Dylan and Bridget

Dylan and Bridget are the tops.

Glmanny's Blog

There isn’t really a Manny connection, but since its part of the finale, I decided to post this in this thread. Two of the people that are going to come back before the finale are Dylan Lewis and Bridget Reardon Lewis. I thought you might appreciate a little bit of a background who they are because its been a REAL long time and at this point I don’t trust TPTB to explain who they are. Both Bridget and Dylan showed up for a little while in the finale. Unfortunately they didn’t just say out right they were back together, but it did seem that they were leaning in that direction. Their son Peter had also returned to town even though he didn’t appear on screen getting ready to attend Springfield University.


It All Started With Harley

First, a little background. When Harley Cooper Davidson was first introduced she was pregnant…

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