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Guiding Light Cast Roundup 81

May 24, 2018

This is the eighty-first in an irregular feature where we will report updates on what cast members of Guiding Light are doing now. I’m playing catch up on some soap magazine news. So as a reminder you can buy back issues:

Bethany Joy Lenz (our dearly beloved Michelle Bauer Santos #4) guest starred on Grey’s Anatomy. The episode is called “1-800-799-7233.” It’s the winter premiere of the second half of the season (Season 14, Episode 9) and originally aired January 18, 2018. Her character’s name is Jenny.

Morgan Englund (Dylan Lewis, Billy and Reva’s son who ended up with Bridget) is the subject of a where are they now feature in the July 3, 2017 issue of Soap Opera Digest. After GL, Englund wanted to go into music, but he was a single father so he decided he needed something more regular. Following in Dylan’s shoes he became a first responder and then part of the fire department. Then in 2017 he decided to try to get into music again. About his connections to the Guiding Light cast he says “I just talked to Melissa Hayden [Bridget Reardon Lewis] yesterday because she’s hopefully going to be involved in some way with the video. We connect every couple of years and want to do something together. And every time I see Kim [Zimmer, Reva Shayne Lewis], we’re right back to where we were before, so there’s a lot of love there. I loved working with her and Jordan [Clarke, Billy Lewis]. Maureen Garrett [Holly Reade] and I also exchanged messages recently….GL didn’t hire just any people; [they cast] mostly theater actors, like [the late] Michael Zaslow [Roger Thorpe]. They were amazing actors to work with. I feel very fortunate.”

In the May 14, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth Sharon Newman’s Crimson Lights gets a shout out because – unlike Company in the last couple of years – people actually pay for what they eat. Go Sharon!

Joseph Campanella (a criminal named Joe Turino) died May 16, 2018. Campanella was an incredibly busy actor appearing on many shows on daytime, primetime, film, and the stage over the decades until his retirement in 2009. Guiding Light was his second regular series role and we was on between 1959-1960. I have to idea who this character was. I’m glad we got the name, but if anyone has more details, please share.

Joseph Campanella Dies: TV & Film Actor With 200 Credits Over Six Decades Was 92

Check out photo spreads of soap star houses in the May 27, 1997 issue of Soap Opera Weekly. Check out the homes of:  Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor, The Young and the Restless she also had a cameo as a friend of Vanessa’s at the last Vanilly wedding in the final days of the show), Grant Aleksander (Phillip Spaulding, Guiding Light), Judi Evans Luciano (Beth Raines, Guiding Light), and Robin Mattson (teenage Hope Bauer, Guiding Light). As a bonus there are two childhood photos of Ethan Erickson who played J Chamberlain on Guiding Light. His childhood nickname was Skip.

Recently John Wesley Shipp (Dr. Kelly Nelson, of Kelly and Morgan fame) was recently left out of a reunion photo for Dawson’s Creek where he played Dawson’s dad. He was interviewed for the Entertainment Weekly article for the 20th anniversary of the show’s debut, but neither of the parents were included in ET‘s reunion photo. Thanks for the tip VIP Auctions newsletter.

After Fiona Hutchison (Jenna Bradshaw Cooper) left the Guiding Light, one of her projects became teaching Understanding Daytime at New York’s School of Film and Television (SFT). Read all about it in the February 8, 2000 issue of Soap Opera Weekly. She talks about her return in December 1996 after 2 years and a baby. She feels she is better at her job and more appreciative. She neogiated a 3 year contract with a 52 week cycle instead of the normal 13. Read all about it in the May 27, 1997 issue of Soap Opera Weekly.

Emme Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding Lewis #6, part of the wonderful Bizzie pairing) has a quick interview about her General Hospital role in the January 22, 2018 issue of Soap Opera Digest. In a seperate roundup in the same issue about irrational fears Rylan confesses to an irrational fear that there are sharks in her swimming pool. Rylan had announced the birth of her daughter Dakota Rose Money on June 26, 2017. See a photo and read more in the July 24, 2017 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Kurt Knudson recurred as Len the ice cream store owner who gave Michelle an alibi. He first aired January 4, 2000. He previous had a recurring role as Judge Ari Waxman on Law and Order and as Judge Louis Brandels on ABC’s Annie. Read more about it in the January 11, 2000 issue of Soap Opera Weekly.

There is a profile about Scott Bryce (Craig Montgomery #1, both chronologically & in greatness, during falling in love with Sierra, etc.) in the July 25, 2016 issue of Soap Opera Digest. It includes a shout out to his father Ed Bryce who starred as Bill Bauer on Guiding Light. He passes on this advice from his dad. “Remember, even when you’re the star, you are just a brush stroke in someone else’s painting, so check your ego at the door.”

Melina Kanakaredes (Eleni Cooper #1) talks about her time on Guiding Light and on her new show The Resident in the February 26, 2018 issue of Soap Opera Digest. She says she is still close to Rick Hearst (Alan-Michael Spaulding #3).

There is an indepth feature story on John Driscoll (Coop Cooper #4) in the November 13, 2017 issue of Soap Opera Digest. It talks about his transition from acting (last appearing as Chance Chancellor on The Young and the Restless) to a life in the Army. He currently is serving in the Virginia Army National Guard 29th Infantry Division in Kuwait. Driscoll said he is currently in touch with Robert Bogue (A.C. Mallet #2), Mandy Bruno (Marina Cooper #6), Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy Boudreau), Jeff Branson (Shayne Lewis #7, the last one), Michelle Ray Smith (Ava Peralta), and Frank Dicopoulos (Frank Cooper).

Saint-Victor was featured as a Take Five in the July 24, 2017 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Among the stars on hand for the 2017 Jane Elissa Extravagenza benefitting Broadway Cares and The Jane Elissa Charitable Fund for Leukemia and Lymphona were Sonia Satra (Lucy Cooper Spaulding, part of terrific LAM pairing, victim of Marian Crane) and Sean McDermott (Hart Jessup #3 who came back to find Roger married to Dinah). Read more in the January 8, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Laura Bell Bundy (Marah Lewis #5, the one who started Marony) produced and directed a concert benefitting women’s rights, the ACLU, the National Breast Cancer Coalition, and Planned Parenthood NY. Read more about it in the January 8, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

The October 30, 2017 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth features a tribute to New York City photographer Arthur L. Cohen who specialized in shooting soaps. He had to retire in 2014 when he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and passed away during summer 2017. Check out a roundup of photos from New York based soaps over the years. Find a bunch of Guiding Light and As the World Turns stars with their memories of the photographer.

Karla Mosley(Christina Boudreau) reports back on a recent publicity trip for The Bold and the Beautiful. The trip was to South Africa during October 2017. She got the chance to show off South African high fashion. B&B cast mates Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) and Heather Tom (Katie Logan) joined her on the trip. Read more and see photos in the January 8, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Mosley announced she is expecting her first child with boyfriend John Roger it’s due in August see the announcement in the May 7, 2018 issue in Soap Opera Digest. In the same issue in answer to a roundup Mosley says: “They call me ‘The Human Jukebox.’ because if someone says anything that reminds me of a song, I can’t help but sing it, and I don’t even realize I’m singing it sometimes.” Mosley also won one of the GLAAD awards for her portrayal of Maya Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful and showed of a baby bump she is pregnant by her boyfriend John Roberts. In a separate story she tells about going to see Nelson Mandela speak and that she was in a kids’ rock group called Sugar Beats. Read all about it in the May 14, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Maura West (Carly Tenney Snyder on As the World Turns, Ava Jerome on General Hospital) is interviewed about her General Hospital role in the July 3, 2017 issue of Soap Opera Digest. About ATWT she says she keeps connected with her former costars through social media, “We were SO close on that show. We are still a big family, we’re just sort of scattered to the wind. I communicate the most with Martha [Byrne, Lily Walsh Snyder], Michael [Park, Jack Snyder, part of CarJack], and Colleen [Zenk, Barbara Ryan].” She hadn’t yet seen Park in his hit Broadway show, Dear Evan Hansen.

Kassie DePaiva (Chelsea Reardon, Maureen and Nola’s little sister) is featured in a roundup where they feed actors quotes from past interviews and ask them to respond. Find it in the November 13, 2017 issue of Soap Opera Digest. DePaiva also was featured in a detailed round up about the stars on Mother’s Day. Read it in the May 14, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Back in the February 8, 2000 issue of Soap Opera Weekly featured Jean Carol (Nadine Cooper, Harley and Frank’s mom) talked about her latest movie Scream Queens: A Musical.

Laura Wright (Cassie Layne #1, Reva’s long lost sister) talked about her time on Guiding Light when her character stayed with Edmund when they were trying to get pregnant and impregnated Dinah Marler. Brian Mertes, who was my director on Guiding Light, taught me that I can justify absolutely anything as an actor. He wouldn’t let the stay in the no and he taught me to just go for it. He’d say, “We have to do this. So why would your character do it? I’m not the actor who would say, “That doesn’t make sense to me,” or put in changes or complaints, ever, because I sill justify anything you hand to me.” Read about it in the February 26, 2018 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

The 1997 Time Capsule round up article in the July 3, 2017 issue of Soap Opera Digest list these turn over in the TPTB at Guiding Light: Paul Rauch took over as executive producer, succeeding Michael Laibson; Head Writers Michael Conforti, Victor Miller and Nancy Williams Watt were replaced by James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten; and the show celebrated major milestones; the 60th anniversary of its radio debut and the 45th anniversary of its move to TV.”

The 2003 Time Capsule round up article in the February 26, 2018 issue of Soap Opera Digest list these turn overs in the TPTB at Guiding Light: John Conboy was named EP, and Millee Taggart resigned as head writer, succeeded by Ellen Weston and Donna Swajeski.”

A spooky story round up in the October 30, 2017 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth includes the end of the Cleva (Reva’s clone) story complete with photo. It also has photos of David Kimball (Killer carved in his forehead) from The Young and the Restless and from As the World Turns the James-Barbara-Gunnar time travel story and Shannon O’Hara return from the dead despite her shrunken head storylines.

In the July 24, 2017 issue of Soap Opera Digest has a close up photo of Vincent Irizarry (Lujack/Nick McHenry) in his disguise he wore for the end of his role on Deimos Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives. Read an article about his character’s death and an interview with him in the July 3, 2017 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

CBS Soaps in Depth online celebrated Kim Zimmer‘s (Reva Shayne Lewis) birthday in February. Check out the photos across her long career.

Ellen Parker who played Maureen Reardon Bauer #2 announced she was in the independent film called Ties to Rachel that was then seeking a distributor in the May 27, 1997 issue of Soap Opera Weekly.

During the heighth of the Annie-Reva feud around when Annie faked Reva pushing her down the stairs, Suzanne Schwarzer (GL’s then costume designer) found a company called Annie Reva (in a total coincidence). She bought several of their pieces for the cast. Read more about it Soap Opera Weekly issue May 13, 1997. The article also spells out the complicated shooting of the actual fall. It mentions stunt woman Janet Paparazzo, director Bruce Barry, and stunt coordinator Peter Hock. It also looks as if Reva could actually be charged (it hasn’t happened, but hypothetically it could).

The May 27, 1997 issue of Soap Opera Weekly did a Where Are They Now? feature on Val Dufour. He left acting right after he left his role of attorney John Wyatt on Search for Tomorrow in 1980. He gave this great quote. “But the real challenge is the development of the characters and the day to day movability of it, because the writers change. I once told Mary Stuart (the last Meta Bauer on Guiding Light) that we should have been given an award for rewriting.”

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Christmas Cards from Springfield 2017

December 25, 2017

It’s become a tradition to share Christmas cards from Springfielders. I share them on Facebook and Twitter during Christmas week and then I collect them to share them here. Check out previous years cards from 2014, 2015, and 2016.

I always do a Manny card. This year Bethany Joy Lenz and Paul Anthony Stewart shared a photo of themselves from when they caught up in New York.

I hadn’t done a card yet from our favorite Manny friend couple Dresse (Drew Jacobs and Jesse Blue). When last heard from they were living in New York. There is some implication that they were married and had a kid. When you have a kid you need to be a grown-up and a way to do that and still be involved with art would be to run a gallery. Drew was good at business so I think this might be where they end up. I used a filter to make it look kind of artistic.

I like to include one for a Springfield business. This year I picked the Lakeland Country Club. I recreated the logo.

More often than not a do a LAM card for Lucy Cooper and Alan-Michael Spaulding. I’ve given them his General Hospital character’s daughter in hopes of finding more photos of them together. I also had the opportunity to take some photos of “Hope” at the Bauer BBQ this year. So I created a family Christmas card.

Vanilly (Vanessa Chamberlain and Billy Lewis) are another one of my favorite couples. I did them a card this year too. With a version with the letter written by Vanessa….

And how Billy fixed it…..

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 3

July 7, 2017

Author’s Note: We continue with the Bauer BBQ. There are more people around than I’ve specifically named. Fell free to mentally insert any favorite I’ve skipped. Feel free to write in what your fav is doing.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 3

Scene 12

Back in the kitchen, a commotion sounded at the door. Rusty Shayne and Wanda Hite arrived bearing the necessities for Oklahoma BBQ. Rusty had made the trip up from his ranch near Tulsa. He barely got his load down on the kitchen table before Mindy threw her arms around his neck.

“Melinda Sue,” he said happily. “Are you doing as well as you look?”

“As fine as an Oklahoma sunrise. How are you doing?”

“Oklahoma is still less fun without you, but the ranch is doing fine.”

Rick came in a pulled a grimace. Most of Mindy’s ex-es he didn’t much mind. In fact his best friend Phillip was one of them, but Rusty was the one whose relationship went back with Mindy longer than Rick’s. They had grown up together as kids. It was her one relationship that he felt might be as strong as theirs. Rusty and Mindy had grown up together as kids. Rick was happier when he stayed down in Oklahoma where he belonged.

Rick swallowed and walked over with his hand extended. “Rusty,” he said. “Thanks for bringing the Oklahoma BBQ. I know it makes Mindy happy and people have come to expect it now.”

“Don’t mind me and Earl. We make no never mind.”

Mindy jumped in. “Wanda, now you know we see you and Earl a lot more often than we do Rusty.”

Wanda helped balance her load on the back of a chair as she paused. “Where do you want us to set up?”

Billy came in. “Rusty, what are you doing by letting Wanda stand there with a heavy load. I’ll take that.”

During this exchange and the ribbing, a woman with long, black hair pulled into a tight bun. She was dressed too formally for the party in a black suit. She quietly worked her way behind the happy group and edged into a dark corner of the patio.


Scene 12B

The Indian motorcycle continue to drive south. He passed a green highway sign saying, “Springfield 172 miles.” He gunned it around a black suburban and hurried on.


Scene 13

Beth and Phillip had the art auction entries each set up on their own easel along the edge of the patio. Each had a number that matched a description in the glossy printed guide.

Clarissa Marler and Maureen Reardon had the children’s art station all set up. They grabbed kids who arrived early and set them to work on the mural.

Mindy had come out to make sure her fashion drawing she’d donated for the auction looked right, but she had been caught by the sight of the kids playing. It yanked at her heart reminding her of the baby she’d lost and the children she and Rick never had.

Rick had caught Mindy’s expression across the patio and came up behind her. “It looks like they could use some help. Why don’t you dig in there?”

“You think so?”

“I know so. No one spreads sunshine like you do.”

Looking cheered up, Mindy dived into the kids. She started helping a girl make a dog she was painting look a little less like park bench.

The woman with the tight bun had reached the artwork going straight to the painting from the Spaulding attic. She looked the painting over very carefully. She moved back into the shadows and pulled out her cell phone. She pressed a saved number. “It’s definitely THE painting…..No, not yet. I will try to get it before the auction starts. She abruptly ended the call.


Scene 14

Molly Spaulding came rushing into the Bauer kitchen nearly running into Blake and then Buzz in the process. Her dad, Alan-Michael Spaulding, was hot on her heels. “God Dad, stop hovering. I go to college for heaven’s sake. I don’t need you looking over my shoulder all the time.”

“Princess, will you wait up. I wasn’t hovering I was….”

Both continued through the kitchen and out the back door to the patio.

Lucy came in a troubled expression on her face. Frank intercepted her with a hug. “What’s going on, Sis?”

Waving towards the door, “You heard. Molly thinks Alan-Michael has been overly protective and it’s smothering. You know he always was protective, but lately…”

“Did something happen?”

“Well, he went to visit Hope earlier this month…I’m afraid she’s not doing well. Alan-Michael can’t do anything to help her so he’s determined to keep up safe. He knows I can take care of myself, but he’s even been a bit hover-y with me and he’s way overboard with Molly. Then there was her boyfriend.”

“What about him?”

“Tom got a little aggressive with her, enough so she filed a police report.”

“Oh, what did you say his last name is? Does he go to Springfield U with Molly?”

“Yes, he goes to Springfield U, but don’t worry about putting the fear of God into him. Besides making it clear that him that putting hands on a woman like that was NOT acceptable, he also specifically made him aware at the might the Spauldings could bring down on his head. After Brent, Alan-Michael isn’t taking any chances.”

“None of us do,” Frank said pulling Lucy in for a big brotherly hug. He silently gave a prayer of Thanksgiving that it had turned out as well as it had. “I’m glad he’s watching out for both of you.”

“He’s watching over us all right, but it’s driving Molly nuts. When I was her age I was conning people out of jobs and almost ready to decide who I was going to marry. He’s got to give her some space before she does something crazy to assert her independence, and if there’s one thing Alan-Michael and I know about acting out and doing extreme things to get our way….I hope Molly can avoid learning about it.”

Lucy bit her lip and looked out the door in the direction that Alan-Michael and Molly had gone.

Scene 15

Bridget hurried through the Bauer living room towards the front door. Lillian and Buzz were sitting on the couch talking. “Is she here yet? Kat just texted she was almost here.”

Bridget through open the door and there stood Kat looking stark and formal. Bridget paused, and then both women broke into laughter as they hugged each other. Bridget wrapped her arm around Kat’s shoulders. “You’re looking great, Kat. It’s been way too long. What’s it been since we saw each other? Oh, at least a year since you came to visit us in Oakdale.”

“It’s been even longer since I’ve been back to Springfield.” Kat looked back at the open door. “Paul, Hamp, get in here.” Kat shared an exasperated look with her best friend. “You keep thinking it will get easier as they get older — it doesn’t.”

“Tell me about it. Peter’s out of college now and I still worry about him….and he still doesn’t pick up after himself.”

Both women were laughing together when Paul and Hamp walked in, Hamp pulling the door shut behind them.

Hamp looked rebellious. “I still don’t see why we had to come here to celebrate the fourth. The guys and I had pitched in on some fireworks and now I’m going to miss them setting them off.”

Kat walked over to Hamp. “Because the Bauer BBQ is the best time to visit Springfield. It’s the one time when the whole town is together and I want you to meet some of your Grandpa Hamp’s friends. You never got to meet him and I want them to help you get an idea of what he was like. I want you to see his club. Plus this is where I finished growing up. You’ll just have to put up with it. Besides here’s Bridget. You like Bridget don’t you?”

“Ya, Bridget is fun.”

“Thanks…I think.”

“Plus your Uncle Billy is here. He was Grandpa Hamp’s best friends. He can tell you about when they played football together.”

Paul broke in with a smile. “Billy’s here? Where?”

Bridget answered, “Right before you got here he was out watching them set up the grill. I’ll walk you back there….Oh before we do that I want you to meet Lillian and Buzz. Kat, you remember them.”

“Of course…. Boys, Buzz here makes the best non-Bauer burger in town. When I was your age, I used to hang out at his restaurant, the Fifth Street diner, all the time. And this is Lillian she’s the best nurse anywhere.”

Buzz shrugged one shoulder, “Not the greatest….”

Lillian interrupted. “That’s nice of you to say, Sweetie.”

“These are my boys Paul and Hamp.”

Lillian added, “Oh, I see their resemblance to Hamp. Now I think Bridget told me that you were married to Paul Frasier’s son. Ed Bauer has told all about your grandfather. He was one of Ed’s mentors and a great surgeon before he got promoted to administration, but you want to talk about Hamp. Have fun today.”

Commercial Break 3

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 2

July 6, 2017

Author’s Note: Welcome to the Bauer BBQ 2017. I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay so far, but the party is just getting started. Scene numbers refer to my original outline, but have included them to make it easier for me to keep track of the story.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 2

Scene 5 – Moved into Scene 2

Scenes 6 and 7

The joyful chaos continue to grow in the Bauer House as more hands piled on. Bill and Lizzie showed up with baby Lily and stuff for the games. Little Billy must have heard and came running at full speed from the patio into the kitchen, intercepting and pushing by several adults, and straight into his father’s arms.


“SUN-UN! How was the big sleep over?” He winked at Lizzie. “Did you manage to keep your big sis Sarah out of trouble? I told her you’d be watching out for her.”

Little Billy nodded exuberantly. “Uh-huh. Emma and Hope both started a pillow fight and they were both hitting Sarah, but Dani and me helped fight them off.”

Bill grinned at his son. “I just bet you did.”

Vanessa Chamberlain Lewis came sailing into the room like a queen with a throaty “Hello, everyone.” Seeing Bill with the new Little Billy and baby Lily she glided over. “Well how are my beautiful grandbabies today?” She bent down and hugged them both. She kissed Lily, but Little Billy had squiggled out of the hug before she could kiss him. Little Billy was seven years old now and kisses from your grandmother was baby stuff.

Mindy put the lid back on the pot she was stirring and looking around asked “Vanessa, where’s Daddy?”

Vanessa stood frostily. “I wouldn’t know.”

“What do you mean, you wouldn’t know? Didn’t you come together?”

“We did NOT! He likes to manage things so well I’m sure he can MANAGE to get himself here.”

“Oh no! What did Daddy do now?”

Vanessa opened her mouth to answer, but before she could, Billy himself came charging through the Bauer back door and into the kitchen.

“Happy Fourth!” Billy shouted following it up with a good old Oklahoma cheer!

He was met with a chorus of Independence Day greetings. He strode over to Mindy and picked her up. “Having a happy day, darling?”

“Always do at the BBQ, Daddy.”

After nodding and winking at Bill and Lizzie, Billy stole a piece of the celery Blake was chopping up.


“You got to be quicker than that, Blake!” Billy added with a laugh.

Billy ambled over to Lizzie and Bill stood with Little Billy and Lily. “How is my little cowgirl and my big cowpoke today?” They giggled as he gave them each a quick tickle. They both laughed pushing his hands away.

He cocked his head up at Lizzie. “And where is Princess Sarah?”

“We just got here and I haven’t seen her yet, but apparently she’s outside decorating.”

Billy had seemingly ignored Vanessa since he came in and she had stood up and turned her back to him. However, he’d be strategically moving closer to her the whole time and now he suddenly moved, grabbing Vanessa and spinning her around and soundly kissing her. “Did you get over your mad fit yet, honey?”

“I am righteously angry. I do NOT have ‘mad fits.’ Let me go!” Vanessa stomped her foot.

Billy let her go, shaking his head.

Mindy interjected, “Daddy, what did you do?”

“All I did was….”

Billy was interrupted when a group came charging in from the patio.

“Grandpa Billy!”

“There’s my Princess Sarah!”

Sarah rushed over to hug Billy.

Michelle had come in with Hope and Danielle. Dani had headed right over to her best friend, but Billy intercepted her. He picked Dani up and held her on his hip. “Well now, Little Billy, have you ask this sweet little filly to marry you yet? Only reason I can see that Bill and Michelle didn’t get together after all was so that you two could!”

“Honestly!” Vanessa interrupted. She stalked over and took Dani out of Billy’s arms and set her down. “There now you two go play.” Turning back to Billy, “Do you think you have the right to control everyone’s lives?”

Billy splutter trying to get around her, but Vanessa had wrapped up in her ice shield and she walked out the door to the patio with her nose in the air. Billy followed after her chuckling.

Matt Reardon had come in at the beginning of Vanessa and Billy’s exchange and for the first time in a long time looking at Vanessa he felt hope. Matt’s second marriage to Joni, Maureen’s old art teacher, was on the rocks. Maybe it meant a fresh start was possible for him and Vanessa after all….


Scene 8

The crowd had been slowly growing at the Bauer House inside and out. Small groups of people were talking and on the far side of the patio Beth and Phillip were setting up for the art auction. Following in the footsteps of the auction held at the BBQ many years ago for Vanessa’s Second Chances group, this auction’s funds were earmarked for the Lizzie Spaulding Lewis Cancer Foundation.

An array of paintings already stood on easels with discreet auction numbers marking each one.

Paintings had been gifted from various artists with local connections. Jesse Blue had sent a painting. Mindy and Marah had donated fashion sketches. Trish Lewis had sent a sketch from one of her interior design projects. Reva had sent back an art photo she had taken in her travels with Josh. Beth had donated several of her own paintings and one that she had found in a corner of the Spaulding attic. On Blake’s advice Beth had built the PR for the auction around this mystery painting. What artist’s hand had painting it? Where was it from? What was its story?

While Phillip and Beth set up, Clarissa and Maureen were setting up an art project for kids. Clarissa spread out a large canvas on the patio. Maureen got the paints ready. They were going to paint a group mural and then have it stretched and framed to be hung in the children’s cancer word at Cedars to brighten it up.


Scenes 9 – 11

In the kitchen, Rick had gotten all the meat ready to grill. Rick looked over the people he was willing to trust with grilling. Like a drill sergeant he snapped, “OK, let’s head this wagon train out… Blake, you and Robbie are in charge of the chicken breasts and hot dogs on the normal grill. Jude, you’re helping me on the Bauer Power grill. Each group needs a pan for raw meat, a spatula for raw food, a spatula for cooked food, and done tray. Troops ready? March!”

Blake shook her head. “You get WAY too carried away with this, Rick. We’re volunteers you know.”

“Not today, you’re not, you’re conscripted.”

“I think I liked it better during the years you didn’t care.”

Rick seemed to deflate. “I was all alone those years. The family was gone. What was the point? It didn’t matter if we had a party pretending there was still a Bauer family in Springfield or not.” Rick brightened. “But then the year Danny and Michelle moved back, it started mattering again.”

Blake stepped forward patting Rick on the shoulder. “Rick, it always mattered. The Bauer BBQ is one of those things that keep this town centered, a community. That’s why people picked it up those years, but it really needs a Bauer at its head, at its heart.”

“Come on, ATTENT-SHion! Alright troops! March!”

They went out to the grills. While they set up Jude asked, “Why doesn’t Uncle Danny help?”

Robbie snorted.

Rick laughed and pitched his voice loud enough for Danny to hear him over by the hot tub. “Well, the one year we let Danny help we had neighbors ready to call the fire department from the fire ball.”

Danny headed over as soon as Rick started in on him. Interrupted, “What I THINK you MEAN, Rick, is that you were finally smart enough to put the man who had worked as a professional bartender in charge of the drink table.”

Jude looked impressed. “Really? I didn’t know that, Uncle Danny.”

“Yep, I used to work summer for my Tio Fedrico – on my mother’s side – at his restaurant in California when I was growing up. I met your Aunt Michelle after I got a job as a bartender at club she hung out at.”

“Wow, why were you working there? How you get from that to helping to run Spaulding?”

Danny’s face grew shuttered as old ghosts rolled up out of the past.

Rick saw the warning signs and jumped in putting his arm around Jude’s neck. “That’s a long story, bud. Let’s save it for another day.”

Danny blew out a long breath. He smiled at Rick’s back and headed into the kitchen to get the rest of the stuff he needed for the drink table.

Setting it up, he started his bar patter ….. “Come one, come all. We’ve got iced tea and lemonade. I can make a martini that James Bond would die for, shaken not stirred. I can also whip up a Black Russian, a Pink Lady, a Yellow Bird. I don’t just do colors I do places a Manhattan, Singapore Sling, a Cuba Libre…”

Billy walked up following Vanessa who still wasn’t giving him the time of day. He stopped to listen to Danny’s spiel. “Shoot, boy. You make a man want to fall off the wagon.” Seeing Vanessa looking back icily, Billy hastily added, “Not that I ever would, it was a hard fight to finally get sober. I wouldn’t throw that all away.” Vanessa moved off and Billy winked at Danny before he turned.

“Dylan,” Billy yelled. “There you are. I’ve been looking for you and Bridget. Mindy told me you were here….”


Commercial Break 2

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Christmas 2001 A Christmas Tale

December 21, 2016

Springfield sometimes turned the Christmas episode into a special focused episode that didn’t exactly disrupt the normal storylines, but were sort of a moment out of time just at that moment in time. Such was the case during Christmas 2001.

This Christmas episode reflects back on the best Christmas episodes of the past. The main character is Kris Kringle who seems to be a modern day version of Santa Nick who has dropped in to spread magic around Springfield. There is even a connection to the Mike Bauer singing at the end of this one. It’s well worth watching.


Michelle and Robbie Santos, Harley Cooper and Jude Bauer, Blake, Jason, and Kevin Marler, Holly and Meg Reade

A Christmas Tale

Ross gathers everyone up at the Bauer cabin with Aunt Meta and the Bloss children – Jason, Kevin, and Clarissa who was born one year also at the Bauer cabin. He brings them to the fireplace and starts to tell a Christmas story or rather a Christmas Eve story that takes place right there in Springfield.

Michelle, Blake, Harley, and Holly carry in a real Christmas tree  – in their dress coats. They work on setting up and decorating the tree. Meanwhile, at the Lewis House, Shayne is resisting staying in his elf costume that he has on to match Josh as Santa. When Billy shows up, Shayne passes on the elf hat to Billy although he won’t fit the rest of the costume and they are off to Towers to fill in as Santa. As we look around town we find irritation everywhere as we have the warmest Christmas on record at 65 degrees F outside.

More than one person called out the calvary and Phillip and Beth show up as Santa and Mrs. Claus. (That’s a TERRIBLE Mrs. Claus outfit, but couldn’t Billy at least taken off his tie and suit coat to look more elf like?) Meanwhile Reva realizes bulldozing into the elevator stuck her with Olivia and Edmund.

“Santa is short a reindeer, Frosty must confront the sun…..and now power lines are about to fall.”

A blackout hits all over Springfield. After a confrontation over who was going to play Santa, Phillip agreed to let Josh have the job although it seemed like Beth (still influenced by Loreli) is ready to rumble, However they realize that there is now 2 feet of snow on the ground and no one is going anywhere soon. Olivia, Edmund, and Reva are pretty darn hilarious. They ought to have been forced together more often.

December 24, 201 (Part One)

Even story tellers get a commercial break. Ross: “You know there are four generations gathered here in the Bauer Cabin…” Everyone else: “Story! Story! Story!” Santa Josh was overwhelmed so Phillip and Beth opened a second station on Santa’s knee and worked together. Reva told the story of the Christmas truce during World War I. Reva’s story inspires Reva, Edmund, and Olivia to call a truce of their own and share Reva’s catering and Olivia’s champagne in their own Christmas Eve dinner. Gus finally shows the Christmas spirit and gives up the offer of a ride in the 4-wheel drive truck to the guys going up to the Bauer cabin to reach their families. Not knowing Gus did that, Rick asks if Gus could come along too but the “security guard” says there’s no room.

December 24, 2001 (Part Two)

The guys show up at Bauer Cabin reporting that on their way the roads were terrible and then they rounded a corner and everything cleared. Danny meets Michelle with a kiss and a ‘Hi, Tiger” for Robbie. Sigh! Meta pulls Ross aside and says she knows it’s not the end of the story and she wants to know what happens next. With the roads now clear will the Christmas spirit spread over the outcasts too? Edmund, Olivia, and Gus are all miserable at Towers each eating alone with two poor Towers employees stuck working. Edmund remembers Reva’s story and moves to the piano and starts to sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” The others join in and everyone from the Bauer Cabin, the Lewis house, and the Spaulding Mansion come in.

December 24, 2001 (Part Three)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanksgiving 2000

November 22, 2016

The Lewis family gather around the Thanksgiving table at Olivia's houseI don’t have a lot of this Thanksgiving, but I do have this from a Crystal Chappel highlight clipper.

Billy is bringing Holly and Bill. Marah and Shayne are very hostile to the Jolivia couple. Marah, Shayne, and the gang are in the midst of the bootleg CDs scam. Billy arrives with the news that the government is after them because the beavers are building a dam on some ranch land. This is a good example of how Shayne spent his youth obsessed with lacrosse and not at all interested in baseball. The kids are not happy to be at Olivia’s, but Shayne actually feels bad when he breaks her vace which she brought back from Venice on her first trip to Europe.

Josh Lewis, Olivia Spencer, Billy Lewis, Holly Reade, Sam Spencer, Marah, Shayne, and Catalina have gathered at Olivia’s. Jolivia is about a month away from their wedding on New Year’s Eve. The kids weren’t originally supposed to come, but something has happened and Reva has to rush off to help Cassie so she sends the kinds to spend Thanksgiving with Josh.

Catalina talking about the lack of freedom in her native Cuba which she hopes will change government soon (16 years on and counting it hasn’t). She is also amazed at the amount of food they have when Olivia was just complaining that 3 unexpected guests when dinner was almost done was stretching the amount of food they have too far. The Lewis family is accordingly humbled and grateful. Following a short prayer from Catalina, according to Lewis family “tradition” the assemblage holds hands and sings “We Gather Together.”

Meanwhile Manny are having their typical “happy” Thanksgiving just after Danny thinks he kills Carmen on the docks and retreats into darkness, pushing Michelle away. I mean what is it? They just can’t catch a break on Thanksgiving.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Mindy and Kurt’s Reception

June 24, 2016

Kurt Corday and Mindy Lewis Corday’s Wedding Reception Begins

Mindy Wedding with Kurt

Mindy Wedding with Kurt

The reception is being held at the Lakeland Country Club even though the entrance hasn’t yet been remodeled with the stairs turning a corner. David Preston is at Mindy and Kurt’s reception. His organization doesn’t have Jackson Fremont or Beth Raines yet, but are looking for them. Calla starts introducing herself and Jessie to everyone. Maureen shows up and announces Michelle’s birth. 🙂 Mindy and Kurt have their first dance and Kurt warns Mindy that they’ll be back to real life soon which will involve a lower standard of living for her and a lot of work. (See he can’t even let her enjoy the one day, do you wonder why I can’t stand this guy?) (Part 9)

Kyle fired David Preston. Calla Matthews shows she remembers more than about Alexandra’s senior year when she saw her at Cranberry Ball. Calla is such a social climber. They have the father daughter dance and Kurt dances with Vanessa since he doesn’t have any family. Ross is President of Spaulding right now and Phillip is married to India. Does anybody else find it strange that a married Phillip would be practically panting after Beth’s juvenile cousin? (Part 10)

Kyle tell David that he is fired because Kyle found out David was behind group trying to take over Sampson Industries. David tries to cover until Kyle pushes him over. (I don’t remember, but after those 2 scenes I don’t think David is going to be long for this world.) Ross apparently dated Calla a long time ago, they become an item again. (I never liked her either. Ross deserved better.) Miss Sally (always a pretty sharp knife in the drawer) realizes Mauve is probably pregnant. (Part 11)

David presents Mindy and Kurt with the master copy of Lujack’s music video as a wedding present. Billy had been hypnotized to kill Kyle. That buttony thing was his cue. And THAT my friends is how well Kurt understands Mindy. He truly thinks she’s being shy. Mindy was never shy in her life. If anyone happens to be looking for the Lujack music video with the clocks, it starts at roughly 4:30 into this clip. (Part 12)

This must be the start of a new day since they are repeating the set up. Phillip, Rick, and Roxie went out to the car to decorate it with tin cans and shaving cream. They hear a banging and let Suzette out of the trunk of a car and she runs into the country club to find David. Lujack’s video was part of the sensitization too. Love Billy is fighting his programming. Frankly I just love Billy. (Part 13)

Multiple people show up to stop it, but Billy shoots — David Preston. I totally don’t remember that, but that was totally amazing! This hypnotized killer bit was popular in 80s TV shows and movies. Preston comes back too enough to aim at Kyle and Maeve is shot. Suzette finds the gun and picks it up. Good Lord was he wearing a bullet pack or something? How is that guy hit that badly in the chest and just keeps on firing? Preston just seems to with it for a dying guy. He’s just terrible. The one behind it was Largo who is the head of infinity. David claims to have loved Kyle and Kyle doesn’t understand and then he finally drops. (Part 14)

Maeve’s bullet is next to her spine so she can’t be moved. Mindy is upset. Lujack gives the detective information that makes it seem like Billy is part of conspiracy. (Part 15)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Mindy and Kurt’s Wedding

June 23, 2016

Mindy and Kurt were not a great couple. If you ask me, Kurt treated Mindy like dirt, always ignoring and belittling things Mindy thought were important while holding her to a strict standard of what he thought was important. I really couldn’t stand Kurt with either Mindy or her rival for his “affections” Roxie. I actually was glad when he was killed as part of an evil cartel dealing with Lewis Oil in Venezela.

Kurt from Mindy wedding

Kurt from Mindy wedding

Flashback to 1985

That said, I’d have to say that while not the best soap wedding ever, Mindy and Kurt’s was the most beautiful. There are different formulas for a good soap wedding. One of those is the princess fairytale wedding. Soaps have tried it over and over, sometimes even creating real royalty for the event. None of them ever touched this one. It’s gorgeous and perfect first beat to last. Look for yourself and enjoy.

It’s important to point out that while Kurt was penniless and Mindy was an princess, they not only had a relationship they had an entire fantasy built around this plot of land they bought. It made sense to some extent for Kurt, but I didn’t think Mindy ever cared beans about the house. Anyway they had this tediously elaborate plan about getting the land and paying for it and building a house on it. It was really kind of like they only existed as a couple in terms of this house and when Mindy’s justifiable mad fit lead to it being burned to the ground they were kind of done. Kurt took a job with Lewis Oil to try to rebuild, but died soon after.

Best bit of this wedding though, where are Ed and Maureen and Claire? Michelle is being born!

Mindy Wedding with Kurt

Mindy Wedding with Kurt

Before the ceremony they discover that Mindy and a sound alike name bride Mandy Lewiston were both booked at the church at the same time. Phillip agrees to let Mindy use the Spaulding retreat which is nearby for her wedding. It includes establishing shots via flyover the retreat. Beth and Lujack are supposed to be part of the wedding party, but call at the last minute to say they can’t be there. As far as I can make out from what I can find supposedly this Spaulding Retreat place is near to Springfield. Vanessa had been there before, but I don’t think we ever hear about it again.

Everyone is brought to the ceremony in creative ways. Henry and Bea are in a bicycle rickshaw. A group of people are dancing. Maeve and Fletcher (the most boring, self-satisfied couple ever) are walking arm and arm. The guy on the bicycle was an orderly at the hospital. He was a great guy even though I can’t remember his name. I think the woman with him is a nurse. Apparently one of the men on horseback is a friend of Kurt’s from up where we first met him when he was working for an oil company in Alaska. Lillian, Jesse and Calla arrive in a carriage. Miss Sally, Kyle’s mother apparently not up on the latest news, asks Maeve where Kyle is. He’s coming with Reva. That lovely instrumental behind them is “Claire de Lune.” Reva who is for some unknown reason in a private garden is swept away when Kyle shows up to carry her off to the wedding on horseback.

Kurt, Rick, and Phillip (John Bolger version) get dressed throw things wildly out behind a bush and appear in outfits that could very well be Prince Charming out of the Cinderella ball scene. Even the horse is dressed for a prince. The carriage returns with Roxie, Vanessa et al all royally dressed. (It’s interesting because the people who are standing up for them are reversed instead of the bride’s friends with the bride, they’re with the groom, it’s backward. Roxie is a friend of Kurt’s and Phillip and Rick are friends of Mindy’s). Then Mindy arrives in a white carriage wearing her princess bride dress that was given to the Smithsonian. (Part 2)

Kurt realizes that he left Mindy’s wedding ring in his other jacket and is now in the pile of clothes Kurt, Rick, and Phillip left where they changed. After swinging up on a white charger to try to get back to where he left the ring, Kurt is cutting it too close. Jessie who apparently hasn’t met anyone in town yet, rushes forward and offers Kurt a ring he can use. The bride’s party arrives with Vanessa as a substitute mother of the bride. Lillian arrives with her sister Calla and her niece Jesse who no one knows yet. Kyle and Reva are all over each other and talking about marrying soon. We cut to where Mindy has a lovely moment with her grandfather H.B. before turning to Billy. (Part 3)

“What’s important darling is your marriage [not the wedding]” Great Billy speech to Mindy about the importance of marriage, but apparently he isn’t going to give her away. Kurt, Rick and Phillip go down the aisle in mass to take their positions. Then the flower girl comes down the aisle followed by the preacher. Roxie and Vanessa take their places and then after giving her a moment alone, Billy walks Mindy down the aisle. (Part 4)

We restart the aisle walk at the beginning of a new episode. On the way down Mindy stops and tells H.B. she loves him before Billy presents her to Kurt and the minister begins. (Part 5)

Big lush music cues underneath as Kurt and Mindy kneel facing each other in front of the minister and go through the traditional vows. “Until death do us part….but even that won’t separate us, Mindy, because we’ll leave our children behind us to who grow up on the land we own and live in the home we build” (See they were just nuts about building this house.) They complete their vows and go back up the aisle. Vanessa wishes Kurt welcome to the family and we firmly establish Calla and Jessie where Calla wants a marriage for Jessie to land them both on easy street and Jessie wants a great love. (Part 6)

This is after everyone finds out the Miss Sally is really Billy’s mother. Maeve is showing signs. Lillian starts to freak out because Beth is missing. (Part 7)

Musical montage of still images from wedding. These are screen captures quite a few for parts of the wedding that weren’t clipped. Kurt and Mindy take off in a helicopter, Mindy drops her bouquet which Roxie catches. Meanwhile back at Lakeland Country Club, Lujack accuses man he thinks is running criminal cartel David Preston. Suzette (who is frequently mentioned since her actress did very well later) apparently is the key to proving Lujack’s case. (Part 8)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Something About You by ShellyLynn

October 5, 2015

To make it easier to direct people to this story I wanted to put all the chapter links in a single post, in other words do a link roundup. This story is my entry in the Nonmob fanfic category. This is a fic that I rescued taking chapters from various sources and have republished.

Something About You

Letter Jacket Danny

Danny Santos is about at the end of his luck. His parents, grandmother, and older sister Pilar are all dead now, leaving him to raise Pilar’s son Mickey as a single parent while he’s attending college, majoring in Pre-Law. Then one day as his appeal against the revocation of his scholarship is refused, he and Mickey run into Michelle Bauer, daughter of the richest businessman in town, Ed Bauer. Ed never had time for his daughter and her mother Maureen is dying. Slowly Michelle and Danny let each other into their lives, but Ed is trying to force her to marry Bill Lewis who isn’t above using blackmail and playing with the life of a child to get his way. However, it would be a mistake to count out Maureen Bauer yet, when her daughter’s happiness is at stake. (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7) (Chapter 8) (Chapter 9) (Chapter 10) (Chapter 11) (Chapter 12) (Chapter 13) (Chapter 14) (Chapter 15) (Chapter 16) (Chapter 17) (Chapter 18) (Chapter 19) (Chapter 20) (Chapter 21) (Chapter 22) (Chapter 23) (Chapter 25) (Chapter 26) (Chapter 27) (Chapter 28) (Chapter 29) (Chapter 30) (Chapter 31) (Chapter 32) (Chapter 33) (Chapter 34) (Chapter 35) (Chapter 37) (Chapter 38) (Chapter 39) (Chapter 40) (Chapter 41) (Chapter 42) (Chapter 43) (Chapter 44) (Chapter 46) (Chapter 47) (Chapter 48) (Chapter 49) (Chapter 50) (Chapter 51) (Chapter 52) (Chapter 53 and Epilogue)

Archived Links Version

(Chapter 8 )

(Chapter 9)

(Chapter 10 ) (Chapter 29) (Chapter 30) (Chapter 35) (Chapter 37B) (Chapter 40) (Chapter 42) (Ch 42-43) (Chapter 45) (Chapter 47) (Chapter 49) (Chapter 50A) (Chapter 50B)

Something About You – Part 49 by ShellyLynn

September 3, 2015

Republisher’s Note: Michelle fainted will Bill do anything else.

Something About You – Part 49 by ShellyLynn

“You lying Son of a …” Bill exploded, his body lurching in Danny’s direction. “You have been nothing but a pain in my ass…” he said as he knocked into his adversary forcing him back against the wall.

Danny shoved Bill off of him, landing a punch to Bill’s jaw and sending him reeling backwards. Bill shook his head and then headed back toward Danny, unwilling to concede the skirmish so easily

“What’s going on in here?” Vanessa shrieked, walking in the door and immediately trying to get between the two men and stop their fighting.

“Get out of my way,” Bill said, forcing his way past his mother and knocking her small body to the ground in the process.

“What has gotten into you?” Mr. Lewis asked, stepping in and holding Bill back while Danny wiped at his bloody lip. “How dare you treat your mother like that. You have been acting strange for weeks and I’ve ignored it because I thought it was just the adjustment of being back home, but it is going to end now. I want to know what is going on.”

“Why don’t you tell him, Bill?” Danny prodded, his anger getting the better of him. “Tell him how you blackmailed Michelle into agreeing to marry you. Why don’t you tell him everything…”

“He’s lying,” Bill sneered. “You can’t trust him. He just wants to tear Michelle and I apart so he can get to her inheritance.”

“What inheritance?” Danny asked, unaware of anything unusual that Michelle would be receiving.

“I think maybe you should go now,” Mr. Lewis said, looking Danny in the eyes. “We have a lot to talk about.”

“I’m not leaving without Michelle,” he said, once again moving toward her slumbering body.

“I don’t think you really have a choice,” Mr. Lewis said, stepping in his path before he could reach her side. “I’m not letting you near her.”

“Billy,” Vanessa said, trying to get his attention, “I really think you should listen to him…”

“Are you taking his side over your own son?” Mr. Lewis said, trying to understand her reasoning. “After what he just accused Bill of we should throw him out of this house.”

“He has a right to be here as long as…” she began before a soft voice made her pause.


They all turned and watched as Michelle began to toss and turn on the couch, “Where’s Danny? I have to tell him…”

Danny used the moment of surprise to make it to her side. “It’s okay baby, I’m right here,” he whispered, brushing a stray curl out of her face. “I’m not going anywhere…”

“What’s going on here?” Billy asked, more confused than ever.

“She’s my wife, I told you…” Danny said, his eyes never leaving his love’s face.

“That’s what I was trying to tell you, too,” Vanessa said, her eyes steely with determination. “They’re married.”

“It’s true? You knew about this and you let her lie to our son? Do you have any idea how embarrassed he must be?” Mr. Lewis said, his anger at his wife’s actions evident in his every word. “How dare you put them before this family…”

“Do you know what our son has done to this poor couple?” she asked, disgust at her son’s actions displayed across her face. “He tried to force this poor girl to marry him, he threatened to take custody of this young man’s nephew away from him and there hasn’t even been one ounce of proof that he’s the boy’s father. He has basically torn their lives apart and I will not let him continue to harm Maureen’s only daughter. Especially now that there’s another child involved.”

“So it’s true?” Danny whispered, his attention stolen by the mention of a child. “She’s really pregnant?”

“Yes,” Vanessa confirmed, “She just found out a little while ago. That’s why she’s in here. She passed out when she heard the news.”

“Danny,” Michelle whispered again, this time her eyes fluttering partially open, “I’m so glad you’re here,” she told him, her voice soft as she licked her dry lips. “It was so awful…”

“Shhh,” he said, pulling her body against his. “I’m so glad you’re all right.”

“I have to tell you,” she said, pulling back slightly to look into his eyes.

“I already know,” he said, a slight smile creeping onto his face despite the circumstances. “I’m going to be a daddy.”

The smile broke into an all out grin when Michelle breathed a sigh of relief. “I had no idea,” she said meekly, still unsure that he was all right with the surprising turn of events, “the thought never even crossed my mind that it was a possibility. Are you sure you are okay with this?”

“Of course I am. Do you know how many times I have dreamed about having a family with you? I couldn’t want anything more. I wish we were at a more stable point in our lives, but I love you and I’m already in love with this child…” he whispered gently, brushing his thumb back and forth across her pale cheeks.

“Would you two shut up?” Bill growled, his anger at watching the two coo at each other growing with each passing second.

They turned, suddenly remembering that they weren’t alone, “You two seem to be forgetting that I am still holding the cards in this situation,” Bill said, forgoing all pretenses and giving them an ultimatum. “If Michelle doesn’t marry me tomorrow, you can say goodbye to that little kid you two are so fond of.”

“What kid?” Bill Sr. asked, still confused by the events unfolding before his eyes. He knew he hadn’t been as involved in Bill’s life as much as he probably should have, but all the things he had heard in the previous few minutes still took him as too outrageous to possibly be real.

“One that isn’t his,” a voice said from the hallway, startling everyone in the room with its presence.

“What are you doing here?” Michelle asked, looking at the woman before her. She had been her roommate and once thought this woman to be her best friend, but after her recent actions, she wasn’t sure she could trust anything she said anymore.

“I can’t let this go on any longer,” the woman said, stepping inside the room. “Bill isn’t Michael’s father.”

“You better watch what you say,” Bill sneered, his mind working furiously to come up with some way out of the situation he now found himself in.

“Not only isn’t he the father, but I can prove that he intended to bribe a hospital official to say that he was,” she continued, unfazed by his threats. “I’m not going to let you hurt any of us anymore.”

“Bill?” Mr. Lewis asked while the others looked on. “Is this true?”

“She’s lying. I can’t believe you trust her on this without any proof. It’s just her word against mine…”

“No,” she said, “I don’t take chances.”

Michelle mouthed a silent thank you to her friend across the room as she watched Bill’s stance grow decisively more defensive. It was obvious to everyone in the room that there was something she knew that could bring his demise.

“After everything I did for you, you’re going to lie about me?” Bill tried, his effort renewed to keep from taking the fall for his actions. “I know you were upset when I broke it off to get together with Michelle, but…”

“What you did for me?” she laughed, “You mean when you used me, or when you lied to me to get me to sleep with you? Or do you mean when you hit me? Or maybe when you forced me to help you continue hurting the best friend I ever had? You never did anything for me that wasn’t simply looking out for yourself, and now that’s exactly what I’m doing. I want my life back the way it was before all of this happened.”

“You little…” he growled, “you’re going to pay for this. You never should have crossed me.”

“You can go to hell Bill Lewis, because you couldn’t possibly hurt me any more than you already have,” she said, tears staining her cheeks as the whole situation collapsed around her. “I won’t let you win this time.”

“You aren’t that smart,” he said, turning his back on her and walking toward Michelle. “You can’t prove anything. That boy is mine and I’m going to have him, unless Michelle changes her mind and agrees to marry me…”

“You ruined my life Bill Lewis, and I am not going to let you ruin theirs,” she said, reaching into the deep pocket of her jacket and pulling out a small cassette tape.

“This is getting out of hand,” Billy said, walking over to the phone. “I’m going to call the police and let them come sort this mess out.”

“There’s no need to make that call,” a voice said from the hallway, walking in with two armed policemen at his side. “I already brought them. “Thank you for your help Stacey,” the man said, “They’ll take it from here.”

The police officers crossed the room and approached Bill. “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you can not afford one…”

“What is going on here?” he said, fighting against the officers as they attempted to cuff him. “She trespassed into our home and has been standing here threatening me. You should be arresting her, I’ve done nothing wrong…”

“Now, Bill,” Ross said, shaking his finger in the air, “You know that’s not true, and I have all the proof of that I need right here. Not only that you are not, and couldn’t possibly be, Michael’s father, but that you have been stealing and laundering money from both Lewis and Bauer enterprises for months.”

“You couldn’t possibly prove that,” Bill said, his hands cuffed behind his back as he continued to struggle, “because it isn’t true. Dad,” he pleaded, trying to gain his father’s sympathy as a last resort, “I wouldn’t do that to you, you have to believe me. They’re making this up…”

“I have it all right here, Billy,” Ross said, looking at the man he had respected over the years and wondering how he could be so blind when it came to his own son. “Bank statements, accounting paperwork, fudged computer entries, corresponding company records…” he said, holding the envelope in the air. “It’s undeniable.” He looked across the room at Michelle and Danny, so happy to finally be getting the chance he’d missed out on for over twenty years of her life, the chance to be a father and protect her.

“That’s not possible. You couldn’t have possibly gotten any of that legally. Someone on in our organization would have had to have given you access to our records and I know that I didn’t…” Billy’s voice trailed off. “Honey?” he asked, suddenly thinking about the one person who could have given him the information he needed.

Vanessa nodded her head, her conviction that she did the right thing holding strong despite what was about to happen to her son. “I talked to Maureen and when she told me what was going on, I knew that I had to do something. He has to be stopped, Billy, he needs help…”

“So you decided that putting him in jail was the best way to help?” Bill Sr. laughed at what he found to be a ludicrous statement. “He’s your son!”

“Look at all these people he’s hurt,” she said, gesturing around the room. “I couldn’t let anyone else get punished for our failure as parents, especially innocent children. I had no choice.”

“We’re going to need all of you to come down to the station and give us your statements,” one of the police officers spoke up, breaking into the argument.

“I need to take her to the hospital first,” Danny spoke up, wrapping his arm around Michelle.

“We really need to get her statement first,” the younger of the two officers spoke.

Danny frowned as he kissed Michelle’s forehead, “She’s been through so much lately, and now with the pregnancy, I really don’t want to take any chances…”

“I don’t need to go to the hospital,” she argued, pulling away slightly, “I’m fine. Really”

“After everything that’s happened, please, just humor me okay?” he asked, flashing the puppy dog eyes that he knew she couldn’t resist.

“Okay, after we talk to he police,” she compromised, leaning her head against his chest as a smile spread across her face. “I guess it’s the least I can do considering all the back rubs and late night craving runs your going to be dong for me over the next 8 months,” she smiled. “I’ll try not to eat anything too disgusting, but I have to admit I’ve really been craving peanut butter and banana sandwiches the last few days…”

“Bring it on,” he laughed, helping her to stand, “As long as we’re together, I can handle just about anything.”

She hugged him tightly, enjoying the feel of once again being in his arms. She still couldn’t fathom what her life would have been like had she never met him that day in the hallway. “Can you give me a minute?” she asked, looking across the room, “There’s someone I need to talk to.”

He nodded his head, “me too.”

He headed across the room to thank Vanessa for her help while Michelle made her way to Stacey. “Thanks,” she said simply, not even sure where to start a conversation that was long overdue.

“I’m so sorry,” Stacey said, looking her friend in the eye, “not only for helping Bill for so long, but for what I said about Danny. He really is a good man and I can see how much he loves you.”

Michelle looked into her friend’s sad eyes, “I know how much you cared about Bill and what it cost you to do this for us, but I don’t know how to get past what you did. You really hurt me… us and I can’t honestly understand why. Did you really want Bill so badly that you were willing to throw everything else away?”

“I was always so jealous of you,” she admitted, her remorse showing clearly on her face, “You always had everything. Money, brains, tons of guys chasing after you. I guess I wanted to prove that I could get someone who’d always been after you, but he wasn’t worth losing myself or our friendship for. I just wish I had figured it out sooner. I really thought he loved me…”

“I’m sorry,” Michelle said, watching Stacey break down in front of her, “One of these days you are going to find that person and you won’t have to give up anything for them. If they’re really the one, they won’t let you.”

“I’m so happy for you,” she responded, wiping her tears away, “Is there any hope… any way that we could be friends again?”

“I don’t know, give me some time. You did a lot of hurtful things…” her voice trailed off as her hand went to her forehead, “I think…”

“Woah,” Danny said, seeing Michelle start to sway and quickly moving to her side. “We are definitely going right to the hospital.” He lifted her up into his arms and headed toward the door with a concerned Stacey on his heals. “Where are you going?” the officer asked, noticing their attempt at leaving.

“She just about passed out again, I’m taking her to the hospital to get checked out. If you need your statement now, I suggest you try to reach us there.”

“Are you okay?” Ross rushed over, leaving his conversation with the Mr. Lewis to be at his daughter’s side.

“I’m fine,” she argued, “Danny’s just being overprotective.”

“She nearly fainted a few seconds ago and I want to get her and the baby checked out, Is there something wrong with that?” Danny asked, exasperated by her unwillingness to let him take care of her.

“The baby?” Ross asked, confusion setting in. “Are you talking about Michael?”

“No,” Michelle smiled, looking up into Danny’s eyes and smiling, “You’re about to be a grandpa.”

Ross looked at her stomach and back at her face. “You’re going to have a baby?”

She bit her lip and smiled, suddenly feeling like a child. Maybe, somehow in the process of having her own child, she would be able to regain some of what she missed by building a relationship with the father she had always wanted. “We just found out today.”

“I’m so happy for you,” he said as Danny set her carefully on her feet and she accepted her father’s hug.

“I’m so glad that I get to share this with you,” she smiled, a few tears falling from her eyes.

“I wouldn’t miss it,” he whispered, enjoying their newfound closeness. “Let’s get you to the doctor.”

“We still need your statements,” the police officer argued, following behind the men as they led her out the door.

“Like he said,” Ross spoke up, a huge smile lighting his face for the first time in what seemed like years, “We’re going to take care of my first grandchild. You’ll just have to wait.”

“Thank you,” Michelle said as they made their way down the hallway and out to the car.

“It was my pleasure,” he said, opening his car door so that Michelle and Danny could both climb into the back seat. “This is a new beginning, for all of us.”

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