Soap Opera Jargon Soap Job

Every Friday night I try to post another term of Soap Opera Jargon. Find more on the soap opera jargon page.

Soap Job – On any soap opera jobs aren’t like in real life. Sometimes there will be a specific reason why someone would hire somebody, they save your life or step in at the last minute and pull something off, but mostly you just suddenly have the job TPTB want you to. For instance, Rick Bauer went from changing bed pans to having graduated med school in a matter of weeks. Mel Boudreau had suddenly magically decided that she was a lawyer too, that she had finished law school at med school AT THE SAME TIME! Normally a soap opera job will just fall into your lap and you’ll be the best person at that job ever. There are only very rare failures, like when Patty Williams Abbott tried to be a model on The Young and the Restless or when Frank Cooper’s private detective agency went bust. More commonly you get a job without any background at all and you’ll be a success. Here’s examples via  from One Life to Live Dorian Lord: doctor -> publisher -> art gallery owner -> mayor -> senator. And one from General Hospital Lucy Coe: librarian -> cosmetics company CEO -> realtor. Sadly it doesn’t work that way in real life where you usually have to have some preparation to get a job, but then again it seems like a few people do find those soap opera jobs in real life too.

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