Destiny by Hannah Cho Chapter 3

Republisher’s Note: We get another chapter of the high school story.

Author’s Note: Hey everybody, Sorry it’s taken me a while to write another installation of Destiny. As much as I would love to write fan fic all day, the real world does take its course and I have been bombarded with work and everyday tasks. It’s been hard finding time to write another chapter of Destiny. But alas, I finally finished this chapter! It’s a bit lengthy, but I just had so much fun writing it that I didn’t realize just how long it was starting to get…well anyways I want to thank you all for your comments….it really means a lot to me and it gives me so much confidence to continue writing this fic. Hope you all enjoy it! Please post your comments! -Hannah

Destiny by Hannah Cho Chapter 3

Michelle Bauer walked in a haze through the halls of Springfield High School. It was Saturday morning and Michelle was there to meet Bill to go watch the state swim finals. Michelle was not one to get up early on the weekend to watch swim meets, but today’s meet was different, Danny Santos would be there. Ever since their night encounter at the counselor’s office, Michelle could not stop thinking about Danny. She could not get him out of her mind, his eyes, his body, his voice. Everything about Danny Santos, her sworn rival, was swarming around in Michelle’s intricate mind. A loud noise interrupted her daydreaming.


“Ahhh!” Michelle screamed. She turned around to see the source of the noise and smiled when she recognized it. “Bill! You scared me half to death!”

“That was the idea,” Bill said with a smile. He looked into Michelle’s face and realized that she looked very distant.

“Hey you all right, Chelle?”

“Hmm?” she asked.

“You’re like a million miles away. What’s preoccupying your mind?” Bill asked.

“Nothing. I don’t know what you’re talking about, Bill,” Michelle tried to cover. She knew that she would never hear the end of it if Bill knew she was hopelessly falling for Danny Santos.

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with Danny Santos would it?” he asked with a coy smile.

“No way, Bill! I can’t stand him! Why would I be thinking about Danny?” Michelle asked with false indignity.

“Whatever, Michelle. C’mon, it’s me Bill, your best friend you’re talking to. You know you can’t keep a secret from me! I saw the way you looked at him, it’s the same look you had when you had a crush on Ryan Stewart! You’re starting to like Danny Santos aren’t you?” questioned Bill.

“I do not have any romantic feelings for Danny Santos! And you are so wrong for bringing up Ryan, you know that was like centuries ago!” retorted Michelle.

“Michelle, it was last year, and you’re just mad that he didn’t like you back. He’s the only guy who hasn’t ever fallen under your spell and you just can’t handle that rejection,” said Bill.

Michelle turned her head and started walking towards the parking lot in the direction of the school pool. She couldn’t let Bill see her like this. She herself couldn’t understand why her feelings for Danny Santos were developing. And she really couldn’t understand the intensity of them.

“Come on Michelle, don’t do this!” said Bill as he ran to catch up with her. “Just admit that you like him. You and I both know that you haven’t ever been able to keep a secret from me. That’s why my mom didn’t even tell you about my surprise birthday party cuz she knew you couldn’t keep it from me! There’s only one reason why you would get up early on a Saturday morning and his name starts with a D and rhymes with fanny. Which by the way I saw you looking at his last night.”

Michelle playfully slapped Bill on his arm. “Okay I admit it!” Michelle said exasperatedly. “I may be starting to be developing teeny, tiny, microscopic feelings for Danny Santos.”

“Michelle, you had tiny feelings when you kissed me in seventh grade. You had teeny feelings for Jesse Blue when you asked him to homecoming freshman year. But you definitely don’t have those same teeny, tiny feelings for Danny. I don’t know why you’re being so immature about this, just admit your feelings!” chided Bill.

“Ugh fine!” groaned Michelle. “I admit it, I do like Danny Santos. I can’t get him out of my head! He’s everywhere. This morning I nearly choked when I thought I saw him in my cereal!” She glared back at an amused Bill. “And for the record, I was not starting at his butt!” She said as she grabbed his arm into the pool arena.

Bill and Michelle took their seats along the homeside of the pool. The announcer came on the speaker to announce Springfield High’s undefeated swim team.

“And now, introducing the undefeated Springfield Spartans!” The crowd rose to their feet and cheered as the team made its way into the arena. And leading the team is varsity captain and the nationally ranked #1 swimmer, Danny Santos!”

Instantly the ladies in the audience began to scream and yell for Danny. It was obvious that many girls of Springfield High harbored hopeless crushes for the infamous heart throb Danny Santos. Michelle was no exception. She started intently as Danny made his way into the arena. He looked like a Greek god with his perfectly tanned body. His muscles rippled as he strided in and of course he was flashing his million dollar smile. On top of all this, Danny was wearing nothing but a speedo.

“Damn he looks good,” she whispered to herself.

“What was that, Michelle?” Bill asked.

“Um I said wanna get some food?” she said as she tried to cover.

Bill and Michelle watched with enthusiasm as Danny led the swim team onto victory. Danny placed first overall for the state-championship. Afterwards Michelle and Bill headed towards Millennium for lunch.

“Hey honey! Hey Michelle!” said Pilar as she greeted them. “How was my brother in the swim meet?”

“Oh he was exquisite according to Michelle,” teased Bill as he imitated Michelles dazed look during the swim meet.

Michelle gave Bill a playful slap.

“Well I was talking about Danny’s swimming skills in this case, Michelle, not his famous handsome Santos looks,” laughed Pilar.

Michelle blushed as she thought about how her temperature had risen when she saw Danny at the swim meet.

“Ay caramba! Michelle, please tell me that you haven’t fallen for my big macho hermano!” said Pilar.

“Who said anything about falling for him?” said Michelle.

“Well let’s continue this conversation over some food! I’m starving!” exclaimed Bill. The trio sat down at a table to eat and Pilar and Bill of course teased Michelle about her crush on Danny. Just then Pilar eyed Danny walking into the door. She motioned for him to come over to the table.

“Um hey honey, why don’t you help me go pick out a song on the jukebox?” Pilar said to Bill.

“What jukebox?” Bill said with a puzzled look.

Pilar jabbed him on the side with her elbow and Bill got the hint. “Oh THAT jukebox.” He said as they got up from the table. “Michelle well be right back.”

Michelle didn’t even notice them getting up, she was too lost in her thoughts about Danny. She couldn’t get his face out of her mind, especially his hypnotizing eyes. Plus, it didn’t hurt that he had a gorgeous body. She thought back to their escapade on Friday night.

“Danny did look nice in black,” she thought outloud.

“So did you,” a voice said from behind. Michelle got out of her seat alarmed and turned around to see the owner of the voice.

“Danny, hi. Fancy running into you here,” Michelle said sheepishly. She stared into his eyes and could feel herself getting lost. It was like he was seeing right through her into her soul when he looked at her. “Well I guess I better go find Bill and Pilar,” she said as she started to leave.

“Wait don’t go,” he said as he grabbed her arm. “Would you like to take a walk with me?” he said as he held out his hand to her.

Again, she looked into Danny’s handsome face. How can I say no to him? she thought to herself. “Sure,” she said as she placed her hand into his as they left Millennium together.

“Pilar, I don’t know about this. I got a bad feeling,” Bill said as he watched his best friend leave with Danny Santos.

“Oh honey don’t worry, my brother’s got plenty of experience with girls,” she said.

“I know, that’s what I’m worried about,” Bill said with a worried look.

For a while Danny and Michelle walked in awkward silence. Finally, he broke it with a poignant question.
“Are you developing feelings for me Michelle?” he asked.

Michelle paused and stared at Danny with an incredulous look. “I mean I know I’m being really forward. It’s just that I’m starting to feel things for you that I haven’t felt for anyone else. I just wanted to know if you were feelings the same things too.”

“Um Danny, let’s keep on walking,” Michelle said, trying to avoid eye contact. They walked towards Laurel Falls, making small talk. Michelle sat down at a rock gathering daisies. Unbeknownst to her, Danny was staring at her adoringly. She looked like an angelic figure to him. Her soft, creamy skin and her long, golden curls drew Danny to Michelle like a force that could not be resisted. Danny felt a strange sensation pulling him towards Michelle. He tried to fight it, but realized that it was futal because he could not win over it.

“You know, Michelle, you never answered my question,” Danny said as he sat down next to her.

“What question?” Michelle said trying to play dumb. She could feel Danny’s body next to her and it was making her temperature instantly rise. She got up and turned away from him, scared that Danny might see the intense desire for him in her eyes.

“Are you starting to have feelings for me?” he asked her from behind. “Because I think that I’m starting to fall for you.”

“Danny….” Michelle started.

“Whenever I’m around you, I get these intense electric currents through my body that draws me towards you and I can’t resist them. They make my temperature rise and then I get this undeniable desire and longing to be with you. And there’s nothing I can do about it. There’s some kind of force thats drawing us together. Michelle, I know you can feel it,” he said as he approached her from behind. He placed his arms around her waist and Michelle gasped. She closed her eyes and could feel herself melting into his arms. “Tell me you don’t feel undeniable pleasure when I put my hands on you,” he said as he slowly started to give Michelle sensual kisses along her neck. Michelle knew that Danny was right. There was a powerful, unstoppable force that was pulling her towards Danny Santos. She thoroughly enjoyed Danny giving her kisses, but warning bells began to siren in her head.

“Wait stop,” she said breathlessly as she pulled away from him. “This isn’t right, Danny.”

“Oh but quite the opposite, my dear,” he said as he turned her towards him, making them only a few feet from each other. Danny then took a step forward, making them face to face and only inches apart. “This is anything but wrong.”

“Look Danny. No, I won’t deny it. I’m very attracted to you and I do have feelings but there’s a simple explanation for that.” She said as she stepped away from him.

“Well pray tell,” Danny said as he moved towards her.

“It’s just lust we have between us. I’m a girl, you’re a guy, and naturally we’ll just be drawn to each other. There’s nothing more than that,” Michelle said trying to convince herself of her words.

“You don’t sound too sure, Ms. Bauer,” Danny said as he continued to walk towards her. Michelle, you and I both know that it’s more than physical attraction. If it was, you and I would have hooked up long before our senior year.”

“‘Cmon don’t make more of this than it really is,” Michelle said nervously as she moved backwards away from him. “We’re rivals. We have been for our entire lives. I mean my mom even says that we were competing to see who would be born first. Whatever you’re feeling towards me isn’t real.”

“Oh but quite the contrary,” Danny said. “What I feel for you is 100% genuine. Don’t fight the feelings, Michelle, just give in.”

“Danny, you’re probably just feeling this way towards me because I’m the one girl that you can’t have. Let’s face it, you could have any girl in Springfield if you wanted to. You wouldn’t even have to pursue them, but I’m a different story. I’m the one girl that you’ve never been able to have. You’re a competitive guy always looking for challenges and in this case the challenge is me. You’re wanting to win a challenge has just morphed itself into this twisted feeling that you’re calling attraction,” Michelle said matter-of-factly. In fact, whatever attraction that I had towards you is gone.

“Well if that’s the case, then why are you trembling?” Danny said as he moved towards her.

Michelle opened her mouth to speak, but before she could, Danny in one swift move, covered her mouth with his, drawing her into a magical kiss. Michelle at first tried to resist but then soon succumbed into the power of Danny’s kiss. He placed his hands on her waist as she began to run her fingers through his dark, silky curls. Deeper and deeper, Michelle started to fall into this kiss. Suddenly, warning bells went off in her head and Michelle finally, but barely gained enough energy to back off.

“Tell me you didn’t enjoy that as much as I did. Tell me you didn’t feel the incredible connection between us. Go ahead, I dare you,” Danny said intensely as he moved towards her. He drew Michelle into his arms and placed his forehead against hers. You can’t deny science, Michelle, you and I definitely have some chemistry between us. You’ll regret it if you don’t pursue what’s forming between you and I.”

“Danny, it’s gonna take more than a sweet kiss and a couple of smooth sentences for me to pursue anything with you. I know you too well, Danny Santos. You’re only saying these things to get to me. You only want me because I’m the one thing you want but can’t have,” Michelle said as she walked away from him.

“Oh Michelle, you’re right about one thing. I do want you. But it’s unfortunate that you don’t realize one small, but important fact- I always get what I want,” Danny said to himself as he watched Michelle walk back to Millennium.


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