arrive. (Part 8) Josh and Harley find some closure. Very nice Rabby moment involving a Bauer heirloom. (Part 9) Annie fights with Reva. Folly arrogantly ask Griffin to write a column for the Springfield Journal to add a person of color’s view point to the paper. Hart makes a fuss over nothing leading to a Dart fight. (Part 10) Jezz have a moment and then a run in with the Spauldings. Jon-Luc is making a play to get Dinah away from Hart. (Part 11) Zachary explains to Michelle that they have no future together. Buzz and Alan have a moment. (Part 12) Reva and Dinah stir up trouble with their respective tangos. Roger is unhappy, torn as usual between his desire for money & power on one side and Holly & happiness on the other. (Part 13) Reva makes a scene ticking off Alex. Zachary realizes some people on the lake are in trouble and they need to get the lighthouse going. (Part 14) Buzz grows uncomfortable watching both Jenna with Jeffery Morgan and Reva make a play for Josh. Everyone Macarenas. (Part 15) Harley blasts Reva. LAM, Phillip Spaulding, Alan & Alex have a strategy meeting  and LAM announces they are moving out of town. (Part 16) Zachary says goodbye to Michelle. He sends her to the ball for help. (Part 17) Harley and Reva make peace. Dart argue. (Part 18) Roger & Amanda who sneeked out of the party keep searching Alex’s room for papers whose existence Roger blackmailed out of Vanessa (he knows she’s really alive and in treatment in Europe). Alex arranges the ceremony for Vanessa. “Chalk it up to mysteries of the ladies powder room.” (Part 19) Michelle arrives at ball and a rescue party is organized for the people on the lake and Zachary. Holly takes care of Michelle. (Part 20) Mike Bauer has a run in with Alan Spaulding his old rival. After several digs, their talk turns to Hope and both men are effected. (Part 21) Flashbacks of Michelle-Zachary aka Angel Boy story. (Part 22) Harley and Lucy Cooper talk. (Part 23) Roger and Amanda return and learn about the trouble at the lighthouse. Roger decides to help both out of his occasional impulse to play hero (it happens on a semi-regular basis) and because he hears Holly will be there. He cleverly uses Alan as a cover for his wanting to go to Amanda. (Part 24) Jon-Luc thinks he’s making progress. I forgot Annie was involved in the Bloss twins story this early. (Part 25) Alan and Annie make a start at a new relationship. Annie asks Blake Marler to find out information on Reva (this will eventually reveal that Reva is looking for a half-sister Reva’s mother told her about on her deathbed that she had given up for adoption – it’s Cassie). (Part 26) Annie and Blake two masters at covering. Almost everyone else works together and gets the light working saving the unseen people in danger on the lake. (Part 27) Terrific shot of Jeva on the lighthouse as the light starts to spin again. Bridget mopes about Hart not being at the ball while spying on her newest rival for Hart, Dinah. Dinah describes her love for Hart and their current problems. (Part 28) Now Lillian Raines is hanging around Mike. Has she NO shame? Alan hires Annie as his nurse. Michelle realizes that Zachary is probably lost in the lake. Great Jezz connection scene. (Part 29) Alannie continue their conversation. Hart continues to “make his point” with Dinah (not sure what it is though). (Part 30) Annie changes her mind and decides to go to work for Alan. Tribute to Vanessa is set up. Across the world, Vanessa gets good news and a goodbye visit from Zachary. Theme song: “Hold onto Love” with words. (Chapter 31) Annie discusses taking up Alan’s  job offer with Josh. Jezz kiss. Zachary’s boat is found washed ashore and broken in two. (Part 32) The ceremony to honor Vanessa starts. Meanwhile Vanessa spills her guilty secret to Zachary about telling Roger Alex’s secret to keep her own. (Part 33) Dinah reaches out to Matt after he breaks down during Vanessa’s memorial service. Michelle cries over Zachary. (Part 34) Ross gives a speech about the history of Cedars Hospital. Dart reconcile. Annie grows more suspicious of why Reva has business with Ross. (Part 35) Dahlia sings “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me.” End of this set of clips.


February 21, 2010

During the long dark days of the best forgotten amnesia story, Michelle is confused by a reference in her calendar to Company and you have to give her that it is a strange name for a restaurant. This is one of Michelle and Danny’s favorite restaurants. At least they eat there a lot. It’s the location of everything from Michelle having her “I Love Lucy” fantasy to when she threatened Ben with a knife to Claire’s disastrous attempt at an impromptu baby shower. I think Danny actually prefers Little Havana because he frequently references it and gets take out from there, but he never seems to take Michelle there or even get her takeout from the place. Is this an attempt to Bauerize himself and compartmentalize his life? (I know, I know they probably just didn’t want to have to build another set and it’s easier to mix with other characters at Company. I’d still to see them go sometime or Michelle try to make her own version of his favorite dishes from there. In fact, in my “A Typical House” fanfic I made her do just that.)

Originally, this restaurant was called Tony Reardon & Company which was a name that made a lot more sense. Tony built it next to his mother’s (Bea Reardon – Maureen’s mother, Michelle’s adoptive grandmother) boarding house with lumber that “fell off the truck.” Thinking back I wondered if I misunderstood that, but as a child I got a clear picture in my head of his having used lumber that literally fell off of a truck in the street in front of the boarding house, but I thought maybe he just meant he was affording it by using things illegally obtained or making a joke. However, I was able to confirm in a history of Guiding Light book that it did literally fall off a truck, so I wasn’t misunderstanding it after all. Anyway almost overnight, it seemed to me, he created a bar and restaurant and I was interested because I loved Tony and Annabelle (yeah, I know, I’m a hopeless romantic). In one of the worst soap opera exits of all time, right up there with Bobby Martin going up to the attic to find skis and never being heard from again (I don’t even watch that soap and it still horrifies me, what a way to treat a character!), Tony and Annabelle come into the bar one day, obviously in a hurry, announced they are going on vacation and throw someone the keys for the bar and are never seen again. Later a postcard comes with word that they’ve decided to move wherever they went on vacation and wouldn’t be back. I guess they don’t need any of the stuff they left in their place or at the bar, I held on hope for a long time they’d at least be back to pick up their stuff. (Sob!)

It is located right across the street from Cedars Hospital, which is why it is frequented by both staff and family members of patients. St. Michael’s Catholic Church is just up the hill from Company.

The restaurant carried on under the control of various Reardons, at least nominally, for many years. Eventually Drew Jacobs starts working at Company (Jesse originally got her the job, he’d worked there previously), almost managing the place, under Nola Reardon Chamberlain, during her torturous late 1990s return. It became a hangout for Drew-Jesse-Michelle-Bill. Drew once said, “I always tell our customers we have the best burgers in town, but Buzz Burgers are better.” All this time the boarding house was an important part of the action with many characters living in it over the years, including Roger Thorpe, Rick Bauer, Mindy Lewis, Cassie Layne, Bill Lewis, Pilar Santos and Olivia Spencer. In fact, living at the Reardon Boarding House was something of a rite of passage for the young people of Springfield for years. My favorite boarding house story involved Rick and Mindy moving in next door to their respective current significant others (Roxie Shayne and Kurt Corday) that had married each other in a plot to fool the INS. Their rooms were next to each other and they cut a hole between the rooms so they switch back to appropriate pairs without anybody being the wiser. Hi-jinks ensued.

There was a change of fortunes at Company when Max Nickerson and Susan (Daisy) Lemay Cooper accidentally burned down the Cooper diner on 5th street aka the 5th Street Diner aka Meals and Wheels Diner. (It was outside this building that Danny and Michelle kissed for the first time.) The Coopers weren’t carrying enough insurance and couldn’t rebuild, but Buzz found a winning British lottery ticket his late wife Jenna had bought and the Coopers used the proceeds to purchase and move into Company and the now unnamed boarding house. At first Buzz did over the decoration and menu, making it all reflect his  late wife Jenna out of guilt over his growing feelings for Selena Davis. He renamed it Petula’s (his pet name for Jenna). Eventually Buzz accepted it was time to let his guilt over Jenna go and restored the former name of Company and its decor. The biggest hold overs from the 5th Street diner were the famous Buzz burgers that Drew was referring to in the quote above and Baklava.

Phillip Spaulding eventually bought Company during his descent into madness when he was trying to remake the town in the Spaulding image. He intended to tear it down, but was foiled by his adoptive half-brother Gus Aitoro’s manipulations of the Endangered Species Act. After his second supposed “death,” Phillip willed the place to his daughter Lizzie, who rechristened the place Elizabeth and Company and redecorated everything in pink and in honor of her dog, Roxie. This didn’t last long, although it kicked off the great Cozzie romance, and the restaurant was soon back in the hands of the Coopers and restored to the name Company.

The boarding house disappeared and the restaurant changed hands several more times, each time returning to the Coopers and the Company name. For the first time in years, we had a reference to the boarding house on July 21, 2009. The Coopers were going to restore and re-open it with some of the money their mysterious benefactor had given them.

Business was so good at Company that for awhile that a second location was opened as a kiosk in the Main Street set, although it mostly offered coffee. This second location disappeared when changeable sets did from the show. As the show approached its finale, Company was still visited by half the town every day (who apparently keep running tabs for coffee which they always help themselves to and never pay for) was run by the Cooper family and owned specifically by Marina Cooper who Phillip Spaulding returned it to after Coop died and Phillip returned from exile in early 2009. When Buzz bailed out Cyrus Foley it was revealed that Marina gave  shares in the business to Frank and Buzz and that’s how Buzz could sign for a second mortgage. As the series entered its final week, Blake publishing Coop’s unfinished book about Jenna’s life saved Company for the Coopers one last time. In the post-set era its exterior was an actual restaurant in New Jersey. See this version of Company here:

Company is now up there with the lighthouse as one of the most visible parts of Springfield and one I wish was real. Wouldn’t it be great to actually eat there just once?

One of the nice rooms at the boarding house while Pilar Santos lived there. It was a room that faced the front with the balcony. Among the room’s other occupants were Cassie Layne and Olivia Spencer.

The outside of Company and the restaurant in 1997.

Company’s post-set interior 2009.

Cedars Hospital

January 28, 2010

Cedars Hospital was long a center of the show. I don’t know when it first arrived. According to Ross Marler’s 60th Anniversary toast in 1997, it was first called the Charity Hospital, but I don’t know when the name changed. Springfield was actually the third setting for Guiding Light and the Bauer family used to live in Selby Flats, California, the previous setting for the show. Bill Bauer got a job and moved to Springfield with his wife Bert. Their younger son Ed (then called Billy) was then in college, but followed to Springfield to complete his internship at Cedars Hospital and found a mentor in surgeon Dr. Stephen Jackson, his future father-in-law (Leslie Jackson Bauer’s father, Rick’s maternal grandfather). By then, Cedars Hospital was a major center of storyline.

The early 1980s featured storylines with Ed’s half-sister nurse Hillary Bauer, Dr. Claire Ramsey, Dr. Jim Reardon (Maureen’s brother), Dr. Justin Marler (Ross’ brother and Phillip’s biological father), and Dr. Kelly Nelson (of Kelly and Morgan fame). Also, Bert Bauer was volunteering as a patient advocate and was a vital part of the hospital. At this time the main area was a busy and large nurses desk on the 4th floor. Maureen Reardon Bauer became an administrator at the hospital and Ed’s boss causing conflict in their marriage. Dr. Charles Grant later became head of the hospital.Although the faces and sets changed Cedars remained a vital part of the show until the end.

Cedars is located in the heart of Springfield and is across the street from Company where many staff, patients, and family members meet to eat. There is also a less frequently used cafeteria within Cedars. Cedars is an ever expanding teaching hospital. New wings were, at appropriate times, named for Bert Bauer and Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon. Michelle Bauer conceived, designed, fundraised for, and created an endowment for a Memorial AIDS Garden on part of the hospital roof in1997-98. Later she was qualified as a Physician’s Assistant and worked at Cedars until she developed amnesia. Rick is head of Emergency and Emergency had a central receiving area and a portico where the ambulances pull up and often people step outside for privacy and to use cell phones (which are banned from inside the hospital). By the time Rick was in need of his heart transplant, a courtyard outside the main door had also appeared. Michelle describes having picnics with her family when Maureen would pack a lunch to give the children a chance to see Ed when he was working at the hospital and there was a small park nearby. The hospital complex also includes a multi-story parking garage where Tony Santos once forced his cousin Danny to help him elude the police. There was also a morgue in the Cedar Hospital basement where Rick worked when he served as coroner.

The clips below show Cedars Hospital Exterior and then nursing station/waiting area in the late 1990s. I will add earlier and later clips as I come across them to the “Places of Springfield” page.

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