Cherish Her Love by Beth Chapter 7

Republisher’s Note: Sadly this is the last chapter we have of Cherish Her Love. If anyone has any more please share.

Cherish Her Love by Beth Chapter 7

Michelle ran up to the nurses station desperatly trying to find any word on Danny. A women who has known Michelle and Danny for years looked at her with concern across her face. “Michelle…I don’t know if you want to be here.”

“I need to see him where is he?”

The woman took Maureen across the room, “I don’t know if she should go in there its pretty bad…” Maureen put her head down as tears began to fall.

“Tell me…is his mother here?”

The woman sighed, “Yes, shes in the waiting room…”

“Well please…let me go talk to her…”


Maureen walked over to Michelle who was leaned over the desk just crying, “Honey, I’m going to go talk to Carmen, I’ll be right back.” Michelle said nothing just stood there, she couldn’t comprehend how this could have happened.

Maureen walked into the waiting room and saw Carmen sitting in a chair just hugging a crying Pilar.


Carmen looked up at Maureen her eyes puffy and red but not longer crying. “Maureen.., ”

She stood up, “I’m so glad you came.” She embraced Maureen.

Maureen looked up at her, “What…What Happened?”

Tears began to flood Carmen’s eyes once more, “There…was a car accident…” her voice was very shaky, Maureen could barely understand her, “Mick was driving…Mick..Oh My god…My Mick…Danny…what am I going to do?”

Carmen’s head rested on Maureen’s shoulder, “Carmen, Michelle…Michelle’s out talking to the nurses, she wants to see Danny, what’s going on?”

Carmen’s head shot up, “She can’t! She can’t go in there!”

Michelle stood there pacing back and forth, “Why can’t I go in there?”

The nurse just looked at her with all the sadness in the world written all over her face, “Michelle, you should just wait until you’re mother gets back…she’ll let you in on everything that’s going on.”

Michelle just sighed in frustration, she needed to see him. This was killing her, she NEEDED to know that he was ok.

Maureen looked at Carmen, “Why…what is this all about, she’s going crazy out there. You know how close they are.”

“I know…, “Carmen’s tears began to flow down her cheak, “He doesn’t…He just…”

“What Carmen, tell me…he’s like a son to me…and Mick, is he ok?” Maureen never really knew Mick he was older and never really was around for anyone to get to know him.

Carmen fell into the chair. “My Mick…how am I going to call Miguel…how can I go…” Carmen’s tears took over and her voice was no longer recognizable.

“Oh no, Carmen…is Mick alright?”

Carmen just shook her head, “No…he’s not alright…he’ll never be alright…nothing will ever be alright again.” Maureen knew exactly what that meant and just embraced Carmen as hard as she could. She could never imagine losing Michelle, it would literally kill her. She couldn’t help but as about Danny, she couldn’t bare it anymore not knowing, “And Danny?”

Carmen regrouped herself and whiped her eyes, “Danny’s..physically OK, but…” Carmen took a deep breath, “This is why I didn’t want Michelle to go in there…he wouldn’t remember her.”

Maureen’s face went white, “What do you mean?”

“In the accident he suffered a serious head injury and he has no recolecation of the accident, his friends and…” Carmen’s eyes filled with tears once more, “…his family.”

Maureen knew, that the thought of Danny not even knowning who Michelle was would break her heart, she had no idea how to tell her daughter…that the guy she has been in love with since she could talk, wouldn’t even remember her name.


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