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Republished from “The Rustle of the Sheets”

Republisher’s Note: This is the full text of the article as it appeared on the website. I have not yet double checked the text. I did bold the names for  Paul Anthony Stewart and other real names where they appear. I added a screen capture from the shower scene Danny mentions. The website credits it to the August 24, 1999 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Danny and Michelle coming out of shower soaking wet

“Coif-y Talk” — 8/24/99

When Samson’s tresses were sheared, he lost his strength. Does Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny, Guiding Light) ever regret lopping off the long locks he sported as Loving‘s Casey from 1992-1995? Not on your life. “After I left Loving, I thought that it was a tired look,” shares Stewart. “I was tired of it, and I was really tired of maintaining it. Being in L.A., it was no fun to be walking on the beach and have it blow all over the place.”

The actor trimmed his hair in stages. “It had gotten really long, down to the middle of my back at one point,” notes Stewart. “I first cut it to shoulder-length. And next, it was sort of an annoying bob that ended up looking more like a Prince Valiant. Then I went straight to the local barber, paid seven bucks, and went really, really short. I gave myself a military cut. It was a total wash-and-go haircut. I really loved it.”

The style that he wears now is usually trouble-free. “There’s much less room for disaster when your hair is shorter,” Stewart points out.

Still, the actor hasn’t been without hair-raising moments. “The first day I had my hair cut on the show, it just went too short. Paul Rauch, the executive producer, came on-set after dress rehearsal and said, ‘Do something with your hair, puff it out a bit. You look like you’re 12 years old.’ I’m sure that’s not what he was hoping for,” laughs the actor. “The good thing about my hair is that it grows really fast. It didn’t look too short for too long. Now I get it cut every two to three weeks to maintain it.”

Stewart‘s most memorable hair moment on Guiding Light? “The day of the shower scene with Michelle. I always think my hair looks best when it’s completely wet from the shower. It was sort of hanging all over my head, free and loose. It got the steamiest comments from the actresses on the show — I think they enjoyed seeing Danny in the shower.”

That’s No Lady …Loving‘s Casey had to break Trucker out of Corinth hospital so Trucker could marry Trisha. In the grand tradition of Tony Curtis, Flip Wilson and RuPaul, Casey accomplished this feat in drag — he snuck into the hospital disguised as a nurse. What set Stewart apart from other men that have done drag is that Stylist Joyce Carolla (now with All My Children) used the actor’s own hair for the scene. “I had hair that every actress on the show envied,” laughs Stewart. “And it was all mine.”

— Russel Patrick Latham



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