Let’s Call It a Plot Twist, Shall We? Essay 5

Watch the episodes where Danny sleeps with Drew.

From the Rustle of the Sheets

Drew and Danny get drunk

Drew and Danny

“Let’s Call It a Plot Twist, Shall We?
(About the Danny/Drew, uh, Connection)

By Jennifer Hallmark

I am usually the first person who gripes and complains and bemoans when TIIC pull a stunt like the upcoming one with Danny and Drew, but surprisingly enough, I’m not upset at all, in fact I think it makes sense. And here is why . . . .

Danny is emotionally a wreck at this point. Think of all of the stuff that has happened to him in the last couple of days.

1. His mother once again questioned him about Michelle, and went so far as to suggest that he test her . . . and in response, Danny threatened to walk away with Michelle and leave la familia. I do not think that this was an easy threat, or an idle one. Danny is a man who believes in loyalty and family — he has after all been taught well by his mother. He must have been seriously considering this action for some time in order to make such a threat and he knows that it is a powerful one to wield over his mother. Furthermore, she has taught him well and so it must be very difficult for him to even suggest such a thing.

2. Then immediately after making such a bold declaration to his mother, he finds Michelle in a highly suspicious situation dealing with a Santos Client, Mrs. Silva. He learns that she went behind his back and interfered with the family business, something that he obviously believes is a big no-no. He is also aware that she used his feelings for her to distract him . . . just because he was distracted, does not take away from the fact that he is very aware of what she did.

3. Following that, he truly believed that this time, Michelle was going to finally be his wife in every sense . . . and again she backed away. So, not only did she use his feelings and desires for her against him, but she didn’t even follow through, leaving him wanting and bereft — because she still does not want him. He thinks that Michelle finds him repugnant and yet he desires her. Knowing (or thinking he knows) that she feels the opposite for him must just demoralize him completely.

4. And then, because of Michelle’s suspicious actions, he set up a “test” for her, something which he felt guilty about doing as evidenced by his talk with with his grandmother. He felt so very guilty that he set his own wife up in such a way.

5. For the first time, he admitted that he does love her. And again, knowing that she does not return his feelings must hurt so incredibly.

6. Michelle’s “blindness,” he didn’t know she was faking and he was freaking out (and I’m not exaggerating with my choice of words). He was worried about her, she is rapidly becoming the most important aspect of his life and the idea that something could happen to her scares him more than he can say.

7. Jesse is at the hospital and Michelle turns to him for comfort — yet another blow at Danny’s manhood, ego, feelings, etc.; a seeming disregard for all he has given up for her, all he has done for her, all he feels for her.

8. Then of course, he found out that the F.B.I. did in fact raid the shipment, thus verifying that Michelle betrayed him. As guilty as he felt about setting her up, knowing that she turned on him, she betrayed him, she lied to him must tear at his heart and soul. And after he specifically asked her “to promise” him, that she would not tell anyone and she did promise, and still she did tell the F.B.I. She betrayed him completely — she betrayed his words, his feelings, his belief in her, his family, she betrayed everything that he believed was building between them.

9. Then we have Mama Santos nailing it home that his wife betrayed him and that now he must do his duty to his family. Yes, he is upset by her betrayal, yes, he is reeling from the knowledge that all of her sweet words, all of her touches and kisses and caresses were a ploy, an attempt to get him to open up to her, but still his mother expressing such glee that he must now kill his wife, a woman that he loves despite all that she has done, must hurt. Danny is dealing with the knowledge that avenging his brother’s death is more important to his mother than his happiness.

10. Finally, knowing for a certainty that since before their wedding included, Michelle has been playing him for a fool, has got to just sting beyond bearability for any man . . . especially a man like him. That he defended her time and time and time again to his mother, to Dietz, to himself and then to find out that it was all a lie and that she was using him, stringing him along, is probably the worst betrayal he has ever experienced.

So, take all of this . . . all of the above and add on top of this the simple fact that he is losing the first woman he has ever loved . . . and he is losing her because she doesn’t love him in return — of course, the guy is a complete emotional basket-case.

He’s upset, he gets drunk, he reverts to the man he was before Michelle entered his life, and along comes an equally distraught, drunken babe who is a connection to Michelle — they both seek comfort and oblivion in drink and the sweet surcease of meaningless sex. By sleeping with Drew, Danny accomplishes several things — one, he gets to betray Michelle back — having sex with her maid of honor shortly after the wedding, whether Michelle cares about him or not, has got to be a blow. Two, through Drew, he is able to establish a connection (sick, but true) with Michelle and finally, he loses himself in being the bad, wild boy he was before Michelle happened to him.

Now, I do not blame or think badly about Danny at all about his. Why not? Simple, he is drunk, the sanctity of his marriage has been revealed as a joke. What does it matter if he is breaking his vow? Michelle broke hers before she even said them, she lied to him, she used him, she betrayed him. She doesn’t love him, she doesn’t want him, she doesn’t even care about him. It wouldn’t matter to her at all that he has found satisfaction in another woman’s arms, as long as it keeps him out of her bed.

That is what he must be thinking. Michelle is not truly his wife. She has made that perfectly clear to him, so their vows do not matter. Every promise he made to her is a joke, as her every promise to him was. Danny is suffering greater that he ever has in his life, he is angry, he is hurt, he is lashing out and Drew is there, available and she fits the bill. And simply, finally, Michelle betrayed him, it’s his turn to return the favor.

Now, as for Drew — she’s a different story. She knows (unlike Danny) that Michelle does care about her husband. She knows how difficult and how wavering Michelle has been regarding the whole F.B.I. matter and she knows that Michelle tried to call it off. She, more than anyone else, knows that Michelle is falling in love with Danny, and therefore she must know that Michelle will be devastated by Danny’s “betrayal.” Danny, honestly believes that Michelle would not give a damn at all, Drew knows better.

So, I think much less of Drew than I do Danny. Still, I feel for Drew. She is an emotionally, screwed-up young woman. And it is obvious from her attitude and comments that she has made that sex is no big deal to her. Remember her words to Michelle when talking about consummating the marriage: “At least he’s not ugly.” As if that should make a difference to Michelle and make it easier to have sex with a man she doesn’t love. For Drew, sex doesn’t have to have anything to do with love. Unlike Michelle, she doesn’t take sex ultra-seriously and so a quickie-one-night stand is probably nothing to her.

Still, she should feel guilty and I truly hope she does, because she knows that by sleeping with her friend’s husband, she is in the wrong. I do believe she will try to justify that Michelle claimed she really didn’t feel anything for Danny and so therefore, she didn’t think it would really bother her. Of course, she’s lying to herself, but I hope that eventually she can be honest with herself and Michelle and hopefully a stronger friendship will emerge. It would be interesting to see Michelle and Drew remain friends throughout this, after the fall-out takes place.

As for the Manny relationship, I personally think this makes perfect sense and will definitely be an opening for a better understanding between the two. Danny is probably trying to convince himself that he doesn’t really love Michelle, that it is just desire and he wants to bed her. By sleeping with Drew, he will realize that finally getting some did not ease his wanting or need for Michelle.

However, I think this is just a minor thing that will come out of this. The biggest realization will come to Michelle. For the first time, she will be in the position of realizing that she very well may have lost the devotion and love that Danny has unceasingly showered her with. She will realize that, for the first time, she has truly hurt someone deeply, someone that she truly cared about.

And most importantly, she will realize that Danny is someone she wants, and that is he her husband — now knowing that someone else has had what is hers, will probably bring out the possessive wife in Michelle. She will come to the decision that Danny is hers and she will fight for him. The possessiveness that until now we’ve only seen on Danny’s side will most likely emerge in Michelle and the strong passions that Danny has begun to bring out in her will blossom in other ways.

I suspect that Danny and Michelle will, in the next couple of months, experience a lot of angst and a lot of pain with a lot of fighting and miscommunication. After all, they are two very passionate people who bring out the best and the worst of passions in one another, but when they do come together . . . ah, when they do come together, the fireworks will be explosive and well worth the turmoil and wait.

Jennifer H.


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