Amazing! Essay 4

Watch the episodes where Michelle packs to leave for the Bauer House.

From the Rustle of the Sheets

“Amazing!”┬áBy Kathy

(Written after the March 10th episode — The one where Carmen confronts Danny about Michelle; and Michelle packs.)

I think I rewound and rewatched that scene [Michelle packing, Danny twisting his wedding ring] about one hundred times yesterday. I actually think that this was the most pivotal scene in the episode. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the other scenes with Mama because, as always, Paul Anthony Stewart was amazing in showing his inner turmoil. And the scenes between Michelle and Drew where she admitted that she didn’t know how she felt about Danny, I honestly felt her confusion. Both Stewart and Joie Lenz were amazing in this episode. But, the last scene in the bedroom really got to me.

I did notice the tugging and the rolling of the wedding ring. And I also noticed the way he was so soft spoken as if to say, ‘I am really angry but I am not going to let my anger get the better of me.’ I mean, at that point he knew that Michelle had betrayed him and still he was calm. But those tiny actions foreshadowed what I think will be happening in the next couple of weeks.

He is going to think real hard about what his next actions are going to be, but his love for Michelle is so strong that her betrayal didn’t just hurt his heart but also his soul. Danny is a man who sticks, but how can he when he feels his life is a lie? I mean, his mother is actually excited that Danny might kill his wife. He knows this. He knows that his family is soooo sick, sick enough to have him kill the woman he loves.

Then, to make matters worse, his wife, the woman he loves, the woman who he thought was beginning to love him, in his eyes has been making a fool out of him. I feel for Danny, more than I do for Michelle and for Carmen, because as someone said, Danny is the one who is locked up, who is a prisoner of his family and of his heart.

And Stewart is just amazing, his acting is just superb. Guiding Light was so lucky to snag him. And we are so lucky to be able to see a master at work. GOD, WHAT A MAN!!!

Kathy ( hopelessly in love with Paul Anthony Stewart!)


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