Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 1 Part 5 by Robansuefarm

Author’s Note: We pick up the story from the first day of Bauer BBQ 2018.

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 1 Part 5 by Robansuefarm

Scene 12

Springfield Cemetery, Catholic section.

Ed walked slowly down the row of grave stones. Some of these people he had known. Some had been in Springfield before there were Bauers here and some and had lived and died while he was gone unknown. He didn’t pay them much mind. He walked with purpose if somewhat hesitantly up to Maureen’s stone. She was Catholic and so her family had requested that she be buried here on consecrated ground and given his own role in Maureen’s death, who was he to argue? He came to her grave, stood, for a moment, and then collapsed first to his knees, and then to sit. “Hello, Maureen.”

“It’s been a long time, darling….I don’t….I don’t know how to start. I guess by being honest….It’s been such a long time, but I still see your face…on both our wedding days, when you first held Michelle, when we were so happy, and your tear streaked face that last night at the cabin…Honey, there’s never been a day when I haven’t missed you, where you haven’t been a part of me…..I spent a long time a prisoner in Africa – as long as it was because my family had easily been convinced that I didn’t give a good enough damn about them to check in on them. That I was just selfishly doing what I needed to do while ignoring them. I had messed up everything. Being a prisoner, it gives you a lot of time to repent past mistakes and to face ugly truths.”

“When I was young I used to think I was SO MUCH better than my father. I repudiated him, gave up his first name because I was going to do, going to BE so much better. But I failed. I might not have been the same as my dad, but I fell into all the traps he did and I hurt you as much as he hurt Mom…And what really gets me is that facing all that honesty I have to admit if you hadn’t died I’d have kept after you until you took me back. I’d have had to work for it, but you would have forgiven me eventually no matter how little I deserved it. And it wouldn’t have really made a difference. There would still have been Eve or Holly or someone else. It never was about you, about us, it was about me, but that doesn’t make the hurt I caused you any less real.”

“I faced a lot of stuff about Holly too. You are the love of my life and no matter how much I HATE to admit it – Roger Thorpe was Holly’s. He did some terrible things to her, that level of abuse, rape, kidnapping, it was a lot to get over, but eventually they were able to move past it whether they should have or not the same way you would always eventually able to move past the pain I caused you. Even bearing my soul I want to say what Roger did was worse. Roger pushed Holly past the point of sanity, but I drove you to your death because I couldn’t give you a few days to process, you had to forgive me right then. More than forgive me, say I was right. I really thought that night I could force you into that. Damn, stupid, selfish fool.”

“But while Holly and I were never really the ONE for each other we’ve always shared a connection as friends, as lovers, as second best for each other as it goes. These last few years with Holly enjoying life, enjoying what we have for what it is and not expecting or pretending it was more, has been some of the best in my life after my time with you. But we’re getting older. The cold, hard practicalities say it’s time for us to formalize our relationship, get married. I haven’t really talked it over with her yet because I had to come tell you first. I hope you have managed to find it in your giant heart to forgive me. I hope you can give us your blessing and your understanding. I hope that you can wish us the best.”

A soft voice floated in like a distant echo “the best…”

Ed’s head snapped up. “Maureen?” he choked out and then as if voice volume and determination could bring her back more fully there with him. “Maureen! Maureen!” but he was answered with only silence, just as he had been when Maureen lay dead on the emergency room bed.

Commercial Break

Ed is heading back to his car and he walked back towards the Protestant part of the cemetery where he had parked. He was shaken by his experience, but more determined than ever that his present course was right so it seemed as if there was another ghost when he looked up at saw someone sitting on the bench by the Springfield War Memorial that sat between the two sections.

“Doctor Frazier?” Ed questioned.

The older man was brought out of his reverie. He seemed equally stunned to see Ed. “Ed? What are you doing here?”

“I was visiting my wife, sir.” Ed gestured back towards Maureen’s grave.

“It’s been a long time since I was your mentor, Ed. Don’t you think it’s past time you started calling me, Jim?”

“It hardly seems right with all you’ve accomplished.”

Jim chuckled. “You forget who you’re talking to, Ed. I don’t need any of your false modesty. Considering everything you’ve done a lot of good for a lot of people. Every bit as much as I thought you would way back then. – Oh don’t look so surprised we might not have seen each other for awhile, but your niece Bridget is Kat’s best friend and I’ve known her since Kat got involved with Paul. I’ve kept tabs on you through her.”

“Did you come to spend the day with Kat and her boys?”

“I did.”

“Then what are you doing out here?”

Jim sighed heavily and staring off into the middle distance he seemed on a different track all together. “You know, I took Paul and Hamp to see the Korean War Memorial in D.C. last year…the statues, sloughing through, it all seemed very real, but not as much as coming back to Springfield. I can still feel Paul Fletcher and Ben Scott here. I can see all of us at the hospital. All in our unit. All this time. The war that wasn’t really a war – a police action. The peace that wasn’t really peace – just a truce. All these decades and just a truce, but now it seems like there might really be a real peace – a real ending – finally. And I’m the only one of us left.” Jim heaved a heavy sigh again. “I just needed to take a little time you know? To process?”

Ed came over and put his hand on his shoulder. “Dr. Frazier, I have always appreciated all the help you gave me getting started. I don’t think I ever told you that. I was cocky and more arrogant than I had any right to be….I may be doing it again, thinking I can teach the teacher, but the one big lesson I think I learned in this life is sometimes you just have to be patient. You have to take the time….So…take the time, but don’t get lost here, come over to my house, have a burger, talk to your grandsons.” Ed held out his hand. “Dr. Frazier, welcome back to Springfield.” Jim turned around and shook his hand, smiled and then turned back to the memorial.

Ed walked off and we do a slow pull in on Jim’s face. It dissolves into a montage of actual photos of Korean vets cut in with young images of the three characters, preferably stills from the show, but just photos of the actors at the approximate age if that’s all we got.

Over the images we first hear Truman’s announcement spoken by Truman himself if we have it, by a sound alike if we don’t.

On July 19, 1950 President Truman gave an address on Korea:

On Sunday, June 25th, Communist forces attacked the Republic of Korea.

This attack has made it clear, beyond all doubt, that the international Communist movement is willing to use armed invasion to conquer independent nations. An act of aggression such as this creates a very real danger to the security of all free nations.

The attack upon Korea was an outright breach of the peace and a violation of the Charter of the United Nations. By their actions in Korea, Communist leaders have demonstrated their contempt for the basic moral principles on which the United Nations is founded. This is a direct challenge to the efforts of the free nations to build the kind of world in which men can live in freedom and peace.

This challenge has been presented squarely. We must meet it squarely. . . .

Followed by Taps and the echo of Taps.

Fade to black and return to announcement “Rafe,” “Buzz,” and a special appearance by “Coop.”

Buzz: “The Fourth of July is always a high point of the summer, especially in Springfield.”

Rafe: “Fireworks, hot dogs, and hamburgers are everywhere. It’s time to spend time with family and friends.”

Coop: “But we’re going to ask you today to spare a thought about the men and women who have fought for the freedoms we’re celebrating today.”

Buzz: “Whether you can donate money or spend some time, remember just what you’re celebrating today.”

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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