All About Eve Guthrie

Revisiting Eve Guthrie.

Glmanny's Blog

Eve Guthrie was never one of my favorite characters, but I’m glad to see her featured on character profile because she does have an interesting story. I thought she was loony long before you actually were supposed to in the story. I think it was her eyes. There was something pop eyed stare-y about them. Then later I didn’t like her because I thought Ed was moving on from Maureen way too fast and I didn’t buy his new “eternal” love. Oh well. Michelle missed her once she was gone.

Eve was almost Michelle’s step-mother. Having originally come to town in search of Nick McHenry (Alexandra Spaulding’s long lost son – the late lamented Lujack’s twin), Eve was his former girlfriend and current wife of his best friend. Meanwhile, Nick had fallen in love with Mindy Lewis. Alexandra hated Mindy with a passion because Alex had thought Mindy was her…

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