Perfect Love by Kelly

“Perfect Love” – “Perfect Love” – Manny are happily running Millennium when they have a perfect Sunday together. It’s a nice peek at normal life.

This is from the song fic category and its song is also Perfect Love.

Author’s Note: Since Mere is being so kind….here is my contribution to the cause. This is a fic I had previously written for an e-mail challenge, but it meets the criteria of this new challenge. I hope you all enjoy.

Perfect Love by Kelly

Stretching lazily after a wonderful night of sleep, which was well deserved thanks to her amorous husband, Michelle feels a soft breeze blowing across her naked body, and feels the warmth of the sunshine on her face, she reaches for the spot Danny’s body usually occupies, only to get a handful of sheet. She breathes deep and smells the coffee brewing and knows that Danny is already up, she smiles as she realizes it’s Sunday, their special day of the week. Not that every day isn’t special being married to one Daniel Santos, but Sunday, is the day they reserve for them. It’s the one day a week, when they don’t have to work, not that running the club is bad, Michelle loves running Millennium with Danny. She had always thought she was destined to be a doctor, that was until they bought the club from Drew, when she started helping him get it ready to open, and got involved in the day to day operations, she found her love, running the club was exciting, she loved planning promotional events, and doing the books, and of course the biggest bonus was that she got to spend everyday working side by side with Danny. Millennium was truly theirs and they both loved it, but getting away on Sunday was the one thing they agreed would never change. They always made sure to take off and go to early mass on Saturday evening, so that they could have Sunday to do whatever.

Michelle slipped into her pink satin robe and strolled downstairs to find Danny and see what was in store for the day ahead. They had a Sunday morning ritual, they would sit on their deck, that overlooked their beautifully landscaped yard, and provided a spectacular view of the falls, drinking their coffee, while reading the paper, and then they would make their plans for what they would or wouldnt do for the day. Michelles breath caught in her chest as she stepped through the French doors to the deck, the sight of Danny never failed to take her breath away, but sitting there in the morning sun, his curls still ruffled from sleep, wearing a pair of gym shorts and nothing else, was her favorite way to see Danny, well, almost her favorite way to see him. She walks to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, and whispers, Mornin Sexy.

Mmmm, Morning to you too, Sexy, he turns and gives her soft kiss, while pulling her into his lap.

Your coffee, Madam.

Why thank you sir, she giggles in response, anything good in the paper?

Nah, not really, except, the Cubs won again last night, that puts them at 15 games over 500.this just might be the year.

Oh sweetie, you say that every year.I hope youre right this time.

Ha, Ha, Missy, well see whos laughing come October. So, you slept kind of late this morning, late night last night, Danny wiggles his eyebrows and gives her that knowing once over look that makes her melt.

Oh yes, very late, thanks to you, and your service to my needs.

Well, Im always happy to be of service to you, Baby.

Dont I know it. So, Mr. Santos, what are the plans for today?

I was thinking we could go for a drive, its such a beautiful day, Ill even put the top down on the car, we could run by Rick and Abbys to say hi to them and Aunt Meta, and hear all about how busy their week was, then I thought we could stop by Company and pick up lunch and go to the lighthouse and have a picnic on the beach, and see what happens next.

That sounds perfect, lets get dressed so we can get started.

After a wonderful visit with her family, Michelle and Danny picked up their lunch at Company and were soon driving out to the edge of town, to the lighthouse, for some wonderful time alone on the beach. The weather was perfect, and the breeze was whipping through both of their curls.

They arrive at the beach, and Danny spreads out a blanket for them, while Michelle gets their food out. After eating their meal, they stretch out on the blanket watching the fluffy clouds in the perfect blue sky above them.



Do you have your suit on under those clothes, Danny asks, leaning over his beautiful wife, beginning to unbutton her blouse, gazing at her with the blazing passion he feels for her.

The fire in Michelles eyes matches the fire blazing in Dannys eyes, why, yes, as a matter of fact, I do have a suit on, and its a new one, would you like to see it?

You know I would.

Michelle stands and slowly removes her clothes to reveal a shocking lime green, scrap of a bathing suit, slowly turning so that Danny gets the full effect, she purrs, Do you like?

Like is an understatement, but you better never wear that suit out in public, because if you do I wont be responsible for my reaction to seeing you in it.

Never, Danny, I bought this suit for you and you alone. Now lets go swimming before we get carried away, Michelle runs to the water and dives in, surfacing, she calls to Danny, come on in, its wonderful

Danny joins her in the water, and they spend time playing and splashing, finally Dannys had enough, and cant wait any longer, he pulls Michelle to him, giving her a scorching kiss, their tongues collide in the dance they know so well.

Mmmmm, Danny, Im so glad we always have our picnics here at the lighthouse, I cant wait to get all the way home, so what do you say we move this inside, and so we can get each other out of these nasty wet clothes, and dry each other off?

I like the way you think, Baby, Danny replies as he lifts her out of the water, and carries her up to the lighthouse.

As they make their way up the stairs, Michelle thinks, how lucky she is, she has this wonderful man, this wonderful life, and this wonderful love they share, and they will always have their perfect Sundays.

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