Cherish Her Love by Beth Chapter 2

REPUBLISHER’S NOTE: I’ve included the author’s note although sadly it is incomplete, in fact it just sort of gets through a pretty interesting set up and BANG! literally that’s it. I hope you’ll enjoy the set up as well as

AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you guys like the last installments I’ll continue, still trying to decide if I should pick this one back up :) HOPE YOU ENJOY :)

Cherish Her Love by Beth Chapter 2

From that day on the two women had connected, become friends. Not only that, but their children Danny and Michelle had become friends. Every day Michelle would be over Danny’s house, or Danny would come over Michelle’s. As the years passed, Danny and Michelle just became inseparable.

Michelle was around 8 and Danny 10, when things really became clear how protective Danny was. They were outside Michelle’s house playing a game of one on one basketball. It was Danny’s favorite game to play with Michelle since he always won. Danny had just made a two-pointer and rubbing it in Michelle’s face when the biggest bully in elementary school Jesse Blue went riding down the street on his brand new two-wheeler bike, but saw them playing basketball and stopped at Michelle’s house.

Danny stopped bouncing the ball, “What do you want, Blue?”

He smiled, “I just got myself a set of new wheels.” He rubbed his hand on the seat, “She’s a ten speed.” He had a mocking look on his face.

“Yeah. So, your point would be….”

“Oh nothing.” He looked over at Michelle who had her arms crossed just starring at the two of them, Rivals of the 5th grade class. “Can I play?” Jesse knocked the ball out of Danny’s hand. Danny turned around his face red, “No sorry can’t. Only a 2 player game.”

“Then I’ll be on little Michelle’s team. I can guarantee she needs the help.”

“Shut up, Jesse!” Michelle folded her arms, and tapped her foot.

Jesse laughed, “Oh I see, it’s just for you and your little girlfriend, Danny.”

Danny got defensive. “She’s not my girlfriend!”

You heard Michelle’s little voice, “Eww!”

Jesse laughed, and started bouncing the ball, “So what do you say, Danny? How about a little game of one on one.”

“Whoop on him, Danny!” Michelle got all excited.

Danny took off his sweater, even though it was a cold fall day, “Alright Blue, you’re going down! I’ll even let you take the ball out.” The game lasted about fifteen minutes, with Jesse cheating every chance he got, pushing Danny down, tripping him, tricking him. But even through all his efforts, Danny still beat him 10-7. Danny was out of breath and sat down on the ball, “There Blue I beat ya! What you got to say now!” Jesse ran over to his bike and put the kickstand up, “You cheated! I’m gonna tell the whole class tomorrow.”

“Go ahead! They won’t believe you anyway!”

Jesse peddled his way out of the driveway, and hurried down the street. Maureen yelled from the window, “Danny honey, put back on your sweater before you catch phenomena.”

“Yes, Mrs. Bauer.” Danny put back on his brothers old football sweatshirt on, and picked up the basketball and looked at Michelle. “How about another game?”

“Fine, but I get ball first.”

“You always get it.”

“Cause I always beat you!”

“Not fairly!”

“Fine. I’ll give you a free shot.” They continued to argue, and play until the sunset, and the street lights came on, then went inside, knowing they’d do the same thing the next day.

A few years later in their early teens, Danny had just turned fourteen and Michelle had just turned thirteen. Danny was up in his room playing his newest SEGA game that he had gotten for his birthday, when the phone game, he didn’t peel his eyes away from the screen, “Hello? Danny?”

“Hey, What’s up, Michelle?”

“Nothing, I’m bored. Wanna do something?”

“Yeah sure, come on down we can play SEGA or something.”

“Alright be down in a few, C-ya. Bye.”

Danny paused his game and poked his head out the door, “Mom!” She came from around the corner, with his little sister Pilar following right behind her carrying her Barbie doll. “What is it Danny? I’m trying to clean up your sister’s room.”

“Michelle’s coming over, alright?”

“Yeah, OK.”

Danny closed his door, and went back to his game, about five minutes later Michelle showed up at the Santos door, Carmen answered with a basket full of dirty clothes, she blew her hair out of her face, “Hey Honey.”

“Hi, Mrs. Santos!”

“Danny’s upstairs in his room. Just go ahead up.”

“OK.” Michelle ran up the stairs to Danny’s room, she opened the door, and saw Danny talking to his screen “Come on! Get em! YEAH!”

Michelle walked over and sat down on Danny’s bed, next to Danny. “Hey Michelle,” Danny said not moving his head.

“What are you playing?”

“It’s this new NFL Football game I got.”

“Can I play?”

“You’ll lose!”

Michelle looked at him, “Oh I will not! Give me the remote.” Michelle pulled at it.

“Michelle let go! No! Let me play!”

Michelle pulled harder, and so did Danny, before either one knew what hit them, the remote got unplugged the game was lost. Danny looked at the screen then back at Michelle, “See! I told you, you would lose the game!”

“It’s your fault! You wouldn’t let me play!”

“My fault? It’s not my fault you have no patience!”

“I do to have patience, you’re just a remote hog.”

“Yeah Bite Me.”

“Oh Shut Up!” Danny got up off the bed, and turned off the TV. “You are so…”

Michelle crossed her arms, “I’m so what?”

“I don’t know you’re just you!”

“Oh that made a lot of sense! Whatever, let’s go do something. I’m bored.”

“Fine.” Danny grabbed his new jacket off his chair, Michelle looked at him “Leather?”

“My dad got it for me, so shut up!”

“I didn’t say anything, jeez!”

“Oh whatever!”

They continued to argue all the way outside. When they got outside, nothing changed they were still bored, “Wanna play basketball?”

“No you’ll just beat me, you always beat me.”

Danny shook his head, “True.”

Michelle was going to say something, but a group of girls walked by, one in particular she didn’t like at all, and of course she’s the one who started talking to Danny.

“Hey Danny.”

“Oh Hey Drew.”

She didn’t stop walking, since her friends hadn’t, “Nice Jacket.”

Danny smiled his sly smile, “Yeah See you around.”

Drew smiled and turned back around not facing him anymore. Michelle was standing there, like she usually did with her arms crossed. Michelle knew the reason why she hated Drew, she blossomed early, she was tall, thin had gorgeous long black hair, and the guys in the eighth grade swooned over her, including Danny, which just irked her even more. Michelle repeated in a mocking voice, “Nice jacket, Danny.”

Danny looked over at her, “What’s your problem?”

“Nothing, just that the drool from your lip is a little annoying.”

“I was not drooling.”

“Well it was just as bad! Why don’t you just go out with her and get it over with!”

“Maybe I will!”



After that little argument match was over with, “I’ll go get the basketball.”

“Alright.” No matter what they did, they always ended up playing at least one game of basketball a night. Michelle just looked at him as he walked in the opposite direction of her to go get the basketball. That’s when it became clear, she wasn’t just jealous cause she hadn’t changed like Drew had, but that things would be different if Danny had a girlfriend, that no one would joke anymore about Michelle and Danny together forever , she was also jealous of Drew because she could have Danny if she wanted him bad enough.


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