Once In A Lifetime by France Chapter 7

Author’s Note: I honestly had no intention of finishing this fic, but for some odd reason all I’ve been doing since I got down here is writing. Its not very long. Enjoy.

Once In A Lifetime by France Chapter 7

Michelle flung her brush across her bedroom and flopped down on her bed. She had been sitting in front of the mirror for twenty minutes trying to decide how to wear her hair, but her wild unruly curls were not cooperating. She had to be at Pilars 14th birthday party in less than 15 minutes and she wasn’t even close to being ready.

“Michelle!” Her mother called, knocking on her bedroom door before entering. “What’s the matter sweetie?”

“I have the most awful hair ever!” the teenager complained.

Maureen laughed.

“I’m glad you find this amusing, Mom.”

“I’m sorry sweetheart. It’s just– Michelle, do you know the trouble women go to, to get these gorgeous curls you have? Your hair is gorgeous, sweetie. Come on sit here let’s see what we can do with it,” Maureen said to her daughter.

Fifteen minutes and three hairstyles later Michelle waved good-bye to her mother and walked over to the Santos house.

“Hey Michelle, don’t you look gorgeous today,” Carmen said letting her in. “Everyone’s in the backyard.”

Music was blasting from the stereo system some kids were dancing while others just stood around in groups talking. Michelle saw Pilar, Bill, Ashley, Kyle, Justin, Niki and Lucky standing on the far side of the pool talking. She scanned the backyard quickly, a look of disappointment clouding her face when she didn’t see the person she was looking for.

“Hey Michelle, come over here!” Pilar said waving her over to a small group of friends.

“Happy birthday!” Michelle squealed greeting Pilar with a warm hug. “Hi guys,” she said acknowledging the rest of her friends.

The group went back to their conversation, which largely revolved around the latest gossip in school, since Michelle was training for the world championships she had not been to school much, this past two weeks. She hadn’t done much of anything but skate, catch up on schoolwork and hang out with the other skaters at the rink. Danny came by the rink once last week and they talked for a little, neither brave enough to bring up the kiss in Pilar’s room.

“Hey Michelle, we are all going to the movies tomorrow, do you want to come?” Lucky asked.

“Umm, I…”

“Come on, Michelle, you are not skating tomorrow,” Bill told her.

Normally Michelle would jump at the chance to hang out with her friends, but the group had always had a couple dynamic to it. Though no one was officially going steady, they always ended up being paired off, Pilar and Bill, Ashley and Kyle, Justin and Niki, and Michelle and Lucky. If Michelle went she would undoubtedly end up seating next to Lucky.

“Look, um I’ll think about it, okay?” she said nibbling on some finger food.

As the party wore on, everyone was dancing, laughing and having a good time. Michelle kept looking at the door leading to the backyard hoping Danny would walk in.

“Hey,” Lucky said walking up to her.


“You look bored,” he commented.

“I’m just tired,” she lied.

“Do you want to dance?” he asked her

“Not really.”

“Come on, Michelle, it’s a party, you’re suppose to be having fun,” he teased.

Michelle knew he was right, the last thing she wanted to do was ruin Pilars party by being a downer.

“Okay, okay, I’ll dance with you,” she laughed, “but you can’t complain if I step on your feet.”

“I’ve seen you dance, I’ll take my chances.” He smiled

“Yeah well, that’s on ice and every step is choreographed down to the position of my pinky finger.”

“Michelle Bauer is that your way of saying you don’t want to dance with me?”

“If I didn’t want to dance with you I’d tell you so, trust me I would,” she smiled.

Laughing they head to the dance floor, with Danny looking on.


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