FAQ: Did Charita Bauer name her real son after her TV son?

Looking to Charita Bauer herself to answer a frequent question about Michael Bauer.

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We have an answer to this one straight from Charita Bauer herself and it sounds like she was tired of explaining about it. Her answer appears in

“Mailbag: About Those Numerous British Playwrights.” New York Times 24, July 1977: D6.

The editor notes in the article below are from me. The photo is a publicity shot of Charita as Bert Bauer with Ed Bryce as her husband Bill Bauer.

Bill and BertTo the Editor:

In reference to Roger Copeland’s article “Confessions of a Soap-Opera Addict” [June 26 1977 NYT]. My son Michael was born in 1946. The character “Michael Bauer,” [ed. note – who is totally awesome sauce – end note] son of the character “Bert Bauer” was “fictionally” born into The Guiding Light radio show in 1951. [ed. note – see clarification below] The creator of Guiding Light,” Irna Phillips, who was writing the show in those days…

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