Soap Opera Digest Yahoo On-Line Chat with Paul Anthony Stewart and Joie Lenz Aug 1999

Republished from “The Rustle of the Sheets”

Republisher’s Note: Here’s the record of an online chat where fans asked Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny Santos) and Joie Lenz (Michelle Bauer Santos, now credited as Bethany Joy Lenz). This is them mostly goofing around with answers, but you can tell they are having fun with each other, a little about the Puerto Rico shoot, and how they work. It’s great to see some early online stuff preserved.

Michelle and Danny on I am a Man speech

“Soap Opera Digest/Yahoo On-Line Chat with Paul Anthony Stewart and Joie Lenz” — 8/30/99

Soap Opera Digest Host: Please welcome Paul Anthony Stewart and Joie Lenz — Guiding Light‘s Michelle & Danny!!
Joie Lenz: Hi, everybody from the West Side Highway!
Paul Anthony Stweart: Hey, whatsup y’all from my luxurious penthouse pad!
Lenz: Yeah, right!

kathyzo asks: What have been your favorite scenes together so far?
Lenz: Oh… well, definitely not those scenes in the woods. Those were way too long.
Stewart: I personally enjoyed throwing Joie in the shower.
Lenz: Yeah, those scenes in general, when I was drunk and he was kind of tossing me around, that was fun.
Stewart: Yeah, me and Joie enjoy the physical stuff. Plus, the water was not actually cold, it was warm and quite nice. I’m eating cheese and crackers right now…
Lenz: Yum. I haven’t eaten all day! Well, I had some croissants this morning…

lizm_la asks: Joie, the sunburn scenes in San Critobel looked like a lot of fun. What was that stuff Danny rubbed all over your shoulder? Looked like he put a bit too much on you???
Stewart: LOL!
Lenz: Yeah, he totally did! It was aloe vera lotion, but he put on so much that the makeup started rubbing off!
Stewart: Yeah, when there’s lotion involved in a scene with me and Joie, everybody’s gotta watch out. Right Joie?
Lenz: Absolutely!
Stewart: I only do things in excess. 🙂

eileen_mannyac asks: Paul, what do you think is Danny’s biggest fear?
Stewart: Cats. Both the musical and the animal.

lucia_mannyac asks: PAS and JL. Do you have any appearances planned for New England? I’d love it if you could come to Boston!
Lenz: Not I.
Stewart: I would love to come to Boston too, so write your mayor! No, I’ve got something coming up in Charlotte, NC and then Beaumont, TX, and then the big Mall of America in Minneapolis next month. So fly in and come see me! 🙂

supernurse1949 asks: With all of the “Yeah baby” and “Oh behave” references, I was wondering…do Danny and Michelle have an Austin Powers fetish? 🙂
Stewart: What do you think, Joie?
Lenz: Yeah, I think they do.
Stewart: Oh yeah they do, baby. I have to say Danny thinks Michelle is supremely shagadelic. Joie and I decided that they definitely went to see the movie.
Lenz: But we were doing that before we even saw the second movie.
Stewart: We were?
Lenz: No, I guess we were just doing the Zip It stuff from the first film.
Stewart: We went to see that and then we went to see Eyes Wide Shut, but we haven’t been able to incorporate that in yet. I’ve tried to get them to write an orgy scene, but…
Lenz: Yeah, Pilar, get Bill in there ….
Stewart: Aunt Meta … Olga the maid…. who has made a few brief appearances.

lizm_la asks: Joie, You’ve had a lot of really emotional scenes in this storyline… which was the most difficult for you?
Lenz: You know, they all are pretty much the same. Because it’s basically one emotion or another when you have to be angry or upset or hurt or whatever, but they all kind of amount to the same difficulty for me. That’s not even a sentence. Oy.
Stewart: Joie, should we tell them our secret?
Lenz: What secret?
Stewart: That off-camera I’m twisting your toes to make you cry. And if that doesn’t work then I put my Bic lighter on her back.
Lenz: Yeah, I’m very scorched.

andreah18 asks: Hi Joie and Paul! I’m sure that with all of us Mannyacs out there you have gotten a lot of gifts and stuff like that. What is the one thing a fan ever gave you that you remember the most?
Lenz: I got a belt buckle that said, “Joyce” on it.
Stewart: Joyce? That was the best they could do?
Lenz: It was this gaudy, huge belt buckle. I mean, it was very sweet. My name spelled out in metal.
Stewart: Oh, I’ve seen you wear it. I received a pet midget once. I felt really bad for him. He missed his home, so I returned it.

sweetyex410 asks: if Danny going to wake up and see what Carmen is trying to do to their relationship?
Stewart: Oh, I hope not. Never! I’m sure when the viewers just can’t bear to not see Danny wake up, then something might happen. But in the meantime, it’s just so much fun to scream at how whipped Danny is.
Lenz: By both of us (Carmen and Michelle).
Stewart: He’s such a mama’s boy. And you women love it, I know you do!

lynnette6 asks: Did you have a lot of free time in Puerto Rico? What did you do?
Lenz: SO much free time in Puerto Rico. Paul went home early!
Stewart: I made a quilt and STILL had time to leave early! Joie, meanwhile, was crashing my golf cart.
Lenz: I did not! I drove it very well.
Stewart: Joie, what are you talking about? You were completely reckless. Stealing it in the middle of the night, vanishing for hours, returning it with the seats wet. I’m convinced she drove into the ocean.
Lenz: No, I hung around, I did a lot of laying out, a lot of reading, a lot of writing. I went out and got smashed every night. No, I didn’t — I was very good. We only shot 2 days, and were there for 5.
Stewart: We had one day of very extensive …
Lenz: Oh, with the woman?
Stewart: What???
Lenz: When we had to do those cheesy, cheesy shots for the commercial for San Cristobel that they never showed on TV.
Stewart: Thank God! But we had a blast in Puerto Rico. I’m shocked you can’t see the bags under our eyes.
Lenz: Yeah, we were out so late. We all were.

ally1345 asks: Joie is it true you are doing a off Broadway Musical in October?
Lenz: It’s a workshop for an Off-Broadway musical, at a theater called the Duplex. It’s a musical revue of the ’70s, musical and political revue.
Stewart: Joie is putting her Gloria Gaynor wig on and she’s going to do the rounds.
Lenz: It’s playing Wednesday nights in October and Columbus Day and Halloween, and that’s all I know!
Stewart: Everybody come see it. Support Joie. Hear her beautiful voice.
Lenz: Thanks, dahling.
Stewart: You owe me 20 bucks.
Lenz: OK, you got it. You get to see me as Farrah in the little Charlie’s Angels skit we have.
Stewart: I was always partial to Jaclyn Smith myself. I never understood Kate Jackson.

sweetyex410 asks: is Michelle ever going to get Carmen back for all she has done to her ? and please tell me that she isn’t gonna cause Danny and Michelle to break up.
Lenz: Oh, well…
Stewart: Ha ha ha….
Lenz: Yes, Michelle is going to break into the house with a machine gun and just blast away. We are going to be giving Michelle five personalities.
Lenz: She already has five personalities. You mean five MORE? There is definitely going to be an addition that will seriously jeopardize their relationship.
Lenz: It’s going to be FUN, though.
Stewart: The very near future … Let’s put it this way: Carmen has not given up.
Lenz: No no no.

mindais_99 asks: pas – we want to see you stand up to your mama not be a mama’s boy!!
Stewart: OK. You know, if they write it for me, I will give it my all. No, I think actually that you are going to see some definite changes in the living arrangements in the Santos casa. Very soon.
Lenz: Oh yeah …
Stewart: Hmm. Are you all intrigued?

lizm_la asks: Paul, the Goodbye Scene in the Bauer Kitchen was one of my favorites. It looked as if both of you were crying. Did you have to do the scenes more than once?
Stewart: No, I think we got that in one take. I’m known as Old One-Take on the set. I don’t like to have to do things more than once. I like to put it out there and go home.

supernurse1949 asks: Paul…which song will you be performing with Saundra Santiago during her show?
Stewart: It’s to be determined, as of yet. We’re sort of debating between several options right now.

mialy4UK asks: Paul–I saw you in Nashville about two weeks ago. How does it feel to be the “Backstreet Boy” of daytime television? The only difference is that your fans are over 21.
Stewart: LOL. Is that what they’re calling me now? Well, which one am I? Actually, I don’t want to know. I assume I’m a morphed combination of all of them, which is a frightening picture. But really, I LOVE IT.

Heather_Lea21 asks: Who is the prankster on the set? I’m betting it’s you Paul, you sound very….mischievous.
Stewart: I have been known to make certain cast members eat dog food, unknowingly. I have tricks up my sleeve. 🙂 But I always try to do it when they least expect it.

missscarlettsmith asks: Paul, I read that you graduated for Princeton. I begin college tomorrow. Do you have any advice for me?
Stewart: Oh my God. Just enjoy those four years to their fullest. They are your last four years of unbridled freedom. And make the most out of everything… say yes to everything… remain open to new experiences, because you will cherish this time.

lorettacal asks: Joie…any plans for college yet?
Lenz: Um, my plans are to become a zoologist. No, just kidding. I am probably going to take a year off and finish off my contract here, and maybe go to Pepperdine or UCLA and major in Philosophy or Psychology or English lit, something to that effect. That’s pretty much it. But I never know what God has in store. For all I know, I could end up staying five more years and go to college when I’m forty. But I do hope to get a liberal arts degree sometime soon.
Stewart: I have one more piece of advice: Don’t go to any frat parties alone.

alicat_mannyac asks: Besides Mysterious, how do you explain your chemistry?
Lenz: I don’t know. We just really get along. You meet people in life that you click with, that you just have an instant chemistry with. Seems like that’s what happened, we just got very lucky.
Stewart: I like that Joie always has a brownie in her hand that I can take a bite out of.
Lenz: Yep, he takes my food. That’s why he likes me.
Stewart: Yep.
Lenz: “Joie, don’t talk to me if you don’t have food.”
Stewart: It keeps us connected.

may7704 asks: I have one question, Joie, is Paul easy to get along with off-screen? And Paul, is Joie easy to get along with?
Lenz: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, being so comfortable with each other on-screen, we totally can be comfortable off camera.
Stewart: We sit around in our underwear, we are just so comfortable with each other, we’re so relaxed, we just burp in front of each other, let it all hang out…
Lenz: You have all the witty answers.
Stewart: It’s just the truth.

deborah535 asks: PAS, how did you come up with Danny’s hand gestures?
Stewart: I have a guru who personally provided me with the Danny Santos Handbook of Hand Gestures, and there you go! No, really, I have no idea. They just happen. I’m going to trademark them. Pretty soon, every time I make a gesture, there’s going to be a little “TM” that pops up on the screen.

mlutt77 asks: What is Michelle’s age suppossed to be on the show?
Lenz: I don’t know, like 22, 21?

jrzygirl625 asks: Do either of you ever go into online chat rooms such as ‘gl friends’ like Patti D’ does?
Lenz: I did when I first started on the show, but it kind of lost its novelty very quickly. I did however have someone come online and ask me if I was Joie Lenz, and I had several people asking it too, so I said, “No? Who is that?” And this girl was like, “Oh, because I’m her.” We had a chat for like 30 minutes!
Stewart: I’ve heard a lot about this imposturing, which is kind of fascinating, and freaky all at the same time. But as for me, I don’t go online. I DO NOT GO ONLINE. Because I’m very sensitive and everything I read cuts me to the core. One time I read something about some girl who said her sister said I’m ugly, and I was so hurt and offended that I swore never to go online again. Even the positive remarks, then there’s the danger of me getting an enormous head, so I think either way the safest thing is for me to just stay far away from it! Except now, of course. Fully monitored and supervised.

manny4ev_a asks: Paul and Joie you guys are great together, are you guys aware of Manny’s popularity online?
Lenz: Yeah.
Stewart: Not really! Tell us!
Lenz: Right, because you don’t go online.
Stewart: What is popularity online?
Lenz: There are websites about us! I just popped on to see what was happening on the boards and there were like five new websites dedicated to Danny & Michelle.
Stewart: I think it’s great that the viewers have a place, a forum to go to. I think that’s fantastic.

fxc1976 asks: Where is Grandma Santos? Was she a casualty of Mama’s hit? We need her back
Stewart: I have a whole theory about Grandma Santos. I think Grandma Santos is kept in the attic and Carmen just gives her canned food without a can opener.
Lenz: Isn’t that terrible?
Stewart: And then sometimes she gets some strained peas. But she does make a surprise appearance in the next few years. I mean weeks. So have no fear — Grandma Santos is near!!!

mannyac1 asks: Are you attending the gathering in NYC (question for both Joie and Paul)
Stewart: You make it sound like a cult thing. But totally, yeah. I’ll be there. And I’m going to take pictures of all of YOU and make a website!
Lenz: Yeah.

Angel_Fish_2025 asks: OK so everyone wants to know, what kind of puzzle do you want Paul??
Lenz: LOL! HA ha HA!
Stewart: A dirty one.
Lenz: You KNEW that question was coming! You set yourself up for that one!
Stewart: It’s true, I did.

sally_ann_1 asks: Tell us about the upcoming pool scene?
Lenz: Well, you’ll see it tomorrow!
Stewart: Oh my God! Wait no more!
Lenz: Well, it’s tomorrow for West Coast people, Wednesday for us. First of all, I WAS NOT NAKED. That’s all I’m saying!
Stewart: Yes, she was.
Lenz: No! LOL!

angela4gl asks: Paul, I never knew you were such a kooky guy…I like it!!
Stewart: Well, glad to hear it!

kathryntx_30 asks: There are a lot of rumors of Danny’s father’s return- is that something we can look forward to ?
Stewart: Wow, I have no idea at this point!
Lenz: That would be cool.
Stewart: I know there have been rumblings, but I don’t know of anything definite.

roxanne_m21 asks: Is there any scene, in particular, that you guys are proud of (done together, or otherwise? Love your work here in Canada!!!
Stewart:Thanks, Roxanne, for loving our work.
Lenz: Yeah, I really appreciate that. Gosh … You know, I would have to say that it’s probably something that if I had to pick a scene, it is something we’ve done in the last 3 months, and I haven’t really watched the show but once a week, if I happen to be around to see it. So I wouldn’t really know how the scene turned out.
Stewart: It’s true.
Lenz: Your intake of all the information and all the lines and emotions … I couldn’t tell you what I had for breakfast yesterday!
Stewart:I think we keep getting better, together, so my favorite scene is always one that we’ve done recently. I think my favorite scene is one that hasn’t even aired yet, probably the one leading up to the pool scene.
Lenz: Which one?
Stewart:The morning after.
Lenz: Oh yeah. Those were good.
Stewart: So that’s a tough question to answer.
Lenz: But thanks!
Stewart: But we’d like to know what YOU think are best scenes are together!
Lenz: Yeah!

michele_mannayac_1999 asks: How much do you guys ad lib in your scenes?
Lenz: LOL! Well … Paul rewrites more than I do.
Stewart: I’m sort of notorious for rewriting all of my lines.
Lenz: I never bother learning my cues because I know he’s going to change them. But I actually am at the point when I go through the script before and I know, “Nope, he’s not going to say that.”
Stewart: But it’s always within the framework of the scene, and we’re actually given the freedom to ad-lib in a way that stays true to the character and that enhances the reality of the situation. And there are just things that happen in the course of a scene that a writer can’t respond to … so we’re given a nice amount of liberty to ad-lib, to make room for any new nuances that may arise when rehearsing a scene. And that’s the last serious answer you all are getting out of me!

mucke_f asks: Do you guys know where Ed Bauer went??? 😉
Stewart: Who’s that?
Lenz: He’s my father, dimwit!
Stewart: I love that Michelle is always saying how screwed up my family is, when her father is nowhere to be found or seen! At least my mother pays attention to me!
Lenz: Yeah, a little too much, dear. Ed is off studying some gorillas or something and he calls every month or so.
Stewart: Studying how to be a better father!

kristie94 asks: So this begs the question: “wet puppy” and “how ya doin’ grace?” Ad lib or no?
Lenz: Yes!
Stewart: Yes, or no!
Lenz: All of the stuff in those scenes were ad-libbed, pretty much.

mialy4UK asks: Are either of you a fan of anything like the “Mannyacs” are of you?
Stewart: I am an enormous fan of Starbucks Dolce De Leche ice cream. I think that’s the only thing I can compare it to. I could just smother that stuff all over my body. Too much information?
Lenz: Too much information. I would have to say Girl Scout Caramel Delight girl scout cookies.
Stewart: I’m saying, if those girl scouts were older, I really like their baking.
Lenz: I brought myself to tears when my mother got me five boxes of cookies for Christmas, and I really thought I wasn’t going to see them for a year. It was pretty great!

Angel_Fish_2025 asks: Hey Paul, have you tried to det the clock you got last weekend in Nashville?? There is a special tool that is being sent to you to set it, so don’t break it …. LMBO
Stewart: Oh, thank you! The clock is in my dressing room. I was planning a breaking of the clock ceremony if I didn’t receive the special tool, so thanks for the notice! You don’t want me stickin’ my hand in the clock!

BluSh_18f asks: if i were to look in your cd player right now what kind of music would i find? what group?
Lenz: Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds Disc 2, Song Number 6.
Stewart: I’m going to go open mine right now.
Lenz: Or Chris Isaak. What’s in it, Paul?
Stewart: Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, Astrud Gilberto. A lot of her songs were played in the movie Next Stop, Wonderland. Dwight Yoakam. I have very eclectic taste, as you can tell! And Trisha Yearwood.
Lenz: I’ve also got a mix.

kaydd_653 asks: Your interview with Soap Opera Digest was so tongue in cheek, you obviously don’t take all this too seriously. How do you keep your head on straight with all this attention?
Stewart: I don’t know! I sort of stay locked up in my dressing room at work. I walk to work, because I can. I just try to always focus on how blessed I am, you know? And what a great opportunity I have. And I just really try to enjoy my time. I try not to take anything too seriously.

ally1345 asks: Will Danny ever get out of the “Family business”?
Lenz: We were just talking about this today!
Stewart: We were. Well, Danny talks about it a lot. I think definitely you are going to see some changes this fall. I don’t know where it’s all going to lead, but I think that people who have been waiting for Danny to do something are going to be rewarded a little bit. Wouldn’t you say, Joie?
Lenz: Definitely!

princesslipstick asks: Hi PAS, I loved you as Casey Bowman on Loving and cried for days when you died. Ally and Casey were fantastic together. Any chance you and Laura will be paired again on GL? And would you like to work with Laura again?
Stewart: Thank you, thank you, thank you, I loved playing Casey and working with Laura, but you know, I mean, who knows? I like the new experience of working with Joie, equally, and not just because you’re on the phone with us, Joie! And you know, there’s always the question of whether lightning strikes twice.
Lenz: That would definitely be an interesting triangle.
Stewart: Oh sure, and I love working with Laura and would love working with her again.
Lenz: I think you’re done.
Stewart: I’m just trying to remain diplomatic. But I really do love working with everybody, and the more they can mix it up, the better. Aunt Meta, where are you?

daisy44619 asks: What are your favorite movies and what TV shows do you watch?
Lenz: I have to say, I have basically stopped watching Ally McBeal, and then I’m home and doing nothing, and I end up watching it. Friends I watch. I have all the episodes on tape. And The Practice I’ve recently gotten into. And movies? The Saint.
Stewart: Don’t go there.
Lenz: Gosh, Braveheart
Stewart: Braveheart was awesome. I just rented that for the first time about a month ago and loved it.
Lenz: At the end, did you cry?
Stewart: I did.
Lenz: And Much Ado About Nothing is my favorite.
Stewart: I have to say that Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang will always hold a place in my heart, and in my closet! It’s one of the few videotapes I own. That and Babe, and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I grew up on all those movies. I love those movies.
Lenz: This from the guy who won’t watch The Saint!
Stewart: My taste is crazy! But there are so many movies I love. I don’t really watch TV, except for PASSIONS. I am totally addicted to Passions, I have to say. Timmy rules! I’m totally into it! I tell you, there’s a serious underground fanship. It’s really growing in popularity, I hear.

Amy_Sweethang asks: Finish this sentence: If I could be any superhero, I’d be _____
Stewart: I have to say, Diaperman.
Lenz: I was never allowed to watch cartoons when I was a child.
Stewart: Joie was very deprived.
Lenz: I wouldn’t consider myself deprived.
Stewart: I would. Joie would be Cybervixen. After Diaperman I would be Bugs Bunny. He’s not a superhero, though, actually, I was thinking about cartoon characters. I would be, after Diaperman … it’s a tough act to follow. Diaperman is it. There’s no one. It’s Diaperman or bust.
Lenz: I would be either Batgirl or Wonder Woman. I mean, Wonder Woman is the one who can turn a hawk into a dove and stop a war with love.

julia6921 asks: Is Mick really dead?? And did Michelle really kill him?
Lenz: yes, yes, yes! As far as I know!
Stewart: No one is ever really dead in soap operas. They can be brought back whenever.

marcia_mannyac asks: Okay, Paul and Joie tell us about this upcoming spoiler about another woman in Danny’s past?
Stewart: The word is out! God, people are fast!
Lenz: Well, it might have been speculation but it’s not anymore!
Stewart: I think it should be Danny’s baby sitter come back to —
Lenz: I’m telling you it’s Aunt Meta!

luvinmanny asks: Major debate to Danny and Michelle fans here and you guys have to settle the debate- when did Danny fall in love with Michelle and vice versa???
Lenz: I don’t know… falling in love, it’s not like it happened overnight, but I think it really happened in Michelle’s brain when he was standing behind her and he was saying, “You know you feel something for me,” and I was like, “No, never.” I think that’s when it started happening. We were in Danny and Michelle’s bedroom and I was being awful to him and I was saying that I would never feel anything for him, but he was saying, “You know there’s a connection.”
Stewart: I think Danny may have fallen in love with Michelle when he was in psych class with her. I think Danny was drawn to Michelle when he first met her. He really was so positive that Michelle had nothing to do with Mick’s death, so … but I don’t think I could pinpoint the exact moment that he knew he was in love with her. I think it wasn’t until he was forced to kill her that he really totally realized how he felt about her.

mluvst56 asks: How is Mary Stuart Doing We miss Her Give her our Love Joie and Paul?
Stewart: Absolutely. I miss her too! She is such a beautiful woman and so cool and so fun to work with. Write letters — tell the show you want to see more of Aunt Meta! She’s a true class act.

glfan4evr16 asks: I can tell that you two love to tease and get along great — did it take you a while to get real friendly with each other, or was this a “right off the bat” thing …
Lenz: I think it took awhile. Not too long, but…
Stewart: I think it took a couple months. I think once the Mick issue died down, there was time to be a little more relaxed.

amethystluvspas1999 asks: Where do both of you plan to spend celebrating the year 2000?
Stewart: I don’t have any plans yet.
Lenz: Neither do I. I was thinking about going down to Times Square but I would probably get killed ….
Stewart: That would be bad. I think probably safely indoors.
Lenz: That sounds good to me!

lmcardile_1127 asks: What is Danny’s and Michele’s future together. Will Carmen ever get her wish?
Lenz: Oh come on, we already answered that!

supernurse1949 asks: With all of this secrecy so early on in the marriage, are Danny and Michelle doomed in the long run?
Stewart: Well, I think they are only as doomed as they allow themselves to be.
Lenz: How very deep. 🙂

lisa1625 asks: We hear that Abuela & Aunt Meta have skipped the country to look for young studs? Any comment?
Stewart: Yeah, actually, Danny and Michelle bought their tickets! And told them NOT to come back until what, Joie?
Lenz: Find one for Carmen and get her off our backs! Find a nice little 20 year old Greek man for Carmen!
Stewart: I heard Abuela is touring with the Chippendale’s. That woman can DANCE let me tell you!
Lenz: Write letters, people!
Stewart: I think it’s a great idea.

SODhost: Thank you Joie & Paul!!!! We had such a great time tonight! We hope you come back and visit very soon!
Lenz: Thanks so much, we had fun! Always a treat!
Stewart: Yeah! Countless heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all your support!
Lenz: And don’t forget Paul’s puzzle!!!!! DON’T FORGET!
SODhost: Goodnight everyone! Thanks again for joining us!



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