Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 1 Part 3 by Robansuefarm

Author’s Note: We pick up the story from the first day of Bauer BBQ 2018.

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 1 Part 3 by Robansuefarm

Scene 6

The Bauer Kitchen was full of people coming and going busily going about getting stuff ready. A little time has gone by and Rick is in a much better mood. Michelle has made a trip back home and brought the car back stuffed full of food. The Coopers have all shown up. Rusty brought Oklahoma BBQ. Danny was stirring up the drinks and we have dropped in again when everything was in full swing.

The interactions were much the same as last year. MJ showed up about the same time as Kevin. Just a minute or 2 later Jude came in intending to ask his father about helping with the Bauer burgers. Rick doesn’t see him. Facing the other direction, “Hey, MJ, Kevin. Glad my boys are finally here. I need all the help balancing out all this female energy in here.” Rick nudged and winked at Leah as she protested. “Seriously guys I need help with these burgers. You are my Bauer Burger team this year. Wash your hands and dig in.”

Jude slipped out of the kitchen again without saying something since it seemed so obvious that he wasn’t needed or missed.

Scene 7

Arriving later than usual Blake came in with her arm around Clarissa, having convinced her she needed to come, and Frank bringing up the rear. Outside the back door, Blake said, “I know you’re feeling awful Clarissa honey, but brooding and letting these things build up into a huge thing in your mind isn’t good for you. I know. It can drive you into doing crazy things, trust me I know.”

Frank said, “Yes, Clarissa, you just have to buck up under these things. Go on in. Show us what you’re made of.”

Clarissa went on in and when Frank went to follow Blake stopped him. “What was that?”

Frank looked perplexed. “What was what?”

“All that buck up nonsense. Buck up? Facing up to things is one thing, but bucking up, ignoring your feelings, that’s something else.”

“Now, Blake…”

“No, this is important. Life is going to kick you in the teeth, but you don’t get through it by pretending it doesn’t hurt, by bottling up your emotions.”

“When responsibilities get dumped on you, you don’t have a choice. I know I didn’t.”

“Well, Clarissa is MY daughter and I don’t want her bottling things up. But out.”

Frank looked flabbergasted that Blake had lashed out at him like that over nothing. He stared after her back as she stormed off.

Scene 8

The younger kids were all scattered over the Bauer Living Room, breakfast plates in hand. Hope sat in the middle of the couch. She’d commandeered Hope and Peyton one on each side of her. There was happy chatter as they all talked together, laughter, chatter, jokes, and news flew through the air.

Baby Mikey was up in Jude’s room in a portable crib. Michelle was sitting on the edge of the hearth baby monitor in hand. Danny was standing in the living room at the edge of the hallway going into the kitchen. He crossed behind the couch and whispered, “Come on.” He tugged on her hand. She set down her breakfast plate, swallowing and following Danny as he pulled her around the corner into the short hallway that lead back into the kitchen. Just around the corner and out of sight from the breakfasters and not yet in sight from the kitchen doorway, Danny pressed her against the wall.

“With the kids over last night I didn’t get a proper morning kiss or a good night one.” Danny kissed her deeply. She turned her head to give him better access as he nibbled his way down her neck. “Does this mean that you’ve decided I’m right?”

“Mmmm. Right about what? You’re right about so many things.”

Michelle pushed him off to arms length. “About what we were discussing this morning, last night, last week…”

“No.” Danny pushed his own arms against the wall. “I haven’t changed my mind, Michelle. I’m not changing my mind. This is ridiculous.”

“Then you better get used to going without….”

Michelle flounced back over to her abandoned plate. Danny walked back over so he could see Michelle and hands on hips he made his ‘what is Michelle planning now’ face.

It actually was good that they’d broken off because just then Rick came through the kitchen doorway and into the hall with his phone to his ear and his hand over the other one. He stopped in the hallway halfway between the happy chatter from the group by the fireplace and the group in the kitchen. “That’s better, but it’s a TERRIBLE connection, Dad. I thought you and Holly would be here by now…..No, I understand, are you coming straight here?….OK we’ll see you soon then.”

Danny had walked over to Michelle, but she stood up and crossed back over to Rick. “So where is Dad?”

“Their flight got stuck in Atlanta.”

“Plane troubles?”

Rick pulled a face. “No apparently they had the plane…but they needed to deadhead a crew from Illinois to fly them back here. Cost them a couple of hours.”

“I’m glad that’s all it was.”

“Well, it is Dad and Holly….”

“They have always been explosive, haven’t they?”

“That’s an understatement, little sister, a big understatement.”

Cut to a montage of short takes of emotional Ed and Holly moments over the years – to commercial.

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