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Jeva Custody Case 1996 Feb 12 16 1996

August 7, 2017

I started going through and breaking Bandstand Mike’s episodes into dates. This run started on December 20, 1995. Our last post in the series ended February 9 1996.

Rick confesses to Annie he still loves her and wants her back. Alan tells Reva to give up the custody fight or he’s leaving her. Reva picks her kids. With Alan out of the picture Buzz attempts to move in and ignores Hawk’s admonition that Reva and Josh will always find their way back to each other. The Jeva custody trial moves forward. LAM are back together and sorry to have missed their original wedding date and are in a hurry to arrange another. However, they aren’t as in as much of a hurry as Susan and Nick McHenry who will marry and move to Europe within the next week with little or no warning. Amanda is found locked in the construction shed and is dangerously ill. She’s rushed to the hospital meaning Alan has two children in the hospital right now. Dinah solidifies her friendship with Dinah – which is good they both could use a friend. Hart is still determined to leave town and heads for the bus station.

Monday, February 12, 1996

I think Amanda is right about Ross being furious and on her side if he would find her or find out about it, but why would he think to look for her? He thinks she left his office to go home. Rick confesses to Annie he doesn’t think she and Josh will make it and that he still loves her. Alan tells Reva give up the custody fight, make a deal, or he’s out of their relationship.

Reva tells Alan that she needs him in her life. Amanda makes a foolish decision and doesn’t ask the guard for help. That’s kind of awesome that Amanda figured how to get out.

Ross: “I waited a lifetime to find you.”

Blake: “And when you did you couldn’t get enough.”

Dinah and Amanda find each other at a bar and commiserate. Hart heads to the bus station.


Reva tells Alan she’s choosing her kids, she isn’t pursuing the kids just to keep a link with Josh. He still doesn’t believe her. He gives Reva the house. She says she won’t stay there, but she and Josh later live there. Ross discovers Blake left her birth control in the bathroom despite Ross specifically asking her to use it to take the stress off.

Ross is concerned about Blake. Dinah and Amanda are quickly becoming drinking buddies. Dinah: “If you can unseat the henna head more power to you!” (Henna is used for various things including red hair dye.) Ross believes Josh is devoted to Annie. He’s normally not this stupid.

Nice for Reva to have reached out to Dylan even if it’s off camera. Hawk really looked cold in that coat. Great acting job. Hawk tells Reva that he was staying with a friend and got kicked out when he burned down the coach. Hawk also confesses he blew through all of Miss Sarah’s money on gambling. Josh is supporting Miss Sarah now. Look at Reva and that handkerchief. She genuinely cared for Alan. It makes no sense considering how she treats him later. Good for Amanda not letting Dinah drive drunk.

“All the damage fear has done.” That’s a perfect song for Bloss right now. The quilt on their bed is Flying Geese pattern.

Tuesday, February 13, 1996

It’s a new day in Springfield. Buzz shows up to visit Reva and is ecstatic Reva and Alan have broken up.

Annie and Josh are concerned about the hearing today. That’s too bad that Dinah responded with snark. I think Blake is trying to be nice for once. Matt finally gets to work and finds a truly unconscious Amanda.

Marah is upset that Reva is doing something that has upset Annie and Josh. Hawk (about Jeva not reconciling immediately): “That doesn’t mean it’s open season for every Tom, Dick, or burger flipper.” Buzz and Hawk clash over Reva. Good for Reva to stand up as an independent woman.
Reva: “I’m not a little girl anymore and I’m not Snow White waiting for some prince to come save me.” Buzz is indulging in some wishful thinking here.

Hawk turns up to see Marah. He brings her a Barbie like doll with a cowgirl outfit. I agree with Hawk someone should explain things to Marah even if it really isn’t his place. Amanda is rushed to Cedars. It’s a rough day for Alan with two children in the hospital. I’d say 3 months is a couple of months. That was pretty picky. Rick is called to the witness stand. Althea brings up Annie’s alcoholism.

Ross cross examines Rick. Ed is called to the stand. He claims privileged information and refuses to answer even when threatened with a contempt of court charge. I think the counseling stuff should be covered, but having to physically take a bottle out of her hands is direct experience and I do think he should be required to tell about that. Hawk explains Reva’s side to Marah. I’m kind of sorry Dinah outed Amanda. Blake kind of deserves it. Dinah’s right it’s a bit harsh to defend Blake to Amanda when Amanda was in the hospital.

Matt warns Blake and is shocked to hear Amanda was at least telling part of the truth. Ross walks by and over hears.

Wednesday, February 14, 1996

Alex finally shows up at Cedars to see A-M to find Nick and Susan already there this morning. I know it’s not nice what they are saying about Blake who I like, but I’m enjoying Dinah and Amanda as friends. They both need some female and friendly support.

About Blake Dinah: “She’s toast.”

Amanda: “Burnt toast.”

Dinah: “Soon to be turned into crumbs.”

Amanda: “And swept away. Bye-bye Blake.”

Alan shows up very concerned about Amanda. Why do you think Amanda could easily get out, Blake? I mean she Macguyvered her way out, but it wasn’t obvious.

Reva genuinely doesn’t know what Annie is talking about. I don’t blame Ross for being appalled. That is some mustache on the cop. Roger is still playing the distressed husband role. Luckily Dinah isn’t having it.

Nick and Susan are trying to keep prying eyes away from Lucy and Alan-Michael making out. We get a reference to Valentine’s Day. They were originally supposed to get married on that day. Which considering that was VERY close to A-M and Harley’s anniversary, it’s a little tasteless. Great job building up tension about the witness.

I don’t know why Reva objected to her lawyer. I think this is perfectly fair testimony especially because she had done absolutely nothing to help this woman even since marrying big money. Alex informs Nick and Susan who were talking about an impromptu wedding that she plans Alex: “the wedding of MY dreams.” Alan comes in informing the family that he has moved back into the mansion and that Amanda is down in Emergency. Roger continues to try and save his relationship with Dinah. It was Roger’s place originally, I don’t know why Dinah thinks he should leave.

Blake is put in the cell next to Brent Lawrence who is still insisting he’s Marian Crane. Roger is still focusing on how he NEEDS Dinah in his life. Sadly it’s because he’s embezzling her money and doesn’t want it to come out. Roger has a rare gift he can make you like him and hate him within the space of a handful of episodes and then do it all over again. Amanda to Matt about how she couldn’t break out of the construction shack: “Forgive me for never having watched This Old Shack.” That’s a reference to a popular PBS home remodel show This Old House. Annie testifies about her alcoholism and does a great job. (Honestly the only time I ever liked Annie on the show was when she was fighting with Ghost Reva otherwise it always seemed like even when she was happy there was a level of frenzied crazy eye right below the surface, but she did NOT deserve the campaign against her by Jeva which has already began even though Josh doesn’t realize it yet.)

Matt gets Amanda to drop the charges against Blake and is still on her case. Alexandra overhears his threat, but doesn’t know what Matt has on Amanda. Frank is frustrated about getting through to Brent and calls A-M. Dinah tells Roger that she isn’t having any that setting up Marcus and constantly seeing the look of pity in Holly’s eyes is too much she isn’t going back. Again it was Roger’s place Dinah moved in why should he leave?

Hart shows up on Dinah’s door. Blake is released and A-M shows up at the jail to talk to Brent. The judge rules that the kids stay with Josh, but Annie has to move out. I’m pretty positive, but not 100% that this is the tag for Wednesday, but the way it’s put together both the clips and the structure this could possibly be the before the credits of the next day.


Thursday, February 15, 1996

Dinah makes a crack about Hart not being the Prize Patrol – she is referencing American Publishing House which sent out a prize patrol with balloons and a giant fake check announcing you won so many million dollars in their drawing which you entered by buying magazine subscriptions. Frank Cooper decides he might be able to crack Brent by bringing in Alan-Michael and Lucy. Amanda is still sick (coughing) when no one is around, but not too bad. Blake shows up at her room to tear into Amanda. I think that Blake is wrong. Sure Amanda could have gotten out, but she easily might not have been able to. It was pretty clever of Amanda to come up with taking the door off the hinges and while she did hide from the guard, a cold night, a slack guard, and he might not have checked. It was a dangerous stunt if she didn’t follow up. Everyone is upset when Annie is ordered out of the house, but I kind of love this judge and I think he’s right.

Judge: “It seems to me that Mr. Lewis has been moving JUST A BIT quickly, starting with his petition to this court two years early to have Reva Shayne Lewis declared legally dead….your client brought a new woman into the lives of his children. He encouraged them to call her Mommy. It would almost seem to this court that he wants Reva Shayne Lewis to stay dead to his children.”

I think this judge is amazingly right on. Why didn’t Manny get HIM in divorce court so he could tell them to sit down and take a breath when they were rushing to get divorced? Buzz moves in to comfort and make a move on Reva. If the construction shack was so weak what was the point of it existing? It was supposed to be protecting those tools and it’s a semi-permanent set, it wasn’t exactly made of paper. Josh: “This shouldn’t be happening. It’s not fair. We both know who’s responsible.” Actually you’re exactly right, Josh. This shouldn’t be happening and YOU and Reva are responsible. Stand up and let Annie go now cleanly and she might still have a chance. What a great Ross and Ed best friend scene near the end. I just love it when they play that.

UPDATED January 9 2018: I realized I didn’t have a summary block so I added one and moved some of the quotes down a line.

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Christmas 1987

December 17, 2012

1987 has a lot going on.

Reva and Vanessa are arch rivals because she came to town to split Vanessa and Billy up. Also, Vanessa was all rich blue blood and Reva was all brassy upstart so they naturally clashed and since they were both strong women, they clashed big.

Meredith Reade was Fletcher’s sister and while she was soon forgotten she did cut a swath through Springfield while she was here. As a teenager, Meredith committed euthanasia on her mother and it has colored her relationships with patients and the younger doctor Rick Bauer and led her to bring charges against Rick when he was trying to help Johnny  fight cancer with less conventional treatments. That’s what the hearing in the board room is about. The head butting started to create sparks and this is just the beginning of Rick and Meredith as a complicated couple.

This was during the ill conceived if well intentioned period when they were trying to bring  back some of the original ideas behind the series (religion, a friendship lamp in the window) by attempting to make this more distantly related Bauer the Guiding Light of the show as he is currently in the process of faith healing himself of cancer. I wonder if he’d have still done it if he’d realized it would cost Roxie her mind, I think he would have, he always was a selfish sort.

While Josh was out of town (read actor Robert Newman left the show for a time), he went to Venezuela and married a raven haired psychiatrist named Sonni. To be fair this one was already crazy before she met Josh. Turns out Sonni was a twin and her sister was Solita. Sonni had been declared dead, but just as Reva and Josh were reuniting she showed up alive and with partial amnesia and a new clingy attitude. Jeva decided that Sonni needed Josh and he reunited with her instead. It eventually came out that Solita was evil (as in super manipulative and tried to kill people evil) and that Solita’s death had caused a DID division with Sonni having the personalities of both twins.

I really loved Rusty and Mindy together and will always think they were an end game worthy couple, but sadly just when they were starting to get a real shot at true coupledom instead of just dancing around the idea, up reared the ugly head of junkie Rose that for some utterly accountable reason Rusty throws away his life for, marries her (bleech), and then after she is killed (happy thought) Rusty goes on a revenge kick and then leaves the show there after to only return briefly over the years and to never reconnect with the great couple that was coming. At this point Rusty and Mindy were dating and Rose had only started to capture Rusty’s attention, he really was mostly just professionally interested at this point, but that changes fast.

The first of many attempts over the years to catch lightning in a bottle again with a new version of Four Musketeers was the quad A-M-Dinah-Cameron-Harley. While three of the characters caught fire and would stay around (“Cameron” would leave for a role on 90210 and frankly don’t think he was missed much), the quad really didn’t hold up and was eventually abandoned. This early version of Dinah (2 actresses played her) was sweet and really didn’t show much of the street smarts that let her survive being raised in a traveling carnival. They played her naive and A-M was genuinely interested in her, but they soon meet Harley after one of A-M’s college pranks blows up in his face and that’s where the true magic lies.

Amanda and Ross were hot and heavy back in the day. That’s part of the reason Ross still lives in the Carriage House (it used to be a real Carriage House on the grounds of the Wexler estate that Amanda’s adoptive mother owned). This is just a brief re-kindling, but kind of shows why Amanda was so confident she could get Ross back the next time she came back to town.

Vanessa and Alan had, according to retcon, knew each other all their lives since her father Henry worked for his father Brandon while they were building up the company. As a result Alan always considered Vanessa a strong woman worthy of his respect, but he always saw their marriage as more merger than romance. This is the second time Alan and Vanessa were involved, but it’s very business like because they’ve both lost the love of their life and want stable and reliable and businesslike, but I think they both want more, hence Alan’s continued association with Reva.

Meanwhile Alex, who has made a certain amount of peace with Alan since they both came back to town, still thinks he needs protected from himself and as usual she has a scheme. She was dating H.B. at this time, but I don’t really think Alan needed to have bothered with the pre-nup they weren’t THAT serious. I don’t think the idea to combine Lewis and Spaulding would really be that even or that good, although they are right Josh never could take Alan in business.

After Maeve’s disastrous marriage to Kyle Sampson and its ugly (on her part) aftermath, Maeve took up with Fletcher who worked for her on the Springfield Journal. While personally I didn’t care for Maeve for a variety of personal reasons, but honestly she was a great professional business woman, except for the getting involved with an employee thing. She never did like Meredith though and Fletcher is not the man to pin hopes of stability to.

However, one of the main reasons I like this episode is that Santa Nick is in it. When Beth and Phillip were on the run in New York City they ran into a sidewalk Santa that was strongly hinted to be the real thing. In the years after that Nick would show up in Springfield or to Springfielders and give good advice or help them make a connection between people who needed it. He was always a little bit magical showing up at the most unexpected times and places and always knew not just what people thought was going on, but what was REALLY going on. I used to run in from the bus yelling, is Nick back yet?

December 21, 1987 Episode

My Comments:

That was just Reva kismet. It’s funny that Vanessa ended up friends with Reva, most of her life her attitude was more like this. 20:00 Maeve explains Meredith’s secret with her mother. Meredith did hate herself. It’s part of why I didn’t like her with Rick, he deserved better. Nice little example of Phillip & Reva being buds. What a nicely cut suit on Phillip. OK, I’ll give Chelsea credit for that. I find all these Mr. Clean commercials hilarious since he later appears on the show. 43:00 Dick Saxton the star reporter of the Springfield Mirror. I like Ed owning up to his mistakes he doesn’t normally do that.

December 22, 1987 Episode


My Comments:

So what happened to Miss Martha’s nativity scene in later years? Rusty was the victim of a conspiracy. 5:00 Love Phillip playing with his future son-in-law. I hope someone took a photo they can pull out to give to Bizzie for Xmas. I really think the sibling rivalry was more on A-M’s part than Phillip’s. Chelsea was right Phillip never got over Beth. 36:00 a great A-M & Alan photo.Why would Amanda have talked to Hope? Actually I love Dinah’s white sweater. 51:00 Mindy’s dog. Love the way Henry whispers “Love Child.” 53:00 All of Alan’s then KNOWN children together. Really like Alex’s hair and suit too. Nice Rex is really Gina and Danny’s father stuff in ad for Y&R.

December 23, 1987 Episode

Johnny Bauer – Cancer, Roxie, Guiding Light

Rusty, Rose, Mindy


Amanda -Ross


H.B. – Alex

Merger Spaulding and Lewis

My Comments:

1:00 Commercials end, Great Bauer family Christmas. Love happy Maureen & Ed. Glad Rick wants nothing to do with Johnny. I hated him. Glad A-M is back. One of the many times A-M and Phillip were at odds. Chelsea looks horrible. Looks like the Lewis family is having a great year too. Oh good Johnny is having trouble, did I mention I never liked him at all. Looks like 1987 wasn’t a good fashion year for Reva either. Alright that’s a good line. “You Shayne women take my breath away.”  It’s always a better time when Rusty was there. He was my favorite Shayne by far. Sonni another one of Josh’s wives before he drove her crazy. I hated when Will Jefferies was with Mindy. I think the Lewis Oil-Spaulidng Enterprises merger was a terrible idea. I didn’t really care for A-M-Dinah as a couple, but this Dinah was OK. That Henry filler line “I remember your grandmother wearing it.” Nice detail. This Amanda was always smart once she grew up, took her long enough. Dinah and Vanessa are both beautiful. Oh look at Little Billy toddling along. Isn’t he cute. I actually liked Lillian and Hawk. Baby Marah is pretty cute too. Reva’s awful fashion crime doesn’t extend to her pants. They are good. Papa Bauer reference! Now Bert. ♥ 34:00 Bauer family scene including Guiding Light explanation. Alan wasn’t around when Amanda was growing up either. If I ran a soap every faked photo like that would be offered to fans. Never liked Alan-Vanessa. Truly hated Rose.

December 23, 1987 Episode

December 24, 1987 Episode

Meredith and Fletcher and Rick

Fletcher and Maeve

Santa Nick

15:00 Johnny gives Michelle a baby pillow Bert made for Michelle. 16:00 Alan is taken with baby Marah.Alan gave Marah a college trustfund. What I truly remember out of all of this is the Beth-Phillip scenes when he leaves the last scrap of flowers from prom when his and India’s house burned. 32:00 Phillip talking to Beth’s grave. 42:00 Nick makes a visit. Only bad advice I ever remember Nick giving, he should have tried “Beth is alive.”

Dec. 28, 1987 Episode (Part 1) (Part 2)

I hated Rose breaking up Mindy and Rusty before they really had a chance. I always thought they belonged together. Mindy loves a good scheme. (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

I love Phillip searching for a way to heal Johnny. Normally I think Johnny being forgotten is a good thing, but it would have been nice for Phillip to reflect back on this when facing his own terminal prognosis, to at least asked Rick for a Johnny update. (Part 6)

Rusty should have stuck closer to Roxie. This was when she was about to fall apart. My fav part of Roxie was her dimples. She had great dimples. 1 photo Maeve said she was going to take LOTS of photos. Maeve actually gets a 2nd chance with Fletcher. If she had lived, he’d have walked out on her eventually just like everyone else. (Part 7)

Christmas Eve 1982

December 20, 2011

We continue with both the bad quality (but not so bad as last night’s by far) and the awesome couples during Christmas 1982. You might notice that I haven’t done as in depth descriptions of the episodes this year as last. Frankly it’s because I ran out of time, I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway.

We finally get to see Grant Aleksander the Phillip we all know and love. At this point Phillip was living with Jackie and Justin, after the mother who raised him decided that would be best for him after discovering he was their biological child (Alan had adopted Phillip when Jackie gave him up for adoption without telling Justin when their marriage fell apart, their own son died and Alan never told Elizabeth). Read more about it here:

Much later Jackie and Justin had reunited. Together they had a baby girl named Samantha who would be raised out of Springfield, but return for an ill-fated romance with Dylan leading her to be severely injured during Reva’s driving off a bridge fiasco. At this point, Phillip has been spending a lot of time at boarding school (Lincoln Prep) and didn’t even come back for Jackie’s funeral, he didn’t know she was really his mother.

It’s nice getting a glimpse of Bert’s house. Trouble for Maureen & Ed (I think that guy was an old boyfriend). I loved Hope and Alan, if only Alan had been stronger. I truly believe he loved hope. I really enjoyed Floyd’s slip over his daughter’s name. Nola had gotten pregnant via Floyd, but made Kelly think he was the father. Even after the truth came out, Nola named the baby girl Kelly, just to pick at Kelly and his wife Morgan. Having found a little more maturity, Nola renamed her Anastasia or Stacy.

This was also a big episode because it gives, if not the first mentions, very early mentions of LTA (Los Tres Amigos – the oil company founded by  Amanda-Ross-Josh) which would drive story for the next few years and the venerable Springfield institution Company.Also, another wonderful Mike Bauer at Christmas song.

Without further ado, enjoy Springfield 1982!

This was another great year. Glad to see the older Phillip. I was so hurt by Jackie’s death. This is Bert’s house. Maureen #1 before she fled to Oakdale. Sadly there was already trouble brewing between Hope and Alan. I truly believe that Alan really loved Hope. 4:27 Note Floyd’s Kelly-Stacie slip. [Part 1]

2:25 LTA begins! Jennifer is Amanda’s mother and the former mistress of both Alan and Brandon. [Part 2]

Mike Bauer sings at Christmas Eve “O Holy Night” 5:17 Tony and Company [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]

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