Bradley Cole – Guiding Light Finale Update

Flashing back to Bradley Cole right after the Finale.

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The April 27, 2010 issue of Soap Opera Weekly had an interview with Bradley Cole. He made some comments about the Guiding Light finale.

Cole said that General Hospital called up and offered him the recurring part of Warren Bauer after he had relocated his family to California. People have been asking him if he had scenes with former love interest Laura Wright (now Carly on General Hospital), but so far he hasn’t had any.

Weekly: Surely you’ve bumped into Laura backstage?

Cole: Oh, yeah. We had a great chance to talk and to relive old moments at GL and catch up on everything. It’s been great.

Weekly: How do you like returning to a standard [soap opera] production model, without all the location shooting?

Cole: You know what, it really didn’t even cross my mind. It just seems very natural. The way we were shooting [at GL] didn’t…

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