Dudley Do-Right 1996

Back in 1996, Ross Marler was married to Blake, but being pursued by Amanda Spaulding. Blake and Amanda had a classic rivalry doing terrible things to each other. If you are unaware, to appreciate the best line you have to know that Blake is Roger Thorpe’s daughter who is THE big Guiding Light villain and Roger was Ross’ long term nemesis. Amanda was actually backing off since Matt Reardon was blackmailing her to do so, but Blake wasn’t having it and charged after her again. After a pretty classic fight Blake locked Amanda in the Lewis construction shack on a cold night.

Amanda: “Help! Is anyone out that? Help me I’ve been locked inside by a neurotic bimbo!” Now that’s funny.

Amanda has an AMAZING fantasy sequence based on Dudley Do-Right.  This clip is from Friday, February 9, 1996.


There is an old tradition of Mounties stories in American popular culture. Like westerns, they’ve become much less common with the last big example I can think of being Due South. This tradition was alive in the serials and meldramas of the 1910s and 1920s. They were parodied by 1960s cartoon Dudley Do-Right. In the cartoon Dudley Do-Right is a mountie that is constantly thwarting villain Snidely Whiplash.

This fantasy sequence is mostly based on Dudley Do-Right, but the black and white filter with an added heavy film grain and the style of acting are all out of the early 20th century serials.

Best lines:

Mountie Marler: “What do you expect from the daughter of Snidley Whiplash?”

Amanda: “Now show me while they call you mounties.” Eyebrow arch.


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