Guiding Light Does Nick at Nite By Kristie

Republisher’s Note: A post that starts fitting Manny into some classic TV shows that were being played at the time on the cable channel Nickalodean. They focused their programming on kids, but decided to fill the overnight time when kids were in bed with constant classic TV shows which weren’t getting a lot of play at the time – the idea was sloganed as Nick at Nite. The first half of this post is inserting our favorite couple into those classic shows. When Kristie refered to Mortica and Gomez they mean Carmen and Ben. Then it morphs into commentary on the current state of Manny during mid-July 1999. It especially focuses on the episodes around the Honeymoon. Find those here:

Guiding Light Does Nick at Nite By Kristie

Hey gang! It was a Nick at Nite kind of day in sunny Springfield. All of our favorite characters were mere shadows of their former prime time selves. (BTW, on the whole I thought the entire show today was a great one … if you FF through the Carben mugging scenes that is.)

  • Follow the bouncing ball to the tune of The Addams Family:
        ♪♫♪”They’re really kinda creepy,
        they make me wanna weepy.
        Let’s see more of Ray and Deitzy.
                It’s the Santos Family — snap snap!” ♫♪♫

    Big, big sigh! How many times do we have to beg and plead that we do not want to see Morticia and Gomez mugging down, particularly right after breakfast. Blech. Gorgeous lingerie though.

  • One Adam 12, One Adam 12 – we have a possible contrived plot in progress at the restaurant named Company. “Officer Frank Cooper and Officer David Grant will you respond? Over”
    “Dispatch, this is Detective Cooper thank you very much, and we’re out of our cruiser now and scoping out the Santos girl. We have pegged her as the missing link, um sorry, I mean the weak link in the Santos crime family. Officer Grant appears to be feeding her a line of bull cleverly disguised as a piece of cake. Over”
    “This is Dispatch again Detective Cooper. Captain Rauch says that you and Officer Grant are now assigned to this case as apparently we have just decided to pretend that Doctor Grant and the Santoses had a parting of the ways. Over and out.”
  • Now what did that newly brunette Gidget Santos do with all of those skimpy outfits of hers? Did she finally toss out the moth-eaten clothes that she was so found of wearing? Praise God! And leave it up to poor bubble headed Gidget to spill the beans about getting her new fancy man, Inspector Gadget hired at SanCorp. Is there nothing that amazing boy cannot do? He can fix mom’s computer, he can defuse bombs, and at his tender age he designs super dooper Inventory Control software systems. Sounds like a smart cookie to me; too bad he’s so dumb when it comes to love. Get this boy a new girlfriend, one that doesn’t think John Gotti was framed.

Danny and Michelle on honeymoon

  • ♪♫♪”Sunday Monday, Happy Days, Tuesday Wednesday! Happy Days!….” ♫♪♫ Just love Fonzie and Pinky Tuscadero on their mid-season summer adventure in San Cristobel. And am enormously relieved to see that the leather jacket is still in cold storage and the only pink on Ms. Tuscadero today was her sunburned skin … ouchie. Now we all know that the Fonz is a very smart guy, but he cannot seem to learn that before he gets all hot and bothered he needs to do the following: turn off the phones, turn off the pagers, turn on the alarm system, get away from the windows, sweep the place for bugs and bombs, and lock all the doors.(Geez, what is this fondness TPTB have for these two getting interrupted? We have long passed the joke stage and are entering into the pathetic zone. Writer people, work with us here, please.) I’m also wondering if Fonzie knows how to parasail as well as fly jets, because that’s the only way I think that he and Pinky could have made it down to this supposed beach over those huge rocky cliffs. Or perhaps he put her on the back of that motorcycle of his and they took off from the terrace and landed on the sandy beaches below?
  • “I love your hands.” I, for one, am not going there, but thought it was worth mentioning. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
  • Must also say that I love the fact that Fonzie can’t keep his hand off of Pinky’s upper chest. I swear that little finger of his came awfully close to the cleavage mark … and I, for one, am thankful for that. If we can’t get any more passion than what we’re getting at least they’re not editing out these little gems. The ear kisses, the neck kisses, blowing on the skin, the rubbing on of aloe vera … all gets me very goofy. And the quintessential Dannyism for the day, sorry I mean Fonzieism — “Your husband is always right.”Okay, so I guess I’m going to have to turn in my NOW card, but I love these feeble but darling attempts of his at establishing control. Sweet boy you lost this power the day you made her “worth risking your neck for;” give it up already — but don’t lose the -isms, they are too, too charming. Good stuff today, although all too brief – I’m just eternally grateful that the rest of the Cunninghams didn’t show up to share their honeymoon. As Fonzie would say with both thumbs up, “Aaaaaaaaay.” Now let’s all jump in the convertible and head to Arnold’s for a burger, fries, and a malt.Out of Nick at Nite land and back to the real show.
  • I’m not sure if the wardrobe we are seeing is a reflection of the new guy yet or not. Or perhaps it’s simply a return to common fashion sense in fear of what the new guy is going to do; however, I am giving the new wardrobe changes a cautious thumbs up and singing the new guy’s praises already. Now if we see Danny in a ballcap and khaki shorts and Michelle in a casual yet tasteful short set, I’m going to be convinced TPTB lurk.
  • Quick note to TPTB: Okay, IMO the two strongest scenes of the day were given short shrift — Manny and the Bloss, Cassie, Jim, FBI scenes. Now I honestly don’t mind Manny only being on 2-3 times a week, although my druthers would be to have them everyday, that’s simply not practical. So as a solution, could we get 2-3 chock full days of good Manny rather than having them on almost everyday and relegated to the first 3 scenes for about 75 seconds each, and never to be visited again, or the usual and dreaded bookending?For example,are we to assume that Danny finished telling Michelle all about their future and then they went upstairs? Next time they’re in mid-kiss and you cut to commercial , will you please revisit them so that we can see them do “something?” It doesn’t have to be X-rated, but for pete’s sakes they are on their honeymoon, let’s see a bit more passion, much like that which existed earlier on in their marriage. And one more thing while I’m at it, I’m of the mind that you should assemble a good old-fashioined focus group to help you stay your rise in the ratings course.Thank for your prompt attention to this matter. Really did enjoy the show today.



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