Destiny by Hannah Cho Chapter 5

Republisher’s Note: I’m not entirely sure they’ve kept the character of Carmen the same, but it’s a nice twist.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hey Everyone, Well I know it’s been like forever and a day, since I last posted “Destiny.” But here’s the fifth installment, I may be able to post chapter 6 sometime this weekend (hopefully.) Thanks to all of you that have been asking about my fanfic. It really means so much that you all care and read my story. Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions. For any new readers, feel free to email me for the previous chapters. Thanks again, happy reading! -Hannah

Just to recap: Michelle and Danny are rivals and intense competitors. They both attend Springfield High and are competing for valed victorian. They both broke into the school to find out who was winning and got caught and then sentenced to community service. Michelle and Danny are developing deep feelings for each other, and so far on more than one occassion have started to give in to their passion. Danny wants to pursue a relationship, but Michelle is very hesistant and does not want to. Last chapter, they were sent to a supply room to gather materials for the community center project, however they gave into their feelings but only to be interrupted by an angry voice…….

And now…Chapter 5

Destiny by Hannah Cho Chapter 5

“Oh my gosh, Mrs. Santos!” Michelle exclaimed.

“Daniel, que es esto?” Carmen Santos angrily yelled.

“Mama!” Danny said in alarm. “Um, we were just getting some supplies for the sets.”

“Well it sure doesn’t look like you were looking for supplies!” Carmen said.

“What are you doing here anyways?” Danny asked while tucking his shirt back in and grabbing the supplies for the set.

“I came by to see how things were going. I wanted to see how you and Michelle were getting along, but I can see from this situation that you two are more than getting along,” Carmen said.

“Mrs. Santos, I can explain…” stammered Michelle. “This isn’t what it looks like!”

“Well I sure hope so, because by the looks of things, it seems like you two were having a fledgling make out session in a storage closet!” Carmen berated. “Really Michelle, I thought the Bauers were upstanding people. I never thought in a million years theyd raise a promiscuous daughter. I can’t believe you’d manipulate and seduce my son into doing such vulgar acts.”

“Mama, that’s enough! I won’t have you talk to Michelle like that And for the record, I initiated this, not Michelle.” Danny defended as he placed a protective arm around her.

Michelle stared at Danny in amazement. She could not believe that he was defending her, especially to an intimidating woman like Carmen Santos. Michelle could remember back to how much effort and time it took Bill to finally gain Carmen’s approval. Most of the girls at school talked about how the one reason they didn’t pursue Danny was because of his overbearing mother. And to think, he was defending her, his common rival for most of his life. Michelle’s thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Oh Mrs. Santos, I see you found them,” Ms. Garrett said as she approached the trio. “Did you guys find the supplies?”

“Oh we found more than that,” Danny said with a wink towards Michelle.

“Um, let’s go get these supplies to the kids,” Michelle stammered as she walked towards the theater.

For the rest of the day, Michelle found it increasingly difficult to resist Danny. As she watched him closer, she found herself growing more and more drawn to him. He had all the characteristics she had ever wanted in a guy. Danny was compassionate, energetic, intelligent and not to mention gorgeous. There were many times in the afternoon that Michelle felt herself blushing thinking about his incredible body and looks. She kept trying to rationalize her feelings for him. It’s just a simple crush that’ll pass, she tried to reassure herself. But inside, Michelle knew it was more than a crush. Something deep within, told her that there was a special connection between her and Danny. But Michelle was afraid. Though she did not want to admit it, Michelle was scared of getting hurt. Guys had always seemed to use her. Whether it was her social status, popularity, intelligence, or looks, guys were always after Michelle. She had fallen hard for some of these guys, particularly Ryan and Jesse. When they had broken up with her, it had devastated her. After her nasty break up with Ryan, she had vowed that she would never let another guy break her heart. And now, she found herself feeling those same familiar feelings, only this time they were so much stronger and intense. Her heart was telling her to go for it, but her head was telling her to stop fooling herself. Michelle found herself confused. She knew she would never forgive herself if she didn’t give this relationship a chance, but on the other hand, she didn’t want to relive the pain of broken promises. Was Danny really worth risking her heart? Michelle knew the answer but her head kept telling her no.

“Hey are we done yet?” asked Ricky, one of the community centers kids.

“Yep, I think were done for today kiddo. Okay everyone, please put all the materials in the appropriate boxes and then you guy are free to go! Great job today!” Michelle said to the kids.

After all the kids had left, Danny and Michelle remained putting back all the supplies and costumes. When they were finally done, Michelle sprinted out of the center to her car. She couldn’t take one more minute with Danny, it was too much. She could feel her defenses weakening. As she turned the keys in her car to get in, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She slightly jumped in alarm and then eased when she saw the owner’s face.

“Danny, you scared me!” Michelle said

“Were you going to leave without saying goodbye to me?” Danny asked sweetly.

“Okay, I’m sorry, that was rude of me,” Michelle sighed. “Well, I guess this is good bye, I’ll see you later, Danny.” She turned to get in her car, but Danny grabbed her wrist and turned her towards him again.

“Wait, I didn’t get to say goodbye to you,” Danny said. Michelle opened her mouth to respond when it was suddenly silenced by a kiss. This time, Michelle didn’t even try to resist. She fell into the sweet kiss. It was so intense, yet so tender at the same time. Ironically, this time, Danny pulled back. “Goodbye Michelle, I had an amazing time and I think that you’re an incredible kisser,” Danny said as he walked away. Michelle stood in shock by her car, amazed once again, by the actions of Danny Santos.


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