Cherish Her Love by Beth Chapter 6

Author’s Note: OK I’m trying to get back on track with all my stories and I haven’t written for a long time so keep bearing with me as I get back on track..LoL

Hope you enjoyed :)


Cherish Her Love by Beth Chapter 6

Mick’s BMW was swirving all across the windy road that lead to the beach. “Mick, seriously this isn’t funny…just stop the car.”

“Ahh, come on Dannyboy, live a little.” Mick took another swig from his bottle of whiskey and threw it out the window. “Danny…” Mick took his eyes away from the road to see Danny, “Don’t ever let some stupid chick…”

“Mick, watch the road!” Mick looked back up at the road and came inches from hitting an on coming tree.

“Damn it just pull the car over, you’re drunk just let me drive!”

“Hey! Who the hell’s older here, ME! So just sit there and shut up we’re almost there…”

Danny knew there was no getting into his brother’s head so he continued to sit there. “So tell me about the Bauer girl, what’s the deal…”

Danny was very hesitant to talk to his brother about such things but he figured it couldn’t hurt. “It’s just that we’ve been friends for SO long, that I’m afraid if I tell her how I feel…that…”

“Well how do you feel?” Danny was quite shocked Mick was never one to want to talk about problems with Danny. He would always want to “talk” about what girl he had the night before, or what he thought was right, or basically just about HIM. Danny had never seen his brother like this. “I think, I might…well..I know…”

“You love her don’t you?” Danny looked up at his brother and saws tears surfacing the corner of his eyes. “At least you’ve had a chance to find it…” Mick coughed and tried to hide the sadness in his voice, “Danny, there are things you have to understand…sometimes…things happen…that you don’t want to…that you have no control over.”

“Mick what,” Danny had the most confused look on his face, he had no idea where all this was coming from, “What is this all about?”

“There are things you don’t know about Papa, and I don’t ever want you to…I want you to have the chance…the chance to be happy.” Mick slammed the breaks sending the car into an instant stop. Mick looked Danny dead straight in the face, “Promise me…Promise me you will never turn out the way I have…”

“Mick, like you have…I don’t understand.”

“Damn it, please…just promise me!”

Danny looked into his brother’s eyes and saw something he hadn’t seen in a long time. Worry. The last time he saw him like this Danny couldn’t have been over the age of five. Mick had taken Danny out on the lake to fish, he hadn’t known how to swim yet but Mick wanted to teach him anyway, since his father was never really around. Danny can barely remember it but all he can see is water and Mick’s hand reaching out for him and that’s what he was doing now “reaching out for him.” Danny knew that whatever was bothering Mick was serious and he wasn’t about to sit there and do nothing. “Mick tell me what’s going on…” tears again brimmed the surface of Mick’s eyes but instead of answering Danny he put the car in gear and sped off.

“Michelle?!…honey wake up…” Michelle woke to the sound of her mother’s concerned voice.

Still a little dazed Michelle answered, “Yea…mom, what is it?”

Maureen sat down on the bed beside Michelle. She brushed the face out of her face and Michelle could see the tears in her eyes. Michelle jumped up, “Mom? What’s wrong, what happened? Is it Dad? Rick…what?”

Maureen closed her eyes, “Michelle…honey..” Maureen touched Michelle’s face, “There’s been an accident.”

Michelle’s heart dropped, “Mom…who is it…”

“Honey…” Maureen paused again this was hardest thing she’s ever had to do, “It’s Danny…”

The uncontrollable tears began to flow down Michelle’s cheak and the only thing she could do was reach out to her mother, to find some kind of comfort.



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