Once In A Lifetime by France Chapter 6

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Once In A Lifetime by France Chapter 6

“Michelle sweetie, Pilar is here,” Ed Bauer called from downstairs. The family had just returned from New York where Michelle taped several interviews with the morning talk shows, when Pilar called to ask if Michelle could sleep over at her house. Ed knew that his daughter needed to unwind and get away from all the hoopla of becoming the youngest US Figure Skating Ladies Champion and a sleep-over with her best friend was the perfect way to do that.

Michelle came running down the stairs and into her best friend arms for a congratulatory hug. Ed stood back listening to the two girls talk excitedly about their sleep-over after a quick mention of Michelle’s win. He couldn’t help but smile, at the conversation. He always knew Michelle was a very down to earth kid, but the kind of media attention Michelle had gotten since her win would make even the most level headed kids big headed, and he was worried the attention would go to Michelle’s head. Thankfully so far it hadn’t, skating was something she loved and the last thing Ed wanted was for her to feel any pressure to live up to hype.

“Hey dad, we’re gonna head over to Pilar’s now, okay?”

“Okay sweetie have fun.”

Michelle kissed her father on his cheek and the girls left for their sleep-over.

The two girls sat in Pilar’s room giggling as Pilar filled Michelle in on everything that went on in school while she was gone. In the middle of their very animated conversation someone knocked on the door.

“Go away, whoever you are, ” Pilar yelled!

“Shut up brat, ” Danny said walking into the room “I just came up here to umm borrow your calculator,” he said scanning the room. “Oh hey Michelle, I didn’t know you were here.”

Pilar rolled her eyes at her brother “Sure you didn’t, you only asked me fifty times what time Michelle would be here,” she reminded him.

Michelle flashed a shy smile at Danny.

“Okay, I just came up to say congratulations,” he conceded.

“And you couldn’t wait till dinner to tell her that? We are having dinner downstairs with everyone else you know.”

“Give me a break here will ya?” a frustrated Danny begged his sister.

“Whatever, I’m going downstairs to get a snack, be gone by the time I get back got it? Hey Michelle you can eat real snacks now right?”

“Huh? yeah a snack would be good,” Michelle answered distracted.

Pilar rolled her eyes at the two of them and headed down to the kitchen for snacks.

They both stood silently, neither knowing what to say, this was the first time they saw each other since admitting they “liked each other” and to say the situation was awkward would be an understatement.

“So, congratulations,” Danny finally said breaking the silence.


“Did you bring the medal?”

“No, it’s at home but I did bring some pictures,” she said as she dug into her backpack for the snap shots.
They sat on the floor looking at the pictures “These are great, you look, you look great in these pictures.”


“Not that you don’t always look great,” he added

“Thanks..again,” she smiled nervously.

“…..So, you really are back,” Danny said after another long awkward silence.

“I’m really back.”

“Finally,” he said


Michelle laughed, “This was a lot easier on the phone wasn’t it?”

“Tell me about it,” he laughed.

Talking over each other: “Michelle.” “Danny.”

“You go first,” he said.

“This is so weird, umm how are you?”

He laughed, “Happy you are back.”

“So am I.”

“I think we have established we are both glad you are back,” he smiled.

“I’m sorry. It’s just I’ve never done..this before,” she explained

“Don’t be, it’s pretty new to both of us.”

“Really? Didn’t you do this with Halle already?”

“Halle was just a girl I dated, while I waited for this cute curly haired blonde to grow up and finally notice me.”

“Yeah right, like you even noticed me when Halle was around throwing herself at you,” she half kidded.

“Seriously Michelle, you are not like Halle. You are different from the other girls I know, and that’s not just a line. Michelle, you are special, do you even know how special you are?” he asked gazing at her intently.

They both sat there staring at each other, Danny slowly leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Michelle’s unexpecting lips. It all happened so quickly, Michelle didn’t even realize what happened till it was over.

“I’m umm…” Danny began, before Pilar interrupted.

“I’ve got ice cream, chips, Pepsi and chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven,” she said placing the food on her desk.

“I’m sorry,” Danny whispered to Michelle.

“It’s okay,” she whispered back.

“I’m gonna go shot some hoops with Mick in the backyard, have fun at your slumber party.” Danny said as he grabbed a cookie from Pilar’s tray.

Michelle watched as Danny walked out of the room, once he was out of sight, she touched her lips with her index finger. “My first kiss” she whispered to herself smiling.

“Why do you have that silly grin on your face?” Pilar asked

“Huh?..ummm ice cream, I haven’t had ice cream in month?s” she covered.

“What are you waiting for then, dig in.”


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