GL July 31, 2009 – Another Ed Episode

Looking back on the July 31 2009 episode of Guiding Light.

Glmanny's Blog

This summary and commentary was published immediately after watching the episode. The time count is based off the CBS streaming which ran 37 minutes without commercials. I was upset at the time so this has a bit more bitter sarcasm than I normally put into my commentary. Also, while I was waiting for Rick, Ed, Danny and Michelle, Vanessa and Billy, what I got daily was Mallet and Marina.- SSU

July 31, 2009 – Ed’s back again today. Now THIS is what I foolishly thought it meant when they announced they were going to be back, on for a number of days in a run. However, from here on in, if they aren’t having Ed lie to us repeatedly on screen (which I don’t discount as a possibility) we should see more of him. Ed had a scene with Olivia mostly to confirm he’d be around and for Ed to…

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