My State of Depression and the Five Things I Used to Pull Myself Out of It Essay 2

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Danny and Mrs DaSilva

“My State of Depression and the Five Things I Used to Pull Myself Out of It”
(Written after the March 2nd episode —
The one where Michelle uses Danny’s feelings for her to hide the DaSilva involvement.)

By HollyJo Whiteside

Well … I fully admit I’m depressed. And while I know that Danny and Michelle both have to go through all this crap, betrayal and distrust to get to their real feelings … I still hate to see it … because I just can’t stand to see the hurt (in Danny’s eyes … and soon in Michelle’s eyes).

But I do know that Danny has to stop seeing Michelle as someone perfect and fall in love with the real Michelle. And it’s important that Michelle stop thinking that Danny is a fool for love … ready to accept and believe anything she says because she grants him a few kisses. These two must see each other as they really are … sometimes dark … sometimes good … sometimes mean … sometimes sweet… sometimes honest … sometimes full of betrayal … to truly love each other. And there’s only one way to do that … and that’s to go through all the hurt and pain that is coming down the road.

And even as much as I hate what is about to happen (or rather what I think is about to happen), it does make it so much more exciting, enchanting and enthralling. And while I certainly love those sweet, tender moments, I’ll be the first to admit that if that’s all this couple were … I’d get bored pretty fast (I don’t care how adorable Paul Anthony Stewart is or how wonderful he is as an actor, it wouldn’t hold my interest for long). That’s what bored me with Michelle and Jesse and I certainly don’t want it to happen with Manny.

So, in order to look at things from a different view point (instead of my depressing view point of last night), I’ve decided to name five things that I did like about yesterday’s show .…

1) I cannot say enough about how Stewart continually astounds me. From anger to want to lust to tenderness to distrust to betrayal to disgust … he displayed them all yesterday … and did a hell of a job doing it. I knew exactly what his character was feeling at all times. Wow!

2) Joie Lenz did a good job yesterday too … although I do (and did yesterday) occasionally have a difficult time trying to figure out exactly what her character was feeling … she has improved 200% from where she was at two months ago (and I thought she had great potential back then even). I don’t know if it’s working with such a talented co-star or if she’s just finally feeling comfortable with her role and her natural talent is coming out, whatever the case, even when I want to whack Michelle, I’m still enjoying Lenz’s performances.

3) When Danny and Michelle were kissing on the bed, and Michelle started unbuttoning his shirt, Danny stopped unbuttoning her sweater, looked at Michelle and asked softly “are you okay?” Those three, little softly spoken words, barely heard, meant more to me as a Manny fan than anything else said or done by either character or fan (trying to cheer me up).

I’ve always thought it was the little things that showed what real love is about — not the grand gestures or great speeches (although I still the love the “I am a MAN” speech) … and with those three quiet words, that I watched, rewatched over and over … some peace of mind finally came to me. And a resolve to see this through … no matter what the outcome, because I realized, it’s not the finish line that’s so exciting to see … it’s everything from Start to Finish.

4. I was really iffy on Stewart’s haircut — I so loved his curly locks — but after yesterday, I’ve got to say, I love the new look. It emphasizes his jaw line that I love sooooooo much, and he looked so … masculine. And while I’m on the subject of looks (let’s get shallow here for a moment) … what a great lower lip this man has!!! And what great shots of his hands yesterday! Okay, I’m sick … I’m demented … I’m addicted …I’m in lust!

5. Joie Lenz and Paul Anthony Stewart work so well together — there’s a rhythm there … more than just chemistry (I’ve seen couples with tons of chemistry but the actors don’t have any rhythm). There’s a give and go to their scenes … they each listen to the other … they don’t seem to be just waiting for their cue line. And what’s even greater is that this rhythm … this timing … is only going to get better. If the writers do their job and write decent lines for them … I see great and memorable scenes in their future.

Well … there are my five. Can you name five?




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