Cherish Her Love by Beth Chapter 4

REPUBLISHER’S NOTE: So Manny figure out maybe they’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the newest installment of this story…so I hope you Like :)

The story is gonna be taking a Major change here in the next couple of chapters to just keep reading :)


Cherish Her Love by Beth Chapter 4

Michelle walked down the main hallway to her locker. She was not in the mood to be here, anytime Drew was around Danny she just wanted to scream. She opened her locker and was greeted with a picture of her and Danny. She remembers that summer well, the Santos family had invited her to tag along to their summer house. Danny had just turned 16 and for his birthday his father had bought him an old Mustang. Michelle smiled at the picture as she saw Danny leaned up against it, and her in the car with her arms around him. Michelle grabbed her book for Chemistry and slammed her locker shut. “Fine…he can go to prom with little miss Drew…hell if I care…”


Michelle turned her head to see Cadence. Michelle and Cadence have been friends since freshman year, they’ve become rather close and she was the only one she could really talk to about Danny. “Oh hey…”

“Um…something wrong?”

Michelle sighed, “No.”

Cadence laughed, “Yea, ok…let me guess…Danny…”

“He’s just so stupid! Everyone knows how Drew is and he’s just so…BLIND!” Michelle stood there tapping her foot.

“Look Michelle, why don’t you just ask Danny to the prom…you guys have been friends for how long and I can see the way he looks at you.”

“Cadence, he doesn’t look at me any differently then he does you…and besides…I don’t want to go to prom with him…I just don’t want him to go to prom with Drew.”

“Or any other girl for that matter…”

“Look I gotta go down to the office Bill is suppose to be down there making annoucements, I’m going to see if I can catch him.”

“Fine, talk to you in study hall then…”

“Ok, see ya.” Michelle walked away from Cadence who was standing there just shaking her head.

“And like I just thought it was the coolest thing ever ya know!” Drew flung her head out of her face. She hadn’t shut up for two seconds to even let Danny get a word in. Sure she was pretty, but she had no personality at all. Danny was starting to change his mind about asking her to the prom. He couldn’t get the image of how Michelle looked today out of his head. She had always been “pretty” but something about her today, took his breath away. He snapped out of it..

“Danny? Danny?…You’re not even listening to me.”


“I asked you if you wanted to give me a ride home today..” Drew moved closer to him, “So we could…talk.”

Danny knew exactly what she met by “talk” and he just really didn’t want to deal with it. “Um…look sorry, my Mustang doesn’t really fit too many people..and I’m already taking Michelle home.”

“Michelle, Michelle…that’s all you ever talk about. Ditch her for one day…”

Before she could finish Danny was inches from her face “Look, be very careful what you say…” and with that Danny walked away. He knew who he wanted to go with and he wasn’t going to keep a secret any longer.

Michelle walked into the main office and grabbed the school newspaper and grabbed a seat waiting for Bill to come in. She flipped through the pages and stopped when she saw the poll for prom king and queen. She read threw the names, she laughed when she saw Jesse Blues name there. “Who would vote for him…” she read down farther and was no longer surprised. “Of course…Bill Lewis and Danny Santos.” She crinkled up the paper, she was just so angry that Danny would actually consider going with that…slut was the only word that came to mind. She sat there with her legs crossed and just waited. A few moments later Bill walked in, he had a blue polo shirt on and a pair of khakis. At this moment he was seeming less and less attractive. The image of Danny asking Drew flooded her mind and she built up enough courage to go over to him.

“Hey Bill.”

Bill turned around and flashed her a smile, “Hey…”

She could feel him looking her up and down, she ignored her feeling to run away and just blurted it out, “Look I was thinking…prom is really soon and if you don’t have a date then…”

“That sounds good Michelle…real good.”

“So that’s a yes?”

“Of course.” Michelle sighed…well at least I got it over with. There was a moment of awkward silence, “Well…I have class so…” Michelle just turned and walked away. Once she knew she was out of site she started hitting herself on the head “stupid..stupid..stupid.” She walked with her head down all the way to class.

Danny almost ran to the office to see if he could catch Michelle, when he got there though she was no where to be found. he did however see Bill Lewis…”great.”

He slowly walked up to him, “Um…Bill look..”

“What do you want Santos?”

Danny had to hold himself back from knocking that smug look off his face. But he remained calm, all he wanted to do is find out of Michelle had been here already. “Look, all I want to do is find Michelle, have you seen her?”

“Oh I’ve seen her…” Bill smiled a sly smile.

“OK, then she was already in here…that’s all I needed to know.” Danny turned to walk away when Bill said something that made his stomach sink.

“Yeah, too bad for you….me and Michelle are going to have a LOT of fun at prom.”

He was too late…Michelle was going with Bill. Danny walked out of the office and went to his locker. “Son of a…” he punched his locker with everything he had.

“Problems?” A familiar voice said. Danny turned around to see who else, Drew. “None that can’t be resolved…”

Danny smiled, if Michelle didn’t have the same feelings for him, he wasn’t going to just sit there.



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