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Nick McHenry and Susan Marry We Learn Henry Is Dead Feb 19 1996 and Some Undated Days

January 25, 2018

I had a long gap I had to figure out, but picking up the continued story with episodes broken into dates here we are again. I started going through and breaking Bandstand Mike’s episodes into dates. This run started on December 20, 1995. Our last post in the series ended February 16, 1996.

This is a wonderful week with some pretty terrific stuff every day. Annie is forced by the custody battle to move back to her old apartment. Some of her friends show up to throw her a “Reva will get hers” party. Rick tells Josh some hard truths about Annie including that Rick wants her back. Alex is gleeful at the news Alan and Reva broke up. Buzz is trying to cheer Reva up and Josh has an evil plan to handle Reva, but will it backfire? Between the stock he gave Amanda and the $10 million ransom that was lost Alan doesn’t have a lot left. A-M invites him back to Spaulding, but Alan is afraid that he wouldn’t be happy at Spaulding at less than the presidency and the temptation to take it back might be too much. Reva disrupts the Spaulding dinner in an effort to try and get Alan back, but no dice. We get a romantic and pretty hot LAM sequence. Nick McHenry and Susan Bates marry at the Spaulding Mansion. Everyone receives word that Henry Chamberlain has died. Michelle had a fight with J and now wants to leave town rather than see him again. David and Bridget argue over her being hung up on Hart and he confesses he loves her. Hart has decided to stay in town and expose Roger’s misdeeds towards Dinah, asking for help from Alan and Gilly. Meanwhile Roger desperately struggles to cover his embezzlement. Quint comes back to town bimbo in tow. Marah reacts badly to the custody fight and runs away. The entire 5th Street neighborhood comes together in an effort to find her. Griffin helps out and Gilly begins to think maybe she was wrong about him. (Nope. She was right on the money after her mother talked to her.) Marah shows up at Reva’s house and intends to stay there. She has brought along stuff she stole to remind her of Annie.

Monday, February 19, 1996

Ed takes Annie back to face her apartment and leaving the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams. The Spauldings are gathering and Alex is gleeful that Alan says he’s done with Reva. Buzz is trying to get Reva out of her funk. Josh has some evil plan to handle Reva.

Reva asks Buzz for a job which considering her previous jobs doesn’t make a lot of sense, but OK.  Buzz agrees despite the fact that Elanie grabs him and drags him away saying they don’t have enough work for it — despite the fact they are normally short handed. Josh asks Rick to check in on Annie and Rick explodes that he can’t do that. But that just goes to show how thoughtless Josh is.

The party is a great idea. I get why Lillian would be there, but why Vanessa? Sure she’d like to complain about Reva and for some reason despite her troubles with Billy Vanessa stayed close to Josh, but Annie? During the girl talk Lillian sort of admits to having a thing for Ed and when Annie suggests wrapping herself in plastic and making a move on Josh. Vanessa says tinfoil is better because it tears easier. I kind of love that. Rick tells Josh some hard truths. Vanessa says her cook made the dinner so they must have one and Annie and Josh have Mary as a nanny. The Spauldings are enjoying a great dinner.

Alan is called from the dinner table and says he lost all $10 million dollars and with the gift he made to Amanda of Spaulding stock he doesn’t have much left. Alan says he regrets neither the gift of stock, nor using the money in an attempt to get Alan-Michael and Lucy back. Alex is shocked. Alan-Michael invites Alan back into the company. Alan refuses saying he learned he wouldn’t be happy in a supporting role and he doesn’t intend to take the presidency back, but he knows the temptation would be too much at Spaulding. Everyone is surprised. Reva bursts in.

The Spaulding family run out leaving Alan and Reva alone. Reva tells Alan the custody battle news and asks Alan to come back. Alan says no, he thinks she’s still hung up on Josh. Reva gets mad he won’t come and takes off. Rick and Josh face off over their treatment of Annie. Rick is living in the Bauer garage apartment. Abby walks in on the conflict.

Rick confesses he still has feelings for Annie to Abby. Considering the future, watching Rick explain divorce to Abby is heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking.

Apparently A-M and Lucy have adopted a dog named Faith that they hid under the table at the Spaulding dinner. A-M and Lucy talk about their wedding. Lucy wants a big wedding, but A-M says it doesn’t matter because he sees them as already married from their lighthouse ceremony. It’s just lovely. Elanie tries to talk sense to Buzz about Reva which doesn’t stick. Then we have a lovely Alan and Alexandra sibling talk. “To moving forward for all of us.”

We have a pretty romantic and hot LAM love scene. Rick continues to squirm under Abby’s questions about Annie and Hawk shows up encouraging Rick to make a play for Annie tonight. Meanwhile the girls night is breaking up with Lillian leaving Vanessa to do the dishes. Annie is convinced Josh is somewhere with Reva — which against all odds he actually is.


Tues., February 20, 1996

We’re getting ready for Nick and Susan’s wedding in the Spaulding Mansion. The guys are picking out a playlist and even Alan gets roped into the set up. Susan and Lucy have a you’re like a sister talk.

Amanda is expanded to the like a sister group and helps Susan get ready. Nick gives Alex a thank you with a subtext that I’m leaving soon, but she doesn’t get it. Susan’s AIDS support group shows up.

Nick McHenry and Susan Bates get married in the Spaulding living room. It’s a simple service and the guests stand as the bride and groom meet before the fireplace. Only a handful of people attend and they have only one attendant each, Alan-Michael Spaulding (the groom’s cousin) is the Best Man and Lucy Cooper is the Maid of Honor. The head of the AIDS group gives her away.

Nick and Susan announce they aren’t going to come back after the honeymoon, but intend to take a world tour exploring the world on an open ended trip. “For as long as we have.” Susan is diagnosed with AIDS, a step worse than her previous diagnosed HIV. The last time we heard from them on the show she was still alive.

Extra Day 1 – February 1996???

We seem to have skipped at least one episode somewhere. It seems like maybe more than one. That means I can’t establish the dates for the next few episodes and we missed some kind of important scenes. Part of why I was going through these particular clips was because with a solid starting date (the very special Christmas episode) I could give an exact date for the episodes. This stops that, but I should be able to pick it up again on March 1st.

Matt has told Vanessa how he’d be tied up with an escort service Amanda Spaulding ran out in California.  We must have already heard that Henry Chamberlain (Vanessa and Quint’s father, Nola’s father-in-law to whom she was quite close, Dinah, Little Billy, Anastasia and J. [Anthony James]’s grandfather, also an “adoptive” father to Jenna Bradshaw) has passed on or the audience wouldn’t already have understood he was dead when Nola starts talking to J about him in the past tense. Henry was a great guy. I’m sorry he’s gone. While I was working on my WSPR news stories, which I hope to be able to do more of sometime, I did a post that tied into the end of the series, the building of Henry Chamberlain Elementary.  In the actual series they only say they are building a new elementary school, but since they didn’t name it, I did.

We’re at WSPR with Roger and Gilly (who is a reporter/producer there) and Ross arrives to gloat that Roger needs to hand over Dinah’s money (which Roger actually has embezzled). Over at the Bauer House Ed seems in a very good place, but sadly as always with this version of Michelle she is being dopey. She’s following her normal storyline procedure I describe in the linked post above – this time with her adoptive cousin Jay. I know – ICK! right? The fans at the time thought so too and the pairing was dropped.

Roger tries to divert Ross from the divorce by painting Hart as a worse threat to Dinah which Hart overhears. Michelle continues to say she wants to leave town and is teenage hysterical.

J regrets taking Henry for granted the last time he saw him which was very natural. They discuss Quint coming back. David and Bridget come in and are sorry, but in what world were they anything to do with Henry? Matt fills Vanessa in on Henry’s death.

Matt expects Vanessa to put aside the fall out from his revelation until dealing with Henry’s death is over. Vanessa needs time to process and is having none of it. Good for her especially when Matt tries to lay a guilt card on her – “I need you too. I loved him too.” I mean self-centered much? Roger uses Henry’s death as a lever to get rid of Ross and delay handing over the accounts. He still hopes he can delay long enough to win Dinah back and keep control. Bridget and David talk about fixing up the boarding house and her obsession with Hart.

Hart and Roger fight. I think Roger is right about one thing. I think he does love Hart he was just already in a bad spot with him (having unintentionally caused his grandfather who had raised him’s death) and his attempts to fix it just made things worse. Gilly and Hart have a talk about Roger. Ed told Michelle to get a ride to school with Gale’s mother. I don’t remember Gale at all and we probably won’t see her today – we don’t. They are going to meet outside. Vanessa went over to tell Nola, but Nola had already heard somehow through Michelle. Vanessa and Nola had been rivals for attention when Nola and Quint had lived in Springfield, but they both loved Henry very much.

Nola: “[Vanessa] Are you OK?”

Vanessa: “Yes, yes, yes, yes.”

Nola: “I’m not….I’m glad you came by.”

Vanessa: “I know how much you loved my father…”

Nola: “I keep thinking about the craziest things. This one night we had an all night poker game. He accused me of bluffing and he never folded his hand.”

Vanessa with a smile: “That’s because he wanted you to win.”

Nola: “Yea, he did want me to win. Not too many people I can say that about. You were real lucky to have him.”

Vanessa wants to talk funeral arrangements. Nola breaks down she’s not ready yet.

Nola: “You can cry in front of me. We can cry together.”

David and Bridget argue over Hart and Bridget’s reactions to him. Roger breaks back into the suite and takes the real books and information about how he drained Dinah’s accounts. He asks Leo Flynn to make a set of dummy books and when Roger offers him his yearly salary for the two weeks work he accepts. Meanwhile Hart is getting information from Gilly that Roger cooked the books.

More icky cousin on cousin action. J tells Michelle some garbage and she eats it up with a spoon. Michelle to J: “See that’s what I mean about me not doing or saying the right thing. I mean in the first place I’m NOT that young. I went to SCHOOL IN EUROPE. I’m not a stupid little kid.” Now she’s in good with J again, Michelle is all over leaving. Ross and Matt talk about Vanessa. Matt proving once again he’s a junior partner in their relationship and that doesn’t know Vanessa as well as Ross does. Ross: “Vanessa didn’t always have the qualities you admire. It takes time and it’ll take time for you.” aka you’re immature. Ross thinks that Matt helped Vanessa get through her anger at Billy and Bridget and Dylan that was taking over her life. Nola keeps at Vanessa trying to get her to face her emotions. Vanessa has a list of pall bearers – the list of names doesn’t include Matt.

Roger reassures Leo they will be safe. Hart shows up to ask Alan for his help to nail Roger. Nola keeps urging Vanessa to let go, but Vanessa is maintaining her stiff upper lip. David tells Bridget he’s in love with her. Quint shows up at the Reardon Boarding House door.

Extra Day 2 – February 1996???

Marah has run away. People are gathering with Josh and Annie at the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams, and volunteers stop by the 5th Street Diner where Reva is keeping everybody full up with coffee. Quinton and Vanessa cling to their mutual loss.

Annie is sort of right and sort of wrong about Marah running away being Reva’s fault. Josh is frustrated and says he can’t just wait there he is going to do some random looking himself. Quint and Nola make nice and find forgiveness in their grief. Quint admits Nola was even closer to his father than he was. They talk about Henry’s reaction to their breakup since Henry has been “visiting” Quint between when the actor died and when the character died on screen.
Quint: “He said to me, I was always afraid you would be dissatisfied with a perfect marriage.”

Hart goes to Alan for help taking out Roger.
Amanda: “Father, don’t murder Hart unless you want to be involved in another costly legal battle.”

Alan about Hart: “You are a determined little flea, aren’t you.”
David tells Bridget he’s in love with her. Bridget and David continue to discuss his declaration. Gilly goes on air with an appeal to help find Marah. Reva won’t go on afraid it might make Marah run. Griffin shows up and Gilly thinks he’s just showing off, but when he goes looking himself Gilly thinks maybe she was wrong. Tina, the prostitute from New Years, shows up and offers her help too. Gilly wants to put Reva on camera to aid in search for Marah Lewis (who is 8). Reva thinks it would cause more problems. Tina was the prostitute who came in on New Year’s Eve and Eleni chased her out.

Holly and Fletcher are with Annie at the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams supporting Annie while Marah was gone. Annie unknowingly predicts the future that she and Josh will be together forever just like Holly and Fletcher (SPOILER: both couples will soon be toast). Josh finds Reva at the dinner (clearly something really important happened in between since we last saw them). Henry Chamberlain has died (more important stuff went down with the Reardons and Chamberlains that we didn’t see) and J walks in with Vanessa finding Quint and Nola embarrassing situation (SPOILER: do NOT get your hopes up Quola fans if they had to do this stupid affair stuff they could have gotten some decent interaction out of it. Nope not happening. Still resentful.). The grad student Quint was sleeping with shows up, everyone freaks and Quint can’t understand why.

They freak out.

J : “You almost had me going there professor for a second I was almost buying into you being my dad again. I even thought you looked good standing there hugging Mom. You know what I was saying to myself, maybe this guy has finally turned back into an adult, but you know what, NO you have to bring your Barbie doll girlfriend along from grad school.”

Quint: “I do NOT like the way you’re speaking to Jessica Do NOT use that tone of voice with your father.”

J : “Maybe if you acted like my dad, I could treat you like one all right.”

Vanessa is likewise appalled and freezing girlfriend Barbie out.

Amanda offers comfort to Alan because he’s upset about his relationship with Reva. Amanda give him advice: “If you really love someone, what good is pride anyway?”

Josh leaves and Reva feels faint from not eating.

Griffin talks Reva into eating to keep strong.  Gilly is thinking Griffin is putting on a show (which I think he totally is), but the search for Marah continues. The Journal is putting out a special edition. Josh makes it home to the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams. Word came a little girl matching Marah’s description was hit by a car.

Hart finds Bridget and says he wants Peter to be part of his life and he’d taken her words to heart. David freaks. Bridget shuts him down. J tries to comfort Nola about Quint. Vanessa tears into Quint over his bringing his mistress for the funeral. Reva returns to her house and discovers Marah is there waiting for her.

Extra Day 3 February 1996

Alan pushes into Company and we’ve already lost all the goodwill from working together to save LAM. Instead Buzz and Alan snarl at each other over Reva — who really be better off if she’d tell both of them to take a long walk off a short pier. Josh and Annie arrive at Cedars rushing into the emergency room where they find it was another little girl who was hurt (no name girl isn’t badly hurt so don’t worry about her). Marah tells Reva that she’s there to move in with Reva, but only if she’ll leave Josh and Annie alone.

Actually they are both right Buzz and Alan are making fools of themselves, fighting over which man wiill second and which third in Reva’s life.  Marah tells Reva that she did her chores. On a school morning she is responsible for making her bed and getting her own breakfast. Sounds like either Josh and Annie or the nanny aren’t doing their duty, she has to feed herself? Reva tries to figure out what’s going on. Marah takes this as an indication that Reva doesn’t want her living there and asked then why did Reva say she’d never stop fighting Josh. Rick and Lillian support Annie and Josh is angry Rick is taking an interest. Since Reva is back on Josh’s radar, if Josh wasn’t a jerk he’d step back, but he’s ready to set a course to crash Annie on the rocks instead.


And we get to see the Bauer House today. Yay! Michelle attempts to spread both poor body image AND poor nutritional advice to Abby. Can’t it be November 1998 in a hurry? Hold on Michelle you’re going to act stupid the next couple of years, but Danny is coming as a reward at the end. Abby has a romantic fantasy about Rick and a red dress. The wind machine in the Bauer kitchen is a nice touch. 🙂 Buzz is running off at the mouth. He has no idea what makes Alan tick. I’m not exactly who he thinks he’s describing here, but it’s not Alan. Reva tries to explain to Marah that she doesn’t understand. Marah’s misdirection tactic includes explaining that her nanny is named Mary and is from Dublin, Ireland.

Abby tells Michelle that she feels her Goshen clothes make people either laugh at her or ignore her. Rick and Michelle have an unproductive talk about dating. He tells her to let J alone (not by name) and she tells him Abby has a thing for him which Rick doesn’t believe. I think Reva should have called Josh, sent Marah upstairs for something if she doesn’t want to do it in front of her. Shayne comes down and has a nice conversation with Annie. Shayne sells Marah out telling Annie that Marah took the musicbox. Reva as always hears what she wants to when Marah talks to her.

Frank asks Buzz if he loves Reva. Frank says he knew Buzz and Nadine had something magic, but weren’t right together long term. What now? Alan showed up at Reva’s door before she could call Josh. Alan tells her he’s sorry, but already in Josh light again Reva is not interested and tells Alan to hit the road. Meanwhile Marah makes a sad little shrine to her former life. Shayne continues to spill his guts listing off what Marah took even though it was mostly “stupid girl stuff.”

Michelle tells Rick Abby has a crush on him. Rick says “Ya, right” and then Abby comes in dressed in modern clothes. Rick wants to talk Abby down. Little girl Marina is cute and fun. It’s really a shame Eleni took her to California and ruined her. I don’t know why they never gave Frank another committed relationship after this, he does them so well. Annie and Josh figure out that Marah had been collecting things to remember Annie by.

Rick tries to talk Abby down. Alan is remembering hard truths from Reva and Buzz. Reva discovers Marah has taken Annie’s things to remember her.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Rabby Have a Play Date

January 17, 2018

Rabby (Rick Bauer and Abby Bloom) and Manny were closely connected couples. They had a lot of connections:

In fact, from a certain angle, Abby and Danny have an incredible amount in common as their relationships solidify with siblings Rick and Michelle respectively.

Rick and Abby took a long time to get together, mostly because it took Rick quite awhile to realize that while she’d been raised a sheltered Amish girl, she was a grown up woman. On January 18-19, 1996 Abby talks to Michelle and becomes convinced she has to wear “English” (what Amish people call non-Amish people) clothes to get Rick’s attention. Eventually when she advances to a bikini, Rick finally gets the message. That’s a ways off yet, but today we get a very cute play or practice date.


Thurs., January 18, 1996

Rick walks in on Michelle trying on clothes for a date. Abby got the idea that Michelle could help her dress up to get Rick’s attention. Bridget backs up J. (Part 1)

Michelle and Abby are still trying on clothes in the Bauer kitchen and Michelle has left a mess. With all the false omniscience of a teenager Michelle tells Abby she needs to dress differently to catch a man’s attention. (Part 2)

Michelle tries to get J’s attention. It’s kind of embarrassing especially how he only gets interested once he finds out she has a driveable car and she doesn’t seem to mind. Meanwhile Abby had been trying on one of Michelle’s outfits when Rick walks in. (Part 3)

Friday, Jan. 19, 1996

Rick talks to Abby. Does she have a boy she’s dressing up for? Abby counters what happens on a date? Michelle apologizes for being a bad tour guide when J seems bored. She brings him a beach in winter. J hands Michelle a line about his mother doesn’t understand him and embarrassingly she laps it up. (Part 4)

Rick walks Abby through a date. (Part 5)

Rick and Abby continue walking through the date. Rick: “Don’t be sad the movie is over. They’ll make a sequel.”  J and Michelle end up at the lighthouse. He wants to explore. (Part 6)

Rick and Abby’s pretend date continues.” J and Michelle talk about whether they should explore the lighthouse further or not. (Part 7)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Rustle of the Sheets Storyline Summary

May 25, 2017

Below is The Rustle of the Sheets storyline summary from Danny first walking into Millennium through the end of Reva Rescue Rangers Storyline during the Indian Summer.

Republisher’s Note: I fixed obvious typos, but did not edit actual content even though there are several mistakes in the summary apparently from how they were described before shooting. There are also in [brackets] some notes of descriptions of some scenes that weren’t included in the final versions of the episodes. Do a find control for a left hand bracket [ to find just these cut scenes. I had heard about the famous missing Psychology class scene, but not the others. The Michelle telling Danny about being blind was an especially important one to the story. Someone *Hint, Hint* should take a hand at writing them up as lost scenes. Not sure of where they got the synposes from. I wish I did.

Find the original post:

Danny and Michelle’s Story

[Author’s Note: The synposes are written before the airing and several times all of the scenes described don’t make it onto the air. Any scenes that I know of that didn’t, I will make a note of in square brackets.]

November 11, 1998 . . . Mick’s brother Danny comes to Millennium, looking for answers to his brother’s death. His visit leaves the foursome unnerved — Jesse, Drew, Michelle and Bill –, especially Michelle.

At Millennium, Jesse asks Drew if there has been any sign of Danny. Drew tells him no and wonders why there should be. Jesse is sure that Danny isn’t through with them yet. Michelle tries to study but finds that she has trouble concentrating as she relives hitting Mick on the back of the head with a rock. Jesse sneaks up behind her and asks how she is doing. Michelle thinks that her dream of saving lives (medically) has been ruined by taking Mick’s life. Drew’s bartender quits on short notice; Danny walks in and offers to do the job. Drew is impressed with his knowledge of drinks and reluctantly hires him.

New barkeep Danny tells Drew that even though brother Mick was older, Danny played the “man of the house” after their father died. Jesse and Michelle discuss how she feels about killing a man. Jesse tells Michelle that Danny is out for revenge and that no one must ever know what really happened. Drew informs Michelle and Jesse that she hired Danny and they must play it cool. She is going to make Danny fall in love with her.

Drew is in a drop dead gorgeous dress. She tells Bill, Jesse and Michelle about her plans to seduce Danny in order to distract him from finding out they killed Mick. She comes on to Danny. Danny brushes off Drew who only tries harder. He says he is only here to find Mick’s killer and that’s it. Drew is crestfallen. She lies to Jesse that Danny is attracted to her, but after Jesse keeps pushing her, she admits that Danny brushed her off. She adds that Danny scared her because he was so cold.

Later, Danny questions Michelle. Drew is crying brokenheartedly to Jesse. She goes back to the “I killed someone” rant and Jesse hugs her. Danny continues to quiz Michelle and only succeeds in unnerving her. She tells him to leave her alone and walks away.

At the diner, Michelle speaks with Mick’s angry brother Danny, who is incensed that Michelle and her pals hadn’t bothered to attend Mick’s funeral. She asks if there is any way she can make it up to him. Danny snarks, yeah — she could help him find his brother’s killer.

Michelle and Drew are up to their usual bickering, but when Danny comes in, they team up, deciding that Michelle should stick close and keep tabs on him. Michelle invites him to stay for Thanksgiving dinner and suggests that she might be able to help him find his brother’s killer.

As she spouts off false information to send him on a wild goose chase, he calls her bluff. He finds what she is saying interesting, but says he doesn’t believe a word of it. He continues to insist that he doesn’t believe what Michelle has told him, he thinks she knows more than she is offering. Michelle claims that she is ready to tell him the truth — no one is sorry that Mick is dead. Mick was a bad guy who’d been dealing drugs in the club and that’s why no one came to his funeral.

Jesse isn’t pleased to find Michelle alone with Danny. He tells him to get out, but Danny says that he had been invited to dinner. Jesse uninvites him. Once alone, Jesse warns Michelle not to try to take this guy on, he wants Danny to stay away from her.

Jenna realizes that her two charges, Marina and Lizzie, are no longer with her. She frantically starts looking for them, but to no avail. Jesse and Michelle fear that Danny might have taken them. Danny finds Lizzie and Marina hiding and returns them safe and sound. Everyone apologizes for suspecting him. Michelle spins out and Danny follows her.

The four teenagers argue because Jesse threw Danny out and now Michelle is missing. The four are still arguing as Selena enters, back from her trip to California. Bill and Jesse leave. The two women are alone. Selena guesses that the kids are involved in Mick’s death. Selena warns Drew that, according to word on the street, even though Danny looks and sounds good, he is much more dangerous than Mick. She adds that if they get in his way, they are dead.

Michelle, meanwhile, is on the beach by herself remembering the scene with Mick and Drew. Danny comes up and confronts her. He presses her because he believes she knows something about Mick’s death. He clearly unnerves Michelle. Danny reveals that before he died, Mick told him that he had a crush on Michelle and they used to flirt all the time. Danny’s theory is that Jesse killed Mick in a jealous rage. He adds that he is going to make Jesse pay for killing Mick.

Michelle denies that Jesse killed Mick. Danny keeps pushing. He starts manhandling her. She screams. At this point, Michelle drops the bomb that when he died, Mick was attacking her. Jesse arrives at the beach and pushes Danny down while yelling “get away.”

Jesse threatens Danny and keeps screaming at him and pummeling him. Jesse says if Danny goes near Michelle again, he will kill him. Danny leaves with the cryptic message, “I have learned a lot tonight. It’s been a real education.”

Michelle and Jesse talk about their difficulties regarding Mick at the diner. She is finally able to share how Danny has been coming on to her. Jesse asks her to please tell him the next time that Danny starts making her feel uncomfortable. After Michelle gets a hug from Frank outside the diner and tells him to say ‘hi’ to Marina for her, Danny intercepts her and kisses her passionately on the lips.

Drew and Jesse talk about the pain of losing someone, as Michelle finds out there is a new student in her class — Danny. Michelle is ready to blow a gasket! She vents to Drew that Danny Santos has annoyingly shown up in her psychology class, claiming he is there to audit the lectures. She feels like he is really there to stalk her. He has even signed up to be her study partner, but does he really want to study? — no; he just wants to sit there and torture her.

When the assignment is analyzing ink blots, Danny had insisted that each one looked like two people making love — Michelle and himself. Michelle replied curtly that the ink blots looked more like pictures of Danny getting hauled off to jail for harassing her.

[Note: these scenes were not filmed, only related to Drew. Paul Anthony Stewart had pneumonia. Thank God, they didn’t have someone fill in for him that day!]

Drew suggests that Michelle might consider chilling a bit. After all, as long as Danny keeps sniffing around Michelle romantically, he’d probably forget all about trying to investigate his brother’s death. But Michelle get her dander up all over again, when a sheaf of ink blots — a little gift from Danny — arrives in the mail. She phones him and sets up an urgent meeting.

At the mall, Michelle spells things out for Danny in plain English: no more calls, no more packages in the mail, no more auditing her college classes and no more intimidation tactics, period. A kinder and gentler Danny tries to explain that his only intention here is romantic. He’d even decided that his brother’s death was an accident, so he was closing up shop on his one-man investigation. Michelle, however, doesn’t soften a bit. She tells him firmly that they are not a couple and will never become one; she loves Jesse.

After Michelle turns on her heels and leaves, Danny confers by cell phone with an unidentified collaborator. He reports that things are taking a little longer than anticipated, but he remains as determined as ever to find his brother’s killer.

Michelle stops by Holly’s and suggests that Holly come to the Bauer house for a holiday meal. Her response is, “What kind of mother would I be if I weren’t here when my Meg got home?” She offers Michelle some egg nog in hopes of changing the subject and Michelle was shocked to taste alcohol in Holly’s drink. Holly agrees that drinking is a bad idea and rushes Michelle off, promising to come for dinner after Meg arrives. Michelle exits only to find Danny waiting for her with a Christmas gift. It is a picture of Michelle alone in the park, a reminder that he is always around.

Danny arrives just as Michelle, Drew, Jesse and Bill are arguing, and the tension changes to rage when he walks in and kisses Michelle. Jesse goes after Danny with all of his might, but is pulled back by the news that Michelle and Danny are partners in a class at school.

Drew pulls Danny outside to see what is really going on with him. Danny suggests that if Jesse got this angry over a kiss, he may have had similar rage if Mick had ever hit on Michelle. Maybe Jesse killed Mick, he wonders and Drew suggests that Danny no longer cares about Mick’s murder. She thinks that Danny has developed a thing for Michelle.

When Michelle lets it slip that things had happened with Danny lately, Jesse pushes for more information from her. When she tells him about the first kiss from Danny at the diner, Jesse’s anger is palpable. Simultaneously, Danny admits to Drew that he does have a thing for Michelle. He says that if he could take Michelle away from Jesse and pin Mick’s murder on him at the same time, then all the better.

Jesse shares his plan to save Michelle with Bill. He plans to leave town throwing suspicion totally his way. Jesse covers his plan by telling Michelle that he had been called to New York by an art dealer. Meanwhile, Danny is told that he only has 48 more hours to wrap up Mick’s murder. If he can’t do it, all four under suspicion would die.

Drew overhears Jesse telling Bill his plan to leave town and his request for Bill to watch over Michelle. Drew can’t bear the thought of Jesse leaving and wants to send Michelle away instead. Jesse not only asks Drew to understand, but asks an even bigger favor … tell Danny that Jesse is the one who killed Mick. An upset Drew goes to Danny and blurts that Michelle killed his brother.

Danny accosts Drew, demanding to know who killed Mick. Drew says it was Michelle. Danny does not believe this; he thinks Jesse did it. She also reveals that Jesse is leaving town to throw Danny off the trail. Upstairs, Michelle and Jesse are saying good-bye. She asks to go with him. Jesse says no.

Danny doesn’t believe that Michelle killed Mick. Through tears, Drew tells Danny that Mick was hurting Michelle and the death was an accident. Selena interrupts. Danny drags Drew upstairs to confront Michelle. Danny tells Drew someone will have to pay because his family wants revenge.

Danny is racing upstairs to find Michelle and encounters Dietz on his way to find Michelle. She and Jesse are outside saying good-bye. Jesse tells her he will never forget her. He rides off on his motorcycle, leaving Michelle alone just as Danny comes up angrily behind her. He confronts her and yells, “there is only one way to finish this!” She is terrified.

Danny is devastated to learn that Michelle was the one who had killed his brother. As she begs him not to kill her, he drags her out of the alley. Danny brings Michelle to the beach where is brother had died. He wants to know exactly how she killed Mick. Michelle desperately tells him the story of what happened as it related to her, leaving out Drew’s involvement. Danny says that he believes her, but unfortunately her confession isn’t really in her best interest.

He asks who else was there that night, saying that his brother was twice Michelle’s size. He doesn’t believe that Michelle could have done it alone. She insists that it was only her. He says that he knows what kind of person his brother was and that he believes her. Michelle collapses into his arms with relief, but he pulls away, saying that no matter what, he can’t excuse her killing his brother.

Since Danny is being watched by one of his father’s men, he tells Michelle that if he doesn’t take care of her, someone else will. Sirens rng out in the distance, heading toward the beach. Michelle begs him to run and save himself. He looks back to see that he is still being watched. Desperate, he pulls Michelle further down the beach. As the sirens grow closer, the beach is left empty.

Michelle tries to convince Danny that she had acted in self defense and that his brother’s death was an accident. Danny tells her it does not matter. Dietz shows up and wonders why Danny has not killed Michelle yet. Danny sends him to check if there are any cops around. Then, Danny points his gun and orders Michelle to turn around. She refuses and he forcibly turns her around … Suddenly, there is a gunshot and Michelle is face down in the river.

Dietz returns and seems pleased. After he leaves, Danny helps Michelle out of the water. She asks why he had ordered her to jump in. Danny says he’s done it because he believes her story, and she thanks him for not killing her. He says it isn’t that easy. He wonders if she is worth the fact that he is risking his life. He says that in order to remain safe, she absolutely has to follow his instructions.

Danny and Michelle argue over Danny’s plan. She isn’t sure it’s any better than the alternative of being dead and doesn’t think “the boss” will believe their story. Danny says “the boss” better believe it, for her sake. Michelle panics and realizes that she isn’t as safe as Danny had told her she’d be. The boss agrees to see them, and Michelle is surprised to find out that the boss is a woman and Danny’s mother. Michelle explains that killing Mick was an accident; she did it in self-defense because he was attacking her. Danny’s mother doesn’t care and says that Michelle must pay for killing her son. Danny stops her and tells his mom she can’t kill her because Michelle is his wife.

After Danny drops this bomb, Carmen is clearly upset as she points a gun at Michelle. Carmen is still threatening Michelle. When Michelle finally talks back to her, Carmen slaps her face. Meanwhile, Jesse is positive Michelle is not dead. He tells Drew that if she were, he would feel it. He figures out that the Santos family is hiding Danny and Michelle. He goes off to find them and refuses Drew’s offer to come with him, but she does so anyway. Carmen is still angry. Jesse and Drew enter and spot Danny. As Carmen goes to the door, Danny tells Michelle to make the marriage look real or else.

Jesse speaks in Spanish to Carmen, which seems to impress her. He says he has information about Mick. Inside, Danny warns Michelle that her friends’ lives depend on her making their involvement look real. He sees Carmen enter the room and draws Michelle into a passionate kiss. In walk Drew and Jesse, interrupting the kiss. Jesse runs over and hugs Michelle. In front of Mama, Danny and Drew, Jesse tells her that she doesn’t have to pretend anymore. She can come with him. Michelle shocks everyone by saying no — she is staying with Danny.

Michelle is heartbroken as Jesse stands before her, pleading to take her home. He explains that the police know everything now. Carmen blames Danny for bringing trouble into her home by marrying Michelle. Michelle then has to turn to Jesse and break the news of her marriage to Danny. Jesse blows past this news as if she never said it. Carmen leaves, giving Danny the task of removing Jesse and Drew from her home.

Danny reminds Michelle that their marriage has saved the lives of her loved ones. She turns to Jesse and claims to love Danny in a way she had never loved him. Jesse refuses to believe that. Danny warns Jesse that it is time for his departure. Michelle is forced to go farther, pointing out all the problems that she and Jesse had endured in their troubled relationship, and adding that she was happy to be past that now. As a distraught Jesse exits, followed by a not so distraught Drew, Danny moves to comfort Michelle. She pushed him away as Carmen looks on. Carmen steps in, asking Michelle to call her mother. She says that she is making plans for a proper church ceremony.

The Bauers are summoned by Dietz to meet Carmen. They are relieved to hear that Michelle is alive, but shocked to learn about her marriage to Danny. Jesse tries to explain the situation, but they don’t completely believe him. Once at the country club, Rick tries to convince Michelle that what she is doing was wrong. Michelle tells her brother that she has no choice.

Jesse crashes the party and pleads with Michelle. He says if you tell me that you don’t love me anymore I will leave you and Danny alone. Michelle tries, but she can’t say those words and they kiss. Mrs. Santos sees this and informs her son that Michelle is welcoming a guest in the hallway.

Michelle tells Jesse that they are over with and her life is with Danny. In response to his mother’s newsflash, Danny interrupts and orders Jesse to leave. Jesse believes that Danny is holding something over Michelle and tells him to let her go. The two men end up fighting, and Dietz throws Jesse out. Danny and Michelle argue over her kissing Jesse goodbye. Danny warns her to be careful because his mother is filing away everything she does for future reference.

Mrs. Santos whispers in Michelle’s ear that Danny is having second thoughts about the marriage and that is very bad for her. Later, Mrs. Santos has Jesse brought by for a little chat. She wants his help in breaking up Danny and Michelle. Jesse refuses to go along with her. Michelle is upset to find the bedroom she is supposed to share with Danny lighted with candles and decorated with flowers like a bridal suite.

Upon entering their bedroom, Michelle is stunned. The room is decorated as a bridal suite with flowers and champagne. Michelle tells Danny that she wouldn’t sleep with him if her life depended on it. It does, Danny reminds her. He adds that she could be a little bit grateful. Carmen enters and asks if they like the room, reminding them that she wants grandchildren, as she stares at Michelle who just looks sick. Carmen asks Michelle how many children she wants. Carmenthen recites a blessing in Spanish asking God to make Michelle very fertile. Once she leaves, Danny admits to Michelle that he will do whatever it takes to keep Michelle safe. He says it’s not about his brother anymore or revenge; it’s just about her and him.

Michelle says there is no “them” and she doesn’t love Danny. He says she is stuck with him and she should try to make the best of it. He insists there is something between them if Michelle would only admit it. He rubs her shoulders. She breaks away and tells him it will never happen. Michelle repeats her mantra: there is nothing between her and Danny, and she will find a way out of this mess without anyone she loves getting hurt. She adds that she will never sleep with Danny. He tells her that she can’t get away from his mother. He begins to undress for bed. He informs her that he wears nothing to bed. As Michelle slips into a pretty negligee, she tells him that tonight he will wear something to bed. “Touche” is his answer. They are now both in the same bed. Michelle has her back turned; grinning, Danny says good night.

Michelle is looking for Danny and finds his mother who tells her Danny has gone out. They have a heated conversation and Michelle tels Mrs. Santos that she is aware that she does not believe her marriage is real.

Mrs. Santos receives a phone call and speaks in Spanish. She tells Michelle to get used to it and snidely tells her to let her know when she felt left out. Abby arrives and she and Michelle use sign language. Mrs. Santos is visibly angry and Michelle tells Abby that because she doesn’t sign she is feeling left out, taking an opportunity to throw Carmen’s words back in her face. Michelle lets her know she expects privacy and as she leaves the room, Mrs. Santos says she will spare no expense at the wedding and that Michelle would get all she deserved.

Abby wants to know what is going on and she lets Michelle know her family was worried. She tells her they would fix everything. Michelle tells her she has made both a choice and a committment and asks her to accept this. She also asks Abby to help her convince Rick and Jesse. She tells Abby that she needs them to give her some space. Abby sayes it seems she is a prisoner. Michelle admits that she and Mrs. Santos don’t like each other, but they are adjusting. She tells her again that this is the life she wants. Abby doesn’t believe her and Michelle tells her not to come back. As she leaves, Michelle asks her to tell everyone “Hi” and that she is fine.

Michelle wakes up wondering where Danny has gone to. When she calls for him, he jumps up from the floor at the foot of the bed. He says that he decided that it would be easier to sleep on the floor than worry about accidentally brushing against her. He quickly joins her in the bed when his mother knocks on the door, but forget to take the blankets with him. Michelle explains the blankets away saying that she had gotten hot during the night and thrown them off. Danny insists that his mother honor his and Michelle’s privacy.

Once alone again, Danny asks Michelle to meet his grandmother. She declines. The afternoon brings a meeting with the priest, where they have to prove that they are ready for marriage. Michelle assures Danny that she would ace their test with the Father, and she would do it by thinking about Jesse when answering every question. Her test proves successful, however, Michelle is a little surprised to hear how compatible the priest finds them.

It is brought home for her when Danny reads the answer on his questionnaire about what he hoped for in a marriage and it is almost the same as hers. She says that she had never realized until then how much Danny had given up by marrying her. She had only thought of what this marriage had cost her. She asks Danny to help her find a way for both of them to be happy. Danny says that the difference between the two of them is that he doesn’t expect life to be perfect.

Carmen explains to Dietz that Jesse is her only real hope of breaking up Michelle and Danny. Jesse comes in with reservations, still not understanding why Carmen would want to work with him. She says that she wants Jesse to help show Danny that he is making a mistake. Jesse is willing to hear her plan. When Danny and Michelle arrive home from their meeting with the priest, Carmen is very excited for the two of them to meet her newest employee. She pulls them into the dining room and says, “I think you know Jesse Blue.”

Carmen informs Danny and Michelle that Jesse is now working for the family. Michelle looks green. Danny turns crimson with anger. Privately, Danny tries to argue Carmen out of putting Mr. Blue on the family payroll. She bluntly reminds her rebellious son that she is the boss, her word is sacrosanct, and if at any time Danny gets bored with this foolish marriage and divorces Ms. Bauer, Carmen is quite ready to put a contract out on the infuriating interloper.

Carmen remains staunchly convinced that Michelle will only wind up breaking Danny boy’s heart. Later, Carmen gives Jesse a personal tour of the mansion and takes particular delight in showing him the newlywed’s much-rumpled bedroom. She cunningly points out that the bed sheets were in such disarray, because Danny and Michelle couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Jesse listens politely to Carmen’s beaming comments, all the while vowing to find a way somehow to rescue Michelle from this elegant snake pit.

Then, while Carmen and Michelle go off to huddle over invitations (for Danny and Michelle’s big church wedding), Mr. Blue and Mr. Santos lock horns. Danny wants Jesse to quit. Jesse insists that he isn’t ditching his new job at the Santos compound until he can take Michelle with him.

Later, when they’re alone, Danny tells Michelle there is only one way to get Jesse to leave the premises for good. They have to convince him that they are really in love. Jesse will have to catch them in bed together. Michelle and Danny have it out in their bedroom. He declares that she isn’t the only prisoner in this marriage and they have to make their domestic situation look as real as possible.

Danny leaves angrily to speak with Jesse, and Drew comes over to see Michelle. Danny and Jesse have a tense confrontation. Danny threatens Jesse’s life when Jesse refuses to quit working for Carmen. Drew is compelled to tell Michelle the truth: Jesse is still carrying a torch for Michelle — and it could all get them killed. Drew thinks there is only one way to convince Jesse that Michelle and Danny are happily married. He has to catch them in the act of making love.

Michelle wonders how she can go through with it. Jesse knocks on her door and tells her they have to talk. Michelle insists that he needs to stay away from her as Drew listens from behind a curtain. Jesse reminds her of the past — how they’d once taken wedding vows in the lighthouse — but Michelle tells him that it’s over between them. Nevertheless, she doesn’t resist kissing him. Then she asks him to leave, even though she breaks down and cries when he does. Afterwards, Michelle makes a decision and asks for Drew’s help.

In the meantime, Danny goes to confession and tells the priest that he may have to kill someone in order to save his wife’s life. The priest prays that he won’t have to do it and warns him that if he commits murder, his soul could be in mortal danger. Michelle calls Danny on his cellphone and informs him she has a way to get rid of Jesse without killing him. He needs to meet her at the lighthouse.

Michelle tells Danny that they have to make love at the lighthouse in order to convince Jesse that she doesn’t love him anymore. Danny wonders if she can go through with it. Michelle answers by kissing him. The newlyweds undress and climb into bed. But suddenly Michelle can’t go through with it, after all. When Jesse arrives, she tries to keep him out of the lighthouse, but he pushes his way in and finds Danny in bed.

Danny and Michelle are in bed. Danny starts to take off her negligee saying, “We have to do this.” Michelle backs away screaming, “No, there has to be another way.” Jesse is outside knocking on the door while all this is going on. She runs to the door with Danny’s jacket covering her negligee crying, “No, Jesse, I don’t want to see you.” Jesse keeps pushing to come in. He forces the door open, sees her and Danny scantily clad and asks, “Why?” Michelle just looks guilty. Jesse is very hurt.

Michelle apologizes to Jesse for the scene he just walked in on. Jesse is incredulous as well as hurt. Danny sits quietly in the background as Michelle tells Jesse in a teary voice that it’s over. Jesse finally relents by telling her he won’t bother her anymore. He leaves and Michelle cries bitterly in front of Danny. Danny expresses his concern to Michelle. He tries to comfort her as well as offer his sympathy and help. Michelle rejects it all. She tells Danny to stay away from her. This angers Danny. Michelle reminds Danny he will never have her love.

Danny and Michelle get dressed while he lectures her. She says she would rather be dead than be with him. He reminds her that unless she acts like she loves him, she and Jesse will be dead. To this, she reiterates that she will never love him. Danny thinks that just as his grandparents met for the first time on their wedding day and had a happy life, so too, there may be hope for him and Michelle. Nevertheless, Danny denies having feelings for Michelle in response to her statements.

Danny orders Michelle to pull herself together, because Carmen should not see that she has been crying. Danny tells Carmen that Jesse is gone; and furthermore, he and Michelle are tired of jumping through Mama’s hoops. He adds that it’s time for her to show Michelle the respect due his wife.

At this point, Michelle comes in and asks for a private chat with Carmen. She asks Michelle what happened. Michelle says she wants Drew to be her maid of honor and she wants white roses at her wedding. Carmen replies that a big wedding is not really necessary. Michelle insists that a big wedding is what she wants — in fact, “the bigger the better.” Carmen says a big shindig would be in questionable taste because Michelle killed Mick. Michelle then announces that that she will go all through their family rituals and she will earn their respect and trust; she wants Carmen to be proud of her. She adds that she sincerely wants to be part of the Santos family and feels that a big wedding with all the relatives on hand is a good way to start. Carmen says, “I’ll consider it” (through clenched teeth) as she leaves the room.

After Carmen leaves, Michelle tells herself that she will get in as deep as she can, infiltrate herself into the Santos clan, find out all their weaknesses and then use that to “as God is my witness, bring this family down.” She finishes the speech by saying “I will get my life back!”

Michelle informs Drew of her plan to bring down the Santos family. Drew thinks Michelle’s going to get herself killed trying to get Jesse back, but an impassioned Michelle tells her that it’s not about Jesse, it’s about Michelle getting her life back. Things get honest between the two, as Michelle advises Drew to make sure Jesse’s what she really wants and not to settle for someone who doesn’t want you as much as you want them. Later, Jesse thanks Drew for comforting him last night and asks to take her out in return. Drew makes a decision to lie that she already has a date, and we know Michelle’s words have had an effect on her. Michelle returns to the Santos home, and tries to press Danny for information regarding his family and business. Wary off Carmen’s warning that Michelle is up to something, Danny becomes defensive.

Michelle and Drew meet and talk about Michelle’s plan to bring down the Santos family. Drew tells Michelle that she turned down a date with Jesse because she doesn’t want to be the “next best thing.” The two share a warm moment.

Danny doesn’t really want to go into Michelle’s house. He gets the idea that Michelle is trying to pull something over on him. She suggested Danny accept that she might actually like him. While she didn’t love him, she suggests that maybe that would come in time. When they go inside and tell Rick and Meta that a wedding is set for the day after tomorrow, they are met with less than a happy welcome. Rick says that if Danny is going to marry his little sister, it is time for them to have a talk. Meta confronts Michelle, saying that she knows she isn’t in love with Danny.

Meanwhile, Rick is upstairs showing Danny the real Michelle in her old bedroom. Rick says to Danny, “you’re destroying my sister’s spirit.” He adds, “the greatest gift you could give my sister is to let her go.”

Michelle asks her family to be at the wedding to support her. She rushes upstairs when she realizes that Danny hasn’t come down with Rick. She finds Danny looking at the nude drawing Jesse had sketched of her. Danny says that Jesse had a beautiful subject and that the drawing doesn’t do her justice.

Rick says it is time for them to love Michelle and support this marriage. Meta hopes that he is right. Michelle asks for a few minutes alone in her own room to collect a few things. Alone, she calls the FBI offering to help them get the Santos family. As she is offering her help, Danny walks back in. Danny walks in on Michelle on the phone with the FBI, but assumes that Michelle was trying to call Jesse. She covers, and is relieved he doesn’t know who she was really talking too. Then Danny informs Michelle that he wants them to consummate the marriage after the ceremony. Michelle is floored, and tries to tell him she needs to take things slowly.

Later back at Casa Santos, Michelle is trying in vain to take a nap. She tosses and turns. Danny enters carrying the box of souvenirs that Jesse sent over. Michelle insists she does not want it; he can toss it. Danny says it’s okay for her to have memories — she can keep the box. She stubbornly maintains that she does not want it. Danny leaves and Mama Santos watches in the wings as Michelle poignantly goes through the contents of the box. Michelle is reading Romeo and Juliet. Carmen comes in with her own wedding dress and mantilla. Carmen says it would mean a lot to Daniel’s grandmother if Michelle wore the dress instead of the new one she bought. Michelle replies that she would be honored to wear it. Michelle tries on the beautiful lace mantilla. Carmen remarks that Michelle may have fooled Danny, but she knows that Michelle does not love him, and she is not fooled.

Michelle continues to insist that she loves Danny. Drew enters. When Carmen leaves, Michelle and Drew laughingly refer to her as “Morticia.” The two young women commiserate. Michelle reveals that she phoned the FBI about the Santos family.

Jesse opens the door to Danny. Danny tells Jesse to back off and to leave Michelle alone. The two men argue. Danny tells Jesse to stay away from the Santos compound. He warns that if Jesse comes to the wedding, he is a dead man. After Danny leaves, Jesse calls Mark Endicott and cancels the show because of the wedding.

Drew counsels Michelle to earn the trust of the Santos family. She tells Michelle about Jesse’s upcoming art show tomorrow. Carmen tries one last time to talk Danny out of the marriage. Danny chillingly says if she doesn’t stop, he will leave the family forever.

Carmen tells Danny that she won’t stand in his way regarding Michelle. Rick, Abby and Meta arrives to witness an event that they know to be a charade. Drew coachs Michelle in the bride’s dressing room to make this wedding look real. Danny greets his family and tells his cousin that Michelle is truly special. As his grandmother takes her place next to Carmen, her first time out of her room since Mick’s death, the wedding gets underway. Rick apologizes for not doing a good enough job stepping in when their dad went away. He says that he would do anything for her, even right at that moment. Michelle just says, “please Rick, it’s time to give me away.”

He does as asked and walks her down the aisle. As the priest gets to the part of the vows asking anyone to speak now or forever hold their peace, Jesse stands in the back looking on. He imagines stepping forward and asking Michelle to tell everyone that he was the one she loved. In his mind, she tells Danny that Jesse is the only man for her and runs out with him. But in reality, the wedding moves forward. Michelle and Danny shares their vows with one another and become husband and wife in the eyes of God.

Michelle is surprised Danny has planned a honeymoon. Drew assures Michelle she’ll be her go-between with the FBI and comments on how genuine her and Danny’s kiss seemed. Nervous but determined to go through with everything, Michelle approaches Danny and, at her suggestion, they head upstairs. Michelle is surprised by the gifts of money they were given. When Danny asks Michelle if there’s anything she wants, she drops her dress and moves toward him. Clad only in her trousseau, she tries to be passionate with Danny, but her feelings of guilt prevent her from consummating her marriage vows. Danny then tries to make Michelle comfortable by giving her a massage and whispering sweet nothings in her ear, but it doesn’t work.

They are interrupted by the FBI, thanks to Drew having contacted them. Danny is livid that FBI agents burst in on his wedding night. Carmen is sure Michelle’s behind it, but Danny defends his wife and does not want her harassed. Michelle says it’s OK, she can handle it, as one agent questions her while the other questions Danny and Carmen. Michelle talks to him about bringing Carmen down, but the agent makes it clear that if Carmen goes down, Danny goes down with her. When Michelle defends Danny, the agent reminds her she must choose between saving herself or Danny. Once alone, Danny embraces Michelle, promising to protect her and telling her she is his life.

Michelle is grilled by the Santos family’s lawyer about her conversation with the FBI. Danny defends Michelle to Carmen and the attorney. Carmen speaks with Rick about her son’s death at Michelle’s hands, and Rick advises her to allow Danny to run his own life.

[This was probably a great scene between Rick and Carmen, but alas, it is on the cutting room floor and we never saw it.]

Later, Michelle secretly gives money to a woman threatened by the Santos family, in exchange for information about their illicit operations.

Michelle contacts the FBI to let them know about her speaking with Mrs. Silva. At church, she runs into Mrs. Silva, who wants to tell Danny about the money Michelle gave her. At Michelle’s request, Mrs. Silva reluctantly agrees not to. Michelle insists that she wants to help Danny get out of the crime business, but she needs Mrs. Silva to tell her all she knows. Ray overhears Mrs. Silva thanking Michelle, and later assures Michelle that Danny would never harm her for being generous to Mrs. Silva.

Danny, meanwhile, is having dinner with Carmen, who continues to relay her suspicions about Michelle. Danny wants to earn an honest living for Michelle and their future family. Carmen, disturbed, tells of their family history, explaining that his grandfather and father had dreams of building the Santos family to be a force to reckon with in the community. Though touched, Danny remains firm about wanting to go legit. Carmen offers to accept Michelle only if she passes a test of her loyalty, but Danny refuses, and vows that Carmen will lose him if she acts against Michelle. Still, he assures Carmen that if Michelle or anyone else betrayed his family, he would exact revenge against them. Soon after this, he’s shocked when Ray tells him that Michelle gave Mrs. Silva the money.

Michelle tells a suspicious Danny that she didn’t know Mrs. Silva was a “client,” and was just helping a poor woman out. Danny learns that Dietz is still following Michelle, and orders him to stop. He also tells Michelle that his mother had better not be right about Michelle’s working against the family. Reminding him that she’s his wife, Michelle kisses him. Danny takes her into their bedroom, and the two begin to make love. But Danny picks up on her hesitation. Aghast that he nearly forced her to do something she doesn’t want to do, he storms out.

Danny brings Michelle flowers to apologize for last night. Michelle tells him they need to trust each other. She and Danny tell each other of their first heartbreaks. Michelle discusses losing her eyesight, and then presses Danny to tell her about his family’s crime business. Danny questions whether she’s ready to take his life in her hands. He describes a litany of criminal activities — including a shipment of Cuban cigars arriving tomorrow night.

[While Danny did tell Michelle about the Cuban cigars, we did not see the scene where Michelle told him about losing her eyesight, nor did Danny talk about anything other than the cigars.]

He makes her promise she won’t tell anyone about this, since he could be arrested. She promises, but knows she must call the FBI. Danny privately hopes his wife won’t betray him.

Michelle privately tells Drew to call the FBI about the info she obtained from Danny. Drew presses Michelle for her feelings about Danny. She warns Michelle that Danny will come after her if he finds out. Danny, meanwhile, makes a call to guard against the possibility of an FBI raid, hoping he’s wrong about Michelle. Michelle overhears him telling his grandmother that he loves Michelle. Changing her mind, she calls Drew to tell her not to go through with calling the FBI. But it’s too late. Danny tells Carmen about the setup to test Michelle’s loyalty. He implies that if Michelle fails his test he’ll kill her. Later, Carmen tells Dietz make his girlfriend call the FBI posing as Michelle.

Michelle, having discovered she was too late to stop Drew from calling off the FBI, pretends she’s losing her eyesight again. Danny takes Michelle to the hospital. Rick examines her and privately asks her why she’s faking blindness. Drew and Jesse rush to the hospital, worried that Danny’s done something to Michelle. Jesse enters Michelle’s room and vows to help her. Danny orders Jesse to leave, since he can take care of his wife. Rick pushes both men out. Privately, Drew tells Michelle she knows Michelle is faking. Danny later comforts Michelle and promises he’ll stay by her side. Dietz then appears, secretly showing Danny pictures that prove the FBI showed up at the docks … at Michelle’s request.

The next day at Millennium, Michelle tells Drew she won’t involve her anymore in the plan to bring down the Santos family. Michelle unconvincingly denies being in love with Danny. Changing the subject, she comments on a box of artifacts from Drew’s past, which Drew plans to use in an interview about Millennium. While looking through the box, Michelle finds a letter that reveals Drew was adopted. Horrified, Drew rushes out.

Carmen, glad that Danny believes Michelle’s guilty of calling the FBI, reminds her son that he must punish Michelle for her betrayal. She wonders if Michelle also lied about Mick’s death, and if she’s still seeing Jesse. Danny’s doubts increase, especially when he later finds Michelle packing her bags. Michelle claims she’s spending time with Rick because of her eyesight. Danny calls her a liar.

Danny and Michelle are arguing. Michelle denies that she called the FBI. Danny puts his hands around her throat and says if she really did something so stupid as calling the FBI, he does not know if he would be able to forgive her. Michelle tells Danny that she overheard him talking with his grandmother and admitting he has feelings for her. She adds that hearing that made her feel good. She tells him he needs to trust his feelings for her. Danny talks softly to Michelle but places his hands around her throat again. Danny tells her he will protect her and take care of her. Michelle replies that she is glad he wasn’t there when the FBI showed up. Michelle is going to Rick’s house for a couple of days. Danny gets very emotional saying goodbye to her.

Danny tells Carmen he’s ready to avenge Michelle’s betrayal. Believing Michelle’s days are numbered, Carmen feigns sympathy for Michelle’s blindness, and cruelly tells her that life’s too short for animosity. Michelle doesn’t buy the sympathy act, and sticks up for herself. Danny overhears Dietz thanking his girlfriend for making the call to the FBI, as ordered by Carmen. He confronts his mother about the revelation, and embraces Michelle, now sure of her honesty. He tells Michelle he’ll come with her to Rick’s, to take care of her.

Jesse reveals to Drew that he called Rita, the woman who wrote the letter implying Drew was adopted. Drew is stunned when Rita appears, explaining that she lied about the letter. She describes Drew’s adoption, and Drew’s father’s decision to keep it a secret. Drew is devastated and angry with Jesse for going behind her back. Jesse begs for forgiveness, but she goes off to drink alone. Jesse goes to Selena to tell her Drew knows the truth.

Carmen talks with Dietz, and after playing a cat-and-mouse game with him, threatens him for his stupidity in letting Danny find out Dietz’s girlfriend called the FBI at Carmen’s request. Frightened, Dietz apologizes. Carmen acknowledges that he’s been a loyal employee for some time, but reminds him of the Santos need for vengeance.

Danny and Michelle go out to dinner with Rick and Abby. Privately, Abigail tells Michelle that it’s obvious Michelle has true feelings for Danny.

[Unfortunately, this is another scene that didn’t make it to the air. I would have loved to have seen it.]

Later, the newlyweds dance together in a moment heavy with sexual tension. Michelle — touched by his affection and encouraged by her growing feelings towards him — admits that she faked the blindness. She then learns that Danny gave her false info to test her. She realizes that she’s failed the test, and hesitantly admits as much to Danny.

[Another scene gone … Although we did see Michelle confess to faking her blindness and calling the FBI, we did not see Danny tell her that it was a test.]

Enraged at her for betraying him, Danny tells Rick and Abby to take Michelle home — he can’t even look at her right now. Later, a distraught Drew joins Danny for a drink at the bar.

Rick urges Michelle to tell him what happened with Danny. She refuses to admit the truth, just saying she married Danny to prevent Carmen from having her prosecuted. Meta privately confronts Michelle for omitting the truth — that Michelle’s life is in danger. Meta wants Michelle to leave town, but Michelle trusts Danny loves her… and admits she’s drawn to him.

Back at Millennium, Danny and Drew continue to drown their sorrows. Wanting to get away from everyone, Drew grabs a bottle and starts to leave. Danny asks her if she wants company. Drew takes Danny to the loft, where they bond over their mutual betrayals. Drew says she’s not afraid of Danny, despite his tough act. They continue to drink and bitterly damn everyone who hurt them. Soon their angry feelings lead them to passion. But after they had sex, Drew is horrified that she’s slept with Michelle’s husband. Just as she asks Danny to keep their night together a secret, Jesse arrives home.

Michelle is pouring out her heart to Meta as she tries to sort out her feelings for Danny. She admits to Meta that she cares for Danny for real now and wants to tell him so. Meanwhile, Danny and Drew are in bed together. Drew is expressing regret over having made love to him a few minutes ago. Danny tries to calm her down. Jesse unlocks the door, and as he struggles with the chain, she puts on a robe and Danny hides.

Jesse apologizes for inviting Rita over. Drew tells Jesse to leave and won’t open the door. By this time Danny has gotten dressed. With a guilty look on his face, he nods to Drew to open the door. They make the bed together. Danny hides in the bathroom while Drew opens the door to Jesse. He apologizes again for inviting Rita over. Drew insists she is okay. Jesse sees the rumpled bed, finds a man’s wallet and realizes that Drew did not sleep alone. He becomes angry and walks out. Drew cries. Danny comes out and apologizes. Danny notes that Jesse sounded jealous. Even though Danny denies it, Drew forces him to admit that he loves Michelle. But he adds that Michelle betrayed him and he is clearly furious about that.

Meta tells Michelle not to go and talk to Danny. She warns Michelle that no matter how nice, polite and polished he is, Danny was raised to be ruthless. He was also groomed for a certain type of lifestyle. Michelle insists he can change. After Meta leaves, she hears her voice in her head telling her not to go to Danny as she toys with her car keys. She calls Drew not knowing that Danny is still there. Drew simply says she can’t talk now. Once off the phone, Drew refers to herself as a slut. Danny jumps to her defense. They agree to keep what happened strictly between the two of them. Danny leaves, but his wallet is still on the floor.

Michelle has her head down on the kitchen table, asleep. She dreams that there is a knock on the door. It’s Danny and they passionately kiss and make up; but at the end of this beautiful scene he pulls a gun out, loads it and says, “You leave me no choice.” She wakes up, hears a knock at the door for real and goes to open it. Danny stands there looking dark, brooding and dangerous. This time it is not a dream.

Danny shoves his way past Michelle into the Bauer kitchen. She brandishes a knife and shrieks, “I know you came here to kill me!” Danny can’t believe his ears; she drops the knife. He thought they had gotten past their initial misgivings about each other, but he was wrong. He has made the only decision he can, and declares their marriage over. A desperate Michelle insists that she’s ready to be his wife and won’t do anything to make him unhappy; by severing their relationship, he’s giving her a death sentence. He gives his word that she’ll be safe from his mother’s wrath. He kisses her goodbye and places his wedding ring in her palm.

[Note: This scene was a hell of a lot more emotional than this description makes it sound. Danny could not leave without holding her in his arms one more time and Michelle clung to him as if her life depended on it, sobbing openly. And when he kissed her, Michelle kissed him right back. In fact, this was the first true kiss between the two of them. It was so beautiful, but so heartbreaking.]

Danny tells Carmen at Towers about breaking up with Michelle, and orders her not to hurt Michelle. Carmen maintains he’ll soon be a widower. Danny threatens to turn a ledger detailing Carmen’s illegal activities over to the FBI if she hurts Michelle… even if it means he goes to prison too. Later, Carmen fires her lawyer for allowing Danny to obtain the ledger, and asks Ben to join her team of lawyers. He refuses… but she’s still impressed with him.

At Jesse’s loft with Drew, Michelle spots Danny’s wallet, which he’d left the other day. Drew makes up a lie to explain why the wallet’s there. Jesse arrives, and Michelle reveals that her marriage is over. Wanting her old life back, she asks him to forgive her. She invites him to dinner, but he has to think about it. Michelle leaves and sees Danny in the hallway. She returns Danny’s wallet. Jesse, seeing them together, accepts Michelle’s dinner invitation.

Drew and Danny commiserate at Millennium on Michelle and Jesse’s apparent reunion. Danny admits he’s miserable but is convinced his marriage is over. They agree to keep their night together a secret. Jesse and Michelle arrive, and Michelle is distressed to see Danny. When she goes to the restroom, Jesse notices Drew and Danny’s closeness, and realizes Danny was the man in Drew’s bed last night. As he confronts them, Michelle appears and asks what’s going on.

Carmen meets Ben again to convince him to accept her job offer, and says he’d be working for her, not Danny. They make plans to meet tomorrow night.

Jesse confronts Danny and Drew about their night together when Michelle enters. Jesse privately challenges Danny to tell Michelle, saying he won’t be the person to hurt Michelle. He blasts Danny for taking advantage of Drew.

[This exchange between Danny and TWV (The Walking Vegetable) was cut. Damn, probably had some fabulous Danny reaction shots.]

Later, he warns Drew not to tell Michelle the truth, and warns her about Danny. Drew claims at least Danny could offer her what Jesse can’t — physical affection. Danny urges Michelle to reunite with Jesse, saying he only pretended to love Michelle. Michelle agrees she pretended as well. However, after she walks out, in anguish, Danny whispers to himself, “I do love you.”

Later, she talks with Meta about Jesse and Danny, claiming that she wants to start her life with Jesse over again.

[Argh, another great scene where Michelle talks about Danny, and is totally in denial about Jesse, on the cutting room floor. Again, may I say, arrggghhh!!!]

Jesse arrives, and asks Michelle why she really married Danny. She reveals she married Danny so he wouldn’t have to avenge Mick’s death — and that she never slept with Danny. Later, Michelle gets a phone call and agrees to meet someone. Jesse thinks he knows where she’s going, and starts to head out. Meanwhile, Danny talks with Ray and asks for an annulment. Ray says as long as he loves Michelle, an annulment would be wrong. Michelle arrives, and Ray challenges her to swear she doesn’t love Danny.

Jesse guesses that Michelle is with Danny, since she lied about being with Meta. Meta defends Danny to him, but Jesse later leaves to find Michelle. Michelle can’t tell Ray decisively that she doesn’t love Danny. Danny asks her why she’s prolonging this, reminding her that she’s the one who wanted out of their marriage, and storms out. Ray reveals that Danny threatened to turn Carmen in to the FBI in order to save Michelle. When Michelle runs to stop Danny from leaving, Jesse arrives and sees them together.

At Carmen’s home for dinner, Ben and Carmen discuss the terms of Ben’s employment. Carmen explains she’d have to “terminate” him if he wanted to dissolve their partnership. Ben tries to seduce Carmen but she says she’s not impressed. He counters that he’s not impressed by her threats either. With the two at a mutual understanding, Ben leaves.

At Millennium, Danny and Drew discuss their drunken night together. He reveals he’s seeing a woman tonight following a business meeting. Danny tells Juan to make a “delivery” without Carmen’s knowledge.

Michelle prepares a romantic dinner for her and Jesse, but calls Jesse by Danny’s name. She apologizes profusely and he accepts. The evening continues with a few mishaps, but they toast their relationship. Jesse asks her why she’s still wearing Danny’s ring. She removes it, and they start off to Jesse’s apartment. They go to the Millennium, where Michelle is shocked to see Danny with a pretty young girl.

At Millennium, upset about Danny’s closeness to this pretty young girl (Pilar), Michelle leaves with Jesse. Pilar wonders why Danny didn’t tell Michelle that Pilar is Danny’s sister. Danny gives Pilar a very brief, censored version of his and Michelle’s marriage, avoiding mention of their family’s threat to Michelle’s life.

Meanwhile, Michelle and Jesse head to Jesse’s loft, where Jesse feels she’s forcing herself to get close to Jesse. She assures him this isn’t true, that she wants to recapture their life together. Drew walks in and orders them out, and tells Jesse he has to move out altogether. Jesse apologizes to Drew, and she warns him to be careful of Michelle, considering her feelings for Danny. Jesse agrees to look for another place to live.

Carmen is both thrilled and annoyed to find Pilar in Springfield. Pilar maintains that she wants to stay in town, but Carmen refuses, saying she has to go back to Barcelona to school. Privately, Carmen asks Danny if he brought Pilar here as vengeance for what Carmen did to Michelle. She doesn’t want Pilar to learn the nature of their business.

Michelle asks Rick if Jesse can move in with her, claiming that she and Jesse belong together. Rick asks her if she has feelings for Danny, and she says she doesn’t. He vows to give her independence, but later expresses his concern about Michelle’s welfare to Abigail.

Jesse and Drew argue, and Jesse admits he cares for her — he doesn’t want her to get hurt again. Hurt, Drew says she doesn’t need a brother, and tells him to move out so she can pursue a social life without being judged. Jesse warns her off Danny. Drew packs Jesse’s things and throws them out the door, telling him she doesn’t want to see him until he looks at her as if she’s the only woman for him. Jesse pulls her close to him, just as Michelle appears.

Drew tells Jesse to choose between her and Michelle. Jesse reveals to Michelle he’s moving out of Drew’s place, and Drew storms off. Michelle notes the passion of his argument with Drew, asks him if he has feelings for Drew. Jesse avoids the question, reminding her that he witnessed her marriage to Danny, and says he needs time to think. Michelle leaves just as Drew returns. Drew tells Jesse to leave as well, but Jesse says he’s staying. A fuming Drew tosses him out anyway.

Pilar announces she plans to stay in Springfield. Carmen privately warns Danny to fix this situation and leaves. Danny and Pilar talk about Michelle and his feelings for her. Pilar urges him to tell Michelle of his love for her. But he claims his marriage is over. Pilar sees Michelle on the phone with her father planning a visit. The young girl goes to Michelle and introduces herself, correcting Michelle’s assumption that she’s Danny’s girlfriend. When Danny tells Michelle they need to meet with a priest for an annulment, Michelle reveals she’s leaving town.

Danny orders another “shipment” from a supplier, and argues with Carmen, who doesn’t want him taking on more business while Pilar is in town. He’s acting recklessly because of Michelle, Carmen warns. Danny leaves to attend to business in an alley — where he and a worker are discovered by David and another cop! The cop insults Danny, and they end up fighting. David arrests Danny for attacking a police officer.

Frank questions Danny about being caught stealing electronics. Pilar arrives and, to Danny’s dismay, Frank tells her about the charges against the Santos “mob family.” Carmen appears with Ben, who produces proof that the electronics were the property of the Santos family. Frank reluctantly agrees to release Danny, who reasserts to Pilar that the family isn’t involved in crime. Carmen is impressed with Ben, and tells him he’s proven himself — he’s earned a place working for her.

Jesse and Drew talk about Michelle, and Drew assures Jesse Michelle will call him. He admits feeling reluctant about moving out of the loft, saying he’ll miss Drew.

Pilar confronts Danny with newspaper listings about the family’s criminal activities. He claims their business is legitimate. Pilar then asks Danny to tell her the truth about Mick’s death. When she mentions asking Michelle, Danny decides to send Pilar back to school. He leaves her alone. Pilar spots Bill, and pretends to him that Danny has been hitting on her. He agrees to help her, and by the time Danny returns, Pilar and Bill have left.

Pilar lies to Bill about who she is, and presses him to tell her what he knows about Danny. Bill describes how Michelle was forced to marry Danny in order to prevent Carmen from having her killed. He refers to the Santoses as a family of killers. Pilar is devastated, and Bill is surprised by her reaction. Danny finds them together and orders Bill to get his hands off his sister.

When Danny tries to take Pilar home by force, Bill punches him. Danny learns that Bill told Pilar about the Santos family’s criminal nature — in particular, the hit Carmen placed on Michelle’s life. When Pilar states her disgust at Carmen, Danny is forced to explain that Michelle killed their brother, Mick. Pilar wants revenge. Dismayed, Danny doesn’t want Pilar to end up like Carmen — or like himself — and asks her to return to school. Later, Danny threatens Bill, warning him to stay away from his sister.

Bill tells Danny how much suffering Michelle has done because of Danny. Danny acknowledges this and vows that their relationship is over. Bill adds that Danny should keep away from both Michelle and Pilar. Danny drives off, distraught, meanwhile Pilar confronts Carmen, demanding more information about the crime business. Carmen tries to defend everything that has been done, and says she’s only wanted to protect Pilar. Pilar doesn’t accept any of Carmen’s explanations, even when her mother starts to weep. The girl proclaims that she’s no longer a part of the family, and leaves to call Bill. Carmen assumes Pilar called a cab, and Pilar defiantly claims she called for her lover!

Danny drives to the lighthouse, and remembers the night he and Michelle pretended to make love for Jesse’s benefit. Michelle appears, to his surprise. She explains that she needed time alone, and has been staying here rather than visiting her father. Michelle wonders why Danny is here ….

Bill arrives at Carmen’s house, and Carmen unleashes her wrath at him — thinking that he’s Pilar’s lover. Bill protests that this isn’t true, and Pilar defends Bill. She lashes out at her mother, saying she hates her — and Carmen slaps her. Apologizing for losing control, Carmen begs for forgiveness, but Pilar rushes off with Bill. Bill is worried that Pilar’s a danger to him, but is concerned that Pilar doesn’t have any place to live. Pilar ends up falling asleep at his place.

Jesse tells Drew that he knows now he belongs with her … he loves her. Drew’s elated, but makes Jesse promise to talk to Michelle before they pursue their relationship further.

Danny tells Michelle he was out driving and ended up at the lighthouse. He starts to leave, but Michelle tells him not to go. She admits she came here to think about Jesse, but can’t stop thinking about Danny. At long last she admits that she has feelings for him that she can’t deny. She kisses him, and he responds. Michelle tells him he can get away from his family and they can live together. But Danny knows he can’t leave his family… he can’t be with Michelle if she wants to change him. He leaves, despite Michelle’s protests.

Carmen laments Pilar’s hatred for her. She blasts Danny for bringing Pilar home, but Danny tells her that Carmen’s the one who destroyed their family. After Carmen rushes out, upset, Ray gives Danny the annulment papers. Carmen later tells a henchman to do whatever it takes to convince Bill to turn his back on Pilar, giving Pilar no choice but to return home.

At Millennium, Michelle tells Drew that Danny made it clear he doesn’t want her. Drew responds that it’s too late for Michelle to return to Jesse. Drew admits that she and Jesse are in limbo while Michelle tries to work out her feelings. Michelle protests that she’s chosen Danny, but he refused her. Danny enters the restaurant, and Michelle goes to his side, hoping for a reunion. But instead, Danny hands her the annulment papers.

Michelle insists to Danny that she wants to continue with the marriage, and even tears up the annulment papers. But Danny purposely acts cruel: he describes the family legacy of deceit and crime, and claims that he only feels lust for Michelle. He describes how she’d be destroyed by his way of life, and wonders how she’d feel if he brought their children into the family business. Devastated, Michelle leaves, telling him to send her new annulment papers. Later, Michelle is shocked when she discovers Jesse and Drew in bed.

Michelle enters Jesse’s loft and discovers Drew and Jesse in bed. She lashes into Drew for chasing after Jesse, but Jesse defends Drew and calls Michelle a hypocrite. Drew leaves, certain Jesse and Michelle will reunite. But Michelle calms down and tells Jesse she wants him to be happy, and leaves, devastated. Drew returns and Jesse assures her that he only wants Drew.

Pilar and Danny are shocked when a battered Bill arrives at Millennium. Bill accuses Danny of having him beaten up, but Pilar guesses that Carmen was responsible. She tells Bill to stay away from her world. Bill says he wants to help her.

Danny confronts Carmen in fury, and chokes the thug who attacked Bill. He vows to help Pilar get away from Carmen. Carmen asks if he’ll ever stop punishing her for Michelle, and Danny storms off.

Michelle returns to live at home with Rick and Abby. She talks with a concerned Abby, who doesn’t believe Michelle’s protests that she’s ready to start a life without Danny.

At Millennium, Danny gets drunk and claims to Pilar that, thanks to Carmen, his life is over. Pilar encourages him to pursue Michelle, not to let Carmen win. Carmen later offers Danny a chance to work in California for his uncle. Pilar begs him not to accept the deal, but Danny does — making the condition that Carmen agrees not to interfere in Pilar’s life.

Michelle learns that Bill was beaten up, and Bill assures her Danny wasn’t responsible. Michelle warns him to stay away from Pilar, but Bill focuses on Michelle’s love for Danny.

Carmen talks to Ben and asks him to help her with her financial records, citing Danny’s threat to expose the family’s crimes to the IRS. Ben refuses to alter the records, but agrees to defend her if worst comes to worst. In return, he asks for a company under Carmen’s control that could rival Spaulding Enterprises. He kisses Carmen and leaves. Carmen calls her henchman and tells him that Michelle is “as good as dead …”

Pilar is upset that Danny gave up his life with Michelle in order to help her. Danny insists that he’s not right for Michelle, but Pilar doesn’t believe him. Bill arrives and Danny asks him to look after Pilar when he leaves for California. Pilar arranges for Michelle to walk in on Danny.

Bill tells Pilar that Danny isn’t good enough for Michelle, which upsets Pilar. Pilar says that Bill won’t even introduce her to his mother, and storms off. Bill defends himself, reminding her of all he’s done for her. Pilar apologizes for overreacting, and Bill assures her that he doesn’t see the Santos family when he looks at her — only her.

Danny tells Michelle he’s leaving town tonight. Poignantly, they talk about meeting the right people at the wrong time in their lives. Danny apologizes for hurting her. Danny flashes back to passionate moments in their relationship, and Michelle sorrowfully gives him her wedding band. They say their good-byes as Michelle exits. Heartbroken, she breaks down in tears.

Michelle talks to Rick about focusing on college, revealing that Danny has left town. Rick is glad that she’s no longer involved with the Santos family. Alone, Michelle fantasizes that Danny returns and asks her to marry him. Later, she gets a call from Carmen saying that Danny wants to see her.

Danny calls Carmen from his car phone to remind her that if Michelle is hurt, he’s prepared to use Carmen’s bookkeeping ledgers to bring down the family. Carmen hangs up and turns to Dietz, telling him to kill Michelle. But the phone was left off the hook by mistake, and Danny hears the order for Michelle’s death! He swings his car around at once. When Michelle arrives at Carmen’s house, Carmen announces that today is Judgment Day for Michelle. As this occurs, Danny’s speeding car crashes!

Carmen taunts Michelle, preparing to kill her. Michelle lashes back at her, saying Carmen’s blaming her for the loss of her children, when in reality Carmen’s to blame! Carmen gloats about Michelle’s impending death when David arrives, informing them of Danny’s car accident!

They rush to the hospital, where Rick is in charge of Danny’s case. As Danny’s wife, Michelle takes responsibility for Danny’s care, and signs a release form for surgery as an angry Carmen watches. Later, Danny awakens and squeezes Michelle’s hand.

As Danny is taken for a CAT scan, Michelle insists to Carmen that he was driving so fast because he was returning to save Michelle from Carmen. But when Danny awakens, he doesn’t remember what led up to the accident. Later, Carmen promises Michelle that if Michelle leaves Danny alone, Carmen will never hurt her or her family. Michelle refuses to leave Danny’s side.

Danny awakes, still unable to remember what happened to him. When he drifts off to sleep again, Michelle promises to remain by his side. Pilar arrives and says she knows Michelle cares for Danny. Michelle reveals she’s banned Carmen from visiting Danny.

Carmen asks Ben for help in dealing with Michelle. Ben gives her finalized divorce papers for Danny and Michelle, which means she can now be in charge of Danny’s care. Intending to take Danny home, Carmen visits his room — but he’s gone!

Danny awakens at the lighthouse, and wonders why Michelle has taken him there. She vows to take care of him until he remembers everything.

Selena and Drew talk about Drew’s night with Danny.

[The above is another scene on the editing room floor.]

Carmen approaches Drew, wanting to know Drew’s secret. Drew doesn’t realize that Carmen’s under the impression that Drew helped Michelle move Danny from the hospital. Instead, Drew reveals that she and Danny slept together.

Michelle tells Danny she brought him to the lighthouse to protect him from Carmen… she doesn’t want Carmen to brainwash him against her. Danny kisses her, and they apologize to each other for their missed chances. He remembers he was coming back to Michelle when he had the accident. As he tells Michelle he knows why he was driving so fast to get to her, Carmen reaches out to open the door.

When Carmen arrives at the lighthouse, Danny suddenly remembers her plan to kill Michelle, and orders Carmen to leave. Michelle claims her bond with Danny is unbreakable, but Carmen reveals that Danny slept with Drew. Danny tries to explain what happened, but heartbroken Michelle doesn’t think their relationship can be salvaged.

Danny pleads with Michelle to understand that his sleeping with Drew meant nothing, but Michelle remains wounded. Michelle reminds him that he told her that he never really loved her. Danny reveals that he was just trying to protect her, and tells her to fight for their marriage.

Meanwhile, Danny admits to Pilar that he slept with Drew. Pilar can’t imagine how Danny could love one woman and sleep with another. She rails against all men, and pushes Bill aside as she passes him and Vanessa.

Michelle lashes into Drew for sleeping with Danny. Drew apologizes and tells Michelle that Danny loves Michelle, but Michelle is too hurt to believe her. Things get worse when Jesse arrives and defends Drew. Michelle leaves and heads to Millennium, where she meets up with some college friends. She steals a drink and pronounces herself ready for fun. The frat boys invite her to a party. As she drunkenly accepts, Danny enters.

Danny spots a drunk Michelle acting up with the frat boys, and refuses to let her leave with them. He takes her home despite her protests, and takes her shoes and car keys so that she can’t leave. She blasts him for trying to help her when he’s the one who hurt her in the first place. He pledges to keep her here until she sobers up. Demanding a party, Michelle draws Danny into a kiss.

Carmen reveals her misery to Ben over the widening rift between her and her children. Ben counsels her to remind Danny and Pilar how much they love her. Together, they come up with the plan to stage an attempt on her life — to have one of her men strafe the empty house with gunfire, and see how fast the kids come back to help her!

Michelle and Danny kiss, and she asks Danny if she’s as good as Drew. She starts to tug off her clothes, challenging him to sleep with her. Danny scoops her up and dumps her into a cold shower. He tries to break through her barriers, promising to stay away from his family. Affected, she’s about to respond when Ben calls, revealing that an attempt has been made on Carmen’s life.

Pilar apologizes to Bill for treating him badly the other day, and they decide to go dancing. Needing some clothes from her mother’s house, Pilar gets Bill to help her sneak inside. Once within the darkened, empty house, they start to kiss. At that moment, outside, Carmen’s thug loads his gun and prepares to open fire….

Bill successfully pushes Pilar away from the spray of bullets as Carmen’s thug shoots up the house. Carmen, Ben, Danny and Michelle arrive, and Carmen is horrified to see that her plan nearly got her daughter killed. Michelle is suspicious at Carmen’s obvious guilty response, but Ben explains it’s normal maternal instinct.

Danny pledges to find out who’s responsible for the “attempt on Carmen’s life,” but also assures Michelle he won’t break his promise to leave the family when possible. Michelle tells him she’ll stick by him. Carmen privately thanks Ben for helping her, and kisses him.

Danny tells Carmen he’ll stay in the family only as long as necessary to find out who set up the shooting of Carmen’s house. Carmen decides that in order to keep Danny within the family, she needs to get him to focus on an outside enemy.

Michelle warns Bill about getting involved with Pilar and her family. She guesses that Carmen set up the shooting, but Bill convinces her that Carmen wouldn’t put her own daughter’s life in jeopardy.

Bill invites Pilar to the wedding. Worried that his life is in danger, Pilar refuses, claiming she needs to stay close to her family. Later, Danny calls Michelle and vows to make a life with her away from his family.

Danny convinces Carmen to encourage Pilar to accept Bill’s invitation to the wedding. Thanking her mother, Pilar runs off to meet Bill. Danny, meanwhile, talks with Ray about Michelle, and pledges not to lose his chance to be with the woman he loves. Later, he visits Michelle in her bedroom, where they kiss passionately.

Pilar surprises Michelle by warning her that Danny belongs with Carmen, and that Michelle and Danny can never be together. Michelle presses her for the real reason for her change of heart, and Pilar mentions Vanessa’s harsh reaction to the idea that Bill and Pilar are together.

Ben warns Carmen that her schemes to bring her family together are going to backfire. Concerned about the near-deaths of Pilar and Bill thanks to the shooting, Ben announces that he’s decided against being Carmen’s attorney. Carmen, furious, decides to make Ben the fall guy for the shooting. She shocks Danny by informing him that Ben was responsible for the attempt on her life. Danny, enraged, promises to take care of Ben. Meanwhile, Ben leads Blake into an elevator and presses the “stop” button. Outside, Danny crosses to the elevator, out for revenge.

Finding Danny at Towers, Michelle tries to tell him that Carmen was behind the shooting, but Danny doesn’t believe her. Distracted by his desire for revenge, he tells Michelle to keep away from him, that he doesn’t want her to be in danger. Later, he finds Ben and pointedly warns him that he’s promised to destroy the man who tried to kill Carmen. When he leaves Ben alone, Ben realizes at once that Carmen is setting him up.

At the hospital, Michelle tells Rick about the shooting at Carmen’s, but says Carmen was behind it. Rick worries that she’s putting her life in danger by trying to find out the truth.

Ben confronts Carmen and tells her that Danny seems to think Ben was behind the shooting. He acts desperate, begging her to set Danny straight. Carmen agrees, but warns Ben against telling Danny that she was responsible for the fake attempt on her life. When she leaves, Ben privately makes sure he got everything on his tape recorder.

Carmen and Danny walk in on Bill and Pilar kissing. Danny stops Carmen from chastising Pilar and sends the young couple out. Carmen tells Danny about her confrontation with Ben – and says she’s now sure Ben tried to kill her! Ben arrives and Carmen pretends she’s afraid of him. Danny searches Ben and finds the tape recorder. Ben challenges Carmen to tell Danny what’s on the tape.

Ben threatens to play the tape recording of Carmen incriminating herself for the shooting, but Carmen promises to clear things up. Realizing he’s in the power seat, Ben also demands money and power – including a company so he can go up against Alan. Agreeing, Carmen tells Danny that she lied about Ben because he turned her down romantically.

Michelle tells Danny they should be together, danger or no danger. Being apart is driving her crazy! Danny firmly shuts her out of his life, for her own good.

Michelle interrupts Bill’s date with Pilar in order to reconstruct the events of the shooting. She learns there was a time discrepancy that could point the finger towards Carmen.

Ben teases Carmen, wondering why the story she used with Danny happened to include being in love with Ben. A phone call interrupts them, and Carmen rushes out, claiming that Danny’s taken a step that could put all their lives at risk.

Michelle steals into the house to get the clock, which stopped as a result of the shooting, but is forced to hide when Ben and Carmen enter the room … followed by Danny, who vows to take a dangerous step to get back with the woman he loves.

Danny has called a meeting of the local crime families in order to learn who was behind the attempt on Carmen’s life. He announces that the Santos family is going legit! Carmen covers in public, but privately tells Ben she has no intention of making the business legitimate.

Another crime boss, Nino, shows contempt at Danny’s plans. Privately with a colleague, he expresses his mistrust of Carmen. Nino mutters to himself that he’s not going to sit around waiting to be killed.

Danny calls a family meeting to discuss taking the Santos business legit. Pilar is overjoyed at the news. Ray announces that he’s going to be ordained on Friday, and everyone’s invited to the mass. Privately, Ben tells Carmen he knows her desire for power will prevent her from allowing the family to go legit. Carmen accuses him of the same ambition.

Carmen’s henchman Dietz secretly calls Nino, the member of a rival crime family, and tells him that the entire Santos clan will be in church on Friday…it’ll be a perfect time to “take care of them.” Later, Danny visits Michelle and proposes that they remarry in church on Friday after Ray’s ordination. Michelle, on Bill’s advice, doesn’t tell Danny about Carmen’s setting up the shooting.

prepare for their secret wedding ceremony after Ray’s ordination later this afternoon. Danny asks Rick for Michelle’s hand in marriage, promising to take care of her. Michelle shares Abigail’s joy at the success of her operation.

Carmen admits to Ben that she’s determined to keep the Santoses in the crime business because of the vow she made to her dying husband. She decides to meet secretly with her rivals after Ray’s ordination ceremony to announce that she’s still in business.

Dietz, meanwhile, plots with Nino to kill off the Santos family. As everyone arrives at the church for Ray’s mass, it’s revealed that Dietz and Nino have planted a bomb.

The Santos family gathers for Ray’s first mass, along with Michelle, Bill, Rick and Abigail. As Ray speaks, Abigail hears a sound she doesn’t recognize. Rick reminds her that the doctor warned her there might be some trouble with the implants, but she’s still troubled.

Ben notes that Dietz has left the church, but Carmen says Dietz is just checking to make sure everything is safe. Ben remains uneasy, especially when Abigail exclaims that she hears a strange sound. She searches for the source of the noise, and she and Danny discover the bomb!

Everyone tries to leave the church, but the door is locked. Ben realizes that whoever did this wants the Santos family dead, and probably barred all the exits to the church. Bill, using his computer knowledge, tries to disarm the bomb. Afraid to pull the wrong wire, he hesitates as the clock ticks down. Danny takes over, reaching in as he prepares to pull one of the wires with less than twenty seconds to go!

As the seconds tick away, Danny manages to cut the right wire to defuse the bomb. Dietz lies and says some stranger left the bomb. Carmen orders Dietz to tell the other crime families that the Santos family is back.

Rick tries to take Michelle home, where she can be safe. Danny agrees, but Michelle refuses to leave with her brother. When Carmen insults Michelle for bringing Danny down, Michelle at last tells Danny that she can prove Carmen was behind the shooting at the Santos house.

Rick’s concerns about Michelle are growing thanks to the bomb scare. Abigail attempts to calm him down, but he can’t help but worry about his sister, as long as she stays with Danny.

Michelle again demands that Carmen confess to being behind the shooting. At last Carmen admits that it was her doing, but that she did it for her family. She warns that Danny can’t leave the family now – he’ll put them all at risk. Danny is disgusted and calls her a monster. Michelle announces that if Danny must stay with the family, she will stay by his side.

Rick and Phillip talk about Michelle, and how to protect her from the Santos family. Phillip mentions that if necessary, they can force her to stay at home – or Rick can talk to Danny and convince him that Michelle is safer away from him.

Danny tells Michelle that he wants her and Pilar to stay at the family’s home in San Cristobel for a while. Michelle refuses, claiming that she’d rather die than leave Danny’s side. They kiss, and she says she wants to make love to him. But Rick arrives, and tells Danny to send Michelle home to her family!

Rick makes an impassioned pitch to Danny, saying that if Danny really loves Michelle, he’ll send her home. Danny claims that he is responsible for Michelle now. Rick leaves, and shares his frustrations with a sympathetic Phillip.

Meanwhile, Danny secrets Michelle in the lighthouse to get her away from the turmoil…and so they can finally have their first true night as husband and wife. Danny gets a call about a bomb threat at the Santos home, and he hurries off.

Meanwhile, Carmen gets a call from Bernard, the head of a rival family, who admits his son was behind the bomb. She tells him he can make up for his son’s mistake by doing her a favor. When Danny arrives at the house, he realizes he’s been tricked into leaving Michelle alone. He threatens Carmen, telling her that he’ll kill her if anything happens to Michelle. But it’s too late – Michelle is abducted from the lighthouse by two shadowy figures!

Danny accuses Carmen of hurting Michelle. She denies it, and Ben defends her. Danny leaves and, at the lighthouse, sees the sign of Michelle’s struggle. Deciding against Carmen’s involvement, Danny tracks down the true culprit ….

Carmen thanks Ben for sticking up for her, though he wryly states that he doesn’t think she’s innocent. She rewards Ben by making him president of Sancorp, her late husband’s first company in Springfield. Ben’s thrilled, knowing he can finally go up against Alan.

Locked in a hospital room, Michelle is aghast to find Rick is her captor! Rick explains that to protect her, he’s authorized a 72-hour psychiatric watch on her. Michelle blasts him for frightening her and Danny. She vows to return to Danny.

Danny arrives at the hospital and argues with Rick. He asserts that he and Michelle will one day have a safe future together. Rick is unconvinced, and says that he’s responsible for Michelle’s safety. As Michelle pounds on the door, Danny promises to find a way to free her.

Michelle yells at Rick for not respecting her choices. She vows she’ll never see Rick again once Danny gets her released. Rick tries to defend himself to no avail. Dr. Bradford visits Michelle and grows concerned when Michelle claims Carmen has made attempts on her life.

Rick allows Danny to visit Michelle as long as Abigail stays to chaperone them. Michelle and Danny profess their love, and Abigail is greatly affected. She tells Rick that if he continues to separate Danny and Michelle, he risks a great deal…including Michelle’s love.

At dinner with Abigail, Rick realizes that Danny has followed them to the restaurant. He complains to Abigail that Danny’s been following him all day, and goes to have it out with Danny. Rick harshly tells Danny that he won’t be intimidated.

Abigail tries to make Rick understand that Michelle and Danny belong together. Rick dismisses her feelings and leaves for a phone call. When he returns, Abigail is missing – and he finds a note on the table: “Your wife’s with me – now you know what it feels like.”

Rick learns that Abigail was seen leaving the restaurant with Danny. He races to confront Danny, accusing him of kidnapping Abigail. Danny pretends sympathy and advises Rick to go look for his wife. When Rick becomes agitated, Danny’s bodyguard throws him out. Abigail emerges from hiding, distraught that her plan to change Rick’s mind didn’t work ….

Carmen visits Michelle in the hospital, sincerely attempting a truce. Michelle doesn’t believe her and orders her out. Offended, Carmen lies and claims that she’s here to sabotage Michelle. Michelle lunges at Carmen, and orderlies hold her back. When Michelle tries to explain to her doctor that Carmen’s out to get her, the doctor isn’t convinced ….

Carmen talks to Ben about the incident with Michelle. Ben warns her that Danny will blame Carmen if Michelle’s not let out of the hospital because of their argument.

Abigail shares her worries with Danny, afraid that she’s ruined her marriage by trying to show Rick what it’s like to lose a loved one. Danny agrees to take Abigail to Rick. They arrive at the hospital and Rick is overjoyed, but furious with Danny. Abigail reluctantly admits that the “kidnapping” was her idea.

Dr. Bradford fails to calm Michelle, and orders a nurse to give Michelle a sedative. After a talk with Phillip, Rick apologizes to Michelle, thinking she’s asleep. When he learns she’s been drugged, he goes ballistic and demands her release. Dr. Bradford refuses, saying that Michelle has to stay another two weeks.

When an emergency sends the doctors and orderlies away from Michelle’s room, Danny sneaks in and carries his sleeping wife out of the hospital.

Abigail apologizes to a stunned Rick for planning the fake kidnapping. Rick’s devastated that she’d frighten him this way. They learn that Danny has taken Michelle from the hospital.

Danny takes Michelle to his home, planning to send her to San Cristobel. They bump into Ben and Carmen, who are on their way to the bedroom. Danny blasts Carmen for threatening Michelle, but Carmen claims she wanted to make peace – and Michelle confirms this. Michelle says she’s willing to start again with Carmen in order to have a life with Danny. Danny still doesn’t forgive his mother.

Rick and Abigail find Danny and Michelle, and Danny challenges Rick to call the police. Rick refuses, saying that he’s taken full responsibility for everything – and he knows he can’t keep Michelle and Danny apart. Michelle remains furious with Rick. Rick and Abigail leave, distant with each other. Danny and Michelle cling to each other, vowing their love.

Michelle takes Danny to Laurel Falls, thrilled to finally be reunited with him. She’s stunned to learn that he’s arranged a surprise wedding for her, right out of her childhood fantasy – completely with beautiful music, flowers, and Ray to perform the wedding ceremony.

Danny and Michelle renew their vows before God and themselves, speaking of their deep love. Later, they dance together, ending up in each other’s arms as they begin to make love at last.

After their magical night together, Michelle and Danny spend the morning making love and talking about their happiness. Danny tells Michelle he wants to be a better man. She insists she’s accepted the realities of his criminal life, and wants to get along better with Carmen. They talk about how far they’ve come in their relationship, and how much they look forward to the future. And then they make love again.

Returning to Carmen’s house, Danny tells Michelle about their home in San Cristobel. Carmen tries to get Danny to postpone his honeymoon, claiming that the family is still in danger. Danny refuses, and leaves to pack.

Michelle talks with Carmen, trying to forge an understanding. Carmen pretends to agree to a truce, and gives Michelle the San Cristobel villa as a present. At Carmen’s request, Michelle agrees to bring a box to a banker friend in San Cristobel. This box turns out to contain chocolates. But Carmen privately tells Dietz that next time, Michelle will be bringing more than candy overseas ….

Arriving at the Santos home in San Cristobel, Michelle is awestruck at the beautiful house. Danny is visited by Prince Edmund, the successor to the throne (and a family friend). Edmund admits to Michelle that he never really got along with Carmen, but he’s very close to Danny. Later, Michelle and Danny prepare for a romantic evening, certain San Cristobel will be a blissful escape.

In San Cristobel, Josh insists that he and Reva leave for Springfield. Reva wants to stay and pick up the pieces of her missing years, but Josh is too worried that something dangerous is going on. Michelle and Danny bump into them, surprised, and at once the young couple notices the Lewises’ distraction. Reva mentions having left her ring at the jewelers’, and Michelle offers to pick it up for her.

As they pack, Reva is now worried about having gotten Michelle involved. Josh understands but demands that they get out of this country, where they have no legal rights whatsoever. They hasten out of the hotel. Meanwhile, Danny debates with Michelle, since he doesn’t want her to be involved in someone else’s trouble. They are astonished to see the police following Josh and Reva. As they watch, the Lewises are stopped by the police and arrested.

Michelle begs Danny to help Josh and Reva. Danny speaks with Prince Edmund, who – shaken after seeing Josh and Reva’s picture – agrees to “take care” of them. He refuses to let Danny come with him. Danny and Michelle prepare to spend a romantic evening together.

Danny massages lotion onto Michelle after she gets sunburned. Their romantic moments are interrupted by Alden, the head of the Santos Bank and a friend of Carmen’s. Michelle remembers to give him the box of chocolates from Carmen. Later, she and Danny talk about their perfect future together.

Alden calls Carmen and tells her that he received the box. Carmen reveals that she’s using Michelle as a carrier because Michelle wants to be a member of the family. The next package will consist of bearer bonds.

In San Cristobel, Michelle tricks Danny into going to the jewelry store to retrieve Reva’s ring, though he didn’t want her to get involved. She’s worried that Edmund never called to confirm Reva and Josh’s release, but Danny assures her Edmund is trustworthy. When the jeweler claims not to have any ring, Michelle and Danny grow concerned and they visit Edmund. He says Reva and Josh left the country.

Reva overhears Michelle in conversation with Edmund and tries to get to her, but Richard grabs her and keeps her silent until Michelle and Danny pass by.

Prince Edmund takes Danny and Michelle on a tour of the palace, and informs them that Josh and Reva have left the island. The honeymooners are relieved, not realizing that Danny’s friend has lied to them. When alone, they grow passionate, nearly making love in the palace!

Olivia secretly calls Josh in Springfield. She offers to help him rescue Reva. Josh, determined to save his wife from possible death, agrees to return to San Cristobel. He calls Danny for help.

Returning to Springfield, Danny is shocked when Josh tells him that Edmund forced him to leave without Reva. He agrees to help Josh to rescue Reva, and Josh makes him promise not to tell Michelle of the plot. Danny offers the use of the family’s private plane and landing strip in order to help Josh sneak back into the country.

Michelle and Drew have a warm conversation in which Drew reveals that Jesse has proposed to her. Michelle sincerely congratulates Drew, and sympathizes with her for Max’s disappearance.

Cassie tries to warn Josh against trusting Danny, worried that he could be setting Josh up. Josh asserts that he believes in Danny, because Danny knows what it’s like to lose the woman he loves. Cassie suggests hiring a professional who specializes in rescue missions, but Josh thinks his love for Reva gives him an edge over any outsider. She asks him to be careful, and prays he’s right in trusting Danny.

Michelle’s romantic plans for the evening are interrupted when Danny reveals that he has to leave on business. She’s upset, worried that he’s doing something dangerous with the family business. Danny assures her that this has nothing to do with the Santos family. Michelle wants to come along, but Danny refuses. Danny leaves, but has a change of heart. He re-enters and tells his wife the truth about Josh’s request for help. Michelle’s grateful but is still afraid for him. He vows to return and exits.

Edmund says he’s arranged for his security force to allow Josh’s entrance. Sure enough, with Danny’s assistance, Josh sneaks into the castle to search for Reva. Prince Edmund, meanwhile, makes a phone call expressing his worry that Reva might regain her memory. It’s revealed that he’s talking to Carmen!

Waiting for Josh to arrive at the San Cristobel airport, Danny calls Michelle. She thanks him again for being honest and revealing the true reason for his “business” trip. Danny assures her he’ll be all right, although he’s worried that Josh hasn’t arrived. Later, Michelle talks to Bill about his new software, learning that it can access computers all across the country. She warns him that Ben and Carmen might use it on their competitors, but Bill dismisses the ability of the program to work in that way.

Meanwhile, Danny looks for Josh and sees Edmund, approaching his old friend, he confronts him in lying about Reva’s leaving San Cristobel. Edmund threatens Danny and warns him that he could be locked up. He backs away from the threats and promises that Reva will receive a fair trial. Danny pretends to believe him.

Later, he catches up with Josh and Reva and expresses concern that they must leave now. Josh tells Danny to go back to the place, and he will bring Reva. After leaving, Danny spots Edmund and Carmen talking together, despite their alleged mutual dislike. He realizes that Edmund and his mother are doing business together.

After Danny leaves, Edmund tells Carmen that Reva must die for the good of the country. Carmen reveals that she will arrange for Michelle to carry the next shipment of bearer bonds. She says she wants Michelle arrested and sentenced to at least twenty years.

Danny and Michelle are reunited, and Danny tells Michelle about everything that happened in San Cristobel. Danny can’t imagine being in Josh’s predicament. Michelle vows that they’ll never be apart. They make love, and remember how different things were when they first shared a bed. Danny promises not to take their love for granted. They’re interrupted when Josh calls Danny, telling him he needs help in bringing Reva home.

Billy and Josh try to work out a plan to rescue Reva, though Billy objects when Josh reveals he called Danny Santos for help. Danny arrives and admits he told Michelle about their trip to San Cristobel. Josh is upset but accepts Danny’s help. Cassie is worried that any violent plan could get Reva killed, and claims she can talk Reva into leaving the country. Josh is dubious, and Cassie leaves with Michelle, vowing she’ll save her sister’s life.

Cassie tries unsuccessfully to reach Reva at the palace, hoping to prevent Josh and Billy from carrying out their drastic secret plans. Michelle wonders if she’d have more success, considering the Santoses’ relationship with the royal family. Cassie’s afraid Reva is in danger but won’t leave the island because of her lost son. Michelle realizes that Reva’s family means everything to her…so maybe if Cassie pretends to be ill, Reva would return home! Cassie agrees.

At the ER with Michelle, Cassie pretends to faint in front of Lillian. Blake arrives, and figures out that Cassie and Michelle are plotting something. Cassie explains the plan, and Blake helps, telling Lillian about Cassie’s “symptoms.” A doctor admits Cassie for examination. Michelle calls San Cristobel to tell Reva that Cassie is ill.

Carmen is surprised to learn that Danny knows of her meeting with Edmund. She denies knowing anything about Reva’s situation. Danny reminds her that she’s promised to legitimize the family so he and Michelle can raise a family they can be proud of. After he leaves, Carmen breaks down, and Ben comforts her. He advises against trying to hurt Michelle, since it would mean losing Danny. Carmen vows to have Michelle arrested if she visits San Cristobel again. Ben isn’t certain that her plan is a good one, but Carmen is determined.

When Danny learns Michelle was at the hospital earlier, he wonders if she’s pregnant. Michelle assures him she’s not, explaining that she was only checking on Cassie. She reveals that she couldn’t be pregnant, since she’s on the Pill. Danny is surprised, and says he was excited at the idea of her having his baby. They agree to wait until the family is safe before starting a family … but they can still “practice.” The two begin to make love.

Hoping to help Reva, Michelle asks Danny if they can attend the masked ball in San Cristobel. Danny notes the danger involved, but Michelle is firm in her desire to rescue her friend. She reveals that her mother would want her to help Reva. Danny embraces her, but shocks Michelle by still refusing to let her go.

[Oh give me a break! Talk about totally understating scenes. They had their first REAL fight as a married couple …oh, and Michelle’s comparison between Maureen and Reva was left on the cutting room floor. Typical.]

Josh reveals his plans to rescue Reva, and asks Danny to take Michelle back to San Cristobel as a cover to get Josh, Matt and Jim into the country. Danny doesn’t want to put Michelle in danger, but he is reluctantly convinced. Cassie is outraged to learn that the men are making plans to free her sister and are not including her.

While Michelle is over at Drew’s place trying on dresses for the ball in San Cristobel, Jesse arrives and announces to Drew that he’s accepting a job in an art gallery…in New York. Drew is upset, and Michelle wonders why they’ve broken up before leaving.

Carmen confronts Danny about his wanting to use the family yacht to rescue Reva. Danny tries to figure out what kind of partnership Carmen and Edmund have, aside from the Santos family’s using San Cristobel to launder money. Carmen wants Danny to take bearer bonds with him when he returns to San Cristobel, and threatens to ruin his rescue plans if he doesn’t comply. Danny reluctantly agrees. Michelle arrives and embraces Danny, glad that they’re honest with each other unlike Drew and Jesse. Danny is guilty but doesn’t reveal Carmen’s threats to his wife. Privately, Ben talks with Carmen about the bearer bonds and realizes that Carmen intends to trap Michelle for possession of the bonds.

Carmen gives Danny the bearer bonds for him to smuggle into San Cristobel. Pilar arrives to warn of the (fake) police raid. Danny doesn’t trust information that came from David, but Pilar defends him. Spotting the bearer bonds, Pilar offers to sneak them out of the house in her backpack. Carmen reluctantly agrees, not having wanted Pilar to be involved.

Frank and another cop arrive at the Santos house, but Frank feigns outrage as he guesses that someone tipped them off. After the cops leave, Michelle demands to know what’s going on, but Danny remains silent. She knows Pilar is somehow involved, but Danny only repeats that Carmen never wanted Pilar in the family business. Upset that he’s not telling her the whole truth, Michelle runs upstairs.

Pilar and Bill are at Company when the police arrive. Pilar, afraid that they’ll find the bearer bonds in her bag, gets Bill to take her upstairs to his room, where she acts passionately in order to distract him. Danny arrives for the backpack. Pilar privately tells him what happened, and how thrilled she was by the adventure. Aghast, Danny insists that this is the last time she’ll be involved in the family business. When Bill tries to recapture the passionate moments between him and Pilar, Pilar – no longer interested – blows him off.

Tensions run high between Danny and Michelle when she demands to know what his plans are for their trip to San Cristobel, and expresses her dismay that he’s keeping secrets from her regarding the police raid last night. He vows not to lose her, and they promise not to go to bed angry. They make love and reaffirm their feelings for each other. Later, Danny hides the bearer bonds in his suitcase, hating that he’s involving Michelle in anything illegal. Dietz secretly switches the bonds into Michelle’s case, on Carmen’s order.

Cassie calls Michelle asking for help about the San Cristobel trip. Michelle promises to help her.

Josh, Jim, Matt, Danny and Michelle board the Santos yacht to head off for San Cristobel. Josh laments endangering his friends’ lives. Michelle brings on a large box of costumes for the masked ball, and Danny is suspicious. Josh reveals that there seems to be someone stowed away in the cabin closet. Jim opens the door, causing Cassie to land in his arms.

Josh is furious to find Cassie has stowed away, thanks to Michelle’s help. Danny pulls Michelle aside and chastises her for her dishonesty. Michelle reminds him of his own secrecy. He promises one day things will be different.

When they arrive at the island, they all comment on its beauty. But Danny spots a boat with police approaching them. The police want to search the luggage of the rescue team, but Danny cites his friendship with Edmund. Michelle makes up an excuse and the police back away. Later, Jim and Josh talk about the bomb, which will be used to create a distraction at the masked ball. Michelle asks Cassie if there’s anything between her and Jim, and asserts that she thinks Jim likes Cassie romantically.

Cassie walks along a beach when Richard appears on horseback. He apologizes for startling her, and the two hit it off – though she introduces herself as “Tami Lemay.” He kisses her hand and starts off again…and Cassie is charmed. Danny and Jim learn of their meeting and convince her to distract Richard at the ball. She admits to Michelle that she can see why Reva fell in love with Richard.

Matt, Jim, Danny and Josh go over the rescue plan, and Josh admits his worries that Reva won’t want to return home. Later, everyone but Danny gets into the yacht, which zooms off for the palace. Michelle appears in a gorgeous costume, striking Danny silent with her beauty. He later tells her that he needs to conduct some business before the ball, assuring her that it’s not dangerous.

Danny makes a call rescheduling the exchange of the bearer bonds. He wants to make the exchange when Michelle isn’t at home. Danny’s stunned to find that the bonds in Michelle’s suitcase. Michelle walks in and realizes that the bonds are for laundering money. He explains that he agreed to transport the bonds to pay a family debt. Tearful Michelle is appalled that he’d jeopardize the rescue mission. As they argue, the police arrive.

Thanks to Michelle’s quick thinking, Danny is able to evade the police as they search the villa for the contraband bearer bonds. He slips out to burn the bonds in a fire before the police can find them. When they leave, Danny tries to apologize to Michelle but she blasts him for getting her involved in the business.

Carmen calls Danny in San Cristobel and is upset to learn that her plan to get Michelle arrested was foiled, and that the bearer bonds were destroyed. Danny promises to think of a way to repay their debt. When she hangs up, Ben suggests that Danny’s guilt feelings could bring him closer to the family.

Danny again apologizes for the bearer bond situation. Michelle can’t get used to the violence of the family business. Frustrated, Danny says he has a responsibility to his family. She demands that he trust her enough to be honest. Danny embraces her and promises that after taking care of Carmen’s debt, he’ll make a real change in his life.

Upset, Michelle breaks away and realizes that Carmen was responsible for the bearer bonds. She offers the use of her trust fund to repay the debt, but Danny refuses. They argue and she storms out. Michelle jumps into the pool for an angry swim, and Danny joins her. They kiss passionately.

Later, Danny, Michelle, Jim and Matt resolve to split up and search the island for Josh, Reva, Richard and Edmund. Michelle suggests that they ask a police officer if he’s heard anything. Danny approaches Colonel Dax, who informs them that Edmund died at the hands of Josh and that Prince Richard is missing. Danny explains that they’ve formed a search party of their own, but Dax informs him that they’re not going anywhere. The cops round up the foursome, suspecting that they were also involved in Edmund’s death. When Danny mentions the business that his family does in San Cristobel, he is then accused of treason as well.

Despite their protests, Danny, Michelle, Jim and Matt are lined up against a wall to face a firing squad as Colonel Dax orders the officers to shoot. Just then, a guard approaches and informs Richard that they’ve captured the foreigners who accompanied Danny to the ball. Josh and Richard race off to save them.

Just before the guns can be fired at Danny, Michelle, Jim and Matt, Richard and Josh run in. Richard orders the guards to drop their weapons and reveals that Edmund was the bad guy. The group makes plans to leave San Cristobel as soon as possible.


So Many Emotions in His Name By Jennifer Hallmark

December 6, 2016

Republisher’s Note: Sharing another story recovered from The Rustle of the Sheets. For the uninitiated TWV stands for The Walking Vegetable. It’s the online Manny community “fond” nickname for Jesse.

Author’s Note:
Summary: A short vignette about a meeting between Danny and Michelle after they’ve been separated. Rick, Abby, Drew and TWV also appear.

Timeline: This takes place a couple of weeks from now (assuming Danny does decide to give Michelle an annulment and assuming Michelle does waver between her feelings for the Neanderthal and Danny Boy.) This ‘scene’ is the first time Danny and Michelle have seen each other [in my (albeit brief) future universe] since he promised her the annulment and they are still legally married.

Rating: PG-13 for some kissage.

Disclaimer: Danny, Michelle, Dr. Rick, Abby, Oh-Whining-One (I do like Drew, really. Yes, some people do actually like her), and the Neanderthal all belong to Proctor & Gamble, CBS, etc., etc. Although, the idea that anyone would actually claim TWV is about beyond ludicrous.

So Many Emotions in His Name By Jennifer Hallmark

Danny stood outside the Bauer residence, twisting the wedding band about his finger as he mentally berated himself for his presence on her doorstep.

“This is stupid, stupid,” he muttered under his breath and without even knocking, he turned to leave. He’d just taken a few steps when the front door opened behind him and he heard his brother-in-law, Dr. Rick Bauer, call his name. A question and disaffection were evident in his tone, at least to Danny’s ears. He stopped and swore quietly under his breath and then turned around, a grim smile upon his lips.

“Dr. Bauer — Rick,” he offered and stood ill at ease before Michelle’s older brother. “I, uh, I was just gonna stop by and see how my,” he paused and tightened his lips, “Michelle, I just wanted to see how Michelle was doing.”

Rick looked at the young man speculatively, “Fine, but she’s not here right now.”

Danny let out a slight exhalation of breath and took a step back, “Oh, well, then I guess this really was a waste of time.”

Rick shook his head, “No, you can come on in, wait for her. She shouldn’t be much longer.”

Disbelief flowed across Danny’s face, “You’re kidding, right? You’re inviting me into your house?”

Rick smiled, “You’re still legally my brother-in-law, and I think Michelle would like to see you. So, yes, I’m inviting you,” he held out his hand and stepped back, indicating that he could enter. Danny nodded and walked into the house.

~~~ There were wedding pictures of Rick and his wife, Abby, on the mantle next to a photo of an older man and woman — Michelle’s parents, Ed and Maureen Bauer, Danny knew from a picture Michelle had shown him what seemed like centuries ago, but in reality was only a month. He turned towards the kitchen when a loud noise filled the air. Rick uttered a few choice words and looked up at Danny, “Dropped the can.”

Danny smiled, “It’s okay, I’m not really that thirsty.”

“Oh, okay,” Rick set the distorted can on top of the counter and walked into the living room. He headed to the fireplace and stood beside Danny, remarking idly “She did look beautiful.” Danny glanced over to the wedding photo that Rick was talking about at the other end of the mantle and found his gaze fixated.

“Why –” he cleared his throat, finding his voice suddenly hoarse, “why is that there?”

Rick turned to him, “What do you mean? All the family wedding pictures are up on the mantle.”

“But, it’s over. We’re getting an annulment and once that’s done it will be as if the marriage never existed.”

“True,” Rick conceded and then with a sideways glance towards his brother-in-law, he added quietly, “but Michelle wouldn’t hear of it being taken down.”

“She wouldn’t?” Danny asked, his voice soft as he gazed still at his beautiful bride in white, facing him, the corners of her lips curved, her forehead pressed against his as they smiled their ‘secret smile.’

“No,” Rick replied.

“Yes, yes,” he belatedly answer Rick’s earlier query, “she was very beautiful.” His voice lowered to a husky near-whisper, “she is beautiful. So beautiful.”

The opening of the front door broke the silence, followed by Michelle’s buoyant voice, “I can’t believe we were able to get that. I mean, a cashmere sweater for that price, I’m in heaven!” She laughed, a big smile on her face. “What?” she asked of Abby as the answering smile faded on her sister-in-law’s face.

“Hello, Michelle,” Rick called softly, his voice pensive. She turned to face him, and her eyes widened when they fell upon the man standing beside him. “Danny,” she breathed quietly. Her smile was gone, but a soft blush spread across her face as she carelessly dropped her shopping bags and purse upon the floor. She took a step forward and then paused as if unsure of what she was doing . . . of what she wanted to do.

Danny felt no such uncertainty. Without a word, he walked around the sofa and headed straight to Michelle. As he moved closer, her head tilted up and her breathing came quicker, as an almost breathless anticipation suffused her being. In one smooth movement, Danny cupped her face in the palm of her hand, while his arm swept about her waist and pulled her against him. His lips were upon hers before she could offer a protest.

And that protest would not have been forthcoming judging by her response as she wrapped her arms about his neck, her fingers ruffling in his thick, black curls. She leaned into him, her entire heart and soul poured into her kiss as her lips parted against his, their breath intermingling. His hand was soft upon her cheek, his fingers tracing patterns upon her skin, running down the column of her throat, and then swimming in the weight of her honey-blonde curls.

“What the hell?!” Jesse’s bellow split the air and Michelle pulled away abruptly, her hands falling from Danny’s shoulders. However, her husband kept his arm around her waist even as his hand slipped from her hair. Michelle turned to face Jesse and Drew, who stood slightly behind him. A deeper pink flushed Michelle’s face and she bit her lip, trying to move away from Danny’s possessive grasp. He held tight.

Jesse rushed forward and without warning slammed a fist into Danny’s face. He staggered back, but did not fall as Drew cried out Jesse’s name and Michelle jumped back in shock. Danny straightened up as Rick rushed to stand between the two young men. He laughed harshly without humor and rubbed a hand against his jaw where Jesse had struck.

“Hey, Jesse,” he drawled lazily. Jesse stood still, heaving in anger, his fists clenched at his side. Michelle glared at him and moved to Danny; she reached up to check his face, but Danny brushed her away. “It’s okay.” He turned to Rick, “sorry.”

Rick looked at him for a moment and then turned to Jesse, his eyes hardening slightly, “For what?”

Danny offered a genuine smile and replied softly, “For this,” as he moved towards Jesse and leveled a quick sucker-punch to the gut, followed by a swift right hook. Jesse doubled over and then fell to his knees before anyone in the room could react. And then again, Drew cried out his name. Abby was still and Rick knelt down before Jesse and then glanced up at Danny, “I think you –“

“– should leave, I know.” He nodded and again his smile was genuine as he turned to Michelle. “Goodbye, Michelle,” he looked down at Drew huddled in concern next to Jesse, “Drew,” his smile grew slightly, “Jesse, always a pleasure.”

“Get out of here,” Jesse growled. Danny’s smile widened and he walked out of the house. Michelle stood indecisively for a moment and then she gazed down at Jesse and then to the front door that was closing. She looked back at Jesse, who was looking at Drew and then she ran out to catch up with her husband.

“Danny!” she called out as the door shut behind her with a sharp crack. He turned around, “Michelle?” his voice was filled with surprise. “What?”

She slowed down and gingerly took the last few steps to him, “I, uh, I just wanted to know if you were okay.”

“I’m fine, Michelle. It takes more than a little hit from Jesse Blue to bother me.”

She nodded and then rushed forth with the real reason she’d come after him, “Why are you here? I mean, why did you come?”

He looked at her silently for a moment and then glanced away, debating whether or not to answer.

“Danny?” she questioned softly and he looked at her again, his gaze gentle.

“I wanted to see you.” He took a step closer and reached out a hand to her face. “I wanted to see your face, your smile. I missed your voice, the way you say my name.” His hand rose and he feathered her golden hair through his fingers, Michelle sighed and leaned slightly towards him. “I missed the way your hair curls and clings to my finger. I missed talking to you.”

His other hand rose and he gingerly traced the curve of her lips as he moved closer, his body less than a hands span away from hers. “I missed your lips, the feel of your mouth when I kissed you. And I wanted to kiss you again.” He leaned down and pressed a soft, sweet kiss upon her lips. “And again,” he whispered huskily as her lips parted in wanting beneath his once more. “And again,” his hand tightened in her hair as he took a deeper kiss from her, his fingers gently massaging her neck.

He pulled away reluctantly and Michelle’s eyes opened slowly, a dazed expression upon her face and he smiled softly.

“Again,” she murmured and leaned up, her hands pressing against his chest as she initiated a fourth kiss, this one much more passionate. He slanted his lips over hers, their mouths parting as they exchanged breaths. He wound his arms about her waist, holding her tightly to him and she clung to him almost desperately.

At last they pulled away and with a sigh, she whispered his name and then even quieter, “I’ve missed you, too.”

He stepped back and offered her a sweet smile, “So maybe there’s hope for me yet.”

“Maybe,” she replied, a matching smile on her face and in her voice. She moved back a few paces, her hands entwined behind her back.

He grinned widely and gestured towards the house, “Of course, you gotta get rid of the Neanderthal in there first.”

“Danny!” she admonished, but couldn’t help but return his smile. “Jesse’s a really sweet guy.”

“Jesse’s a moron,” he responded succinctly.

“Danny!” her warning was more severe and the smile was gone. She closed her eyes and sighed. Danny’s smile faded as well. He clasped his hands together and took a few more steps back.

“That’s my cue to leave.”

Michelle nodded and then looked up at him, “see you later.”

He was silent for a long moment, “later,” he repeated and he walked away. Michelle didn’t return to the house until his car had driven out of sight. When it was no longer visible, she raised a hand to her mouth and pressed her fingers lightly to her lips and with a sigh, she again whispered his name, “Danny,” and a wealth of pain, desire, confusion and love resided in that one word . . . her husband’s name.

The End

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Having a Ball New Year 1995-1996 by Robansuefarm

December 30, 2015

Republisher’s Note: I wrote and published this last year, but it’s a fun one to revisit. I’m still really pleased with it. I made a couple small edits, for clairty.

Author’s Note: This isn’t really part of my challenge for writing fanfic that I’m supposed to be working on. It just came to me as I was prepping the New Year’s 1995-1996 post. I had misremembered and thought Michelle’s Madonna costume was from Halloween and here it is at New Year’s, but I think it was such a defining moment of Rebecca Budig’s version of Michelle that I think it was worthy of comment and this story. This is set during the 1995-1996 Masquerade Ball that was held at Springfield’s Lakeland Country Club. I’m also not sure if the costumes for Danny and Pilar really fit, but I wasn’t sure what else would fit better and still work in conjunction of the storyline I had in mind and what other people were wearing. Everyone else’s costumes mentioned were what they wore on screen.

Having a Ball by Robansuefarm

Michelle had temporarily lost Bill. He was wearing a southern Civil War solider’s uniform. It didn’t really fit with her Madonna costume. Most of the other costumes that night were in pairs. Blake and Ross as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Dinah and Roger as Cleopatra and Caesar, Hart and Bridget as Great Gatsby and Daisy, Lucy and Alan-Michael as Zorro and a Spanish senorita and Fletch and Holly as King Henry the 8th and which ever one of his wives whose head he hadn’t chopped off yet. Of course it wasn’t like Bill and her were a REAL couple they were just friends. She was pleased she had so easily won the argument with her father to go as Madonna. Ed had bought her a sweet little Betsy Ross costume to go with his George Washington costume and Rick’s Paul Revere costume. It was a much better match for Abby. After all Abby was still sweet and innocent and Michelle, having spent a couple of months at a boarding school in Switzerland, saw herself as sophisticated and a woman of the world.

Michelle walked along swaying her hips much more than usual and tossing her head to flip the ponytail. Her head was full of images of how other people must be seeing her now, grown up, sexy and so she wasn’t watching where she was going and so came around a corner to quickly and bumped into a tall, dark, handsome stranger. He was dressed in a period suit from the early 1800s with a large stiff collar, a cravat, a cut away coat, vest, and tight trousers. Michelle discovered the problem with wearing her Madonna costume with the large bullet bra was it was particularly embarrassing to literally run into people as the two peaks drove into his chest. The stranger put out his hand to help steady her. She blushed and looked down.Rebecca's Michelle Defining Moment

“Are you OK, Miss…..?” the stranger said, his dark curls encircling his face that was half covered by a Lone Ranger style mask decorated to match his costume.

“Madonna! I knew my father wouldn’t recognize the costume, but someone as young as you ought to recognize her. Don’t you know anything about music?”

A smirk pulled the stranger’s lips. “I know…a little. More than enough to recognize a Material Girl.”

“I know, right? My dad, he’s George Washington over there, had no idea, my brother Rick, he’s Paul Revere, had to tell him. He wanted me to wear that little Miss Betsy Ross my friend Abby is wearing, that’s her beside Rick.” Michelle tossed her ponytail over to the left. “That SO wouldn’t be me. You can see that, can’t you?” Michelle tossed him what she thought of as her seductive look. “Just who are YOU?”

The stranger paused, put all his weight on one leg and tapped the other leg, rising up a couple of inches while doing a stiff half bow with a nod, like in a period movie. “Fitzwilliam Darcy, at your service. I’m here with my sister, Elizabeth Bennett for tonight.” He pointed to her a girl talking animatedly to some girls Michelle didn’t know. She was wearing her hair up in curls and wearing a high waisted dress from a Jane Austen novel or the Colin Firth movie. Michelle was very familiar with both.

“Well, if they make a sequel Colin Firth better look out because you could replace him….and since Mr. Darcy can’t dance with Miss Bennett at the Country… Club Ball, how about you dance with me.” Michelle was pleased with her sophisticated woman, flirtation. Just like someone in a movie would say.

Mr. Darcy slowly ran his eyes over her from head to foot and then came back to her eyes and stared into their depths for what seemed like a long time. “If there wasn’t already an age inappropriate Rhett Butler here, I’d steal one of his lines.”Scarlett and Rhett

Michelle felt something catch in her stomach and she nervously found herself jabbering on. “That’s my cousin Matt and my mom’s best friend Vanessa, is his wife and Scarlett. What do you mean age inappropriate?”

“No offense to your mother or her friend, but Rhett is supposed to be older than Scarlett by quite a deal and he looks half her age. And Scarlett couldn’t have been more than 24 or so when she wore that dress, I think your Vanessa looks about twice that easy.”

Michelle sputtered a response. “That’s…”

“An unfair observation? An unpalatable truth? Isn’t that what proud Mr. Darcy is supposed to say about people? And what do you know about age anyway. I bet you’re about my baby sister’s age about 16. Am I right?”

Michelle feel into silence fed by confusion.Michelle and Bill at the Ball 1995

“As I was saying, IF there wasn’t another Rhett Butler in the room, I’d say ‘No, I don’t think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.’ And I know how.”

Darcy leaned closer as if he was about to kiss her, but instead he moved slightly to whisper in her ear instead. “But it’s just as well, since you aren’t quite ready. You may think you’re ready to be picked off the tree, but you’re not quite ripe yet.” He straightened. “Not that there isn’t a lot of promise there. There is. Lots of promise. If someone looks close they can see the true gold that is there underneath all this unnecessary gilding.” He gestured toward her costume head to foot.  “A few years to grow up and I think you’ll see just how unnecessary all this….effort…is. Anyone worth getting your kisses or your respect won’t need all this gilt to see the gold, it will just make it harder to spot, and anyone who does need the gilt to see you, isn’t worth your time, respect….. or kisses.”

Darcy shot her another smile. “I hope, Miss Madonna, I run into you in another few years and you’ve grown up a little bit more….and that you’re dressing like you respect yourself.”

Darcy favored her with another bow and then strode off towards his sister.

For moment Michelle felt frozen in a bubble in time. His words pulled at her mind, he called to something deep in her soul (maybe to the Michelle she had once been and the Michelle she would be in again in a few years). But then her new attitude pushed it and all her Michelle-ness down inside her, after all she was a sophisticated woman now and she didn’t need this Darcy wannabees approval. She stalked off to see if she could find Bill.

Meanwhile, Danny Santos walked over to his sister Pilar. She was home from boarding school and had begged her college student big brother to bring her. Pilar’s first boarding school had been in Chicago and just last year she had her Quinceañera with a group of girls she knew from Chicago and when they found out that Lakeland Country Club was having a masquerade ball for New Year’s they decided it was worth a limo trip. Mama hadn’t let her come without an in the know escort so if Danny hadn’t come Pilar wouldn’t be able to either.

Danny smiled at Pilar’s friends, but tuned out their chatter as he remembered the Madonna girl. He really hoped she’d be OK. He glanced over to the man in the George Washington costume and hoped he’d be able to keep her safe, he thought she’d have a rough couple of years, but he hadn’t been lying. There was real gold there. He had seen it.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

One Night Only, Epilogue by Samj

October 30, 2015

Republisher’s Note: Tonight has one of my favorite lines from Manny fanfic. “Michelle still didn’t understand the attraction of futbol or why Danny couldn’t just call it soccer like the rest of the US…”We hit a Manny happy ending, but look for another fanfic to start soon.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is my response to Kellie’s challenge for the Amnesia RR. Kellie, I sure hope this is what you wanted, because I’m not writing anything else! Sorry it’s a little “rough” I only really had time to do a sketch rather than a well-developed chapter. And I have to admit that I feel a little silly posting the epilogue to a story I didn’t originally post here, but Carrie gave me her okay (and Kellie posed her challenge here), and I had to post it somewhere, right?

One Night Only, Epilogue

The next six months did in fact turn out to be the best of Michelle’s life…and the hardest. She and Danny were both incredibly stubborn individuals, and sustaining a relationship required an intense amount of work on both their parts.

On some things, they learned to compromise. Michelle still didn’t understand the attraction of futbol or why Danny couldn’t just call it soccer like the rest of the US but she managed to keep her comments to herself, even when games went into double-overtime. And Danny didn’t like the cliquish nature of Michelle’s friends from the hospital or the veiled remarks they’d make about his family’s business but he somehow managed to make polite conversation with them whenever he accompanied Michelle to hospital functions.

On other things, they agreed to disagree. Danny swore he would never again sit through a “modern dance” performance, no matter how much Michelle tried to tell him that they’d happened upon a particularly bad one. And Michelle refused to ride any roller coaster with “loops” or 300 foot drops, no matter how many times Danny called her chicken, or how much he whined about having to ride them alone.

And then there were the breaking points. Michelle almost walked out when Danny told her that he was thinking about going into a joint venture with Nino and Teresa. She wanted to believe him when he said the entire deal was legitimate, but she didn’t completely trust Nino or Teresa, and she was afraid that Danny’s family was pressuring him to help out his step-sister. They ended up in a huge argument, with Danny accusing Michelle of not trusting him and Michelle accusing Danny of maintaining his mob ties. It took four days (and sleepless nights), thirty-seven phone calls, and a trip to an independent financial advisor in a Chicago law firm before they were able to completely repair the damage.

Danny almost gave up when Michelle took on additional responsibilities at the hospital that ate up what little free time she had. Danny knew that her career was important to her, and he wanted her to be successful and happy, but he couldn’t help feeling neglected. He accused her of putting herself before their relationship, and of making it impossible for him to do what she expected of him, namely getting to know her and helping her get to know him. They had another huge fight, and this time it took five days, over forty phone calls, and a visit to one of Michelle’s supervisors (who explained why the temporary project could make Michelle’s entire career) to repair the damage.

And both of them felt the pressure of Michelle’s decision that they would not have a sexual relationship during their six week “trial period.” Danny had thought she was joking at first, but Michelle couldn’t have been more serious. She needed to know, she said, that there was more between them than just this incredible chemistry, and she didn’t want their obvious physical compatibility to confuse the issue. Danny had reluctantly agreed.

Michelle’s resolve lasted exactly twenty-three days….


Danny took over control of Sancorp the day after Carlos’ death. It was a seamless transition internally, and Danny had few problems moving the essential personnel from Springfield to Chicago. Not all of Sancorp’s international customers were pleased, however, and one conglomerate in particular immediately refused to deal with the “child” who had been appointed out of the blue. Danny worked night and day trying to court them back, and finally, after three weeks of conference calls, he managed to arrange a face-to-face meeting at the conglomerate’s headquarters in London. With only twenty-four hours to prepare before his flight’s departure time, he chained himself to his desk until he knew every detail of the conglomerate’s dealings with Sancorp for the previous ten years.

Danny was still making arrangements as his driver brought him home. It was almost midnight when he called Michelle to say good-bye before his six a.m. trip.

“You sound really tense,” she observed immediately, concern evident in her voice.

You don’t know the half of it, he thought, rubbing the knots in the back of his neck. “I’m fine, really,” he assured her, not wanting to waste time talking about his problems when he could be hearing about her day.

“What you need is a nice, hot bubble bath,” she informed him. “That’ll relax those knotted muscles in your neck and help you sleep.”

“Don’t you think bubble baths are kind of a chick thing, Michelle?” he joked dryly, knowing his remark would get a rise out of her.

“Oh really, and what would be the ‘manly’ remedy Danny?” she shot back, half-joking and half- irritated. “Knocking back a few beers and hitting on the barmaid?”

“Barmaid?” he repeated, trying to control his laughter as he followed his driver to the front door and waited while the driver who doubled as a body guard disarmed the alarm system and let him inside. “I can assure you that I’ve never in my life hit on a barmaid!”

“Okay, whatever,” Michelle dismissed quickly, returning to the matter at hand. “Are you alone in the house?”

“Of course,” he answered, distracted by the scent of vanilla in the air. I can smell your perfume even when you aren’t here, he marveled. “Why?” he asked suspiciously.

“Then no one will ever know about your chick’ bath,” she explained with a smile in her voice. “Now sit down on the couch and take off your shoes and socks.”

“Your wish is my command,” he answered, sitting on the arm of a chair and doing so. Hey, I at least need to take a shower before I hit the sack anyway, he rationalized, unwilling to admit that he was enjoying this new game.

“I’m guessing you’ve already lost your jacket and tie….”

“Uh-huh,” he grunted while trying to balance the phone on his shoulder and unlace his shoes with one hand.

“Well then, you can skip right ahead to taking off your pants,” she instructed casually, holding in her giggles at the shocked expression she imagined on his face.

He dropped the shoe he was holding directly on his foot, causing him to swear under his breath. “Excuse me?” he asked in disbelief.

“You heard me,” she answered in mock exasperation. “There’s no one around to see you, so just unbuckle your belt, unbutton the button, unzip the zipper, and take off your pants already.”

He couldn’t help laughing. “This is getting a little kinky, don’t you think?” he asked playfully, leaving his pants in a heap with his socks and shoes.

“Mm-hmm,” she purred seductively, remembering just how irresistible he looked in nothing but boxer shorts. “That doesn’t mean you want me to stop, does it?”

“Not on your life, baby,” he assured her, already working on the buttons on his shirt. “Not on your life.”

“I really, really like the way you think,” she began again, but before she could continue she was interrupted by Danny’s gasp as he opened the bathroom door and stepped inside.

The overhead lights were turned off, but the area around the oversized bath tub was illuminated by the glow of dozens of scented candles. Piles of bubbles filled the tub, and in the middle of it all sat Michelle, her face flushed bright red from the heat of the water and her own anticipation.

“Mi-Mi-Michelle,” he stuttered, his cell phone clanging noisily against the expensive tile as it slipped off his shoulder. “What are you doing here?”

She smiled her most innocent smile. “I was just making sure that the water was the right temperature for your bath.” Her smile turned wickedly seductive as she beckoned to him with one finger. “And it is, so why don’t you join me?”

He swallowed around the lump in his throat. “I can’t do this, Michelle.”

“Why not?” she asked in surprise, momentarily stepping out of character. Recovering quickly she amended, “Oh, you’re right, we’re still playing Simon Says.’ Danny, take off your boxer shorts and climb into the tub.”

“Michelle,” he groaned in frustration, “I can’t. Being that close to you, naked,” images of her body, glistening under the bubbles, prevented him from speaking for a moment “without being able to make love to you…it would kill me.”

Scooting up to the edge of the tub, she reached her hand out to him. “No, Danny, no,” she corrected quickly, so quickly that her words ran together, “that isn’t what I meant. I wouldn’t tease you that way.”

He crouched down in front of the tub and took her hand gently in his. “No, baby, I know you wouldn’t but…. This is important to me you’re important to me and I don’t want to screw this up.”

“Danny,” she said seriously, looking him straight in the eye, “over the last twenty-three days, you’ve convinced me that what we have is more than a physical attraction.” She sat up taller and kissed him lightly on the nose. “And, you’ve convinced me that you’re interested in more than a physical relationship. That’s all I needed to know.” She tugged on his hand, pulling him close so that she could whisper in his ear. “Besides, staying away from you has been driving me nuts!” she confided.
“You and me both,” he laughed, pulling away so that he could rid himself of his underwear and climb in with her.

She picked up a bubble-laden sponge that was floating along the water. “Now, let’s see what I can do to relax you,” she offered.

….He almost missed his flight that morning.

[End flashback]

Of course not all of their battles were with each other; in some they presented a united front against the outside world. Michelle’s battle had been against her family’s constant interference. Danny’s battle had been against the demons from his past.


When Michelle finally told her parents about her relationship with Danny, they insisted that she bring him to Thanksgiving dinner. She was nervous enough about introducing Danny to her parents for the first time, but she became absolutely livid when she walked through the kitchen door to find Bill Lewis helping Maureen carry appetizers into the dining room.

Ed feigned innocence. “I don’t see what the problem is sweetheart. I thought you would be happy to see your best friend.”

“And Bill is a very important member of this family,” Rick added, giving Bill an encouraging pat on the back. . . . .

During dinner, Ed, Rick, and Bill merely glared at Danny, while Maureen and Meta “counseled” Michelle on the poor choices she was making with her life. The only person who seemed to be on their side was Abby, but she was too busy feeding bits of turkey to two-year old Tommy to offer much verbal support.

Half-way through the incredibly tense meal, Michelle stood up and flung her napkin onto the table. “You are unbelievable!” she declared, eyes blazing with anger. “All of you! Haven’t you learned by now that you don’t get to choose the person I love?” She searched her parents’ eyes for some sign of understanding. “Do you even care how I feel?”

Somewhere deep inside, Michelle admitted that she already knew the answer to that question. Afraid to hear the words out loud, she ran from the dining room, knocking over her chair in the process.

Only when he heard the kitchen door slam shut did Danny slowly and deliberately stand and push in his chair, then pick up Michelle’s chair and push it in as well. With all eyes upon him, he slowly pronounced, “You’ve already missed years of your daughter’s life because of your own incredible egos. One day, you’re going to realize your mistake I just hope it isn’t too late.” Walking to the doorway he ended politely, “If you’ll excuse me.” ….

He found her in the passenger seat of his car, crying softly. He held her close, murmuring words of comfort until she was able to speak.

She meekly accepted the tissue he offered and dabbed at her puffy eyes. “I’m so sorry, Danny,” she kept repeating, “so, so sorry.”

“None of that matters, Michelle,” he assured her, gently stroking her hair. “There’s only one thing I need to know.” He lifted her chin so that so she was looking straight in his eyes. “Did you mean it, baby?” he asked, terrified of her answer.

“Did I mean what?” she asked in confusion. Then, just as quickly, understanding dawned. “That I love you?”

He nodded, unable to breathe. His entire future rested on that question.

“Yes, Danny, I meant it. I love you.” She waved her hand absently toward the house. “Of course this wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to tell you.”

He let out a sigh of relief and pulled her into an embrace. “It was perfect,” he whispered in her ear. “You’re perfect.”

She pulled back and looked him in the eye again. “I should’ve told you sooner. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he assured her. “I already knew. I just wanted to hear you say it.”

She gave a half-hearted smile in response to his over-confidence. “Well, then listen very carefully,” she instructed seriously. “I love you, Danny Santos.”

“I love you, Michelle Bauer,” he returned just as seriously, leaning in for a long, slow kiss.

When they finally pulled apart for air he smirked, then turned the key in the ignition and gunned the engine. “Now let’s get out of here,” he suggested.

[End flashback]

Carmen didn’t ask any questions when Danny and Michelle showed up on her doorstep in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. She simply ushered them into the dining room, where two extra places had been set “just in case.”

Because of what happened at Thanksgiving, Michelle didn’t even bother making plans for Christmas with her family. Instead, she and Danny traveled to Spain to spend the holiday with Carmen, Bernard, Nino, Teresa, Mick and his family, and Pilar in a villa near the University which Pilar attended. It was almost impossible to imagine how any of them could’ve been happier. Carmen had her children and grandchildren together in one place for the first time since Miguel’s death, and they’d finally reached an understanding about her marriage to Bernard. Bernard found out he was going to be a grandfather in seven months. Nino and Teresa were trying to enjoy every moment of the pregnancy (morning sickness, however, posed a formidable challenge to their goal). And Mick, Danny, and Pilar were finally rebuilding the strong connections they’d had as children.

Danny whisked Michelle off to a private villa on a nearby island to celebrate the New Year, which also happened to mark the last day of their six month “trial period.” After a night of fireworks and dancing, they watched the sunrise from the balcony of their bedroom. As Danny carried her back inside to their bed and placed her gently on the edge of it, she told him she couldn’t think of a more perfect way to start off a new year.

He responded by giving her the most beautiful marriage proposal she’d ever heard, and a flawless diamond engagement ring as well.
April 2, 200?

“Oh Michelle, you look absolutely breathtaking,” Katie sighed, securely anchoring one last wisp of hair before standing back to admire her handiwork.

Michelle looked up at her reflection in the mirror and could hardly believe what she saw. “That’s because you did an incredible job,” she gasped. Swiveling her chair to face Katie she said sincerely, “Thank you so much for being my maid of honor.”

“Are you kidding?” she replied. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“I wish my family felt that way,” Michelle admitted quietly, staring intently at the carpet beneath her shoes.

On the RSVP card Ed had written in bold, block letters, “You’re about to make the biggest mistake of your life, Michelle.” On the back he had added, “How can you disappoint your mother this way?”

Michelle had already been crying for an hour when Danny let himself into her apartment. She cried for another twenty minutes before she calmed down enough to tell him what had happened.
“Why?” she asked repeatedly. “Why did he have to be so cruel?”

Katie hated the Bauers for making Michelle miserable on her wedding day. “It’s their loss, kiddo,” she assured Michelle, drawing her back to the present with her voice, “because today’s going to be perfect.”

Michelle shook her head to clear it of her family’s disapproval and quickly changed the subject. “I feel like we’re forgetting something, you know, but I can’t figure out what.”

Katie took the hint. “What could we possibly be forgetting? We’ve checked off every single box on every single checklist that both you and Danny have written up.”

“But still….” Michelle objected.

“Okay, look ” Katie held up a stack of checklists, each of which had long columns of red x’s.
“There’s only one checklist left.”

Michelle’s eyes widened like saucers. “There’s a checklist we haven’t done yet!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah,” Katie teased, “but it’s the easiest one. You remember the old rhyme: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

“Well, we’ve covered something blue,” Michelle drawled, blushing slightly at the thought of Danny removing the leg band during the reception.

“And this mantilla is definitely something old,” Katie observed, running her hand down the delicate lace. “I can’t believe that Danny’s great-grandmother actually made this for her own wedding.”

“And these earrings that Danny gave me at the rehearsal dinner last night are something new,” Michelle continued, carefully fastening them in her ears, “although they’re also entirely too extravagant. The only reason I didn’t throw more of a fit was because it didn’t seem appropriate the night before the wedding.”

“Poor Michelle,” Katie sympathized. “Stuck with gorgeous, expensive earrings on her wedding day. It must be quite a burden.” Easily deflecting Michelle’s hand as she swatted at her, Katie asked, “And you’ve got something borrowed, right?”

Michelle’s face went absolutely ashen. “That’s it! That’s what we’re missing.” She was practically hyperventilating as she pleaded, “Quick, quick, lend me something, anything.”

It took all of Katie’s self-restraint not to burst out laughing at Michelle’s panic. “Calm down, Michelle. This isn’t a problem.”

They were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Katie sighed in genuine frustration. “Danny,” she called through the door, “for the nine hundredth time today, you are not going to see Michelle until she walks down that aisle.”

“I’m afraid I’m not Danny,” revealed the woman standing in the now open doorway.

“Mom,” Michelle whispered, her throat going dry before she could say anything else.

Maureen could see the conflicting emotions written on Michelle’s face. Breaking the incredibly awkward silence she offered, “I heard you need something borrowed, sweetie. Will this do?”

Michelle looked at Maureen’s outstretched hand, which held a gold charm bracelet. “Your bracelet?” she questioned.

Maureen nodded. Fingering a gold stork she explained, “I know you’ve heard this story a million times, but your father gave me this bracelet, with this charm, the day you were born. Every single charm marks a special moment in your life, and I think you should have this with you for your wedding.”

Michelle was overcome with emotion. “Thank you so much,” she gushed, holding out her wrist so that her mother could fasten the bracelet on it. “I don’t know what to say….”

“You don’t have to say anything,” Maureen assured her, securing the bracelet despite her trembling hands.

Although she was afraid of ruining the moment, Michelle couldn’t stop herself from asking, “What are you doing here anyway?”

“You’re my daughter, Michelle, and I love you,” Maureen began. “And more importantly right now, I trust you if you truly believe that Danny Santos is the right man for you, then I’m going to support you.”

“That means everything to me,” Michelle confided with a quivering voice.

“Don’t you dare start crying Michelle Bauer,” Katie admonished seriously, relieved about the way the scene had played out in front of her. “I am not doing your makeup again.”

“I’m okay,” Michelle assured her with a shaky laugh, lightly dabbing at her eyes with a tissue. “But you can’t possibly expect me to get through this wedding without crying.” After throwing the tissue into the trash can, she picked up the mascara sitting on the dressing table and waved it at Katie. “That’s why we bought waterproof mascara, remember?”

“You know, there are a lot of things I’m gonna miss about you, roomie,” Katie began solemnly. “But your smart aleck remarks I can certainly do without.”

In response, Michelle stuck out her tongue, and Katie answered in kind.

Watching the two young women reminded Maureen of countless slumber parties where the Bauer’s living room had been filled with giggling grade schoolers. And now my baby’s getting married, she marveled.

“Okay girls, that’s quite enough,” Maureen broke in, gaining their attention. She tried to make her glance stern, but her smiling eyes gave her away as she declared, “I think we’ve kept your guests waiting long enough, Michelle, don’t you?”

“Absolutely,” Michelle agreed enthusiastically. “I can’t wait another minute.”

As Katie helped Michelle gather up her dress, Maureen added seriously, “I’m sorry I couldn’t get your father to come today as well. Sometimes I don’t know why I married such a stubborn man.”

“Because you love him,” Michelle answered simply, ignoring as best she could the pain of knowing she’d be walking down the aisle alone. “And because he needs someone to keep him in line,” she added more lightly. “I’m just glad you’re here.”

“Well, I’m not alone,” Maureen informed her as they made their way to the door. “I have one more surprise for you.”
I’ve never seen Danny this happy, Ray thought to himself as he and Mick “ushered” guests to their seats. Just as he had that thought, however, he noticed that Danny’s huge smile had dimmed and that his jaw was beginning to twitch. Who is that guy he’s walking towards? Ray wondered, hoping that Danny wasn’t going to do something stupid and hotheaded just minutes before his wedding.

Danny made a beeline towards Rick as soon as he saw him approach. Keeping his voice quite because he was in church, his tone was unmistakably malicious as he warned, “Look Dr. Bauer, if you think you can come in here and stop this wedding….”

“That isn’t why I’m here, Danny,” Rick interrupted, hoping to avoid a confrontation in front of the entire church.

“Then why are you here?” he challenged in a low growl, his arms crossed defiantly.

“My wife” Rick used a nod of his head to point to Abby, who was sitting a few rows away with Tommy on her lap “reminded me of everything that she and I went through before we got married. See, her parents didn’t think I was an appropriate husband for her.”

“I can’t imagine,” Danny returned dryly.

Rick ignored the comment. “Abby’s never gotten over her family’s rejection,” he continued, the pain he felt for his wife evident in his voice. “I don’t want that for my little sister.”

Danny raised an eyebrow expectantly, both his patience and his self-control running thin.

“I love my sister, and I’m going to support her in everything she does,” Rick vowed. “Including marrying you.”

“That’s so big of you,” Danny scoffed, while simultaneously signaling a concerned Ray that he had the situation under control.

“Hey, you don’t have to like me, Danny. And quite frankly, I don’t have to like you either.” Danny’s lips quirked at the honesty of the statement. “But we both love Michelle, and she wants both of us in her life, so why don’t we call a truce, at least for today?”

“Fine, you’re right,” Danny conceded reluctantly. “I know how much Michelle wanted her family to be here today.” I remember how miserable I was when I cut myself off from my family. Michelle brought us all back together, he winked at his mother, sitting in the front pew with Mick’s wife and children, Bernard, Nino, and Teresa; Pilar was Michelle’s other bridesmaid, and Mick was his other groomsman and I repaid her by driving a wedge between her and her own family.

Danny briefly scanned the church. “I don’t suppose you managed to drag your parents here as well?”

“My mom’s here, but just so you know no one drags her anywhere. She decided that even gaining you as a son-in-law was better than losing her little girl.” Rick chuckled at his own little joke, but Danny remained unamused. Clearing his voice he continued seriously, “My dad on the other hand….”

“Thinks that Michelle won’t go through with this if he isn’t here,” Danny supplied, shaking his head at Ed’s audacity. His guard slipped slightly and his voice was pained as he asked, “Doesn’t he realize that all he’s doing is hurting her?”

Rick actually looked sympathetic as he reassured Danny, “My sister’s an incredibly strong person; she’ll be just fine.” Catching a glimpse of Maureen at the back of the church, he excused himself saying, “Right now I need to go beg her forgiveness and she if she’ll do me the honor of letting me walk her down the aisle.”

“Thanks, Rick,” Danny said sincerely, offering his hand.

Rick shook it firmly before walking to the back of the church to talk to Michelle.
“You look beautiful,” Danny mouthed to Michelle as she practically floated down the aisle on her brother’s arm. I love you, he added silently.

Michelle had developed quite a knack for reading Danny’s mind. “I love you, too,” she mouthed back, her radiant smile somehow increasing in intensity.

When Michelle and Rick finally reached the altar, Father Tomas asked solemnly, “Who gives this woman away?”

“I do,” Rick replied confidently, placing Michelle’s hand in Danny’s and then giving her a light kiss on the cheek. “I’m her big brother,” he declared proudly.

“Very well then,” Father Tomas nodded, dismissing Rick to return to his seat with Abby, Tommy, and Maureen. “Dearly beloved….”

The end.


Claire Ramsey Profile

August 20, 2014

Claire Ramsey, Michelle’s biological mother, is the subject of a Spauldingfield Character Profile. The profile does a great job showing early, great Claire. While Claire always had issues, it was only after Fletcher left her and broke her heart that she seriously cracked and this profile shows that as well. To explain some of the clips, when Josh was temporarily wheelchair bound after crashing his car into a tree after finding out HB and Reva had gotten married Claire was his doctor. Claire did a marvelous job as she usually did and both Reva and Josh usually appreciated her work and gave her credit for helping restore his ability to walk. Claire attended many parties throughout her time in Springfield almost always appearing at the Bauer BBQ and attending the Founders Day picnic that saw everyone wearing clothes from various decades of the 19th century.  The Claire and Fletcher in the pool in Barbados where she strips off the towel was a very famous scene across soaps. I’m sorry they abandoned Claire and Alan in favor of Alan-Olivia-Phillip. Claire and Alan really got along well without pretending it’s a great romance and bonded over problems with their kids and enjoying the finer things of life which both had in common.  Claire was always a great doctor, but she always had a lot more problems in her personal life.

Claire Ramsey – Once Claire was a young and ambitious doctor at Cedars Hospital who had a promising, if challenging relationship with journalist Fletcher Reade. (This was before Fletcher had proved himself totally unfit for romance – the words judgmental and self-centered spring to mind, one mistake and he was out the door for good.) A set of unusual circumstances led to Claire conceiving Michelle with Ed. (See the Michelle description.) Claire was very focused on her career and was overwhelmed by motherhood. Once pushed past the breaking point, Claire attempted to smother Michelle in her crib with a pillow, but Ed came in and saved her. Rick had previously caught Claire leaving Michelle unattended, alone in the garage apartment. These incidents and basically Claire’s general behavior led to Ed and Maureen  being granted sole custody. Eventually Claire left Springfield to pursue her career to greater heights in Chicago. Even Claire’s detractors have to admit she is an excellent, if clinically detached, doctor.

Harley Cooper was responsible for Claire’s re-introduction to Springfield and into the Manny story. (Just another helpful thing we can lay at Harley’s door.) Harley was looking for information on Rick and Claire caught her red-handed having broken into Claire’s files. Claire returned to town to talk to Rick who felt pressure to keep her happy because she had told him that she’d changed his med board exam results and therefore Rick wasn’t legitimately a licensed doctor (which would explain the high body count, huh Rick?). In reality, Claire had lied, Rick had passed on his own, but Claire rode this out for over a year getting him to dance to her tune as she insinuated herself into Michelle’s life and Springfield.

Michelle was hesitant about letting Claire back in her life and Danny was very protective of her. Claire saw Danny as a threat to her relationship with Michelle and consistently worked to undermine their marriage. Claire went so far as to help Carmen fake her death, to “protect” Michelle. Danny’s belief that Claire was involved in Carmen’s death caused further tensions, helping lead to the first Manny divorce. After Claire’s involvement with Carmen faking her death was revealed, Michelle tended to keep Claire at arms length, especially after Claire agreed to wear a wire against Danny. However, when desperate, Michelle was willing to turn to Claire, like when Danny was shot, when  Michelle was in labor with Robbie, and when Michelle was investigating Carmen’s second fake death. However, Michelle remained distant in day to day life and Claire, disheartened, eventually returned to Chicago.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer’s Fourth of July BBQ – Part 2 by SJ

July 3, 2014

Republisher’s Note: This fanfic is actually from 1999 and is set in an alternative version of the Bauer BBQ that year. The author, SJ, has a rather distinctive sense of humor she writes into her stories, if you enjoy it check out the Benny Dietz stories section for more. Also look for more MarySue style name dropping from that group of friends who were active fanfic writers at the time. Note in both this and the last part Michelle says she’s wearing a tankini. This was a style of swimsuit that was invented and really took off for awhile in the late 1990s, early 2000s. It was a two piece swimsuit with a tank top made out of swimsuit material for the top and a separate bikini bottom. They are no longer “in” so you may not have seen one. I’m linking to an image suitable for the Bauer BBQ below.

Tankini in Fourth of July Colors

Bauer’s Fourth of July BBQ – Part 2 by SJ

Dear Journal: As I mentioned in my last post, Danny and I had gone to my room after his playful jealousy over my modest tankini swimsuit. He had demanded that I take the suit off and change. Being quite bold, not to mention desirous of my spouse, I did as he bade and removed the suit’s top.

Danny then stepped towards me and said that he loved me, but felt we just could not be together in this house right now while there was still danger lurking everywhere. I went and put my arms around his neck. It must have been the feel of my bare skin against his shirt that made him reach for me and give me a very sensuous kiss. It is a shame that the video cameras were not operating because I bet Holly Jo could do some great animation work with our kissing scene. I digress. The kiss was long and languid. I melted further into his arms and pulled the back of his shirt from his linen slacks.

I ran my hands over his muscled back. Doing this was extremely exciting and I breathed out his name through our kiss. He broke from the kiss to remove my pareo (I was thinking now we are getting somewhere) and I at the same time began unbuttoning his shirt.

All of a sudden, we both heard a loud thump, thumping noise. Well, Danny got all skittish and got that killer rabbit look in his eyes and he ran out of my balcony door. I sighed and put my suit top back on and also added a denim shirt and tied it off at the waist. I was pretty sure what the thump thumping was anyway. I went up to the garage apartment and saw Selena doing her Jazzercise video tape. I interrupted her and asked her how she was doing. She said everything was great down at Company and that she had come home and spent some quality time with the folks downstairs. She said she was exercising now because she had eaten about 30 bar cookies, “they were so good Michelle,” she said. I said, “I know. Selena, I made the cookies. I named them Dannys. They are similar to the cookies that Danny’s first girlfriend, Carla, used to make for him.”

Selena told me that she needed to be frank with me. She said that she had met a woman in prison whose name was Karla. This woman had poisoned her lovers with arsenic laden brownies. Once we figured out that the two Carla/Karla’s could not be the same person we had a good laugh.

She then advised me that even though the cookies were good, it was good that I had changed the recipe somewhat, I would not want Danny pining away for Carla. She also told me about a book she had read in prison. This book reported that people always remember the foods from their childhood as better tasting. This was because a person’s taste buds are less sharp as they age. I did not really hear everything she was saying here. I was instead wondering why Selena always seemed to turn every conversation into gabfests about her prison or streetwalker experiences.

I thanked Selena for her sage advice and said that I needed to go find Danny. She resumed her exercise tape (thud thump). Selena was an attractive person and had a charming figure. But she tended to knock into people or knock them down when she went past you. One time she almost knocked Carmen down, not something you want to do if you want to live a long life. After that incident, I was going to talk to her, but Abby told me that Selena did this to protect herself. She had learned in prison, that if you were aggressive, other people would step back, to avoid being stepped on if nothing else. I wondered at the time why a lot of Abby’s stories had to do with prison life too.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Danny and I are going to talk over Honeymoon locations tomorrow with a travel agent. One of the agents we have called is really pushing this place called San Cristobel. She says that everyone who is anyone in Springfield is going. She also said we could get a great charter flight down with everyone. Frankly, I am not sure I want to honeymoon with all of those people. I would really like for us to be alone and not be part of someone else’s trip. I mean I really like Reva and Cassie. They are fun and even call themselves the positive vibe girls. They rev people up and get them to play games and dance. But Reva usually goes off with Josh which always leaves Cassie the odd person. But this doesn’t last for long as she always finds another couple to hang with. I don’t want it to be us. Danny is mine now, I am not sharing.

I know this sounds mean especially since, she is sad and lonely because Hart died. I feel for her. I just do not want her knocking on my suite door at 7 AM. All the while saying “rise and shine sleepyheads, it is time for our morning jog!” No, on my honeymoon all I want to do is lay with my spouse on a bed or a hammock or a big chair or anything that is horizontal.

I went to look for Danny, the love of my life. It feels so good to write that. Now if I could just get the nerve up to tell him, all would be well. Lord knows everyone else in Springfield knows this by now. I find him in the kitchen. He had a big glass of milk and was eating the Dannys I had made for him. At first he did not believe I had made them. Aunt Meta verified this for him. She was still in the kitchen with the smelling salts. Now she was administering them to Holly, who was just out of the mental hospital. She was mumbling that seeing sights like Jesse in a teeny black Speedo was one reason she had stayed in the hospital for such a long time. Well, Danny had about 10 of the cookies in his hands and at least 5 in his mouth. This was surprising to me as I had never ever see Danny eat a food product. Note to self get easy to cook recipes from Aunt Meta. Remember Michelle, cooking is just like a chemistry experiment but without the sulfur.

I went up to him and he waved me away while he finished his treat. I told him that I was not trying to take the cookies away and he got less defensive. I stood very close to him and let him chew. Finally, he noticed that I had not changed yet and told me to go back to the room pronto. He followed me with still another wad of cookies in his hands.

My goal in getting Danny back to my room was to tell Danny that I loved him, wanted to be with him and show him physical proof of this. Being apart from him made me want him more. I was happier to see him each time we happened to run into each other. Although dear journal, I still do not understand why every time that I surprise him, he seems to be reaching into his coat pocket and then quickly withdraws his hand. I told Aunt Meta about this and she suggested that he might be “packing heat.” I told her he was probably just reaching for his breath spray (he really likes Binaca). Maybe it is both?

Anyway, I am rambling and it is late. Danny did not leave here until a bit before 12. Given our track record that means we spent almost 8 hours together. That must be some sort of record. Usually we are together for about 70 seconds a day.

I then set out to complete my plan. I asked Danny again if he wanted me to change out of my suit. He said yes and went to the balcony to allow me privacy to change. I ran over and locked the balcony door. Until that moment, I did not know that this door had a lock on it. We never lock doors here at Casa Bauer. Why would we ever need locks for protection? It is not like I will be abducted or anything.

I told Danny to sit on the bed. This relaxed him a bit. I then removed my top and dangled it before him asking him if he’d like to party. Danny, who was now gripping the bedspread said Michele, you know we cannot do this. I sat on the bed so that I was behind him and I leaned in close and started to whisper into his ear. What did I say, well I gave him the speech?

You know “the I am a Man speech.” But, I inserted woman instead of man and tried my best to duplicate his speech. I cannot remember all the words I used but it went like this.

“I lay here night after night thinking of you, wanting you, needing you here beside me, with me, touching me, stroking me. I dream about you and what it would be like to have you with me at all times. To climb into these cold clean sheets and remember what it would be like to be back in our big bed. Our bed with those sheets that never rustled (400 thread Bermuda Cotton sheets are very quiet). Here in this small bed, we would be touching if we even moved an inch. You tell me that you want to wait for us to be together until you settle all of the family business. Danny, it has already taken such a long time. I am young and in love. I have known your body and I want to know it again, now.”

“I am just a woman, Daniel Santos, and I want you with me, right now.” With that statement I leaned in closer and pressed my breasts against his now sweat soaked linen shirt. I heard his sharp intake of breath as he felt me against him. Boldly, I leaned farther forward and wrapped my legs around him.

“God,” he said, “you do not know what you do to me.”

“Yes,” I said, “I think I do because it is the same as what you do to me every time we are close together like this or even when we speak on the telephone. I sense and feel the touch of your lips, your arms stroking mine, your hands and your lips stroking my neck, your hands tangled in my hair, the touches you give me when we kiss. Your soulful kisses that make me feel you have invaded my very soul.”

“I long to have you lean back against me and let me show you how much I love you.”

At this, Danny finally stopped being the noble gangster and followed my wish and lay back against me so that my breasts were closer to him. He shifted down so that they were then directly over his face. Oh my, I thought. Danny then pulled my lips down to meet his and pulling away from the kiss pulled my neck closer to him so that he could kiss first one then the other breast. I was beginning to feel a lot warmer and I intuitively pressed against him even more to which he said, “Michelle you feel as if you are not wearing anything.”

“Danny, I am not wearing much.”


“Yes, Danny,” I replied “what would you like me to do?”

“Thanks, Michelle, I think I can take things from here. But I do have two logistics questions. First, could we turn on some music, it sounds as if Buzz, Jesse, Drew, Max and Selena are upstairs now and they seem to be making a lot of noise?”

“Your wish is my command, sire.” As I got up, I took off my pareo and tankini bottoms. I was standing there just 6 inches away from his body without any clothing on and it was so warm in the room. I reached over and began unbuttoning his shirt and he undid his trousers to reveal his silk boxer shorts. It was really hot now.

“Michelle, I still have one more question.”

“What is it, Daniel?”

“Is your bedroom door locked?”

The End

Bauer’s Fourth of July BBQ – Part 1 by SJ

July 2, 2014

Republisher’s Note: Although it was much more fully developed in fanfic than on the show, it was a running theme that Michelle couldn’t cook, they touch on that in this fanfic. This writer was also part of a group that often MaryJaned themselves and a small group of other fanfic writers into stories, hence the mention of Danny’s first girlfriend. She also does a real nice of job of subtle dropping in hints and jabs about the storylines current in 1999.

Author’s Note: Hey everyone, a post on Kristi’s board got me thinking about what to bring to the Bauer BBQ. Realizing that with the planned story line, Manny may not be at the BBQ this year, I decided to go ahead and write this 2 part story now. Also, I created a recipe for a cookie that even Michelle could bake. So I guess this first part of the story is also a challenge for other Manny recipes.


Bauer’s Fourth of July BBQ – Part 1 by SJ

Michelle’s Journal Entry—July 4, 1999 11:30 PM


I cannot believe another July 4 has come and gone. It is so exciting that Abby’s hearing is returning. And this BBQ was wonderful for her. Rick has been so moody lately that he didn’t even want to do this BBQ but Abby surprised him at the last minute. I think he was very happy about it. Abby wanted to have the BBQ because of family tradition and she wanted to be with her friends when she could finally hear fireworks, not just see them. I bought her some earplugs just in case the noise was too much. Abby is such a wonderful and inspiring spirit to me. I hate it that Rick does not seem to understand that she is having some bad times now along with the good. Rick is always in a bad mood lately.

Good news Journal! Aunt Meta finally helped me devise a recipe that I can actually make I was talking to her the other day about my desire to learn to cook. She told me that what I need to do when I think about cooking is think of it as a lab experiment for a Chemistry class. I told her about a cookie that Danny’s first girlfriend used to make for him and she agreed to help me come up with a recipe.

About that girlfriend, I’m not putting on my Nancy Drew cap to help find her! She’ll just have to go unfound as far as Danny is concerned. He is mine now! Danny told me about her once, they met in Puerto Rico during the summer his family lived there. They were both 14 and met at the concession stand at the San Juan baseball park. He said her name was Carla and they’d seen each other every day that summer. She loved making him these cookies which he still talks about. He said he tried to track her down again after he came into some money at age 18 but had never been able to find her.

Anyway, I played around with one of the recipes Aunt Meta gave me and I think I’ve finally hit on something good. I’ll be honest and admit to burning a few batches but I made 10 batches that turned out perfect and everyone is gobbled them up at the BBQ. I remember thinking that I had better put some aside so that the real guy can try some! So here is the recipe for my new creation, which I’m calling



Serves 8 to 10 (if you double the recipe do not put in larger pan/break batches up)/ Prep time 5 minutes/ Baking time 30 minutes (convection oven) 35 (regular oven)


22 graham crackers (use food processor or hand to process into crumbs)

½ cup of wheat germ

1 12 oz. Can of evaporated milk

3 oz. Each of butterscotch chips and chocolate chips (or use 6 oz of 1 of these)

1 ½ tsp. Of vanilla extract or use 1 tsp. of cold espresso


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Spray a 9 by 9 inch pan with Mazola or Pam nonstick spray

Combine all of the aforementioned ingredients in a mixing bowl and pour into pre-sprayed pan. Bake in oven for around 30 minutes. Cool for 5 to 10 minutes then cut and cool on a plate. Put the Dannys in a plastic zip-lock bag and place on top of picnic basket (so they don’t get mushed) or place on plate and set out for the BBQ! This is a great no fuss, no muss recipe for kids to make too since there are no eggs and no flour to make a mess.


Options–Use ½ of walnuts or pecans, add in with rest of ingredients.

You can also substitute 6 oz of peanut butter chips for the chocolate and butterscotch chips.

If you want to make Billys use marshmallows instead of the chips.



Okay, now I have written down my first recipe! Now I need to learn to cook something a bit more substantial.

But I have no ideas.

Where was I, oh yeah, talking about the BBQ? It was around 3 PM and I was standing in the kitchen helping set out the food when I looked over to see Aunt Meta fanning Lillian while Abby waved smelling salts under her nose. Ha, Jesse again, I thought and I was right. I looked out the window and saw that he was wearing those teeny black Speedo swim trunks, again. I thought I had thrown those things out last summer. Anyway, Lillian was finally coming around and Meta was muttering that in her day, men didn’t wear those things if they didn’t fill them out properly. Lillian then laughed and said, yes, if you do not have a well packed package, make sure that the wrapping isn’t too tight. At that both women started laughing and Abby who had heard half of the conversation was just standing there looking perplexed.

Danny had told me that he wouldn’t be by until after 5 so I decided I had time for a swim and ran upstairs to put on my new tankini. I loved the suit, it was demure but functional. I tied my new pink and salmon colored batik pareo around my waist and ran back downstairs to the pool. I would have to say that the sights that awaited me were surreal.

Jesse was there in the aforementioned bathing suit with Drew in a leopard print bikini. They both looked kind of tacky if I do say so myself. Bill and Pilar were there in matching suits. Her white one piece with a diagonal red stripe matched his red trunks with a white stripe. It was kind of cute to see them trying so hard to meet each other half way. Lizzie, Marah, Susan and Tammy all had really cute little suits that seemed to range the colors of the rainbow. Max was there too and was teasing Marah much to Susan’s chagrin. Shayne was splashing around in the wading pool with the Mahler twins (who Aunt Meta had agreed to baby-sit yet again). Beth and Cassie, inexplicably had on identical suits and Jim was standing between them looking awkward as usual.

Selena and Buzz, the newlyweds, even showed. Buzz had promised Abby a lot of food from his new restaurant and they were dropping off the assorted dishes. There is still a lot of tension between Drew and Selena. Ben just came in with Blake followed by Ross and India. It is obvious they are all being a little too polite at this moment. Everyone looked happy on the surface but you could sense the stress and tension underneath everyone’s polite gossiping.

Rick is standing at the grill with Philip (Harley who just had the baby sent her regrets) and they both are laughing and drinking beer. When will someone tell Rick, a doctor BTW, that rare hamburgers are not cool anymore? I bought some veggie burgers for him to cook this year and he even served them rare, which I did not think was possible.

I had a nice swim (Bill asked the kids to help him teach Pilar how to play Marco Polo at the opposite end of the pool, so I wasn’t bothered). I was thinking about Danny again, about the 500th time that day. I’m not sure why Rick is so against our union. Abby and Meta are on our side but lately this makes Rick more determined than ever.

I resolved not to think about that and instead thought back about the night Danny and I spent together at his house. It was the night he had announced to his mother and the other so called “Springfield families” that he was going legitimate. I had waited in his room for him and when he came in and found me in his bed, well the night became a sleepless one pretty fast for both of us.

It was very special and Danny had promised to get us away from here for a real honeymoon when he took care of one more piece of business. He was working on that today and I couldn’t/still cannot wait to start on that life together. If only Danny weren’t so possessive and protective of me all the time. I talked to Aunt Meta and Abby about this too. Abby said that Rick had been like this when they were first married and his so called wild bull behavior had continued through her incarceration. She chalked it up to an intense sense of jealousy that men seem to feel when they enter into the physical nature of a relationship. Aunt Meta said pretty much the same thing but in a bit more graphic detail.

I got out of the pool and toweled off. I wrapped my pareo around my waist and looked around at everybody again. Then I heard his voice. It wasn’t his playful voice, it was the gruffly serious voice.

Michelle, what are you wearing? I want you to go and change right now. I just wink at him, but inside I’m thinking, here we go again! Then I saw him and sighed. He was wearing an off-white pair of linen slacks and a very rich looking shirt that matched the slacks. He looked a little too good. I smiled and went over to hug and kiss him but he held me away.

“Danny,” I say, “I’m not wearing anything revealing or sexy.”

“That is a matter of opinion,” he said.

I pointed out all of the other women pool-side. He didn’t care and was getting ready to tell me again, I just know it, when Cassie knocked Beth into the pool. In the process, it soaked Danny’s shirt. Cassie laughed looked at Danny and the other people that had gotten wet and said “oh, sorry” and walked away. Jesse jumped into the pool to help Beth and I turned away so as to not see him leave the pool, that suit of his, Drew please talk to him! The pool incident seemed to relax Danny a little bit and he started talking in a calmer tone. He said, “I know you are being a good host Michelle, but you can still do a good job in a long sleeved jumpsuit that zips up to your neck.”

I laughed nervously, realizing that for all intents and purposes he was being a bit playful but was also quite serious. I told him he had to get over this jealousy. Just then Bill and Pilar walked by and Pilar made a point of telling me how cute I was in my suit. Bill politely agreed and with that, Danny said, “that is it!” He then playfully pulled me into the house and down the hall. We entered my room and he slammed the door shut. Then he surprised me by kissing me very passionately. I told him that this was much better than our discussion at the pool. He stopped nuzzling my neck and told me again to change out of my sexy suit (HA) and into something more appropriate..

I looked at him and sighed. Then I said, “whatever you want Danny” and I reached up and unhooked my top.


Ties That Bind by Blue Eyes Chapter 14

May 24, 2014

Republisher’s Note: They do a really good job with the characterizations of people we know in this chapter.

Ties That Bind by Blue Eyes – Chapter 14

The drive back to Springfield seemed to last for years. All Michelle could do was stare out the window watching as tree after tree zoomed past her weary eyes. After Danny had picked her up off the floor, he literally carried her back to the bed and dressed her with the first thing he pulled out of her bag. He quickly dressed himself and threw their bags into the car before coming back to carry her to the car. Neither of them had spoken a word since Abby’s phone call…there was nothing they could say.

When Danny finally pulled up in Rick and Abby’s driveway, they both saw the onslaught of police cars parked along the street. Michelle had the car door open before Danny could even come to a full stop. He ran after her as she bolted for the front door. Not bothering to knock, she slung the door open to a roomful of people.

“Michelle,” Abby quickly stood up, her face red and swollen from her tears.

“Where is he?” her voice cracked. “Where’s my baby?”

Abby crossed the room hesitantly, wrapping her arms around Michelle. “I’m so sorry…so, so sorry.”

“Please,” Michelle pleaded as her voice choked around the lump in her throat.

“Michelle,” Rick stood, solemnly standing behind his wife. “Frank is doing everything he can to find him.”

She turned her eyes and saw a desperate looking Frank sitting on the couch. “He’s gone?” She jerked away from Abby as she stared at Frank. “No, this can’t be happening. Please tell me this isn’t happening.” The onslaught of tears came pouring forth as the magnitude of the situation hit her like a brick wall. “No, no, no,” she shook her head vehemently as she stumbled backwards. “This isn’t happening.”

Danny caught her from behind and turned her in his arms as her body fell limp against him, her sobs filling the entire room. “Frank, what do you know?” he asked, trying his best to hold himself together.

Frank cleared his throat, trying to keep his own emotions in check. “We don’t have any leads yet,” he mumbled. “But I promise you we are doing everything we can to find him.”

“What happened?” Danny begged, tears clouding his vision.

“We were at the park,” Abby’s shaky voice broke through the silence. “Rachel was so upset after you left yesterday so I promised her we could all go to the park in the morning. Everything was fine…we were…we were getting ready to leave. I turned my back for just a second…just one second…Michelle I swear it wasn’t but just a second. I thought he was right behind me…he was supposed to be right behind me. When I turned back around I didn’t see him. I searched that park up and down. We looked for hours…no one saw a thing. I am so sorry,” Abby broke down as Rick wrapped his arms around her, his voice trying to calm her.

“Danny, we’ve tapped the phones here and at your house in case a ransom call is made,” he sighed. “We have detectives out searching the park for any kind of clue and questioning anyone who may have seen anything. It would probably be a good idea to get over to your house so one of you will be there if a call does come in.”

“Where’s Rachel?” Danny’s eyes searched the room looking for his daughter.

“She’s with Bill and Pilar,” Rick answered. “She was pretty upset so I called and asked Pilar to come pick her up and she took her back to your mother’s. They said to call when you got back.”

Danny slowly nodded as he tightened his arms around his wife, who’s cries continued to echo in his ears. How could this be happening to them? His little boy…who would have done this? Hadn’t this been Michelle’s biggest fear when they decided to start a family? That someone out there…someone connected to his past would try to get to him again. Was that what had happened? Did someone from his past destroy the sense of safety he had worked so hard to gain for his family?

“Danny,” Frank repeated, drawing him out of his daze.

“Okay,” he shook his head. “Sweetie,” he whispered in her ear. “We have to go.”

“Michelle?” Abby called after her.

She shook her head, unable to look at anyone except her husband. Gently he led out the door, his arm protectively around her shoulders. Abby made a move to follow them, but Rick pulled her back. “Give her some time,” he pleaded.

“But she blames me, Rick,” Abby cried. “I have to do something!”

“Abby, this wasn’t your fault,” he whispered. “There’s nothing more you can do. Nothing will be right for my sister until her little boy comes home.”

Danny stood by the window, hugging his folded arms to his chest as his eyes stared at the silent swing set in the back yard…the lone swing swaying gently in the breeze. Hadn’t it been just two days ago that he stood behind that very swing, pushing his son…his son shouting in laughter, wanting to go higher and higher? He could still hear the giggles that permeated the air as his son soared higher and higher…before his mother came bolting out of the house, fear written all over her face. He understood now why Michelle had always been so protective of him…so scared that something was going to happen to him. He would be the last of the children they would ever share together…the last product of their united souls…and now he was gone.

He shut his eyes, shaking his head against the cool glass of the window. He couldn’t let himself do this…he couldn’t think this way. Somehow, some way they were going to find him. And God help whoever was responsible for this…


His eyes broke away as he felt Ray’s hand on his shoulder. “Where’s Michelle?”

“She’s upstairs,” Ray explained. “I finally convinced her to lay down and try to get some rest.”

“She hasn’t said a word since we left Rick and Abby’s,” Danny’s voice was strained with unshed tears. “She just sits there with a blank stare on her face. I don’t know what to do…I don’t know how to help her.”

“Just be there for her,” Ray’s voice was soft and comforting. “She’s still in shock right now…she needs time.”

“Time for what?” Danny snapped, shrugging Ray’s hand from his shoulder as he crossed the room. “Time to accept that her son is gone and she may never see him again? Time to realize that it’s my fault our son is missing? Time for her to start hating me for who I am?”

“What are you talking about?” Ray shook his head. “Danny, you have bent over backwards to protect your children. This is not your fault. How could you think such a thing?”

“It is my fault, Ray,” he paced back and forth, kneading the tight muscles in his neck. “I’m a Santos and no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to break away from everything that is tied to that name. I was a fool to think I could protect my family from who I really am.”

“You are not like that, Danny,” Ray reassured. “You worked like crazy to break away from those ties. You even convinced your mother…the one person who vowed to never let you break free…that you could have a life away from all the illegal ties the family held. She protected you, Danny, so none of them would come after you or your family.”

“Well, her protection wasn’t enough,” Danny shouted.

“What’s going on?” he looked at him questionably. “Danny, what aren’t you telling me?”

“Carlos has been calling me lately, wanting to get me involved again…to use San Corp,” Danny sighed. “The more I refused, the more insistent he became. He made some idle threats, but I threatened him right back, reminding him my mother had enough to bring him and his family down if anything happened to me or my family. I guess my threats weren’t enough.”

“You really think Carlos was behind Justin’s kidnapping?”

“I don’t know anything right now,” he threw his hands in the air. “All I know is my son is missing and my wife is in an almost catatonic state. And who knows how this is affecting my daughter.”

“Rachel is fine,” Ray assured. “I was over at the house earlier and Bill and Pilar are keeping her busy, trying to keep her mind off of all of this.”

“Good,” he nodded. “I don’t want her to be here right now. She doesn’t need to be around all of this.”

“Well, your mother is on the rampage,” Ray began. “She’s been on the phone with the police every fifteen minutes demanding to know what they’ve been doing to find him. And knowing Carmen, I’m sure she’s issued a few vile threats of her own where the other families are concerned. She’s not going to stop until Justin is safe and back home where he belongs. And he will be Danny. We’re going to find him.”

“We have to,” Danny’s eyes glistened. “Because if we don’t…Michelle will never get over this…it will kill her.”

“You’re going to get him back,” Ray sighed.

Danny turned his back to Ray, his eyes finding their way back to the swing set his son loved so much. If he closed his eyes, he could see him out there right now…laughing as he slid down the hot metal slide into his mother’s awaiting arms. She was always there waiting to catch him whenever he needed her…every time he fell when he was first learning to walk…every time he was sick…every time he had a nightmare…his mother was always there. What was he doing right now? Was he scared? How was he getting along without his mother and father there to sing him to sleep? How would Michelle survive without him?

This was too much…the thoughts were just too overwhelming. He couldn’t think…he didn’t want to think. His hands reached for the first thing they could find, which happened to be a porcelain vase he had brought back from France for Michelle on his last business trip several months ago. On instinct, his fingers clasped around the wide neck of the vase as his arm propelled it forward across the length of the room…it shattering upon impact with the wall.

“Danny,” Ray’s calming voice broke the silence.

“I can’t do this Ray, I can’t,” his body landing in a heap on the floor, his hands muffling the sobs coming from deep within his soul. “My little boy…”

Ray quickly crossed the room and laid his hands on Danny’s shoulders. “Danny, look at me.”

When he shook his head, Ray braced his hands against the sides of Danny’s face and pulled his head up. He felt his heart break when Danny’s tortured eyes stared back at him. He had fought so hard to keep his family safe…to give his wife the dream she had always wanted…the dream he had promised her. And now he was blaming himself for the nightmare they now found themselves in the midst of.
The darkness surrounded him. He turned his head left and then right, but all his eyes found was pitch blackness. He was trapped and no matter where he looked or where he turned there was no way out. The stifling air cut off his breath as his hands reached out searching for some way to escape the invisible barriers surrounding him. Then suddenly he saw her…appearing before his eyes…seemingly out of thin air. She had the most beautiful smile on her face as her extended hand beckoned him to come closer. His heavy feet slowly inched forward toward her, but the closer he got, the further away she became. She was still calling for him…she needed him. Each step that was intended to draw her closer only seemed to push her further away. He kept calling after her as he watched her slipping away from him, begging her to not leave him. The darkness slowly returned and she was gone.

Danny’s body jerked violently as he awoke to find himself lying on the leather couch in the living room of his house. His breathing was fast and ragged as the images from his dream haunted his mind. Michelle needed him and he hadn’t been able to reach her…he hadn’t kept his promise to her…just like now. Even sleep couldn’t provide the escape he needed from the harsh reality that was now his life. His son…their son…was missing. Someone had invaded their perfect world…if not a fantasy…that they had created for themselves. Someone had torn it to shreds in just a matter of a single minute. No matter how this nightmare ended, their perfect world would now just be a distant memory.

He threw the thin quilt off of his legs and quickly stood on shaky feet as the need to find his wife overwhelmed him. Before he could escape through the doorway, Ray emerged from the kitchen carrying two steaming mugs of coffee.

“You’re awake.”

“How long was I out?” Danny furiously rubbed his tired eyes.

“Only a couple of hours,” he explained, sitting the cups on the table in front of the couch. “You were exhausted.”

“I have to check on Michelle,” Danny turned again as he made his way to the stairs.

“I just did,” Ray called after him. “She’s sleeping too.”


He nodded, “At least sleep provides her a reprieve from having to face reality.”

Danny crossed the room and dropped into the chair facing Ray. “Sleep isn’t always the escape you think it is.”

“What can I do?” he stood to hand him one of the mugs.

“There’s nothing you can do, Ray,” he sipped the scorching liquid gingerly. “We just have to wait and see if the kidnapper calls making some kind of ransom request. I’m sure the police are doing everything they can.”

“I don’t buy that for a second Danny,” Ray snapped, slamming his cup down hard onto the coffee table in front of him, the hot liquid spilling over the rim. “Don’t forget how well I know you. We grew up together…I watched how you responded when your father was killed. You wanted revenge…you wanted someone to pay. Don’t think for one second that I’m going to buy this act that you’re just going to sit back and let the police handle this.”

“Ray, you don’t need to be involved in this,” he easily set his own cup down on the table, avoiding the penetrating stare of his cousin.

“Danny, look at me,” he implored.

When he did look up, Ray saw a mixture of fear, pain and anger in his cousin’s eyes. He wanted to find his son and he was willing to go by any means to get him back. And God help whoever got in his way.

“You can’t do this,” Ray pleaded. “Danny, you left that life behind a long time ago. You and Michelle have built a life for yourself with your kids…don’t do anything that can jeopardize that.”

“It’s already been jeopardized, Ray!” he seethed. “Someone took our son away from us and I sure as hell am not going to sit back and let them get away with it.”

“What are you going to do, huh?” Ray glared at him. “Are you going to make a few vile threats? Or are you going order someone’s execution?”

“Shut up!” Danny jumped from his seat and turned his back to his cousin. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“What are you going to do, Danny, when you find out who did this?” Ray softened his voice. “If one of the other families is responsible for this kidnapping, are you going to play right into their hands? Are you going to go right back to the life you promised your wife you would never be a part of again?”

“If Carlos took my son…” his voice shook. “He took away one of the three most important people in my life because he wants me and my company back in the business. If I have to sell my soul to the devil to get my son back, then that’s what I’ll do.”

“You know that’s exactly what you’d be doing,” Ray shook his head. “If you allow them to pull you back, any hope you had for the life you said you wanted will be gone. You will lose everything you worked for years to get and you’ll be right back where you started.”

“What the hell do you expect me to do?” he turned around, crossing his arms against his chest. “My wife is falling apart…my family is falling apart. I have to do something. It was my responsibility to protect my family and I failed…I won’t let that happen again.”

“So you’re going to call Carlos and tell him that you’re coming back into the business?”

“The hell you will!”

“Mick,” Danny sighed heavily, looking up to see his brother standing in the doorway. “Stay out of this.”

Mick quickly crossed the room and stood toe to toe with his brother. “You can’t go back. You can’t do it.”

“My son is missing,” Danny snapped. “Carlos has threatened my family on more than one occasion and now he’s followed through with one of those threats. He has to pay. I would think you of all people would understand that.”

“You don’t know for sure that Carlos is responsible for this,” he grabbed for his arm.

Danny quickly jerked away and backed up from him, throwing his hands into the air. “Who else would do something like this? Carlos is the one who’s been pushing me to come back. Carlos is the one who’s been sabotaging San Corp’s business deals. And Carlos is the one who has been delving out the threats. It has to be him.”

“Danny, I know you want to find Justin,” he shook his head. “But you just can’t go around making threats yourself until you know for sure. You’re going to start a war if you keep this up.”

“You think I give a damn!” he stared angrily at him. “One way or another I’m going to get my son back…I owe him that much…I owe Michelle that much.”

“You can’t do this!” Mick shouted.

“Carlos is going to pay for messing with my family,” his voice shook with anger as he started out of the room. He stopped short when he ran into his wife who was rounding the corner. “Michelle,” he breathed.

“What’s going on?” her voice barely a whisper and raspy from her crying.

His heart broke when he looked into her swollen eyes, still red from the volumes of tears that has emerged over the course of the day. “Baby, why don’t you go back upstairs and rest?”

“No,” she shook her head. “I heard you mention Carlos. Danny, what’s going on? Does he have Justin?”

“Michelle…” he dropped his eyes to the floor.

“Damn it Danny, don’t do this, please,” her eyes pleaded. “I need to know what’s going on. Does that man have my son?”

“I don’t know for sure,” he sighed, slowly raising his head to read her response.

“You don’t know for sure?” she repeated. “But you think he does.”

“I don’t know,” he answered honestly. “But I promise you I’m going to find out.”

“Danny, you can’t do this,” she shook her head. “You can’t let them pull you back in.”

“Michelle,” he groaned, rubbing unsteady hands over his face. “I’ll do whatever it takes to get our son back.”

“You,” she snapped, her eyes turning to glare at Mick. “You’re involved in this somehow, aren’t you?”

Mick looked back and forth between his brother and Michelle, feeling the tension mount in the room. Before he could respond, Michelle had crossed the room and was pointing her finger in his face.

“Everything was fine…my family was fine before you came back into our lives,” her voice cracking with anger. “What, you didn’t completely destroy my life before so you thought you’d come back and finish the job?”

“Michelle, stop,” Danny grabbed her arm, pulling her back.

“Why?” she glared at her husband, tears once again burning her eyes. “He has brought nothing but misery to my life since the day I met him!” She turned back to Mick as Danny tried to hold her back. “I want you out of my house. Now!”

“Michelle, you’ve got to calm down,” Danny snapped.

“Don’t you dare defend him to me,” her voice shook as she stared into her husband’s eyes. “Don’t you dare…”

“You’re upset and you don’t know what you’re saying,” his hands braced her face as he whispered to her. “I will figure this out…I promise. Now why don’t you go back upstairs and try to get some sleep?”

“Don’t you dare patronize me!” she screamed, jerking free of his grip. “If you want your dear brother here so much than fine, let him stay. But I’m leaving.”

Danny’s shoulders slumped as she stormed off up the stairs. He turned to Ray with weary eyes and before he could even ask, Ray was on his feet. “I’ll talk to her.”

He watched Ray ascend the stairs before he turned back to his still silent brother.

“Thank you,” Mick’s voice broke through the silence. “Thank you for standing up for me.”

“Don’t thank me,” Danny muttered, his eyes narrowing. “Because I swear if you had something to do with this…I’ll take care of you myself.”

Mick stared after his brother as he walked past him and out the back door. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes as his body collapsed onto the leather couch.

“I’m sorry, Danny. I’m so sorry.”

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