Cherish Her Love by Beth Chapter 1

Republisher’s Note: This fanfic was written on Stenzmania. The author credited herself both as ChevyLuv8 and Beth. I’ve credited her as Beth, but I want to include the second name.

Author’s Note: I wrote this one a while ago but i was thinking about picking it back up.

This has nothing to do with the actually Danny and MIchelle storyline thus far. It is just an idea I thought would be interesting to play with :)

If you want it to continue just let me know :) Hope You enjoyed :)

Cherish Her Love by Beth Chapter 1

Her mother put her down in the tiny little sandbox, with the other children, and went to the bench with the other parents. The little girls curls were wildly around her face, her pink little dress getting dirty from the sand. She hadn’t a care in the world, she was happy, and fascinated with the little neon pink shovel in front of her. Moments later though her mother heard the awful sound of her daughter’s tears, when a little boy had come over and taken the shovel away from her. Before the little girl knew what happened, her mother had run over and picked her up. “Aw, what’s wrong baby?”

The little girl was in hysterics over the toy, you could hardly make out what she was saying, “He took it!”

“Took what?”

“My shovel!” The little girl’s pathetic little voice, was too adorable to resist, even through the tears.

A beautiful woman with dark almost black hair, down to her mid back ran over to them, and picked up the little boy. “I’m sorry.”

She looked down at her son, “Daniel, what do you say?” The little boy put his head down against his mother’s shoulder, “Sorry.”

The boy’s mother looked up at the little girl’s mother and smiled, “I’m sorry. He usually knows better.”

She laughed, “Oh it’s OK. She’s just over reacting.” She looked down at her daughter, Michelle. “Now why don’t you share the shovel?”

The little girl had stopped fussing and was whipping her tired eyes, she shook her head yes. The mothers both kind of smiled at each other and put their kids back down. Danny didn’t say anything to Michelle and Michelle didn’t say anything to Danny. They played in silence as the mothers went to go back and sit down. The little girls mother reached out her hand, “I’m Maureen.”  The little boy’s mother returned the smile, “Carmen.”



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