Cherish Her Love by Beth Chapter 5

Author’s Note: Here’s the next installment ENJOY :)  Hope you like :)


Cherish Her Love by Beth Chapter 5

After school Michelle ran out to meet Danny where she always had only he wasn’t there. She stood there waiting figuring he probably got into some kind of trouble and had to stay after. About ten minutes had passed and no sign of Danny, she walked over to where he had parked his car and what she made her whole body weak. Drew Jacobs was getting into his car, in HER seat. Danny had forgot about her. Michelle leaned up against the cold brick wall, and slowly sunk to the ground. Never in her life has she felt so violated. This wasn’t the Danny she knew, he would never just leave her without a good explanation why and Drew Jacobs was definitely not that. She heard his car speed away and she slowly regrouped. He was going to pay for the way he just treated her.

“Michelle doesn’t feel the same. Michelle doesn’t feel the same.” Danny kept telling this to himself as he drove Drew home. He felt horrible for not even confronting Michelle about not taking her home, but he had to steer clear of her for right now. He couldn’t let her see how upset he was. Michelle knew him better than anyone and she would see through any act he was trying to pull. So he decided to just avoid her for the time being. Danny also decided that he wasn’t going to just sit up in his room depressed over Michelle. He was GOING to get it over her, and Drew wasn’t a bad place to start.

Michelle began to walk home, the cold breeze attacking at her exposed legs. She cursed herself for wearing such a short skirt. Images of Danny driving away with Drew kept replaying in her mind. She finally felt warmth, but from the hot tears rolling down her cheek. She couldn’t understand why Danny was acting like this. Before she knew it she was walking up her driveway…she noticed her mother’s car was not in the driveway. “Good…I just want to be by myself..” She walked into her house and ran up to her room, through herself onto her bed and just laid there. Her mind wandering into an oblivion.

After Danny had dropped Drew off he drove to the lighthouse. He remembered how he and Michelle would run here every time they’d have a fight with their parents. It was a place they could sit and talk without any interruptions. He parked his car and walked to the very top. He sat there starring out into the ocean. He closed his eyes and for a brief moment felt at ease. He tried to forget how it felt to know that Michelle never even thought about going with him…thought about him in that way at all. It ripped his heart to pieces.

“BOO!” The booming voice from behind mad him jump out of his skin.

“Mick!” A tall man, with his jet black hair slicked back came out from behind the corner. “What’s up Bro?”

“How the hell did you know I was here?”

“Well I was walking out of the club where you dropped Drew off and decided to follow you to see what was up with you two?”

Danny put his head down, “We’re not…anything. It’s not like that.”

Mick sat down next to Danny, holding a bottle of cheap whiskey. “Listen, the whole town knows how Drew is, or at least the guys do, so don’t try lying to me.”

“Damn it Mick, I’m not lying…I don’t even really like her…it’s just that Michelle…”

Mick cut off Danny, “Michelle? Ah, that’s right…you and that Bauer girl…she is rather fin…”

“Mick! Stop it, I don’t want to talk about her, we’re just friends and I guess we ALWAYS will be.”

Mick stood up and pulled Danny up with him. “I know exactly what will make you feel better.” Mick basically dragged Danny down the steps and into his black BMW and sped away before Danny even had time to protest.



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