Once In A Lifetime by France Chapter 2

Republisher’s Note: I’m still concerned about their age difference.

Author’s Note: This is still just a test..I overslept and missed my morning classes, and I had time to burn so. I’m still iffy about this though.

Once In A Lifetime by France Chapter 2

Danny sat high in the bleachers in the cold ice rink watching as Michelle twirled gracefully in circles and then flung herself in the air, landing cleanly on one leg the smile on his face mirroring hers as she skated around the rink and landed the jump again. He had been sitting there for half an hour now watching her attempt the same jump over and over again, he cringed every time she fell hard on her bottom–6 falls before she finally nailed it. Michelle was nothing if not persistent and gutsy.

“Great job, Michelle!” Coach Nicks yelled from the other side of the rink,”Tomorrow we will work on incorporating your triple lutz/double toe combination into your program and you will be ready to compete with the Michelle Kwan’s and Tara Lipinski’s. Now go home get 8 hours of sleep and I’ll see you back here tomorrow at 6AM okay?”

“Thank, Mr. Nicks” Michelle responded as she skated to the side of the rink.

“Wow that was very impressive,” Danny said leaning over the board

“What are you doing here, Santos?” she asked

“Just hanging out.”

“At an ice rink?”

“What’s wrong with that, you spend most of your day here don’t you?”

“I’m a skater, what’s your excuse?”

“I just felt like hanging out here today.”

“Fine, then hang out, I need to go and change out of this,” Michelle said as she headed for the locker room.

“Michelle wait, I sorta wanted to apologize for last night.”


“Well, I wasn’t totally wrong, Lucky is a jerk, he isn’t right for you.”

“I told you he isn’t my boyfriend he is just a friend okay, sorta like that snob Halle Bickerson is just your friend.”

“You really hate Halle, don’t you?” Danny asked

“Well, I don’t hate her not really, it’s just that she is always hanging all over you like a bad coat or something.”

“A bad coat?” Danny laughed

“You know what I mean, she follows you around like a puppy….

“Michelle” coach Nicks interrupted, “that was your mother on the phone, she is running a bit late so she asked me to drop you home, but I have an appointment across town in 15 minutes so hurry up okay.”

“Coach, I’ll make sure she gets home fine,” Danny volunteered.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m on my way home anyway, we will walk it’s not that far.”

“Thanks Daniel, I’ll call your mother from my car, Michelle.”

“Let me hold that for you” Danny said taking Michelle huge backpack from her as they walked down the street. “What do you have in here rocks?” he asked as he slung the backpack over his shoulder.

“Since I’m at the rink a good portion of the day I have to bring all my books so I can keep up with school.”

“Is it hard?” he asked

“Sometimes, I’m having a lot of trouble with this new Algebra chapter we are doing, but other than that it’s okay.”

“I can help you out sometime I’m actually pretty good at that Algebra stuff.”

“Okay cut it out, Danny.”

“Cut what out?”

“Being so nice to me. It’s just to weird and I never know what to say.”

Danny laughed “from this moment on I promise not to be nice to you, Michelle Bauer, seriously though I can help you if you want.”

“Thanks, Danny.”

They continued on their walk home silently both lost in their own worlds, both harboring similar thoughts. Michelle shivered as a cold blast of September wind hit her.

“Here put this on,” Danny said handing her his prized leather jacket.

“I thought you promised not to be nice to me.”

“Just put it on, Michelle.”

She smiled at him and continued walking, thinking about how sweet Danny was to her when it was just them. “I really like it,” she whispered to herself

“What was that?” he asked.

“Oh nothing.”


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