Reva Explains How Josh Makes Her Feel to Alan

This clip is from Friday, February 9, 1996. I think this is one of the most important scenes in the Jeva story and it’s not even between Josh and Reva. This scene spells out the trouble with Jeva and I don’t think they ever truly face it. Reva should be telling this to Josh, but I don’t think she ever does.

This is when Jeva are fighting over custody of the kids after Reva returns from the dead. Reva has been told that Josh will use her relationship with Alan Spaulding against her during the custody fight. Reva needs Alan to move and tries to talk Alan to get it. Reva: “Bud can’t give without taking something back. He’s a Lewis and I’m a Shayne.” Reva describes the terrible thing that is always an issue between them. I think she’s quite right about this, and that Josh doesn’t see it. This reminds me so much of the scene where Reva was moving out of H.B.’s house to move in with Josh and he made her throw out her clothes because HIS wife wouldn’t wear those things that I think is a defining moment in their relationship even more than the fountain scene. Josh never does forget that he’s the son of the family and Reva is the daughter of the help. When things are good between them it doesn’t matter, but when something goes wrong, Josh slips the knife right into this soft spot of Reva’s every time. Sadly Alan doesn’t get it, if he had maybe Reva and Alan would have been a thing.

Reva: “I just can’t be beholden to him anymore and that’s the bottom line. Maybe he just can’t see it. Maybe being born golden blinds you to certain things and being born poor lets you see too much. Bud always knew his place in the world and I spent a lifetime looking for mine and I thought that maybe once I had him I’d have everything I needed in life. I’d finally feel strong and safe and secure and that I could do no wrong. He knew I’d be and do whatever he wanted to get him and he was right. Even when we were kids he’d dangle carrots in front of my face. He’d say ‘you be it Reva or we can’t play’ or ‘put a prettier dress on or I won’t sit  in church with you.’ I gave Josh my mind, my body, and my soul and I will NOT give him my children so he can make them feel the way I felt my entire life.”

Alan: “Reva, you can find a middle ground.” [about custody of the children so you don’t have to fight.]

Reva: “No, Alan, with Bud it’s all or nothing and that’s the way it’s going to have to be with me. I’m sorry, but I’m moving out.”


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