Preview Danny’s Betrayal Rocks Michelle May 25 1999

Republished from “The Rustle of the Sheets”

Republisher’s Note: This is the full text of the article as it appeared on the website excluding photos. I have not yet double checked the text. I corrected a couple of obvious typos. I believe the editorial remarks are from the editor of the website, not the author. The website credits it to the May 25, 1999 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. As the note at the bottom says this only extremely loosely matches what happened on screen.

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Danny and Michelle coming out of shower soaking wet

“Danny’s Betrayal Rocks Michelle!” 5/25/99

Danny and Drew had hoped that they could keep Michelle from learning about their one-night stand. But after Carmen lets the truth slip this week, Michelle’s trust in Drew and Danny is shattered!

The In Depth Preview: As the week begins, Danny – in the presence of Carmen and Michelle – recalls the reason that he crashed his car: He was racing home after learning that Carmen had ordered Michelle’s death! Carmen denies the accusation, but a furious Danny informs his mother that he never wants to see her again. Carmen responds with her trump card: She reveals that Danny slept with Drew.

Michelle hardly can believe her ears. Danny insists that tryst was meaningless, but that does nothing to ease her pain. Later, Michelle heads to Millennium to drown her sorrows. Determined to explain himself, Danny tracks her down and drags her home. In the heat of the moment, Danny kisses her. Furious, Michelle claims that she no use for someone who murders for a living. As a result, Danny offers to walk away from her for good. But before Michelle replies, Danny gets word that an attempt has been made on his mother’s life!

Editor’s Note: Where they got their information, I have no clue. Michelle kissed Danny and she was furious, because Danny wouldn’t sleep with her. The “has no use for someone who murders for a living” is such a complete joke, I have no idea where that came from. Geez. Read the Soap Opera Digest Cover Story to find out what really happened if you missed those episodes. I only include this because it is an article on Manny – however incorrect it may be. Geesh!



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