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Bauer BBQ Began in 1950s

July 2, 2018

An on-going project has been to nail down the beginings of the Bauer BBQ. Roger Newcomb of We Love Soaps and I have determined that the first of the everybody in town is invited Bauer BBQs was most likely in 1983.

However, when I talked to my mom about that, she disagreed.

Then, I talked to my mom, who of course had watched since she was a child, and she told me I was wrong. She told me that Papa Bauer (whose funeral from 1973 is on the Bauer Family DVD set from Soap Classics) always made a point about celebrating the Fourth of July. She said he always put up the flag (which was the traditional start of the actual Bauer BBQ episode – although the writers didn’t always remember to put it in) and usually did the Pledge of Allegiance and the family would have some kind of picnic. The Fourth of July was always an important holiday for the Bauer Family. So she thinks the actual Bauer BBQ traces its roots to these early celebrations in the 1950s and 1960s that she remembered. She does say that the Bauer BBQ being a big party everybody in town attended dated from the 1980s.

A Break in Springfield – Why He’d Know

There were a lot of changes in Springfield in the late 1970s and early 1980s. There was a large cast turn over both before and after Pam Long came in as a head writer and totally changed the focus of the soap. Jerry verDorn (Ross Marler) came on in 1979 before the change. He was one of the last people to be introduced and become part of the old soap before the Behind the Scenes changed. That’s important because he heard all the old stories and new the older players especially working with the matriarch of the soap Charita Bauer who played Bert Bauer and was for a time the true Guiding Light of the soap.

The Real Beginning

During the real Bauer BBQ last year as part of his introduction of the cast Michael O’Leary (Rick Bauer) reference verDorn talking about the start of the BBQ. I managed to get verDorn off to the side to ask him for more details. This is a paraphrase of what he told me that I wrote down as soon as I could get back to the table to sit down and write.

Jerry verDorn aka Ross Marler

Personal Interview with Jerry verDorn October 8, 2017

The Bauer BBQ was Charita’s idea. Early on they shot it in her real backyard. It was started in the 1950s but it wasn’t an annual thing. It became an annual thing in 1963 or 1964. Charita was also the force behind having a family Thanksgiving and Christmas. She felt it was important no matter what the storyline for people to stop and come together for family events.

Bauer BBQ Dates Back to 1950s

So there you have validation that my mom remembered was completely right. That they had Bauer BBQs during the 1950s and 1960s.

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Letter Found Theo Goetz

February 26, 2018
A cropped photo showing just Papa and Bert.

Papa Bauer and Bert Bauer in 1956

“The Letter From a Fan That Shocked Theo Goetz.” Daytime TV. October 1972.

Miss Willie Russel, dean of women at West Virginia State College, became a daytime serial fan after she retired in Institute, West Virginia….and she especially enjoyed watching The Guiding Light. One actor, in particular, Theo Goetz (playing Papa Bauer), caught her interest.

Theo’s mannerisms and speech reminded her of a very dear friend and colleague, Dr. Frederick Lehner, who had passed away several years before. He had been a German professor at West Virginia State, and he and his wife used to entertain and provide a place for students and faculty to gather and enjoy good talk and nibble on Mrs. Lehner‘s home-made Viennese cookies.

Miss Russel remembered Prof. Lehner talking about how he had to flee Vienna in the ’30s, and how he escaped from a World War I prison train bound for Siberia. And when Miss Russel happened to read a story about Theo in Daytime TV, March issue, she was startled to note that Theo, also, had to flee Vienna when the Nazis came in. The similiarities of Theo and Lehner‘s backgrounds were so stunning that she did “something I had never done before,” says Miss Russel. “I wrote Mr. Goetz and told him about Dr. Lehner.”

No one was more surprised than Theo when he received that letter. At first, it seemed like an ordinary fan letter. It’s not unusual for a television character to remind people of someone they love or admired. But then Theo was struck by the name, Dr. Frederick Lehner. What had caused this woman to write him? It was unbelievable, almost frightening, and yet, sadly welcome.

Immediately Theo wrote Miss Russel, explaining his excitement. Theo not only had known Dr. Frederick Lehner, but had been his neighbor in Vienna, living next door to him in the same apartment building, and they had been very close friends.

As Miss Russel and Theo exchanged letters, the similiarities between his life and Dr. Lehner‘s after fleeing Vienna were startling. Dr. Lehner had fled Vienna in 1939; Theo, only one year later. They both arrived in this country virtually penniless seeking help as best they could since neither could speak English. Both were helped by organizations aiding refugees in fidning their first jobs, and they each managed to build successful careers in their chosen fields. But they never knew what happened to each other after Dr. Lehner left Vienna.

But the question to ask is what force brought Miss Russel and Theo Goetz together? Why did Miss Russel feel compelled to write Theo concerning a man he hadn’t heard about for 30 years?

We’ll never know, but Theo Goetz has made another friend in America, one he’ll never forget.

Bauers 1956

August 2, 2017

I found this photo in a 1956 issue of TV Radio Mirror. I don’t have the complete date, but on the page it says Guiding Light was a gold medal winner. I couldn’t resist sharing this photo, especially because it not only has a beaming Bert and Papa Bauer, but also Awesome Sauce Mike Bauer as a kid.

Dr. Dick Grant, Papa Bauer, Bert Bauer, Marie Wallace, Mike Bauer 1956

Dr. Dick Grant, Papa Bauer, Bert Bauer, Marie Wallace, Mike Bauer 1956

The fat label reads:

Portrait of a three-time gold medal winner – a tense, true-to-life situation, and a fine cast. James Lipton plays Dr. Dick Grant (ed. note who was involved with Kathy White – Meta Bauer’s step-daughter) Theo Goetz is “Papa” Bauer, and Charita Bauer is Bertha (ed. note aka Bert) Bauer. Lynn Rogers plays the artist Maria Wallace (ed. note who becomes Dick’s second wife) and young Glenn Walken is the troubled Michael.

I’m a bit puzzled by the troubled Michael bit. This is the area of Guiding Light history where I am the weakest and I don’t know of anything happening bad to Mike. I’ve got to follow up on this.

Bauers 1956

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Memorial Service for Bert Bauer

August 29, 2016

This episode originally appeared March 7, 1986.

The main story is the Memorial Service for Bert Bauer. This earlier tribute I think was from the time Charita Bauer who portrayed her died about a year earlier than her death on screen.

The main storyline in this episode is Bert’s funeral, but this is a full episode so other things are going on in this same episode.

Some watchers might be wondering , who are Jessie Matthews and Simon Hall? They disappeared so completely after they left the show without few connections and no later mentions but this is who they are:

The short version of what you see today is that Simon and India had previously been involved they came to town with a plan to con Alex into thinking he was her half-brother and get him into the Spaulding name and inheritance. Actually he was the son of her ex-husband, Lujack’s father. However, either fortunately or unfortunately for Simon, it turns out with Alex and Jessie around he’s not quite the criminal shark he thought he was.

We open with Maeve and Kyle who have made the best of their for the sake of the child marriage and seem happy. Maeve has been ordered to bed rest because of her pregnancy with the future Ben Reade. India von Halkein is good friends with Maeve and shows up to visit. I absolutely adore Maeve and Kyle’s bedroom furniture set. I would totally buy one of those. India is divorcing Phillip which is a real shame since she is the only other woman besides Beth that I believe he could have really been happy with. India has been involved with Simon and thought he would marry her. Basically though Simon viewed her as more of a partner in crime with benefits and is far more interested in a familial relationship with Alexandra Spaulding and a romantic relationship with Jessie Matthews. This leaves India out in the cold.

Kurt Corday who is running Company has left an untrained Jessie Matthews in charge of Company all on her own when a bus shows up. (This happens in real life too, buses without warning are a real pain.)

Before Bert’s funeral, check out that of Papa Bauer’s Michelle’s great-grandfather’s from about 10 years before.

Bert and Rick

Bert and Rick

Bert’s Memorial Service is held in the Bauer House living room and seems to involve all the major people in town, appropriately dressed in mourning. On the show Bert was kept alive for a little while after Charita Bauer (her actress) died. She was out of town and lived long enough for Ed to bring her namesake Berta Michelle Bauer and for her to hold her. She passed on off screen shortly thereafter. It’s a fairly informal gathering after the actual formal service which was held off screen. They are sitting around eating and drinking with people feeling they are helping.

Attendees include: Henry Chamberlain, H.B. Lewis, Claire Ramsey, Ross Marler, Vanessa Chamberlain, Maureen Reardon Bauer, Roxie Shayne, Reva Shayne, Fletcher Reade, Lillian Raine, hospital guy I can’t remember his name, Warren Andrews, Ed Bauer, Rick Bauer, Billy Lewis, Phillip Spaulding, Kurt Corday, and a friend of Rick’s Amber.

This restored clip from CBS features the taking hands and then the montage with different music. It doesn’t seem to have gotten as much restoration as some of their other clips and isn’t as clear. Sadly it doesn’t include the news story close up or we might have been able to read it.

Rick always had a very special relationship with Bert. His desire to create a similar relationship with a child of his own will be the driving force of the character for the next two decades. He was devastated by Bert’s death.

I think the laughter of the others is realistic though. You remember both the good and the bad at a funeral. Actually Ed’s story about the breakfast he and Mike made is exactly how I like my French Toast. Everyone shares memories of Bert. My favorite is Vanessa saying how Bert was the first woman she’d met who could make the Lewis men cower. (Part 1)

We go back to Company where Jessie is overwhelmed. Simon helps by doing some magic tricks to keep the crowd from being restless while they waited for Jessie to get their orders. Two unrelated people show up and rob the cash register.

India complains about all of the time Simon is spending with Alex instead of her. Hawk arrives and as much as he wants he can’t dismiss him because of Hawk’s knowledge of his dealings and his being true love Reva’s father.

They did their frequent trick of announcing Mike had to leave after church service to explain why they didn’t pay to have him come back.

Ed: “You know a child has to have security, a feeling of security. It has to have absolute love if it’s going to have confidence in itself when it grows up and I want to give Michelle that kind of childhood. I want her to be part of a strong loving family and I don’t know for the life of me how she’ll get that with Claire.”

Ross is apparently back to dating Calla Matthews, Jessie’s mother. I’m sorry about that. I never really liked them together.

Reva had discovered a strange man in the woods. He’s suffering from a fever, but she’s been taking care of him on her own and hasn’t told anyone.

Fletcher had already dumped Claire which explains their snarky exchange.

Rick talks about his relationship with Bert and how special it was. Then he talks about his frustration with this drug addiction. (Part 2)

Hawk reminds Kyle of what he knows (that Kyle still loves Reva and secretly bought her Reva Bend – neither Reva nor Maeve know) and threatens to tell if Kyle doesn’t pay more blackmail. Kyle calls his bluff, but India hears his threat that eventually both Reva and Maeve will learn about what he’s done and how he feels. India overhears.

The Reardons excuse for not coming is that Bea had to stay out east because Annabelle and Tony are about to have a baby. Sorry they didn’t pay for them to come back, but So glad about the baby news. I love Tony and Annabelle and the news they are having a baby almost makes up for Tony, Annabelle, and Bea not being at the funeral as they should be. I’m so sorry you can’t read the article about Bert. I really can’t believe they didn’t read it out loud. What was the point of just showing a copy not clear and not big enough to read it on screen?

At this time Roxie was dating Rick, but it was a friend he confided in about his drug abuse not Roxie. So she’s feeling cut out and not understanding why. Unfortunately she has an inferiority complex so anything like this sets her off to acting out. The contest Roxie is talking about is the Sampson Girl contest Mindy Lewis won instead.

Rick finds inspiration in wanting Bert to be proud of him to go cold turkey on his pill addiction. Roxie doesn’t know either about the addiction or his decision to go off the drugs.

Fed up with Claire and her treatment of Michelle, Ed and Maureen announce that they are going for full custody and Fletcher tells Claire she should let them have it. (Part 3)

The final part is a montage of short scene clips and screen captures through the years. (Part 4)

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The Bauers

August 17, 2016

Danny Rick Abby MichelleA marriage isn’t just marrying your spouse, it’s also becoming part of their extended family. The Santos and Bauer families, while they do have their similarities (immigrants who struggled to survive, who are now comfortably well off, a predilection for danger and for being involved with people’s deaths), the families were visually and storyline different. One way of reading the Manny is that it’s the story of a young couple who try to live in the world of one family, and then the other, and then finally realize they have to build their own family world based on the foundations of the past. The Santos family gets a lion’s share of the press, but I’m going to start some posts that look further back at the Bauer family. So here’s an introduction to that to start things off.

Bauer Power!

The Bauer family was introduced 11 years into the run of Guiding Light replacing the Rev. Ruthledge and his family as the central family of the show when the show location switched from Five Points to Selby Flats, California. The Bauer family moved to Springfield when the show did. (Ed got a residency at Cedars after graduating medical school and the extended family followed and most stayed, in later years they pretended everything that happened in Selby Flats really happened in Springfield.)

Founder of the Feast - Bert

1970s Bauer Family – Clockwise Bert, Ed, Mike

The Bauer family began with Mama (real name never given) and Papa (Fredrich – Rick was named after him) Bauer and their three children Bill (Ed’s father), Meta (of Aunt Meta fame), and Trudy (poor Trudy’s real name was Gertrude). While Meta had a good run of being the focus of the show Bill and his wife Bert had always been there and eventually took over that central focus. Their children Mike and Ed grew up and married, multiple times.

The Bauer name by then was associated with being of good stock. They were hard working high class and successful professionals who always reached out a friendly hand to those in need and volunteered to help others. That didn’t stop terrible things happening to them or them from being tied up with criminals or sociopaths, but they were considered community leaders.

Read more about the exact lineage of Bauers.

Series of Bauer Posts

In order to balance the families I’m going to be doing a series of Bauer posts. I hope you enjoy them.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Michelle Birth Announcement

March 14, 2016
Bert, Ed and Mike Bauer 1970s

Bert, Ed and Mike Bauer 1970s

I haven’t found Michelle’s actual birth yet, but see her birth announcement here at 2 minutes into clip.

Maureen, who didn’t make it to the wedding ceremony, tells Rick that she was at Cedars hospital with Ed and Claire.

“You have a new little baby sister…she’s beautiful…The beautiful young lady has been named Bert Bauer Ramsey we’ll nickname her BB and she’s huge too 10 pounds 1 ounce, 22 inches. She’s rosy and she’s chubby looks like your father. She’s perfect.”

You might notice that it doesn’t actually say Michelle anywhere. I’m not sure when it changed, but I’m glad it did. I suppose BB would have been OK, but she’s such a Michelle I can’t imagine her under any other name. Until I find footage that says different, I think her name changed when Claire’s parental rights were terminated and Maureen adopted her. So that got rid of the Ramsey, the Bauer slid over to last name. It’s widely assumed among fans that the Bert, or Grandma Bert’s full name Bertha, moved to the middle name position and Michelle was merely added to the front. Unfortunately they don’t use her full name any time that I’ve found so far to confirm that.  It’s Michelle by the time she’s a cute blonde toddler.

Michelle and Rick Bauer BBQ 1987

Michelle and Rick Bauer BBQ 1987

The connection with Grandma Bert was strongly made from the first when they kept Bert Bauer alive off screen as a character after actress Charita Bauer’s death, until she could meet Michelle. So it’s very fitting that Manny named their son after her.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 1987 Update 2015

July 2, 2015

This is the Bauer BBQ in 1987. It’s a very special year because this was the 50th Anniversary of Guiding Light being on the air. They took a week centered around the Bauer BBQ to celebrate. It was also the 50th anniversary of the “Springfield Journal.” They used the 50th anniversary issue as a touchstone to mention many major stories of the past from the background of Warren Andrews to the fact Jim Reardon is living in Colorado to remembering the Quola wedding. They also asked for viewers to vote for what past scenes they wanted re-aired and took 5 minutes or so at the end of each episode to do things like pay tribute to Bert Bauer and to replay part of the Four Musketeer prom. If you have the Soap Classics DVDs, this week (specifically July 2-3, 1987) are among the handful of back to back episodes included in the set, although they are in two different DVD sets.

Michelle and Rick Bauer BBQ 1987

Michelle and Rick Bauer BBQ 1987

This is one of the more famous Bauer BBQs because Alan-Michael Spaulding parachute jumps in. In fact, Alan, although he wasn’t there, specifically mentions this being a memorable event at Bauer BBQs to Natalia at the one in 2008. This was A-M’s reintroduction after the being SORAS-ed and away from town for many years living with his mother, Hope Bauer Spaulding in New York and other major Eastern cities.

See for a refresher on Hope and Alan and their relationship with Manny.

This makes A-M Ed’s great-nephew, Alan’s son, Phillip’s adoptive half-brother,  and Michelle’s second cousin (he’s older than her, but a generation younger).

Jeva are actually together and happy in 1987. This must be one of those times they won the 3-Legged Race they mention in 2009. Rusty Shayne, Reva’s brother, the one Jeva’s kids are always packed off to when they are inconvenient, is back. He lives on a ranch “near Tulsa” as they always add. I always liked him with Mindy, but they sadly they never got a real shot. SIGH! Never will now. Anyway Rusty quite frequently came back for the BBQ so keep an eye out for him the rest of the week. That’s more than can be said for sister Roxie who disappears into a mental institution and is never heard from again.

The group A-M is talking to on the right includes Dinah Marler and Cameron (who’s last name I never bother to remember). They formed a triangle that became a square when a joke A-M played turned serious when they discovered Harley Davidson was the name of more than a motorcycle after all and Harley Davidson Cooper jumps onto our screens for the first time as part of this quad.

Ed and Maureen are in full BBQ mode, especially love Maureen’s then state of the art video camera which paired with Mindy’s Polaroid makes it very much of its time. They actually had much better sound and picture quality than many we have today. The structure made them more stable and less likely to have that handheld shake. NOTE that Ed is wearing the HAT.  Phillip runs the grill, too.

Phillip is currently dating the youngest Reardon sister, Chelsea. Her older sisters include Maureen Bauer and Nola Chamberlain. Chelsea is a professional singer (and in real life the actress still does concert dates with a divas of daytime group). Chelsea and Phillip were quite serious for awhile (no couple code I’ve found yet though). In fact, one Christmas Eve, following up on a conversation with Santa Nick, Phillip decides that life is for the living and thinking Beth is dead at this point, decides to let her go. Forget that huge trunk of stuff Pheth finds in the Spaulding attic in 1997, all that stuff was at Phillip’s house when it burned and all he had left was a little piece of lace and ribbon. He leaves it on Beth’s headstone, but Chelsea has already given him up as a lost cause and moves out of town to follow her singing career and on to a pivotal role on another soap.

Love Henry’s boater. Isn’t that great! And H.B. in a cowboy hat. H.B. & Henry were great friends. I love it when they are together. They are in-laws thru Vanessa & Billy. “His 2 grandfathers are fighting over him.”

In part 2, Maureen carries Michelle across the screen & then Vanessa carries Bill over to Ross & Henry. I loved Roxie Shayne, wish she hadn’t disappeared.  Will really isn’t Josh’s friend and will cause a lot of trouble. Josh was still fighting with H.B. over independence issues.

Alan was still Chris! Alan already had major heart issues in 1987. It’s amazing he lived as long as he did. Sorry I don’t remember what’s behind the cable guy’s beef with Alan or how Alan gets out of it. If anyone else does, chime in.

Mindy should know A-M, he’s her ex-brother-in-law. At least Mindy should know it before Reva. Mindy has a Polaroid. Remember those? Actually we still have one.

Ross and Vanessa are back together after she split from Billy. One of the few times when they played that they had ever had a more than a friendship.

I want a copy of the 50th anniversary issue of the Springfield Journal and one of those Springfield Journal T-shirts. I’m not sure who the pre-teen is who is in training for the Olympics. Anybody else remember?

Once again Rick shows that he knows Phillip better than anybody else and can read him through his good front. Love Mindy’s dress and Dinah’s outfit. HATE Phillip’s hat.  OK I know there are other people wearing the hats there, but he wears his the longest.

One of the things that I think they did a great job cutting back and forth between the studio and true exterior shots. I especially find the two cuts of the balloon release are especially well done.

June 30 and July 1 are prep days. The actual BBQ is July 2-4, 1987.

June 30, 1987

We open on some of the great Mindy-Rusty stuff. They were keeping Marah a few more days after they released Reva after she gave birth. Ed and Maureen are just back from Chicago where they went to watch Johnny’s little sister Lacey perform her gymnastic routine. Vanessa is in full mogul mode and looking great doing it. Alan shows back up at the office. After Vanessa leaves, Alan has a cardiac episode. Lacey shows up at Company on her own. She asks if Roxie is a waitress even though she’s not doing anything or wearing anything even in the slightest way related to waitressing. Lacey seems to be quickly developing a crush on Cameron Stewart. 17:03 “Q” John de Lancie is in Safeguard commercial. Lancie took off rather than face Johnny.” Alan ignores Ed’s medical advice for being admitted and given further tests, but does agree to go to clinic that specializes in rest. Alan always did favor Phillip above Alan-Michael and his other children. By the way, Alan continues to have heart issues and it ultimately is what kills him. 35:00 Maureen brings little Michelle in. AWWWW! Rick and Maureen think maybe someone has been in the Bauer house. Alan calls Alex to let her know that he won’t be able to make the trip to Europe to return the stolen art. Alex is truly upset by Alan’s attack, but when he insists the only help he needs is for her to return the art she agrees to do that. Alan’s clinic is in Oregon. H.B. shares with Rusty an experience of a Texas Ranger friend. I just love how H.B. always calls Mindy “Mindy Darlin’.” Billy calls her Melinda Sue.

July 1, 1987

Everyone is practically running into each other at the Springfield Journal newsroom as the hurry to get out the special 50th Anniversary edition full of stories of Springfield’s past (and tell me again WHY they didn’t offer that for sale? Even as a insert in a soap magazine or something?) 1:50 in note the gorgeous wall of family photos behind Reva. Lacie Bauer, Johnny’s little sister and an aspiring Olympic gymnast, arrives for a visit by breaking into the house. The Folgers commercial around 5:30 features the former Annabelle Simms Reardon. Lacie is close enough that Ed and Maureen went to St. Louis to see her perform, but not so close that Rick has any name recognition or to recognize her. Ed moves the Bauer BBQ-er to the flight school and takes 100 pounds of charcoal. Chelsea gets an offer to go work for rival paper the Springfield Mirror. Reva asks Roxie to be Marah’s godmother. Phillip is also working at the Journal as a writer. 36:00 Josh brings in the Lewis family christening gown for Marah and Miss Martha’s wedding gown for Reva because “she loved you like a daughter” which would be more sweet than nauseating if only Reva hadn’t married Miss Martha’s husband. Balloon releases used to be huge. They were used for celebrations and to find penpals by people who would release them with a note attached. Public opinion turned against them because they felt they were endangering wildlife.

Maeve’s Speech: “I would like to dedicate this special edition of the Journal to 50 years of life in our wonderful city and to our founding editor Irna Phillips and may her vision of Springfield be a Guiding Light to us all.” About 41:00

At 48:00 Montage of the articles that appeared in that 50th anniversary issue of Springfield Journal which makes me want to read it more than ever. At 50:00 Josh and Reva anniversary tribute, first fountain scene.

July 2, 1987 – BBQ Proper Begins

Isn’t Little Billy darling? Normally a Bauer BBQ is 100% chance of great weather.  Of course after a pretty big pop up storm it clears off completely by the time the BBQ hits full steam. This is the only year I can think of where it actually rained on the day of. Mindy is being a little overprotective and Rusty and H.B. have some nice what it means to be a man conversation. I think the best thing Dinah could do to make sure Vanessa and Ross don’t keep dumping her is to have other plans. That means that the Chamberlain House is 6 miles away from the Bauer House and the Spaulding Mansion next door. Jackson was a music producer who mostly caused trouble. (The most interesting thing about him is that the actor who played him was Elizabeth Taylor’s stepson in real life.) I don’t remember who Jackson is calling in London. Anyone? Add a comment. Aww. Henry and Little Billy are swinging by to pick up H.B. on the way to the BBQ. Johnny shows Roxie called his plane “New Beginnings” and proposed. Roxie brought Rusty a care package from the Bauer BBQ including a Bauer Burger. Michael O’Leary came back especially for the 50th Anniversary week. His character was currently living in Chicago. Great advice Rick “what matters is what YOU think about it, not Phillip.” Ed: “There’s not a tent to be had in all of Springfield.” Ed was also shocked about the cost of tents so they probably haven’t thought about renting one before. Nice Bert-Rick moment at 39:00. How did they miss the obvious Blue Skies mention by making it Clear Skies instead? Cropduster plane buzzed before jump 47:00 Parachute Jump at 50:00 It’s funny how many times in the next couple of episodes they repeat things like Alan-Michael is Alan’s son, Phillip’s brother, Ed’s nephew, “he’s half Bauer” etc. The Four Musketeers clip is Michael O’Leary and Grant Aleksander talking. There was a lot of irritation at the time because what was actually voted for was The Four Musketeer Prom. I doubt very many people had this fight scene in mind rather than say Phillip and Beth getting crowned. I’m sad to say both Rick and Phillip are half right. Phillip really is in love with her, but Rick is right Phillip will hurt her again and again.

July 3, 1987  Day After the Jump

The first link below is the full episode the second set patch the episode together from clips from a couple of channels. Things have perked up at the Bauer BBQ and things are definitely taking off. 11:30 more darling little Michelle. More Springfield Journal. 12:00 Darling Little Billy – who has been in invisible mud. This first episode sets up Alan-Michael’s life long quest to gain his father’s approval. Actually Josh is being a jerk. Who wouldn’t respect their own opinion over almost anyone else’s, particularly someone who is a young buck that tends to make rash decisions? That was a nice character moment of Dinah being interested in news. She’s never the photographer Reva is (who is a professional for awhile), but Dinah does later become a television producer so she does have a visual eye and an eye for the important. Miss Sarah should have recognized both Miss Martha’s wedding dress and the Lewis christening gown. 30:00 The Eli Simms Annabelle flashback 5 fishermen storyline mentions the police never discovered who the killer was, the audience did it was Eli Simms. Will Jeffries was truly insane, so why he seems to be Josh’s friend now he actually just doctored Marah’s records to make sure it looked like someone else was Marah’s father to hurt Josh. At 50:00 they do a tribute to Bert and much of it is replayed over the years when they talked about Bert. At 53:00 approximately is the scene where Bert first finds out Bill is alive. That’s an amazing scene and one that isn’t repeated very much. Jump) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)  (Part 4)

July 3rd was a Friday that year, just like it is in 2015 🙂 , so the story with the hotair balloon, Alan being shot and left for dead, etc. should pick up again on Monday, July 6, 1987, but I have not yet found the episode.

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GL 40th Anniversary Special 1992

March 26, 2014

In 1992 Guiding Light celebrated 40 years on TV with a primetime special. Although they are brief they show a lot of highlights of the show. It originally aired June 12,  1992. At that time Guiding Light had filmed 11,421 episodes at that time. I have included links to it in two different forms. The embedded version is the entire show in one piece. Below that I have it in sections with a description which will make it easier to find particular parts. The first two I did myself,then I realized Blosses had already done the same type of listing so I copied her descriptions from the videos for the remaining parts.

Jeanne Cooper expresses desire to be on Guiding Light 0:32  , Couples montage Mostly most visually striking love scenes 3:40 Harley and Mallet, Phillip and India, Vaness and Ross, Mindy and Frank, Reva and Josh, Alan and Rita, Claire and Fletcher, Eleni and Alan-Michael, Sam and Dylan, Annabelle and Jim, Mindy and Nick, Holly and Ross, Rick Hearst, Melina Kanakaredes, [Part 1]

Gilly and Hamp introduce wedding segment 0:00 Wedding Highlights 0:40 Gilly and Hamp, Talking about weddings Papa Bauer, Leslie Jackson (Rick’s mom) and her father Ed Bauer’s mentor Dr. Jackson, Mindy and Kurt (dress went to Smithsonian) Josh and Reva, Hope and Alan, Carrie and Ross, Peggy and Roger (Run Peggy!), Eleni and Alan-Michael, Maeve & Fletcher, Nola and Quint, Nola and Vanessa matching Scarlet O’Hara dress fight. 3:45 Rick Hearst, Jerry verDorn, Behind the scenes Makeup, Hair, Wardrobe, Blocking, Camera Blocking, Rehearsal, 5:00, [Part 2]

After doing the first two segments myself I found the related bit where Blosses spell it all out.

Frank Dicopoulos (Frank) and Sherry Stringfield (Blake) introduce a segment on GL villains and con men and women. Comments by:
Jeanne Cooper (Kay, Y&R)
David Canary (Adam, AMC)
John Wesley Shipp (ex-Kelly, GL)
Rick Hearst (Alan-Michael, GL)
Ruth Warrick (Phoebe, AMC, ex-Janet Johnson, R.N., GL)
Eric Braeden (Victor, Y&R)

Clips of:
Alexandra & Roger
Alan (Chris Bernau)
Alan-Michael & Henry
Darcy & Lujack
Holly & Roger
Jenna & Mallet
Also various others not specifically identified including Nola, Daniel St. John, Solita, Will Jeffries, as well as Alan and Roger coming back from the dead. [Part 3a]

Vincent Irizarry (Nick) and Fiona Hutchison (Jenna) discuss the soap opera “cliff-hanger,” using Jenna’s cliff-hanger with Mallet and Harley from that Friday (12 June 1992).

Ruby Dee (ex-Martha Frazier, GL) introduces a clip of Charita Bauer as Bert Bauer, in a 1966 scene with Robert Gentry as her son Ed Bauer.

Segment on Irna Phillips, creator of Guiding Light, with comments by Charita Bauer (1984), Agnes Nixon, Ruth Warrick, and William J. Bell. Arthur Peterson (original Dr. Ruthledge, 1937) recites the Edwin Markham quatrain used so often on Guiding Light:

“There is a destiny that makes us brothers.
None goes his way alone.
All that we send into the lives of others,
Comes back into our own.” [Part 3b]

This segment is the first time I learned the poem wasn’t by Irna Phillips, but was instead a quote from Edwin Markham. It lead me on a path of research.

Vince Williams (Hamp) and Amelia Marshall (Gilly) introduce a segment on universal soap dialog (“We need to talk…”). Examples by:

Rick Hearst
Melina Kanakaredes
Kim Zimmer
John McCook
Erika Slezak
Eric Braeden
Sherry Stringfield
Maeve Kinkead
Frank Dicopoulos
Billy D. Williams
David Canary
Dana Elcar
Mariette Hartley
Ruth Warrick
Grant Aleksander
Vincent Irizarry
Mark Derwin
Jerry verDorn
Fiona Hutchison
Maureen Garrett
Ruby Dee
Vince Williams
Beth Ehlers
Amelia Marshall
Eileen Fulton
John Wesley Shipp
Jordan Clarke
Jeanne Cooper
Beverlee McKinsey

Ruth Warrick introduces a 1983 clip of Phillip (Grant Aleksander) confronting Alan (Chris Bernau) and Justin (Tom O’Rourke) about keeping his true paternity from him all those years. Grant Aleksander comments on filming that scene.

Round-table of Maureen Garrett (Holly), Jordan Clarke (Billy), Sherry Stringfield (Blake), Frank Dicopoulous (Frank), Maeve Kinkead (Vanessa), and Vincent Irizarry (Nick) describing the definitive Guiding Light leading lady and man. [They forgot Ross!] [Part 4]

Kim Zimmer (ex-Reva [at the time], GL) introduces the 1990 clip of Reva’s eulogy, after she drove her car into the ocean. Viewers missed the original airing of the eulogy because that particular episode was pre-empted. [Part 5a]

A segment on how daytime dramas, and Guiding Light specifically, have explored many social issues. Comments from:
William J. Bell
Jeanne Cooper
Agnes Nixon
Beverlee McKinsey
Maureen Garrett
Douglas Marland
Charita Bauer (1984)
Beth Ehlers
John Wesley Shipp
Maeve Kinkead
David Canary

Social Issues on Soap Operas

Clips from the stories of:
Lillian’s breast cancer
Bert’s pap test (1962)
Jackie & Justin’s baby
Harley & Dylan’s baby
Vanessa’s prescription pill addiction
Tim’s (Kevin Bacon) alcoholism
Roger’s rape of wife Holly
Vanessa’s sexual harassment in the office [Part 5b]

Jerry verDorn (Ross) speaks for the cast as this anniversary special concludes. [The number of episodes mentioned at the very beginning was cut off on my copy.] [Part 6]

Also find the Electronic Press Kit that goes with this special here:

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Papa Bauer’s Funeral

March 6, 2014

Recently We Love Soaps uploaded the funeral of Papa Bauer. This is also available on The Bauer Family DVD (look for used copies of the DVD online). Papa Bauer was an important character. He was introduced to the show along with his wife (known only as Mama Bauer) in 1948 and while she passed on in 1949, he continued on the show through the transition to television until the actor’s death. This episode was preserved because of his importance to the show and it was one of the first episodes deliberately kept by the show in archive during the period where videotapes daily episodes were routinely destroyed. It’s episode number 6569 and it originally aired February 23, 1973.  This was around the time I was born so I don’t remember Papa Bauer, but a love for this character was passed on to me from my relatives. Several of my older relatives have told me their favorite time on the show was the stories about Papa Bauer. They passed a love for Papa Bauer on to me to such an extent that I’ve cried each time I watched the funeral. And I’m not doing that for show, in our family we all called him Papa Bauer, like he was really one of  my great-grandfather like he was Rick’s and Michelle’s. His real name was Frederich Bauer with is the German version, Rick (Frederick) Bauer was named for him with the Americanized version of his name, and Frederico, Robbie Santos’s middle name is the Spanish version and comes from both Papa Bauer and Ray and Tony’s father on the Santos side. Our family was not alone in 1959 Theo Goetz who played Papa received almost 60,000 birthday greetings.

The version of the episode preserved doesn’t have opening or closing credits. At this time the show ran 30 minutes which was normally roughly divided into five roughly 5-minute scenes. Get an insider’s novelized view of how the production worked at this time in:

Zimmermann, Ed. Love in the Afternoon. New York: Pocket Books, 1973. Originally published Bobbs-Merrill Company in 1971. SSN 671-77562-6 LC 70-142482

That woman with the red hair is supposed to be Meta. No idea where Trudy is. I love the story of Papa Bauer taking Mike to the library, but that would have been in California long before they moved to Springfield. The woman with the long curly brown hair who calls Ed on the phone is Janet Mason who Ed had an affair with (not entirely sure if that was before or after this).

At 8:00 into the video Ed visits Rick (then known as Little Freddie) who is living with Ed’s ex-wife Leslie. I don’t really remember Leslie (and frankly while I know she was well loved by many, I still say anyone who deliberately chose to marry Ed after having met Mike is an idiot) but it’s nice to see her have an emotional scene in something that has survived.

Mike and teenage Hope with Bert, it’s like a gathering of some of my favorite characters ever. Yes, Ed you should have gone to the library with Papa more. I’m sure Mike always went. Ed could give a good speech though and he does an excellent job with Papa’s Eulogy. Although could Ed go a further distance to avoid saying Germany? I was especially touched by how Ed says Rick will know Papa through others stories and memories, because that’s how I know him too.

19:00 Mike Bauer sings for Papa’s funeral “I’ll Walk With God” find the lyrics here:

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Lightand especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Christmas 1980

December 29, 2013

Thanks again the wonderful We Love Soaps TV ‏@WeLoveSoapsTV who shared us two early Guiding Light episodes in excellent quality. This one makes me even happier than Christmas 1979 because it features not only my beloved Hope Bauer and Alan Spaulding one of my favorite all time couples, but them HAPPY and on THEIR ISLAND. During Summer 1979, Hope and Alan had been the victims of a planecrash that left them stranded on a desert island. I hope somebody still has a few more clips than what’s online now about their wonderful summer. Find the links I’ve found here:
This episode showing their return to “their island” as a happily married couple is almost as good.

There is a great example of a Hillary Bauer-Katie Parker conversation. They were great best friends and one of Guiding Light‘s stellar examples of friendships. They nursed together at Cedars Hospital. They used to base a lot more of the action at Cedars. We saw interaction of staff, patients, and volunteers and several areas in the hospital that we never saw in later years like the staff lounge.

Morgan Richards (of my beloved Morgan and Kelly fame) is visiting her mother, Jennifer Richards, in jail. Jennifer is convicted of killing Amanda Wexler’s adoptive (which Amanda doesn’t know at the time) mother Lucile Wexler (on my list of the worst parents in Springfield) had made a deathbed accusation to keep Jennifer and Amanda apart. Jennifer won’t explain the truth because she secretly is Amanda’s biological mother and she doesn’t want either Amanda or Morgan to know that. She’s willing to stay in prison and fights Mike Bauer’s attempts to clear her (See “The Trial of Jennifer Richards” DVD set). Morgan was underage and with her mother in jail is staying with Bert Bauer.

That’s Lanie Marler, Justin and Ross’ sister and Ben Warren’s half-sister, acting as Mike’s legal secretary. Mike is being his awesome lawyer mode. The Ben McFerrin who is coming to visit Mike is Hope’s ex-fiancee and currently involved with Jennifer and Amanda hence his concern. Mike’s next visitor is Elizabeth Spaulding Marler who is Phillip’s adoptive mother who they both believed had a biological connection until a couple of years ago. Elizabeth has just found out for sure that Phillip’s biological parents were Jackie and Justin Marler. Although it’s been a year, there really hasn’t been much progress on the Phillip biological parents front since Christmas 1979. Elizabeth is a professional photographer and has recently had her career as a newspaper photographer jumpstarted. Once Elizabeth leave she never returns to Springfield or sees Phillip again.

This is during the Morgan-Kelly build up while Nola is trying to manipulate Kelly into marrying her to give her a secure place in society. Kelly had a great voice, but I think “Christmas in New York” is a pretty strange song selection for children who didn’t live in New York as opposed to “Rudolph”, “Frosty”, or even “Suzy Snowflake” or “Winter Wonderland.” Also, at the party we briefly see Kevin Bacon’s TJ. Wow! At 22:00 after isn’t that a real early Dr. Sedwick sighting of her talking to a pregnant Amanda.

Kelly was shopping at Jackie Marler’s shop. Evie Stapleton, who is Rita’s sister and who is half in love with Ben, waited on him. Oh, Good Heavens! Not even Mike can make that potholder sweater look good. But he sings “Silent Night” so beautifully who cares?

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