Just Another Day by Carrie

“Just Another Day” – “Just Another Day” – Manny are happily married with two kids and enjoying all the problems of everyday life (an overflowing washer beats a bullet any day).

Danny, Michelle, Robbie, 2009

Republisher’s Note: I’m not sure what fanfic she’s talking about. If anyone knows or can figure it out, please let me. No. This is one of the fanfics which names a daughter Danielle. I SO love that. This is another song fic, this one’s song is “Just Another Day” by Phil Vassar.

Author’s Note: Hi all, Below is my songless challenge. It’s based on a song, clearly, so neither the concept, nor many of the lines (I borrowed grossly from the ‘dialogue’ of the song) belong to me. Rather, they belong to Phil Vassar and his team.

When I went to write this, back in July, I took a song that Mere had suggested, that had always reminded me of an ‘ideal’ Manny future, and wrote it. If anyone knows (I know at least a few people do) where I was heading with SBF, they’ll recognize the characters’ names. And if not, it should still be readablebut I wrote it essentially as an extension of that fic.

And please, please forgive typos or bad grammar I SO didn’t have anyone beta this, heck I barely proofed it, due to a time crunch problem (I was up against a deadline at the original writing.) It’s far from my greatest writing ever, but eh, it’ll do.

Just Another Day by Carrie

“Daddeee!” Danielle ran and wrapped herself around her father’s legs, nearly knocking him to the floor.

“Gee, you’d think she hadn’t seen me for a week,” he quipped, reaching down and scooping up his daughter. “You’re getting too big for this, you know.”

“I know, Daddy,” she said with a pout. Then she brightened as she held out her left hand, all fingers extended, and her right thumb. “I’m almost six!”

“I know, and I can’t believe it. Seems like just yesterday your Momma and I were getting the nursery ready for you.”

“And now it’s Laurel’s nursery,” Michelle piped up. “They grow up so fast.” She sighed.

Just then, the phone rang. “I’ll get it,” she said, reaching out for the cordless that was setting on the counter. But before she could get out so much as a ‘Hello,’ her intentions were interrupted by the doorbell and Noel’s subsequent barking.

“I’ll take care of the door. Dani, get the dog, would you?”

Danielle’s brown curls bobbed as she nodded. “Yes, Daddy. C’mere, Noel! No-no, c’mere. No-no, no-no! Listen mom, I made a joke, get it?” Danielle dissolved into a fit of giggles at her own joke, while Noel still barked away.

Michelle rolled her eyes as she again attempted to answer the phone. “I’m sorry, it’s chaos here. Hello? Yes, Annie’s still more than welcome to come stay with us today. Ok, I’ll see you in a bit then. ‘Bye!” She hung up and walked over to her still-giggling daughter. “You are so silly, missy, do you know that?” Danielle nodded as Michelle began to tickle her, sending her into giggles once again.

“Just the mailman,” Danny said as he walked back into the kitchen, shuffling through the mail. “Bills, bills, and more bills.” He plopped them down on the table and then walked over to his wife. “There’s something that I’ve forgotten to do in all of this chaos.” He kissed her, then continued, “Good morning, baby, how are you?”

“I’m great, sweetie, thanks! But you’re gonna be late if you don’t pop into the shower, you only have a half-hour.”

“Wanna join me?”

“A quick shower, sweetie, a quick shower.” She smiled and shook her head as Danny headed upstairs.

Five minutes later, he bounded back down the stairs with Nicholas in his arms. “Mommy, look who I found wandering around upstairs!”

Michelle smiled and held her arms out to Nicholas. “C’mere, mussy hair, Mommy needs a morning hug.” She turned her attention to Danny. “Breakfast, chop chop!”

“Yes ma’am,” he saluted as he opened the fridge to grab out an almost-empty gallon of milk.

“Don’t even think about” she began, as he raised the carton to his lips and began to drink. Immediately his expression soured; he brought the carton down, capped it, and stuck it back into the fridge.

“It’s sour!”

Michelle burst out laughing. “I told you not to drink from the carton! You probably would’ve noticed when you put it in a glass, don’t you think?”

“You did not!”

“Well, I started to, you were too fast for me.” She started laughing again, then continued, “The look on your face though, when you drank that, was just too funny.”

“Ha, ha, glad you found me so funny.”

“Always, dear,” she said with a smile. “There’s a fresh gallon in the back.”

He pulled the jug out and set it on the counter just in time to hear the washing machine buzzer go off. “Here, go see Daddy,” Michelle said, as she passed Nicky over to Danny and walked into the laundry room.

“Argh!” she shouted, causing Danny to follow her into the room. “Again?” he said, surveying the waterlogged room.

“Yes, it seems like every third load I do, it overflows,” she sighed, kicking the machine in frustration.

“Mommy, don kickit,” Nicky piped up. “Daddy fix it? Daddy fix it?”

“Sure sport,” Danny replied, looking at his son, “I’ll fix that and the other million things I’ve promised your mother.” With one last glance around the room, he exited, telling Nicholas that it was time to clean up the disaster of a room.

As the guys finished cleaning the soggy mess, Michelle took Danielle upstairs to wake the still-sleeping Laurel. They came back down to the sight of Nicholas in his booster seat, banging on the kitchen table and screaming, “I wanna eat, Daddy, I wanna eat! Eat, eat!”

“Sweetie, would you mind?” Danny pleaded, briefcase in hand.

“Yeah, sure, make him scream and foist him off on me,” she replied with a smile. “Hold on a second,” she told Nicholas, in response to another round of screaming.

“Oh, are you still sure we made the right choice, going the domestic route, with a passel of kids, instead of living it up like the hot young couple we used to be?” he asked her with a smile.

“Absolutely, this is our dream and we’re so lucky to be living it,” she replied, following him to the door and giving him a brief kiss goodbye before he stepped out. “And don’t forget, I have that meeting tonight, so there’ll be a sitter here when you come home. And then she’s going to stay so that we can go out. I love you!” she shouted, and waved after him as he backed down the driveway. He blew her a kiss, and then backed into the street and drove away.


“OK Erica, thanks for letting me know you got home safely. Sorry again for the change of plans. Uh-huh, bye!” Danny said as he hung up the phone. He turned to Laurel, who was lounging in her bouncer on the kitchen table. “Well kid, it’s just you and me, huh? Your mom’s running late, Danielle and Nicholas are in bed, so we’re good for a bit, huh?” He laughed at her coos, and she rewarded him with a smile.

As he undid the bouncer buckles and lifted her into his arms, he heard the garage door begin to rise and walked her to the back door. “Look, sweetie, Mommy’s home!” He held Laurel in his left arm, and opened the door for Michelle with his right, giving her a peck on the forehead as she went by. “How was the meeting?”

“Fine, but obviously longer than expected. So much for that dinner date, huh?”

He started to shrug it off, then noticed that she was near tears. “Oh, sweetie, don’t cry! There’s always Plan B!”

She brightened slightly. “Plan B?”

“Yeah, Plan B. I go make a phone call, we put our baby girl down, and we have Domino’s Pizza in the candlelight. OK?”

“OK,” she replied, making that pouty face he knew so well. “C’mere, baby girl,” she continued, reaching her arms out for her daughter, “Momma missed you!” She addressed Danny then, “Does she need a bath?”

“No, he replied, she got hers right after the big kids did.”

“Oh, I see, you were SuperDad tonight.”

“Pretty much!” he exclaimed with a smile. “All right, you go rock our sweet baby to sleep and I’ll phone in the order.”


“So anyways, Danielle wants to take ballet in the fall. I told her we’d talk about it and let her know.”

Danny grunted in response, and their conversation hit a lull.

“Here, have a piece of sausage,” Michelle offered, as she leaned back into Danny from her position between his legs on the couch to stick the chunk into his mouth.

“Mmm, thank you,” he said after he swallowed. “This is nice, we haven’t done this in a long time.”

“No, we haven’t you know what else we haven’t done in a while?” she said, turning at her waist to face him. She leaned in and kissed him then, deep and hard, until they both had to come up for air.

“That,” he replied.

“Mm-hm,” she said, standing and taking his hand. “Come on, we can clean up the pizza box in the morning.”

They tiptoed down the hall together, suppressing giggles and feeling like children trying to hide from their parents instead of the other way around. They made it to the door of their bedroom before a small voice called out, “Mommy? Daddeee???”

“Nicky,” Danny sighed. “I’ll see what he needs, and meet you in our room in five?” Michelle nodded in response.

True to his word, Danny walked into the bedroom five minutes later with Nicholas in his arms. “Mommy, Nicky had a very bad dream, and the monsters were trying to eat him, and he and teddy need to sleep with us tonight.”

Michelle, seated on the bed, opened her arms for Nicky to crawl in. “C’mere, baby. A monster, huh?” She looked up at Danny, who mouthed, “I’m sorry,” before turning out the lights and crawling into bed with his wife and son.

“It’s OK,” she replied, “I wouldn’t trade this for the world.” They shared a small kiss over Nicholas’ head, and then all drifted off to sleep.


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