Channel 9 News segment with Paul Anthony Stewart and Joie Lenz

I was relunctant at first to put transcriptions of articles still under copyright on the site, but I decided to republish those from the Rustle of the Sheets site. These are from that source and I don’t have further information at this point.

Channel 9 News segment with Paul Anthony Stewart and Joie Lenz”
Filming in Puerto Rico — 7/99Joie Lenz: We went swimming in the ocean last night. It was so nice.
Paul Anthony Stewart: We did. A nice moonlight …
JL: … hot
PAS: … swim …
JL: … water. I wouldn’t trade my job, no way.
PAS: No.

PAS: So Danny and Michelle are in San Cristobel on their honeymoon …
JL: … yes …
PAS: … and what happens is …
JL: … we get caught up in this saving Reva thing. And we have to save her from …
Stewart: We have to save Reva from the evil prince —
Lenz: But we don’t know he’s evil …. Wait! That’s the other one! Since Danny’s family is very good friends with the royal family …
Stewart: And since Michelle’s family is such good friends with Reva and Josh … We make a dynamic duo.
JL: Yes.
PAS: And we’re here to (singing) save the day.

* Note: Thanks to Loleel for transcribing this. Edits are from “Soap Opera Digest” On-line as well.


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