Bridget Dobson Interview

They’ve finished the Bridget and Jerome Bridget interview.

Glmanny's Blog

Bridget Dobson was once the co-head writer of Guiding Light, along with her husband JeromeDobson.

Her Father Was Frank Hursley

I found a blog had done an interview with her about her career. Interestingly another post talks about Bridget Dobson‘s father Frank Hursley from another angle.

How Bridget and Jerome Became Writers

In this first part she discussed her training for writing in college, her parents who after winning a contest became professional writers first on radio, and then on TV (and her father had tenure at a University, who gives that up?). She talks about her family dynamics (her parents didn’t want to give her a job even though they had hired her sister) and that they never once complimented her even though she eventually became head writer on General Hospital, their show. After they’d worked for Search for Tomorrow, her parents Frank and…

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