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Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 2

July 6, 2017

Author’s Note: Welcome to the Bauer BBQ 2017. I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay so far, but the party is just getting started. Scene numbers refer to my original outline, but have included them to make it easier for me to keep track of the story.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 2

Scene 5 – Moved into Scene 2

Scenes 6 and 7

The joyful chaos continue to grow in the Bauer House as more hands piled on. Bill and Lizzie showed up with baby Lily and stuff for the games. Little Billy must have heard and came running at full speed from the patio into the kitchen, intercepting and pushing by several adults, and straight into his father’s arms.


“SUN-UN! How was the big sleep over?” He winked at Lizzie. “Did you manage to keep your big sis Sarah out of trouble? I told her you’d be watching out for her.”

Little Billy nodded exuberantly. “Uh-huh. Emma and Hope both started a pillow fight and they were both hitting Sarah, but Dani and me helped fight them off.”

Bill grinned at his son. “I just bet you did.”

Vanessa Chamberlain Lewis came sailing into the room like a queen with a throaty “Hello, everyone.” Seeing Bill with the new Little Billy and baby Lily she glided over. “Well how are my beautiful grandbabies today?” She bent down and hugged them both. She kissed Lily, but Little Billy had squiggled out of the hug before she could kiss him. Little Billy was seven years old now and kisses from your grandmother was baby stuff.

Mindy put the lid back on the pot she was stirring and looking around asked “Vanessa, where’s Daddy?”

Vanessa stood frostily. “I wouldn’t know.”

“What do you mean, you wouldn’t know? Didn’t you come together?”

“We did NOT! He likes to manage things so well I’m sure he can MANAGE to get himself here.”

“Oh no! What did Daddy do now?”

Vanessa opened her mouth to answer, but before she could, Billy himself came charging through the Bauer back door and into the kitchen.

“Happy Fourth!” Billy shouted following it up with a good old Oklahoma cheer!

He was met with a chorus of Independence Day greetings. He strode over to Mindy and picked her up. “Having a happy day, darling?”

“Always do at the BBQ, Daddy.”

After nodding and winking at Bill and Lizzie, Billy stole a piece of the celery Blake was chopping up.


“You got to be quicker than that, Blake!” Billy added with a laugh.

Billy ambled over to Lizzie and Bill stood with Little Billy and Lily. “How is my little cowgirl and my big cowpoke today?” They giggled as he gave them each a quick tickle. They both laughed pushing his hands away.

He cocked his head up at Lizzie. “And where is Princess Sarah?”

“We just got here and I haven’t seen her yet, but apparently she’s outside decorating.”

Billy had seemingly ignored Vanessa since he came in and she had stood up and turned her back to him. However, he’d be strategically moving closer to her the whole time and now he suddenly moved, grabbing Vanessa and spinning her around and soundly kissing her. “Did you get over your mad fit yet, honey?”

“I am righteously angry. I do NOT have ‘mad fits.’ Let me go!” Vanessa stomped her foot.

Billy let her go, shaking his head.

Mindy interjected, “Daddy, what did you do?”

“All I did was….”

Billy was interrupted when a group came charging in from the patio.

“Grandpa Billy!”

“There’s my Princess Sarah!”

Sarah rushed over to hug Billy.

Michelle had come in with Hope and Danielle. Dani had headed right over to her best friend, but Billy intercepted her. He picked Dani up and held her on his hip. “Well now, Little Billy, have you ask this sweet little filly to marry you yet? Only reason I can see that Bill and Michelle didn’t get together after all was so that you two could!”

“Honestly!” Vanessa interrupted. She stalked over and took Dani out of Billy’s arms and set her down. “There now you two go play.” Turning back to Billy, “Do you think you have the right to control everyone’s lives?”

Billy splutter trying to get around her, but Vanessa had wrapped up in her ice shield and she walked out the door to the patio with her nose in the air. Billy followed after her chuckling.

Matt Reardon had come in at the beginning of Vanessa and Billy’s exchange and for the first time in a long time looking at Vanessa he felt hope. Matt’s second marriage to Joni, Maureen’s old art teacher, was on the rocks. Maybe it meant a fresh start was possible for him and Vanessa after all….


Scene 8

The crowd had been slowly growing at the Bauer House inside and out. Small groups of people were talking and on the far side of the patio Beth and Phillip were setting up for the art auction. Following in the footsteps of the auction held at the BBQ many years ago for Vanessa’s Second Chances group, this auction’s funds were earmarked for the Lizzie Spaulding Lewis Cancer Foundation.

An array of paintings already stood on easels with discreet auction numbers marking each one.

Paintings had been gifted from various artists with local connections. Jesse Blue had sent a painting. Mindy and Marah had donated fashion sketches. Trish Lewis had sent a sketch from one of her interior design projects. Reva had sent back an art photo she had taken in her travels with Josh. Beth had donated several of her own paintings and one that she had found in a corner of the Spaulding attic. On Blake’s advice Beth had built the PR for the auction around this mystery painting. What artist’s hand had painting it? Where was it from? What was its story?

While Phillip and Beth set up, Clarissa and Maureen were setting up an art project for kids. Clarissa spread out a large canvas on the patio. Maureen got the paints ready. They were going to paint a group mural and then have it stretched and framed to be hung in the children’s cancer word at Cedars to brighten it up.


Scenes 9 – 11

In the kitchen, Rick had gotten all the meat ready to grill. Rick looked over the people he was willing to trust with grilling. Like a drill sergeant he snapped, “OK, let’s head this wagon train out… Blake, you and Robbie are in charge of the chicken breasts and hot dogs on the normal grill. Jude, you’re helping me on the Bauer Power grill. Each group needs a pan for raw meat, a spatula for raw food, a spatula for cooked food, and done tray. Troops ready? March!”

Blake shook her head. “You get WAY too carried away with this, Rick. We’re volunteers you know.”

“Not today, you’re not, you’re conscripted.”

“I think I liked it better during the years you didn’t care.”

Rick seemed to deflate. “I was all alone those years. The family was gone. What was the point? It didn’t matter if we had a party pretending there was still a Bauer family in Springfield or not.” Rick brightened. “But then the year Danny and Michelle moved back, it started mattering again.”

Blake stepped forward patting Rick on the shoulder. “Rick, it always mattered. The Bauer BBQ is one of those things that keep this town centered, a community. That’s why people picked it up those years, but it really needs a Bauer at its head, at its heart.”

“Come on, ATTENT-SHion! Alright troops! March!”

They went out to the grills. While they set up Jude asked, “Why doesn’t Uncle Danny help?”

Robbie snorted.

Rick laughed and pitched his voice loud enough for Danny to hear him over by the hot tub. “Well, the one year we let Danny help we had neighbors ready to call the fire department from the fire ball.”

Danny headed over as soon as Rick started in on him. Interrupted, “What I THINK you MEAN, Rick, is that you were finally smart enough to put the man who had worked as a professional bartender in charge of the drink table.”

Jude looked impressed. “Really? I didn’t know that, Uncle Danny.”

“Yep, I used to work summer for my Tio Fedrico – on my mother’s side – at his restaurant in California when I was growing up. I met your Aunt Michelle after I got a job as a bartender at club she hung out at.”

“Wow, why were you working there? How you get from that to helping to run Spaulding?”

Danny’s face grew shuttered as old ghosts rolled up out of the past.

Rick saw the warning signs and jumped in putting his arm around Jude’s neck. “That’s a long story, bud. Let’s save it for another day.”

Danny blew out a long breath. He smiled at Rick’s back and headed into the kitchen to get the rest of the stuff he needed for the drink table.

Setting it up, he started his bar patter ….. “Come one, come all. We’ve got iced tea and lemonade. I can make a martini that James Bond would die for, shaken not stirred. I can also whip up a Black Russian, a Pink Lady, a Yellow Bird. I don’t just do colors I do places a Manhattan, Singapore Sling, a Cuba Libre…”

Billy walked up following Vanessa who still wasn’t giving him the time of day. He stopped to listen to Danny’s spiel. “Shoot, boy. You make a man want to fall off the wagon.” Seeing Vanessa looking back icily, Billy hastily added, “Not that I ever would, it was a hard fight to finally get sober. I wouldn’t throw that all away.” Vanessa moved off and Billy winked at Danny before he turned.

“Dylan,” Billy yelled. “There you are. I’ve been looking for you and Bridget. Mindy told me you were here….”


Commercial Break 2

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Guiding Light Cast Roundup 78

April 5, 2017

This is the seventy-eighth in an irregular feature where we will report updates on what cast members of Guiding Light are doing now. I’m playing catch up on some soap magazine news. So as a reminder you can buy back issues:

See a photo of Bethany Joie Lenz (Michelle Bauer Santos #4, part of Stenz Manny) attending the second annual Baby Ball in the Jan. 23, 2017 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Lenz was also tapped as a recast for the role of computer specialist on the sci fi series Colony.


The first real life Bauer BBQ was part of the Daytime Stars and Strikes fundraiser in late April 2016. Photos of the stars there are in the October 17, 2017 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Michael O’Leary (Rick Bauer #3, the one we know and love) was host. Other stars pictured were Yvonna Kopcaz-Wright (Mel Boudreau Bauer Foley), Beth Chamberlain (Beth Raines Spaulding), Jerry verDorn (Ross Marler), Elizabeth Keifter (Blake Thorpe Marler #5), and Jennifer Roszell (Eleni Cooper #2). This year’s will be in October. Hope to see you then!

Jane Elliot (Carrie Todd, Ross’ amazing wife) is leaving General Hospital.

Jean Rouverol (Guiding Light writer) has passed away at age 100. Rouverol received Daytime Emmy nominations for her GL work in 1976 and 1978. She also wrote a book on writing for daytime among other titles and had a solid movie actress career in the old studio system before being blacklisted with her husband in the 1950s. Thank you to @itsonlythesoaps for the heads up and the link.

Karla Mosley (Christina Boudreau) and Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy Boudreau, one of the last great couples on the show with Christina) talk about their officially sanctioned The Bold and Beautiful webseries in the August 26, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Mosley talks about singing the National Athemen for the baseball game which was incorporated into a storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful. See more in the September 19, 2016 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Allison Janney (Ginger, one of Jenna’s comic relief maids while she owned the Spaulding Mansion) and Tammy Blanchard (Drew Jacobs) both attended a screening of Netflix’s new film Tullulah. See a photo in the September 19, 2016 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Rick Hearst (Alan-Michael Spaulding #3) was the subject of a feature in the Jan. 23, 2017 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. He’s let his hair go grey and he’s appearing on The Vampire Diaries.

Read more about the CBS Daytime #1 for 30 Years at the Paley Center exhibit in the December 12, 2016 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Guiding Light stars who attended the party included Laura Wright (Cassie Layne #1), Grant Aleksander (Phillip Spaulding #2, the Phillip we know and love), Beth Chamberlain (Beth Raines Spaulding), and Robert Newman (Josh Lewis).


Read another obituary of former Guiding Light headwriter Claire Labine in the December 12, 2016 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. It includes a quote from Michael O’Leary (Rick Bauer #5, the adult one we know and love) “Claire was a real lady with old-school class. She had a great sense of humor, and was a fantastic writer who loved and upheld the history of GL.” Many online Manny fans didn’t like the turn she took with Manny during her time in 2000.

Jordi Vilasuso (Tony Santos #1 of Marony fame) was photographed with his family for Christmas in the December 26, 2016 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Tammy Blanchard (Drew Jacobs Blue) played Florinda in Into the Woods. Read about it in the August 26. 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

The late Ruby Dee (Martha Frazier, register nurse, friend of Bert Bauer, wife of hospital administrator Jim Frazier) was featured in a recap of her career.
Read more about her character:

We reported Anthony Addabbo (Jim LeMay – Daisy’s adoptive dad, Beth’s husband who died in a house fire caused by a Christmas tree, James Spaulding was named for)’s death in the last of these posts. A memoriam with quotes from costars was published in the November 14, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Nia Long (Kat Speakes, friend of Bridget’s, paired with David Grant, playing a Romeo/Juliette romance against Hampton Speakes, Billy’s best friend from football days) is starring in a remake of Beaches.

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy Bourdreau) was pictured in the November 14, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest with his TV mother Kim Brockington (Felicia Bourdreau, Remy and Mel’s mother, #2). He was talking about them recently having met up for lunch. Saint-Victor was also the subject of a feature in the August 26, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler #4) is featured in the December 26, 2016 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Marsha Clark (the wonderful Hillary Bauer, Katie’s best friend, and Ed and Mike’s half-sister) recently appeared on Days of Our Lives as Judge Karen Fitzpatrick at Hope’s late 2016 trial. Clark has appeared on the some as the judge on a recurring basis since 2003. See more including a photo in the December 19, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Rebecca Staab (Jessie Matthews, of Jessie and Simon fame) plays Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady on Days of our Lives)’s character’s mother on Hallmark’s The Irresistible Blueberry Farm. It includes a photo in the September 19, 2016 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

See family photos of Emme Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding Lewis #6, part of the wonderful Bizzie pairing) and Laura Wright (Cassie Layne Winslow) are pictured with their children in the November 14, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

There is a photo of Ed and Rita’s wedding with family from the November 7, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Terrell Tilford (David Grant #3, brother to Gilly, son of hospital administrator Charles, friend to Bridget, coupled with Vicky Spaulding his real life wife Victoria Platt) is cast on Supergirl. He’ll play “shape-shifting White Martian named Armek.”

The Bold and the Beautiful licensed and used footage of Karla Mosley (Christina Boudreau, part of the great Christina and Remy pairing) “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a Dodgers game in a story in the October 17, 2016 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Mosley is the subject of a feature article in the Jan. 23, 2017 issue in CBS Soaps in Depth. She gave health hints.

Crystal Hunt (Lizzie Spaulding Lewis #5 brought in Roxie the dog and romanced Coop) took part in the ABC Talk of the Town Gala. See a photo and a few details in the December 19, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

In the December 19, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest, they sum up the year 1990 including: Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne Lewis) left the show. Rick Hearst (Alan-Michael Spaulding #3) and Mark Derwin (A.C. Mallet #1) were cast. The show won Daytime Emmys for Writing and Zimmer as Outstanding Lead Actress.

Matt Boomer (Ben Reade #3, who paired with Marina Cooper) was pictured presented at the American Music Awards. See the photo and more details in the December 19, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus Aitoro) was photographed with his partner Gretta Monahan attending the screening of All We Had! in New York. See it in the Jan. 23, 2017 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

There is a memoriam to Patricia Barry (Miss Sally Gleason, Kyle and Billy’s birth mother) in the November 7, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Robert Newman (Josh Lewis, part of Jeva) was featured in a photo spread on “10 of Daytime’s Handsomest Actors Ever” in the October 17, 2016 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

A roundup of couples who were cast opposite each other on mulitple soaps includes couples with at least one Guiding Light actor Ted King and Laura Wright (Cassie Layne #1), Beth Ehlers (Harley Davidson Cooper), Karla Mosley (Christina Moore Boudreau) and Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy Boudreau, part of one of the last great couples formed on Guiding Light), and Jeff Branson (Shayne Lewis #7, the last one) and Elizabeth Hendrickson. Find it in the November 7, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Spotting Barbara Crampton (Mindy Lewis #3, the one that was way too old) in the 2015 SYFY movie We Are Still Here made a viewer write into the Soap Opera Digest. Their update: “Yes, Barbara Crampton was on Days, but she played Trista Evans Bradford, Marlena’s cousin who married Eugene. Trista was murdered by the Salem Slasher in 1983. In the past few years, Crampton has appeared in a host of horror films, including Day of Reckoning, Beyond the Gates, Sun Choke, Tales of Halloween, and Blood Brothers. Her soap past includes portraying Y&R’s Leanna Love, Guiding Light‘s Mindy Spaulding, and B&B’s Maggie Forrester.” Find it and the question in the November 7, 2016 issue.

Laura Wright (Cassie Layne #1, Reva’s long lost sister) is featured in a one-page interview in the October 17, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus Aitoro) appeared with his partner Gretta Monahan and their son Kai at the film Moana. See the photo in the December 19, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

See a photo of current day Jeva – Robert Newman (Josh Lewis) and Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne Lewis) with Zimmer‘s real life son Jake Weary (who briefly appeared as Luke Snyder on As the World Turns) in the November 14, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

See a photo of current day Lujack and Beth – Vincent Irizarry (Lujack Spaulding) and Judi Evans (Beth Raines) in the November 14, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

The August 26, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth flashes back to Cassie Layne and Josh Lewis splitting up (thank God).

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Christmas 2001 A Christmas Tale

December 21, 2016

Springfield sometimes turned the Christmas episode into a special focused episode that didn’t exactly disrupt the normal storylines, but were sort of a moment out of time just at that moment in time. Such was the case during Christmas 2001.

This Christmas episode reflects back on the best Christmas episodes of the past. The main character is Kris Kringle who seems to be a modern day version of Santa Nick who has dropped in to spread magic around Springfield. There is even a connection to the Mike Bauer singing at the end of this one. It’s well worth watching.


Michelle and Robbie Santos, Harley Cooper and Jude Bauer, Blake, Jason, and Kevin Marler, Holly and Meg Reade

A Christmas Tale

Ross gathers everyone up at the Bauer cabin with Aunt Meta and the Bloss children – Jason, Kevin, and Clarissa who was born one year also at the Bauer cabin. He brings them to the fireplace and starts to tell a Christmas story or rather a Christmas Eve story that takes place right there in Springfield.

Michelle, Blake, Harley, and Holly carry in a real Christmas tree  – in their dress coats. They work on setting up and decorating the tree. Meanwhile, at the Lewis House, Shayne is resisting staying in his elf costume that he has on to match Josh as Santa. When Billy shows up, Shayne passes on the elf hat to Billy although he won’t fit the rest of the costume and they are off to Towers to fill in as Santa. As we look around town we find irritation everywhere as we have the warmest Christmas on record at 65 degrees F outside.

More than one person called out the calvary and Phillip and Beth show up as Santa and Mrs. Claus. (That’s a TERRIBLE Mrs. Claus outfit, but couldn’t Billy at least taken off his tie and suit coat to look more elf like?) Meanwhile Reva realizes bulldozing into the elevator stuck her with Olivia and Edmund.

“Santa is short a reindeer, Frosty must confront the sun…..and now power lines are about to fall.”

A blackout hits all over Springfield. After a confrontation over who was going to play Santa, Phillip agreed to let Josh have the job although it seemed like Beth (still influenced by Loreli) is ready to rumble, However they realize that there is now 2 feet of snow on the ground and no one is going anywhere soon. Olivia, Edmund, and Reva are pretty darn hilarious. They ought to have been forced together more often.

December 24, 201 (Part One)

Even story tellers get a commercial break. Ross: “You know there are four generations gathered here in the Bauer Cabin…” Everyone else: “Story! Story! Story!” Santa Josh was overwhelmed so Phillip and Beth opened a second station on Santa’s knee and worked together. Reva told the story of the Christmas truce during World War I. Reva’s story inspires Reva, Edmund, and Olivia to call a truce of their own and share Reva’s catering and Olivia’s champagne in their own Christmas Eve dinner. Gus finally shows the Christmas spirit and gives up the offer of a ride in the 4-wheel drive truck to the guys going up to the Bauer cabin to reach their families. Not knowing Gus did that, Rick asks if Gus could come along too but the “security guard” says there’s no room.

December 24, 2001 (Part Two)

The guys show up at Bauer Cabin reporting that on their way the roads were terrible and then they rounded a corner and everything cleared. Danny meets Michelle with a kiss and a ‘Hi, Tiger” for Robbie. Sigh! Meta pulls Ross aside and says she knows it’s not the end of the story and she wants to know what happens next. With the roads now clear will the Christmas spirit spread over the outcasts too? Edmund, Olivia, and Gus are all miserable at Towers each eating alone with two poor Towers employees stuck working. Edmund remembers Reva’s story and moves to the piano and starts to sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” The others join in and everyone from the Bauer Cabin, the Lewis house, and the Spaulding Mansion come in.

December 24, 2001 (Part Three)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Michelle Goes Undercover and Michelle’s Testimony in Danny’s Trial July 23 24 2001

April 8, 2016

Mon., July 23, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Blake tries to talk to Ross but he is busy looking for Michelle. Ray comes in and Danny asks him if he has seen Michelle. Ray tells him he passed her going the other way on Fifth Street. Gus is watching as they frantically look for Michelle, who is to be called as their next witness. Blake looks over the files she had found while in Chicago and at the photo of young Gus. She tries again to talk to Ross but he is adamant that he is too busy to hear anything right then. Gus tells Doris that he has an idea and pulls her out into the hall. Danny is upset that Michelle is not there. Ross tells him that they need Michelle there to testify now. An aide comes in and tells Ross court is about to resume but Ross tells her they still have 20 minutes, the aide tells Ross that the DA sent the judge a note telling him to cut the recess short. Blake tells Ross that she has news about Gus. He tells her they will talk later. The Judge calls court into session. Ross tells the Judge that the shortened recess is causing him schedule issues. The Judge tells Ross that he should call his next witness. Gus seemed pleased at Ross’ nervousness. Ross tries to stall but the Judge wants him to get on with calling his witness. Ross tells the judge that his witness isn’t there yet but should be there soon. The judge tells him to call another witness now. At the Dentist Office: A very flirtatious, disguised Michelle is bantering flirting with Carmen’s dentist. She talks about Danny’s trial and how she wishes she had the inside scoop. The dentist tells her that Carmen was his patient. Michelle keeps talking about Carmen and the dentist tells her that his records are what the police used to identify the body. The dentist tells Michelle that Carmen had implants and one had punctured her sinuses. She asks to see the x-ray and the doctor goes to get it. He shows her and then notices that the x-rays were not those of Carmen’s, not even close to her mouth. Michelle knew it. The dentist tells her that this isn’t Carmen’s file although it has her name on it. Michelle tells him that he has proof that the body was not Carmen’s. He tells her that he has duplicate files in a warehouse downtown. He writes a note giving his assistant access to obtain the duplicate files on Carmen. Michelle sends the doctor out of the room for something and she grabs the note and runs out. Michelle finally comes back in with the file of Carmen’s records. Ross calls her to the stand and has her sworn in. (alternate slightly shorter link, I think the sound might be less well synced)
(Michelle’s Testimony in Danny’s Case)

Tues., July 24, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Michelle wants to talk to Ross, but the judge tells them that there will be no more delays. Ross says that the Bauers are a highly respected family, much different from the name Santos. Michelle tells him that the stigma of the Santos name follows them wherever they go. Michelle says it is her son’s heritage and the name has no negative connotations for her. She tells the DA that not everyone with that name is bad. Ray is a priest; Danny is a good husband and father. Michelle says Danny is better than the people Doris has on her side that framed Danny for this crime with phony evidence. Doris objects. The judge tells the jury to disregard the last statement. Harley asks Gus why Michelle is glaring at him. Ross asks Michelle about her meeting with Carmen that night. Michelle says she was drugged and woke up on the docks. Lucas Carmichael was the name of the thug who drugged and kidnapped Michelle, but she didn’t know his name until he testified. Carmen was cruel and heartless and had hated her from when she first met her. Michelle saw Carmen with a gun and pleaded with Carmen to let her and her baby live. Carmen said Michelle’s child was poisoned with the Bauer blood and deserved to die. She raised her gun at Michelle just as Danny appeared and made a split second decision. She tells the jury that she and Robbie are alive because of Danny’s decision. Referring back to Michelle’s comments about Carmen, Doris asks Michelle if Danny is cruel and heartless and capable of murder and she tells Doris that he is not, it wasn’t like that. Doris asks if Michelle capable of murder and she admits that she is. (See my comments) Doris goes on to tell how Michelle killed Mick, Carmen’s first-born son and Ross objects. Doris asks Michelle what she used to kill Mick. Michelle says a rock in self-defense and again Ross objects. Doris: “Mrs. Santos, you must be one special lady. There’s a lot of people being killed to keep you safe.” First Mick and then Carmen and asks how many Santos members she and her husband have killed and tells her that at this rate only Michelle, Danny and the baby will be left. Danny jumps up and tells Doris to come after him instead of his wife. Gus tells Frank and Harley that Danny is making this too easy. Harley thinks Michelle knows something. Michelle mentions the body not being Carmen’s and Doris asks Michelle if she is an expert witness to prove the body isn’t Carmen’s. Doris says all they have is her devotion to her husband and tells her to show her something else. Michelle holds up the dental file and says she does have proof and begs her to ask about these files. Doris tells the Judge that she isn’t going to hear from Michelle that way. Ross asks to approach the judge. Michelle has evidence and Doris objects. The judge asks to see the file. Gus wonders what they are doing. The judge calls a brief recess to examine the evidence. Doris asks Gus if there is something she should know. Danny wonders what is going on and Ross says Michelle earned a big Mother’s Day present next year. Court reconvenes and Michelle shows Doris a copy of Carmen’s dental records, which could be verified by Dr. Fisher and how they are totally different from the ones the police used to identify Carmen’s body. She tells the jury that there has been a switch and Doris will have to ask their investigators how that happened. Ross asks Michelle what it means if the dental records don’t match. She says the body isn’t Carmen’s. There is a lot of talking in the courtroom and the judge adjourns for the day. Harley asks Gus what he did and he tells her that he is sure the body is Carmen’s. (Part 1) (Part 2) shorter version)

My Comments:

This short recess thing seems strange to me. I could see if she was late for the regular time of recess, but if someone thought they had a certain amount of time to be gone and they didn’t tell everyone not to leave I don’t see how it could not be OK to be a little late. 

I wonder if Michelle took the name Wanda from the Lewis family secretary. She should know Wanda. Michelle made a mistake getting the file herself. It was coming anyway and it broke the chain of evidence for her to get the X-Rays and they would have been thrown out, although the dentist still could testify. Wanda is a fun sidebar though. Still I’d think Ross would have another witness. Rick maybe or Ray?

Blake’s stuff is important, but not as important as she thinks. Sadly they never do make Gus Aitoro really Miguel Santos, Jr. 😦 

I like Michelle’s speech although I wish she’d thrown in more specifics in her anti-bigotry pitch. The one name she does drop is Jose Marti and how Danny and her read his poetry. A line that would have a lot more power if they’d actually SHOWN them doing that at some point. Also it would have been nice to have them show Michelle have some kind of attempt to celebrate Hispanic culture. Of course they don’t exactly pull out the Wagner operas either (the Bauers are German, Michelle is 3rd generation born in this country).

I don’t think it’s right they call what Michelle did to Mick was murder, it was declared self-defense. “He was coming on to you” that is a terrible thing to equate with rape.

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Michelle Decides to Go Undercover July 20 2011

March 18, 2016

NOTE: Sadly something else the highlight clips don’t show well at all is the active trickster role Blake played as part of this storyline. Gus showed Blake attention almost since he blew into town. Partially I think he might really have liked her, I mean Blake is kind of awesome, but mostly because he didn’t like Ross because he was defending Danny and Tony and he wanted to mess with him. Blake played along with it to get information (I think she was playing along sooner than the audience was aware). Most recently she’d searched Gus’s room and came up with the photo showing a young Gus (wearing a Cubs hat) that she has paired with other evidence to prove he’s really Miguel Santos, Jr. which is also the theory Manny will shortly come up with. Blake is trying to fill Ross in for the next few episode guide posts.

Danny Testimony Continues

Fri., July 20, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Ross is preparing Danny for his cross exam by Doris. Gus tells Doris to rip Danny to shreds. Court reconvenes and Danny retakes the stand. Doris reminds Danny of his admissions, that he shot his mother and that Carmen hated his wife. Why didn’t Danny admit it from the start that he is a ruthless amoral person who shot his mother in cold blood? Ross objects. He says Doris shouldn’t be giving her biased conclusions. Doris asks Danny why he didn’t go to the police right away. Danny says he didn’t think the police would believe him because he is a Santos. She asks if he called an ambulance. Danny says Carmen was already dead. Doris asks if he had medical training. Danny says there was no heartbeat. Doris thinks Danny was happy that she was dead. She says he wrapped his mother and tied her body with chains, then dumped her. Doris thanks Ross for providing her with an admission of guilt. Tony starts shouting in the courtroom that they are setting Danny up. Tony is so abusive to the judge in his outburst that he is given choice to leave before the bailiffs escort him out. Ross starts his redirect on Danny. He asks if Danny went to the docks to kill his mother. Danny says he didn’t even know Carmen was alive. Why did Danny draw his gun? He drew it because Carmen had a gun on his wife. He only shot her to protect Michelle and the unborn baby. Testimony over and court is recessed. Ross tells Michelle she is next. Michelle tells Danny he was wonderful on the stand. Ross says he is telling a love story and if the jury buys it, he’s a genius, if they don’t, they are in trouble. In the lobby, Gus is lighting up and Michelle takes his cigarette, telling him there is no smoking in here. She tells him Danny is innocent and she is about to prove it. She tells Gus that she is on to him. She knows he planted the bullet but he took the bullet from the wrong gun. It all started with the body that he probably faked too. Gus says they used the dental records for ID and she shouldn’t take it out on him. Blake comes in and says this is Gus’s unlucky day. She is on her way in to see Ross when Gus stops her and asks what she has there. Blake tells Gus she has some research for her next book. Gus wonders why she is so cool to him. He tells her she missed Danny’s testimony. She goes in to see Ross. Ross says he has to prep Michelle for testimony but Danny says he can’t find Michelle. At the Dentist Office: Michelle arrives dressed in disguise and starts flirting with the dentist.

My Comments: Honestly, much like the question about why Michelle didn’t try to help Mick (which only has a behind the scenes answer) why Michelle couldn’t tell Carmen was alive is the weak part of this story. Michelle had more than enough training to do better than that and not only does she not realize Carmen is still alive, she stops Danny when his first instinct is to get help until his cover up training kicks in. In fact, I think they would most likely have been better off long term if Danny had called 911 in a bunch of ways. But they figured behind the scenes they might want Carmen back and if you want Carmen back you have to swallow all this to give her a good shot at coming back. I think Ross is genius to base Danny’s defense on people falling in love with the Manny story, who doesn’t fall in love with the Manny story? Ugh! Catalina is there with Tony so all that mess is going on in other footage. I’m not sure what Michelle was doing with her hand while talking to Gus it almost looked like she was trying to keep pressure on it or something. I love a good feisty Michelle scene and she does a great one facing Gus. Plus, I truly love her Wanda costume and how she plays the dentist. Although they, foolishly in my opinion, never play the Gus is really Miguel Jr. plot this Blake going off to investigate herself it’s really great. It plays on history both in the fact Blake really used to be a PI (in business with Frank Cooper and David Grant) and the fact that Michelle is kind of, sorta of her once a future step-sister a note that I think they should have played a lot stronger and a lot more often. Besides Blake is always fun when she’s playing trickster as she does in this whole storyline with Gus.

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Danny Testifies About Carmen July 18-19 2001

February 19, 2016

Note: The link today includes Danny’s Testimony about killing Carmen. In the interest of time, I didn’t transcribe all of Danny’s testimony, but I plan on doing that for his and Michelle’s testimony later. I’ll add a link when I do.

Wed., July 18, 2001 – Outside Company, Ross and Danny are working on a plan. Ross asks if this is what Danny wants to do and he tells him it is. At the Bauer House: Ray and Tony come in and are talking to Michelle. They are upset at how Ross is handling the defense and Tony thinks he has bought out to the other side. Michelle tells them that Ross will be there soon. Tony thinks someone got to Ross. Ray says they will use this time to talk to Ross calmly and ask him to explain what he is doing. Michelle says there has to be an explanation; Ross is a decent and loyal man. Tony says people turn all the time. Ray says Ross defended Tony when he needed it and he should give Ross the benefit of the doubt. Tony agrees. The doorbell rings and Ross comes in. Tony yells at him and asks who he is working for. Michelle and Ray are concerned about Danny and tell Ross they are just having trouble understanding his approach. Ross says he wants to get Danny acquitted. Tony doesn’t buy it and asks Ross whose side he is on. Ray tells Tony he won’t get anywhere with a confrontation. Michelle tells Tony to take it down a notch but Tony is still angry. Michelle wants to understand Ross’s strategy. Ross says it would take a long time to explain it but he is committed to getting Danny off and they will just have to let him do his job. Tony says Blake could do a better job. Michelle goes over the evidence and tells Ross that Gus faked some of it. Ross says they have been over this before. Tony thinks they need a new lawyer. Michelle tells Ross that she thinks Gus planted the body as well. Ross says they need facts or the jury won’t trust them. Ray and Michelle suggest DNA tests on the body. Tony tells him to take the idea or he is fired. Danny arrives and wants to know what is going on. He tells everyone that he is satisfied with the job Ross is doing and he wants them to stop arguing with him and leave so Danny can talk to him alone. They leave. Michelle tells Ray and Tony it is as if Danny wants to be convicted. Ray tells Michelle to do whatever she has to do for Danny. She says she won’t let him go down without a fight. Harley comes in and runs into Tony who is angry seeing her and leaves. Michelle asks Harley if she gave any thought to her idea about Carmen’s body. Harley tells Michelle she is looking for Rick. Michelle wants to talk and Harley tells her that she also would like to talk to a woman since the men in her life are driving her batty.

Thurs., July 19, 2001 – In the courtroom: Michelle recognizes one of the thugs who kidnapped her. He is Doris’s next witness. Ross wonders where Blake is today. Doris asks Mr. Carmichael about who was his employer on November 14. He says he was a driver for Carmen. The last time he saw her was on the docks that night. He picked up Michelle and drove her to the docks with Carmen. The two women were arguing over Danny. He says Michelle was disrespectful to her mother in law. Danny arrived and tried to intercede. They continued to argue and then Danny walked away with Michelle, turning and shooting Carmen. He quotes Danny as telling Carmen he didn’t have to put up with her any longer. Ross takes his turn to cross-examine the witness. He goes over Carmichael’s criminal record and asks about a plea bargain. Ross insists Michelle was drugged and kidnapped by Mr. Carmichael and taken to Carmen. Ross asks him if he is standing by his story. Mr. Carmichael says Carmen wanted to straighten some things out with Michelle. Doris’ case is finished.

(I’m going to transcribe Danny and Michelle’s testimony later. I’ll add a link here when I do.)

Ross wants to make his previously reserved opening statement, allowing Danny to do it in his place. Ross asks Danny if he fired the gun that killed his mother. Danny says he did. Ross asks if Danny loved his mother. He says he did at times. For a long time he did what his mother wanted and she was pleased. Carmen vowed to make Michelle’s life hell when he married her. She framed Michelle for murder. Carmen agreed to go into the witness protection program but the night before she was to leave, Carmen was shot in front of Michelle. He goes over the miscarriage, etc. When Michelle was pregnant again, Danny planned to start fresh in another place. He went to pick Michelle up from the hospital, but Michelle was missing. He goes over finding out Carmen wasn’t dead, finding her holding a gun on Michelle at the docks, etc. She told him she would kill Michelle. Danny tried to reason with her. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt. He promised Carmen they would go away and not tell anyone she was still alive. Carmen turned her gun on Michelle. Danny says Carmen thought Danny was his father and Michelle was Selena. Danny begged for his child’s life but Carmen wouldn’t listen. She cocked her gun and Danny shot her. After he made sure Michelle was okay, he threw his gun into the water and put Carmen’s body in the lake. Ross asks how the prosecution proved another gun was the murder weapon. Danny doesn’t know. Ross says defense of life yours or another’s is not a crime. Danny was protecting his wife and child. Ross: “….Why did he keep quiet for so long? Well I propose to you that Carmen and Miguel Santos for years on end forged a dysfunctional family where only obedience to this twisted family code would bring attention and affection that a child needs. When Danny Santos fell in love with Michelle Bauer he found for the first time unconditional and true love. Carmen knew it and was jealous of it and on the dock that night Danny was forced to make a choice to go forward with love or to continue to evil. Now it’s your turn to make the decision about whether Danny Santos should be punished for that choosing love over evil.”  Court is in recess. Tony is upset that Danny came clean during his testimony. Tony objects that Danny plead not guilty and just said he was. Ross and Danny explain that it was the murder part Danny wasn’t guilty of. Trying to hide the truth that he killed his mother would only make the jury think he was lying about it all.  Gus makes some gibes against Manny. Danny is ready for Doris’ questions but doesn’t want Michelle to take the stand. Ross says he will see what happens. Tony: “You can’t trust these people.” Danny: “Tony, you’ve got to trust somebody.” Ross calls Blake on her cell phone but she ignores it. She is on to something very big. In Chicago: At the police records office, Blake is reading files. Sgt. Kaplan brings a soft drink for Darlena. He thinks it is a coincidence that she is researching her book while he is reading the other one. He looks at the picture. She asks if he recognizes someone; he looks more closely and says a blast from the past. She asks Kaplan if he recognizes the man and boy in the picture. He recognizes the man, Joe August. He was big on the organized crime unit in the 70s. They used to drink beers before…He gives her something to read about what happened. Kaplan won’t buy her next book if she writes about that; he would rather forget. Blake is growing more and more curious about Gus.

NOTE: Both of my go to highlights clips have very low audio. I’m sorry and adjust your equipment accordingly.

My Comments:

Again, frustration with the highlights clips. While I truly appreciate having this much, I don’t understand how they left out things I think are important beats. I’m sorry we didn’t have the furor from Michelle and Tony in the available clips. See I told you Ross was on it with a Perry Mason move reserving his opening statement.  The use of flashback images only under the audio of Danny’s testimony confirming what he was saying is brilliant. As later revealed backstory, Gus had actually taken a murder rap to protect Eden (his very undeserving sister) so hearing Danny’s story, did he feel even the slightest bit of remorse or understanding, or was HIS hate for Danny’s father so strong that he never processed what Danny said emotionally. It seems like the only part where he shows concern is fear his role in fabricating evidence would be exposed. I’m also sorry they didn’t show Blake’s part in this. She really took a lead in discovering the truth and as this period was the only one where they played Michelle and Blake as once and future step-sisters. I’m truly sorry that they aren’t showing that.

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Danny Trial Part 2 July 12-13 2001

January 5, 2016

Thurs., July 12, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Doris tells the Judge that she has a surprise witness. She calls Maria Santos (Danny’s Abuela) to the stand. Everyone is shocked and Ross finally objects to something. The judge allows the witness because no one knew Maria would be available and Doris goes in to her questioning. Maria seems to be supporting the state’s case. Doris asks Maria if she talked to Danny the night Carmen died. She tells her that he was angry with Carmen for getting in between him and his wife and when he asked her where Carmen was she told him she was at the docks. Doris is pleased. Danny tells Ross that Maria is lying. Ross asks for a short break before he questions Maria. Ross comes in and asks Maria if she knows what this book is about and holds up a copy of Blake’s novel, Hearts Alone. She acts dumb and he tells her that it is a story of a mob wife having her husband killed because he refused to tell her the name of his mistress. He goes on to tell her that most people believe it is the story of Carmen Santos and how she had Maria’s son Miguel Santos killed. Doris objects saying that a work of fiction can’t be evidence, but Ross counters it isn’t the book itself, but Maria’s reaction to it that’s important and the judge allows it. Ross asks Maria if she read the book and realized that Carmen was responsible for her son’s death. He pressures her and he finally admits that she did and she hated Carmen. She tells Ross that she wanted Carmen dead and she sent Danny to the docks because he was furious and she wanted him to take his mother out. She admits that she never told Danny that his mother was still alive, only that he could find his wife down by the docks and he must get there immediately if he wants to spare her life. She goes on to say that Carmen was not fit to live; she was a cancer on her family. She had to be thrown away with the garbage. Maria tells the jury that she couldn’t be the one to pull the trigger. That is a job for underlings although she would have loved to done it. Everyone is shocked at Maria’s testimony and Doris and Gus look very upset. Ross reminds Maria that she only mentioned Michelle being at the docks, not Carmen and that is who Danny rushed off to find. He finishes with her and the judge calls a recess. Ross tells Danny and Michelle that he wanted Maria to look like the one pulling the strings so they would be more empathetic to Danny. Maria comes over and tells them that Ross is right and he made her job a lot easier. Danny is upset and calls her crazy. He asks if she planned this whole scene from the beginning and asks her why. She tells him she came back to deliberately help him by taking some of the blame herself. She did it to help him. (Overlaps a little with yesterday)

Fri., July 13, 2001 – At the Bauers: Michelle is talking to Danny about his grandmother’s testimony. (This is one of the most awkward recaps I’ve ever seen, but in the writing not the performance.) Danny tells her that Maria will never change. Even if she really did do this to help him he was sure there was something else in it for her. Michelle tells him that at least the jury can see that someone other then Danny had a motive to kill Carmen. Danny tells her that it doesn’t matter since he knows he is guilty. Michelle goes upstairs and brings Robbie down. Danny is depressed, but when he sees his son he perks up to talk happily to the baby. Michelle tells him Robbie is why he can never give up. Danny: “I don’t need to see Robbie to be reminded how much I love him or you.” Danny tells Michelle that he thinks of him every moment of the day, he knows what is at stake. She tells him he can’t give up hope just because of one crooked cop. Danny tells her that he felt this way before Gus came into the picture. What he did was a sin. His mother gave him life and he took hers away. He knows he did what he had to do to save his wife and child, but no one should kill their mother without consequences. He tells her that if the jury finds him guilty, it may be what he deserves. Michelle tells Danny that it was justifiable homicide and she will help him live with it, but first they have to fight to win at the trial. They have to be vigilant and maybe all the evidence is suspect. Danny asks her sarcastically if she is saying the body may not even be Carmen’s. Michelle tells him that is possible since Gus has already dummied up evidence. Danny tells her that Gus doesn’t need to frame him, but Michelle is off and running with the idea. She says she should have thought of this before. If they can prove the body isn’t Carmen’s, Danny could go free. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

My Comments: Actually surprise witnesses are extremely bad form. The thing to do would have been at least talk to the judge in chambers before she brought her in. Normal rules of court would be that Ross would have until the next day to question Maria and come up with a cross. I REALLY wish they had made Maria #2 a great aunt or something. I miss Danny’s sweet Abuela, but this Maria is very consistent. She’s very loving and protective of her family….as long as they don’t get in the way of what she wants or if it’s her or them.

Except for the stupid and unnecessary bit about how what Maria was like something in a movie Michelle had once seen, this is really a nice and important discussion. First off, it’s a great a subtle use of their love theme in the background. Then calling Robbie, Tiger. ♥ Manny are discussing their different viewpoints on the problem. Michelle thinks the entire problem is Gus, but Danny thinks part of it is what he did. While he knows he made the right choice, what he did was a sin and he needs to account for it. Danny really is a religious person. It’s an important part of Danny’s make up and part of what makes Manny work so well is that she respects that. But until now Michelle hadn’t really seen Danny’s actions in terms of a religious choice. I hope Danny was also talking to Father Tomas about this. I think it would have helped. Also, it is a nice example of what a good father Danny is and how as bad as he felt at that moment he happy talked Robbie to make sure he was happy. As Danny would later say, Robbie (and later Hope) with Michelle are the center of Danny’s world.

I’d really listen to Michelle, Danny. Remember Michelle’s instinct was that Carmen had framed her for Ben Warren’s murder too and you didn’t believe that either until it was almost too late.

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Danny Trial Part 1 July 10 – 11 2001

November 13, 2015

Tues., July 10, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Gus arrives at the courthouse and sees Danny and Michelle sitting on a bench outside. He calls them Bonnie and Clyde. Danny tells Gus he has faith in the system if not some of the people in it, so he is looking forward to the trial. Gus turns to Ray and tells him he better pray for his cousin. Ray, Danny and Michelle go inside. DA Doris Wolfe makes her opening statement and tells the jurors that she plans to show that Danny killed his mother when she refused to let him take the family business into another direction. She goes on to tell them that Danny has a violent history and would take his mother out just like any other person. She says that the defense will try to paint Danny as a family man but his mother’s body was recovered with a bullet that perfectly matched the gun Danny kept in his bedside table. She passes to Ross who tells the Judge that he will wait until later to do his opening statements. Both the judge and Doris think this is strange. The judge reminds Ross that this is a capitol case, but Ross holds firm. Doris thinks Ross knows his client is guilty. Michelle and Ray are startled as well. After the judge calls a recess, Ross: “Do you trust me?” Danny: “Yea, I do.” Ross tells Michelle and Ray to trust him, Danny tells them that he already does. When court reconvenes, Gus is called as the first witness. Danny Trial

Wed., July 11, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Doris questions Gus and he tells her that he had been investigating the Santos family for over 4 years and through bugs placed at the home of Danny Santos he learned about the inconsistencies of his mother’s death. After an anonymous tip he went to the docks and recovered the body of Carmen Santos along with a bullet that was embedded in the remains. The bullet that was recovered from the body was fired from Danny’s gun. Gus continues making prejudicial remarks  and the Judge is surprised Ross didn’t object. Ross tells him that Gus’s prejudicial remarks can be seen by him and the jury so there is no need to object. DA Wolfe insists that Gus is in no way biased in this case. During cross-examination, Ross asks Gus if he is in charge of all aspects of the Santos case. Gus tells him that he is. Ross asks if certain details aren’t usually left to the local cops. Gus says usually but in this case, he handled all the evidence and double-checked it himself. Ross wants Gus subject to recall and then dismisses him. Gus: “How does it feel to defend a lost cause?” Michelle hears the crack and Ray has to restrain her. (Gus doesn’t realize it, but he’s made a BAD mistake.) He goes to sit directly behind Blake and whispers to him that he is having a great day so far. Doris calls the medical examiner and asks about the body. He tells her that it was mostly skeletal remains but with the jewelry and dental records she was positively identified as Carmen Santos. Ross tells them he has no questions.
Doris has a forensic expert on the stand talking about the ballistic report on the bullet retrieved. He tells her that it was a perfect match to Danny’s gun. Again Ross has no questions and everyone in the gallery is surprised. Michelle questions Ross and Ross asks Danny to take a look at the jury and tell him his impressions. Danny said they look like they want to throw him in jail. Ross asks if they look curious and Danny tells him they do. Ross tells him that is what they want. Geraldo (name from summary, I don’t know his name) is a Santos flunky with a big mouth who has copped a plea. Doris questions Geraldo about Maria telling Danny where Michelle was at the dock and he had better get to her if he wants to save her. Doris: “Did you or did you not overhear Maria Santos telling Danny Santos that he would find his wife, Michelle, down at docks. In fact that Michelle was there praying he’d get there in time.” Again, Ross has no questions. Doris tells the judge that she has ran out of witnesses and will have to ask for an adjournment until the morning. The judge grants it. Gus tells Doris that Ross realizes he has a lost cause. Doris tells him that Ross doesn’t play that way and he had better be sure that they have the right man on trial. Blake tells Ross that whatever he has on his mind is making everyone keep guessing. He tells her that is what he wants. Blake wonders why Gus has such a vendetta against Danny. Ross tells Blake to stay away from Gus, but Blake has her own plan to investigate and help Danny.

Michelle returns home to find that Phillip has let himself in waiting for Rick. Phillip is reading Danny’s pregnancy and infants books he was looking at before the trial. I think the Phillip-Danny relationship is more fully developed, but occasional nice little scenes like this underline the fact that Phillip sees Michelle as his little sister too. (Part 1) (Part 2)

My Comments: I still can’t get over Gus waltzing into the Bauer-Santos house during the Bauer BBQ. I’m still livid about it. I know he’s chasing Harley, but honestly there SHOULD be limits. I wish we’d gotten a shot of what Gus saw coming off the elevator before they moved. I bet Michelle and Danny were great on that bench. Gus really is an idiot. Danny is trying to to exert his full power and let the system work, but he’s ticked off Michelle. Did you see that look she shot him? Michelle is done being afraid. She furious now and he’d better watch out.

Doris is right about weighting down the body, but Danny had his reasons. Someone killing to take over an organization and then totally walking away though that’s a hard case to prove. Plus it’s always dangerous to say something is a perfect match because the smallest imperfection then is room for doubt.

Ross reserving his opening statement forever is a classic Perry Mason move and not something strange, but you would have thought he’d have discussed it with Michelle first. Ross really has got the jury wondering and he’s definitely giving Gus enough rope to hang himself and get Danny off. I really love how Ross is always making notes on his legal pads like he really needs to remember what the witnesses said and doesn’t have it all spelled out in a script. I’m really glad that Blake is involved in exposing Gus because Michelle and her are step-sisters and I like it when they play that connection even if they never talk about it.

Is it just me or would Doris’s question to Geraldo about Danny going to rescue his wife support what she assumes the defense’s case would argue and counter her argument that Danny killed Carmen out of cold-blooded ambition? Doris is finally showing her well-known brains by questioning whether Danny is guilty after all because Ross has something.

As a last thing I want to point out Michelle is wearing one of my all time favorite Michelle outfits. Look at it, it’s gorgeous.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Eve Guthrie and Ed Bauer’s Engagement Party

September 30, 2015
Michelle toasting Ed and Eve

Michelle toasting Ed and Eve

This episode aired –  October 24, 1994.

Several stories going on today and most of them aren’t part of the party umbrella. Matt is accused of some crimes and can’t tell where he was because he and Vanessa were having a secret affair.

Michelle gives a toast. Sadly those good feelings she’s talking about won’t arrive until 1999.

“So I want to make a toast to Ed and Eve, my dad and to all those good feelings our family is going to have.”

Someone spiked Ed’s drink. As a recovering alcoholic this was a terrible thing. Alan made an entrance to announce his return to Springfield. Dr. Bauer seems a bit formal for the brother of his ex-father-in-law whose been his neighbor for a good 20 years. This does bring up something I don’t get. They always kept all this alcohol around Ed where it would be easy to slip or make a mistake. While do they do that?

Commercial break after opening credits contains an ad for the Roger Thorpe videotape. This and Reva’s counterpart were the only authorized sales of Guiding Light footage until the Soap Classics releases. Watch it here:

Wow! I would have said if Ed had a problem with Alan it would have traced back to his destruction of Hope rather than that stupid affair that Alan had with Rita while she was involved with Ed – they weren’t all that into each other anyway. Even

For some reason soap hopping soap star Marcy Walker failed to click as Tangie (maybe it was the stupid name?). This was their latest hail Mary pass they are in the early stages of an Alan-Michael-Tangie-Alan triangle. It’s really too bad because Alan-Michael truly believed in Alan and was truly working towards a positive relationship and Alan pulls this.

Really for as smart as they normally play Matt, if he said he’d been to the movies, he should have picked one currently playing at a local movie theater. I think Matt is waiting for Vanessa to step up, but she doesn’t. Gentlemanly Matt doesn’t out her.

Time to get sick over Ed and Eve while he pretends she’s his only true love who has “changed me so completely. You’ve changed me and I can’t ever go back to what I was. I am a complete mess without you.”

The back of Blake’s dress reminds me of a peace sign without the circle. Oh, Eleni you haven’t been to very many parties at the Country Club if you think that this party breakup is anything but typical. No party ever goes well there.

12:00 in another great chance to see Ross-Ed as best friends rather than just hear that they are. “a couple of swallows” wouldn’t an alcoholic know after it hit his tongue? I am proud of Ed to want to go to an AA meeting. I think this might be his biggest hero moment ever. Really don’t understand Ed’s extreme reaction to Alan’s very existence. It wasn’t like this when Alan left.

I think Matt’s story is stupid. He was being stupid if he didn’t know that someone “influential in that town” was married. Plus, his father’s sister was had a brother-in-law (Mike Bauer) who is one of the top lawyers in the country. Wouldn’t asking for help make much sense? Plus, why not cop to being with a woman without naming who. Once that much came out he might as well. So Matt saved Marina’s life too? Maybe she was injured in some of these “life savings” that could be what’s wrong with her later.

“I haven’t had a chance to tell Eve about the drink yet.” – Yes, Ed you were only completely alone talking about what had just happening in a semi-private hallway.

This is so typical Blake. “You know I can’t believe that Eve treats him for a gun shot wound and in matter of days he manages to drag his sorry but out of bed and come over here and crash MY party.”

Ross: “Last thing I need is for you to turn into Paul Revere and go through the town of Springfield warning all the good folks.”

Actually I do agree Alan didn’t meant to “hurt” Blake he meant to stop Phillip from marrying her at all costs.

Fletch does have some good lines “while the caviar is hitting the fan.”

I’m really sorry Alan showed up at Ed’s party. It was truly typical Alan, but it hurt Ed and I don’t think A-M would have stood by like that. While A-M wanted to support his father, he wouldn’t have hurt his Uncle Ed like that.

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Bauer BBQ 1996

July 6, 2015

It’s the year when Ed has abandoned Rick and Michelle to move to Africa. Sadly rather than try to throw the Bauer BBQ by himself, Rick has cancelled it. So this is the year of the Surprise BBQ! I don’t understand though why everyone decided to wait to suprise Rick after dark – which would put it somewhere around 9:30 pm CT – when the BBQ is always a noon event. What has everyone been doing? Did they decide to go to the parade this year or something? OH! Earlier that day was the big demonstration where Alan Spaulding tried to blow up 5th Street. Another inexplicable thing is after the BBQ is over the same exact group of people head over to Towers. I don’t understand this timeline at all, but that’s how Springfield rolled in 1996.

Rick suprised by Bauer BBQ 1996

Michelle is definitely showing this is Rebecca Budig’s version. Marcus is sulking to his father about how he isn’t making any progress with Dehlia. Dehlia is going to the fireworks with J. Chamberlain instead. That was sure a spooky sound effect at the beginning of the opening. I remember this theme, but not that sound effect. (Jumped ahead to the next one spooky sound was there too. It must have been a thing in 1996, but must not have lasted long.) (Part 1)

Alan-Michael is convinced he saw a light in the lighthouse. Lucy isn’t so sure. They are married now and the reason someone being in the lighthouse upsets Lucy and A-M is back at New Year’s Eve they were both being held captive there by madman Brett Lawrence. While J is out of the room let me take advantage of the time to say just how much I resent them changing Anthony James’s name to J. They built an entire storyline including a viewer call in vote about naming him when he was born and now they don’t even give him a name, he’s a single letter. We have some nice early Rick-Abby scenes as she is preparing to move into the Bauer garage apartment. The young people are having a beach party. Michelle is still moping about not dating her cousin anymore. J. knew Dehlia was using him. That’s kind of great. I wish they had played J.’s powers of observation more. This was a great little analysis scene they could have played more of them and archeologist references are always cool. It hurts to see the lighthouse messed up like that. (Part 2)

Lucy and Alan-Michael find a kerosene lantern in the lighthouse. They can clearly see the beach where Michelle’s beach party is. It’s close to the lighthouse. Rick had given up on the BBQ when all of his friends and family show up. Abby had worked with Lillian and gotten Grandma Bert’s recipes from Michelle to organize it all. Rick reports that Ed did call in that morning. Nice catch. Phillip is fairly newly returned and wasn’t in town for Vanessa and Matt’s wedding so he doesn’t know how Nola accidentally food poisoned everybody at the reception. This really does underline how far Annie’s life fell within a year. Here she is a happy, welcome member of town, but in just a year she will be the town pariah. It really makes 1997 when she gate crashes in an almost identical outfit much more poignant. I really love how Rick always translates for Abby whether he’s talking to her directly or not. Bill is bullied over Matt. (Part 3)

The Grants have to leave and Phillip pulls Rick aside. They talk about his quest to find out which family member was behind the judge’s insistence that part of Rick and Phillip’s probation be that they had to be out of Springfield. Alan-Michael and Lucy show up and spill 1. That someone was at the lighthouse 2. A-M had spied on Ed one year and knew the exact recipe of Bauer Burgers. Sadly the Zachary Smith aka Angel Boy story is beginning. Zachary knew Vanessa has a potentially fatal disease and is interfering to make sure it is diagnosed. This genetic ailment would drive stories for years until they decided to do their best to make Dinah 100% bad guy before she and Hart left the canvas. The actor later said the storyline had ended up playing out much differently than originally scripted. (Part 4)

Gilly invites Griffin to the fireworks. This storyline is going to revolve around the fact that Gilly’s mother Vivian had been involved with Griffin around the time Gilly was conceived. Vivian is trying to keep this quiet both because she has firmly put her activist days behind her in favor of being a society blueblood and because she’s not sure that her husband really is Gilly’s father. Phillip is working on the hand crank ice cream churn. Phillip and Lucy have a really nice conservation, too bad part of what Phillip is doing is working Lucy for information trying to root out who betrayed him. Rick decides Vanessa does need that MRI and tells her so. This bit where Angel Boy just talks as if he’s vaguely reporting and acts like he is or isn’t getting an answer that we can’t hear is a regular part of the storyline. (Part 5)

We get a last shot at all the stories under fireworks with Marcus seeing Dehlia with J. and Griffin telling Gilly he’d had an affair with her mother lit more fireworks for tomorrow. (Part 6)

Episode Break

Phillip is up to something making secret phone calls. Rick looks terrible with his hair slicked like that. Blake must be pregnant with the Miniature Marlers. Dueling Rogers. Too bad what I like and dislike about Roger are evenly split. The nice emotional Roger is in restraints, but his strength and cleverness is all in the tuxedo version. (Part 7)

This is when Hart and Dinah were working together to get revenge against Roger. Roger deserved it, but some of their actual interactions with Roger were hard to watch. Gilly reacts to Griffin’s revelation that he’d had an affair with her mother. (Part 8)

Abby is set up by the idea of family members fighting against each other. Actually I think Abby has a very good point. Phillip shows up to talk to Lucy at the yacht after A-M has to run into the office. Let’s see Phillip you showed up at A-M’s wedding and tried to make it all about you. For the record, if you’re getting as tired of Phillip’s probing as I am, Alan was the one responsible for the out of state probation. (Part 9)

Blake shows up to visit Roger in the hospital. Hart feels guilty for what they’ve done to Roger. I think both Dinah and Hart make some good and true points about Roger. Marcus is still mooning over Dehlia. Lucy is a lot smarter in a lot of ways than Phillip thinks. (Part 10)

I just love watching Rabby together. Marcus and Gilly have a nice soul searching session. (Part 11)

I know it sounds like A-M is being paranoid, but he’s 90% right. He just doesn’t know Phillip has revenge on his mind instead of power. (Part 12)

Blake gets back to Towers. Lucy meets Zachary again. Roger arrives at the penthouse will Dinah and Hart in his bed after Blake unbinds him at the hospital. (Part 13)

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Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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