Falling in Love Again

Republished from “The Rustle of the Sheets”

Republisher’s Note: This is the full text of the article as it appeared on the website including photos. I have not yet double checked the text. I did bold the names for Joie Lenz (now credited as Bethany Joy Lenz), Paul Anthony Stewart, Paulo Benedeti, and Rebecca Budig where they appear and I corrected a couple of obvious typos. I believe the editorial remarks are from the editor of the website, not the author. The website credits it to the September 14, 1999 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Michelle waiting for Danny 1st day

Michelle waiting for Danny 1st day

“Falling in Love Again” 9/14/99

To recast the role or create a new character — that is the question which soaps are faced when half of a supercouple leaves … On Guiding Light, bad boy Jesse Blue had been to hell and back to get over the right side of the tracks — and to straight-arrow girlfriend Michelle.

Last fall, Rebecca Budig decided not to renew her contract. In response, the show brought in a ringer — Joie Lenz (who’s won raves playing the teenage Reva clone) — to take over the part. “I had a little hesitation when they first told me they wanted me to play Michelle because Rebecca was leaving,” she admits. “But I really wanted to be there.”

It helped that GL had a master plan. To cover all bases, rather than bank on the new Michelle to duplicate the give-and-take that her predecessor had with leading man Paulo Benedeti, the show also hired an alternative love interest for her — Loving veteran Paul Anthony Stewart as junior Mob boss Danny. As a result, not one but two new couples are dominating GL: Michelle and Danny, and Jesse and Michelle’s best friend, Drew. *

* She is NOT HER BEST FRIEND!!!! I feel better now.



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