Destiny by Hannah Cho Chapter 1

Author’s Note: Hey Everybody, Usually I’m a lurker and just enjoy reading everyone’s fanfics, but I finally mustered enough courage to attempt to write my very own. This is my first attempt at writing fan fic so please be nice! LoL, I hope you guys all enjoy it. I guess I was inspired to write it after I watched some classic Manny montage. Feedback is great so please feel free to post your comments! -Hannah

Destiny by Hannah Cho Chapter 1

From the day Michelle Bauer & Danny Santos made their entrances into the world; they were destined to be together. They were born on the same day, in the same hospital and slept side by side in the neonatal section of the hospital. It was not coincidences that led them to having the same hobbies, passions and social standings. Destiny would take course in their lives. Forces always seemed to catapult them to each other.

The Bauer & Santos families were two of the most prestigious families of Springfield. The two families were also good friends but they were also rivals. For years, the Bauer & Santos families competed with one another in various events such as charity galas and parties. This rivalry also transcended into their children, especially Danny and Michelle.
From grammar school to high school Danny and Michelle competed for everything. From student council president to National Honor Society president to cross country captain, the competition between these two was fierce and electric.

It was now senior year and time for many memorable events such as prom, superlatives, senior party, graduation and more. For years Danny and Michelle had been competing for the covenant position of valedictorian. Both had been fierce in their academics and both were fierce to beat the other.

“Bill, come on you gotta tell me if I’m valedictorian!” pleaded Michelle.

“Michelle, you know I don’t know the class rankings!” replied her best friend Bill.

“Bill, you intern at the counselor’s office, you’ve gotta know! I mean you work right next to the filing cabinets and computers that rank everyone in our class,” argued Michelle.

“Hey, even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you,” said Bill.

“And why is that?” asked Michelle.

“Because for one, if I told you that you were ranked first you’d be on cloud nine and go rub it in Danny’s face and my hide would be tanned because the school board and administration would absolutely all go into cardiac arrest I leaked it out to you. AND if I tell you that Danny’s valedictorian, you’d go ballistic and go slash the tires on his sweet Mustang and then go do God-knows-whatelse and knowing you, you’d probably talk me into helping you, which would make me an accessory to a felony which would land me in deep trouble which of course would not look too great on my application to Springfield U,” Bill explained.

“Damn Bill, no wonder you’re the captain of debate club and the #1 debater in the state. Oh well guess I’ll have to wait and see.” Michelle said with a michevious smile.

“Oh no Michelle! I know that smile, you always give me that face when you’re about to do something stupid and usually that involves me getting into trouble,” Bill lamented.

“Oh chill out Bill, have I ever gotten you arrested?” Michelle said with a wink.

That night while Bill was out with his girlfriend Pilar, who happened to be Danny’s younger sister, Michelle stole the keys he had to the counselor’s office. She drove her 4-runner to Springfield High and slowly crept into the school. Dressed in black, she slowly opened the door to the office and snuck inside. Cautiously, she turned on the computer and began searching for the senior class rankings.

“Ah-hah, the class rankings.” she whispered triumphantly to herself.

Suddenly there was a loud noise and a dark figure looming over her.

“Well, well, well, just what do we have here? Michelle, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!” a voice said.

Michelle quickly grabbed her flashlight and shone it at the source of the voice.

“Danny Santos! I should have known! And you know exactly why I’m here. I just want proof that I outrank you and am valedictorian!” she yelled.

“Shhh, someone could hear you!” he fiercely whispered.

“Well who the hell would come here on a Friday night?” Michelle asked sarcastically.

“Well obviously people like you who want to break the law and get caught,” Danny said back.

“If I’m not mistaken, you’re here for the exact same reason I am, which makes you just as bad as I am!” said Michelle.

“Touche, Ms. Bauer.” Danny said with an eyebrow raised. The doorknob turned and footsteps were heard.

“What was that?” Michelle said alarmed.

“Damn, it’s Mr. Patterson the night janitor. He probably heard us talking or something. Shh, get down!” Danny instructed as he grabbed Michelle’s arm.

“Danny what are you doing?” Michelle asked.

“Trying not to get caught genius! Now come hide behind here.” he instructed as he led Michelle to a narrow space behind some cabinets.

“The space is too small, both of us can’t fit.” Michelle complained.

The footsteps grew louder as they approached the duo. Danny laid down by the cabinets and pulled Michelle onto him, pinning her body on top of his.
Michelle gasped at Danny’s actions. Her breathing was labored as she laid on top of Danny’s very defined, muscular, chiseled body. Suddenly, Michelle found her temperature rising.

How can I be attracted to Danny Santos? I loathe this guy! Ive been competing against him since we were in diapers. Michelle thought to herself. But he has such a great body! And those eyes, theyre sending electric chills down my body!

Michelle and Danny stared into each other’s eyes and the heat between them began to intensify.

You gotta stop Danny! You can’t let Michelle Bauer do this to you! You can handle yourself! Danny tried to reassure himself. But she’s so damn hot!

“Well who would have thought that me and you would ever end up in this position?” Michelle said coyly.

“Yeah who would have thought.” Danny said in labored breathing. He slowly began to draw his hand from his side and up Michelle’s leg to her thigh. “And who would have thought that I would do this,” he said as he started leaning towards her face. Michelle closed her eyes and leaned forward as well. For the first time in her life, she wanted Danny Santos, who happened to be her biggest rival. Five minutes ago she would have clobbered him if he tried to touch her. Now as he started to touch her body, she wanted nothing more but for him to continue and keep sending these intense currents down her body. Just as their lips were millimeters apart, a flashlight shined in their faces.

“What the hell are you two doing?” boomed a voice.

Michelle looked up and recognized the face. “Bill?” she asked.

“Yes oh clever one it’s me!” Bill said irritably as he turned on the lights. “I was driving Pilar home when I discovered that a certain pair of keys were missing from my keychain.”

Michelle sheepishly dangled the keys in the air. “Well guess you’ve found them.” She said as Bill angrily snatched the keys away from her.

“Wait, what are you doing here?” he said as he pointed at Danny. He took a closer look at the pair and stared at their positions. It clearly looked like Bill had interrupted some kind of hot interlude between Danny and Michelle. This of course puzzled him. These two can’t stand each other so why the hell are they on top of each other like they were gonna make out or something? Bill thought to himself. “Danny, why is Michelle on top of you?” he questioned as Michelle hurriedly got up from Danny’s arms.

“We were just trying to hide. We thought you were the janitor. Bill, this isn’t what it looks like, nothing happened,” Danny stammered.

“Well it sure as hell doesn’t look like nothing happened,” Bill retorted. “Whatever, I don’t care. Let’s just get out of here before we all get caught.”

“Too late,” a voice said from behind.


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